A bit about me!

My name is Daylia Catt, I am 47 years old, and I live in a crazy busy household, with my partner, G, of 28 years, our teenage son, E, and variety of pets, 2 demanding dogs with separation anxiety if I’m not with them, a cat and bearded dragon. ( Told you it was a crazy house. )

G and I held a very vanilla life, the most G ever got to any attempt of BDSM was to occasionally smack my butt, telling me I had a very spankable bottom.

My reply was simple, ‘ Not a chance mate.’

Then along came the famous 50 Shades Of Grey books, in which I became quite engrossed in each one. After the first one, I discussed how I was interested in giving it a try. Naturally G being a man jumped at the opportunity, quickly ordering a crop and some cuffs.

When they arrived I found them hidden under my pillow, but fear of the unknown made me put them in a drawer, never to see the light of day for quite some time. But my interest was still there as I read the second and then the third.

Still the crop and cuffs were tucked away unopened.

Once the final book came out, Mr Grey, I read it with a bit more interest as it went into detail why he enjoyed doing what he did. So I began to think more.

Having grown up with rather Victorian parents, who very rarely kissed in public, never hugging or holding hands in front of me and my brother, and thought those people who liked weird stuff like loving to be spanked, sleeping around or even being gay, as those ‘odd people’.  I didn’t understand why since I was a child I had this deep desire to go over the knee of some strong man and being severely spanked. So I hid it all in the back of my mind, not wanting to be one of those ‘odd’ people.

As I read Mr Grey, I began to realise I really did want this. I wanted to be Anna, I wanted a man to dominate me and I wanted to be submissive. And I already had my very own Mr G.

I always had trouble discussing sex with G, stupid as it seemed, it was definitely a prudish aspect to my earlier life, So one evening before I headed to bed I wrote a lengthy message on Messenger. Hitting send just before I went upstairs. Leaving G to read it and reread it.

That night we had our first play, now I look back and giggle at how tame it was. We were in bed and G rolled me onto my tummy, fondling and rubbing my bottom. He asked a few times if I was sure I wanted to do this, I always answered yes I do. I dug out the hidden crop from the drawer and G went and got a wooden spoon from the kitchen. Then he practised swatting my butt, watching my skin change from a shade of pale pink, to pink then dark pink to crimson. I found I really enjoyed, in fact G exclaimed my pussy was gushing with the excitement.

We spent a week or 2 having little tries until G told me to start reading all about submission, he had loaded many sites on my IPad all about Dom/sub dynamics, Domestic Discipline, he wanted me to be his sub, him,my master.

We found the 50 shades stories had brought out the document of rules, used in the story, you could print off and use it yourself. so we each had a copy and ticked the appropriate rules we thought would work. there were lots of words I just didn’t understand so G ended up lying on the bed with me and going through each one, but letting me decide if I wanted to tick it or not. Then we looked at the results, there were quite a few that were different so we talked about them and decided between us if we wanted it ticked or not.

The first rules made included wearing makeup every day and wearing skirts and no knickers unless given permission. G wanted to be called Master as he felt Sir was not serious enough. He allowed me to buy a selection of toys, they were all from the 50 shades collection. A paddle, ruler and a tickling stick, and we spent the next few months studying more, practising a lot, though difficult with a son who didn’t go out much and 2 dogs that were protective of their mummy and barked each time they were left alone until we decided they could come in the bedroom and stay under the bed, then they were happy.

G also told me to go on Spanking Tube, a free website for lovers of spanking who wanted to watch videos, and write about their lives. So I spent hours over the next few months watching all sorts, over the knee, hands, paddles, straps, caning, I struggled to watch a belting and wouldn’t watch a whipping. This is something even now I struggle to watch. But I was fascinated by them and longed to try them. I loved listening to the people too, how the Dom chastised the girl, the girls reaction, watching corner times and naughty girls doing lines. All of which was thrilling.

Fast forward 4 months and we were really getting into it. we both felt we knew enough to really start a DD life. My one problem with all of this was my own self confidence and inability to see why G would want my naked bottom over his knee. As I just saw myself as very short, fat with a massive fat arse. I certainly never felt sexy or thought another man could find me the least bit attractive. No matter how many times he told me, of course G found me attractive because he loved me. No one else is gonna want to spank me or want to fuck me.

G decided the only way to help with this was for me to join Spanking Tube properly, and blog regularly and upload photos, of my bottom, pussy or full body and videos, showing him spanking me. Just never any of my face, we wanted and still do want full privacy. I was quite horrified by this at first but I did it. Then came the next rules, take a daily selfie and pussy photograph and send them to Master, uploading the pussy picture to the Tube. He had also set up our own chat group on Whatsapp, just for us to use when talking about this side of our life.

I nervously started uploading pictures, G uploaded videos and Boy! the feedback was amazing. So many lovely comments over time has really boosted my confidence. So much so when I’ve spoken with other girls who felt the same, I suggested they do what I did.

So on New Years Eve 2015, we started our Domestic Discipline lifestyle.

Read on to see what happened next…………