I thought it may be interesting to my followers to view our rules, so here’s the list.

Master does change them, delete or add to them, sometimes without telling me just so he can have the pleasure of punishing me. Telling me I should check the rules list more often. But I must admit I rarely look at them, I just know what they are. So here goes……………..

Firstly, safe words.

Green, Go.

Yellow, Pause.

Red,     Stop



Master’s role is to care for me, protect, cherish and love me.

Master’s word is final. ( Though I do argue at times.)

At the weekend I shave Master, ensuring he is perfectly smooth, front, sack and back.

When Master returns from work, I serve him his drinks, Take his shoes and socks off, giving him a foot massage. kissing his feet I put his slippers on,

Before I go to bed, I will give Master a blowjob or ask if I may leave it until tomorrow.

I will ask if Master wants anything before I head to bed.


My role is to love, honour, respect and obey Master at all times.

To speak politely, no cursing, no hitting, especially NO lashing out.

My morning starts the same every day.

1………write 2 pages of lines, lines chosen by Master. and take a photo of each page.

2………Accept a morning maintenance spanking, 30 swats with either the paddle or crop.

3………Followed by a 20 minute contemplation time on the hard wooden stool. Baring my bottom to the wood.

4………Once dressed, put makeup on and take a selfie.

5………Take a photo of my pussy, then send all the photos to Master.

Daily chores consist of, dog walk, clean kitchen and bathroom, hoover downstairs and do poop scoop in the garden.

Heavy duty chores  consist of changing the bed clothes, mop the floor, dust, clean windows, hoover stairs, clean doors.

The heavy chores are split up over 2 weeks, so I do 1, then the next day is a rest day. Usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s are heavy duty chore days.

These chores are listed in our Life360 app, so as I do them, it will show up on Master’s list on his phone.

I am never allowed to wear knickers, unless I have prior permission.

I only wear skirts, unless I have prior permission to wear trousers.

I must always have shaved and moisturised legs and pussy.

I am not allowed to spend anything with asking permission first.

Any grocery shopping requires a list, Master to view the list and agree, He will then check the receipt and list to ensure I’ve not added anything extra. This will result in a severe punishment if I do.

The only thing that does not require permission is petrol.

Bed time is 9pm, Go up at 8.45pm to be in bed by 9pm. TV off at 10pm.

Friday and Saturday bedtime 10pm. TV of by 11pm. Unless allowed to stay up later.

I belong to Master, my body belongs to Master. He may do what he wants with me, fuck any hole, spank, tease me.

I’ve been collared which means my mind, body and sole now belong to Master.