Day 2 of our holiday.

Day 2 of holiday.


Who can guess what we did today ?

Yep your right.

Up at 6am, had a lie in….Master was up at 8am

We had breakfast, cleaned up and went to the sunroom. There was a cool brisk breeze today, so certainly not a day to venture outside. But we got to our 2 sun loungers by 9am, what are we like, our sun loungers, lol, it does feel like home here.

We met a lady in the patio, but she didn’t speak. I did a lot of writing and reading this morning, inbetween spending an hour in the pool. Master can’t swim, so he uses a floating noodle and does fast walking for exercise. And I must admit using a noodle was nicer on my back. I try to swim a few lengths but then I use the noodle, still using my legs, for exercise. I’d love to try swimming again, even if it’s just with the noodle. Master said to search our area and see what hotels or gyms have private pools. Maybe you could join during non-peak hours and do an hour swim, like you are doing now. The temp of this pool is 30 degrees, he said to phone the places and ask the temp of the pool.

If it’s too cold my back will seize up, so I don’t use the public pools. Even the hydrotherapy pools in hospital you can use, joining their class, are too cold for me.

So I may just make some phone calls when I get home. I just want to do what I can do, that I know won’t cause extra chronic pain.


Anyway after a lazy morning we went back to the lodge for lunch, steak pie for Master, Cornish pasty for me. Yes I know we eat very badly but it’s what as easy to do and we enjoyed it. After a half hour break, we headed back to the sunroom. There was another couple in there, we had chatted to them in the pool yesterday. So we chatted and read and watched the birds. There was a lot of activity with these little cute birds, we didn’t know what they were, but googled them later on in the day. We think they are Longtailed Wagtails, they look like the images on Google. I intend to ask this lady when / if I see her tomorrow, as she seemed very knowledgeable with birds. The noise of the babies in their nest when the parent came with food was incredible. I’ve never really bothered with watching bird life, rabbits yes but not birds. But now I love watching the Wagtails swoop down, there’s also Swift’s who live in the roof of the hot tub gazebo. They swoop around too. These are the birds that swoop down to Dave when I’m walking the dogs, and he runs around to chase after them. It’s good exercise for him anyway.


There was another couple that must have arrived today, they went into the pool, frolicked about, had a big beach ball in the water and generally had fun. It was nice to see a couple in their 70’s being as daft as us. We went from pool to sunroom until it was 6pm, then went back for dinner. In this park,the older naturists don’t seem to come out again after dinner, so we never saw anyone after 7pm when we went back again. We read until nearly 9pm then went for a swim. Master seemed to be a little more frisky, fingers running over my bottom, tweaking my nipples, stroking my pussy. He tried to angle my body to finger me but I was in the wrong position. So I held onto the other side of the pool, floating towards Master, “That’s better, now I can get to you.” He said, sliding his fingers inside, quite forcefully, like I would normally like but I’m still sore from my play with V, so it all feels tender, swollen and bruised. Raising me up left my bottom out of the water so he enjoyed giving me a playful spanking, still with his fingers inside me. His fingers began a slow pounding, thrusting inside me as I orgasms quite quickly. Master wouldn’t let go, he continued to thrust until I had another orgasm, pinching and twisting my nipples, slapping my butt until I managed to wriggle away from him. “Let me get my phone then take some photos he told me, so we tried being creative with them. I think some were quite good.

At 9.50pm we left the pool to go to the hottub and Master was still acting horny. I gave his cock a foot massage, feeling his hardness grow under my toes. Both feet work quite well at waking Master off, but he pulled away. “I’m not cumming in the hot tub.” He told me, instead his fingers went to my pussy, anchoring me by him, so I couldn’t wriggle around. He made me cum three times, then tried to make me squirt. “I can’t do that in here,” I said, trying to pull away but even though I tried to twist around, he stuck his thumb up my ass, so it was almost impossible to move. “Master has told you to squirt so come on, I want you to gush.”

I felt like my insides were on fire, but I couldn’t gush, not in here.when I orgasms for the final time that day, I felt spent. “Master will come in the loft”, he said smiling.

We left the hot tub just before 11pm. I jumped in the shower, then watched TV for a while, letting my hair dry a bit. Just before I headed to bed Master asked for his blowjob. Putting a cushion on the floor, I knelt down, kissing his tummy, working down to kiss his head, nibble his shaft, then sunk down to suck his cock. Deep lengths down, sucking hard back up again. I slipped him out and used my hand for a bit until Master took over, “Tickle my balls,” he said, he knows I’m rubbish at doing 2 things at once, so as he started walking, my nails grazed from his bottom, up around his sack, base of cock, then back again. I could enjoy watching his facial expressions as he became close. “I’m gonna cum,” he muttered, as my mouth quickly took over from his hand. His sweet pre-cum soon filling my mouth, so I filled my mouth with his cock, taking it’s full length, allowing his gusto rocket into my mouth. I waited until he was finished before swallowing then cleaning him up.

I finally went to bed at 11.20pm, but couldn’t sleep until Master came to bed. Then woke up at 5am.

When I met the couple the next day, Wednesday, I asked what the birds were and I was right, they were Longtailed Wagtails. So I was quite chuffed I got it right. Even Master was right with the other birds, the Swifts.

So what will we do on day 4 ?

TMI Tuesday. Fun and a bit crazy.

Fun and a bit crazy, that is this week’s TMI Tuesday.
It could happen…

1. If each of your index fingers could spew a liquid for the rest of your life, what liquid(s) would it be.


Water and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Water coz I’m lazy, I’d just have to drink it without moving, Bailey’s coz it’s soooooo yummie, I may include the different flavours of Bailey’s too. Especially strawberries and cream and salted caramel.


Water and Jack Daniels, that way I would always be rehydrated and too drunk to care.

  1. If you could talk to everyone in the world for 5 minutes, all at once, what would you say?


I’ve thought this over all day, and can’t think of any other answer for this question.

Be kind to everyone, children, parents, other family members, your animals, your neighbours, other people in your area. Violence gets you nowhere, so be nice, friendly, smile and have plenty of sex with your consenting partner/partners. It will always cheer you up. And an even better one, any excuse to get a spanking will rid you of any naughty behaviour bubbling to get out. So get spanked and fucked.


Can everyone send me a pound please. Then I’d be rich.

3. Would you rather not be able to eat for a week OR not be able to _____ for a month?


I’d rather get fun spanked with plenty of orgasms and squirting than eat, if I had to choose. But I do love my grub so I may cheat.


I’d rather breath for a month because otherwise I’d be dead.

4. What exhilarates you?

Writing a good chapter in my book and hoping it’s either something that may have happened for real or something that may happen in the future.


Hearing Serf scream, whether it’s in bed or in the car.

  1. What is the best perk of your job? What is the best perk you have ever had at any job?


My job is as the housekeeper, I look after Master, our son, our pets and everything else in the house, my perks, I can walk around naked all day, I can masturbate any time. Best perk ever is I can put on a show for Master whilst he watches at work. From our cameras in our bedroom.


Best perk is work from home Fridays. Best perk I’ve ever had was a nice company car, able to throw rubbish in it to take to the tip, have voice control so I could can talk to my car. That was great fun.


Bonus:  Just how naughty are you?


Oh I’m never naughty, ( as my nose starts growing like Pinocchio. ) I try my best to be good but also try my best to do things and not get caught. Us bratty subs need some entertainment in life, and if we can break rules to get what we want, we will try our hardest. 🙄😉🙄


100% naughty.

Masters answers are in italic writing.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Day 1 of holiday.

Day 1 of holiday.

We arrived at 3.40 pm, and after a 5 hour journey, in 30 degree heat, we dropped bags, dropped our clothes then hit the pool. We saw one older lady, 70 + but she never spoke, when we got to the pool another older couple, 80 + were in, but we chatted to them, then they soon left. So we stayed in until 5.30 pm. Then came back to the lodge, and had dinner. We stayed in until 7 pm when we decided to go and sit either outside or in the sunroom, getting our books and phone, Master wanted to sit in the sunroom, so we got comfy. Staying in until 8.15 pm, then decided we should have a swim to cool down, having the pool to ourselves again, we stayed in until 9, when we went to the hot tub. Melting into the hot bubbly water, we stayed until 10 pm. Master was feeling too hot. I jumped in the shower, had to wash the chlorine out of my hair, even though I will have to sleep with it still wet, but never mind. Tomorrow I will put my ponytail higher up so it doesn’t get so wet, but it’s not the end of the world if it does. But at 10.45 pm, I’m off to bed.

Off on our holidays today.

The car is already packed apart from the stuff in the fridge, which we better not forget this year. It’s a very warm morning but it’s raining :(. Forecast said it would be lovely today so hopefully it will clear soon. But it is very warm, the sort of weather that will bring on a thunderstorm. But of course, I don’t really care what the weather will be like here, it’s the weather in Essex that’s important. Oh the talk of rain has reminded me to pack the big umbrella.

I will be right back, just gonna get it…………………………………………………….

Okay it’s by my walking stick now.

I did want to do a good clean up before we go, I hate not leaving the house tidy, but E will be here and I, his girlfriend is staying over too.

We went to the supermarket to buy some food for the week, Master didn’t want to buy too much, he said he would rather go to Tesco in a few days if we need anything. Whereas I’d rather just buy stuff now so we don’t have to go, I say we, it won’t be we are going shopping it will be Master going shopping as he says it’s quicker if he goes and he buys just what we need and no extras.

We dropped the dogs off at the in-laws, hope Muffin doesn’t get over excited and hurt her knee. Plus use the steps to get up and down off the settee. I know she will sit next to my mother in law, but she will play the I can’t do it role and not use the steps unless my mother in law pushes her to do it. I have asked her to be tough with both of them, they use the steps here all the time so they can use them at their house.

My mother in law promises she will take Muffin for walks in her pram, showing her the best way to lift her up into it and out again so you don’t put stress on her hips or knee. Honestly it’s as bad as leaving your babies behind. This is the medication for both of them, I give it to them in the morning, here’s their breakfast, IF Dave pesters for it, Muffin often doesn’t eat it but will give her some, just in case. Here’s their chicken to cook and 2 bags of soup pasta.

Oh shit I’ve left the cooked pasta and pate for their medication in the fridge at home.

My mother in law said don’t worry, I’ve plenty of pate and pasta. Here’s their supper chews, they normally have half each but as we are away and they will be depressed they can have a whole one each.

It was also Master’s birthday and really he didn’t get much time for himself. Though we did drive to the in-laws in the Westfield car, our cars were too small, so our son and I took the dogs plus all their stuff for us. Meaning Master could scare the shit outta me driving dead fast, tires screeching going round the roundabout, smell of rubber burning as we drove. It was great fun, but very scary too. He loves driving the kit cars, and I must admit with the sun burning down on us, it was absolutely amazing.

We did hope to drive with the roof down today, but we will have to hope the clouds clear soon.

We did have a disagreement about how much stuff to take, I always over pack, so I ended up taking everything out and going through it with Master. No we don’t need kitchen roll, toilet rolls, washing up liquid. We don’t need 4 litres of milk for 4 days when I’m the only one using it, I don’t need 4 2lt bottles of pop, 2 is plenty. Do you really need all that water, the rootbeer, the lemonade. I said the lemonade is for the Southern comfort, he said that’s fine but we don’t need 12 cans. So I limited my drinks as Master said let’s be honest if you drink 1 bottle of something a day, it’s a miracle. So half the stuff I packed, we took out. We still struggled to fit it all in the boot of the car, and then Master will be the one who has to carry it from the car, across the courtyard, up the stairs to our loft. We had to be careful with the boot because it has to fit the roof in it, if we are able to put the roof down and enjoy the sunshine.

Master put some James Patterson books on the memory stick thingie, so we can listen to some audio books, plus I’m hoping to continue writing in the car. It is a long 5 hour journey. But the hot tub and pool are calling out our names, and we can’t wait to get in them, feel my bones relax for once and take some pain away for a while. We intend to leave in 3 hours. I’m SO excited, I can’t wait. 🙂

My first Bi experience.

Getting ready Saturday morning, I asked Master if he wanted me to shave even though I was only a tiny bit stubbly, He replied “Oh yes I think so.” Hmmmm does that mean he definitely wants me to play, he’d been like an over excited school boy all morning. “Are you wanting me to play today, with V ?” I nervously asked, please don’t push me, I thought. “Yes, me and S want a nice show.” My eyes widen, “A show ? I don’t thi……” I started to say. “You want to please Master don’t you ? You don’t want to disappoint me do you ? You’re not going to show me up, are you ?” Master asked me. I looked up at him and replied No to each question but my eyes gave me away, pleading with him to not force me to do anything.

Of course I’d never want to disappoint him, make him angry, certainly not showing him up in front of another D/s couple, but even that was scary, even though it was my fantasy and I wrote about it in my novel, in reality it was still scary. Master knew I was very nervous, “Don’t worry about it, we are just going to meet up, have a chat and a drink, then play.” He told me. “What so there’s no option of playing today ? “ I asked, “Nope,” Was the simple reply, giving his evil devilish chuckle he does when he knows he’s pushing me out of my comfort zone. I didn’t reply as there was nothing I could say, so I continued to get ready, showered, shaved, moisturised, I dried my hair then asked Master how he would like me to do my hair. “ You like to braid it or do you want it down ?” He asked, “Well looking at the weather, you will want the roof down, I don’t want wind swept hair. How about a ponytail ?” I asked. “Yes, good idea, It’s easier to drag you about with that.” His evil chuckle started again, so I went to put my hair up. Then asked what he wanted me to wear, he told me to put the dress on that I wore for the club the other week. Then asked if I had matching bra and panties, I said, “Yes, I’ve a peachy colour set and they would go with my dress.” “Good sounds like you’re sorted then.” Master told me, giving me a playful smack on my butt.

Soon I was all ready, I went downstairs to watch TV for a bit, soon falling asleep. I’m not sure how long I dozed off for but I was aware that Master had been messaging me, so when I woke up properly I looked at whatsapp and he had. Put your small paddle in my naughty bag please Serf, it said. There were a few angry emoji’s sent when I hadn’t replied but I quickly apologised, explaining I had dozed off, asking him to bring the bag down with him when he’s ready. He did so I put the paddle inside. He’s certainly preparing to play, I thought.

We left around noon to go and meet the couple, V ( the girl ) S ( the guy ). It took around an hour to reach the secret location. It was like a conservative club, a large room by the bar, tables dotted around then a big hall, with a small stage at one end. I imagine this could be used for parties, keep fit classes, line dancing, and watching shows on the stage.

S let us in, a tall, muscular guy, around the same age as us, I think. His foot was in a heavy metal cage, after he fell down a pothole, breaking the bones above his ankle. The only way to fix his leg was by holding it together with nuts, bolts and supporting it altogether with a cage outside his leg. He will be out of action for the next 4 months, it looked incredibly painful and very very heavy. V said he was already a grumpy bear with the lack of playing and going to clubs which they do weekly.

V was sat at a table, a happy, friendly smile, along with a very sexy body, she was lovely. Long dark brown hair, very pretty face, and a curvaceous body from what I could see. We kissed, “Are you nervous ?” She asked, I replied, “Yes,” Hugging me she said “Don’t be, just do what you are comfy with, if it’s nothing, that’s fine, if we play, that’s fine.” Immediately I felt at ease with both of them. Like the other couple, they were just like us, so chatting became very easy.

We sat at a table, Master had taken a cider to have with lemonade, I had brought with me Southern Comfort, I had already poured a little lime cordial in the bottle with 2 cans of lemonade. This time I ensured I drank it, to help me relax, but to be honest, the setting made me feel more comfy, just us and them, maybe it was the club scene that put me off a bit.

V gave us good advice for the club scene though, she told us to always stay together when either one of us played. Even if I sat by his side, stroking his back, massaging his balls, so you feel like you are playing together. They both said if you play separately, the jealous monster will come out, it’s only natural. And it could lead to ending your relationship. Even though you are there to play, you must be together. S said, “Even if you’re not allowed to play for punishment, you still stay with him, kissing, holding his hands, stroking his back. It is a recipe to disaster if you don’t. This was different to how the other couple was, the guy was there for his wife, he was happy to let her just play and as long as she had fun, that’s all that mattered. But I know from our first time at the club, I couldn’t do that. Master agreed with this advice, so next time that’s what we will do. Maybe if I’m there involved in just being with him, I may feel like playing.

So we sat chatting for a few hours, they were so easy to talk to and talk about anything. You know serious stuff, or just plain stupid stuff, it felt like we had known them for years. S then told V that it was time to go to the office, we didn’t know why until she came back just wearing stockings. She has a fabulous figure, big boobs and her nipples were pierced, a lovely curvaceous bottom. She walked straight over to me, whispered, “Don’t be scared,” And then she started kissing me, her soft lips gentle against mine, her tongue occasionally poking into my mouth, tasting sweet. I happily kissed her back, my tongue exploring hers and her mouth, one hand went to her head as I rested my fingers through her hair, we kissed for a long time, every now and then V would ask if I was still scared, or if I was alright. I would nod or whisper yes back to her. There’s something about kissing that is just lovely, Master isn’t a big kisser, so kissing V, I was just loving it. Then I heard S say, “So Serf, do you think you are ready to have sex with V ?” I never hesitated, saying yes quickly.

S showed Master where to get some gym mats and put them in the middle of the hall, whilst they were busy, V took her time to tell me not to be nervous, if there’s anything I don’t like, to just tell her, I smiled at her, yes I trusted V would help me do this. I took my dress off and my underwear, then taking our drinks we went to the hall. The mats were held together like jigsaw pieces, but Master hadn’t attached them so V and I got down on our knees and fastened them together, Master and S sat on the steps leading to the stage. It did feel like we were putting a show on for them. I passed my glasses to Master, then settled on the mat next to V.

We continued kissing for ages until V worked towards my ear, kissing, licking, nibbling it, anyone doing that sets my insides all a quiver, as she nibbled my neck. At this point I had one arm holding me up and the other in V’s hair, I kissed and nibbled her neck as she did mine. She played with my tits, squeezing my nipples, not hard, but hard enough to really feel it. I wish my nipples just didn’t react like this. Slowly I moved my arm down to her side, stroking the side of her breast, gently scratching her back, legs, thighs and breast. I felt her nipples, but was conscious of her piercings, remembering how much they used to hurt me, I didn’t want to hurt her. So I didn’t touch them for long. V still continued to ask if I was okay, then asked me to lie down, saying “Don’t be scared,” as she lay next to me. By this time, Master and S had moved some chairs right by the mats.

V looked at me, kissing again, “Okay ?” I smiled, nodding my head. She was so attentive, making sure I was happy, comfortable and felt okay. Slowly she began working lower, little kisses, licks going down my tummy, then towards my pussy. She ran her hand over my legs stopping in the middle, I don’t think I reacted but V stroked my arm and legs, just telling me to lie back and relax, whilst she fingered my pussy. One thing I noticed was how well V used both hands, I’m rubbish at doing two things at once, which is crazy because I played the piano for years as a kid. But if I’m giving Master a blowjob, I struggle to massage his balls or just cup them, I end up losing my rhythm. But V circled my clit with her fingers, giving it light taps, the other hand reached for my nipples, squeezing them, twisting them gently, then she sat by me, her fingers entering me. She stroked my legs and arms again, “Okay ?” “Yes” I replied. So her fingers pushed into my pussy, flicking about inside and Holy Fluff, she found my G-spot, I felt the sensation build up, I began moaning quietly, as the flicks quickened I felt my release, I squirted all over the mat until she’s sat in it, I’m lay on it but neither of us cared. I heard Master say, “Bloody hell, V has found that spot in seconds, it took years for me.” We laughed, “I know where to look,” V told him. As she began playing with my clit again, her fingers entered me once more, again waiting for the sign from me that I was close, her flicking became stronger as I groaned louder, another orgasm building inside me. I couldn’t believe it when I felt myself squirting again. And I don’t mean a tiny amount. I gush. This time V didn’t remove her fingers, she continued to grind into me, stroking my inner thighs, she told me to relax, her voice so quiet, it made you relax straight away. Though I wasn’t sure at the time, it felt like V was fisting me, though it didn’t hurt like it did when Master tries to do it. Later I asked Master if she was fisting me and how much of her fist went in. He said, “Yes she fisted you and pretty much got it all in. But S had told Master that she does have flexible fingers so she would be able to fist most pussies. I felt another rush, another orgasm erupted out of me as I gushed over the mats again.
In total, or put it this way, I think the total times I squirted was 8 or more, I lost count after 8. Where the hell does that much squirt  come from ? Seriously as soon as I emptied out, it was full again, ready to gush all over us. But I’m not gonna say it wasn’t fun, because it was. Every time I thought, that’s it, I’m totally spent, I’d get another rush. Finally I think V stopped because her arms must have been aching by now, she certainly knows how to please.

“I think Serf may need a good girl spanking,” Master told her. She looked at me and went to roll me over. Again the little touches feel so amazing, as she rubbed my wet bottom, suddenly she slapped one cheek. I gasped, wow that stung. And again, sensing I was just about to ouch out loud, she hushed me, rubbing my cheek, the slapping it again, the sting felt so powerful, even Master doesn’t hand spank that hard. But she continued on the one side, then began on the other. After every slap, she checked I was ok. They didn’t make my eyes water, but OUCHIE, they hurt. They stung like hell.I heard Master and S talking about my rosy cheeks, Master said, “Oh I will see if she put the paddle in the bag, like I told her.” Coming back in, he passed it to V. She looked at it, saying “This is the time when you should have forgotten to put it in the bag Serf.” “I couldn’t, he told me to put it in, so of course I’m gonna put it in. I was doing as I’m told.” I laughed.

“Ok, ready ?” V asked me. “Yes,” I replied. The first wallop with that paddle left me cursing under my breath, “Oh yes, she’s liking that,” Master said. Another wallop, I think V was enjoying this as she didn’t ask if I was ok as often as before. What I did notice was she liked to cover my entire cheek, Master had to tell her not to go too high because of the internal tens machine I have inside me, so she liked to go to the side of my cheeks instead. Quite evil really, LOL. She then changed to the other side, taking my breath away on some goes. This time V checked if I was ok, did I want to continue, “Errrrrrr yes,” I replied, doubting how many more I could handle. “Ermm you may have to stop soon, otherwise her arse will still be crimson and bruised for Monday,” Someone said, I think it was S but I honestly don’t remember, “Okay, how many more, you decide ?” V asked. I chickened out by saying 2, then saying not hard, when V asked how hard I wanted them, She gave me 2 mild wallops then put the paddle down. “I can understand why you make a great switch, you’re pretty good at spanking,” I giggled. Getting up, I kissed V, saying thank you to her. V then crawled over to S and laid her head on his chest, between his legs, I think there were some soft, gentle chatting going on between them, but it looked really lovely to watch. Master came over to me and kissed me, “Well done Serf, you’ve really done me proud, I’m very very pleased with you.” “Thank you Master,” I whispered.


We sat on the mats for a while chatting again, S had a look at the paddle, “Mmmm it feels like it’s pretty strong. Come here,” He said to V. She giggled and went towards him, turning herself around, so her round bottom was just at the right place. S began spanking V with the paddle, no noise came from her, the noise of each slap made my eyes water, “Was V going this hard on me? do you ? or is it because the hall echoes ?” I asked. “It’s hard to tell when someone else is doing it,” Master said. I noticed again, S liked to spank all around her cheeks but neither of them touched sit spots or legs, like Master likes to do. He enjoyed using the paddle so Master told me to look up where I bought it from. We talked about other toys we’ve —  no wait, that’s not right, toys I’ve bought that Master loved, the CPS or high impact cane or loopy. Master suggested bringing the CPS one time…..MMMMMmm,, then I think I may forget.

S then asked V to give him a blowjob, we watched for a while, then I asked Master if he would like one. “After this, I’m enjoying watching. Go and stroke her bottom at the same time.” I crawled towards V, feeling her hot cheeks, gently tickling over her bottom, over her back, until S said, “Oh you interrupted her concentration.” I continued only for a minute or so, I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing by interrupting their time. So I moved back and enjoyed watching. But on 2 occasions I saw S place his hand on her head, and she stopped moving, I wasn’t sure what she was doing. “Stay there,” then after awhile she went back to sucking him off.

He told her she was a good girl, then asked if she would like to masterbate, she replied, “Yes Please,” then moved back onto the mat. Sitting on her feet, legs wide, her fingers began, rubbing her clit, smacking it, both hands seemed to be working, she would lick her fingers, sucking her juices from them, before continuing. Fingers inside, fingers outside, rolling, smacking her clit, when she squirted really quickly. Sucking her fingers to get as much of it as possible. When she finished she gave a shy giggle and looked at S. He called her over again to continue with his blowjob.

Then it happened again, where V stayed still. Today I asked Master what she was doing, he said “She was holding him in her throat, so she had been going lower and lower then stopped when his cock was down her throat and she was licking his balls.” That idea was such a no no, Master tries to get me to deep throat, I’ve managed a few times but it terrifies me.

Anyway let’s carry on, S then tells V to give Master some attention, so Master told me to give S some attention. Now we hadn’t talked about blowjobs earlier, so I hadn’t mentioned that I like nibbling cock, and watching V, she was definitely only sucking him off, no teeth seemed to be involved. So I chose to follow her way. S’s cock was quite big, his girth very wide, so I struggled to fit him in my mouth, though I tried my best, he leant forward to squeeze my tits, they must seem very small in comparison to V’s, then enjoyed fingering me, playing with the rings. It’s something he wants V to get, I think she may not have a choice now. He liked hearing them jingle and he had mentioned before about the idea of padlocking them so V couldn’t masterbate. So I really think it won’t be long before she gets them done. I heard Master ask V where he should cum, in her mouth or over her, and heard her say over me. I was continuing giving S his blowjob when I heard him say,  “Oh somebody needs to clean up Masters cum.” I looked at V and saw her covered but I didn’t move. This is something I tend not to do, unless I’m told. “Go on,” Master told me,” you’ve just been ordered to do tidy up V.” Realising I wasn’t going to get out of it, I said to V, “This is something, I never normally do.” I wasn’t going to throw a tantrum after such a lovely play and I certainly didn’t want to show Master up, but now I’ve done it once, I’ve a feeling I’m going to be made to do it all the time. She giggled, as I licked up Master’s cum off her tits, neck, face and tummy, I’m going to be honest, not something I enjoyed, I’m just not a huge fan of cum. But both Doms seemed pleased with our play as we sat down chatting some more. I said “Next time, maybe I will try playing with you if you help me a bit.” She said, “Yes, in your own time.” “I feel guilty I’ve not played with you but I hope you’ve had fun.” I said, “Oh yes,” V told me. “So I can come again then?” I asked hopefully. V laughed, “Yes you can.”  

We sat down and talked for a while longer, then started to say we better go, the dogs will be starving. I asked V if she wanted help to tidy up, she said “No, I’ve got it all ready.”   “Are you sure ?” I asked again. “Yes honestly it’s fine.” The guys were still talking, so I went to get dressed, putting everything away that we had brought, asking if there was a bin fo the empty bottles. S said “Don’t worry about that, we will clear up.”
We thanked them for a very eventful day, a very exciting, brilliant day, one I hope to repeat. Master and I chatted about it for the entire drive home. What was lovely was that Master came to sit by me at times, held my hand, kissed me, stroked my hair, told me I was being his really good girl and that simple act made the play so much better, I understand why they said stay together in the club. It just reinforces our love and strong bond that we have.
So my first Bi experience was pretty fanfuckintastic. I still feel very strongly about not wanting to go down on a girl, I’m happy doing what I did this time, plus using fingers or toys but I just don’t want to do that, even though I know Master wants me too. But I’m looking forward to our next afternoon with them, even though hit was more like spending 6 hours with them. Blimey didn’t feel that long but it was. Time flies when you’re having fun.  

New outfit for swinging and for Master to enjoy.

I found a new outfit on Amazon last week and really liked it, so I showed Master, He agreed to let me buy it, see if it fits and looks nice, if not at least you can return it. I tried it on when Master was home, it’s not easy to put on, there’s a zip up the back of it, so I had to ask Master to fasten it. But once it was on, I loved it, I felt sexy in it. I may buy it in black too.


My novel is available in America now.

Master checked Amazon last night, it looks like my book is now available for purchase in America, someone is reading it somewhere across the pond.

If you have been kind enough to purchase my novel, could I please ask if you could take a few minutes to go on Amazon and write a review please. That would be fantastic.