Stretching my labia rings.

Prior warning I’m in bad pain so I’ve taken my magic tablets, but they make me dozy and my brain muggled, so if there are spelling mistakes or ridiculous sentences I apologise before you read it.


Last night I got to thinking about our genital piercings, Master is ahead of me by one size and he wants to continue stretching to 6mm, as I’m enjoying the feel of them, he is happy to continue stretching. It’s also easier for him to change his PA, or at least I think it must be, I’ve never done my own, I’ve always gone to my piercer. But his cock can go upwards so he can see it properly.

But this time I thought maybe I could try on my own.


So waiting for E to head of to work, I locked the front and back doors, headed upstairs with the dogs. Making the bed amd tidying up first, I collected what I needed.

A mirror

The 5mm rings

Plus the 5mm taper

And the heavy duty ring opening pliers

Finally some lube.


Getting the dogs on the bed, giving them their breakfast chew bar, putting something on the TV, I got myself as comfy as possible and looked at the stuff. First of all I decided to open one of the bigger rings. OMG, this was so so hard, the 5mm titanium was super strong, squeezing the pliers, I couldn’t open it. No matter how hard I squeezed, the ring wouldn’t open and release the segment. My piercer struggles with them and he does it daily, but the girl working there is like me, just not strong enough. I tried and tried until my hands hurt, until I gave up on that ring, trying another I couldn’t open that one either. Well this was a great start. Getting the third ring, i squeezed those pliers so firmly, the segment popped out.


Next I tried opening one of the rings on my labia. I tried the top ones first, thinking they would be easier to reach. When you’re a BBW, reaching down to your pussy is a bit tricky, add that with my damaged spine, makes it even harder. But I managed a position, placed the mirror so I could see what I was doing and tried the first ring. Nope that was sealed tightly, so was the next one. Beginning to think of others ways to stretch instead of this way, like using my fishing weights attached to a padlock or using my elastic which I tied through the rings on each side and around my leg. I’d sit on the edge of the chair, opening and closing my legs. If you’ve tied the elastic tight enough, you can stretch your labia and ring hole this way too. I’ve used both methods. But I wanted to try the true way, coz if Master can do it, I must be able to.

On to my third ring, ready to give up, I felt one side come out a little. So I pushed harder onto the pliers until finally, the segment popped out. I was nervous taking the ring out, what if I couldn’t get it in again, what if I couldn’t get the segment in. I’d have to go to my piercer to put it in for me, that or wait for Master.

Anyway, I thought here goes, and I slipped the ring out. Lubing up the taper, I pulled my labia out a bit, trying to locate the hole, again this was tricky when you can only use the mirror for guidance. But I got it in and it slipped easily half way, this taper was 2” in length, going from 3mm at its thinnest up to 5mm, the size of hole I now want. So now was the time to slowly push the taper further through. I went very slowly, feeling my skin stretch, it wasn’t a pleasant feeling, but I’d push until the sting became too much, then stopped to rest. After a few minutes, I pushed a bit more, again to to the point of an ouchie sting, then paused. I could see the taper was moving through slowly. I continued this a few more times, before it felt like it wasn’t moving, but the sting was very ouchie. That’s when I decided that was enough for today, but I kept it there for about 5 minutes, before sliding it out.


So that part was okay, at least 1 out of the 4 had a chance to stretch. Maybe I will ask Master to help open the rings when he’s home tomorrow. I’d like to stretch each of them daily really, then it won’t take long to reach the 5mm.


The next task was putting the original ring back in, I thought it was going to be hard but it slipped right through. Feeling more comfortable I thought putting the segment back in would be easy. OH NO, I had slipped the pliers through so it was holding the ring, ensuring it wasn’t going to catch and nip my skin, then tried to hold the small segment. It’s probably 10mm long, but now I’ve got acrylic nails, holding little things was a bit tricky. I got one end into the groove of the ring and squeezing the pliers open, I couldn’t attach the blasted thing. I tried and tried but the thing just wouldn’t slide in. I stopped for a minute, wanted to not let myself get worked up, I watched TV, then went back to it. On the fifth attempt, just as I was going to give up, I realised the segment wasn’t loose. I’m not sure how, whether I pushed it down as my other hand tried to open the ring, but I ran my finger around the ring and sure enough it was in place.

So this is going to be my task, If Master can undo the rings one at a time so I can stretch, it won’t be long before I’m in the same size jewelry as Master. I’m not going bigger than this though, I don’t think it would suit my size, plus you have to be comfortable. I’ve noticed that I’ve taken, or my body has taken at least 4 months to settle down from each new thing that’s happened. Getting my labia used to the rings, how the rings find a position to sit comfortably, and how it feels when my legs are closed. I certainly can’t close my legs tight anymore. But I’m pleased with my first attempt. Master used to do his nightly, doing the same thing, pushing the taper until it reaches a big ouchie point, then letting it stay there for a bit. He’s only got the PA to stretch though, he doesn’t stretch the hidden one, maybe I should order another 5mm taper when I order Master’s 6mm taper, I think I will do that, my piercer doesn’t charge much for them. At least I can do 2 at a time then. Yes I think that’s what I will do.

I may even do it again at bedtime, unless E comes to talk to me like he often does, but I can at least do it whilst he’s at work.

So a job well done.


My magic tablets and hot water bottle has done it’s trick, the pain has eased slightly unless I get up. Sitting comfortably, watching 2 films for once whilst writing this out has kept my mind occupied.

Good old Olympus Has Fallen and USS Indianapolis are 2 of my favourite films that I can watch and write at the same time as I know the films off by heart.

Need to talk and let my emotions out. This is unrelated but dementia sucks.

Unrelated but dementia sucks.


Sorry not related to my normal blogs, but had a rough meet up with my folks today, seen Mum has a new issue which is becoming much more noticeable worried me.

Came home, phoned my mother-in-law, broke down, she gave me some words of advice, one was go on the Alzheimer/dementia website, look through what day care centres there are. Though I’m not convinced we could get her to go.

Whilst looking through, I spotted a support phone number. 5 years ago when Mum was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, basically early dementia, I went to the support office, only to be told because she was not fully diagnosed with dementia, they could not help. We couldn’t even go to the coffee mornings just to meet up with other families. The memory tests proved she was just below the score line of full dementia and it’s been like this really every since. We’ve had to figure out ourselves the best way to deal with it all.

Anyway, I looked at this phone number, my hand going to get the phone a few times. I don’t know why I was hesitant, I thought I’ve accepted it, but still I hesitated. I rang the number, very nearly putting the phone down then a lady answered. I didn’t speak for a second, as this woman said hello, managing a garbled brief explanation for my call before breaking down again, this lady was so so kind, I told her I wished I phoned at the beginning but we talked for nearly an hour and a half, before she said she would put everything in an email, but phone back if I get nowhere with her ideas. I thanked her so, so much, but felt an emotional wreck. When Master came home he listened to everything, he gave me more suggestions plus reminded me of somethings he suggested before. This time I wrote them down, I’m not sure what the future holds, well yes of course there’s the one big thing I’m not going to mention, at 82 I just want mum happy for her remaining years in life.

It really is one of the meanest diseases around, the person you love just becomes a shell of who they used to be. There in body, gone in mind.

Anyway, I needed to write this down for me, I’m not looking for sympathy or anything, I just needed somewhere to vent my emotions.

Wicked Wednesday. Daddy was sad but Darcy was sadder.


Daddy was sad but Darcy was sadder.

Darcy was having an internal, quiet celebration, Daddy’s most favourite pain implement had snapped. His highly expensive ( not ) shoe horn from Ikea. She wondered if places like Ikea realise the things they sell, us kinky spankos will put to use as a good pain implement or something suitable for BDSM. Most of the things Daddy bought were very strong and painful, we had only one item, a butter paddle, that snapped after only a few uses. But his shoe horn, cost all of £2, it was incredibly strong and very very painful. She always knew when she was in serious trouble if this was brought towards her or if she had to get it for him. Often she would be crying before he started to use it.

But today, just as Daddy dragged her over the armchair, yanked her jeans and panties down, he took the horn off the door, went to wallop her when it snapped in his hand. She could hear cheers and fireworks going off in her head, it took all of her willpower not to cheer YES out loud.  Daddy was really sad, unfortunately he said he would be driving past Ikea next week, so he would pop in to buy another one. Maybe buy a few just so he had them. Oh darn it, Darcy thought as she went to get up, pulling her panties up quickly.

Ermmm young lady did I tell you to get up and pull up your panties ? He sternly told her.   No Daddy but I thought………..She started to say. You thought wrong, get back over and just take your panties and jeans off. Do you not think your Daddy has other things he could use. Darcy started to cry, she had upset Daddy and she was in no position to upset him more. Do not move young lady, Daddy ordered then he left the room. She heard drawers opening, cutlery clanging about, then the drawer shutting again, she then heard him go upstairs. She dared herself to get up, but she didn’t yet. Daddy was upstairs for ages and Darcey was getting bored, so she risked it, she got up, grabbed a magazine and started to read an article on the 50 shades of Grey books. Soon, she became immersed in the article, some people loved it but they were all vanilla, meaning they were not involved in the world of kink. Us kinky folks who lived for BDSM and D/s dynamics said it was a very poor, misrepresentation of all aspects of BDSM. There had been many discussions about the books over the last few weeks, most of them she hadn’t bothered to watch. But this was interesting so she never heard Daddy walk down the stairs until it was too late. Dropping the magazine she flew back over the chair just as Daddy walked in. He knew instantly. Darcy have you moved ? He asked. No Daddy, I’ve stayed right here. She said sweetly, hoping it would hide the panic in her voice. Come here Darcy. He told her, pointing to the floor by his feet. Darcy I want the truth now, did you move from the chair ? He asked once more. No Daddy, I promise, I didn’t. Darcy began to say before tears became her traitors, as they fell down her cheeks. Then why are you crying ? He asked. Darcy just shrugged her shoulders and went to suck her thumb. A sure sign to Daddy that she was lying. Then explain to me how this magazine is on the floor now, when it wasn’t when I left the room. He walked to the open magazine. And just happened to be open at the 50 shades page, Darcy. Can you explain ? Daddy was losing patience, he went from just sad to angry. Darcy you know I don’t like you lying to me, tell me the truth. He tried to say calm, inwards though. this whole event amused him, she really did think she could lie to him, in truth he knew what she was going to do before she did. Darcy shook her head, her big blue eyes looking up at him, slipping her thumb out, she said once more, No Daddy, I promise. Right young lady, I’ve given you a chance to tell the truth, you can go to bed at 8 tonight. Daddy told her. Darcy looked devastated, she flew onto her feet, No Daddy please. You know it’s the semi-final of The Voice tonight, you promised I could stay up late to watch it. Please. She begged, she started to shout, the beginnings of a huge meltdown just seconds away. Little girl you better stop shouting right now, he warned. No Daddy I won’t, you’re not being fair. Darcy screamed. Daddy looked at her, he simply said, Bed after dinner, and now you will not watch the program at all, you will have to hear about it from your friends.

Darcy flew into the meltdown, stamping her feet, shouting, screaming, crying but now adding swear words. You’re now grounded for 2 weeks, do you want to carry on this tantrum ? He asked, folding his arms. Yes Daddy I fucking will, coz you promised, you said I could watch it. She screamed at him. That was the last straw, no one says the F word in this house. Grounded for a month, no phone, no iPad, no laptop, and bed as soon as I’ve finished spanking your butt raw. Daddy told her, grabbing her earlobe, he dragged her back to the chair and pushed her over it. All this Darcy because you couldn’t do as you were told and just stay here. I would have spanked you and it would be all over. Now you’re grounded for a month and can’t watch The Voice. You are your own worst nightmare young lady. Daddy told her, his voice sounding firmer as he got more annoyed. He grabbed the metal spatula and bath brush from the table, taking his belt off too.

After Daddy finished spanking her severely, the bath brush was now his favourite toy, until he went to Ikea. Darcy was so upset, more so to miss her favourite program, as she was told to go to bed. Sucking her thumb, grabbing her teddy it was her turn to be sad now. She cried into teddies tummy, whilst lying on her front, on her bed.

Daddy on the other hand was now sat alone, amused by the entire incident, watching his “adult” little girl throw a tantrum was always funny, but he never let her see he was amused until he was alone. She had many tantrums, in fact she was a wild girl but she was his wild little girl and he loved her.

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

For the attention of…. slave to Master blog.

Yesterday  I was nominated for The Mystery Blogger Award, I have nominated you too. Please look at my blog. 😁😘😘

I cannot leave you a message on your blog site as I don’t have an account, I will look into it bug I just wanted to let you know. 😍😘😘

Nominated for The Mystery Blogger Award.

I was very shocked and surprised to be nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award today by someone whose blog is very very good. I never thought mine was anywhere near good enough, really I never thought anybody would be interested in little old me, and our new lifestyle, so here’s my opportunity to say a big thank you to all my followers. I couldn’t have done it without you.

The MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD was created by – – and is a fun little way to highlight some WordPress bloggers who may be a littles less known.

I was kindly nominated by; CuriousClitty. Musing of my curious mind – my sub awakening. If you don’t already read and follow her, please look her up and follow her.

Here are the rules!


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• List the rules.

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• Ask your nominees any five questions of your choice, with one weird or funny question.

• Provide a link to your favourite post.

Ok let’s begin!!

Eeeeek!! Three things about myself.

1.   I am a very stubborn Taurean, who tends not to back down from “discussions”, and I hate not to have the last word. And if I point out an accurate fact, I make sure it’s known to everyone, even if I get in trouble for it.

2.   I often speak “in my own language” expecting others to understand, Master would say you know in your head what you mean, it just comes out in a ridiculous, jumbled up half sentence,  then I get in a strop if I have to explain myself.

3.   My sleep pattern is terrible, so I have a set bedtime of going to bed at 9pm, TV off at 10pm. I’m invariably up anytime around 3am, due to the dogs waking me or I just wake up. So I now have an afternoon nap so I’m not a grumpy serf for Master when he comes home from work.

My answers to the questions asked by CuriousClitty

1.   What is your first ever memory ?

Hard one this as my memory is pretty terrible. One memory I have I think I was 6 or 7. It was after Easter, the family had been out, leaving our naughty Beagle, Bruno at home, only to find as I went upstairs that he had got in my room, eaten all my Easter eggs, plus chewed up all my dolls. I was devasted. That dog caused some damage !

2.   What is the first book you remember reading as a child ?

Again, another hard one with my memory but I’m going to say.

The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton.

3.  What is the first album you ever owned ?

White Feathers by Kajagoogoo.

4.  If you chose to go back in time, when would you choose to go back to and why ?

The 1920’s, because I would love to have been a flapper,

5.  If you were a perfume/cologne which one would you be ?

Hugo Boss Red Eau de Toilette, coz it smells really sexy.

As for my nominations. I did take a long time thinking about this, but I decided to choose the bloggers which I really enjoyed reading, learning from and enjoyed the photos and art work.

Best of luck to you all. My questions to you are:-

1.   Can you relate to the Pina Colardo song, if so, why.

2.   Sitting, kneeling or bent over, how do you like to garden ?

3.   Hairy, bald or landing strip, which do you have ? What does your partner have ?

4.   If eggs were 2 for thrippence, penny a pound and one in a free sample, how many apples in a barrel of grapes ? ( Sorry in advance, I asked Master for some questions. Please feel free to blame him ! )

5.   If you were to have a cheese and ham sandwich, would you put the cheese on first or the ham ?

My nominations in no particular order.

TMI Tuesday, The Life You Want.

Good Morning. Last week there were a lot of new(ish) bloggers playing TMI Tuesday.
Welcome and thank you. Help spread the word, always link back to TMI Tuesday on your blog posts. If you have an idea or theme for future TMI Tuesday questions, please let me know (see “about” page).

The Life You Want

1. Who was the first person you ever had a crush on? Why did you like them?

Lewis Collins who played Bodie in The Professionals. God I thought he was so sexy. He came to our village one day to open a new gym, when we found out, me and my mates decided to skip school to go and see him. Unfortunately we were not the only teenage girls to want to meet this sex God. And by the time we got there, there were loads of girls all trying to get to the doorway. He stood way inside the doorway to cut the ribbon and we had about 3 or 4 rows of girls in front of us. Now I’m very small, a mere 4ft 8, so I could see nothing, except………….yeah I know, you want me to say I saw his face or maybe even his crutch.     No !  I saw his elbow.    Or at least I think it was his elbow. I have always been adamant it was his elbow and I’m sticking to it.



2. What is the most important material possession you have and why?

My collar. Master wanted a discreet collar, he allowed me to pick something that was special to me. I had admired the Pandora petite charm locket, Master said I could have it for Christmas, as they only came out in the November ’16, you could only buy the charms in aset of 3. I chose 3 that resembled family and fell in love with it immediately. Last Christmas my son bought me 4 more, I had only said I needed 2 to fill the locket. Unfortunately him and his girlfriend picked one that I already had, and there was 1 from the original 3 that wasn’t a favourite so having exchanged the one I had from E, for a little boy, I replaced the other with the ones E had bought for me. It means every to me, to others they see a charm locket but to Master and I it’s something else too. My collar.


3. If you were a cake which cake would you be?

A red Velvet and white chocolate cheesecake, a sexual, yet delicate cake, sexy in red with white flowing around, destined to be tongued until it’s clean or a triple chocolate fudge cake, a sexy, passionate cake, with rich frosting leaking out, longing to be licked clean.

4. Has anything/anyone every saved your life before?

Okay this gets me a bit emotional. After damaging my back at work 14 years ago, I’d spent many years on powerful pain medication, morphine, diazepam to name but a few. Master and our son said I was like a walking zombie. I said rubbish, my memory, well I just had no memory, I slept. How I actually lived a life, I don’t know, I still drove, I felt okay to drive, or so I thought in my drugged up state, but then I couldn’t get around without my car. I had to do the shopping, school run, vet run when necessary, just every day normal stuff. But I saw my doctors frequently and none of them said I shouldn’t drive. One day after visiting a friend, who had been in a serious car accident, I blacked out, and crashed my car into 3 oncoming cars. Luckily none of the passengers were hurt, but their cars were damaged. But I needed fire fighters to make my car a convertible so the paramedics could get me out safely. Luckily I was fine, but the entire event frightened the life out of me. I was just so thankful no one was hurt. After getting checked out, I  returned home with Master, deciding from there and then, I was coming off the morphine and diazepam.. The following morning I went cold turkey, it was the hardest thing I ever did, about 5 days of sweats, shakes, your entire body itching, so you scratch until your raw, sickness, diarrhoea, a blubbering wreck. But I did it, I got through it, and it was the best thing I ever did. My mind is now open and free, I can manage my pain, just about, but more importantly, I was back to being me again. Having a life with my boys, no more zombie mum, I was mum/partner again.

5. If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?

Has to be free of chronic pain, no back or hip issues, just a healthy middle aged woman.

Bonus: Do you have a dream you’re pursuing? Tell us about it.

Not really. Pipe dreams of having money to go on holiday more, have a bigger house etc.

But my main thing I would say is to be the best slave I can be for Master.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Sinful Sunday. Bare-ass gardening for being a naughty girl.

After being a naughty girl, giving a look Master hates, being disrespectful and giving him an offhand, rude reply, Master felt I deserved a punishment. But instead of spanking me, which he knows I love too much, he chose a humiliation punishment. I had to collect the dead leaves and tidy the garden until Master says stop. Sounds like an okay punishment doesn’t it. Until I’m told to do it bare-assed ! And if it wasn’t a good job, I would have to do the front garden bare-assed too. Luckily Master was pleased with the amount of leaves I had collected, so my punishment was over.


Sinful Sunday


A Short Bratty Scene.

I do like being cheeky at times, not the really naughty cheek, but the giggly sillly bratty cheekiness.

We were looking at the sky, wondering what the weather was going to do today. Snow was forecasted. But it was very windy, some blue sky, some heavy grey clouds.

Master said, “It’s hard to tell where the sky is moving.”

I replied, “Well the sky is all above us, everywhere we go but the clouds move around and they are to blame for the weather being crap, so look up at the clouds and see which way they are moving. Sometimes you can gauge if they look heavy with rain or snow.” I had a cheeky grin on my face.

“Are you being cheeky?” He asked.

“No, I’m just making a statement, that the sky is just there, the clouds move.” I repeated.

“I think you’re being cheeky.” Master told me, a cheeky smirk appearing on his face.

“Now you only think I’m being cheeky coz I’m making an accurate statement.” I said.

“Now I think you’re definitely being cheeky, go and get my crop.” He ordered,  a grin on his face.

“No,” I told him, smirking still, “Why do I have to get the crop, just coz I made a correct statement.” He just pointed to where the crop lived.

I went to get it, handing it to him at arm’s length, he motioned for me to come closer, so I moved 1 step. Then he did a circular motion with his finger, indicating to turn around. I just stood still and repeated his finger movements, grinning at him. He grabbed my arm and turned me around, I took a step away.

“Oh I think you are definitely being cheeky now.” Master told me, before swatting my ass with the crop. Even with my step away, the crop still reached me.

I ouched, taking another step away but he reached giving another 6 swats, some didn’t hurt, others were full length stingy ouchie swats. Flicking the crop over any part of me, I dodged out of reach, covering my body as I reached my escape towards the stairs.

“The crop will still be here when you come down again.” he said laughing.

So I ran upstairs. Fortunately by the time I came back don, Master had put the crop away.


This daft, short scene, though really silly, is what I love about our dynamics. It feels close to our old vanilla life with the excitement of an ouchie crop. Maybe it’s the bratty side of me that loves these scenes, I don’t know, but it was fun.

Sizzling Saturday, week 2.



Sizzlin’ Saturdays Weekly Writing Prompt- Week 2

  1. What is a sure-fire way for your partner to get you in “the mood”.    Definitely a nice over the knee spanking with hand, lots of strokes over my pussy, hair fisting and a bit of brattiness.
  2. Where is the most unusual or kinkiest place you have ever fooled around/had sex?  When we went on our first naturist holiday last year, I really wanted to have sex outside, so at dusk we went for a romantic walk through the grounds of the park. Sitting by one of the lakes, we fooled around a bit. Before I stood in front of him, head down, fingers touching the grass, bare ass up high, as Master finger fucked my ass and pussy, until I squirted all over him and down my legs. Hearing the birds sing, the noise of the traffic made it all the more exciting.  I suppose another one would be one of the answers I gave last week, sitting on Masters lap in the back of a packed car, full of our friends, having sex thinking no one was noticing but of course they knew exactly what we were doing.
  3. Describe the most embarrassing moment you’ve had in the sack 🙂 oh Lord what a question Nora, but I’m going to be honest. I love it when Master fluctuates between ass and pussy, with a dildo, over and over again, but your body can then collect air inside you, so pussy farts and ass farts are a standard after-effect for me. Farting towards Master’s face,  oh jeez, I get so embarrassed. But the real embarrassing bit of this is if poop comes out with the dildo. Which has happened quite a few times, and what’s even worse is that Master doesnt deal with poop well, changing a nappy, dog poop scooping, he avoids like the plague, but he wipes me off, wraps the dildo in the mat ready for me to wash later.


Ass, tit and pussy torture, followed by a BJ.

Last night Master was in the kitchen, he said, “I know something you haven’t done for a while, come and kneel down and drink Masters piss.”

Immediately, I fell into my old habits and said, “No, No, No, No.” but then stopped and looked at him. This wasn’t the correct response, I know all he wanted was for me to just do it without complaint,  but my old stubbornness returned briefly.

“Do you want a punishment?” he said calmly. I shook my head. “Well do it then.”

I looked at him, I could tell he was seeing my mind go around in circles. I certainly did not want a punishment. So I knew I had to do it.

I fell to my knees as Master lowered his trousers, taking his cock in my mouth I waited for the slow flow of warm piss. Master started to stroke my hair, talking to me all the time, saying how proud he was, how I was his special serf and no one gets to enjoy this special moment and it takes a very special serf to do this. His soft words made it easier to drink. This is something Master realised he had a kink for and has taken a while to get me to do it, it’s not a task I enjoy, but what I do enjoy is pleasing him, so if this is his kink, I will do it. My hands held his thighs tightly as I started to make moaning noises, protests but Master only continued his talk. He said he hoped those were moans of enjoyment, I think they were a mix of both. But even though this is not a task I love, the connection, the bond we feel encourages me to do it, from the beginning to the end, I hear the proudness in his voice. How can I, as his serf refuse him.


My toileting finished Master helped me up, ( always a major struggle when I’ve been kneeling, ) once up, he kissed me deeply, then I went to rinse my mouth.

“ You deserve a reward for doing that, I will give you a 5 minute over the knee spanking, you can choose the toy. “ he told me. “Thank you Master,” I said, going to give him a hug. Unfortunately, we never got the opportunity to play.


Until this morning. We had been watching The Joy of Sex Toys, about the set toy company, Lovehoney. There were a few items I said to Master that sounded fun, so we were both online searching for them, me on Lovehoney, him on Aliexpress. Then E came down, getting his protein shake for breakfast. I never turned the program off, and soon he was looking up, with shock. “What are you both watching?” he asked. Master told him and he shook his head. “Should people not wanna use these toys babe ?” I asked, laughing. “ No, it’s not that, it’s the fact they’ve made a programme about it.” he said, but his eyes didn’t move away from the TV.


Once he left, Master got up, “ Right, I think you’re owed a spanking, get your bottom up the stairs now. He told me, already climbing the stairs, he had tidied the bed, taken his dressing gown off, he climbed into the middle the bed, getting himself comfy. I quickly unfastened my dressing gown and hung it up.

“Get your toy out. “ Master told me, as I rummaged about until I found it. I passed it to him, as I climbed on the bed and over his legs. He pulled me closer to him, spreading my legs more, I grabbed a pillow to hug, as Master started stroking my back, the palm paddle already on his hand felt cold on my skin. He rubbed it around my cheeks before the spanking started. Firm but nice smacks followed as I murmured into the pillow. Then they became harder, sharper, my ouches became louder as Master spanked my entire backside and legs. I started to squirm around, Master pulled me closer and held me firmly with one hand, harder and harder until it wasn’t a nice gentle OTK spanking. This hurt a lot, then Master changed speed and power again, going gentle once more. Slowly I relaxed over his knee again, my moans became one of pleasure. Pausing a moment, he stroked my back and I felt myself melt into Masters lap and the bed.

Then just as I was super relaxed, Master went down with the paddle hard, severe swats hit my sit spots, as Master had lifted my cheeks up so he could gain good access. My bottom was still recovering from our last play with the vampire paddle, and it was still bruised internally, so these powerful swats were hurting so badly. I screeched into the pillow as Masters other hand came to my head to hold me down. Swat after swat, who knows how many. These days I just gauge it on how super hard he hits, but soon, I was grateful as he took the paddle off his hand. He ran his fingers over my burning skin, watching my body flinch and twitch then as he ran his nails up and down, I relaxed again, enjoying the different sensations.

I lifted my bum to meet his hands then heard him chuckle, as I moved my knees up so my ass stuck out more. Then he started doing little pinches, in between my crack, a twist and ping, twist and ping, firmer and harder.  Digging my head into the pillow so I could bury my screams, Master started pinching my cheeks then, right over my sit spot, bigger and bigger pinches until he pinched right over the badly bruised part of each cheek. Masters hand held my neck down as he held onto that pinch firmer, tighter, squeezing harder, for a long time, my muffled screams became screeches. He let go and I felt my body collapse onto his legs, I must have been holding my body so tightly without realising.

Breathing heavily into the pillow, Master stroked my back until he felt me relax. Then he repeated this process on my other cheek, the one that’s still really sore from last time. Nails scratched raw skin, fingers gave sharp pinches, bigger, thicker pinches. Then I felt his thumb press down on my bruised area, my eyes bulged as my head reared up, and I began to squirm. A sharp slap over the same area stopped me continuing. He brought his hand down to my head, holding it into the pillow as he pinched the cheek. I screeched so harshly I gave myself a sore throat, trying to move my head but grateful I couldn’t at the same time, neighbours would be thinking I was being murdered and phone the police lol.

Seriously though, this was a new step of pain, I’m struggling to describe it.

I think this beats any of my most severe punishments !!!


Finally he let go, resting both hands on my back, rubbing me, stroking my hair, as I tried to regain some composure. Breathing so heavily it took a long time before i felt calm again. “Right up on your knees, in front of me please. You’re tits haven’t had a play with this paddle.” I groaned, Master said he hoped he heard an excited moan, Yes, I muttered, getting into position, putting my hands on his ankles. He slid his hand into the paddle, smoothing it over my tit, then he slapped it, it was probably a gentle swat but on my tits it was rated severe. A few swats on one, then the other, my hands going up but not onto my tits or Masters arms,  but he told me off, warning me not to move. Then he continued and as my arms moved, he swatted harder, making me yelp, complaining that they hadn’t really moved. He slapped my face, telling not to argue, pouting I was soon crying out as my tits got a beating. Slapping downwards to get the nipples, grabbing one tit under the nipple he pulled it roughly towards him, I gasped as I fell forward. And the paddle went down on my nipple, but Master kept hold of my tit, doing it again and again. Until he finally let go, but before I had chance to recover he repeated this on the other tit. My mind was going haywire, tempted to claw him with my nails, punch him, hit his cock which was just there. I do love this roughness in play, I’m not gonna lie, I do, but I don’t enjoy it on my tits. I know it doesn’t matter if I enjoy it or not but I struggle to make my face look like I am, and not that I get so angry I wanna punch him. Master wants me to show I’m enjoying it, but I don’t know how. He’s enjoying it, he loves doing it and he loves seeing the anger in my face, yet today he said smile, show me you’re enjoying it.

Is this where I struggle as his submissive ? Do other slaves look like they enjoy the brutal attack on them ? Ones I’ve watched on video don’t.

But Master enjoys the play and that’s the main thing isn’t it !


His next onslaught on my poor tits really made me struggle with the safe word again. He pinched the nipples hard, very hard, twisting one way then the other.

Then pulling himself up to face me, he held my chin, so we could see each other’s eyes, then as he sat back, he pulled my nipple with him. My eyes bulged once more, as just at the last minute, he pinched and released, as my body fell into him. Doing it again, I watched the humour in his eyes, they sparkled devilish mischief,  in the background a devil’s red rim of fire, yes he really was loving this.

Changing to the next tit, he repeated again. My face must have looked like fury, mixed with pain, through gritted teeth, there should have been fire blowing through my nose, as my mind considered punching his most prized possession. Of course I’d never do it, the safe word came to mind, but never left me again.

My poor nipples were burning, as he took both once again and pulled, my arms flapped ridiculously, my eyes flared, I sucked in deeply, the safe word, the safe word. But no, I kept going, his eyes looked so fucking sexy, how can I think these devilish, mischievous eyes looked sexy, but fuck they did. Plus the smirk that went with them looked so hot, I wanted to kiss him long and hard. But the pain was jumbling my thoughts, I wanted to hate him, but in fact I loved him more. I just don’t understand all these feelings, are they natural ? I just don’t know.


Finally the tit torture was over, or so I thought. No. NO NOT MORE PLEASE.

He lifted one, cupped in his hand, so my nipple was between thumb and finger. Then he sucked on it, and bit down. I think I felt close to passing out now, my arms flailing around, I tried to move backwards but couldn’t.  All previous thoughts whirled around, my quiet screeches became frenzied as he pulled back, letting the nipple go and bounce back. Fire, pain, burn, pain.

I glared at him whilst he chuckled. “I don’t know why anyone wants to do this to someone, it’s brutal.” I murmured. Sudden panic, I shouldn’t have said that. But Master replied, “Because I love it. And this is the only way I get to see your face whilst I’m playing.” he said, kissing me. “Smile at me,” Master told me, but I struggled with that. An evil chuckle then Master sat up, cupping the other tit. I pulled again, begging him not too. Please No. PLEASE.

Pulling me towards him, he let go of my tit and gently, smoothed the hair away from my face,  tucking it behind my ears. I thought it was a lovely caring moment, until he slapped me face, left, right, left, right again. My cheeks were burning, he grabbed my chin, saying, “Do as you’re told serf.” Half a dozen slaps on each cheek, then he lay back again. Watching me a minute as I sat feeling the after-effects of the slaps. I kinda liked it, the burning sensation turned me on, in fact the entire process from him moving my hair, to the slap, to the moving my hair, seeing how much he loved me in his eyes, those eyes that showed a dozen different feelings all at once,  those eyes that are the reason why I never say the safe word.

The reason why I wasn’t angry when he continued to slap me. My clit started to throb now, hard with so much desire.


But when he returned to the nipple that hadn’t been bitten, fear ran through my veins. Cupping my tit, he licked the nipple then sucked on it hard. Until his teeth bit down, and I couldn’t help but scream. The pain, shocking my body, my brain, sending my arms flailing around again. I needed the safe word, but again, it wouldn’t come out of my mouth, I felt confused. Does this mean, deep down, I did enjoy it, I only had to mutter those words and Master would stop. He wouldn’t be angry, he would know I just reached my limit, so does this mean, I haven’t got to that stage yet? Surely not!      When he let go, I let out a scary screech, collapsing on top of him, trying to breath deeply, to ease the pain, it worked a little bit.

I wondered if I should practice deep breathing to help get through Masters play.

It doesn’t help much with my back pain but I could try, like a bit of meditation.

I will have a think about it.


I stayed over him for several minutes, both tits throbbed so much. My body felt so much pain, I was completely shattered. Master gently stroked me, waiting patiently until he sensed I was okay again. “Now would serf like anything else ?” he asked softly as I sat up nodding. “To cum.” I whispered. “Okay, get 1 toy then.” he said, knowing I would say that. I reached for the drawer with the dildos ect, I grabbed a mat, lube and picked my favourite glass corkscrew dildo, “Oh, I see, what you mean is you wanna soak Master with your cum, you wanna squirt all over me.” I giggled, of course that’s what I wanted. Master arranged the mat over the bed and himself,  telling me to turn around between my legs, head down, bottom up. As I got myself into position, he asked, “Do you not like me playing rough ?” immediately I replied, “Yes, I love it, I just don’t enjoy my breasts getting played with. They are just so sensitive but I know you love doing it.” “Good girl,” Master replied, stroking my ass as I got settled. He dripped some lube over my ass hole, making me jump with its coldness, feeling him roll the dildo in it, then slowly he screwed the dildo into my pussy. The sensation is almost indescribable, except it’s fucking amazing. Each twist awoke nerves, turning me on more and more, pushing my ass back onto the dildo, until slowly the entire length filled my pussy. Pausing a moment, then Master started to thrust it, in and out, fast and slow, hard then gentle, suddenly when I pushed down towards the bed, I felt the dildo connect with my g-spot. I moaned loudly, trying to connect it again, feeling the build up of an orgasm, I heard my juices start to flow down the dildo, a squelching noise plus a quiet clink of the glass on my rings, it was such an erotic sound, as the squelching grew louder, I thrust my ass onto the dildo harder, guttural sounds coming from me, “Cum for me serf, cum hard.” Master told me as I thrust faster, the build up so intense, the noises becoming louder from my mouth and my pussy, my cum squirting out as I let out this animalistic howl from the back of my throat. Master kept this orgasm going as he went even faster with the dildo, as I felt myself come down, I was immediately brought back to that spot, over and over, cum still flowing out, until my pussy started to feel bruised, the onslaught began to hurt. But I still thrust myself onto the beautiful glass dildo, until I collapsed on the bed, totally spent, panting heavily, Master lay back and just enjoyed the sight, waiting until I had recovered. Sweat covered my body, sends chills as it started to dry, staying like this for a few minutes. Slowly I felt Master unwind the dildo, bringing senses alive again, the used pussy no longer sore, as he pulled out completely then held it against my asshole, slowly starting to wind it in, as it came to that ring of muscle, he forced it in, each twist sending a jolt to that muscle as it stretched open then closed a bit, over and over as the dildo worked its way in. As it reached the end, Master lay back again, admiring this sight, soon though he was sat up, pumping the dildo into my ass, I moaned and groaned as deep feelings started to rise once more, when I started to thrust backwards, I felt it hit my g-spot. This had never happened before when somethings in my ass, but I felt myself start to cum again, as I groaned I felt myself start to squirt again. Master slipped his fingers into my soaking pussy, hitting my g-spot with one hand, holding the dildo with the other, I started to squirt once more, hot liquid left my burning pussy, covering Master’s hand but knowing he didn’t care. Then he started to pump the dildo once more, bringing me to another orgasm, leaving me breathless and spent again. Slowly, Master unwound the dildo, releasing it from my ass, wiping my ass and pussy clean with the mat, he rolled it up with the dildo inside, and dropped it on the floor. I collapsed on the bed, exhausted from such an intense play,Master lay back, relaxing into the cushions once more.


As we both recovered, Master instructed me to suck him off, So turning around, I faced his cock, kissing his tummy, I tongued and kissed his pubic hair, then kissed his thick, hard shaft. The silver ball from his PA, peeked out from hs foreskin, all shiny and wet with pre-cum. I greedily went down to lick it all up, enjoying the sweet, delicate flavor. Master had a different PA in, it was a twisty one I’ve played with before, but it moved from side to side so the first time I tried giving him a blowjob, I felt it got in the way. But this time I just moved it with my tongue. Sitting up a bit, I stroked his balls with my nails, the area between asshole and balls he loved being tickled so I went from there up and around his balls finally over his shaft. I felt his cock twitch and dance about as Master groaned. His eyes closed, his passion showed in his face as he relaxed, enjoying is blowjob. Soon, I licked more pre-cum from his tip, I opened my mouth wide as i lowered down, closing my mouth only when I reached the base. The big ball hit my throat, making me pull away just a little, I nibbled the side of his shaft, then moving the PA to the other side, I nibbled that part, my teeth grating over the insides of his cock. Pulling the PA balls, Master took some photos of me biting the PA, trying to smile at the same time, but only came out like a grimace as it took a lot to bite it, hold onto it and pull it back, It used all my facial muscles, but I could tell Maser liked it anyway. His hidden ring, at the back of his shaft peeked at me, so I reached down, licking it, biting and pulling very gently, this one was tender so I had to be careful. I loved playing with this ring, no one knows it’s there except us, it’s our kinky secret, but what a hot fucking secret it was.

Going down on Master’s cock, I felt it grow once more, bobbing about in my mouth, carefully I pushed his foreskin down so I could nibble the head, My tongue exploring, dipping into the hole, feeling around the base of his head, all my favourite acts of play.  I soon heard the familiar groans of Master getting ready to cum. I changed speed then, hard sucking, nibbling, doing down and up, my lips had a firm hold of him, as I continued, feeling him twitch in excitement. When I went down once more, Master muttered, “Get ready to take all my cum serf, it’s coming, it’s on it’s way.” His head grew, I continued to suck harder, as I felt more sweet pre-cum enter my mouth, then lightening shots of cum exploded. Filling my mouth full, but it still shot out, I managed to swallow as his cock was still erupting.

( I’m not very good at swallowing with him still in my mouth, it takes some concentration for some reason, I usually wait until he had finished, then swallow once, but Master always has a large supply of cum ) and today was no exception, as he had gone a few days without emptying his balls. It took a few gulps before he was finally empty as his cock went flaccid, I cleaned his cock then slid his foreskin over again, before sitting up. I climbed next to him as we lay together, recovering from another wild fucking, We were both sated and very very satisfied.


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Celebrating the Australian Romance Community


My adventure into (mostly) online female domination

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I'm an avid reader and an author supporting other authors and the books I love!

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Poet & YA Fiction Writer

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