A fantastic play. Part 1.

We knew E was working late again, he wasn’t leaving the office until 10 pm, was home around 11 pm. Long day for a 17 yr old kid, But did mean that we could have some fun, even tho the previous night I had a bedtime ouchie, Master had thoroughly enjoyed that spanking, and I had too up until the biting started.

So we had dinner, I was playing my game on my IPad, Master was watching TV then went upstairs for something.

I got a message from him,  Upstairs now, naked and get your arse in the air.

It wasn’t unexpected, he had mentioned it the night before when E told us he would be very late.

As I got naked, Master was getting things out, he told me to lie on my back, legs up. Aware that I could, no most likely squirt everywhere, I told Master to put a mat down. He got a puppy pad out but I said, use the new ones. I had bought 2 cot/single bed waterproof mattress protectors, really aimed for children who may wet the bed. I stood up to help him place it down, lay down again.

The instant Master placed the magic wand to my pussy, I felt like I needed to wee. So asked if I could go. Master stopped and said quickly. I went, returned and then moved the mat further down so it covered the duvet completely.

Laying down again, the wand was switched on and held over my clit. Running it up and down, the sensations caused from these wands are so powerful, I was close to cumming so many times. Master squirted a load of lube over me then turned the wand on full. Sliding it up and down, when it was held over my rings, that hurt a bit, kinda felt like the rings were twisting in the hole, I cried out, “ Owww, my rings. “ So Master moved it away, he knew both of us were tender from stretching our piercings.

I then felt a hard, cold dildo being pushed into my vagina, it was one of the new ones that had ridges as the girth grew wider. Sliding over each ridge hurt a bit, I was being stretched at the same time. Master turned the wand on, placing it over my clit, I started to relax into the pleasure from that and being filled. He slid the rest of the dildo in easily as I was so chilled out and he started to pump the dildo in hard and fast. At first it was extremely pleasureable, I moaned, groaned, muttered yes, swore a few times, when he pinched my nipple hard, I screeched out, it felt on fire and couldn’t help but cover them. Master chuckled a little, going back to sliding the wand up and down, until I relaxed again. Closing my eyes, I didn’t notice him grab the Jokari paddle and smacked each nipple, as it was unexpected the pain seemed twice as hard, I covered myself again. But Master just chuckled again.

Master slipped the dildo out, turning the wand off, he slipped his fingers inside my soaking pussy. As soon as his fingers found my G Spot, I screamed out, ready to cum, but needing to squirt first. He roughly thrusted into me until I felt bruised and sore but in a good way. I squirted forever, “ You dirty slut, you just love to squirt don’t you. “ Master stated, he slowed down as I fell back down onto the bed, to catch my breath. But it was only for a few seconds before the thrusts became even stronger and I reached a high once more, squirting yet again, then again. I cried out, “ Can I cum please Master ? “

“ Are you ready to cum, are you sure ? “ He asked. “ Yes, yes, please. “ I begged. “ Okay then. “ He told me as I released all my built up emotions and feelings. It was a wild, aggressive orgasm that lasted a few minutes before collapsing down onto the bed. It was then I noticed my hands had been fisting the bed sheets the entire time. They felt very sore as I relaxed them and moved them around a bit.

Master allowed me a few minutes to come around until his fingers delved into my hot wet tunnel again, this time pushing further in. I knew he was trying to fist me fully, It began to really hurt, I think it was when his knuckles were trying to get through. Master turned the wand on and placed it over my clit again, waiting for me to relax into the pleasure it gives you. It was then he bent down to bite my leg, electric shocks of pain flashed through my body, I punched the bed, wanting to push him away but of course I didn’t, when he let go, my leg felt on fire, I wanted to rub it so much but didn’t. I really really hate biting. So then Master continued to slowly fist me again, the pain was too much, I cried out, bit into a pillow, just cried and cried. I was bruised from pleasure but now bruised in shocking pain. Master stopped as soon as he knew I had enough, slipping his hand out, but left the wand still on. He went to wash his hands as I tried to calm down.

When he returned, I heard him search in our toy drawer and heard a buzzing as he pushed a vibrator into my vagina, it was instant pleasure but pain too, turning the wand off, he pushed the glass dildo into my ass. I’m not sure why it hurts more when lying on my back, but it does and seems to be harder to slide in. Maybe it’s the position that makes it harder, or seem harder. But my mind was filled with such painful pleasures, tears fell but moans left my mouth as Master pushed each toy into each hole. The thrusts became one long ball of pain, yet I still orgasmed again. Master slipped both out, reached down to kiss me, his tongue pushed into my mouth, as mine and his danced around together. He stood up again then said, “ Right I wanna spank your arse now. “ I pouted a little, “ Wouldn’t you like to fuck me first ? “ I asked him. “ No babe, I still don’t feel well enough. “ He had been having a very bad spell of his IBS, for a few weeks now, it was only just starting to calm down but very slowly. So I knew he must be feeling crap as he hadn’t had his daily blowjob either for a few days either. “ Well leave the spanking , we’ve had plenty of fun. “ I suggested. “ Oh no, I enjoy spanking you. Tell you what, have a break, clean up all the toys then it’s spanking time.

Naturally I did as I was told.

Continuing the Dinner Party Sketch Story. Part 3.

After the dinner, enter into the drawing room.

The dinner was over so everyone moved over to the drawing room. The men became more relaxed, jackets were off and sleeves rolled up. They enjoyed fine whiskey and cigars, the slaves were either knelt by her owner or the men were playing with them. They may be allowed a drink, if her Master allowed her to have one.

One slave was on all fours, whilst two men used her as a table. She had to stay perfectly still so not to drop the very expensive whiskey. But after 10 minutes she was already fidgeting and her limbs became numb.

Another slave was on her back, over 2 Ottomans, her feet and arms were restrained, but her feet were also connected to her very sore, swollen nipples. These were clamped and pulled tight, the rope was attached to a ring, which was connected to her feet. So if she moved her feet, her nipples were pulled tighter. She was in agony. To make things worse, a Magic Wand was placed on her pussy and switched to full. She was told she could not cum.
The men were enjoying watching her trying not to squirm about. It was very entertaining as tears fell down her face, her nipples were burning and the pain so intense, but the wand placed on her pussy was killing her, as each time she tried to edge away, her nipples were pulled and stretched violently, making her scream as she tried not to cum.

Another slave was bent over the back of the big leather chairs. Her bottom and pussy were free to use. Having fisted both holes until she screamed she was awarded with a caning and paddling. The man was really enjoying himself but so was the slave. She had been allowed to scream and more importantly cum, and she did violently, squirting over him, the floor and chair. But he didn’t care. This part of the evening was full of fun, so the odd mess was expected.

As for the disgraced slave, who ate her dinner alone, on a child’s wooden table and chair, she entered the room and immediately went to the corner. She faced the room, but her legs spread wide, hands on her head, which was bowed low. She could only move if one of the men instructed her too.
Occasionally a man walked over and slapped her breasts, pussy or even face. Every man could punish her, this was part of the rules. If a slave was in disgrace when a date was set for a dinner party, this meant the seating plan didn’t match correctly, something that was a big No No in this group. As all the men had chronic OCD.
They liked 4 people on each side for dinner, when one was in disgrace they were not allowed to join the group, meaning the table settings weren’t even. So the host sat at the top table.
One of the gentlemen got up, he wanted to punish her so she was pulled on her lead, crawling to the open double doors, where the top of the range dungeon was available.
Strapping her to the St Andrews Cross, he tilted the cross so her body faced the others. Its mechanism meant it could go any position required.
This man was an expert with the whip, he could have the girl in any position and flick that whip right across her body. So he chose to have her back facing the group in the room, the men could watch if they wanted to. He flicked a long thin whip with a snake tongue tail across her back, ass and legs. Its forbidden for any slave to scream, cry out or make any sound other than Thank You Sir. After each stroke she said Thank You Sir, then at the end, once she was taken off the cross, she was to thank him for her punishment and kiss his feet. Only then was she allowed to crawl back to the corner.

The whiskey and cigars were enjoyed until the early hours, the slaves were rewarded or punished, played with or tortured until the Masters decided it was time to leave.

These dinner parties have been celebrated every two months for years, occasionally new people would be allowed to join them, but only after they had met for months, and everyone, Master and slave were happy with them joining this exclusive group.

Morning/evening spanking when Master broke his crop.

Master loves this position, me on all fours, him legs either side of waist, holding me tight, then whipping my ass, 60 or 70 strokes at least, he said he was enjoying myself so stop wriggling about. Until he broke his crop. Lol. He did manage to continue for a while. When he had enough and photos taken, he cut the broken bit off and decided it was a perfect crop for tit whipping. So he had a go with them. Sorry no photos of those today.

What a long day.

Well this morning has been a bit stressful. I was taking my best mate to a hospital we’ve never been to in Liverpool. For 9am so very busy roads during peak hour.
Last night I went to the theatre with my mother in-law and her fat club friends. We had a ball, lovely meal and fantastic show of Oliver.
Only down side was I always drive so can’t have a drink but I did have a few sips of my mother in-laws wine.
But she was also able to tell me how to get to the hospital.
So I felt confident in going. I’m a very nervous driver going somewhere I don’t know.

My best friend has a few lumps in her boob, 2 unknown lumps were clear, but the one you can feel they don’t know what it is. So she had to go to the breast clinic at the women’s hospital to have it vacuumed out for a biopsy.
Her appointment was 9 am.

Last night I got home at midnight, woke at 2.30 am, usual for me if I’m worried about getting up. Why I don’t know coz I never sleep well. I came downstairs, made a coffee and had a few biscuits watching the soap opera that I missed last night.
I watched both shows then think I dozed a bit coz I next looked at the clock and it was 4.30 am. So made my breakfast, the dogs looking v confused at why I was getting dressed at only 6 am. The boys were both still asleep so I was trying to be v quiet. I left the house at 6.45 am.

Picking my friend up we headed off, got to the theatre then turn left as my mother in-law told me, but looking at the map, I think I missed one turning to continue up the right road. As with all cities, its a one way system, so each time I missed the turn I had to go round again. We found a multi story car park, get to the barrier for a ticket and couldn’t get one. A supervisor came to us saying this is a staff car park only. I had a queue of traffic behind me so he guided me out, and he told us how to get to the right one. Mmmm round and round we go, seeing the same sights, over and over, good job we gave ourselves 2 hours to get there.
You can guarantee I will never find a place easily. I have no sense of direction, neither has my friend. Every time we saw a sign for carpark, I was in the wrong lane, so round we go again.
6 times for gods sake lol.
Eventually we find the right lane and find the carpark, easily got a disabled parking space, we had to cross a v busy main road to get to the hospital entrance.
Then comes the 10 mile hike up and down corridors, up and down lifts until we found the correct clinic.
We’ve both had a v nice well earned coffee and now my friend is in the clinic. I wasn’t allowed in with her, which is what she wanted.
Hopefully it won’t be too painful for her, as its being sucked out like a Dyson vacuum cleaner.
At least we could both laugh about it, I wouldn’t want to come here on my own. I hate stressful journeys like this. No doubt Master wudda got us there first time, but he’s working today. My friends mum was on holiday so she couldn’t take her, but she’s more like a sister I never had, best friends for 42 years.
WOW 42 years, that’s such a long time. And we would do anything for each other.
Anyway just have to cross fingers that its nothing to worry about, she has more health issues than I do now. But she was in the Navy and led a v crazy wild lifestyle of booze and ciggies for years.

The journey isn’t over though until we head home on the road we know. There’s a big Costco in Liverpool, so if we can get there I will know the way home. Don’t think we will go to Costco though, my back is pounding already. But we did need to go to the Chinese supermarket as we pass it. If we find the right way! Our intention is to get the map up to take us to Costco, the sat nav should get us there. But what are the promises we take 6 + times to find it.

Well the journey home was great, easy to get to the place we knew, stopped at the Chinese supermarket for few bits. Found a large steel spatula with holes that I thought could be an interesting toy and cheap. So got that too.
Then we went to one of our favourite pubs for a coffee then lunch. Both of us had calamari, yummie, and new for me, the crispy chilli beef and salad. All salad I could actually eat. It was so tasty. I will have that again and understand why she has it every time we come. We had another coffee back at my friends house, her mum arrived to check up on her. So we had a little chat then I left, absolutely exhausted. I haven’t started my lines yet, so I may ask Master if I can leave them today and do double tomorrow. Or try and do them later on. I will ask and see what he says. My sketch is near enough finished ready for the weekend Show and Tell Sketch day. May make that tomorrow so I can start the third and final sketch for the dinner party story. Its been quite fun doing 3 separate pictures for the single event.
This trip will be yet another amusing story to tell people in the future.
I’ve had fun telling Master when I got home. Its never simple whenever I have to go somewhere.

Going to a concert.

In Masters work they are given the opportunity to go to concerts at the Glasgow SSC Hydro Arena. The company is given a private box with an open bar and food.
Master has put his name down for certain things but never had his name drawn until Tuesday.
He won 2 tickets to see James Arthur, supporting act Ella Henderson.

There were a few factors we had to discuss though.
Its a good 5 hour journey so we would have to stay over.
As its a free bar, we most certainly should stay over.
Could Master get time off work?
Would there be any hotel rooms available?
Master tries to use the same hotel group as he earns points, then we can use the points to go for a free night.
Who else from his work were going, he didn’t want to go if he didn’t like the other 5 people.
Plus did we really want to go?
Honestly it would be a shame not to go, one girl he works with went a while ago and all they did was stay at the bar and didn’t bother with the concert.
We both only like 1 song he sings and not a big fan of the girl.
They were both on the UK X Factor, James Arthur won a few years ago, he went on a drug binge after that then cleaned up his act and started singing again. He always looks so bloody miserable when he sings.

The following day Master messaged from work to say he has booked Monday to Wednesday off, that way we will travel up on Monday, Tuesday daytime we could use the spa or see a bit of Glasgow, or chill out and have some fun in our room. Bet you can bet what I fancy.
Then the concert in the evening, Wednesday time to recover before the long drive home.
Its quite exciting, I’ve never been to a concert with Master and never been in a private box. Plus it will be great to have some time with Master again.

What a great thing to look forward to in two weeks time.
I’ve a feeling Master might get quite pissed on a lot of jack Daniels with coke, one guy going is known as the Jagermeister man as he drinks loads of it and expects everyone to join him. I’ve never had one, smelt the stuff when our son wanted a bottle for a party, it smelt disgusting. But it may appear rude not to join in. I’m not much of a big drinker these days, but if there’s Sambuca in the bar, I most certainly will enjoy that.

Head is mushed and confused today.

When Master wanted his blowjob last night, I was feeling quite neglected. I asked him why he didn’t want to touch me.
He told me, he would touch me when he wanted, as his slave I should not ask. The longer I leave you, the more enjoyable it will be, he said.
I guess I kinda understand, but when he used to touch me all the time, I was getting concerned he wasn’t interested. I know I’ve read that this happens in most Master/slave dynamics, so I should have realised.
He told me I need to make more of an effort in being his slave, things we’ve talked about before, so I am really trying to focus on that.
But blogs I’ve read, plus videos I’ve watched, there does seem to be consequences for not acting correctly. Master says he doesn’t want to spank me as I enjoy it too much, and he shouldn’t have to punish me, I should just do it correctly. But surely there needs to be training, some action in a way of punishment, a reminder to do everything correctly.
I know Master loves to give me tasks as punishment, plus extra lines and essays.
But I can’t help thinking say 6 of the best would make me take notice. A very hard slap across my face or pussy or tits.
Even if I forget to say thank you Master, there should be a consequence. Its all about training the slave to be just how you want her/him.
I think I need to read up more about this dynamics, though reading it is fine, its then physically doing it.
Its certainly what I want, but there are times I forget and return to the old me.
Its also hard with our son, though he’s in and out all the time, since passing his driving test, you never know how long he will be. So we can’t get involved in a full play or punishment in case he comes home.
My head feels muggled, it’s what I want, but I like bits of the old me too. I want to serve him, maybe when he comes home from work, after I’ve made his drinks, I should take he shoes off, putting his slippers on. Bring him his dinner, take his plate away, though I do this, there are times he may do it. But that is my duty, plus make sure he is settled first before getting my dinner. So this is my plan for the future. I think I will focus on doing a few things right rather than it all. If I can perfect half a dozen things every few weeks I will be very happy, plus it will show Master I am trying. I know I huff, often without realising, and it really annoys Master, so this is something I must change. I didn’t think it would be this difficult to change my ways, and become the person I want to be, but its proving to be hard. My stubbornness is preventing me too, why can’t I just relax and do it?
I don’t want to go backwards.
Mmmmm my head is mushed today.

This weeks sketch. The Dinner Party. Part 1.

Every 2 months The Handlers meet for a formal dinner party. It is always held at The lodge, Sir Jerison is the host. Dominates are dressed in dinner suits with their slaves, wearing only their collar and lead.
On arrival, Dom’s chat away together, each slave must be in her position next to him. They are not allowed to speak unless spoken too.
One slave has misbehaved and broken her rules, she must stay in her shameful position. Revealing herself to all, so everyone knows she has been insubordinate.

During the five course meal, slaves are permitted to be at ease, chat with everyone and enjoy the meal. Dom’s will decide if their slave is allowed alcohol. The disgraced slave sits at a child’s table in the corner, it is her Dom’s choice to decide if she may join the group or not, this is depending on her crime.


Once the meal has finished, everyone retreats to the smoking room, slaves return to their position. Then the fun begins.
Every Dom has permission to touch the slaves, and if they want they may play.
The disgraced slave may only stay in the corner, Dom’s may punish her but she is allowed no fun play.

The Handlers have met together for over two decades, they are very strict on the rules during the dinner parties and are very cautious bringing new Handlers in, they have to get along with everyone. Intercourse is not permitted, but any other play may be allowed.
All play stays in the smoking room, so Dom’s can keep an eye on their slaves at all times.
Double doors open to reveal a fully fitted dungeon with every toy imaginable. Everyone gets a chance to enjoy it as the dinner party never ends until dawn.