Miss Adira’s task / punishment task

Miss Adira’s task / punishment task.

So you know now that origami has become a typical punishment for me. Depending on the misdemeanour, Miss Adira may include other things  in the punishment, like doing lines on the paper first, then do the origami . She is loving going through YouTube to see what she could get me to do.

Her idea is, she eventually wants a farm. This will include a solid base, paper mache to design the floor, small hills, slopes, fields for the origami animals. And buildings,out houses and farm house.

Now I was given a punishment earlier this week, for what I can’t remember and I can’t find a mention of it in Whatsapp, but she told me what it was on Thursday. I was a bit flabbergasted at it, but all I know is I’ve told her she’s banned from watching Youtube. Lol, like I can actually ban her to do anything.

Anyway, this weeks task is to build a house out of matchsticks, real ones not the arty sort. So she had spent the week looking through YouTube to decide which house I was to copy. Yes I mean a particular house she has chosen for her farmyard. She giggled her evil giggle, knowing my reaction would be shock, telling her to fudge off, ( no I’m not that stupid ) maybe saying No Way. Throwing her evil looks, speechless really, as I thought about the task ahead. She will be showing me the house YouTube clip today, providing me with matchsticks, I’ve got PVA glue already and now I’ve got paint to paint it. I did ask if she wanted me to buy some art sticks but she said she wanted real matchsticks. I said the nobbily bit  at the end will make it difficult to make the lines straight. “I know,” She said with her evil voice, evil giggle, rubbing her hands together. I think she knows I’m going to get very very frustrated by this task.

I don’t know how long I’ve got to complete this task, but I will let you know.  

Getting that tingly feeling.

Getting that tingly feeling.

I don’t know about you, but when your Dom says something in that tone of voice, when you should be feeling guilty for doing something wrong, but you just find your bits are tingling with excitement. You want to risk doing it again but part of you says don’t be silly. The other part screams CONTINUE as you feel your wetness between your legs.

There are certain situations where this happens for me, one particular one is when I’m out with Daddy, and I give attitude, cheek etc, Daddy threatens to lift my dress and spank my backside, wherever we are, he doesn’t care. He says, “Carry one, you carry on little girl.” That’s all he needs to say, because I know he would do it. Even if we are in a supermarket, I think he would.

Yesterday we had to go to town, I was with Miss Adira and Daddy. Miss Adira had gone one way, I was searching for something for Master’s dinner. I was going to get a precooked chicken but there wasn’t any. So I went off to look around, until a few minutes went past and I heard in a loud, booming voice, “Little’en get here now,” I blushed as people turned to look at me and look at him, but I felt dampness between my legs and the familiar tingle. Even as I’m writing this I can feel I’m tingling, I half expected him to slap my bum when I eventually went to him, he wasn’t happy that I disappeared, but I was only wandering around the shop, like I do when I go on my own every week. But when I’m with Daddy, he expects me to stay by his side and as I was pushing the trolley to save me using my walking stick, he wasn’t happy because I wandered off without the trolley. So I easily could have stumbled, fallen or strained my back. But that tingle got stronger, sometimes I almost wish to myself that he did actually do it, but then it would be so embarrassing and humiliating, plus he could get arrested for abusing his little, even if he’s not, to the vanilla world, he would be.

There’s another situation that causes this tingle, and this one is with Miss Adira. I tend to be more cheeky, sassy, bratty when I’m talking to her on whatsapp, I’ll be honest, I don’t usually dare to be as bad when I’m actually with her, I would get more than just her normal spanking, she would not stand for it at all. Not sure what she would do if I acted like I do with Daddy sometimes. I don’t think she would slap my backside in public, but then again I could be wrong.

On whatsapp, whilst bratting about going to bed early and she had calmly told me repeatedly that I was and the reason why, I received a voice message from her. It simply said, “Aurora.” Oh my lord did I tingle and leak. But it was a warning enough to stop being naughty. But that simple word, like Daddy’s “Carry on,” is all the warning I need to stop. Yet the tingle becomes so strong I’m really tempted to continue, but I daren’t. I stop and let the tingle wear off and my bits dry up, but I still feel tempted, just to see what happens.

Anyone else get tingles from one word said by their Dom/Domme ?

First year anniversary and new tattoo.

First year anniversary already.

I can’t believe it’s been a year already, where we are celebrating our first anniversary together. It feels like it has only been a couple of months in this dynamic yet here we are one year later.

Our family grew, another son plus a crazy household of pets to join ours. With them, came our play couple, R and J, shortly after Master found himself with not 1 sub, but 3. And I got another Dom and a sister I’ve always wanted.

Not even a month later, R, my new Dom became my Daddy, something that suited R better as he’s not as sadistic as Master. It was a perfect setup. Never feeling like we needed anything else. Master was enjoying having 3 subs, 2 of which could get very moody at times and can throw a massive tantrums when drunk. ( I’m not passing any names coz I reckon you can guess ) the third sub is more forgetful of the tasks to be done, ( who’s that I wonder.)

The one major rule I had from Master was NO full sex, no penis to touch my happy spot or bottom, something I always wish could change but there are plenty of other ways to pleasure us both. The second was Master would never allow me to be marked by another man, now I obviously don’t mean stripes and bruises, I mean tattoos. As I’m collared by Master, he eventually allowed Daddy to buy me an anklet bracelet, which would be our equivalent to a collar. It meant the world to both of us.

I always wanted a tattoo from Daddy too, J had one from Master, J and I had one to symbolise our sisterhood, but I wasn’t allowed one from Daddy. Then to our surprise when I mentioned a tattoo again, Master suggested getting a piercing from Daddy, Master finally agreed for me to have the scaffold bar in my ear. Something I’ve wanted for ages but never been allowed. This ear has now become almost property of Daddy, as we were allowed to choose a colour to symbolise our dynamic. This again meant the world to me.

Fast forward 8 months, when a new dynamic began. My sister J became my Mistress, Miss Adira. Something I thought would never happen in a million years. I mean I’ve no bi in me, well it may be coming out more now but before I wudda said I’ve no interest in pursuing this side, at all. But it was natural, it just felt right. And I’ve loved every minute of it. Miss Adira is very sadistic, very strict and no matter what excuses I try to give her, over missed tasks or something, there are consequences,

The three of them are all different in their roles and that’s what makes it fun too. They keep me on my toes, and they do have a hard job with me as their sub. Yes I give attitude, throw tantrums, is cheeky and will try anything and everything to get out of my duties. But that’s me, and I bet if you asked them, they wouldn’t want to change me. Miss Adira was allowed to buy me a choker chain for Christmas, so this is her collar for me. Each item of jewellery has a special meaning to me, I never take them off.

Now it’s our first year anniversary, I went with Daddy to see our piercer, A. He’s getting his PA changed to a gauge 6 , he says he’s going no larger but to be fair he said that after each increase. But with his ladder of blue bars down his sack and the big blue PA, it looks stunning. This was my anniversary gift to him. Then Daddy was thinking what to buy for me, when suddenly Master suggests a tattoo of 2 small butterflies with our initials in the wings. I must admit it took a few minutes to register what he just said. A tattoo from Daddy, for me……really.

I asked if I could choose 2 ladybirds instead, Master agreed. ! he said on my foot, again I wasn’t sold on the idea so I suggested going over my ankle and he agreed. The only stipulation was, there was to be an orange killer ladybird, ( resembling me ) and a normal red one for Daddy.

So we quickly booked in for it to get done.

Meanwhile Master was searching for a tattoo from him for Daddy, as his birthday present and he found the perfect one, a chunky guy on a motorbike. It’s a great picture. But I will let Daddy show you his tattoo.

So Daddy booked in and we went together. It was a very special day, one I never thought would happen. Our tattoo guys J and A know of our dynamic briefly, and my cheeky side always likes to tell them things that might shock them and have a giggle about it.

The tattoo on my leg hurt as much as the one on my other leg and J is still amazed that I coped with a 5 hour tattoo in one sitting, from my boob, down my tummy to my bum, yet the ones on my legs hurt so much I struggled to stay still and I couldn’t even swear coz Daddy was with me. He was just sat there, not flinching at all, as his tattoo was quite large on his thigh, it took 4 hours in the end. But they’re both really good.

I got my ladybirds going over my ankle, their tentacles had to touch, as if the were kissing. The spots on their body was a D and LM, so only us will know their meaning, its secretive and almost seductive, if that makes sense.

This was truly a monumental day for us all and a very big step for Master to give permission for this.

When I got home, I showed Master and he said it looked really cute, but no more tattoos now. I said, “I’ve just one more planned, as I’ve got one other very special person in my life now, who’s not just my sister. She’s been looking at silhouettes of a Dominatrix with her sub, and I think we’ve come up with the perfect idea. But we want A to draw his own design so it is completely a one off.” Master just nodded slightly. “We want an A on both the girls bottoms. Probably in a bright red.”

So now we will just have to wait til A has done his sketch, we will probably aim for October time, I honestly can’t wait now. Getting my markings from the 3 of them is a monumental time for me, I can’t describe how much it means, but I will wear them with pride.

Daddy’s blog for June.

Manhomos blog…..

Right firstly let me apologise to me Master for the lateness of this months blog, due to being busy and working, yours truly completely forgot cause I is a Womble, sorry Master….

So this weekend was when my Little Minx’s and Master stayed over, the previous visit was at the beginning of June and due to commitments, Master was away mid June so we had no mid month visit. However me and the pigster paid a visit up to Little’s house instead and stayed for the day, that was nice…

So this weekend, was a really good one to say the least, I had asked Master if we could take the girls up to Blackpool in the evening and go into the arcades and play on the two pence machines. Now Master and Piggy do really like those as they seem to come away with quite a few key rings…at cost, any ways Master agreed that we should go, it would be fun and I had then managed to get off work early so we could all go and get up there sooner and have dinner as well.

Now things changed in the last week or so since agreeing with Master on going Blackpool. Himself and Piggy would be going up later on the Saturday night, to go clubbing at the swingers club. Little Minx’s had said long before that she did not want to go again and I didn’t really wanna go either, so they went together and me and me Little Minx’s was to go up pretty much as soon as I was home and changed.

So the Saturday morning on my way into work I gave my usual call to Little, seeing if she was ok and what not and what may of confused the crap out of her, now let’s be honest this is not that hard to do at all, I had suggested instead of driving up to Blackpool, as it would be quite busy due to it being rather toasty warm, we do something different, like go to the Trafford centre, maybe watch a film and do crazy golf. So with that suggestion Little was all confused and perplexed, as she didn’t know what to do so I left it with her to ponder and went into work to do a hard days grafting….

So that afternoon I finished grafting and let me say, bloody sweating some, I got my arse out of work at about 14.45 and got home just before half three smelling a little bit ripe, Little opened the front door to greet me, looking beautiful as ever, Piggy was looking sexy and

Hard caning play with high impact cane and loopy.

Playtime with the cane and loopy !!!! Friday, 28 June.

Just as I was dozing off this afternoon, I heard my phone telling

me I had a message from Master. When I never replied

immediately I got another.

Get up here, bend over the bed and enjoy a hard caning.

The 1st one read.

Then Serf !!!!!! When I read the second message I got up

straight away.

Now I do enjoy a caning with a traditional wooden cane,

but as I entered the bedroom I found Master getting out the

black high impact cane AND loopy. These things are definitely

ones I do not enjoy.

I musta had another bad brain dead moment whilst watching

videos on Spanking Tube and Fetlife. The awesome @Niko,

using his own handmade loopy’s which he also sells,

plus watching the crying, pleading, begging girls that are at the

receiving end of it. I thought oh they look fun, let’s order them.

Now unfortunately Niko lives on the other side of the pond and

the postage/customs charges were very expensive.

So I spent a while hunting through all the online UK shops,

looking for a loopy. Then I found 1, a high impact loopy, that also

had a cane of similar plastic material. Like a nutter,

I chose to order them, sometimes I wish I would think first.

Daddy doesn’t like the loopy and I think Miss Adira has

experienced the loopy and she didn’t like it either. Neither

has had the pleasure of the cane yet. I don’t think.

Anyway, no matter what pleading looks I gave Master,

he kept these 2 items out, telling me to get comfy.

Taking my dress and bra off, I grabbed 2 cushions,

putting one under my hips, and one to hold onto.

He began by gently tickling my body with the tip of the cane,

my legs, bottom, back, arms, inner thigh, then grazed over my

happy spot. At this immediate point, I was very turned on,

I wanted him, I wanted to please him, making him proud of the

play he was going to give me. This however was just before

the first strike.

It wasn’t hard, but neither was it gentle, it hurt like hell.

Especially when he angled the cane downwards so the tip hit the

back of my legs. I just about kept still, I felt my skin begin to

burn and I gave a few loud ouches. Then he stopped and began

teasing my body with the tip once more. This gave me a chance

to calm my breathing, relax once more but it was really a

diversion from when he changed to the loopy.

Oh boy, if I thought the cane was bad, the loopy was 200%

more painful. Immediately my nerves jumped on fire,

my hands fisted the cushion underneath my chest,

with every whip of that loopy I began to get up but stopped myself

before standing up. A few times I was pushed back down but

for once it was only a couple of times.

But for the first time in all of our playtimes/punishments,

I verbally begged him to stop instead of saying it in my head,

“Please Master……Please stop.” The begging went on deaf ears

though, except when I said stop. He paused, “What did you say ?”

I knew he meant am I really saying stop, if I did then I shudda said

my safe word, but I replied “Nothing Master,” He seemed pleased

with this answer, as the strikes became harder and I actually

began crying pretty quickly, crying out louder until he told me to

be quiet. We were having a heat wave and it was muggy and

very hot so the windows were wide open. So I kept saying

silent cries in my head, over and over as I got each strike.

Master must have sensed I was struggling to stay still by now

because he sat down and moved one arm around my waist,

locked me tight and began thoroughly whipping my butt with that

nasty, horrible loopy. This is usually one of my favourite positions,

but not today. My butt began trying to move from side to side,

as I tried to squirm away unsuccessfully, then I began to sob

uncontrollably. My legs shaking is usually a sign that I’ve reached

my limit, this still did not stop him, my pleading got louder,

more uncontrolled, my sobs were becoming hysterical now.

His hand grazed over my bottom, feeling me shaking then

powerfully, he spanked me with his hand, had I not been beyond

my pain limit, I wudda really enjoyed this hand spanking.

Master doesn’t use his hand often, he’d rather use toys but it

stung like he was just using a paddle. I don’t think I’ve ever

reached this point before during a play, not even during a

punishment if I was honest as I shouted out RED,

making Master stop immediately.

I’ve only ever said the safe word 2 or 3 times over all these years,

I’ve been close, very close but I’ve always thought of it as a

failure on my side and that Master would be disappointed in me,

so it’s always just been on the tip of my tongue.

This time it left my tongue, loud and clear.

The sobs were so loud in my head I never heard Master speak,

but I felt his fingers check to see if I was wet, I heard him in the

distance say how wet I was, that it showed how much I enjoyed it

even though I lay there sobbing, then I heard him unbuckle

his belt, jeans then pulled down. His hard penis pushed roughly

into my happy spot, his skin pounding on my welted backside as

he thrust hard, holding my waist, pushing me back.

I began to feel aroused, how when I was sobbing so badly I don’t

know, I felt wetter now as his thrusts continued then he slipped out.

The tip of his penis and his PA then found my bottom hole and

slipped in easily until he reached the ring of muscle, there he had

to push in hard, holding my shoulders and pulling me back.

I was honestly still in such a state I offered him no help.

Unexpectedly, I felt his hands move to my neck, I tensed up,

a fear of him choking me or his hand going over my mouth

frightened me. Instead he put 2 fingers in my mouth,

like a hook on each side, pulling me that way, but my fear of

anything covering my mouth built up and I pushed his hands away.

I wondered if I’d get told off for doing that but he knows how

scared I am about this, so I think, I hope, he just tried it out to see

if I can cope with it.

My arousal began to build through my sobs and I began to enjoy

him fudging me, groans and sobs mixed together is quite an erotic

sound. But he slipped out, telling me something I didn’t hear,

so had to ask him to repeat it. “Get on the floor,” Oh no is he

going to tell me to suck him off now he’s just been in my bottom

hole, I thought, My sobs had calmed down a bit.

“I want to cum over your face.” The next second he exploded,

cum dripped from my hair, mouth, eyelashes and chin,

as he emptied his load over me. Laughing as he saw my cum

face, “I’d give you a hug but you’re covered in cum so I’m not,”

he said. So I went for a shower instead.

That was a tough, hard play caning.