Finished tattoo.

Sorry it’s taken a day or 2 to do this blog, I know you’ve been waiting to hear all about it. By the time it was finished and I was home, I had 2 hours before going out for dinner then theatre. So I didn’t have time on Thursday, Friday I had to visit L, then went to bed as I was very sore.

So back to Thursday.

I left early to hopefully get a parking spot next to the shop, which luckily I got. J had said it would take about 2 hours so I didn’t have to worry about running out of time on my blue badge. I sat in the car, waiting for J to open up, so I was reading a new chapter from a continuing story on Spankingtube, a very raunchy erotic sequel by a great friend who writes for fun but doesn’t realise how good she is. I am always eager to read the next chapter.

By the end of the chapter I saw J open up, I waited 5 minutes before going in. Bringing my theatre cushion this time.

J wasn’t quite himself, he had bad toothache and had been to the dentist early that morning but he said the pain was worse than before, so he was struggling to get into focus. I did ask if he wanted to leave it but he said he had a full day of bookings but he would see, if necessary he said he may have to. But he got everything planned, reminding him I wanted the flowers brightened up and stronger colour. Plus the colour on her hair, which he had forgotten. Then I told him how I wanted the swirling pattern to continue to the girl. Happy with that, J made me a coffee whilst he continued to get ready. I’d say, he was a typical man, a bit disorganised, I wanted to get up and tell him how to make things easier for him to work, though of course I’m no tattooist, and my main focus was the cables on the floor which was my biggest OCD hate. But he didn’t seem to mind the chaos.

Finally he was ready, so I had the struggle to climb up on the table. He asked what he could do, so I just said hold it steady, as it was a foldaway table that wasn’t solid. Next time I go I’m going to buy him a fold-up stool, so me and other smaller people would be able to get on the bed easily. I’d have no issue then, but trying to get my right leg up high, then push myself up was very very hard. My joints are pretty poor and arthritis in my hips made it a painful exercise, but I made it. This time, J decided to start by my hips first, doing the flowers and the odd line he wasn’t happy with. And WTF, it hurt so badly, I was soon f’ing and blinding. How can this hurt so much 20 minutes in, when I lasted 5 hours before I reached this stage last time. I came to the conclusion there was a lot of internal bruising around my hip area, as it still hurt if I caught 2 areas around my side, so I think this was why it hurt even more today. Once J worked past there, I was okay again, it hurt a bit more but I wasn’t f’ing and blinding. Though J could tell I was finding this harder, so he kept doing a small area then breaking for a minute then continuing. As he progressed, J found his toothache was easing, I think his pain was easing because he was giving me pain instead. LOL. So all was reasonable’ish until he got closer to my under boob. Then the F’ing and blinding became more shouty, I’d be halfway through a sentence before I’d stop, then start saying, ow..ow..OW..OW…FUCKING HELL THAT HURTS. Or I just stopped speaking and bit my finger instead. One hand would be smacking the wall and one leg started waving around. J laughed, saying he knew this was the worst part, which was why he left it until last and also why he didn’t want to finish off last time. Which I must admit, I’m very grateful he didn’t do it then. This area brought tears to my eyes, I never thought that bit would be the worst area. Finally that was done and he had just the girls hair to go over. It took 2 hours altogether until it was over. Looking in the mirror, I am so so happy with it, in fact I feel a little sexy, the swirling design, the purple pink colour against the black is just me.

Now I can’t wait until Master says I can get the BDSM duck on my bum, with the swirling pattern flowing around it, so it will be finished properly.

I am very very happy.

I did ask him if he could do anything with my other tattoo, I never really liked it once it was done, I don’t like the colours and the skin on the bottom is terrible and different shades of peach. The writing isn’t clear because the blue is too dark. J looked a it and said really he didn’t think there was anything that could improve it. The skin colour would end up even worse, he said he could do a stronger black outline on the letters then use a white to highlight it but again he said it would be a minimum improvement. So I decided it’s best to just leave that one as my only bad tattoo I hope.

Getting my tattoo completed.

Getting my tattoo finished today, can’t wait to see it finished. The swirling pattern will go up to meet the girl and I just want the purple colour brighter on all the flowers and on the girls head.

Then for Xmas I will have the BDSM duck on my bum and the swirling pattern will continue down and around the duck. I do have the money already for it but Master said I have to wait. But J, my tattooist made me promise I go to him to do it, once I am allowed to get it done.

Can’t wait.

A BJ bad ending.

During the day yesterday, Master and I swapped a little bit of D/s messaging, which is always fun. He ordered me to take some sexy photos showing off my tattoos. I had to wait to do them as my dad was calling round, then I got involved in something else, so it was only when he messaged again, sending the same message about the selfies but with a question mark, did I realise I should do them now. So I stripped off, took a selection, though I never know if they are sexy or not, then sent them to Master. The messaging continued and he called me a dirty girl, so I replied saying Master should punish me for being dirty. He said after dinner I was to present him with the hand paddle and he will give me a spanking for being dirty, if I was good and looked after Master for the evening he may allow me to have an orgasm.

What a nice evening planned, I thought. When Master came home he was more attentive, brushing across my bum, lifting my dress to stroke my bum, when I went to feed the fish and spotted one of our frogs, ( they are all called Charlie, Big Charlie, Chunky fella Charlie or Baby Charlie, yes I am daft, ) Master came over and bent next to me to see him. His hand wandered to my bum, tickling my bum hole then travelled towards my pussy, now getting wet with excitement. A finger circled my hole, pushing in slightly, oh boy it felt good. But I was aware of us both crouched down by the pond, E was home, the neighbours were out cutting the grass and though they can’t see over the fence, it made me conscious that they were there. I had to stand up before I began to enjoy it too much.

A little later, still no spanking as E was around, Master asked me to take his shoes off and massage his feet. So grabbing a cushion, I sat on the floor, and gave him a nice foot massage. When I finished I asked if Master would like a blowjob, he said yes but would I like an orgasm too. I said, no. WTF. NO, why did I just say no. Something told me not too as I didn’t want to have to rush it or get disturbed, so I shocked myself by saying no. Because I was desperate for an orgasm, to be touched, even fucked if I was lucky.

Master said he would like a blowjob stood up in the kitchen as he wanted me knelt down in front of him. We went to the kitchen, Master pulled his pants down, and I began. It was a nice job, I am getting used to the larger PA, and how to put it in my mouth so it’s not deep throating me. Also learning how to nibble his head with this PA, it just takes time with each size, getting used to it, learning how to do everything I love doing with it there. Master doesn’t wear the giant balls daily, they are too uncomfy 24/7, so he only wears them when we are playing properly. So it makes it easier giving him a BJ, without them as they are just too big.

Soon, Master was close, he wanted me to go quicker, so he fisted my hair so hard, it made me cry out. He gave me a slight smack on my cheek, telling me not to cry out, but it really hurt as I was pushed back and forth faster, firmer, quicker. Then he let go of my hair and started thrusting himself quicker, his head was very close to my throat, as I tried pulling back a little, ( I don’t like deep throating ) then I felt and tasted his sweet pre-cum dribble down my throat. Just as Master’s cum started shooting into my mouth we heard footsteps coming down the stairs, I had swallowed a lot already but Master usually fires a great amount and I was sure there should have been more, but I had to slip out quickly, as Master grabbed his trousers, pulling them up and acted like he was doing something else in the kitchen, His top was pulled over his trousers as he hadn’t fastened them in time. I was holding my cushion, I couldn’t put it in the living room as E was already there talking to the dogs so I put it on a bar stool as E walked in, none the wiser of what his parents were just doing seconds before. I smirked at Master, he grinned back as he turned around and quickly fastened his trousers and belt.

E just acted as normal, well not quite as normal as he has tonsillitis again, but close enough, you know, still checking his hair looks perfect, admiring himself in the mirror, checking out his first tattoo which was healing nicely. Typical E.

But this wasn’t quite the ending we had in mind, there was no sucking and cleaning of his cock, ensuing I got every drop of his cum he had given me, no nibbles, licks or sucks as his cock became flaccid.

But it did make us both smile and giggle once E went upstairs again. It was a good job Master never gave me an orgasm or worse yet, made me squirt everywhere as this was messy play, plus I’m not that fast trying to get up, if I’m bent over so he can play. Also a good job I wasn’t over his knee getting spanked, my face would have been bright red, I could have been crying, how could I have reacted so quickly and tried to act so normal in those few seconds before he entered the room. I think he may have guessed we were playing then but at least for this occasion, Master shot his load, or most of it, before we got interrupted

Should we take the next step and venture to a kink club ?

Whilst Master and I relaxed at the car show, it gave us time to talk about our D/s life, as it has been pretty dormant for a few months. I explained I’d missed my Master and our play, he had too but life was just getting in the way. We never knew when E would be home, and he’s so quiet coming downstairs we often don’t hear him. So can’t risk anything these days.

I’ve read a lot about others going to kink clubs. ( Factual, real people going, and fictional where the club is added to the story. Even my own story I’m writing now, includes girls visiting a club for the first time, ) Part of me would like to go a few times to try it out, see what all the fuss is about.

There’s still a part of me that would like to include another female sub to our dynamics, I think it’s like a natural progression for us. Even though when Master first mentioned this I was horrified, I’m not bisexual, or I don’t think I am. I have to say it that way these days because whom would have thought I would love kink and pain, until I tried it. But finding another sub online, who is actually a real person, has been a total failure. So I think we may have more chance by going to these clubs, meeting people, becoming friends with others, then possibly find that girl willing to try it out with us.

There’s also that part of having “us time”. In my last book I read, the couple were busy people, children, family and work prevented a D/s life 24/7 or even a proper play. And they enjoyed switching off, becoming Sir and slave, dressing into the appropriate clothes, the girl showing how much of a slave she really is, following the rules, being led by a lead on her collar, kneeling by his side, not allowed to look around, speak, drink, unless Sir says so. Sir being proud of his slave, enjoying watching other Doms admire her. He never allowed any others to touch his slave, nor did he every play in public but the option was always there. It was like they turned off the switch of mum and dad, boss at work, forgetting family for that time, and as soon as they entered and used the changing rooms, they became Sir and slave, one switched turned off and another went on. Doing all the things they would love to do at home, 24/7, but can’t, yet.

Now of course, this was in a fictional book, I’ve no idea if that is what happens, do the submissives chat like a vanilla would do in a club, dance, the subs going off to chat with other subs, or do they always go where the Dom goes.
I think it would be me kneeling by Master all the time, unless I have permission to go to the toilet or move, Master would get the drinks, Master would decide who we spoke to, then maybe allowing me to talk freely. But I don’t know.

Part of me wants to just go for it.

So sitting in the sun, I broached the subject, a while ago I did send Master a message saying I wanted to go to The Townhouse, but I never got a reply, So I asked if he fancied it, and he said yes. We chatted about what to expect, he told me that they have a detailed calendar of different events, so told me to look it up when I got home. He told me they had an evening set up for newbies coming to the clubs, or I could email them, ask if we could have a personal tour, explaining that we were quite nervous, plus as I am disabled, I needed to know if I could get around okay, were there other disabled people that come, will I feel safe walking with my crutch, are there stairs, if so are they steep ? So I think that maybe my first thing to do. I like the idea of an newbie night.

Master also dropped a bombshell, that he would like to see others spank me or even play. This was a bit of a shocker, obviously if he ordered it, I would have to do as I’m told, but we would have to have a list of what we both agreed on, what we both wanted and didn’t want. Talking through it all, you know, things like would we play in public, private, or private with viewing rooms. I want to see how others act, learn from others but mostly get to know others,  Also I noticed in this club they have seminars, teaching you how to do rope play, something I could enjoy, I could practice at home and maybe teach Master how to do it. Maybe they have other things on, teaching you about other forms of play you haven’t tried. Things like knife play, that you couldn’t just start without studying it first, you know, what knife do you use, how deep do you go ? There’s so many different kinky forms of play, you may find another you do like the sound of and want to give it a go.

Of course I know I will be shit scared on our first real visit, neither of us are clubbers, and I’m certainly not a night owl, but I think I want to try it. We know we will have to go a few times before we can decide if we do like it, plus go to other clubs too.

We didn’t like the munch we went to, we only went once, and never felt welcomed, I know we should have tried others but sitting down, just chatting, isn’t really Master’s thing. He did say I could go alone, but I didn’t feel comfy going on my own.

What I don’t want, either ever or just for now, is to try swinging again. So I hope these clubs, though they say they are swinging/fetish clubs, don’t push it on people. I think my first move, now I’ve done this blog is email Townhouse.

If anyone has been to clubs, especially The Townhouse, or recommend other clubs for newbies, I know a few bloggers go to The Townhouse, if you have time to reply and tell me what to expect, I’d be grateful.

I don’t want to say we are going then cancel it because I’ve chickened out, like I did with the CM/nf event we should have gone to. When we imagined all sorts of stuff, got scared, cancelled, then wished we had gone.

But I do feel this way, it would be good as we know we could have a good play, without risk of interruption plus a chance to meet others.

Also do you take your own toys, or do you use the ones from the club, if club ones, do you know if they’ve been cleaned properly.

The weekend and trip out.

I’ve had a busy weekend again, which is always nice.

Saturday, I got my nails done, I chose a pink colour but I don’t really like it. I like purple colours but Master said that colour was just old, so I needed another colour. I don’t like this pink, I didn’t like the lilac, which is unusual. I loved the black but Master didn’t. So next time I will look at a different colour again.


I then met I, ( E’s girlfriend ) and finally met her mum, who was really nice, they were taking me to go to I’s Auntie, who is a Seamstress, I had 4 dresses that needed shortening and E had some jeans that needed repairing. I think I’ve mentioned that the family are Portuguese and being with the 3 of them, I saw I’s fiery temper, her high maintenance and stubbornness, loudness and how they all talk incredibly fast, now I understand why E says the family is very loud. Her mum said that E needed to talk louder, to be able to join in, they all make an effort to speak English but said E and I’s sisters boyfriend need to learn Portuguese too. As it’s the norm for all the family to talk their first language. E is naturally quiet, like us, he doesn’t argue, he has learnt from Master how to discuss something without the need to shout. Though me and E do tend to talk loudly together, Master says we are arguing but it is us just talking. I’m used to my parents having loud arguments, Master has seen his mum’s fiery temper, but his dad has always stayed calm. I know that she gets pissed a him for staying calm, I feel like that with Master, over the years sometimes you just need a screaming match to feel better. So E is going to have to toughen up in this relationship, they are both stubborn, determined people, I keeps E grounded and not act foolishly like many 18 year olds do. Though now E is old enough to get into clubs, and drink, he has discovered he enjoys clubbing, then when it closes at 4am, they go to McDonald’s and apparently just stay there in their drunkard state, until they decide to get a taxi home. The first time, last week was 7.30am, yesterday it was 8.30am. I don’t know how he does it but he has decided he can only do it every few weeks as it takes him so long to recover. Neither Master nor I liked clubbing at his age, but E loves music like I do, Master would rather listen to an audio book or have radio 4 on. E videod a few seconds of them in the club, basically they jump up and down on the spot, with one hand pointing high up, the other hand holding the drink. This is their dancing !!!! Not a bit like our dancing back in the ‘80’s, lol. Unfortunately, I doesn’t like drinking or clubbing so she gets annoyed that E does, but I told her to let him have a lads night out every few weeks, it’s what we did, but it’s natural he wants to see his mates plus see her. Anyway I think this drama is over for now.

Saturday afternoon, Master was going to pick up a new kit car. Yes he has bought another. I knew it would happen soon enough, we’ve discussed how to rearrange the back garden to get 1 car in the driveway there then the others can fit as normal in the front, but a family of 3 with 5 cars is nuts. We are not like some of the gang in the car club, that own a 3-5 car garage. We have the drive and front garden. But Master can relax and all the stress leaves him when he’s messing with his cars. How long we keep 2 kit cars I don’t know but he did mention that I could possibly drive this one, it would be fun to go together in each car but also scary incase I damage it. His first kit car is a Westfield and this one is a Mev.


Top picture is the Westfield, bottom picture is the Mev.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-21 at 10.06.36 (1)

I will put a photo up of each one.

But it was a long drive to pick it up, too long for me drive, as it was in the Cotswolds, 5 hours each way, so he asked his brother, who said, ask the wife as I’m already in trouble, so if I ask she will say no. lol, So Master asked the wife who agreed to allow her husband to go out. So off they went and got home at 9.30pm. But he is very very happy with the new Mev.

Yesterday, Master and I went to another car show in Cumbria, I did wonder if Master would want to cancel this trip as he had such a long drive the day before but he said no, we were going. He got the car ready with everything we needed Saturday morning so we would be just ready to go. We met up with others from the club at a motorway services, an hour away then we all drove in tandem style to the show, another hour away. It was an okay show, but definitely all cars. If you like seeing 20 Porsches, 20 BMW’s, 20 Kit cas, then thats the show for you, but I would prefer a few general stalls, a car boot sale or jumble sale, just something other than cars. But it was nice weather, certainly caught the sun, relaxed, reading my book. Just what the doctor ordered for both of us.

But earlier in the morning I took the dogs out before we left, and something happened to Muffin as she started limping badly. We did meet a bouncy, big dog whom we’ve never seen before, I wasn’t watching when the dog first bounded up to ours, so I’m wondering if the dog bounced up to Muffin, maybe crashing into her or making her run away, twisting her leg. When E came home, he checked on her, she wasn’t putting her leg down and was crying. How to make me feel guilty, going out when my baby hurt her leg. Anyway, I ended up asking my Mother-in-law to go to ours and check on her, incase she needed to go to the on-call vets, but she gave her some different medicine and told me to give her more in the evening, let her rest and see in a few days if it gets better. She gave her leg a good feel around, didn’t think anything was broken or dislocated, so this made me feel better. We’re all experienced with dogs so usually we can decide what’s the best treatment, without needing the vets.  Coming home she wasn’t putting her leg down, but she came over and welcomed us home like she normally does, ate her dinner, slept well, so I’m hoping with rest, it’s just a pulled muscle or she’s twisted it funnily. But hopefully she will not need the vets. It’s just a question of carrying her everywhere and like her mummy, she’s small for her weight. Let’s just say she’s a small, chunky, dog princess. Yes, I’m a BBW, she’s a SCDP. LOL.

Today it’s hospital with L, then as Master has the day off, we will go for a little drive in the Mev and maybe let me have a go. Fingers crossed. Will keep you posted on that one.

Becoming a member of the Clatterbridge family.

When you lead a relatively healthy life, well if you put my disability and chronic pain to one side, you tend not to think of others who are going through an awful time in hospital. That was until I began taking my best friend, L to the Clatterbridge Cancer Unit, so she could have her radiation treatment.

This Unit is like one big family, everyone is called by their first name, you are designated one pod waiting area, the pods were given the names of trees. L was in Cherry. Apparently in the room where the zapping takes place there is a big cherry tree painted on the ceiling. The cute male nurse puts on jazz music for L whilst she’s in there but there is a selection of music and the nurse will remember who likes what music so it’s ready for the next person.

But sitting in the pod waiting for L’s turn, you meet the same people every day, From day 1, you begin to feel like you’re part of the family. Everyone discusses what treatment they are having but all in a positive manner, not one person had a bad day, It is what it is, they say. We can only hope. I’m not sure I could be so positive but L thinks I would be. One lady bought L some homemade scones, her hubby has prostate cancer, and we’ve chatted a lot whilst waiting. One conversation was how much stuff you put in your handbag, I would say most women would carry so much shit in their bags it’s ridiculous. I’m one of those women. But this lady carried sellotape and glue too. She said if she is out and has to buy a gift, wrap it up and take it to the person on the way home, she would have no sellotape, so that’s why she had sellotape. She makes hand puppets and is a puppeteer. So needed glue incase any material became unstuck. So I suggested having a small bag just for hospital visits. One big enough to take a book, phone, keys but thats it, as you are only going to the hospital. She thought it was a good idea, I told her that’s what I use, plus I have a small purse. There is no point carrying your main handbag when you go to hospital, or at least that’s my view, but she did agree with me. That afternoon me and L went to the supermarket and found a small bag, so we decided to buy it for her for a laugh. The next day, I wasn’t on duty so I had to wait until Thursday to see her. She was made up with the bag, and that there was a nice pink cupcake on it. She thanked us both, and we said, she didn’t have to use it really, it was just we couldn’t resist it when we saw it. She thanked us again and said she would use it.

Two people on Thursday rang the golden bell, had their photograph taken with their family and staff, it’s such a special occasion where everyone gets up, claps and cheers and usually a lot of us had a tear or two in our eyes. The conversation usually went to how long each person has got until they could ring that bell.

The patients are offered massages, pedicures, manicures as often as they wanted and L found out that I could get treated too as L’s carer. But I haven’t accepted this, as L has only two sessions left.

Considering the patient’s there all have serious health conditions, the love, kindness and friendliness makes everything seem so much better.


Hopefully come Tuesday it will be the end of L’s zapping but not the end of this awful drama. Blisters and sores are appearing on her boob, the rash she had on Tuesday has grown so her boob just looks like an over-ripe raspberry and she’s been told it will get much worse before it gets better as it takes up to 8 weeks for the radiation to leave the body. That’s quite a scary thought and it must take longer, the more zapping you have.

I think it’s just incredible how close we have all become, but the nice cute male nurse said usually no one speaks to each other, that this was the first group who have really enjoyed meeting every day and this surprised us.

Saying that, it’s not unusual for L to get everyone cheered up and talking to each other, she’s just one of those people who will talk to anyone, anywhere. Whereas I tend to just enjoy the quiet and read my book. If people start talking I would join in but generally, I’m one of those people that likes any excuse to read.

Now we hope and pray this drama will come to an end by the middle of the year, I think we should have a big party to celebrate.

L has been very very lucky for the cancer to be caught quite quickly, and hopefully become a cancer survivor, as we know many thousands who are still fighting just in our area alone.

Having places like Clatterbridge, make such a dreadful period become more pleasant, making each other smile, laugh and chat about anything. I hope there are more L’s around really, as she would make you smile and laugh during your darkest days.

I’m very lucky to have a best friend like L, we became friends at 7 years old, when our families were at the same badminton club, then by the time we started high school together, we were already best friends. This odd twosome, me very small for my age, her very tall for her age, just worked together, typically in our teens we had two arguments where we stopped talking for a few weeks but we always forgave each other and forgot about it. We’ve been together through thick and thin, feeling lost when L joined the Navy and left for other exciting things, but she came back to her roots and came back to our home town when she finally realised she needed help due to her own disability. So she packed up and headed back 5 years ago. Now we look after each other, each time we need an operation, the other person is there. The saying You Can’t Pick Your Family But You Can Pick Your Friends, is so true, She is my sister, Godmother to our son and she is loved a lot by us. So please say a prayer that this will soon be over and it can be forgotten, but the staff at Clatterbridge will never be forgotten for all the work they do, day in, day out. They all deserve a reward, even just a certificate to say thank you for what you do. To them it’s just their job, to us it’s to help save a loved one’s life. No gift can really show how much we appreciate them, but helping them enjoy their job too is a greater gift from L.

Last nights play.

Master was pretty exhausted after work, we had a basic dinner then Master asked me to remove his shoes and massage his feet. Taking his shoes off I checked for sweatiness but they were okay, so I grabbed a cushion, sat down in front of him and began to massage them. I think Master may have fallen asleep or gone into a very deep trance, as occasionally I heard some quiet snoring but if I stopped the massage one eye would open slightly, indicating I should continue.

Half an hour in, E walked in to get his car keys, saying he was going to the cinema, be back late but not too late. Then he left.

Not even a minute passed when Master said “Let’s continue the massage naked upstairs.” I was not going to say no, any chance to have any intimate time together I was running to it. So we climbed the stairs, the dogs following behind us, making themselves comfy on their bed, under ours. I laid the big towel on the bed as Master quickly stripped, then climbed on the bed to get comfy. I got naked then grabbed our massage oil. The only way I could sit on top of Master so I could massage him was to be perched on one bum cheek only, One leg folded onto the bed, the other leg kind of dangled over his other cheek. My joints too painful to be stretched out, straddling him like I used to, but I do as much as I’m able and it works. I love riding his ass, deliberately rubbing my pussy over his cheek, so he could feel my rings, my wetness, my clit throbbing. So I began his full massage, he wanted me to try to work into his shoulder, to see if he can feel what the trouble is, but no matter how deep or hard I worked, he felt nothing. I went back to massaging his whole back, going lower, I shuffled back to sit over his leg so I could massage his sexy flanks, god how I love massaging his ass. Leaning forward to do long strokes down his back, my breasts rested on him then stroked his back as I went lower, my pussy also smearing down his leg. The quiet groans coming from Master told me how relaxed he felt. He was almost asleep during his foot massage, now he certainly was close to snoozing. But he then said, “Can you massage the front of my shoulders, see if we can feel anything there.” I climbed off him as he rolled over, then I worked on both shoulders but mainly his bad one, but again as I worked hard on his shoulder he felt nothing, he said this could indicate that its not a teared tendon, maybe it’s the joint itself. Again I said I would make a dr’s appointment, as he has a blood pressure appointment to go to as well. I will try to make it so he can do both at the same time. He told me to come and snuggle next to him, so I was very quick to get by him, enjoying his closeness, feeling him so relaxed, it was lovely. “Could I have a bum massage I asked, only if your shoulder is okay?” Master agreed so we changed position, Master could sit straddled on top of both my legs, as we got comfy, he poured some oil over my ass, and then started his massage. I sank into the bed, sighing, purring quietly, oh it felt sooooo good. He worked just up to the top of my bum, not really getting my lower back, which for me is the main problem area, but Master knows the areas where he can and can’t touch me. But this was just perfect, as he started spreading my cheeks and rubbing his finger over my hole, then down towards my pussy, which longed to be touched. Each time his hands went downwards, I lifted my ass as high as I could, “I take it you’re wanting your ass played with as you keep lifting it up.” He said laughing. “Hmmmm both areas,” I replied, giggling. Master climbed off me, leant on one side, spread my legs and fingers slipped into my pussy. Thrusting deep, quick, fingers tickling my G-spot, over and over until I felt my orgasm start to rise, I felt a little squirt leave me, “I need a mat, please, a mat.” But Master continued, until he noticed I was holding back my orgasm, I just can’t squirt on the bed again. The distinct smell and the cost of getting the bedding washed at the launderette, was reminder that I could not squirt all over the bed again. Master reached down to the drawer and reached for a mat, spreading it out under me. Once his fingers entered and found that spot once more, I orgasmed immediately, squirting forever. Fingers delved into my ass hole next, I think I was desperate to have all the orgasms I could get, as I orgasmed quickly once more. When his fingers probed my pussy again,  he touched my G-spot, I squirted again. “ Wow, never mind squirting, you’ve opened the dam flood gates. I can’t believe how much you just squirted. Let me get the mat up before it overflows onto the bed.” I giggled,

“That’s what happens when you leave me for so long.” Master lay next to me again, cuddling into me. I think it felt like a long time since he felt so relaxed next to me, I couldn’t help notice Mr Cock was not paying attention but I thought nothing of it. When I began playing with him, tickling his shaft, head and balls, there was still no sign of him waking up. I took him in my mouth, doing everything I do best, but Mr Cock showed no signs of life. I began to think it was me, the usual insecurities suddenly flying through my mind. Master said, “I think I’m just too tired and relaxed to do anything.” I tried again but still nothing. This has never happened to us before, he has always had a very eager cock, especially after playing with me then my mouth sucking him off. He said, “I was hard when I was playing with you, but as soon as we started cuddling, I became too relaxed again. I could sleep for a week. Here let me try.” So Master began wanking himself off, I cupped his balls, scratched him with my nails, and soon he began to laugh, “This just isn’t going to happen today, is it.” I climbed back next to him again, giving him a hug. “Never mind babe, you must be exhausted.” I understood, though I hoped that’s all it was, this fucking job and stress is making him ill. We are out on another car show on Sunday but I’m glad he’s booked the Monday off work. As he’s away tomorrow until Friday this week, and probably for the next 3 weeks at least, he will be away for one night. Even one of his staff said yesterday, when exactly was he supposed to do any of his own job, as its meetings, training days, visiting other offices to he can sort out other teams problems. The chance of him taking any longer holidays until our main holiday in July is unlikely, but if he does spend the next month travelling again, he will need a holiday before our holiday. That and a new job. Stress and tiredness really does affect all of us.

So we continued our cuddles, enjoying the peaceful time again, Master went to try to wake his cock up, this time with success, but I stayed cuddling Master, soon his cock gave us both cum faces and bodies, sending us giggling again. “You’re normally in charge of where he fires, I do it, and it goes everywhere.”

I got up, saying “I will have a quick shower and leave it running for you.” So we both had a quick shower, Master came to bed early, though still didn’t sleep well.

Stress, stress and more stress.

It’s my Birthday.

Today is my Birthday, I am 49 years young.

As usual, I asked my best friend, J, to make me a birthday cake, but this one was something different for her……

A Red Velvet, White Chocolate Cheesecake.

Basically it’s a standard 3 layered red velvet cake with the cream frosting on top of a white chocolate cheesecake.

In our local pub, they serve this dessert and it’s so yummie, you could buy a whole cake from them but I wanted J to make it.

As she’s a fabulous baker and cake designer, she does it as her hobby, but could go professionally.

When she dropped the cake off, she said it hadn’t worked out very well, the cheesecake base was cracking. But I said I was sure it will be lush as usual. She made me promise to be completely honest about it and she intends to make it again for me, this time with a good solid cheesecake base. I said I’m sure it will be fine.

She said she hated letting the base beat her, as she had made the base a few times and still didn’t hold, yet she makes a lot of cheesecakes. So she was determined to make it again, this time so she is happy about it.


So for my birthday, I’m going to see my folks this morning, for a coffee, we are not going out for lunch as mum is still pretty shattered after a busy weekend last week. So we will do lunch next week instead. But it also worked out better, as I’m taking my other best friend, L, to her radiotherapy and she is getting a massage after it. L didn’t want me to do today as it was my birthday but her mum is away and I knew she was getting tired, so I chose to just tell her I’m going to mums early then coming straight to L’s and drive her to hospital. I will chill out and read my book whilst she is busy. Then drop her home again. Later when the boys have finished work, my in-laws are popping round then Master, me, E and I, his girlfriend will go to the local pub for a meal and yes, a slice of Red Velvet, White Chocolate Cheesecake for dessert. Hope they have it in today.

So I’ve a very nice day planned, can’t believe I’m 49 though, it must seem unbelievable to my parents that their 2 children are 50 and 49. Where do the years go ! I’m hoping to go on a Hot Air Balloon ride for my 50th, it might not happen due to health etc, but what a way to celebrate a %0th birthday. Master won’t go on it though but L and I have both said they will do it. But that’s for next year. Time to get showered and walk the dogs before going out.