Miss Adira’s blog on pur tattoos.

Tattoo day arrived

So I know that you all know that Aurora and myself where getting another tattoo for our dynamic. Now we already have our piggy on a “serf” board, we have had these for a while these were to join us both as Sirs Sub/Slave and it was something that joined us together as sisters. Now for me it was a little more as well it showed that Aurora had accepted me into her, and Sirs relationship and I was now part of this.

Now we both like tattoos so when we discussed getting on to symbolise our dynamic as Mistress and sub, I really liked the idea of a silhouette, we tossed a few ideas around and I sent Aurora some images of what I liked and what I thought would look good. She liked the ideas I sent and we sent them to our tattooist to draw us some sketches, now neither of us are slim girls so we wanted the ladies in the sketch to represent us, so we told A that they needed to have big asses and big boobs (well mine any way as Aurora says they are huge) so with this information A drew the sketches.

After a few adjustments and reminding Sir that he did say that we could have them, as he didn’t recall us asking for permission. We agreed on what we wanted. Now A had done a line drawing which was very good and also the silhouette that I had requested, I could tell that Aurora liked the line drawing but my mind was set on the silhouette, so I decided to allow Aurora to have the lined drawing, although I think she did quite like the idea that we would have the same. The only stipulation was the letter A/a on the ass had to be bright red. She then requested if she could have some purple colour in the hair of the submissive, I said that this was fine as I wanted her to like what she was getting.

The day arrived and we went to the tattoo studio, I decided that I would go first, as I was lay there I asked if where I was having it was a painful place( which was my hip) to which A said, aren’t you the one who liked the skin staples, which of course I did. He then chuckled and said” and your worried about a tattoo” I’m not sure why I asked the question as I sat well with all my others and haven’t really been bothered by them. Into position I got and away he went, not really bothering me we all sat chatting exchanging stories about our dynamic and what we have been up to, the hour and half soon passed.

It was now Aurora’s turn now she doesn’t cope well when having tattoos well the last couple she hasn’t, so she got on the table and A began doing hers. Every now and then we would ask how she was doing, and I think through gritted teeth we got an “okay” once done she clambered of the bed and went to look in the mirror, I could see instantly that she really liked it and was very pleased with it.

We both now have the same tattoo but in a different form I for one couldn’t be more pleased with how they both turned out and what they both mean to us both. We are now truly joined together

New tattoos.

Finally it was the day, getting the tattoo to represent my new founded, unexpected Dominatrix/sub dynamic between Miss Adira and myself. It’s been over 6 months now, everything feels so normal, so natural, almost immediately it was the next natural step and we were both really happy together. Though I know full well, she would be a very strict Domme, but it was what I wanted. The stricter the better for me.

We had both chosen the design for our tattoo, and when our tattoo artist, Andy, showed us what he had drawn, we were very happy and excited to get it done. We wanted an A drawn on a butt cheek to represent our names, A for Miss Adira and a for Aurora, it was going to be in blood red. And I wanted my hair with purple streaks like the bondage girl I have tattooed on my boob. Miss Adira said not on hers, but I could have it on mine. So the only main difference was Miss Adira liked it as a silhouette and I liked it black and grey. But I wanted Miss Adira to choose what we should have, she said it would be nice to have the same design but done a different way, it shows our different personalities. So decision made, we told Andy.

It was to go on Miss Adira’s left hip and my left thigh. Andy said that to get the detail in, mine needed to be 6 inches, 15 cm, and Miss Adira’s would be 5 inches, 12.5 cm. We felt that was okay, we didn’t want it too big.

Daddy had taken the day off work too, incase Miss Adira’s tattoo was too sore for her to drive home, I think it was also to ensure I didn’t swear at all whilst getting mine done. But he went shopping whilst we were busy, bought himself an electric guitar, amplifier and whatever else was needed to learn to play the instrument. He’s booked in for lessons where he lives. So he was very happy and got himself a very good deal with it.

Daddy asked who was going first, so I said that it was Miss Adira’s choice, so she chose to go first.

Andy got everything set up, we were in the back section of the tattoo shop, it’s a bit more private there. Not that me or Miss Adira was bothered. Miss Adira pulled her jeans down a little, as Andy transferred the sketch to her hip, happy with the placing she lay down and Andy got started.

Of course Miss Adira never murmured once through the hour an half, thpugh she forgot her headphones so couldn’t listen to any music, but we all chatted to Andy. I was sat on one of their chairs and Daddy sat on the steps to get to this section.

Andy then got chatting about our dynamic, how it works, what tasks we do, what the A symbolises on the tattoo. Then he asked a funny question, “Do you never say No to anything ? Can you ever refuse to do something ?”

The three of us laughed, “Not if you value your life no.” I told him.

What was really nice, because everyone in the shop knew of our dynamic, it meant we could be who we actually were, I could call Daddy, Daddy not R, I could call J, Miss Adira, without feeling awkward. Daddy called me Little’n and Aurora from Miss Adira.

It was just so nice not to have to go back to our other names. And just chat about our dynamic with someone who was actually interested and didn’t feel awkward about asking us anything.

Whilst Miss Adira was getting her tattoo, Daddy went to the local music shop and bought an electric guitar, amplifier and other stuff you need, to learn to play. I think he’s going through his midlife crisis, as he’s talking about things he has always wanted to try, as a task, Master has said he wanted him to practice daily and hopefully he will soon be able to play certain songs and sing to it. Anyway Daddy got a very good deal with the guitar so he was very very happy. He walked to Marks and Spencers to get our lunches, then came back.

It wasn’t long before it was my turn, I’d had my lunch, my meds plus diazepam to help with the pain of my tattoo. Andy got the transfer in place, then I ungainly climbed on the table, lay down, ( which I shouldn’t have done, as Andy could’ve done it with me sat up. ) And he got started. And yes, it tiggled, it was ouchie, but I didn’t swear.

Miss Adira went to have a look around the shops but wasn’t very long. Daddy messed with his phone. I kept telling him to please talk about anything, so I could listen or join in then it would take my mind off the pain. When Miss Adira returned, we began chatting more. Though Daddy was skitting me for not coping with it, but it did hurt. Just coz he and Miss Adira fall asleep when they get one. But it doesn’t stop me from getting more and more, a bit like having body piercings, you do get addicted to it.

But soon it was my turn to be over, after I ungainly climbed off the table, my big smile was enough for Mids Adira to know how much I loved it. I can’t express just how much these tattoos mean to me, they each symbolise something very important to me, so getting this one, just made them even more perfect. I love it, and it certainly represents my personality.

Missed tasks.

Daddy asked me to post these photos, I’ve let him down again, by forgetting my afternoon selfie. So he told me to write all over my body, I’m a naughty girl, I’m a bad girl and I must remember to do my tasks, in felt tip pens or permanent markers.
Over the past 2 months, I think I have been driving him crazy with my forgetting tasks. He’s convinced I’m doing it on purpose, but I’ve told him over and over that I’m not.
Excuses like I’ve forgotten, or I had a busy day and got sidetracked are no excuse for missed tasks. They are reasons but it’s still an excuse.
I’ve set up a daily sheets chart which I tick off daily, Miss Adira kindly copied it so its there to do monthly, but I’ve stopped doing it. This is something I must do as it’s the only way to remind myself to do it.
I had no idea I’d missed yesterday’s task. And the stupid thing is every day I take about 10 selfies, so then I choose which to send all my Doms/Domme. And I’ve done my homework by 7am, so I should be able to send them easily by 10am.
I do feel very guilty about missing them, letting him down, upsetting him, mainly disappointing him. Especially when he says, “I just don’t know what to do with you coz whatever the punishment, you are still not learning. I wish I could get Remember my Tasks tattooed along the side of your hand so you see it every day.” But we both know Master wouldn’t allow that.
Anyway, it’s a new month, so I need to start afresh and try to make him proud of me again.
This is something I also need to do for Miss Adira, as I’ve missed her tasks a few times, or needed a subtle reminder to check my tasks, which usually means I’ve missed one.
So October is going to be a much better month and tasks will not be forgotten.

So excited.

Today is the day, Miss Adira and I get our tattoos, to bind us together as Mistress and sub. I’m so excited but also very nervous. I’m not a fan of the actual process, but I will keep you informed on how it goes.

The design is below, Miss Adira wanted hers as a silloette, but I preferred the black and grey one so we are going for the same design just done differently. The A on the butt will be in bright red, and on my version, I will be having purple streaks in my hair, similar to the one on my boob. Miss Adira’s will be on her left hip, mine on my left thigh.

Daddy is coming along, I think mainly to make sure I don’t swear, lol. But also Miss Adira will feel a bit too sore to drive home.

Beaten titties. Miss Adira’s monthly blog for September.

Beaten Titties.

So previously, looking through pictures, I came across pictures of bruised and beaten tits,

and by bruised and beaten tits, I mean black and purple bruises. Now this is something that

I have never tried before, so intrigue got the better of me…

Screen shots taken, I sent them to Sir, asking if we could possibly try this. I don’t see why

not, my reply was. I then had a realisation that these marks were probably made using the

dreaded paddle (oh how I hate the paddle) so I asked. CPS, I ain’t beaten you for days,

oh no, the CPS I thought. I didn’t protest though, no point, I ‘d asked for something,

so that is what I would get. Although Sir did ask why, to which I said, they look pretty and

I’m a little weird.

So a visit came around, now unusually it was Sir and I at my house and Manho and Aurora

at Aurora’s house, now this was a change and I had to fully look after Sir.

I usually do drinks, shoe removal the occasional massage, but this was full on meals,

dinner and breakfast. Now this I don’t do at home. Long story short Sir said breakfast

was delicious and as a reward I was going to get my tits beaten…I must admit I got a little

giddy….not sure how this would happen as I said, not something that I have had done

to me before.

I was told to stand up straight and to hold my tits and present them to Sir, this I found a

little funny. Tits cupped Sir then got the crop, now I quite like the crop, love the stings

feeling and the lines that it leaves. A few swats with the crop took my breath away

but the welts appeared very quickly. Now the paddle, not sure how this would feel,

I stood there and braced myself. The feeling was lets just say not what I expected,

it felt rather quite nice, not like it feels when it strikes your ass.

A few more hits across both tits and now I could feel that familiar burn and redness

started to appear, as more strikes hit me, I began to take a step back,

Sir telling me to get back in position (I do quite like his tone when he says back in position

or did I say you could move).

He then stopped and turned me around, not sure what was coming but then I felt his arm

move around my neck, now I know this isn’t for everyone but this feeling of loss of control

and not being able to move, his arm was quite tight around my neck feeling the restriction

I could feel the excitement building, then his other arm came around and he just kept

striking my tit, his arm around my throat, the feeling of the paddle hitting me,

that was me gone. His breath on the back of my neck, his breath in my ear,

I was completely at my Sir’s mercy. He then released the grip around my neck,

but I knew he wasn’t finished, he has a thing for things being even I knew that my other

tit was going to get the same treatment. His arm again slipped around my throat.

His grip getting tighter, his breath again on my neck, I was waiting and ready,

then whack, he started to strike my other tit, raining blows down on them,

I have to admit it felt amazing, I could feel him squeezing my tits and moving them so that

he could hit any part of them he so wished. Then he stopped but not before there was a

little bite to my neck.

I have to admit that this is and was an experience that I hope that we can repeat,

not often but maybe if I’ve been a good girl. As I think things like this should be reserved

for this time as if its something you do all the time, I think it takes the fun out of it.

The bruises where almost immediate and are still there now over a week after the tit beating.

I wanted to try this as I do love it when Sir leaves his marks on me, and with them being on

my tits, I can just look down on them and see them, whereas if they on my ass yes I feel

them every time I move but to see them I have to try and get pictures or try and look in

the mirror.

I hope you like my bruises and much as I did receiving them

This was after a week of my beating.

Monthky blog from Manho the Daddy

Monthly blog of Manho the Daddy…..

Well hello my readers, how are we this month??, it is now the end of September, the 29th

to be exact and I thought I best get the blog done as Piggy and Little Minxs and both advised

me to do, so I am sat down in the living room, coffee at my side and its 07.43 so let’s begin.

Well this month has been rather interesting, Little Minxs has continued to miss sending her

tasks on time, and I must add on a number of times she was late, I have set her a dead line

on submitting her morning homework, shall we say which consists of 50 lines of my

choosing, a page of maths, as she is rather rubbish at maths and a page of english, now

these have to be submitted by no later than 10am every morning, now Little Minxs has

been late I would say at least three occasions over the last month with submitting these

daily tasks, due to I forgot or something as cropped up, now I’m thinking right ok, first time

I understand and set her a little punishment for forgetting due to whatever reason she had

given, a second time I’m thinking your taking the piss now, now bearing in mind I had set a

reasonable punishment I think it may have been a origami animal of some sort as I know she

loves doing her origami, so the second time which happened to be within the same bloody

week as well, saying she forgot as she was distracted doing something for I believe her Miss

Adira (Piggy), so words were had and I thought I would play mind games with her and

explained to her that no punishment was due and for her daily homework she had no need

to do it for the week just send me the morning and evening video and daily pics.

Now the look on Little Minxs face was a picture, a look of confusion and perplexity when

I told her this, and all she could say is right, ok you are my Daddy.

So the longer I thought about this after finishing the phone call, the more I am thinking have

I done the right thing not giving her a punishment and letting her off with her home work

task in the morning, and the longer I thought about it, the longer I questioned myself, so

in the end I called Little Minxs back in haste and told her to forget what I had said with

regards not doing homework and I will set yet another punishment for the lateness

on the submission on her homework.

Now she had already if remembering correctly, had missed a couple of tasks, so the

punishment set was a half dozen origami animals, as I knows she loves doing them and a

big picture using different coloured rice for the colour and the detailing of the pic, now

what I got back was, how am I suppose to colour the rice, now the response I gave back,

in quite quick and timely fashion was you’ll figure it out.

Now when I got home from work that evening, I explained to Piggy what I had done,

as some advice had come from her as she is pure evil and a woman, she explained she

would of kept to the original one, an where I told her not to do her homework for the

week and set her random bits during the day and during the week which would of wound

her up and kept her on her toes, and if I’m honest I wished I would of kept to that as I could

have been evil and come up with some good punishment tasks, but will know for next time

, will keep this in the bag.

So later in the day or could have been a day or so later I spoke with Little Minxs and

she apologised to me, saying she never missed her tasks or being late on her tasks

intentionally and she would never do that, although the thought had come across

my mind, as she was wanting a good punishment spanking, to which she is well over

due and will be receiving very soon.

Now both Piggy and Little Minxs are due for a tattoo on this coming Wednesday and

they have both agreed upon a design which will bond them both, now Piggy has gone for

a solid black design with the A’s standing out and coloured in a nice bright red and Little

Minxs is have exactly the same design but hers will be in grey wash with some highlights

of colour in the hair, no doubt Little Minxs will post pics on both tattoos once done, the

funny thing about the tattoo’s the girls are having done, is when Master was told they

had been booked in, he asked, who had authorised this? and both girls said, he had

agreed with it months ago, and he then said, who is paying for them? to which Little

Minxs said she was paying for Piggy’s and Piggy was paying for hers.

Now both girls have their own sub and Domme relationship, which has blossomed over

the last several months and have their own names they have given themselves, so Little

Minxs is known by Piggy as Aurora and Piggy is known by Little Minxs as Miss Adria, just to

save any confusion over the last paragraph I had written.

Now also in this month our Master, in his infinite wisdom gave us a group challenge to do,

a rather funny and interesting group challenge I might add, although there were some

moans and groans from certain subs…..we know who Little Minxs….

The challenge set by his Lordship was, we all had to make a sock puppet each, get together

and record a scene as if we were meeting in a swingers club, so the challenge was on,

so not only having to go work and do a hard days graft, had to then conjurer up a bloody

sock puppet and needless to say I is not an artistic person at all, ever.

After a few weeks of being told of the challenge I decide to make me sock puppet and keep

it simple by going to clip art and downloading hair, eyes and a tongue for my puppet, now

both Piggy and Little Minxs went the extra mile and was rather most creative in their

puppets, we ended up at Masters and Little Minxs house last Saturday, the 21st and I had

stayed over at Little Minxs house whilst Master and Piggy went back to ours and stayed

at ours so whilst me and the girls were together on Saturday we decided to make the video f

or Master which in itself was a challenge, so we all three of us up in the bedroom the

two girls on the bed and me stood up and the camera set and then action, role camera,

as it were, we had no clue I mean not a scooby, we all pretty much winged it but I must

admit enjoyed it a lot.

Later on in the week we got feedback from Master, and apparently I came first with the sock

puppet challenge, now me personally I thought both Piggy and Little Minxs should of won

this challenge as both their puppets were far better than mine, way lot better,

but none the less had a good laugh.

Also this last week I had a free speak with Master over a task I had been set which was

walking my dog Blue, a little Schitzua, now the issue I had was, I get up at 5.30ish in the

morning to go to work and don’t tend to get home till near on 7 in the evening,

then making dinner, so by time I’ve done all that I’m tired, so I explained this to

Master and he asked what would I be swapping this task for, now I have been p

ondering over the last few months about being a 42 year man and never learnt a

musical instrument and would rather like to learn something, so was contemplating

learning the piano and buying a cheap keyboard but decided I would rather like to learn

the guitar, so after looking at the YouTube’s and seeing the difficulty in learning the guitar,

I decided to go down to the local music shop and make enquires. Now like any shop they

were trying to sell me the most expensive guitar they had on the shelf and in all intent in

purposes, it would be great if I had a clue on how to play, so I did some research and I am

led to believe learning the electric guitar is easier, so priced up a kit and can do it for just

under £150 all in, bargain I think, it will be a good starter set to learn with and will plan to

have a couple of lessons a month. So I will keep you all posted on my progression with this,

and Master has said I have to learn a rift or there will be consequences and this would

compensate for not walking the Blue, bugger…

So until next time my readers I will catch you next month………

The songs I chose for Miss Adira.

The songs I chose for Miss Adira to represent her, Master and Daddy.


https://youtu.be/oqiT6HXAz8s ( This link won’t play the right song, so just write song, there is no artist into YouTube if you want to listen to it. )

Suck Me Off.  

Dominated Love Slave. Green Day

He Hit Me And It Felt Like A Kiss. Nicole Dollanganger.

Erotica. Madonna


Naughty Girl. The Hard Rollin Daddies.&

https://youtu.be/oqiT6HXAz8s ( This link won’t play the right song, so just write song and artist into YouTube if you want to listen to it. )

I Just Wanna Make Love To You. Freddie King.

Been a bad girl. Khia.

Erotica. Madonna

Miss Adira.

Love me like you do. Ellie Goulding

She Dominates. Blitzkid.

S & M Rhianna

Erotica. Madonna

Spank My Booty. Lords Of Acid

I think all these songs are very good representations of my dynamic with Master, Daddy and Miss Adira. She was very pleased with what I chose.

Busy doing art work.

Busy doing art work.

This last month hasn’t been good for me, I’ve been late sending Daddies tasks at least 10 times. And the worst thing is, I’ve done my tasks by 8am, then I just get side tracked, forget to send a photograph of all of them to Daddy and Master, then by the time I remember it’s after lunch and I get a very disappointed Daddy phoning me up asking me where my tasks are and why they are late, yet again.

Anyway, Daddy had thought long and hard about what the suitable punishments could be, he flatly refused to select a spanking, as he wondered if I had deliberately forgotten to do them to get one. Even though I hadn’t done it purposefully. I explained that I wasn’t doing it on purpose to get a spanking. But I don’t think he believed me at first.

Meanwhile while we were all together one weekend in August, Master got discussing my artwork I did when I worked as a Nursery Nurse Manager. Commenting on a few that he said were nothing like I said they were. In particular he mentioned when I drew a big wall display for the children’s song, 5 Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree, he said they looked like 5 aliens in spacesuits. To begin with, Miss Adira had never heard this song, but she decided she wanted a picture from this. So she said “Instead of your usual homework, I’d like a picture of these 5 Monkeys. And I will put it up in our bedroom.” At first I thought she was joking, but no. “This is your task for September.” 

So I set about looking online for pictures on this song, found some then tried to decide on the size of it, Miss Adira wanted it big, so I used paper from my A3 sketch book, sellotaped 3 X 3 together sitting on the floor then began to sketch the picture.

It was then when Miss Adira owned up that she never said it had to be so big. I had a decision to make then, do I continue on this huge sheet or do I use A4 sketch paper, 3 X 3 instead.  I decided I had to make it smaller. So I threw the first one out and started again. I must admit, I did enjoy doing it, it really took me back 20+ years ago, when I did these huge displays for nursery.

Meanwhile Daddy was deciding on my punishments. The first time I was set triple homework to be done by 9 am instead of 10 am. Then I forgot my selfies, so I was told to send a selfie every hour, on the hour until bedtime. He was becoming more upset than annoyed with me, again wondering if I was doing it on purpose.

Finally he set early bedtime, 7.30 pm, for a week, no TV, no kindle but I could write Miss Adiras book in my notebook, find a picture in my colouring book where the saying represented us, frame it then hand it in next weekend. The next punishment I knew was Miss Adira’s idea, it was just something she would set me. Sketch a picture and colour rice to make it a rice picture. You have a month to do this because I want it doing carefully. I sat a little dumbstruck by this idea. “How do I colour the rice ?” I asked. “That’s up to you.” Was my reply. Master suggested dying the rice when I told him what I had to do. He said, “Put food colouring in the water when you boil it.”
So tasks set, I started by looking online how to dye rice, and found one idea that I really liked. Put a cup of rice into a bag or container that has a lid, add some food colouring, the stronger the colour you want, the more colour you add, then add a teaspoon of vinegar. If you want, you can add lemon juice instead, which leaves it with a slight lemony scent. Shake the rice thoroughly so it’s mixed and coloured well. Pour the rice onto a paper towel, leave it on a plate to dry. So I ordered food colouring, bought the cheapest rice I could find. Then began colouring the rice, I found it best to let the rice dry overnight, the second lot I did went mouldy because it hadn’t dried properly. So I need to do those colours again. But they’ve come out great. Whilst I was deciding what picture to draw, Daddy said he wanted a Koi Carp fish. “I thought I got to choose,” I said. “No, I want a Koi Carp.” Daddy told me. I grumbled a bit because I wanted to choose a picture for him, but searching on-line, I found a picture I liked. So I sketched the picture in my artbook and waited for the first opportunity to start it.

To get the picture to look good, I decided I needed to put each piece of rice on individually, so one morning I spent 2 hours doing some of the picture. My eyes hurt, picking each bit of rice up with art tweezers, putting it down exactly where I wanted it, choosing different colours, making sure you could tell there were scales on the skin. I haven’t got very far, mainly because it’s so time consuming but I want it all done right. So far, I am quite impressed with the effect.

Of course when I told Miss Adira what I was set, she said, “ Oh so he didn’t do exactly what I suggested.” “What was that then ?” I asked. “I said to colour each individual grain of rice with a felt tip.” She said chuckling. Might have known I thought.

Meanwhile I was still doing Mss Adiras 5 monkeys on a tree picture.

Then Master set all of us a task, make a sock puppet each, and video a puppet show about a swingers club. 

So much to do, remember and complete.

During my first early night, I struggled to get comfy enough to write my story in bed, the following morning my back was really playing up. I never mentioned this to Daddy, it was a punishment, which I certainly deserved, so I was determined to complete it but he could tell my back was hurting, “What have you done to your back littlen ?” I had to be honest and say I struggled to get comfy to do my writing in bed. “Right you’re not doing that again. Instead I want one origami animal every day for the week instead. Nothing you’ve already done.”

So every morning I made an origami animal. I coloured in the picture I chose that represented me and Daddy, I even put a picnic table in the garden to enjoy the sunshine whilst doing my art homework.

I began thinking about the puppet, in my head I decided I was going to make a male puppet, naked.  I wanted to make a penis and balls, but how was I supposed to do that. How would it stick to a sock. I ordered some craft wire, 

I knew what to do. The wire arrived the next day, I took 2, beginning to twist it to make it stronger. Folding them in half to strengthen it more, I bent the 2 ends, so it looked like a T. Bending the ends again, I formed 2 loops, this way I could sew it to the sock. I wanted to buy some clay or something to mould it, but I’d been buying loads for art work so I decided not to do that, I opened a new packet of blu tac, and began to shape it around the wire. It started to look good, using a pen  and scraped the sides to resemble the veins, formed the tip, with the foreskin slid down a bit, shaped the bell end until I was satisfied, then that was done.

I needed a sock now, then thought of using a sock made from tights. The natural tan colour might be better for the penis. I pushed so paper into the end to form the head, used some of my origami paper to cut out eyes, mouth which had his tongue sticking out, hair but he was bald at the top. But it looked a bit silly. I then showed Master, “It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but it’s okay. Did you look online for ideas ?” he asked. “Oh no I didn’t.” I told him.” Then I decided I would start again.

Taking an old black sock from Master’s drawer, I ordered some felt squares from Amazon. They came the next day, so I cut out some spiky hair, eyes, lips and tongue. Unfortunately my glue wouldn’t stick it down, so I had to fight with cotton and a needle and sew everything on the sock. I’m not a sewer, so it was very rough, but the stitches were underneath the felt as much as I could do. Then I decided to paint my penis and balls black, so it would match the sock. Once dried I painted PVA glue over it which gave it a shine, so once I sewed it on the sock, it looked quite good. Okay he was very well endowed but it looked good. He was going to be my armless, legless sockman, who loved going to the swingers clubs as everyone, male or female loved to suck him off, and he loved having girls sit on his face so he could lick them dry, or have their titties shake about in front of him. So that was all done, I now had to wait for Saturday when Daddy and Miss Adira came here, and we were videoing it that day and send it to Master. I don’t know what the other puppets were like, but I’m sure we will have fun doing it.

Now back to the origami collection. I wanted to pick animals I knew Daddy loved, he puts them all on the windowsill in his bedroom, so I first picked a parrot as he loves birds, a hippo, a peacock, mouse, Koi Carp, tortoise, crocodile. Then Miss Adira said she wanted a multicoloured peacock. So I got another idea which took all morning to make but I think it looked great. The peacock feathers were all different colours, I was so happy with it, I decided I couldn’t not make one for Daddy too. So the afternoon was spent making that for Daddy.

They both loved the origami I made for them, I hadn’t got a frame for Daddy’s colouring I did, but he said that was okay. He was happy with everything I had done for him. We had a chat about the time my tasks should be sent, should he say no time limit, should he say don’t do the tasks, he didn’t want to have another month where he was constantly setting punishments due to late tasks. I got upset then, I knew he had been upset with me but this really showed me just how much he was upset. I didn’t want to not do the tasks, I didn’t want to change the time, these were the rules Daddy had put in place from day one of our dynamic, I did not want to change the rules, but Daddy decided to give me an extra hour to send them, so I had until 11am to do it. But so far, I have sent them before 9am, because I don’t want to change it in my head. If there’s a genuine reason, like my Dad suddenly appearing unexpectedly or I had to go to an appointment, then I would let Daddy know I will be late sending tasks or why I was late. But if its just I forgot or got sidetracked, then there’s no excuse. 

On Saturday when Daddy and Miss Adira came round, we chatted for a while then we went upstairs, set my phone to video then the 3 of us performed our puppet show. It was hilarious, Daddy’s accent was the best, but Miss Adira’s acting was fantastic, but the funniest bit was whilst giving me a “blow job”, her boobs fell off, when she sat on my face, her pubic hair fell off, stuck to my face, so by the end most of her puppet had dropped off. But boy, did we giggle doing this task, and Master thought it was brilliant. He said it was a close call between me and Daddy, but because Daddy put on a funny accent, he had to be the winner. As Miss Adira’s puppet came apart she came third. To me she should have come first because she was the funniest.

Anyway, I’ve now just got Daddy’s rice picture left to do, he has given me until the end of October to finish it.

One night last week, I wasn’t tired so I had asked Miss Adira if I could stay up until 10pm, she said, “Yes but I want you to find one song which represents herself, Master and Daddy. You can send them to me by the end of Saturday. That’s the choice.” So I agreed. I ended up finding 4 for each of them. But I spent the entire time in bed searching for songs instead of watching TV. I did try to get another late night, but she said no, I had until Saturday to find them, so I shouldn’t have done it all that night. I will ask Miss Adira if I’m allowed to post my song choices and put them in a blog if she agrees.

Anyway I hope October will be a better month, I will try very hard to follow the rules fully, and most importantly, not upset Daddy like I had again.