My sentence.

My sentence.

Miss Adira video called just before 4pm yesterday. We had a quick chat, then she asked if I wanted to know my consequence first or do my spelling. I chose my spellings and was very pleased to get 10/10.

We chatted some more, about general stuff and it felt like Miss Adira was holding onto the suspense for as long as possible. Until I eventually asked what it was.

Then the evil chuckle began, I knew she had thought of something tricky. She said this idea just popped into her head last night, get your notebook ready, I want you to write something down. I waited til she spoke. The first line;

I will not be a brat..   the second line;

I will heed Miss Adira’s warnings.

Then she told to write all the letters of the alphabet going downwards. Showing me what she meant.

A  E I  M Q U  Y

B  F J  N R V  Z

C  G K  O S W

D  H L  P T X

Then she told me to write blue next to the top line, Black on second row, Red next, finally Purple on the last row.

A  E I  M Q U  Y ……BLUE

B  F J  N R V  Z ……BLACK

C  G K  O S W ……..RED

D  H L  P T X ……….PURPLE

So when you write your lines, I want each letter that particular colour. I want 2 pages, no 1 page, 2 sides, every other day for a week. Starting Monday, then Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. I think by the time you’ve finished this, it will have sunk into your brain, not to be bratty with me because you will not get away with it. I huffed, puffed an tutted as I wrote it down, growling at her as she chuckled evilly, a smirk on her face.

We chatted for a bit longer then she had to go back to work.

Later that day I spoke with Daddy about me swearing at Miss Adira. He said right I’ve decided what your consequence will be. I want 10 reasons why you should not use naughty language to my Mistress and 10 reasons why you should not be disrespectful and naughty for your Daddy. These all have to be different reasons. I’ve already been warned that if I continue my knarky brattiness, it will be 20 reasons. This has to be done by Saturday.

Must admit this is a tough one not to repeat the same thing. 

Waiting for my sentence.

Awaiting my sentence.

So last night, well yesterday afternoon too, my mouth got the better of me, I was tired and as usual when I’m tired I get narky, I get bratty and I don’t have a stop button until it’s too late. Plus I don’t tend to get like this to Master or Miss Adira, mainly because I know they will not stand for it. And Master is home with his drawer of toys so by the end of the evening, I’d be in bed early, crying, with a very sore backside. But I would never be this way when I was with them, for the same reason. I feel safe acting out on WhatsApp, silly I know.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a sore bottom, from a fun spanking not from a punishment.

But as life gets in the way, I’ve not had a maintenance spanking in quite some time. The decision made was that Daddy and Miss Adira would join together and give me one on every visit unless they are alone. Then that person does it. But the intention was to ensure I get one every visit. Apparently I’m told, my behaviour becomes much worse without it.

Anyway my usual non sleeping got me really stroppy. But also the bedtime rules get on my nerves a lot. 

So originally, I was to have a snooze, IF I feel tired. Without the snooze, I was to have an early bedtime. 8pm instead of 9pm. Now I know what I’m like, I know I will fight going for a snooze. Also fight the 8pm bedtime. Even though I know it’s for my best interests to have a snooze,  even though I know I should, I need it, I will feel better catching up on some sleep. Yet my head fights the fact why I have to be told to sleep. why can’t it be my choice. Of course I know the answer to this, this is what I chose, what I want and need.

Yet the brat in me wants to choose myself, not be told to go for a snooze like a child. Like the brat I was behaving like now.

Also, it was my decision to ask Miss Adira to amend these rules to ALWAYS have a snooze. Whether for sleep or just rest. It was my decision to say if I don’t have a snooze then I should have an early bedtime. Only Friday and Saturday night didn’t apply, though it was still normal bedtime. Any later in the night and I’m a bad tempered, bratty, cheeky girl.

So back to yesterday…………….

Firstly I was chatting with Daddy on the WhatsApp live thing, having a lovely chat. I was knackered, even though I had a good sleep. He could tell I was, so suggested, not an order, just a suggestion, that I go for a snooze. Well I jumped down his throat, speaking very disrespectfully, rude and disgraceful. Daddy’s face went cold, choosing to end the conversation, knowing if he didn’t then this would become a whole lot worse.

I didn’t speak with Daddy for the rest of the day. I missed his call on the way home.

But I was still in a mood, though I was keeping it away from Master. Miss Adira became the next person to get the brunt of my mood.

It started with Miss Adira asking if all tasks were starting again as I’d been ill the week before.  I replied Yes M’am. Then she asked, Are we going back to no nap…..early bed. I asked if this was open to discussion. ( Even though we’ve had this discussion many times and it’s always stayed set. ) Miss Adira asked what I was proposing. I didn’t know. Why ? Because I was too tired to think about it. She replied, how can we discuss it if you have no proposition. 

I know what I wanted, I wanted this stupid rule scrapped, but I couldn’t say that to Miss Adira. Mainly because I knew I would flip out when she said no.

I was also too tired to do my tasks and I’d been out in the morning, so I was only starting all my homework at 3pm. I’d asked if I could pass on it then saying my head wasn’t working properly, not being honest and saying I was tired. Miss Adira agreed but told me in future I was to ask at the beginning of the day, if I was going to be busy and knew I’d be too tired to do them, not ask at the end of the day. 

Getting in a strop I told her, I didn’t know I would be. But I could do double homework the next day.

She asked again about discussing the bedtime, I said, coz I dont want early bedtimes, saying it just like a petulant child. Another moan from me. Miss Adira told me, tell you what, you do your own bedtime n if your grumpy or tired or anything due to you being tired……it will be dealt with how I see fit. 

That’s not bloody fair, I replied. First warning, watch your tone.

More complaining from me and Miss Adira not budging, I replied, keep to the bloody same then. The following conversation was mainly from Miss Adira,  confirming a snooze every day or early bedtime. And watch your tone.

More bratty conversations until…………

I am not appreciating your tone and language toward me……so my dear tomorrow I will deal with you….and just to put the cherry on your cake I will be forwarding your messages to your Daddy for the bloody comments…..which I do believe he will see as inappropriate language from his little.

My very cheeky reply was, Oh thank you bunches.

I told you to watch your tone. I told her I will shut up for the rest of the day then. Anyway it was safer, I wouldn’t  be digging myself into a much bigger hole. My goodnight video was very short and blunt.

But Miss Adira’s video, well that was very long and firmly said.. No more negotiations for bedtime, snooze every day, bedtime will depend on how my sleep was the night before and whether or not I’ve been bratty due to tiredness. I am to say how I slept in my morning video and at 5pm I am to send a message stating if I’d managed a snooze or not, then she will decide on my bedtime. I can strop, brat, moan about it all I want, but I will NOT win.

Miss Adira will think overnight what the consequence of my brattiness will be, there will be no negotiation on it. And it will be something that will be done on Saturday when we meet or an alternative that will be ” instantaneous “. As I still had consequences due, 1, to give Miss Adira a massage, 2, a punishment spanking was due and also 3, a weekend of me wearing my maids outfit, serving ALL my Doms/Domme for the entire weekend.

I went to bed feeling very guilty, but also very peeved still. I don’t know why I’ve such an issue with bedtime but anyway, I won’t be trying to negotiate again ( yet ), coz you know what I’m like, I will forget about this then do it all again.

Now I’m waiting on Miss Adira to video call, do my spelling test, then discuss my consequence. And hear from Daddy.

Day 11 building this damn matchstick house.

So where am I up to on my matchstick house, day 7. It’s now day 11.

So Friday I couldn’t do any, as I had other things on, hosi apt, sleep. The weekend was pretty much a no go, as we were having a stay over at Daddy’s, I needed a snooze, get the bags packed, well that usually entails getting toys into the toy bag, finding out what Daddy wanted me to bring, usually jokari all the time, adding something I love, no surprises that’s Mr Spikey, asking Master what he wanted packing, usually the crop all the time, plus summit else, even though their selection of toys is growing nicely, then it’s packing meds for us both, any tasks I’ve needed to do for the weekend, this week it was make 2 origami butterflies for Daddy. Then we get home Sunday around lunchtime, I’m usually so tired I end up sleeping part of it. 

Now we come to the final week, 7 days until it’s due to be built.

Monday was a busy day, I had to go to town for Master, then I had a man coming to fit more grab rails around the house from the occupational therapist team. I was so sore, I had to take a diazepam and go to sleep. So NO house building.

Tuesday, Master was off work as we were have cement delivered for the garage floor. Him and his Dad worked had to level it as the cement guys wheelbarrowed 3 tons of cement in. The concrete guys were very impressed by their work, thinking they must have laid cement before, but Master said no, this is all from watching hours of YouTube, amazing what you can learn from TV. Then his Dad left. 

I started trying to continue on the house, but I must admit I was expecting my father in law to ask what on earth I was doing. But he didn’t. His only comment was why do it in the tray, would it not be better on the table. I just replied it’s easier to move if it’s in the tray.

After we spent an hour figuring out how to cover the concrete without falling in and before the thunderstorms started, we eventually got it covered as the first rumble was heard.

Master had a rest whilst it poured down outside, he was watching his YouTube videos so I started on the house again. Then FFS, the darn thing fell down. Built it again, up to the turning over stage, then FFFFFFFSSSSSSSS it broke apart again. By this time I was fuming, ready to throw the matches out of the window, as I started again. I don’t know where I was going wrong. It just didn’t seem as solid as the one on the video. Yet from what I could see I was following it step by step. I sent a very grumbling message to MIss Adira, I sensed her chuckling at work, feeling my frustration. 

Master told me to have a break so I walked away, but I was really worked up with it by now, so I chose to try again. Then FUDGE IT, it started to fall down. As I tried to slot the sticks back in, the opposite side began to crumble and before I could do anything else, sticks fell out and I couldn’t figure out where they came from, Then the fdgin thing toppled again.

4 fudging times I tried to make this fudging house. 

That’s it, I shouted, I’m done. Some rather grumpy / attitude messages went to Miss Adira, she didn’t seem to happy about them so I shut up quickly. By the end of the day I said, Okay, I’m done, it’s impossible. I’m giving up. I texted this quickly to MIss Adira, who replied, Are you really giving up. You have until Sunday to keep trying. This made me feel guilty, maybe I shouldn’t give up. She sent me another message asking if I was giving up, so I said, No , I will keep trying until Sunday. I said it rather begrudgingly. Then she replied, I’ve a good mind to try building this house myself. Well I’m not gonna repeat what was going through my head at this point, let me just say, it was summit along the lines of shoving the matches where the sun don’t shine. But naturally I never said again like it, except curse and growl at the matches.

So in that Tuesday, I rebuilt this flipping house 5 times. 5 fudging times.

Unfortunately I had a full on day yesterday, a lady came who was possibly going to be our cleaner, lovely lady, highly recommended, so she is starting next Tuesday. Then I had a perching stool and commode delivered by the occupational therapists, I forgot they were coming. Then I was meeting my best friend and we were driving to Liverpool to look at a few cars, as my mobility car is being replaced in November. I need to know which car I’m choosing before the letter comes to order it. The intention was going to the Mercedes dealer, then BMW, Mini, lastly Hyundai. Master had sent me the list of cars to look for. When I saw the Mercedes A Class, well for the first time I fell in love. This is the car I want. So we never went to the other dealers. Instead we drove to our favourite Chinese restaurant, had a lovely lunch. Drove my friend home, staying for a quick coffee before heading home before our food shop was being delivered. I was in the house for about 15 minutes before it came. So I needed to unpack, and was still putting away by the time Master came home from work.

Today as I’ve been up since 1.30am, Daddy said leave the origami dragons as you’re too tired to concentrate, then you decide if you can do anymore of the house. But honestly, I’m so tired I’m not touching the house today. Yet I can’t fudging sleep either. I’ve done a bit of gardening, thinking the fresh air will help me sleep, but no, So another day with no progress, I’m in exactly the same point I was in last Friday, last week. I’ve gotta turn the blasted thing over to try to continue. And it’s leaning like the Tower Of Pisa.

July’s blog, Club from Miss Adira.


So there are a few things I could write about, club visit, piercings or trying new

implements….choices choices…..

I think club visit it the one…..So we had all planned a visit to Blackpool one Saturday but

during a WhatsApp video chat, Sir said “We are going to Blackpool Saturday, we will go in

two cars and me and Piggy can go to the club,” hearing this I got all excited it had been a

while since I’d been to a club ( I’m assuming you’d of guessed I mean a swingers club and

not a nightclub) and the first time I’d been with Sir…

So we were chatting and I asked if we could take some toys and at first he said nah…

I must a admit I was about to feel gutted until a message “Maybe paddle and crop,”

so I half smiled , as I no like the paddle but I like the crop…cut to Saturday, Aurora and her

Daddy left to do whatever it was they where doing, we just snuggled on the sofa for a bit

and then I went to get showered and dressed, oh and put my hair in pigtails

(Sir says he likes pigtails) I don’t think my hair is quite long enough but it’s what

Sir wanted. I went downstairs to ask him to help so they were straight, he said he couldn’t

so anyway cut a long story short, the pigtails didn’t happen. As I was getting dressed

I brought downstairs my strap and bamboo cane and asked if we could bring one,

Sir said yes, as he didn’t now want to take the crop, as it’s his favourite and didn’t

want to lose it… the strap replaced it.

Away we went, was a nice drive just us alone together in the car just chatting about this a

nd that, we arrived in Blackpool and went for dinner, the usual chippy was found.

We both wanted a chip barm but it had no barms (

I know what chippy runs out of bread rolls) so we got something else. Drove to our usual

place to ate dinner. It was time then to go to the club.

So we arrived and went to get changed, well I say changed, undressed. Sir said he wanted

me just in knickers and a towel, he wore his underwear and towel. We got drinks and went

and sat down, we decided to sit near the pool table and TV, which yes you’ve guessed

playing porn.

The evening continued and we chatted to other couples and just generally called the porn

I think it was a little mild for us. Then Sir said shall I tie you up and smack your bottom,

the moment I’d been waiting for, giddy I got up and we headed upstairs,

I was strapped up and away Sir went wondering what he would come back with.

He then appeared with the strap, oh goody I thought .

Away he went striking me, now I do quite enjoy the feeling of the strap hitting my bare ass

and the crack of it as it hits your skin. I’m not sure how many hits I’d taken but the noise

from it hitting me must of echoed around the club because before long we had quite an

audience which if I’m honest I quite enjoyed, Sir continued to hit me I could hear talking

and gasps from people as more and more strikes hit me. Then I heard Sir ask if anyone

would like a go, eh I thought but I know he wouldn’t be far away and let someone hurt

what was his, so another guy came and took the strap and began to hit me, now these

were far more gentle than Sirs but I knew this was because he didn’t know what

I was used to. Sir again took over I could then feel the familiar pain, a crack sound,

the pain built I could feel the welts coming, striking me ass, thighs, back and arms.

Then he said let’s have a change , now I knew what was coming, the paddle now,

I really don’t like this, he was back then whack, the wood hitting my already red ass was

painful, knowing I couldn’t take much of these I’m not sure how many I got before

I said my safety word red, this then stops play immediately. I knew I wasn’t done though

so I said can I have a few more with the strap ? Sir asked me if I was sure ? I knew I was,

so yes I said, more strikes then I knew I was done, so we stopped. This was a play spanking

that I really enjoyed, enjoyed being watched , hoping I made my Sir proud of what was his

and showing I wanted to be his good girl. I hope we do more of this , as it was so enjoyable.

Maybe try other clubs with a better dungeon were Sir can show of his toy and maybe

find other bottoms he can punish and maybe someone I can also spank.

Then Sir said shall we go to the orgy room, yes I said as I knew from my spanking I was so

turn on and knew I’d be ready for whatever Sir wanted to do.. so I lay on the bed,

I heard him say move your ass this way so I kinda shuffled, Sir opened my legs, I then felt

his fingers go inside me slowly pushing inside me, I could feel each thrust of his fingers it

didn’t take long until my moans became louder and my flailing start, harder and deeper

I could feel him, then I could feel it I was running down his fingers but I didn’t care harder

and faster he went I could feel my orgasms build not sure how many but I know I didn’t

want him to stop, another couple had joined the room, it was like we were then having a

competition of who could cum the loudest. Sir continued to work his magic,

fingers inside my now soaking pussy, I imagined me now running down his arms as all I

could here was the squelching coming from my wet very wet pussy…

Sir then stopped, my attention then got turned to the other lady, we had already spoken

with. My fingers entering her already wet pussy moving slowly at first, then faster and

deeper, I could feel her building and the already familiar sound of her cumin, this went on

for a while, her fella and my Sir were playing with her tits while she played with their cocks .

I then turned my attention to Sir, it was his turn. I asked him to move to me, I knelt in front

of him taking his hard cock in my mouth, I do love his hard cock in my mouth.

Slowly I start moving my tongue down his shaft, then taking him in my mouth moving up

and down his hard cock, taking all off him in my mouth feeling myself gag,

I then feel his hands grab my hair, I know what’s coming but I don’t pull away,

he pushes me further down his cock, holding me there, feeling myself gag more

but I love this feeling, Sir having control of me, having me exactly where he likes me,

on my knees, cock in mouth, unable to move. He lets me now take control of his cock

again I begin to move faster up and down his shaft sucking, taking the head of his cock,

just sucking this, I feel now he’s getting close to cuming so I move back to moving down

his shaft, hard and deeper I take him, I hear the familiar are you ready piggy ? off course

I’m ready, I love it when Sir comes in my mouth, I suck harder now, taking more of his cock,

I then hear his groan and feel his warm cum fill my mouth, and I mean fill it. I swallow his

load and thank him for letting me take him. We then went downstairs and spent around

10mins in pool to cool down. Then it was home time

So this was mine and Sirs first visit to a club which I really enjoyed and do hope it’s

something we can do again…pictures below from the strap .