A few selfies after Master decided he wanted some fun. The shoehorn and my ass.

Manho the Daddy’s blog for a shite September.

ManhHello readers this is going to be a rather short blog this month as September has been, well let’s say shite, so the wonderful town I live in has been put into a semi lockdown, can’t go meet friends or family but can go to the pub and meet them, work shite, same in same out.

On a positive note, Master had sold his Cobra kitcar and truck and now has invested in a van, in which he and Little Minxs, is converting into a small and cosy camper van. Little Minxs has been using some power tools and as yet not misplaced or cut off any appendages which really is a bonus. I know she is doing a blog about the progression of the conversion of the van, which will be very interesting.

For myself, not much really has happened, been out a couple of times on the old motorcycle, and have decided to invest in some heated grips as I’m getting old and winter is coming. Had to get the bloody car fixed which has cost a pretty penny however needs must and invested in a new cooker, wired it, tested the hob, working, tested the top oven, working, tested the bottom oven, broken. So I’m not happy with that,  I shall be having a nice phone call to insist they come and replace the cooker and bloody wire it up because it was a pain in the bloody arse.

So with that, I will let you know next month on how the old heated grips installation goes and the issue with the cooker goes, until then…….

September’s blog from Miss Adira / Piggy.

September’s So life is still in lockdown and there’s nothing much going on..same old same old…get up, go work …rinse and repeat.

If I’m honest getting rather fed up with it all and it just wants to feck off and do one.

Not been up to anything different or exciting.  My son went back to school after being of since March.  Going back into a new year without really finishing the other one. Well I say he went back, he was in for 3 days then we got a text saying there had been a confirmed case in his year and he was to go home and self isolate for 2 weeks. Now this really peed him off, try telling a 13 year old he’s not allowed out of the house, can’t go to the shops, can’t go for a walk. Then there was the kicker, he had to do his work at home on his computer,  this was not fun. The work was often sent unclear, sometimes not able to write on the documents that he should,  he’d ask a question and get no response.  Very frustrating time, he’s not learning, rarely gets any feedback or marks for his work, it’s all a bit of a joke if you ask me but what can you do.

So anyhow he’s been back at school now for two days I’m just wondering for how long though…

Some selfies whilst dying my hair plum colour.

Think someone wants to give my ass a spanking.
Yes please Master
Spank me. Squeeze my ass. Then spank me more.

August blog from Manho the Daddy Dom

August blog for Manho the Daddy Dom….

Well hello there again my avid readers, Manho the Daddy here just signing in to you, for the August edition of my blog. So what has happened in the month of August, well firstly your Manho here went out for a tenting weekend with his good friend A, we and I say we, more like A, found a camping/caravan site between Blackpool and Garstang. Now A had been to this site previously many moons ago. 

So I think it was at the beginning of August, we went for a little Sunday jolly ride up to Fleetwood area, for a spot of fish n chips and whilst we were dining he had said there was a site on the way back home we could stop off and make some enquires, so after lunch we headed towards that location and stopped off at what can only been described as a caravan site, with about eight pitches for caravans and a ruddy big field. So we both pulls up in the main driveway and walked towards the house where we made the enquires, an old lady greeted us with two yapping mutts, so A asked if she would except tents with three motorcycles and after what seemed an eternity she said yes, see the gate down the drive, go through that and you can use the field. Brilliant we both said, how much ? we asked, and again after what seemed an eternity she came back with £7! That was it ? No, £7 per night, per tent but just £7, bargin, I thought as we walked away  and said to A, that was cheap, anyhow we headed back home and discussed it further later that week.

The third weekend in August, A had called the lady to see if we were still ok to come up and camp and she had confirmed that all was good. I had managed to book the Friday off, as the original plan was for us to go up Friday, after work, which meant us getting there about 18.30pm or later and setting tents up. But me having an ok boss, he let me have the Friday off as Holidays.

So the Friday came and we met up near the local Asda, I was there first and my god it was pissing down so much part of me thought I don’t want to do this in this weather, I’m getting to old for shit like this. A little while later, A turned up, with his wife A and he pulled up beside me and said the weather should be clearly later on, with just wind, ok I said as we headed out.

As we were driving up to the campsite, the clouds opened and as we reached the motorway, it was rather nice and sunny, okay it was bloody windy but sunny none the less. We arrived at the site for just after 2pm I think and A wife paid the lady for the camping, where she  charged us £5 instead, so A wife just gave her £30 and left it at that.

Me and A set up his tent first, which was straight forward and then onto mine, again straight forward, as they were both quick pitch tents, then we attempted to erect the tarpaulin, to no avail, as it was proper blowing a gale, we left that, so I went to get my bike, to bring it into the field next to my tent. I removed the side stand plate which stops the bike sinking into soft ground and guess what, I lost my balance and me and my bike started to go sideways with a little shout of help, A’s both ran across and helped me right myself.

Once everything was all set up and we were ready to start the old beer session, and what a Friday night it was, or at least what I can remember of it. We got drunk rather quickly and just talked absolute rubbish then I can just about recall clambering into my tent, semi into the sleeping bag then asleep, I can remember waking up at god only knows what time and I found myself naked, so assumed I got undressed at some point, I needed the toilet so in typical Manho style I was stood in a field, butt naked peeing, well I say butt naked, I had my socks on.

The next morning, me and A woke up, had a coffee to get rid of the slight hangover we both had then decided to have a walk into the village, which was about a half mile away. There were a couple of pubs and a convenience store in which we could top up the beer, we decided to get that later, so the Saturday pretty much panned out as planned, just sat in the field chatting and top up the next beer intake, all in all a really good weekend.

Me and Miss Adira (Piggy) went to see Master and Little Minxs, the Sunday just gone and stayed for dinner, which was a salad. Both Master and Little Minxs have been eating properly over the last few weeks and doing really well, plus they have been walking every day or night, rather damn proud of them both.

Now me and Piggy have been doing a walking challenge and both completed the challenges in really good time, so Piggy’s one was the Inca trail, which was 26 miles and if memory serves me correct, she did that in three weeks, mine was the channel tunnel crossing challenge, a 21 mile walk and I have completed mine, in I think just over two weeks, so I set myself another challenge which is the Hadrian wall challenge, a nice 90 mile stroll which I have set for 12 weeks but need to crack on with this, so will let you all know where I’m up to in next months blog.

Any way me readers until next month….bye bye

Completely unrelated but funny blog.

My brain has left me for good.

You know when you do things at home without thinking, then an hour later you wonder what the hell were you doing !!!!!

Now for those that don’t know me well I will just briefly tell you about my babies. As I talk about them often.

We have 2 beautiful Cavachons, Dave and Muffin. Yes we have a Dave, as G always wanted a dog called Dave. They’re brother and sister from the same litter.

Now 8 yrs old, they’ve very strong personalities. Dangerous Dave will just do the craziest things ever, often hurting himself when it’s a Bank Holiday, meaning the vet bill will be double.

Muffin is my Princess, the little girl I’ve always wanted. I’ve bought the pink bobbles, hair slides, pink dresses, coats, leads, harnesses. Everything I can find pink or purple she has it.

They’re both very spoilt, meal times can be a nightmare, they won’t eat dog food usually, they may eat cat food but only in gravy. Or I cook, (yes I can boil the dogs food without burning it, sometimes,) I cook lambs heart or chicken legs.

But our Muffi will not feed herself, so naturally as I’m a good Mummy, making sure her baby is fed, I feed her everything by hand.

Dave will never be hand fed, he manages on his own coz he’s a greedy boy.

Anyway, today Dave was pestering me, usually meaning he wants food. They don’t have set meal times,  just whenever they want something.

Without thinking I go, get out a tray of Butcher’s dog food. Now sometimes he will eat this, sometimes he won’t. 

So I goes into the kitchen, gets this tray of food and a cake fork !!!!!!! Now before you say it, no I was not thinking about me eating it, or imagining I was eating a scrummie cake, to go with the cake fork. 

I have no idea why, I’ve never done it before.

Dave sits on the floor, looking hungry, I open the foil lid, begin feeding Dave out of the tray with me cake fork. Still completely unaware what I was doing, Dave scoffed the first tray quickly, still wanting more, so I get another tray. He didn’t eat much of that, so I closed the lid and left it on me table, with the fork on top.

An hour later, Muffin takes her place, sat on my legs, snuggled next to me, sniffing the air. So I got the tray and fork and began feeding her. Surprised she is actually eating it, until she musta stabbed her tongue with the fork. So I had to hold the fork sideways as she licked all the meat of it.

It was only then, that it dawned on me, why have I just fed Dave, Muffi I understand, but Dave ????

And why the hell have I used a fork !!!! A flaming cake fork !!!!!!

I swear the menopause has taken control of my entire body.

I’m more surprised G didnt say something, either that or he’s not surprised by anything I do these days. 

But at least they’ve eaten something so far. And I know if we ever took them somewhere posh to eat, they can eat beautifully with a cake fork. (Shaking my head, oh Lord help me.)

Damn this menopause !!

Can my Doms deal with me and Ogre ?

During health issues, it’s hard to continue with your D/s dynamic 100%. 

A certain time in a woman’s life, it becomes incredibly hard for her to deal with it. And I think it’s during this period you need trust, understanding in your partner, that person that can really listen, try to understand how you feel and sense the difference when their partner is feeling low, snappy, crabby, weepy due to hormones or if she is just being narky, irritable or moody coz she’s just in a mood.

I promise you there is a big difference. 

Why is there? The menopause.

You want to be understood, you need to be able to talk to your partner, explain how you’re feeling, know you have their trust, not just how you feel mentally but physically. I can assure you, in my case, I have the mental desire to be fudged until I cannot move. To be spanked until my ass is bleeding. Unfortunately, physically, I don’t want anyone near me. I’m sore inside and out.

In my polyamorous relationship, I not only have 3 partners, but I’m in a D/s relationship with all of them, I’m their submissive.

And when you have 3 Doms, who are genuinely usually very strict, this is the time they need to understand I am basically going through one of the worst changes a woman’s body can have.

Yes, I’m talking about my menopause and I understand if you don’t want to continue reading. Or I’m not making sense.

It seems I now can turn into this hysterical, inconsolable woman that cannot control my emotions, that can go from happy, laughing to a mood that is dangerously low, (no joke) when the Ogre appears, raging, to this blubbering wreck, crying over nothing. All in a matter of seconds. Day flushes which leave me that yucky I need a shower and change of clothes. I carry fans around with me all the time.

Nothing can prepare you for this change and even with HRT tablets, my hormones torment my body and I don’t feel in control of anything. 

So if I can’t control it, how do my Doms understand it? how do they deal with it? how can they understand if I’m being deliberately naughty or is it my hormones raging? how will they deal with getting a backlash of abuse over nothing? when their normal *good* girl has suddenly turned into a raging lunatic, mouthing off, shouting back, refusing to speak, even sometimes cursing. Everything I know that is against our rules, that would normally bring on a severe punishment, well too be honest, in my right mind, I would never speak as I have done recently, to any of them. But I feel that outta control, God knows what may come out of my mouth.

Because I can promise you, if I struggle to deal with it, how the hell will they. And how do they know how to help?

My Doms can sense I’m not being a brat on purpose, (well not all the time) I’m not throwing a tantrum on purpose, (well not normally,) which will mean coping with the menopause is hopefully going to be more manageable. But in our normal dynamics, I know I would be set a punishment for my attitude, but now it’s harder. I know Daddy has wanted to set serious punishments, at first, but he soon realized this wasn’t me, it was Ogre me. But what misbehavior can be ignored, putting it down to Ogre ? or what can’t be blamed on Ogre, this was me being naughty?

One thing Daddy suggested was, if he phones, just tell him Ogre is visiting, if he hasn’t already sensed it. I had been ignoring his calls when I’ve felt raging because I didn’t want to rage at him and say stuff I’m not supposed to say, but I think this was upsetting him, as he said, “You are my wife No 2, whatever you are dealing with, I want to deal with it too. So even if you’re raging, answer your phone as I may be able to calm the rage down but if it erupts, that’s okay too. Both me and Miss Adira want to be there for you and help if we can. So please just answer the phone regardless of whether the Ogre is out or not.

This worried me at first because I really wanted to be sure Daddy understood what I was feeling. Miss Adira could understand it, though she’s not near the menopause stage yet, she did have awful premenstrual syndrome, so she’s able to have an idea what the moods could be like. I sent Daddy some links about it, and one I found from the man’s perspective. 

He did get a display from the Ogre a few weeks ago when I tried to get him to understand, I burst into tears, Master told Daddy he would phone him back, as I balled like a baby for over an hour.

I think I shocked and upset Daddy to see this different me, but I felt outta control, my body wasn’t mine.

But then again, maybe it was good to show him, as long as he didn’t feel guilty and upset that ‘he’d made me cry’, because he didn’t, the Ogre did.

Now the virus seemed to be going, we’ve managed to have a couple of meets with Daddy and DiDi, no holding hands, (well the odd touching fingers) no kissing, fudging or spankings, just a really nice social meet up. But the virus could be on its second wave, which could bring on lockdowns again.

But when we do finally get to the stage when we can have fun again, I am worried I won’t be able to play much. As my happy spot is very tender inside and out. 

Master and I tried out a little play the other day, the first time in a few months because I just wasn’t interested. One thing is essential, he continually asked if it was okay, talking is a must. Especially as I couldn’t take much play at all. Which was very disappointing, 2 fingers only just inside me before I began to feel uncomfortable. But throughout our play, I told him if it was too much or okay, and this was the same in my ass too. I’m looking into buying some lube that is recommended for women going through the menopause, I use vaginal moisturizer but that really doesn’t do a lot. But when just 2 fingers entered me, I felt like I was being ripped open. And unfortunately, this feeling stayed with me for a few days. 

Master also treated me to a gentle spanking with Little Devil, now I know it’s hard for Master not to wallop me hard, coz that’s how we normally like it, but I asked him if he could be gentle with a paddle and he said, ‘Yes, I’m sure I can. Let’s give it a try.’

And it was lovely, more than lovely. It was very very very enjoyable, we actually giggled a lot during this spanking. As he jokingly barely hit my bottom, asking if that was hard enough? Going from the lightest paddle up to as hard as I could cope with. (Which wasn’t hard at all.) We did laugh about how my pain threshold had more or less disappeared, so when my menopause has passed, I’m hoping to build it up again. 

But I have to explain that even spankings are hard for me to tolerate along with when he fudges me. Like most sexual partners, he gets very excited and then he gets rougher and harder, (which I normally really love) but now, I need him to be very gentle. So at some point I will sit down with Daddy and explain it all, try to get him to understand how I’m feeling physically. And with all 3 of them, the importance of talking throughout your play really is essential.

Over the past few months, I’ve felt like I was having period cramps, I now have to wait to get an appointment to the Women’s Hospital because apparently this isn’t normal. But they have been a bit painful with having severe cramps all the time, sometimes even walking was unbearable. 

I think my Dom’s are really dealing with me as best they can. We did have a couple of months where a good chunk of the rules were put aside, but as I read up more about it, I realized the menopause wasn’t going away after a few months, this could take a few years. And I really wanted to get back into the submissive me again. I decided it was time to restart the rules, so I asked them and they agreed. So now it’s time for me to try to remember to follow them, time for them to set proper punishments. As we are not having any fun spanks or punishments due to the virus and social distancing, choosing different things have been in place over the last 7 months, so I’m hoping now we are restarting the rules properly, any misdemeanours I make, I will receive the appropriate punishments. They are thinking of things that will not bring Ogre out, but will still make me think about what I did wrong, and not do it again.

Two rules I completely forget, and I’m already in trouble for 1;

  1. Not sending Daddy my meals, after every meal, I’m supposed to tell him what I’ve eaten. This doesn’t include snacks as I’m supposed to ask before I have them. But, sssshhhhhh, don’t tell…….as I have been known to snack without asking at all. I had a punishment for this last week. And now I’ve forgotten again.
  2. Asking Miss Adira if I can go for a wee, unless I really am bursting and have to dash, then I just tell her I had to go. This started yesterday, hmmmm not doing well, as I’ve only asked once since yesterday morning.

But the second thing I’m in trouble for is, I forgot to monitor my TV programmes for Miss Adira. I’m only allowed to watch 5 hours of TV between 8 am – 8 pm, and I have to write everything down I watch. Completely forgot last week,  I’m not going to blame it on Ogre, in a hope not to get a punishment for it, I just forgot. And I can’t really say it’s because the rules are new so I’m getting into them, as I’ve had most of these rules for 2 years. 

The fact is, I’ve just not been focused on doing what I’m supposed to do. 

When my Doms are kind enough to forgo some of my tasks over the past few months as I was having a very dark time, now they’ve restarted, I should at least make a decent effort to follow them again.

And between the 4 of us, we should still be able to maintain our D/s lives together, including Ogre, when she turns up because the menopause is not going anywhere. And by the time mine has finished, it may be time for DiDi to begin hers, it’s just one of these things we have to deal with.

For me, accepting the signs of early menopause was bad enough, like this was final, the opportunity for more children had been taken away from me. Even though, with my disability I know I could never carry another baby, it would put too much stress on my degenerative discs, it was hard for my head to accept. I did/do feel as though I’m not a real woman now !!!! This may sound stupid but it’s how I feel. And it’s very hard to accept. But I will, eventually.

In the meantime, my Doms will continue being loving and caring, helping me get through this, whilst also not letting me forget my tasks, rules and anything else. Setting me consequences that will mean I will remember all my tasks from now on.

So, watch this space, I will let you know what happens next.

Miss Adira’s blog for July.

Hi Everyone 

I hope that you are well and still coping well with the current situation. We are all doing good. We have managed to sneak in some meetups. Although you already know this as Aurora has already mentioned this and yes it was nice to see everyone. 

So a bit about what I have been doing, or trying to do. When the lockdown first happened I decided that I should enrol in a HR course, something people have been saying that I should do. With my job I do deal with various staff management and HR issues from staff appraisals and various other issues that arise from working with people. I have been doing this for nearly 20 years. I do not have an official qualification for this though, I do for all my people management and such but not for the HR side of things. 

I’ve started a CIPD Level 5 in HR, this was in April, been struggling with motivation. It is a lot of work assignments. There are approximately 8 different topics that I need to cover, each assignment will have a certain amount of word count and I will also have to submit evidence that I have also been putting some of my learning into practise. 

Therefore this month I have really knuckled down into what I need to do in relation to what it is I need to do and familiarise myself with the site again, where I need to look for things and what it is I need to do to finish this. I have set myself a goal of completing it by January 2021, I have until April 2021 to complete by. 

I know this month is short and sweet, but not much else has been happening. 

Wish me luck with my coursework and that i’ll be able to keep myself motivated 

Daddy’s blog for May.

Manho’s May blog….

  • Hello readers and welcomes to my May blog, so what’s happened in May, lock down is still being upheld however in my job you wouldn’t of realised this, with the amount of empty heads and jelly heads just pottering about, dicks, and I have had me birthday, 43 years young although Little Minxs said I was coming to my fifties, bloody wench. So this years birthday was well, let’s say different, although I was with Piggy and the boy and had a really good birthday with them, not being able to see Little Minxs or Master was crap. This lock down is pissing me off now and I know it’s because of the woohoo flu and it’s for the good of the country and I get it, but still not being able to see Master and Little Minxs for all this time has been I must admit, really hard and cannot wait to see them both again in person. I call several times a day to Little Minxs to make sure she is ok and speak with Master as well, I can’t wait to see them again.

Now on with birthday, I had many pressies, me new motorcycle off my beautiful wife, love her more than she will ever know, even though she doesn’t like the bike, I also got two new Lego speed cars from her as well and I enjoyed building them, I got a Lego bat mobile from my son and from my Master, I got a GoPro for my bike in which he will have to show me how to use and set up properly on the bike. I’m thinking I will set it up on my bike and post stuff on the YouTube, just hearing me rant at all the other road users. Little Minxs got me loads of pressies as well, I got some new panniers for my bike and tank bag and I was only expecting that from her but earlier in the year I had requested a chain, which she had bought me, which I love, so I did really well this year for pressies but would still of liked to see Little Minxs and Master.

So Little Minxs birthday was just over a week after mine and her Miss Adira got her a beautiful Forever Rose, I had bought her something different, it was a flower card, which she really loved, and a couple of Steve Irwin crocodile hunter pop vinyl figures, as for some reason she likes the old Steve Irwin. Now the second Steve Irwin figure came the same day as her birthday and seeing that Boris had lifted the lock down slightly, I decided to have a jolly ride to see Little Minxs on her birthday and give her her pressies which put a big smile on her face, and yes we kept social distance and once all this bloody lock down has been lifted, I promised her a new tattoo as well.

So the rest of this month is pretty much the same old stuff, in work then back home, however with the addition of a little lifting of the lock down, we could go out and meet, so me and another biker friend decided to go for a nice jolly ride on the Sunday. We headed up to north Yorkshire land then across to the lakes and must admit, thoroughly enjoyed it and getting used to the handling of the bike.

I have the bike in for a full service on pay day much to the dismay of Little Minxs, who couldn’t understand why and kept telling me that I rushed to get the bike, in some truth she may be right, however the bike I got was one I really liked and did not want to miss the opportunity of getting it. As for the service, I did explain that it was piece of mind for me, to ensure that it’s done and working with no issues at all, so it would be ready to go to Scotland for a long weekend later in the year possibly.

Anyway, my wonderful readers as promised to my Master,nn my blog is submitted and down well in time, so until next month……….