Funny joke from Master.

Be aware

We ordered a Chinese takeaway from a local place (I won’t name them) I went to pick it up last night and as I was driving home, I heard the bags rustling and moving!!WTF??!!!
I thought what the hell is that. Has something got in the bag, I thought I could see a little pair of eyes peering out at me. I was driving so I leaned forward, picked up the bag, put it on the passenger seat and there it was again, more rustling and little eyes looking out behind the prawn crackers,
I thought its got to be a rat or a mouse or something, so I carefully pulled the bag down …

And there it was …

… A Peeking Duck!!!

An unexpected but very nice hand spanking.

An unexpected but very nice hand spanking.

I always find it hard to do different selfies for Master and Daddy.

I mean how many boob and happy spot pictures can you take that are not just

repeating itself over and over.

I do try to be inventive but it’s not easy.

I often look over other girls photos to see if I could do the same or something similar.

On Friday I asked Master if he could take a photo of my bum,

you can never get a full, central picture using a selfie stick plus you’ve no idea

what you are taking really.

Anyway Master agreed as I bent over the bed.

Master pushed my front down on the bed, when I tried to get up,

he pushed me down again.

Slapping my buttock hard, moving to my side, he used one arm to hold me tight

then he began spanking me. Oh it felt so nice, making me think back to all the

other times I had been in this position.

Master continued hand spanking me, hard swats must have made his hand sore

as he got up and opened the toy drawer. I turned around to watch him, trying to

figure out what he was getting.

Then I saw the palm paddle being pushed over his hand.

“Erm I never told you to turn around did I ?” he asked.

My tummy flipped in excitement, I knew that tone in his voice, I loved this voice,

it belonged to my sexy serious Master.

Quickly I replied, “No Master, sorry.” I turned around quickly grinning.

He sat on the bed, next to me, one arm tucked around me,

as he started spanking me again.

I immediately ouched loudly, then thankfully Master went slightly more gentle.

“Oh my pain threshold is rubbish now,” I complained.

“It’s fine,” Master replied, yet he still went softer again.

The one amazing thing about when Master goes softer is that I love the slower

burning build up on my bottom. I can feel all the sensations stronger now, each

slap sends electric shocks over my nerves, it burns hotter and hotter,

the pain feeling more intense.

I begin to grip the quilt tightly, one arm goes around to Masters back and side,

fisting his t’shirt.

Master chuckles, he knows the pain is growing stronger,

I’m enjoying it, yet it hurts so much and I did not want it to end.

My wriggling becomes vigorous, legs kicking out, arms flailing ridiculously.

Tears sprang to my eyes, I can’t believe I was crying from a hand spanking/palm

paddling. Yet it felt so good, a release of built up tension,

I’ve needed and wanted this for so long, but as the intensity of the burn

strengthened, I began to fight with the urge to call out our safe word.

Something I never do, I may have said it twice over the 5 years we have been in

this dynamic, and I really didn’t want to say it, I didn’t want to give up,

I didn’t want to appear weak and make Master disappointed I was going to call

time and have to end our play.

But as tears began to roll from my eyes I cried out RED.

And Master stopped straight away.

Breathing deeply, trying to calm myself down Master stroked my sore skin,

teasing my bum hole as fingers went close.

His fingers circled my hole, occasionally one finger touched the entrance,

hearing me gasp, Master chuckled again, bending down he licked it,

circled around then his fingers continued. I think I must have moaned or groaned

when he got up, “Oh are you wanting your hole tonguing, licking and sucking ?”

Master asked. I nodded quickly, giggling and wiggling my bum a little.

Master treated me to a lovely play, he teased me by pushing his penis slightly in,

or rolling it around the entrance as I tried to push back, to get him inside me.

But this time Master was enjoying the tease, as I continued to try to get him inside

my hole, he would just move away, refusing to enter me.

He continued his tease, scraping my back with his nails, kissing and nibbling me,

I was cautious as usual when teeth became close to my body in case he bit me.

But then I felt his warm juices slip down my crack, I heard the familiar grunts from

Master as his hot cum squirted over my bum, leaving it dribbling down me and onto

the floor. Wiping the remains of his juices over my bum cheeks, he got dressed again and said, “I will leave you to clean up.”

It really was an unexpected very pleasant spanking.

Not D/s related, just a day gardening.

Preparations for the garage in the garden.

Master and I haven’t  done much in our D/s lifestyle for a while. You know what it’s like, your “normal” life gets in the way, my health left me unable to do anything since early December, Master has been sick with man-flu so hasn’t wanted to do much, but he’s had too, I’ve had too. Master had taken 3 days off work to get stuff done. We needed to clear out the garden area ready for the new garage. Now the pond has been moved, the fish and hopefully frogs are settled in their bigger pond and their new position in the garden.

But we still had tons to do, move the rocks for the pond, lift the stone circle and place it roughly where I wanted it to go, empty both sheds, move my small shed and break up the big shed. Then take it all to the tip.

But to be honest by the time we did this, I couldn’t do anymore, my back was way past killing me, walking became difficult, so I stopped for the rest of the day. Master was also close to stopping too, so he suggested we advertise someone to take the rubbish, knock the shed down then take it all to the tip. He said if it cost £60 he would prefer to pay. So I put the advert in Facebook, and soon after some silly replies we found someone who was willing to do it that day for £80. Master was happy to pay it and one hour later everything was gone. It looked strange not to have the shed there, the garden looked bigger.

But we haven’t finished with the jobs yet, Master has to put the pump, water filter and pipes into the pond and this time we want to do it carefully. The filter must be completely flat so no water leaks, put in a position easy to get to, but not really seen. He and E will need to dig up my black bamboo and I will put that in a pot for now, dig up another 2 plants I don’t want anymore, then I think that’s all they could do. Master intends to hire a man with a small digger to dig down about 6” before we can put a layer of rock down, then we can hire a cement mixer to put the layer of cement down. Once that’s dry we can then order the garage.

I think it’s a put together yourself garage, so everyone will have to come and help us. But now the shed is gone it does feel that bit nearer to completing this job. The garden looks awful at the moment, the only thing I hate when doing big jobs, is the mess it makes, during the time doing it.

But I’ve really enjoyed working with Master, yes I overdid it, lifting smaller flagstones from the stone circle, rolling the big rocks away from the old pond. Bending to cut away the plants that were there, pulling it away from the fence. All stuff I know I shouldn’t do, and I know I will pay the price over the next week when my back really hurts again but sometimes you just have to get these things done, and I love doing jobs with Master. Also if I have to have a week of sick leave again, at least I know there’s a reason behind it, it kinda makes me accept the pain better then. Because I’ve actually helped with a job for once. It’s made me feel more like a person again, more like I’ve been needed today, and I’ve actually managed to help. It really has been a great day.

Cheerios joke


Ready for a good joke?

Side note: I don’t agree with spanking as a form of discipline for children, so let’s just assume this scenario took place, say, in the 50s, before anyone knew any better.

Two brothers were playing together when the eldest boldly said, “George, I think it’s time that we started swearing.” They decided today would be that day. So at breakfast when their Mother asked what they wanted to eat, the oldest brother bravely said, “Aw fuck, Ma, I’ll just have some Cheerios.” The mother spanked him soundly and sent him crying up to his room. She turned to the younger brother, narrowed her eyes, and said, “And what would YOU like for breakfast?” To which the boy replied, “I don’t know, Ma, but it sure as shit ain’t gunna be Cheerios!” 

Copied this from elsewhere but thought I had to share it.