Miss Adira’s blog for July.

Hi Everyone 

I hope that you are well and still coping well with the current situation. We are all doing good. We have managed to sneak in some meetups. Although you already know this as Aurora has already mentioned this and yes it was nice to see everyone. 

So a bit about what I have been doing, or trying to do. When the lockdown first happened I decided that I should enrol in a HR course, something people have been saying that I should do. With my job I do deal with various staff management and HR issues from staff appraisals and various other issues that arise from working with people. I have been doing this for nearly 20 years. I do not have an official qualification for this though, I do for all my people management and such but not for the HR side of things. 

I’ve started a CIPD Level 5 in HR, this was in April, been struggling with motivation. It is a lot of work assignments. There are approximately 8 different topics that I need to cover, each assignment will have a certain amount of word count and I will also have to submit evidence that I have also been putting some of my learning into practise. 

Therefore this month I have really knuckled down into what I need to do in relation to what it is I need to do and familiarise myself with the site again, where I need to look for things and what it is I need to do to finish this. I have set myself a goal of completing it by January 2021, I have until April 2021 to complete by. 

I know this month is short and sweet, but not much else has been happening. 

Wish me luck with my coursework and that i’ll be able to keep myself motivated 

Daddy’s blog for May.

Manho’s May blog….

  • Hello readers and welcomes to my May blog, so what’s happened in May, lock down is still being upheld however in my job you wouldn’t of realised this, with the amount of empty heads and jelly heads just pottering about, dicks, and I have had me birthday, 43 years young although Little Minxs said I was coming to my fifties, bloody wench. So this years birthday was well, let’s say different, although I was with Piggy and the boy and had a really good birthday with them, not being able to see Little Minxs or Master was crap. This lock down is pissing me off now and I know it’s because of the woohoo flu and it’s for the good of the country and I get it, but still not being able to see Master and Little Minxs for all this time has been I must admit, really hard and cannot wait to see them both again in person. I call several times a day to Little Minxs to make sure she is ok and speak with Master as well, I can’t wait to see them again.

Now on with birthday, I had many pressies, me new motorcycle off my beautiful wife, love her more than she will ever know, even though she doesn’t like the bike, I also got two new Lego speed cars from her as well and I enjoyed building them, I got a Lego bat mobile from my son and from my Master, I got a GoPro for my bike in which he will have to show me how to use and set up properly on the bike. I’m thinking I will set it up on my bike and post stuff on the YouTube, just hearing me rant at all the other road users. Little Minxs got me loads of pressies as well, I got some new panniers for my bike and tank bag and I was only expecting that from her but earlier in the year I had requested a chain, which she had bought me, which I love, so I did really well this year for pressies but would still of liked to see Little Minxs and Master.

So Little Minxs birthday was just over a week after mine and her Miss Adira got her a beautiful Forever Rose, I had bought her something different, it was a flower card, which she really loved, and a couple of Steve Irwin crocodile hunter pop vinyl figures, as for some reason she likes the old Steve Irwin. Now the second Steve Irwin figure came the same day as her birthday and seeing that Boris had lifted the lock down slightly, I decided to have a jolly ride to see Little Minxs on her birthday and give her her pressies which put a big smile on her face, and yes we kept social distance and once all this bloody lock down has been lifted, I promised her a new tattoo as well.

So the rest of this month is pretty much the same old stuff, in work then back home, however with the addition of a little lifting of the lock down, we could go out and meet, so me and another biker friend decided to go for a nice jolly ride on the Sunday. We headed up to north Yorkshire land then across to the lakes and must admit, thoroughly enjoyed it and getting used to the handling of the bike.

I have the bike in for a full service on pay day much to the dismay of Little Minxs, who couldn’t understand why and kept telling me that I rushed to get the bike, in some truth she may be right, however the bike I got was one I really liked and did not want to miss the opportunity of getting it. As for the service, I did explain that it was piece of mind for me, to ensure that it’s done and working with no issues at all, so it would be ready to go to Scotland for a long weekend later in the year possibly.

Anyway, my wonderful readers as promised to my Master,nn my blog is submitted and down well in time, so until next month………. 

Miss Adira’s blog for March.

Fun Day With Aurora

So we a day planned were it was just myself and Aurora, now we haven’t really had a full day together, just me and her.

We were both looking forward to it, now there was lots of spanking fun, lots of dildo and finger play for both of us. Now Aurora is going to be telling you about that part of our day..I’m going to tell you about our strap-on fun.

When our dynamic first began, I bought a strap-on because I’ve always liked the idea of fucking a girl and if I’m honest, a guy too. Therefore, I bought one, told Aurora, at first I don’t think she quite got why..

Anyway, we decided to get the strap-on and give it a go. Now I’d said to Aurora that I wanted her to straddle me first so that I could see her riding me for the first time. I put the strap-on on and that was a laugh in itself, so that lightened the mood. I Lay on the bed so that she could “hop on “ as Sir would say. This was quite a turn on to see her naked straddling me, just as she was about to start riding, we got a call on whatsapp video call, yes her Daddy called, so we answered. You could see by his face  that he couldn’t quite figure out what was going on. Again, we laughed at this and hung up.

Aurora then started to writhe about on my cock, my hands on her thighs looking at her as she enjoyed me and I enjoyed her. She can’t be on top for long as her hips and back won’t allow her, but I’m sure she would off liked to be on to for longer. 

Then it was my turn to fuck her with my cock, something that I had been looking forward to for some time, I didn’t want our first time to be with the boys I wanted it to be just us.

So I said for her to bend over the bed, oh how I do like to see her in this position, her fine ass ready for either a slap or fucking.

I got behind, ran my fingers over her pussy, I then got my cock and slid it into her wet pussy, I then started fucking her, started of slow, as I wasn’t sure how fast, hard or deep to go. Excitement then got the better of me and I started fucking her faster, she began to moan and could tell that she was enjoying it, I began fucking her hard and faster now I knew she was really enjoying it, I could feeling her pushing back on my cock wanting it more, she then came, I slowed down still inside her moving gently she was moving with me, enjoying every inch of my cock. I then said do you want me to fuck your ass, she said yes please. I then got my cock, found her asshole then gently slid into her tight ass, she let out a gasp, now I know how much she likes to be ass fucked, so now I wasn’t going to be gentle, so I started to pound her fine ass, almost immediately she started to push back on me wanting me more, wanting it harder and deeper, I had my hands on her hips fucking my Aurora, giving her what she wanted, a good fucking, ( well I hope it was, ) I can say from my point of view it certainly was. Her bent over in front of me, hands on her hips, feeling myself banging her hard, hearing her moaning, I really wanted to grab a handful of hair pulling her head back, I wasn’t sure if she liked it or not so didn’t, I now know though that she  does.

 I could feel myself building almost ready to cum I found it that exciting. I continued to fuck her, in both her pussy and ass, each time building both myself and Aurora up. I think when we had finished, we were spent.

For our first time using the strap-on, I have to say, it was something that certainly passed my expectations and look forward to many more play times playing together. We have discussed getting a different Dildo for it, one with something that goes into Aurora and one inside me, so that we both can cum together.

I hope that Aurora enjoyed her first girl on girl fucking as much as I did.

I have to say guys, it is hard work fucking someone, so can understand you saying “hop on”.

Manho the Daddy’s blog for March.

Manho the Daddy blog….

So what a colossal shit month March has been, with our great country all but locked down and many a poor souls loosing their lives to this rather fucking shit epidemic, that our wonder Chinese dog eating sons of bitches decided to pass onto the world, well let’s just say, that place needs levelling.

So with the UK now in lock down and only key workers are allowed to work my Little Minxs couldn’t understand why I was a key worker, so I explained I worked with the local government and was front line and that the council still wanted us in, checking up locally none essential business were not open and if so, we are to report through to the police so they could be closed down and also keep an eye on groups of people as well, Little Minxs was not at all pleased about this. However I don’t have much choice in the matter as I am unable to work from home. I have to be in and do my job. 

Now however we have been told from the council that we can have a minimum amount of staff in, so that means four staff members and me as their manager, which is not to bad as I will now share this with another manager and we both seem to get quite a few days off and fully paid for which is a bonus. But to be honest, at this moment in time and not long since I spoke with both Master and Little Minxs, this fucking virus is scaring the shit out of me and the amount of lives it has taken in such a short period of time and not just the elderly but young ones, children as well….

On a little lighter note after having many a discussion with Little Minxs and Piggy about me have another motorcycle and Little Minxs being rather dead against me getting another and to be fair, with the issues I have with my hands an what not, it was decided I could get a sports car instead. Now this is not by any means a midlife crisis, just wanting a toy to play with and if I didn’t have that many issues with my hands, I would most definitely be getting a motorcycle. However after trying to paint the livingroom walls with Piggy a week ago, I did struggle to hold the paint brush for any length of time and that was the ultimate deciding factor in not getting a bike……….bugger.

I sought the wisdom of Master, as he is into his cars and knows quite a lot about sports cars, in what not to buy and he suggested in getting a Mazda MX5. So time to save and as I can’t spend me money at this time, it seems quite the opportunity to save and once the country has gone back to normal then Master and me can go looking for a car.

Now Master and his wicked sense of humour, set us all a task in doing a naked zombie naturist  video and send him the video with this theme. So Sunday lunch time, I was contemplating in what to do in my video and next thing I knows zombie Piggy comes in, all naked, trying to eat me and I must admit her make up was really top notch, very good. So once she had finished and cleaned herself, she helped me do my make up and make me a zombie Manho, so once my make up was done, I decided to go on and be a Chinese Manho dog eating zombie and eat my dog Blue.

Once we were all done we uploaded our videos for Master to watch and be amused by. Me and Piggy watched Little Minxs video and I was very impressed. It had music and her zombie make up was brilliant. Now both me and Little Minxs misread the brief, as it should have been a naked naturist zombie, I was not naked and Little Minxs was partially naked so Piggy won that and to be fair, both the girls were really good, mine was rubbish.

So on a final word I would like to thank all the NHS for their incredible hard work in this very scary and testing times……

Till next time my readers please be safe….

Miss Adira’s blog for February.

The Prod..

So I know a question has been asked by one of Aurora’s friends about my Prod and how it feels.

Let’s start from the beginning, not sure where I’d seen a picture of a prod being used but let’s say it piqued my interest. Wondering what the sensation would be like, how different would it be to getting spanked, would it be worse, the same or something completely different. As I previously mentioned I brought it up in conversation with Sir, he looked at some and then it wasn’t discussed again.

Until Christmas time when Sir had got me one for Christmas, he had a few zaps with it on Boxing Day but no real play plus I was dressed.

It then got brought out when Sir came to visit now this was a proper play and I was naked. I was told to assume the position; it took me a while to get into position to the point where Sir had to begin counting.

Now what has been asked is how does it feel, so to start with, the anticipation of waiting for the prod to be used is an experience in itself. Wondering where it’s going to strike, feeling it running across your skin, feeling the good tingling sensation knowing this won’t last but it does feel good. Then wham it strikes, straight away it takes your breath from you and you feel the jolt as the impact from it moves you, then you get the aftershock then the tingling running through your body, waiting for it to stop but before you do the all too familiar words “Back in position,” begging for time to let the last zap pass knowing that all you’ll get is “Back in position,” you turn around again. The anticipation again builds but now add to this the tingling from the zap that you just received. Your breathing gets heavier, you try to peak to see where Sir is and try to anticipate where he will strike, you start to calm yourself and just then, boom it hits you again, this time for a little longer, this time the tingling is stronger and lasts longer. You get back into position waiting again, but now you feel it running over places that you have never been zapped. Your feet, between your legs, down the side of your boobs, all places that you know will get it but you’re not quite ready, and Sir knows this, I can hear him giggling. I Feel my breathing getting deeper and harder, can feel myself getting excited, feel myself getting wet knowing now that I am completely at his mercy no matter what I say or do, Sir is in control. He now torments more, running it over me more but also a bit harder so I can feel it kinda scraping against me skin, then the bolt hits again. Now I’m squirming, different places have different sensations, I know my feet and pussy are going to get it and I know sooner rather than later.

I’ve also been told then when the prod makes contact with the skin there is a spark, I think I need to record one just to see this for myself.

Next time, our play may include blindfold and being tied down, now how much fun does that sound.