Xmas presents from Daddy, Master and PiggyJ.

I wanted to show you my very special presents i got this year. Firstly Master had bought me 4 charms, spelling Serf, PiggyJ bought me that gorgeous choker, with my charms on it, I think it looks gorgeous. Its more special because its come from both of them.

Daddy wanted to get his own version of showing that I belong to him. Master gave him permission to buy me an ankle bracelet. He ended up buying 2 as one he felt was too small for charms. But he bought charms for the wider one, with L M on it. For the name Daddy gave me, Little Minxs. I absolutely love it, when i feel the charms dangle on my ankle, i cant help but smile to myself.

Daddy also bought me a Pandora bracelet, and lots of charms that each have their own special meaning, like the other 2 bracelets i have.

The lovely heart shape charm was from PiggyJ, it says sister inside. This means such a lot to me, we have come together as sisters, bonded like 2 jigsaw pieces, i couldnt imagine my life without either of them.

Thank you Master, Daddy and PiggyJ. Love you to the moon an back XXXXX

Oh Lordy, the no swearing rule is broken again.

Oh Lordy, the no swearing rule is broken again.

I’m finding the swearing rule has been better, I’m thinking before saying anything now, choosing better words instead of every swear word I know, except when I driving. Then my potty mouth really comes out. I can’t be doing with idiot drivers who don’t indicate before turning, or before getting to a roundabout, those who drive dangerously slow when it’s not the speed limit and those who park illegally. I think my road rage grew having to drive our son to high school and pick him up every day. The town where his school was seemed to have their own rules for driving. So my language got worse and my rage became crazy mad.

But I’ve always tried not to say the f’bomb whilst in the car since I met Daddy. Until today.

Going to see my GP at peak time, the roads were very busy. But the road I drive down to get to the drs is busy, with cars parked on both sides of the street, people driving into the drs carpark. When I got there some silly woman parked her huge estate car halfway over the driveway, making it very difficult to get in and park.

My road rage hit boiling point, and many different curse words had already slipped out, unfortunately I was chatting with Daddy on the phone so he heard everything. As I said before I never use the f’bomb especially in front of Daddy. Until today, when it slipped out not once, but apparently twice. I’ve no idea what words I said but I’ve been told it was a lot, but the worst was using that F word. Twice.

Daddy said we would discuss my potty mouth later on in the evening as I had to get into the drs. Honestly I can’t believe I said it whilst on the phone with him. I may say it when he’s not around and then own up, but not actually say the word. I knew there would be trouble.

Just before bedtime he video called, and told me to tell my sister, (PiggyJ) what I had said. She of course found it all rather amusing. Daddy said there would be a punishment in store for me the following day, when we spent the day together. So knowing PiggyJ would have my back, I asked Daddy if we could possibly discuss the proposed punishment. He said at first that there’s nothing to discuss yet, he hadn’t decided on a punishment. I said, “well there’s other things rather than a spanking”. “Like what ?” Daddy asked. “Things like essays, I hate them, not lines coz they’re easy.” I suggested. He thought about it for a minute, “Okay, I want a chapter of your book about the naughty mouse written.” he told me. “I said an essay not writing my book Daddy.” I replied. Meaning that giving me a topic to write about is much harder to do, than writing a chapter of my book. But he told me he wanted at least a 2500 word chapter, plus one illustration to go with it, to be done by New Year. I could choose the topic of what naughty Rayanna got up to now.

I’m gonna be honest and say that this is a better punishment  for me, I’m thinking about what I did whilst I’m typing, it kinda sinks in more than getting a spanking. And reminds me not to say curse words ever. I don’t know what naughty Rayanna may get up to this time, so if anyone has any ideas, let me know and I will see if I can use it.

Over tired.

Ive been in a grump all day, I know its coz Im tired, having 2 late nights this week does nothing for me.
Especially with my terrible sleeping pattern. Daddys set me early bedtimes, Tuesday, Thursday and tonight. But early means bed at 7, tv off at 8.
Even though I know its what I need, I still sulk at an early bedtime, even when its set out of love and caring about my wellbeing, not a punishment, I will still sulk.
Yet if I had decided to go to bed at 7, that would be okay. I guess I still do not like being told to go to bed early.
By the time it was bedtime though, I had not had a night night video message from Daddy, I sulked about that, a little peeved, and upset.but I left him a video message, making it clear that I was upset and sulking about not getting his. But it wasnt like him not to message.
Last night, even though I turned the tv off at 8, I was still wide awake at 10pm, one hot flush after another, covers off, fan on, covers back on, fan off.
These HRT patches are not doing much to stop my flushes, yet.
I last looked at the clock at 10.15pm, but then woke up at 11.45pm, fell asleep at 2am, woke up at 3.45am.
So Ive been more than a little tired today, still sulking with Daddy, and yes he realised what was wrong, from our first chat early on, he knew I was inna mega mood.
Master has been working in the office most of the day so hes not been around to wind me up, so that was good and ive got my jobs done so thats really good.
Weve a busy weekend ahead, as Daddy and PiggyJ are coming here in the morning, getting their tattoos done, my sketch for Daddy, Masters picture for PiggyJ.im going to stay with them as they are getting done at the same time. Jeremy is doing Daddys, his brother inlaw, A is doing PiggyJs.
After that, come home for a late lunch, then we are going out for dinner as it’s PiggyJs birthday on Sunday. Back home for more drinks, playing, then sleeping.
We will have to see how the dogs behave this time round, last time they stayed over, Muffin got in a right state, her seperation anxiety was at a high, panting, shaking, unable to settle unless I sat with her on the settee. She wouldnt get on the airbed to sleep, Dave wouldnt settle either. So in the end, i stayed on the settee with both dogs until Daddy woke up.
Hopefully we will have a better night, but more importantly I get a good sleep tonight, otherwise it may be a bad day for me.