Wicked Wednesday. Catastrophe.

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Wicked Wednesday. Catastrophe.


This was a hard one to think about. What could I say for catastrophe. The only thing that I kept thinking of was something that happened to a friend in our late teens.

It was around the time when we were all having driving lessons, or actually driving now, some owning their own cars. We were either at college or working, I was already going out with Master, back then he was just G, and we had a good gang of friends.

Our friend K had been driving the longest, her parents had gone away, but K’s car was in the garage so they let her use their car.

It’s pretty standard in the UK to learn to drive in a manual gear shift car, which is what K had. So when it came to borrowing her parents car, she realised it was automatic and she had no clue how to drive it. G, who was used to all cars even though he was younger, gave her a crash course in driving the car, and soon she felt confident in it, which was a good job because she used it quite a lot in the end, as her little car had died and gone to car heaven.

Her parents were home one evening, watching TV when K returned home after a night out. No alcohol was taken by her, she was the designated driver.

But as she went to put the car in neutral, her foot hit the accelerator instead of the brake and suddenly she found she had driven into the house.

And when I say into the house, she had driven through the wall and came to a stop completely INSIDE THE DINING ROOM.

It was safe to say, K was in a state of shock, her parents both flew into the dining room to find the car just coming to a stop. As K burst into tears, her parents were more concerned that she was okay, thankfully she was, but at the time she didn’t understand how it happened. She was just in shock, plus a bit panicky as to what her parents were going to say.

Luckily after Katie explained what she thought happened, her dad said it wasn’t an unusual thing to happen, and you did hear of people driving into cars or gates as their foot slipped onto the accelerator instead of the brake. You didn’t hear very often of cars driven into a house though.

I think if I remember correctly, the car was fixed then sold on, the wall and dining room got an unexpected renovation. Her parents weren’t cross, it was an accident after all.

This was certainly a catastrophe for Katie, though we’ve laughed about it many times. She’s moved on, left our group and joined the Navy, I know she married and had a daughter, but then divorced. We never saw her again once she joined the Navy but I follow her on Facebook to see what she’s up too. But I do find myself thinking about this incident quite often.

Wicked Wednesday. The Evening Meal.


The evening meal.


Every Thursday and Sunday the families come together for dinner. The two brothers were powerful men, worked hard in their business together and at home. Both men were HoH, and it was expected the rest of the family respect each man, Dan and Rob were both Masters to their slaves. But they were also Sir’s to each brothers wife. The men tolerated no misbehaviour from either family member, and would reprimand in whatever way they chose. But the wives loved this dynamic even if they had super strict Masters. The children thought this was normal family life, but their friends did think it was strange, but accepted it.


Today the tension was a little high, the children had been given their blessing to leave with their dessert, Marissa and Toulla cleared the dishes, bringing coffee and whiskey to the men as they talked. Both men as Masters, sat at each end of the table, in big dining chairs with armrests, the rest of the family sat on normal chairs. Once the drinks were served, the men changed conversation, Marissa and Toulla were talking about the children, when Toulla stopped suddenly, listening to the men.

“We’ve set the business weekend, on the 20th, the group from Dallas can come then and so can Dick from Sweden. I’ve invited Susan, I think she should be there to learn the set up. Obviously Toulla and Marissa will be there to entertain.” Dan was saying.

“Good, yes I think we can set…….” Rob was rudely interrupted.

“The 20th, I can’t do anything then, I’m going to a concert. You know that Dan.” Toulla stood up and shouted.

“You will do as you’re told.” Rob sternly told her.

“Well I’m not fucking going,” She spat out at him. “You knew I was going out Dan, why do we need to be there?”

Rob glanced briefly at Dan, who returned with a subtle nod.


Quick as a flash Rob grabbed Toulla’s ear, dragging her off the chair and sent her over the arm of his large chair. She fought him like a wild animal until he slapped her hard across her face twice. Pushing her over the arm once more, Rob lifted her dress up, revealing a large plump bottom, the remains of bruises evident. Tucking the dress out of the way, he began to take his belt off.

“Soap Marissa.” He barked at his wife, Marissa knew exactly what he meant, she was in shock at Toulla’s tantrum, she had never seen her react like that before. She hurried to the kitchen, where the special soap was left, she wet it until it had gone all sudsy then put it on a plate and brought it back to Rob, with a cloth to wipe his hands.

Rob took the soap, ordered Toulla to open her mouth wide so he could rub the soap along her teeth, inside cheeks, roof of her mouth and tongue, then he told her to hold it in her mouth. Toulla had started crying already, realizing what a stupid thing she had just done, she herself was in shock. But when the first strike shook her body, burning her ass, the tears flowed quickly, and holding the soap was becoming tricky.

Rob’s thick, heavy, leather belt whipped across her bottom so quickly, her cheeks wiggled and jiggled continuously, the sight of the belt burning a layer of skin away as it first went white then quickly changed to crimson. Both men were incredibly strong and prided themselves on their powerful body, this could be felt during each punishment given. Still Rob never slowed his pace, her ass was now purple, thick welts travelling across her hips and legs.


All the while Marissa looked down at her knees, she never liked to see anyone punished but she wasn’t allowed to leave, Dan on the other hand looked like he was admiring his brothers belting, he did enjoy watching his wife get beaten, especially for a punishment. He would have his turn when Rob had finished, but he would never say to him, she has had enough. Both men took their roles seriously, and could whip the woman raw if they thought the punishment was necessary. They did not deal with fluffy punishments, even with the children, they would get a strong hand spanking or paddling.


After at least 15 minutes of continuous rhythm, Toulla was crying hysterically, tears streaming down her face, but somehow the soap never left her mouth. Probably from all the experience she had of mouth soaping. Her teeth stuck deeply inside the bar, but soapy slobber fell out of her mouth, it was disgusting.

“Right stand up, young lady, I hope you’ve learnt not to swear at me or interrupt ever again.” Rob said sternly.

He handed her the plate to put the soap on and the towel to wipe her face.

“One mouth rinse then straight into the corner. I think you should be naked for your corner time.” He told her.

Miserably Toulla headed to the bathroom, turning the cold tap on, she turned her head to get the flow of water going straight into her mouth. Swishing and spitting, she worked quickly, as technically this was not one rinse, her arse burned so hot, tight and sore. But she knew Dan wouldn’t forget how she spoke to him. Why did she always throw a tantrum, if she had just explained the double booking, he might have understood, now there was no way he will let her go. Giving her face a quick wash, she dried then hurried back, got undressed then stood in the corner, hands on her head. Tears still flowing as her chest heaved, shoulders shook as she cried and sniffed quietly. Letting the saliva fall out of her mouth so she didn’t swallow soapy slobber.


Marissa quickly tidied the table when Toulla’s daughter walked in, stopping when she saw her mum. This was never hidden from the children, someday it was expected that they will marry into a HoH relationship too.

Marissa stopped to help her, leaving Toulla feeling even more ashamed of herself.


Dan left her in the corner for 1 ½ hours, by then it was her bedtime. He sent her to get ready for bed, but he told her to be bent over the bed ready for a date with his cane. Nodding sadly, Toulla climbed the stairs, thankful to brush her teeth but not for the expected caning. He was in their room waiting for her when she came in. She bent over the bed, hugging a pillow.

“Toulla I was very disappointed in how you spoke to me, had you explained I may have made other arrangements. Now you are not going, you’re grounded for a month and either Rob or I will give you a daily caning to remind you of what happens when you disobey the rules. I will give you tasks to do daily, I expect them done. You don’t want to disappoint me again, do you ?” He asked.

“Nnn..no Master. I’m sorry.” Toulla managed to splutter.

“I know but actions have consequences.” He told her, lifting up his cane.


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Wicked Wednesday. Daddy was sad but Darcy was sadder.


Daddy was sad but Darcy was sadder.

Darcy was having an internal, quiet celebration, Daddy’s most favourite pain implement had snapped. His highly expensive ( not ) shoe horn from Ikea. She wondered if places like Ikea realise the things they sell, us kinky spankos will put to use as a good pain implement or something suitable for BDSM. Most of the things Daddy bought were very strong and painful, we had only one item, a butter paddle, that snapped after only a few uses. But his shoe horn, cost all of £2, it was incredibly strong and very very painful. She always knew when she was in serious trouble if this was brought towards her or if she had to get it for him. Often she would be crying before he started to use it.

But today, just as Daddy dragged her over the armchair, yanked her jeans and panties down, he took the horn off the door, went to wallop her when it snapped in his hand. She could hear cheers and fireworks going off in her head, it took all of her willpower not to cheer YES out loud.  Daddy was really sad, unfortunately he said he would be driving past Ikea next week, so he would pop in to buy another one. Maybe buy a few just so he had them. Oh darn it, Darcy thought as she went to get up, pulling her panties up quickly.

Ermmm young lady did I tell you to get up and pull up your panties ? He sternly told her.   No Daddy but I thought………..She started to say. You thought wrong, get back over and just take your panties and jeans off. Do you not think your Daddy has other things he could use. Darcy started to cry, she had upset Daddy and she was in no position to upset him more. Do not move young lady, Daddy ordered then he left the room. She heard drawers opening, cutlery clanging about, then the drawer shutting again, she then heard him go upstairs. She dared herself to get up, but she didn’t yet. Daddy was upstairs for ages and Darcey was getting bored, so she risked it, she got up, grabbed a magazine and started to read an article on the 50 shades of Grey books. Soon, she became immersed in the article, some people loved it but they were all vanilla, meaning they were not involved in the world of kink. Us kinky folks who lived for BDSM and D/s dynamics said it was a very poor, misrepresentation of all aspects of BDSM. There had been many discussions about the books over the last few weeks, most of them she hadn’t bothered to watch. But this was interesting so she never heard Daddy walk down the stairs until it was too late. Dropping the magazine she flew back over the chair just as Daddy walked in. He knew instantly. Darcy have you moved ? He asked. No Daddy, I’ve stayed right here. She said sweetly, hoping it would hide the panic in her voice. Come here Darcy. He told her, pointing to the floor by his feet. Darcy I want the truth now, did you move from the chair ? He asked once more. No Daddy, I promise, I didn’t. Darcy began to say before tears became her traitors, as they fell down her cheeks. Then why are you crying ? He asked. Darcy just shrugged her shoulders and went to suck her thumb. A sure sign to Daddy that she was lying. Then explain to me how this magazine is on the floor now, when it wasn’t when I left the room. He walked to the open magazine. And just happened to be open at the 50 shades page, Darcy. Can you explain ? Daddy was losing patience, he went from just sad to angry. Darcy you know I don’t like you lying to me, tell me the truth. He tried to say calm, inwards though. this whole event amused him, she really did think she could lie to him, in truth he knew what she was going to do before she did. Darcy shook her head, her big blue eyes looking up at him, slipping her thumb out, she said once more, No Daddy, I promise. Right young lady, I’ve given you a chance to tell the truth, you can go to bed at 8 tonight. Daddy told her. Darcy looked devastated, she flew onto her feet, No Daddy please. You know it’s the semi-final of The Voice tonight, you promised I could stay up late to watch it. Please. She begged, she started to shout, the beginnings of a huge meltdown just seconds away. Little girl you better stop shouting right now, he warned. No Daddy I won’t, you’re not being fair. Darcy screamed. Daddy looked at her, he simply said, Bed after dinner, and now you will not watch the program at all, you will have to hear about it from your friends.

Darcy flew into the meltdown, stamping her feet, shouting, screaming, crying but now adding swear words. You’re now grounded for 2 weeks, do you want to carry on this tantrum ? He asked, folding his arms. Yes Daddy I fucking will, coz you promised, you said I could watch it. She screamed at him. That was the last straw, no one says the F word in this house. Grounded for a month, no phone, no iPad, no laptop, and bed as soon as I’ve finished spanking your butt raw. Daddy told her, grabbing her earlobe, he dragged her back to the chair and pushed her over it. All this Darcy because you couldn’t do as you were told and just stay here. I would have spanked you and it would be all over. Now you’re grounded for a month and can’t watch The Voice. You are your own worst nightmare young lady. Daddy told her, his voice sounding firmer as he got more annoyed. He grabbed the metal spatula and bath brush from the table, taking his belt off too.

After Daddy finished spanking her severely, the bath brush was now his favourite toy, until he went to Ikea. Darcy was so upset, more so to miss her favourite program, as she was told to go to bed. Sucking her thumb, grabbing her teddy it was her turn to be sad now. She cried into teddies tummy, whilst lying on her front, on her bed.

Daddy on the other hand was now sat alone, amused by the entire incident, watching his “adult” little girl throw a tantrum was always funny, but he never let her see he was amused until he was alone. She had many tantrums, in fact she was a wild girl but she was his wild little girl and he loved her.

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Master wants a coffee.

Master wants a coffee

I make one for him quick

I take it into the lounge

And admire he naked dick

I wonder once he’s drunk his brew

If he will let me sit on it

But Master has other plans

And wants to fuck my face

It’s sometimes hard to be a serf

But this one knows her place

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