New story for Miss Adira.

Friday 15th March.

Miss Adira put in my tasks to write either an erotic story or poem, to be sent to her by Friday 6pm. I decided to write a story, based on a Domme/sub dynamic as I’ve never done this before. I now try to write 1 A4 side a day. Miss Adira has told me to post it daily so here’s what I’ve written so far. There’s no title yet, I’ve asked Miss Adira to choose one. I picked Dakota’s name because that was one of the names we liked when choosing Miss Adira’s name and Stephie seemed like a cute submissive name. Please let me know your thoughts or ideas on continuing the story, it’s something I really enjoy doing and keeps my mind occupied and away from my chronic pain.

Chapter 1.

Stephie strained her ears, trying so hard to hear her but the music playing in her headphones prevented to hear anything but beautiful classical music.

She was naked, her arms up, tied to a harness thing on the ceiling, she was stood on two step stools, spread wide, again tied to a harness thing on the floor, like a St Andrews cross, except she was in the middle of the room. That bit she knew.

Dakota had explained she would be tied up for as long as she wanted, she would do what she wanted to her, there was nothing stopping her, except the safe word. Something Stephie hadn’t said yet. Dakota doubted she ever would say it.

Stephie felt cold air blow towards her, causing goosebumps to appear on her skin, she really wanted to rub herself warm.

Suddenly she felt something cold, hard and sharp. Dakota slid the cheese grater across her body, going harder over her ample boobs, harder again over her sexy hard posterior. Dakota spread open one cheek, grating the grater over her most sensitive area. Stephie gasped, trying to move away but she couldn’t. A hand snaked around to her breast, squeezing, teasing her nipple, Stephie groaned in desire, as fingers continued playing with her nipples. Dakota turned the grater around and slapped her butt, Stephie gasped as Dakota continued to paddle her butt cheeks, but still playing with her boobs.

Dakota pushed her front forwards a bit, her butt jutted out, giving Dakota a chance to aim at her sit spot and thighs. She smiled as she heard Stephie cry out, her pretty face screwed up in pain then she walked away.

Stephie lifted her head up, sensing her Mistress was no longer there. Secretly she was thankful for the break, her burning bottom tingled, crying out to be rubbed but she couldn’t. Silent tears were soon swallowed up by the blindfold, tightly tied around her head. Dakota always restrained her tightly, but Stephie only ever tried to get out of them once and she would never do it again.

( One day I may tell you what happened, but for now we will continue with the story. )

Sephie used this break to meditate for a while, knowing full well that the play session was nowhere near being over and she feared what Dakota had planned. After a few minutes meditating, Stephie felt in control of herself again, standing tall of the stools. There was a cold breeze in the room. She suspected Dakota had turned the fan on again, goosebumps went up her arms, making her shiver.

Dakota was watching Stephie on her phone, there was a hidden camera facing her, well actually there were cameras all over the house, even the bathroom. She wanted to know what Stephie was doing at all times, as she was a brat.      

Saturday 16 March.

Stephie felt like she had been tied up for hours, she was cold but her bottom still burned and smarted. She began fidgeting, knocking her knees, wriggling her bum. She was bored and really needed a wee, she couldn’t cry out to Dakota. She began humming, knowing she wasn’t allowed but she was so bored she didn’t care.

Dakota watched as she drank her coffee, her face showed signs of anger but she waited, drank her coffee then headed back. Stephie needed punishing for this lack of respect. Stephie felt the air change, immediately she stopped humming and stood up straight. Suddenly she felt her bit gag go into her mouth, she instinctively opened it, accepting this intrusion which was then tied tightly. She must have heard me singing, Stephie thought. Turning her head left and right in the hope of hearing something, but she didn’t.

Dakota picked up the alcatraz strap, held it firmly in her right hand, her left hand held the end of the long leather tail. It was an evil strap, the holes in it cut into the skin and the leather bruised and whipped away at the skin. Feeling like a layer of skin was flayed away with each stroke. Dakota walked around Stephie, who was still attempting to hear or see something, anything. Just not that strap as Dakota whipped her bottom, once, twice, ten, twenty times. Stephie screamed into the gag, tears flowed quickly into the blindfold. She tried begging but it came out muffled. Moving to the other side of Stephie, Dakota raised the strap once more, hitting the back of her legs, then her upper back, one after the other, twenty, thirty times. Turning around she whipped the front of her legs and across her pelvic area. The length of the strap meant it tailed around too, so it wrapped around her legs and hips. She didn’t care how loud she screamed, she knew she wasn’t allowed to move or speak or scream yet she carried on like the brat she was. Secretly Dakota was amused by this,she wasn’t surprised how much she fidgeted, she had been there an hour already. But the had only just started, now this particular punishment was over.

Dakota put the strap down and picked up a burning candle. She walked back to Stephie, carefully moving the candle around her body, watching how her body flinched away from the heat of the flame. Waving it under her breasts, nipples, happy spot and bottom. She smiled to herself as a drop of hot wax fell over her breast, it dripped down before hardening. Stephie gasped, shaking her head as Dakota let drops fall over her other breast, over her raw back and sore bottom. Stephie shrieked then, she felt the flame wave over her happy spot, pausing as the flame flicked over her clit. Stephie suddenly pushed her bottom away, knocking the candle, sending wax over the floor and over Dakota. She stood quickly and slapped her face hard, twice on both sides. Stephie cried and attempted to say sorry, pleading with her to stop. Instead she let the candle drip over her nipples, making her scream louder, her legs shaking on the stools.

Sunday 17 March.

She had had enough. The leg shaking was always the sign. But Dakota had not finished. Another large drop landed directly on her nipple, then another as Stephie cried out, shaking, trying to twist away. Dakota had had enough, grabbing one breast, she squeezed hard, taking one earphone out, she just said, “ Still,” then put it back. Stephie immediately stopped moving, sobbing quietly, gasping when her breast was let go, eventually DAkota walked away, blowing the candle out. She was not happy with Stephies behaviour at all today, her moving and screaming had ruined her fun, she needed to deal with this now.

Dakota released her from her harnesses, helping the shaky Stephie down from the stools. She removed the blindfold and earphones then released the bit gag. Stephie shook her arms and legs to get the blood flowing again, tears still fell quietly. “ You’ve disappointed me today Stephie, you know you are not permitted to move, wriggle, make so much noise. You’ve let me down, let yourself down. And ruined my play. Now you will be punished for it.” Dakota told her firmly. “ Please Dakota, I’m sorry, please no more, I can’t take any more. “ Stephie pleaded, lifting her hands up to beg but she knew it was a waste of time.

Dakota moved a dining room chair to the middle of the room, “ Come here and kneel on the chair.” Stephie followed her instruction immediately, “ Now lean over and touch the floor, “ pausing for a second before she did it. Embarrassed now as her bottom stuck out and up, knowing whatever was going to happen now, was going to hurt a lot more than what had already happened. Her skin was taught and tight meaning every stroke of a pain implement would hurt like hell. Then Dakota went away for a second, leaving the room before returning with something in her hand. She walked over to the table and began peeling a ginger root, breaking it into two pieces, she quickly, expertly carved each one into a butt plug shape, once satisfied she went back to her naughty sub. Stephie began shaking when Dakota rubbed one ginger plug over her happy spot, noticing how wet she was. Then she inserted that one into her bottom hole, it slid in easily with her own juices over it, the she rubbed the other one all over her happy spot, knowing it would be burning already, then she pushed in into her happy spot hole.

Stephie was already squirming, the heat and pain a piece of root ginger caused was incredible. Satisfied, Stephie was already squirming and uncomfortable, she walked over and picked the dragon cane from her display wall, just as Stephie looked up and saw it. A horrified, pleading look came to her face, Dakota smirked. “ You’ve been a bad girl Stephie, ruining my play is very naughty isn’t it ?” She paused for an answer. “ Yes Dakota, it’s very naughty.” Stephie tried to say more but her voice was shaking too much. “ With each stroke, you are to say, 1, I will not ruin my Mistress’s play. 2, I will not ruin my Mistress’s play.” Dakota said tapping the cane on her crimson bottom.

Monday 18 March.

Stephie was hysterical after the second whip struck across her legs, now Dakota was enjoying herself, she liked to discipline her sub, she expected, demanded perfect behaviour, not what Stephie chose to do today, so she would be taught a harsh lesson. “ Please Dakota, please no more,” Stephie begged and she received another hard whip across her sit spot, she nearly fell onto the floor but luckily she didn’t, that was the last thing she should do. After 30 whips across her crimson backside and legs, Dakota put the cane down.

Gently she helped Stephie up to kneeling on the chair and hugged her tightly, Stephie clung to her Mistress, spluttering I’m sorry over and over. Dakota made soothing noises to calm her down, stroked her hair and back, feeling the welts and across her swollen bottom, she wouldn’t sit comfortably for quite a few days. “Now Stephie, I want you to spend 30 minutes in the corner, standing in your pose then you will go to bed for a nap. Understand Stephie ?” Dakota said quietly. “Yes Ma’am,” Stephie said, moving off the chair and walked awkwardly, painfully to the corner, she put the timer on for 30 minutes then got into her pose. Legs wide, hands behind her back, head bowed. Stephie sniffed throughout her cornertime, her body ached but her bottom felt like there was no skin left on it, the pain was indescribable.

When the timer went off, she turned it off and turned to look for Dakota, there was no sign of her. She had had no instruction from her as to what to do after the cornertime other than have a nap. She was starving and thirsty, so she went to the kitchen, chose a healthy cereal bar, a banana and a tall glass of milk. THen she took them to bed, she decided not to put the television on, just read her kindle until she had eaten. Getting into bed wasn’t easy though, her whole back area was a swollen, bruised, welted mess, the front of her legs were a mess too. Carefully she somehow climbed on the bed and slid on her side so little of her sore area touched the bed. She lifted the quilt over her, flinching as it touched her skin then ate her snack, drank her milk then she felt ready for a nap.

By the time Stephie woke up it was dark outside, looking at the clock, she saw it read 6pm but she didn’t know what time she fell asleep. Trying to move, Stephie let out a little cry, oh she hurt so much, tears sprang to her eyes again. Instead of getting up she decided to just put the telly on for a while. After a few minutes Dakota walked in, “Ah hello sleepy head, you’re finally awake.” She said, climbing on the bed and giving her a kiss. She spotted Stephie flinch, “Sore?” She asked, smirking, “Just a bit, well loads to be honest,” Stephie said looking sheepish. “Right roll over baby, let me look. I know I punished you severely and you understand why I did it, so I hope I don’t have to repeat this ever, or well for a while anyway knowing you.” She chuckled, rubbing her nose on Stephie’s, as she pulled the quilt away.

Dakota wasn’t surprised how she looked, her bottom was swollen almost double. “You’re gonna struggle sitting down for days.” “I know Dakota, but I deserved it,” Stephie said. “You bet you did, but tomorrow because I’m not an awful, evil Domme, you will stay in bed and let me look after you. Let me put some cream on, dinner is nearly ready, we will have dinner in bed, then you can have an early night.”

Master wanted some fun.

As usual, it’s Saturday and the weather is rubbish. Master had some jobs to do but was it possible in this weather ? I asked him what needed to be done and what was possible to do, if you had to stop and restart it, if it was raining. The brakes were not a quick job so he couldn’t do that, but he could get a job done on the Lotus. So he got stuck into that, stopping only once before completing it. I knew he was pleased he had got something done. E went out to meet his girlfriend, by the time Master had some lunch and had a rest, he said let’s go up for some ass fucking. I asked if a fun spanking was possible first, knowing he wanted to try out the vampire paddle. Okay, go and get sorted, he told me.


As I freshened up, Master got some toys out, my eyes bulged when I saw him get the spanking hammer/tawse, the dreaded lash and vampire paddle. I didn’t say anything, it was not my position to complain, even if my face showed fear.

I got the cushions piled high, under my tummy, the pillows under my head whilst my hands grasped the bars from the headboard.

My tummy went into knots, we hadn’t played seriously since we were both sick.

I grasped the bars when Master started with either the lash or tawse. He hit hard with each, after only a few straps, I started to cry, beg and swear. Master warned me not to swear again, luckily I didn’t out loud. Twenty, thirty times, I sobbed into the pillow, if there was a very hard one, I lost my position, after a few seconds to compose myself, I got back onto all fours, with my head down. My bum felt numb yet each hit felt like skin was being whipped away.

A change then, Master used the spanking hammer and fiercely hammered my ass, paying particular attention to sit spots and right between my legs. On an already raw backside, this was extremely painful, but a damn site better than when Master went back to the lash and tawse. The tail whipping my sides, my crying became hysterical.


Which was made even worse when Master whipped my back. This was new……this was not fun…….the pain, I just can’t describe. It pounded my back with such force, I felt my body get pushed into the bed. Lifting myself up, I got told sternly to get into position. Apologising, I dropped down once more, as the hits rained down. I couldn’t cope with it, it felt worse than on my backside.

For a brief second, I wondered how other slaves coped with this, thinking no wonder they screamed.  A friend on Fetlife gets whipped on her back often, she would screech and having watched many of her videos, I knew her Sir hit extremely hard. Now I realised this was probably quite gentle, Master did say afterwards he was hitting very gentle on my back. But it sure didn’t feel that to me. After the fourth or fifth time of getting up, out of position, I felt Master grab my neck, push me into the pillow and told not to move. But I really couldn’t help it. The pain was too much, but I didn’t consider using the safe-word. This was Master’s fun, I couldn’t let him down by stopping already. My screams became louder, I didn’t have the gag in, Master warned me to be quiet. Over and over the lashes continued, going from back to ass, every four or five times I would move again. He fisted my hair harshly pushing my head down, grabbing my neck again, and told not to move and to be quiet. I apologised, in between my sobs. After this got repeated a further three times, I began to really consider the safe-word. But they wouldn’t leave my lips. My body was shaking, my breathing was difficult as I was crying hysterically, Master watched me for a moment then stopped. He rubbed my back, nerves making me jump, wince and cry harder. Bending down, he kissed my shoulder before rubbing my bum. “This spanking hammer is excellent to get the blood flowing,” he said, before hammering my butt again. I screamed into the pillow.


It was then that I felt something hard and cold on my burning skin, as he gave a few hard swats, I’d forgotten about the vampire paddle, until the first hit sent me flying nearly through the ceiling. I’ve no idea on how hard the hits were, as my ass was already so sore, if it just touched me, I’d have cried. I’ve no idea how eep the spikes went inside me, Master said not much and he wasn’t hitting too hard, but I know it wasn’t long before I felt splatters of blood on my legs and soon I felt drips running down my bum and legs. At this point, the safe-word had left my thoughts, was it because I’d reached sub-space, I wasn’t sure if I had. It was all still terribly painful, I didn’t move much then, but I was hysterical with my head buried into the pillows. “Think that will do for now,” Master said. All I can remember was me thinking   FOR NOW !!!!!!!!


I collapsed on the bed, as I seemed to cry harder, I couldn’t move, my body felt exhausted. I think Master must have been watching me for sometime before he reached over to get me up. Immediately I felt blood running down my legs, I must have been so beside myself I didn’t think about blood on the duvet cover. Clinging to Masters shoulders, he carefully put his arms around my waist and stayed hugging me until I had calmed down a bit. Reaching down to kiss me, I felt his tongue find mine, as we invaded each others mouths, passion so intense now, I knew he had really enjoyed himself, this made me feel happy and proud of myself for enduring this play. Eventually we broke for some air, I asked if Master wanted anything. “Mmmm, yes I’d like you to suck me for a bit.”

Getting down to my knees was difficult, every movement seemed to send my body on fire. But I got there, eager to suck his pre-cum I could see shining on his tip. I sucked and chewed, happy to feel Master fist my hair and hold me tight. Then let go again. When I went down on his shaft, I felt Master push his cock deeper so I pulled away a bit. I don’t like deep-throating. But as I pulled away, Master fisted me hard, pushing my head down. I felt his PA touch the back of my throat, panic set in a bit, opening my mouth wider to grab some air. My hands flat against his tummy to help me push away, but he wasn’t letting me go.  Feeling him down my throat a bit, I managed to push his cock to the side of my mouth, helping me breath plus not letting it go down further. Master pulled my hair away, fisted with one hand, he slapped my face, a warning not to repeat this, as I slipped him back into my mouth properly. I tried really hard to get his cock at least to the back of my mouth, the large ball from his PA hit further down before he pulled away. “ Get onto the bed, on your back, legs up. Put the mat down if you’re worried about the blood.”

Getting the mat ready, I painfully got onto my back, my bum right on the edge of the bed. My back hurt when it touched the bed, and my bum, well that screamed at me. My legs were lifted up, and I held onto my toes as I felt Masters cock touch my asshole. Tapping it a few times before sinking into my pussy instead, but as his skin rubbed on my ass, the pain was too much, I began crying, ouching, hairs which felt like needles stabbed me. I couldn’t enjoy it, even though I wanted too. Pulling out, my juices over his cock, gave him the perfect lubricant for my asshole. Crying out a bit when I felt the ball rubbed my insides, I slowly began to relax, I opened my eyes, watching him watching me, my face must have shown every expression of pain, love, passion and more pain. Entering my pussy once more, his skin rubbed on my ass again, more ouches and a few tears smudged my face which probably looked terrible with smeared makeup, tear stains, snot and saliva all mixed in. It can’t have looked sexy yet Master had such a look of desire and wanting, it was a beautiful look. He thrust harder, my feet ended up either side of his chin, my legs splayed outwards as he put his hands on my thighs and pushed deeper. Our eyes connected again, not bothered about me having no orgasm, I was spent anyway, “Ready Serf ? Ready for my cum ?” He said, not really listening anyway, as his thrusts quickened again, deeper and harder until I heard the familiar groan as his seed was ready to shoot into me. Master grunted at each fire of cum, then groaned as his balls had finally emptied. His body now spent, exhausted as he pulled away, standing up fully as he stretched his back, and I did an unladylike turtle roll to get onto my front and climb off the bed. Blood was smeared all over Masters tummy, legs and balls so I got some wipes and cleaned him up. “Right let’s get some photos for your fans, then you better get a shower.” He said, grabbing my phone which had been videoing his fun. He took a load of pictures then I had a careful shower. The water in the shower tray was coloured by the blood as it washed away. Using the soft sponge I washed myself clean, but careful not to scratch my skin or use the exfoliating part of the sponge. My face felt so refreshed but the rest of me was still sore. Getting out to lie on the bed, I asked Master to rub cream in, the cold splodge of antiseptic cream made me jump, it felt so painful whilst Master rubbed it in, then I lay there letting it soak into my wounds. Eventually getting dressed, tidied up, cleaned the vampire paddle that wasn’t too easy, before heading back down again.

Later on I did ask Master why he chose to whip my back, he said, “Just something we hadn’t done. Why, did you not like it ?” I thought carefully before replying, saying “It’s not my choice nor does it matter if I enjoyed it, Master.”

“Good answer Serf and very true.” he replied with an evil smile on his face.