Another cancelled event.

Another outing cancelled due to health issues.

Over the past 15 years, since becoming disabled, I’ve had to cancel a lot of planned events, family and friends special occasions, trips out with our son and many, many theatre trips. I would never know when / if my back was going to get worse, have flare ups with my bowel or IBS. But I won’t let it stop me making arrangements, I just have to pray that I can go. Unfortunately for me, the things I really want to do,  are the things I end up having to cancel.

Two weeks ago, I began a healthy eating plan, well we all began a healthy eating plan. Master and I was following Fitness Pal, Miss Adira joined Slimming World and Daddy just watched what he ate, as he hates counting calories. After being recommended a slow cooker, I purchased one. Now I’m not very good at just throwing stuff in a pot, knowing what flavours go together etc, but I do like the chilli / garlic mix. I also like a paprika mix. I made a chicken casserole, squid and pasta, which was very nice, a paprika chicken casserole, and a squid, mussel and pasta casserole. All things I’ve had before, but not 3 / 4 times a week. The vegetables I added were only the ones I know I can eat. Potato, baby corn, broccoli stems, ( not the tree bit ), green beans and asparagus.

So after the first couple of meals, having no reaction, I thought all was okay. Until Monday, when I began to feel mild twinges in my tummy, and something that I’ve only just put two and two together, I didn’t like the taste of my coffee. I couldn’t drink it, it tasted off even though I knew it wasn’t. I’ve only just realised this connection. By Monday evening, the twinges were stronger and I knew this was an IBS flare up. Tuesday it was really painful, and I had a decision to make.

You see, Wednesday and Thursday were very special days this week, I will explain more in a minute. But for now I had to decide if I felt I should cancel a hotel room for Wednesday night, tuesday evening I decided, no, leave it, it seemed to have calmed down. I packed my case, I was ready.

Until…..that night when it hit me like a juggernaut. If you don’t  suffer with IBS, you won’t know how severe it is, I can only describe it as being in labour without the joys of getting a baby at the end. You feel like your body is being battered from the inside out. Then once the flare up has calmed down, your body remains so sore, you’re muscles have been stretched, contracted so much, it’s the healing after a flare up that takes so long. Walking, holding your tummy so it doesn’t move, sitting, lying carefully, just like you would feel after giving birth.

So why was this particular flare up so disappointing……

In May, I celebrated the big 50 birthday, Miss Adira had planned a trip to watch The Ladyboys of Bangkok then stay over in a hotel.  She wanted us to enjoy some time together, enjoy playing more, a little spanking fun and just being together. I was so excited, it felt like a lonnggg time until it was actually here.

Miss Adira had booked a day off work and worked on Saturday so she could have the second day off. Daddy had done the same as he was going to be our taxi, plus I know he was hoping to get in on some action during the 2 days I was there.

As we got closer to the event it was decided I would go to work with Master, then Daddy would pick me up from there. We were stopping at the supermarket on the way to their house for a few treats in the hotel, plus we needed some pop and water. 

I’d bought a new red dress, which I wanted to wear with new red boots. I thought both Daddy and Miss Adira would love it. Once home and naked, I was to bring up a cup of tea to Miss Adira and snuggle in bed. Once their son left for school, the play would become more intense, her and Daddy wanted to have a threesome play and a tag team spanking. Miss Adira wanted to tap my bottom until raw, before getting to the hotel. I had my list of toys to pack, Mr Spikey, Little and Giant Devil, hammer and tawse, Mr Grater, numerous spikey brushes, vampire paddle and gloves, shoehorn, anal hook, bungee straps, candles, massage oil, lube, plenty of puppy pee mats, wipes, band-aids, bite gag was essential, unfortunately the Giant Devil and shoehorn wouldn’t fit in the case. But I think we had enough really. Miss Adira wanted my bottom to be raw and very very sore during the show. Daddy was taking us to the hotel at 3pm, there they would be more playing, she had charged her precious powerful vibrator, plus she was looking forward to using her new strap-on, she wanted it to be used first time somewhere special, so the hotel was the best place. I’d packed my selfie stick and charged my Gopro, we wanted the spanking recorded and my first time with the strap-on recorded. I’m sure the boys would enjoy watching it. 

So after playtime, we would get dressed up, I’d bought an outfit just for the show, I wanted Miss Adira to be proud of me, to show her girl off to the world as we held hands, walking down the street. Daddy was picking us up and taking us to the restaurant, Prezzo. I’d already looked online at the menu, naturally looking at the puddings first. It’s the law that you work backwards in a menu, choose your pud, then pick a main that won’t be too filling and starter that’s light. That way, you will always have room for your pudding. Now I think we were walking to the theatre for the show, but I could be wrong. Miss Adira had booked front row seats. I had no idea what to expect from the show, Master suspected it could be like a Miss World type of thing, Miss Adira thought it could be more cabaret. We will find out.

Daddy was picking us up after the show and taking us to the hotel. There Miss Adira was hoping for more play, topping up my sore bottom before going to sleep.

Daddy was picking us up in the morning, taking us out for breakfast, before heading back to their house. If there was anything left inside me and Miss Adira hadn’t left me unable to play anymore and all broken, as Daddy put it, then he was going to have his play with me. But he suspected I’d be walking like John Wayne, my happy spot all swollen, used and abused, my bottom hole the same and my bottom cheeks all black, swollen and extremely sore and raw.

At some point in the day, Daddy would take me home. So it was going to be a full, fun filled two days.

Now you can understand why I was so gutted when I got this flare-up. I feel like I’ve let Miss Adira down, all the time she spent organising the two days, the money on tickets and hotel, and now I couldn’t go. Then the familiar feelings came out, they don’t deserve this, we shouldn’t have got into a relationship like this with my disability and health not being great. They don’t need this in their life. Of course, I know this is nonsense, Master told them everything regarding my health at the start, they accepted it all but still doesn’t stop me from feeling the guilt when I had to cancel, especially when I know how much time has been spent organising it.

I told Daddy I was going to have to cancel and he would have to go instead. Then Miss Adira video called, I got upset telling her, she was fine, saying it’s one of those things and yes it does seem to happen a lot to you but there’s plenty of time to do this again. She said we are going to watch Dita Von Teese Burlesque show next year, we could do this then. It’s just one of those things.

Daddy wasn’t impressed at having to go, he didn’t want to watch Ladyboys doing whatever they were doing. They went for dinner at Prezzo, but had no pudding. Very naughty indeed, breaking the law of eating out. They both really enjoyed the show, Miss Adira sent us a lot of videos and photos. But the funniest was when Daddy was dragged up on stage, he had to dance with this ladyboy, sexy dancing, he grinded himself towards her, she rubbed her hands over his groin, he really was enjoying it. On the video all you could hear was Miss Adira laughing so much, which made me laugh even harder, even though it really hurt my tummy. But when they said their goodnight videos, they both said it was a very very good night and the show was great.

So I am really pleased they enjoyed themselves, even though they had to pay for the hotel and not use it, I asked Master to transfer some money to go towards the hotel bill for them, I felt it was only fair as I wasn’t able to go. I will tell them today when I speak to them. I’m just feeling like my insides are battered and bruised now, so it will be a gentle day for me again. 

Plus thinking about cooking basic foods for casseroles, will be something I should have a look at, I’m sure I can cook just a basic meat and veg casserole.

It won’t let me stop booking things again, though Daddy said when we go away next year for the weekend, he’s booking it but not telling me, just telling Master, then only telling me a few days before we go. Maybe it will work out better this way, we will wait and see.

Thursday we went to Blackpool.

Thursday morning Master was doing more jobs on his car. We had until 11am before we had to get ready to go out, so I did some writing, plus gave the dogs their early dinner as they would be alone a long time today, We were leaving at noon to go to Daddy’s, staying there for a few hours before going to Blackpool. There we were going to Coral Island Arcade as it was one of the best, plus there’s a car park just across the road, then drive to Top Chippy, which is the best chip shop in Blackpool but it’s at the other end of town, after the drive through the lights along the promenade.

Every year between September to November Blackpool celebrates the Illuminations, it follows along the promenade for 6 miles, ( 10 km ) as you drive, go on the tram or even go on horse and carriage through the various lights which are above you, and to the side of you there are 3D displays. This celebration began way back in 1879, and is something I as a child have been to many times and still enjoy going now.

So Master and I set off, getting to Daddy’s about 1pm. We had a coffee then Daddy asked if we wanted lunch. He had bought pizzas for everyone and I must admit I felt pretty hungry. Master has had a cold / manflu for 2 weeks and lovingly shared his germs with PiggyJ, so she was feeling a bit rough, my back was really sore so I was feeling very tender, walking was an issue. PiggyJ was naked as we arrived, Daddy wasn’t as he had been out but quickly stripped off when he had made the coffee. He asked why I wasn’t naked, so I told him, Master said not too if my back is too sore. But too be honest, I felt uncomfortable being dressed, it didn’t feel right, plus snuggling with Daddy when it’s not skin on skin isn’t as special. So after we had our pizzas, I stripped off.


Master and PiggyJ went upstairs for a rest / snuggle / bit of fun and a snooze. Daddy and I had another coffee then also had a bit of fun. I asked if Daddy would like a blowjob, we weren’t sure if his PA would be sore after the stretching the day before but he said yes. I rolled over onto my tummy, pushed myself towards him so I could reach his cock. But also made my bottom free for playing with my hole or spanking me. We haven’t done this way before, but it’s great fun, so I wanted to see if Daddy would enjoy it too. There was a little finger / hole fun, a little spanking but only gentle. I’m not good at asking Daddy to do things during sex, mainly because in my Master / slave dynamic, I cannot ask for things. I get what I was given, so I now tend to put it in my blog which I know Master, Daddy and PiggyJ all read, as a way of asking Daddy to do things, it’s the only hard thing about having the 2 dynamics, as I’ve been trained to be Master’s slave for 4 years now, certain things are hard to change. So what I really wanted was if Daddy could enjoy it too, during his BJ, was so spank me hard at the same time, if we had toys around, use them to spank me, use the crop or flogger across my shoulders or bottom and legs, put a plug in, then torment it by pushing it in and out. But only if he could enjoy this at the same time whilst I am sucking his cock. If he can’t then I don’t want him to do it. I understand that at times, it’s hard to do 2 things at the same time whilst having an orgasm. I can’t give a handjob plus use the other hand to tickle his balls, I can just about suck his cock and tickle his balls but that’s it. Maser and I have often giggled over my lack of coordination. But now it’s written down, I know Daddy will talk to PiggyJ about this and then talk to me. So we will see how it goes. I was enjoying sucking his cock, able to nibble his head and chew the sides of his girth, but after a while his PA began to tingle uncomfortably, so I stopped for a while. Rolling over again for more snuggling. I wanted to try again in a while. Soon I climbed down between his legs and gently lowered my mouth over and down his cock. I heard him groan deeply as I started sucking, licking, chewing and nibbling his head and gently playing with his PA. His groans and sighs told me he was enjoying it until the ahhs turned to ouches, so I quickly stopped. Asking if it was sore, he said yes, it’s just tingling, a bit painful. So I snuggled back into Daddy, and we kissed for a long long time. He then stood up and told me to lie on the settee, making sure I was comfy first. Then it was time for gentle fun, no squirting, fingers exploring giving me loving orgasms rather than wild, fierce ones I love the best. But Daddy always manages to find my little button, setting it on fire, rubbing it, flicking it, my nerves were burning with deep pleasure as his knuckles also rubbed along my labia. I love hearing my rings clink together, it really turns me on. I wish Daddy was allowed to just rub his cock against my rings, especially since he got his PA but there is a strict no cock to touch pussy or ass rule, even if it’s only to play with the rings. Instead Daddy sat up above me, one hand wanking himself off,  his other hand fingering me, his thumb rubbing my little button, as we both came together. I giggled as there seemed to be a lot of cum today as Daddy grabbed some tissues to clean me up, then he helped me get up. Having another kiss again, we snuggled on the settee, choosing a film to watch, Daddy made another coffee and we sat watching that.


When it was finished, we realized it was after 5pm, so Daddy gave Master and PiggyJ a shout, he got dressed whilst I slowly grabbed mine, but he sat on the floor and said Let me dress you. I was about to say No, but he said I dress PiggyJ all the time, so I can dress my other wife. I let Daddy dress me, it felt really nice, Master does dress me when I really can’t, so does E, but my stubborness doesn’t let it happen often. But I did say I would put my boots on, as I’ve learnt the knack of how to put them on easily. Soon Master and PiggyJ came down and Master was getting things in the boot, ready for us to go. As PiggyJ got herself ready she said, “Have you had your tablets ?” “Yes,” I replied. “And what you gonna do if we are walking too fast ?” she asked, “Ask you to slow down.” I said. “Good,” She said. This was so so special, it showed that she had really read my blogs, understood what I was saying but she / they would make sure she / they  were going to look after me. And not in the way where I feel I may have my life taken away from me, just that it showed me they were aware of my disabilities and also aware that I am pigheaded and will push myself too far if I’m enjoying myself. They are reading my face, and are starting to gage how much pain I’m in, this hasn’t taken them long to be honest, so I must show more in my face than I realised.

So we were off to Blackpool, for some fun in the arcades. It took about an hour to get there, found a parking space right across the road from the arcade, so off we went. First to get some cash out for Master and I. I took out £40, £20 each for the arcade. We split up then, Master and PiggyJ went one way, me and Daddy the other. I had emptied out my slummie box, all the loose change you don’t want in your purse, then Daddy had them all changed into 2 pences, put into 2 tubs for us both to carry around, Daddy and I looked for the silly 2p games where you roll the 2p down and hope it falls flat on the shelf then as the shelf moves, it knocks off more 2p’s. So you get more money back plus you won tickets. I seemed to find one game that just kept giving me loads and loads of tickets. I shoved them all in my bag as we moved to other games. I was hurting a bit, but I never said anything as we were all having fun and there was nothing that could be done anyway. We went on a silly ghost train, some things in there did make me jump. Having a giggle when I tried to get out of the carriage, as a nice young man came to help us out. I got my leg stuck, well  I couldn’t get my leg over, until this young man came over, I stumbled a little then giggling I told him, “I couldn’t get my leg over, erm I mean I couldn’t lift my leg out of the carriage.” We all chuckled over my comment, we got a sketch drawn of us both that came out really nicely. I need to copy it for Daddy so he has one. I tried to go on the grab a bear games, I used to be really good at them. This took me back 30 years when we used to go to Blackpool with all our friends, the lads would win as many teddies as they could and give them all to the girls. Some I still have as dog toys. Some my parents still have. But the teddies back then filled the container, all loose and easy to grab, whereas these were not. They were right at the bottom of the box, and I may be too suspicious, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were stuck down. So I never tried again. Instead we worked on winning tickets, with no idea what you could win with them, but I hoped I could get a teddy. When we found Master and PiggyJ, they were playing 2p similar games but instead of winning tickets, you could get keyrings, if they fell with the money. Master always played these, and had a pocket full, so he emptied his pockets, putting them all in my bag, “Sir’s a right gambler when he plays these games isn’t he,” PiggyJ said, I nodded, telling her he always loved these games. Eventually, we spent up, and didn’t want the temptation of getting more cash out. Daddy and I took our tickets to be counted, 750 ! We couldn’t believe it, I think we got a lot from a farming game we began playing. I spotted a Coral Island Pirate teddy fo 650 tickets then used the rest on sweeties for Daddy, PiggyJ and Master. We checked the time and it was 9.30pm, we couldn’t believe it was that late so Master and PiggyJ then counted their tickets and both got a bag of sweets each. Before we headed to the car, I had to buy some Blackpool rock, various flavours for us all, fudge and Kendal mint cake and some fridge magnets. Then we headed for the car, and drove to Top chippy. Daddy and I had fish and chips, Master and PiggyJ I think both had chips on a bun. We were going to sit inside the chip shop but Master said it wasn’t worth me struggling to get out then in again. So Master and PiggyJ got dinner, then Master drove to a parking space along the promenade right in front of the sea. Not that we could see anything coz it was pitch black, though when cars went past we wondered if any of them were going dogging. We munched on our chips, the fish was very nice, we all had drinks so I could take my night time meds as I was in need of some now. Then we all wrapped up, Master lowered the roof of the car and we drove through the lights. This year they were quite good, or I thought they were anyway. The drive through was nice as it wasn’t busy, so we were able to just drive slow enough to see the lights properly, but not stopping and starting then we had a nice drive home, through Lytham, along its promenade, we saw the windmill thats on the front, it looked lovely all lit up. As we headed towards our town, the night was that clear that we could see Blackpool from across the sea, we could see Blackpool Tower clearly, though not the fairground as that was shut. It was a cold in the car but it was nice having the roof down, seeing the stars above us, the moon shining down.

By the time we got home we were all ready for a hot drink. The dogs were very excited to see us but Muffin wasn’t herself. She was panting severely and seemed like something was wrong as she was twitching and not settling. It kinda put a dampener on the evening as it just wasn’t like her. Master and PiggyJ went up to bed, whilst Daddy pumped our airbed up, finding space on the floor, made me realise how little floor space we have. But we just about fit it in, leaving a bit of space around it. We watched a bit of TV in bed then turned it off, It had been a great day but a long one.

Typically, I had a rubbish sleep, hearing Muffin still panting like mad, unsettled still, I woke up at 3am, after going to sleep at 12am. I got up and gave Muffin some ibuprofen, then sat on the settee and read my book. Daddy was still fast asleep, though I think he had a restless night too. I was just getting really worried about Muffin, finally she calmed down enough to fall asleep for a while next to me on the settee. I stayed there until Daddy woke up, then climbed into bed with him. Thankfully Muffin stayed on the settee whilst I snuggled Daddy, Morning kisses and play is such fun, Still gentle fun, my back is still sore, Daddy rubbed my rings, finding my button, he went down on it, sucking, flicking, nibbling it, his tongue deep inside my hole, then as he moved his mouth away, his fingers replaced it, I was spiralling into one orgasm after another, that thumb on my clit is just sensational, he gets me every time. One leg was around his waist, one leg over his shoulder, he seems to like this position as he puts me this way often, but I like it too because I can still watch his face and look at those sexy tattoos on his body. I’ve never been turned on by tattoos until I met Daddy. I liked them, but I could either take them or leave them. Sitting up he used one hand to wank himself, the other to rub my button, though I could still hear my rings clinking. I don’t know why that sound turns me on so much but it does. Soon I bagan to reach my highs again, I heard Daddy groan, he does this funny noise, almost like a yelp but not, when he is close to cumming, I can’t describe it anymore than that, but he’s made this funny noise every time he’s been close to cumming. Then his cum flew across my pussy and tummy. We grinned at each other as he leaned forward to kiss me again before getting up. I made the coffee whilst Daddy folded the blankets and put the pillows in the kitchen, he let the air out of the airbed and folded it up, getting it in the box again. We got the living room back in order again, Muffin began panting and running around, unsettled, then we sat down and put a film on. There was no sound yet from the other 2 upstairs so we enjoyed snuggling together. Soon there were little cries coming from upstairs, a few ouches, laughing, so we gathered they were awake. Master had the Drs at 9am, so I had woken him at 8am. Obviously he decided to wake PiggyJ up so they could have a bit of fun. She then messaged me asking me Where was Sir’s coffee ? I gathered by that he wanted his coffee taking upstairs, so I made a cup of tea for Jayne and took them both up. Master was getting dressed then, so I ended up bringing his coffee downstairs again. I asked PiggyJ if she wanted anything, I could tell she was feeling rough from catching Masters cold / manflu. She asked for some pain meds then I told her to go back to sleep. Master left for the Drs then. Daddy and I continued to watch the film, then Master returned.

We spent the morning watching Scream 2 and 3, BORRRIIINNNNGGGG. So I began to write this blog. Master made us all breakfast which was yummie, I made the drinks, but PiggyJ was looking and feeling pretty rough. I think she wanted to curl up in her own bed and just sleep. After the second Scream, Daddy told PiggyJ it was time to go home. Master had to drive them but I asked if they minded if I stayed home and tidied up, plus keep an eye on Muffin. She had started to calm down so I think she was worked up because we had been out a long time yesterday, then we had visitors staying over, she’s a dog that likes her routine and though she loves Daddy, it’s still not the normal routine. Bless her.

So Master drove them both home, he had bought a camera for their bedroom, so they set it up, Master had connected it to his phone so anytime he wanted, he could call out to PiggyJ or Daddy, or talk to them, watch them or take photos and send us them. I think it’s going to be rather amusing. Now he’s tried this one out, I think he will buy one for ours and their living room. Then I suggested one for the kitchen facing the garden as we all know how much Master likes setting outdoor tasks. These cameras will be fun.

So we had a lovely couple of days as our foursome, fun and games was had by all. We’ve not got another day planned apart from Tuesday when Daddy is coming with me to get my piggy tattoo redone. Keeping me brave as I know it’s gonna hurt like hell as the entire thing needs redoing. Plus I have to watch my language too. So watch this space, see if I can get through it with any potty mouth and hopefully I won’t bleed loads so it has to be done for a third time. I’m not very confident about my not swearing during it if I’m honest, I think I will end up with a punishment. But I will try my best as Daddy is with me, maybe I need to take my gag.

Another trip to Windermere.

Yesterday I had another trip to Windermere, this time it was with Daddy and PiggyJ. Daddy said he’s proud to go out with his 2 wives. I can’t help but grin when I write this coz it just sounds so nice.

Now as they live in the same town where Master works, I went with Master at 6.30am, far too early to be out, but then Daddy was there to pick me up from Masters work at 7.30am, we had to go to the supermarket for a few bits then went back to their house. Their son was still getting ready for school so there was no canoodling until he left. But as Daddy nor PiggyJ asked Master if they could play, we couldn’t do anything, I had asked and he said I could play but as the others hadn’t asked, I could not play with them.

Once their son had left PiggyJ and I had a kiss and hug, I said I wasn’t sure if I should kiss her in front of him so I didn’t. Not that he would probably notice as a typical 11 year old boy. His head is stuck into his phone until it’s time to go. Lol. I’m so glad the school days are over for us  But I had cuddles with Daddy whilst PiggyJ got ready. We were then heading back to near Masters work, to a pub for an all you could eat breakfast. And it was lovely and you could have as much as you wanted.

Then we headed to Windermere, the plan was to go on the same boat trip Daddy and I went on a few weeks before, but I wanted PiggyJ to choose this time, so she saw at the halfway point of the boat trip, you could get a steam train ride following along the southern point of the lake then back again, followed by a trip to the aquarium. We all decided we liked this idea and Daddy ordered the 3 in 1 tickets.

As we arrived at the same car park, we went to the same cafe/children’s play centre, the coffee is always nice in there but we had no room for cake as breakfast was so filling. As always Daddy poured our sugar into our drinks, stirred them before sorting his own drink out. It really is so sweet.

Then we headed to the pier to pick up the tickets and join the queue to get on a very old looking boat. Daddy felt very proud to hold both our hands as we walked along, PiggyJ and I had a few kisses whilst we waited to get on the boat. We walked right to the front of the boat and got a seat there, it was lovely, cold, but lovely. You could clearly see the mountains this time. We tried to imagine if we owned one of the beautiful houses that sat by the lake, or one that was sat huddled amongst trees all secluded. As you come past a biggish island in the lake you could see the top of a house, the island was privately owned, needing their own boats to get them to shore, so we decided that should be our house. Master could have his dungeon all kitted out, it was secluded and sheltered so you could walk around naked for ever, have outdoor fun and games without worrying about the neighbours. It would be perfect.

But it’s not for sale, plus no one was financially able to afford it, though we could only guess it probably cost a few million pounds for the house and island.

It’s nice having silly pipe dreams in your head. If we ever did the lottery you never know, we could find something perfect, if we won. But we would have to start playing it first. Lol.

Off the boat, we headed straight for the steam train, which was just across the pathway. It was difficult getting in, Daddy went first, PiggyJ took my walking stick and helped guide me up the 3 steep steps then I was in. We went into the first empty carriage. It just reminded me of the trains from The Railway Children or Harry Potter, the sliding door, the seats that could take probably 4 people on each side, the steam and whistle. It was very nostalgic.

At one time you went under a tunnel, it went pitch black, the lights had no bulbs in them, so we couldn’t switch them on, but coming out of the tunnel to big rolls of smoke from the engine. It was very pretty and lovely seeing the other part of the lake that you wouldn’t normally see.

We came to a stop, then I presume they were moving the engine to the other side of the train. Then we went off again as we just chatted.

A conversation we had had many times was punishment in a Daddy/little dynamic. I’d been chatting to other Daddy’s on Spanking Tube who said the punishment was as a normal D/s dynamic, so as adults, not thinking that, like for us, my little age was around 8 years old which meant Daddy wouldn’t thrash me with a belt, or punish severely, even though I know it’s what I need and want. But PiggyJ gave her views on it as well, and I think he has now agreed that punishment would be adult based.

So I commented on my potty mouth. Now PiggyJ and Daddy won’t say I’m wrong, they swear a lot, the f bomb comes out, many other words I wouldn’t say but many I would and have, but again Daddy didn’t notice until I owned up. He honestly said he only remembered me saying 1 f bomb, I said along with other words that these days, are just everyday language for most people. So he asked if I wanted this to be a strict punishment. I said Yes, he wouldn’t let me swear so much if we were alone.

Last tripout he threatened to spank me there and then regardless of who was around, I’m not sure if that’s true or not, Master threatens it but doesn’t because he’s worried what people would say, but Daddy doesn’t care about that, so I’m not sure.

But even PiggyJ was saying you needed to be constant with the punishment too, so if she does it again during or after her punishment, then Daddy needed to take the next step until she realises she should not swear at all. I think PiggyJ has got the idea of how I want Daddy to be, but it’s training him, guiding him so it becomes natural for him, and it is working. He has found he has a sadistic side, nowhere near the same extent as Master. But every time we play he’s learning more. I also made a point of what happens if my back plays up. I told them that the only time Master didn’t do an expected punishment was if my back was really really bad.  Then it was only postponed, but if it was bad but not too bad, he may say a different position, like over the bed or lie over the settee rather than OTK or other positions he likes to put me in, Daddy listened carefully and said okay that will work. I assured him I never use it as an excuse not to get the due punishment, my back is a very serious health problem so I would never mess around there. Master and Daddy would be furious if I did that.

PiggyJ spent a while discussing Master, his little tricks to get you in trouble, or his annoying little habits he has. It was good to.know she has got him right immediately, saying she knows when to stop and shut up plus she has learnt from experience what happens if she back chats him.

It was good to discuss how we each felt about it, going from discussing piss play, blood play with Daddy, starting the anal play which is just beginning with her. I was able to advise, listening to her as she trains her gag reflex, she said I know the time will come when anal.plugs will be used and other things.

She’s been watching a lot of our videos, apart from saying I must be mad to enjoy what I do, there were a few things she watched thinking no way, and others thinking I was mad but willing to give it a go. I think she will become a really good sub for Master, well not even become, she is a perfect sub for him, until she throws a temper and is sent to bed. Then it’s welcome to my world.

Once the train took us back again, it was a v v deep step to get down, Daddy went first, taking my stick then I took PiggyJ’s hands to help support me getting down. I must admit that hurt a lot.

We then went on to the aquarium, and there were lots of steps to get upstairs, but PiggyJ said “there’s a lift,” so Daddy said “right we will use that.” I tried telling him that I was capable to walk upstairs, but I got the look, followed by “we are taking the lift,” so I chose not to argue. There was a very small niggle that my independence was being taken away even more but I know that’s not true. It’s the love both Daddy and PiggyJ have for me, for us, to care for me and look after me, and make sure I don’t do stupid things or push myself too far. And they both know I would but if I did, I would get a flare-up, meaning no play, usually meaning punishments for pushing myself too far as well because Daddy is being very strict on that. But I know it’s for the best too. Even if I strop.

But we had a lovely walk through the aquarium, it wasn’t huge, which was good really, as I was beginning to hurt, towards the end you went down the stairs, or in my case, we went down in the lift and you walked under the aquariums, seeing some pretty huge fish. Some names I recognised due to me liking to watch certain fishing programmes that Robson Green presented. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of very nice eye candy during a program, especially if he’s only wearing shorts. HHHMMmmmmmm yummie. Very nice eye candy.

Anyway we finished with the aquarium and had a while to wait for the next boat, so we went to the cafe, had a late lunch/early dinner. But when I asked for a glass of water to take some meds, that’s when Daddy realised I was sore. We sat down and I took them immediately, I think he was a bit annoyed I didn’t tell him, but we were in the aquarium, there was nothing to be done until we left there and I didn’t want to leave early.

We had a very big coffee and a panini each and finished just as the boat arrived. Now where we came out of the cafe, apparently the queue to get on the boat was right around the other side and I really didn’t feel I could walk that far around to get to the end of the queue, so Daddy told a rather brusque harbour man that we would stay there and wait until the end of the queue, and he watched to make sure we did not jump in.

At first we were going to sit inside but Daddy spotted the front outside area was free, though it was very cold, it was also really nice. The fresh air blew away the cobwebs, it was cozy, it felt special, Daddy sat with his girls and how proud was he looking all the time, it just felt right.

On the way back to the car I had to walk slower, I’ve been trying to keep up to Daddy’s paces all the time when really I should just say you will have to walk as if you had a 90 year old wife and go slow, very very very slow. Even my “fast” pace is an 80 year olds pace, but then that’s not fair because my Dad is 84 and still flies around the house. Though I am a little bit quicker than my 84 year old mum. I sat in the front seat on the way home, PiggyJ soon fell asleep, Daddy and I were quiet, but a good peaceful, quiet.

Master was already home when we got home, I made them all drinks and I could tell that Master was going to want some fun with PiggyJ before they left. Eventually Master stood up, held his hand up, so she took it and off they went. Now as Daddy hadn’t asked if we could play, we couldn’t, but to be fair, I think we were both too tired, plus he probably wouldn’t want to play incase it made me more sore. But we enjoyed snuggles, though I had to share him with the dogs, they both wanted to sit on Daddy R’s knee. Funny how the dogs know his name already, I’m getting them to recognise J’s. After a while we heard a sharp slap, we both looked at each other as the slaps continued and sounded painful. “That sounds like a punishment,” Daddy said. “But she’s not earned anything, her slate was clean after her bad one on Saturday.” I said, I must admit, we were both confused. It certainly sounded like a punishment. And it didn’t seem to finish, we heard PiggyJ cry out a few times, then a sharper cry and we both said, “That’s Master biting her, probably where he’s just spanked her.” Then it still carried on.

Eventually they finished and came downstairs, PiggyJ looked like there may have been some tears, or she was fighting them away. We asked if that was play, “Oh no, tell them what you called me.” Master said. “I ermmmm I called him a smart arse. Coz he said something so I just replied smart arse. Then all of a sudden he was up, rummaging through the toy drawer, pulling out the Jokari paddle, he began walloping her hard on her jeans covered ass. Not long after, he just yanked her jeans down, panties too and continued. PiggyJ has begun a healthy eating program and has already lost quite a bit of weight, which was why he was able to just yank them down without needing to unfasten the button or zip. The louder cry was a bite where he was paddling her, but apparently it was only a “small bite”. But this will teach her not to call Master any such names, in jest or in anger as it doesn’t end well for ones backside.

After that, we said our goodbyes, waved them off and left Jayne with a burning bum for her one hours journey home. It’s only Daddy that’s not experienced that Jokari but he’s been a very good boy for Master since that whipping punishment a few weeks ago, but now PiggyJ understands how bad the Jokari was.

We’ve not long until we see them again, actually seeing them tomorrow, (Wednesday), Thursday they are staying over here, and doing something Friday. So a very nice few days ahead planned.

Trip to the Lake District.

Day trip to Windermere.

On Monday it was Daddy’s day off and he always tries to do something nice with me and this time he wanted to take me to the Lake District as he knew I loved it there.

He borrowed his parents car, as I can’t drive that far and picked me up at 9am. But first he came in to see the babies and make sure I had everything I needed, mainly making sure I had my meds and walking stick. Muffin was sulking because I took them out for a walk before Daddy arrived, it was raining so I had to put their coats on, and walk them in the rain. Two things Muffin hates, so I only gave them a short walk. When Daddy came in he said, “What’s up with Muffin, she looks in a mood ?” I explained about the walk, “She’s just sulking,” I said laughing.

So we left my sulking dogs and headed off. It was nice being in the car together, chatting about anything and everything, Daddy held my hand when he could which was lovely, made it feel really cozy. Unfortunately the weather was really yukky, typical Lake District weather. Overcast, cool and very wet. But we weren’t going to let that put us off.

Daddy found the car park he wanted, stupidly I forgot my disabled parking badge, so we had to use a standard car space which is always a bit tight for me to get out, but I managed whilst Daddy went to the pay and display. He had booked tickets for a boat ride down Lake Windermere, but we had time for a coffee first.

There was a coffee shop or a pub to go too, thinking it was a bit early to go to a pub for a coffee we chose the coffee shop. Plus they had really yummie looking cakes, Daddy ordered carrot cake and I had salted caramel cake. It was only when we sat down did we realise it was a childrens play centre, which got us both giggling. He took a photo of me next to the playcentre, sending it to Master, saying He’s brought his little girl to the right place.

We enjoyed our cake and coffee, but always the true gentleman, Daddy made sure I had sweeteners for my coffee, before sitting down.

After our coffee break, we headed towards the ticket booth, picked up the tickets and was told to go to the pier and gate 1. We joined the queue as the boat had just arrived so the people had to get off before we were allowed to climb on. We wanted to go on the top deck which was open to the elements, but had a roof. Finding a seat, Daddy was concerned I would get cold and wet, but I wanted to be out in the fresh air, not caring if I got wet. We left Windermere and headed to Lakeside, south of the lake. The entire trip would take 90 minutes. With it being grey and overcast you couldn’t see the views, which was a shame but honestly, I didn’t care. I snuggled into Daddy, holding his hand, having a kiss and chatted about allsorts. I didn’t really feel cold, my dress was getting wet but I wasn’t bothered.

When we got to Lakeside, some people got off, there was a steam train ride you could go on, plus a look around. But we stayed on the boat. Other people got on then we were off again. Taking us around the other side of the lake, it looked like the sky was clearing, you could see the views and the mountains. My Mum would have been able to tell us what each mountain was called and if we had climbed it when we were kids a few years ago, don’t think she could now though.

Daddy went to get us a coffee, I know he was worried I was cold but I was having too much fun to care. Having the fresh air blow over my face, even feeling the rain was lovely. When Daddy returned, carrying a tray with 2 coffees plus a green bean bag toy frog and a purple lizard. Popping them on my knee, I held the tray whilst he put the sugar in my coffee, stirred it then handed me the cup and saucer, meanwhile Daddy’s coffee had slopped over. I did think the coffee would be better served in takeaway cups, with a lid seeing as you had to climb stairs and being on a boat. But Daddy left the tray on his knee so the coffee didn’t drip onto his clothes. He likes his coffee piping hot, so he had soon finished it. Meanwhile I was just sipping mine, but it warmed me up. Resting my head on Daddy’s shoulder, we enjoyed watching the scenery go by, he held my hand then said, “You’re hands are freezing, do you want to go downstairs ?” I shook my head, I was happy where I was.

Unfortunately the clouds only lifted briefly to see the mountains but it was still a lovely boat ride. All the times I’ve been to the Lakes, I’ve never done a boat ride.

We had some steep steps to do down once the boat had stopped, so I had to go crab fashion, going sideways. Daddy took my stick, so I could use both hands on the rail, he walked down them in front of me, one step at a time, making sure I was okay after each step.

Once off the boat we decide to go for lunch. We were wondering if we should go for a wander to the shops first as we were in the middle of the town but I needed my meds so we went back to the bar for lunch. We both chose a sandwich and chips, and it was very tasty and filling. Daddy made sure I took my tablets before we left and rested enough before we hit the shops.

We wanted to find some different shot glasses for J, as she collects them and always asks Daddy to buy one when he goes out. The shops went up a very steep hill, and it took some effort to walk up but I made it into a few shops. We found a chocolate shop, so he bought some for me, J and Master, then went into a gift shop. There we found some gifts for everyone and felt very happy with our purchases. Daddy wouldn’t let me carry the bag, but also I wouldn’t be able to hold his hand, if I carried it so I let him carry it, without arguing. Coming out of that shop, Daddy spotted a Pandora shop across the road, Daddy wants to buy me a charm bracelet for Christmas, it’s going to be that special gift from him to me, having letter charms saying my name. Or even having Daddys Little Minxs around it. But ankles are bigger than wrists and we went to ask if they sold ankle bracelets but they didn’t. The only thing they suggested was buying 2 smaller bracelets to make one. Hmmmmm, no wonder they would suggest that, at double the cost !!!!! No thank you, so we’ll just keep looking.

I think it shows how serious we all are in our dynamic because we have already planned Christmas presents from me to Daddy, he’s having the ladder piercing up his balls. J is getting a tattoo from Master, one designed from him to her and Daddy is getting me the ankle bracelet. There are still presents from us subs to Master to plan but these 3 gifts resemble and mean a lot to us.

Next week J and I are getting a tattoo done, the same picture, on our ankles. A piggy on a surfboard, Piggy being J’s nickname from Master and the ‘Serf’board being my name from Master. I will show you the picture next week when we go on Wednesday, but this will connect me and J, Master’s girls, God that sounds pretty awesome writing it down. Master’s girls. How good must Master feel ? How good must Daddy feel too, he says he now has 2 beautiful wives and couldn’t be happier.

Sometimes things just happen unexpectedly for a reason, and if it was meant to be, it was meant to be. This dynamic clearly was meant to be.

So gifts bought, I was aware my walking was getting slower, I was getting sore, but I was still having fun. We were headed back to the car but Daddy asked if I wanted a coffee before we went home. I said yes, I wanted to sit down for a bit before we left, so we went back to the same coffee shop. As the lady brought our coffee, she spotted Daddy had already opened the sugar sachets, dropping them in my coffee and stirred it for me.

“Oh my goodness, what a gentleman, putting your sugar in your coffee, he’s a keeper.” She said. I giggled, a massive silly grin on my face, “He is that, and he’s not going anywhere.” I replied as Daddy hugged me, holding my hand. He kissed my head but I turned to face him and planted a kiss on his lips.

I wonder what she would’ve thought had she known our dynamic. Probably at first, WTF, then you go for it girl, it’s what life is all about.

Finishing our coffee we headed back to the car, it had been a pretty special day, just long enough for me to cope with, though I know I will be sore for a few days, that’s to be expected. It will be worth it.

The Weekend Play, Sunday.

So after getting up after 3 hours sleep, I had my breakfast, a long hot shower, then woke Master up. We had everything ready, so it was just a case of putting a bag with drinks and snacks in and us. The forecast said it would be about 18 degrees so we didn’t bother with suncream and I didn’t put my sunhat on as I decided to wear a high up ponytail, I love feeling my hair swing from side to side now its getting so long, and Master loves my hair either plaited or in a ponytail, he really loves pigtails but I’ve still got to master a straight parting at the back before I can do them.

I chose one of my orange dresses, it’s a little see-through, so it makes me feel a bit sexy and shows off my tattoos, plus it matches my orange nails with black flowers, I have at the moment.

So off we went, meeting up with 20 other kit cars just off the M6. As it was early it was quite chilly, we were in the Lotus, and didn’t have the doors or roof on so I was glad when Master told me to put a coat on. We arrived in Blackpool at 9 am, as usual we got lost, so in convoy, we all had to turn around, some guys were doing donuts, loud, roaring engines, screeching tires caused a lot of attention. Then we lost half of the convoy when we got caught on a red light, having no idea which way to go. All we knew was we were going to be based opposite Blackpool Tower, so all we had to do was head over there, somehow. Eventually with a few more wrong turns, our small convoy reached the promenade and joined the queue to meet the other cars. Very slowly we met everyone else, guys were putting the gazebo up and all the flags that go up, some guys were polishing the cars after their journey, there was only 1 other girl, whom I didn’t know, but I got my chair out and sat by the car in the glorious sun. And it was roasting, certainly not 18 degrees, even by 10 am, Master was needing suncream. Luckily as he was says he would need to sit in the shade, the man behind us said, “I’ve just put some on, as I can feel it’s getting hot already.“ “Could I please bother you and have some of your suncream, we didn’t bring ours as the forecast said it wasn’t going to be sunny.” Master asked, I didn’t bother, if I catch the sun, I will tan, Master doesn’t, he tends to just burn. So I sat in the sun, reading and people watching. There was a punk convention going on in Blackpool too, so there were lots of mohawks and spikey hair cuts with crazy mad colours, some of them were pretty cool.

I got a message from Daddy to say they had just parked in town and were heading to us, I suddenly felt very nervous. We had moved the chairs to under the gazebo so Master had some shade. Master had gone for a wander around the show and told me to message him once they arrived, So I quickly sent a message, I was still in the sun when Master came back, so we continued to people watch and I was reading. My nerves had quickly gone, I was looking forward to meeting them both.

Soon enough Master spotted them, “Hello Master,” Daddy called, this was something Master will have to tell them, that when we are in company, we must act vanilla. Master did not like mixing our real kink life to our real vanilla life. I think we hugged, but honestly can’t remember, instinctively, I began talking to Daddy, Master was talking with J. The conversation was basically how happy we were with the dynamic, then Daddy asked me to show him Masters car. So we walked off to show him, he had a bag with him which he gave to me, 2 colouring books and some colouring pencils, I thanked him, giving him a quick hug, I don’t think we kissed then. I also had a pink folder for him, containing the poem I wrote for him, I had rewritten it so we could both have a copy, a copy of the sketch I drew for him and the apology letter I wrote. He said he would keep everything in there. I will copy my sketches every time I do them so Daddy has them too.

After a long chat I looked over at J, who was looking quite bored, she doesn’t like car shows, doesn’t understand the excitement of them, and I do see her point. My only interest is if the car looks nice and most importantly, if its a nice colour. But this was the first car show I actually never looked around. But I wanted to enjoy the sun so stayed where I was. Anyway I said to Daddy we better go and see J as she looked so bored.

As it was lunchtime we decided to go for lunch, the other club members would keep an eye out on Masters car. We were only across the road to the town centre, most of the popular pubs were queueing outside the door so we passed a Harry Ramsden Fish and chip shop, we decided to go there, a waitress showed us to a table as we chatted and looked over the menu. We felt as comfortable as we had when chatting on whatsapp, as if we knew each other for years.

I had calamari and chips and the others had fish and chips, we all enjoyed our meal. “So what’s the plan now?” Master asked. “Well I know Daddy wants to take me shopping.” I told him. “Okay, well why don’t you 2 go and get your shopping done and me and J will do something else.” Master said, so as we left the restaurant, Master told me quietly not to hold hands when we got to the car show. He didn’t want a lot of awkward questions. I nodded, as he left with J.

Daddy checked on google maps to where the Build A Bear shop was, as soon as we got into the shopping arcade, we began holding hands. It felt so natural, Daddy was my protector, my carer, he would watch over me all the time and I trusted him immediately. We ended up being only a minutes walk away from the shop, as he had bought one for his son, so he knew what to do. I was faced with a huge wall of teddy bears, all various colours, styles and designs. I looked around and saw one, of course it was pink and lilac, she was wearing a pink and lilac dress, with lots of diamantes on it, so it sparkled prettily. The bear had pink and lilac wings on her back.

I pointed that teddy to Daddy and he went to get the body of it.

“Now take it to that lady,” he pointed so we went there. The lady was very friendly, firstly I had to give her a name, I thought she meant my name, but she meant the name of the bear, so I changed it to Little Minxs. Afterwards I thought maybe she should have been called Baby Minxs, but that was an afterthought. The lady put some details in the computer, my name, address and teddies name. She tore off a small barcode, putting it inside the body of the bear, then pushed the body over a tube. This is where she got stuffed. There was a pedal on the floor which she told me to press so I was involved in stuffing it. Whilst it was getting stuffed, the lady chatted to us, were we here for a holiday, a trip out, who was the bear for, so I said me, “Daddy is buying it for his special girl,” Daddy said. I felt a bit embarrassed to hear him openly say it but she didn’t seem bothered. Once it was stuffed, she told me to stop the pedal, asked me if the bear needed stuffing more, I gave her a cuddle and I said no. Then the lady asked if I wanted a scent on the bear, I said no, then she asked if I wanted her to speak or giggle. I said giggle and chose the giggle I liked, a small switch was tucked into one of her arms. Then she asked if I wanted the bear to have a heartbeat. She passed me this red switch thing, I pressed it and it felt like a real heartbeat, I showed Daddy and then said “Yes please” to the lady. She tucked it into the body of it, then she told me to pick a little heart, they were just small fabric little hearts, some were red or there were red chequered hearts. I chose a red one and the lady told me to put it into the body of the bear and say a wish to myself. I did that, but can’t tell you what I wished for, I will let you guess. The lady then closed the body up and handed me the bear. We walked away when Daddy said, “Would you like a dress for her ?” I hesitated a bit, I was thinking of the money, “My little girls teddy can’t walk around naked, let’s choose an outfit.”  He walked me to the wall of clothes, everything you could imagine but I spotted the dress the teddy was wearing on the other wall, I pointed to it, so Daddy got it down for me. “This one?” he asked, I whispered “Yes please.” It had a lilac bodice with a pink and lilac netting skirt, with lots of diamantes over it. “Right this way Little Minxs.” Daddy told me and he walked towards some computers then he told me to sit down at one. I did, looking at the screens. “This is where you fill out the birth certificate,” Daddy said. There you put in your name, address, age………I looked at Daddy, what age should I put, I decided as this was a special gift from Daddy, I should put the age I was in the dynamic. So I put 7 years old, put teddies name in then print. We then went to the til where the salesman was doing his best to add more to the cost. There was a thing where if you lose your teddy, and someone hands it into a Build A Bear shop, they will know who it belongs to because of the little barcode the lady had put inside the teddy. I shook my head, Daddy said, “Well if you lose teddy, you know Daddy will spank you.”

OMG I nearly died, it was like really cool, exciting, thrilling about what he said but it was also embarrassing and very humiliating as Daddy did not whisper.

But the salesman didn’t hear or chose to ignore it. “Now would you like a bag to carry teddy ?” he asked, again I shook my head. “So Little Minxs, I’m guessing you’re the real Little Minxs aren’t you ?” he asked. I smiled, I think Daddy said “Yes she is.” whilst Daddy paid and the man put her birth certificate inside the box, then the teddy, closed it up and handed it to Daddy.

As we walked out, “Thank you Daddy,” I said, leaning up I gave Daddy a kiss. It felt so natural, so comfortable, I was at ease with Daddy. He reminds me of Master, though Master doesn’t agree, I can see him in Daddy.

But the price, it was Sooooo expensive and I began to feel guilty, I didn’t want Daddy to think I was in this for the money. I had said a cheap teddy from another shop is fine but he wanted something that was very special.

“Right we need a shop for a sippy cup, snuggily and doodoo.” Daddy said, as he took my hand and we walked around til we found a shop we wanted. We got 2 sippy cups but they had nothing else we wanted, so we continued to find another shop and picked up 2 doodoo’s. We looked for a snuggily but they had none. I saw little ones for babies in a pram or cot, about the size of a washcloth, but Daddy said “No, you want a full snuggily to wrap around you.” So we continued looking. I then found a beach towel, it was velor so felt soft, I showed Daddy, but again he said “No, I’m not having my baby girl wrapped around with a towel.” But we couldn’t find a snuggily, and we hadn’t seen a potty. Daddy said “If you continue with your potty mouth, then you will have to sit on the potty for as long as I tell you.” HHhhmmmm not looking forward to that humiliating punishment.

Daddy asked if I fancied a drink, I said yes so we found a coffee shop, I said I would pay, Daddy told me to sit down whilst he carried the drinks over. We held hands all the time in the coffee shop, I was sat opposite him and it just felt lovely. We chatted so much, I can’t tell you everything we talked about but it was a lot of different topics.We stayed there for quite a while before we decided we should leave, we tried a few more shops with no success so decided to give up and we would continue shopping on another day.

So we headed back to the promenade, to find Master and J. They had been to the beach and chatted but they seemed to have formed a good relationship and he slapped her arse, very hard quite a few times when she didn’t do something correctly. I saw her face as she gritted her teeth, dying to throw a load of swear words at him, but she didn’t. I could see the bratty side of her, and I knew we would have some fun together. So J and I sat on the chairs and chatted, Daddy went to get some drinks so Master just stood by us.

I used this time to speak to J about buying the bear, and that I felt guilty at the cost, Master then said, “Right, I’ve paid for dinner, if I do that and Daddy doesn’t give me half for it then we are even. How does that sound ?” I agreed with that but when Daddy found out he said “No, I wanted to buy this special gift, so no Master.”

We left the subject then as Master and Daddy chatted and me and J chatted. We arranged to go to their house next Saturday and sleep over. But the thought of sleeping over left me feeling very unsure, I snore so loudly, Master says I sound like a warthog drowning. Daddy said it didn’t matter, J snores, we really want you to sleep over. Anyway when we realised the date, that Saturday was just after E comes back from his holiday, so I didn’t want to sleepover, so we agreed to just go round Saturday night, then the following Saturday we will go round and sleep over. We will get a takeaway Saturday and Daddy said he would pay as Master paid for dinner today, meaning Daddy was definitely still paying for the teddy. Finally I said “Thank you,” again. I’m not going to mention it again. It’s a very nice gift.

We all left around 5 pm, Daddy and J stayed with us until we left, it was hard saying goodbye and not giving them both a kiss and hug.

This Thursday Daddy has arranged to spend the day with me. As he works on a Saturday he has a weekday off instead. It will be nice if we can arrange to meet up every week, though Master wouldn’t let us meet up and play every week, certainly not full sex. But as we all have to ask permission to touch ourselves or each other, it will be up to him. We will walk the dogs, go for a meal then go to the cinema to watch Mission Impossible. But I’ve also got a spanking due because of my potty mouth. So watch this space, and we will see what happens.

Fun day.

Yesterday was a fun day for us. We were going out in the Lotus, meeting a group from the Kit Car Club. It was a new club for us and Master thought they sounded all fun, normal guys, who just loved cars. Much nicer than the Porsche Club we were in. They were all self-centred, look at me, my car cost £70,000, or I bought a new engine and it cost £4000. It was all about who had the best car and if your car wasn’t pricey, they just didn’t speak to you.

Master said we would give this group a try.


The club were going for a drive before coming to our town to meet up. But Master didn’t fancy the first drive, so we went out together, going on all the bendy roads, making me scream, driving fast, but it was so much fun. But OMG SSSOOOOO cold. The forecast was 0 degrees but with the windchill it was below 0.

Master had taken the full roof off and the doors so there was little protection. My new coat did help and the thermal hat and scarf were really warm but the gloves were rubbish. I wasn’t allowed to take a blanket, but after our rip yesterday, I did say I was buying one, Master laughed, but never said no. I will buy one thats blue and yellow, so it matches the car.

After our drive we went to meet this group. There were 9 kit cars, I think, and the guys were stood on a balcony of a cafe, to keep watch on the cars.


I always feel uncomfortable at these things, mainly due to past experiences, but my self-confidence drops so low, I always feel like they are scrutinising me. But the group of 9 older men just accepted me. I was the only girl, and a young boy coming with his Dad. When they talked they started cursing, then apologised to me, I told them to carry on as normal, I don’t care as I swear too, so they did. I felt that comfy that when they started talking car talk, I just asked what do you mean, I hope you don’t mind if I ask but I’m not a very car person, so I only understand the basics. They told me, it was fine ask away, they were happy to explain in basic terms, this made me feel happier that they would do this. So I could at least understand the conversation and even join in.

As it was a beautiful day there were loads of people out and about, and where we had parked was by the marine lake, crazy golf and other family attractions, so seeing a collection of kit cars, people couldn’t help but have a nosey. This was fine if they didn’t touch the cars, but it didn’t happen. I presume this was why they club stood on the balcony, because they shouted down to people to stop touching the cars. Or get the kids off the car. I don’t know what it is about people these days, as they just don’t give a fuck. If a car was parked on the street or car park, no one would touch them, but in a little group like this, they just do what they want. So though we were all chatting we still had one eye on the cars. Few minutes later Master and another guy, shouted out really loud to someone.

A Dad had lifted his kid into our car so he was sat in the driver’s seat.

I mean, who does that !!!! No apology came from the guy, he just walked away.

I would never have done that when E was little, also I would ever have let him touch the cars.

A few other little incidents when kids were allowed to climb on or reach into the cars, but then all was good. We had a coffee and Master even let us have a cake too, as it was lunch time and it seemed like the guys weren’t doing anything else. One guy had gone to buy doughnuts and candyfloss, I had to turn away from the candyfloss, if google is right, America calls it cotton candy, just for any Americans who read this and doesn’t understand it..

I was messing on my phone for a bit then when I looked up, all the guys had gone. Well I was on my blog, looking at messages, then onto SpankingTube and Fetlife. Guess I can’t stop perving at kinky fuckery. Lol


All that was left around me was the club leaders bag of doughnuts, candyfloss and a drink. Left on the table. I picked them up and walked down to the rest of them, passing the goodies to the guy, ( can’t remember any of their names, so I’m just calling them guys. ) I was then really interested in the selection of cars, what one car had that was useful, I would tell Master if it was possible to get it for our car. As they were all kit cars, it was nice to see the differences, ours is quite raw looking, no carpet, no side panels and the interior was painted.

But to be honest I liked the rawness of our car, it felt like a kit car, whereas the others, though looked really nice, did look like any other car.

The next minute I heard Master shout, Oi get outta the car, the person just ignored and his kid still messing inside. Master walked towards them, OI GET OUT OF MY CAR, you wouldn’t like it if I got into your wife would you, Master shouted across. Then the guy lifted the kid out, and began walking towards us to go to the cafe. No apology but there was the nastiest sneer on his face. He really didn’t give a shit.


Anyway we stayed there about 3 hours, just talking car stuff. They are going to   Le Mans this year, all driving down in convoy, they could on the track if they wanted, but the full cost of this little 6 day trip was over £1000. Something we couldn’t do, but Master doesn’t fancy it anyway. But there is a trip to Holland to drive through the Tulips fields. They said its a drive for the ladies. I’d love to go to that, so Master is going to find out when it is and the cost.


We ended up staying 3 hours, I was very very sore by the time we were all leaving, stood up in the freezing cold is not ideal for my back, so I had a struggle to get in the car, but once in, Master fastened my seatbelt, we left in convoy. Deciding to follow the guys for a bit before heading in the other direction to go home.

It’s fantastic when you’re in a convoy with nothing in between you, the noise of the exhausts, squeal of tires, thick exhaust fumes but it’s the most exciting thing to do. The next meet up is in 3 weeks, can’t wait.