Piggy’s (Miss Adira’s) August blog.

Piggy’s (Miss Adira’s) Blog for August

So not much has happened in August, so I’ll tell you what I have planned for September.

So firstly it’s mine and the hubbies anniversary, 13 years that we have been married (suppose I’d better get him a card) we aren’t doing anything. If I’m honest we don’t normally, someone forgot one year and let’s just say it wasn’t me.

Something exciting is happening though on one of the Saturdays, I’m getting a tattoo. What another tattoo you say, why is that exciting! Well this is very special to me, before having C, we unfortunately lost our little girl at 20 weeks. Jessica is very much a part of our family, she certainly has not been forgotten. We talk about her constantly, we have pictures around our home that reference her presence and her being a part of the family. I have been wanting another tattoo in her honour, I have two others for her and one that incorporates both my children.

The one I’m going to get has taken some thought about what I wanted, where I wanted it. I have been researching some elements I wanted to have incorporated within the design but again wanted something quite simple. I wanted a baby loss ribbon, but this needed to be the main body of a butterfly but didn’t want it to be too tatty or simple. Then I wanted to have an element of water colour within it as well. I saw all the ideas that I wanted and sent it to my tattooist who put all the elements and did me a design. I like what he sent to me, I loved the look of it, I have shown it to a few people and they have said it’s really pretty and beautiful. The tattoo is not to the scale that I have had previously, my others have taken up to 6 hours to complete, this one should take no more than 2 hours. I’m really looking forward to getting this done and seeing what the end product looks like.

I will no doubt tell you about it and show pictures on my next blog, take care everyone.

Oh wait we are out of local lockdown so I can finally get my eyebrows done, they are a mess and really need to get sorted out……..

Daddy’s blog for June.

Manhomos blog…..

Right firstly let me apologise to me Master for the lateness of this months blog, due to being busy and working, yours truly completely forgot cause I is a Womble, sorry Master….

So this weekend was when my Little Minx’s and Master stayed over, the previous visit was at the beginning of June and due to commitments, Master was away mid June so we had no mid month visit. However me and the pigster paid a visit up to Little’s house instead and stayed for the day, that was nice…

So this weekend, was a really good one to say the least, I had asked Master if we could take the girls up to Blackpool in the evening and go into the arcades and play on the two pence machines. Now Master and Piggy do really like those as they seem to come away with quite a few key rings…at cost, any ways Master agreed that we should go, it would be fun and I had then managed to get off work early so we could all go and get up there sooner and have dinner as well.

Now things changed in the last week or so since agreeing with Master on going Blackpool. Himself and Piggy would be going up later on the Saturday night, to go clubbing at the swingers club. Little Minx’s had said long before that she did not want to go again and I didn’t really wanna go either, so they went together and me and me Little Minx’s was to go up pretty much as soon as I was home and changed.

So the Saturday morning on my way into work I gave my usual call to Little, seeing if she was ok and what not and what may of confused the crap out of her, now let’s be honest this is not that hard to do at all, I had suggested instead of driving up to Blackpool, as it would be quite busy due to it being rather toasty warm, we do something different, like go to the Trafford centre, maybe watch a film and do crazy golf. So with that suggestion Little was all confused and perplexed, as she didn’t know what to do so I left it with her to ponder and went into work to do a hard days grafting….

So that afternoon I finished grafting and let me say, bloody sweating some, I got my arse out of work at about 14.45 and got home just before half three smelling a little bit ripe, Little opened the front door to greet me, looking beautiful as ever, Piggy was looking sexy and

Tattoo touch up today. Mmmm

Today was the day for the final touch up of Quackers, we had decided what we thought was needed and J, the tattooist agreed with me. He said yellow was the worst colour to tattoo as it sinks into your skin and looks faded. So he did the yellow first as it was also the nastiest more painful area too. I swore a lot and I mean a lot, but I have owned up to Daddy, I know I won’t get away with it but it was very very painful doing the duck. The vine was okay but when he coloured the flowers in, well my other leg was flinching, I was biting my thumb to stop me swearing, but didn’t make much difference, so I just apologised to J, who said it was okay as he knew how painful it was.

Funnily actually he said you can tell when its becoming too much again for the person. Because they start laughing, which was exactly what I was doing by the end of it. I was surprised it only took 2 hours, but I must admit, I thought it would take longer. But I love it.

I’m Quackers.

I’m quackers.

There’s been so much happening since our last day of holidays, I’ve not had chance to tell you about what was happening on Monday just gone.

I was finally getting my BDSM duck tattooed on my ass.

I arrived for when it opened at 11 am, J was on his own, and typically there was a problem, his printer had broken on Friday, someone was coming to fix it on Tuesday as it’s only 4 months old. He had printed off various sizes of the duck, hoping one was okay, now I could be insulted but I’m not, when he said “I ermmmm, must have thought…..erm.” “What you mean is you thought my bottom was much much bigger and it isn’t.” I filled the gaps in for him, laughing. “Ermmm yes,” J said, somewhat embarrassed, “So now I have to figure out how to get the picture smaller.”
J began talking to himself, whilst I sat down and waited then a customer came in. She wanted to book in for a baby elephant to be tattooed on her inner arm. Then wanted to book her boyfriend in as well. she was there over 10 minutes, so by the time she left, and he got the right size we had used up nearly an hour. He put it on the blue ink paper, and then put the duck central on my cheek, I checked it out, happy with what I saw. He then needed to prepare the private area, get all the colours needed, all the needles and machines, so I stayed out of the way until it was all sorted. J ran upstairs to retrieve the steps for me then all was set.

He told me which way to lay, I had brought the dogs cushion to lie on, it’s thicker as its actually 2 pillows in one case. Had my handbag with drinks, tablets and most importantly my phone. I’d asked J if I could take photos and he said that was fine. So I got myself comfy whilst J got the final preparations done.

“Right, ready ?” J asked. “As I’ll ever be.” I replied

So we started at 12 pm and finished at 2.50 pm. We chatted about anything and everything. He had told me earlier he had a girl come in last week and wanted her entire cheek to be a red rose, similar to Cheryl Cole’s got on her back. She was in so much pain she called time after 3 hours, but it was just finished, so I was thinking it would be awful. I did take diazepam just before it started, mainly because lying on my tummy isn’t the best for my back, but hey sometimes you need to have pain to get something good.

Once that first second was done, it felt okay, I was coping well, we chatted about family, as he has tattooed our son and his girlfriend so he asked after them. There were only 3 times when it became ouchie, and I think that was only because he was going over areas he had already done a few times. I told him that there were so many people who couldn’t wait for it to be done, that I had a blog and other bloggers were looking forward to it, J said Yes well I have quite a few people wanting to see it too, but I’m not taking a photo until it’s finished. Then I asked What was the most strange or peculiar tattoo he had ever done, he actually said Well yours to be honest, both the girl and duck. I was surprised, You’ve never done a BDSM tattoo for anyone, I asked.  He said No, never. His wife came downstairs to make coffee for us all, she’s an artist and at university taking a art degree, J said, So do you like the duck ? His wife looked at it and said Yes it’s very good. Then she finished the coffees, putting ours where we could reach them easily.
Finally it was over and I can honestly say, it didn’t hurt, or maybe coz my ass is used to getting severe spankings, having the vampire gloves and paddle and Mr Spikey paddle used on me, I was just oblivious to the pain. The next day, sitting down was a bit ouchie but it was all copeable.

So I go back in 3 weeks, once it’s healed, I love it. My only thing I want improving is the vine going down, it needs a lot more swirls to look the same as the others as he did those by hand this time and I’d like a bigger flower near the ducks face.But apart from that, I love it and can’t wait to see the finished tattoo.


BDSM Duck tattoo booked.

So the duck tattoo is booked for the 23 july, Master has finally agreed to let me get it done, as its after the naturist holiday so I don’t have to worry about looking after it whilst away.

I’ve drawn the duck, to the size we want so he will be sat in a puddle and the flower design will go around it. As i couldn’t make out where the flowers should flow, Master drew the duck on my bum,  then did a swirly pattern to show the flowers swirling by the duck.

I’m very happy with the finish of it, can’t wait to get it done.

Finished tattoo.

Sorry it’s taken a day or 2 to do this blog, I know you’ve been waiting to hear all about it. By the time it was finished and I was home, I had 2 hours before going out for dinner then theatre. So I didn’t have time on Thursday, Friday I had to visit L, then went to bed as I was very sore.

So back to Thursday.

I left early to hopefully get a parking spot next to the shop, which luckily I got. J had said it would take about 2 hours so I didn’t have to worry about running out of time on my blue badge. I sat in the car, waiting for J to open up, so I was reading a new chapter from a continuing story on Spankingtube, a very raunchy erotic sequel by a great friend who writes for fun but doesn’t realise how good she is. I am always eager to read the next chapter.

By the end of the chapter I saw J open up, I waited 5 minutes before going in. Bringing my theatre cushion this time.

J wasn’t quite himself, he had bad toothache and had been to the dentist early that morning but he said the pain was worse than before, so he was struggling to get into focus. I did ask if he wanted to leave it but he said he had a full day of bookings but he would see, if necessary he said he may have to. But he got everything planned, reminding him I wanted the flowers brightened up and stronger colour. Plus the colour on her hair, which he had forgotten. Then I told him how I wanted the swirling pattern to continue to the girl. Happy with that, J made me a coffee whilst he continued to get ready. I’d say, he was a typical man, a bit disorganised, I wanted to get up and tell him how to make things easier for him to work, though of course I’m no tattooist, and my main focus was the cables on the floor which was my biggest OCD hate. But he didn’t seem to mind the chaos.

Finally he was ready, so I had the struggle to climb up on the table. He asked what he could do, so I just said hold it steady, as it was a foldaway table that wasn’t solid. Next time I go I’m going to buy him a fold-up stool, so me and other smaller people would be able to get on the bed easily. I’d have no issue then, but trying to get my right leg up high, then push myself up was very very hard. My joints are pretty poor and arthritis in my hips made it a painful exercise, but I made it. This time, J decided to start by my hips first, doing the flowers and the odd line he wasn’t happy with. And WTF, it hurt so badly, I was soon f’ing and blinding. How can this hurt so much 20 minutes in, when I lasted 5 hours before I reached this stage last time. I came to the conclusion there was a lot of internal bruising around my hip area, as it still hurt if I caught 2 areas around my side, so I think this was why it hurt even more today. Once J worked past there, I was okay again, it hurt a bit more but I wasn’t f’ing and blinding. Though J could tell I was finding this harder, so he kept doing a small area then breaking for a minute then continuing. As he progressed, J found his toothache was easing, I think his pain was easing because he was giving me pain instead. LOL. So all was reasonable’ish until he got closer to my under boob. Then the F’ing and blinding became more shouty, I’d be halfway through a sentence before I’d stop, then start saying, ow..ow..OW..OW…FUCKING HELL THAT HURTS. Or I just stopped speaking and bit my finger instead. One hand would be smacking the wall and one leg started waving around. J laughed, saying he knew this was the worst part, which was why he left it until last and also why he didn’t want to finish off last time. Which I must admit, I’m very grateful he didn’t do it then. This area brought tears to my eyes, I never thought that bit would be the worst area. Finally that was done and he had just the girls hair to go over. It took 2 hours altogether until it was over. Looking in the mirror, I am so so happy with it, in fact I feel a little sexy, the swirling design, the purple pink colour against the black is just me.

Now I can’t wait until Master says I can get the BDSM duck on my bum, with the swirling pattern flowing around it, so it will be finished properly.

I am very very happy.

I did ask him if he could do anything with my other tattoo, I never really liked it once it was done, I don’t like the colours and the skin on the bottom is terrible and different shades of peach. The writing isn’t clear because the blue is too dark. J looked a it and said really he didn’t think there was anything that could improve it. The skin colour would end up even worse, he said he could do a stronger black outline on the letters then use a white to highlight it but again he said it would be a minimum improvement. So I decided it’s best to just leave that one as my only bad tattoo I hope.

Getting my tattoo completed.

Getting my tattoo finished today, can’t wait to see it finished. The swirling pattern will go up to meet the girl and I just want the purple colour brighter on all the flowers and on the girls head.

Then for Xmas I will have the BDSM duck on my bum and the swirling pattern will continue down and around the duck. I do have the money already for it but Master said I have to wait. But J, my tattooist made me promise I go to him to do it, once I am allowed to get it done.

Can’t wait.

A BJ bad ending.

During the day yesterday, Master and I swapped a little bit of D/s messaging, which is always fun. He ordered me to take some sexy photos showing off my tattoos. I had to wait to do them as my dad was calling round, then I got involved in something else, so it was only when he messaged again, sending the same message about the selfies but with a question mark, did I realise I should do them now. So I stripped off, took a selection, though I never know if they are sexy or not, then sent them to Master. The messaging continued and he called me a dirty girl, so I replied saying Master should punish me for being dirty. He said after dinner I was to present him with the hand paddle and he will give me a spanking for being dirty, if I was good and looked after Master for the evening he may allow me to have an orgasm.

What a nice evening planned, I thought. When Master came home he was more attentive, brushing across my bum, lifting my dress to stroke my bum, when I went to feed the fish and spotted one of our frogs, ( they are all called Charlie, Big Charlie, Chunky fella Charlie or Baby Charlie, yes I am daft, ) Master came over and bent next to me to see him. His hand wandered to my bum, tickling my bum hole then travelled towards my pussy, now getting wet with excitement. A finger circled my hole, pushing in slightly, oh boy it felt good. But I was aware of us both crouched down by the pond, E was home, the neighbours were out cutting the grass and though they can’t see over the fence, it made me conscious that they were there. I had to stand up before I began to enjoy it too much.

A little later, still no spanking as E was around, Master asked me to take his shoes off and massage his feet. So grabbing a cushion, I sat on the floor, and gave him a nice foot massage. When I finished I asked if Master would like a blowjob, he said yes but would I like an orgasm too. I said, no. WTF. NO, why did I just say no. Something told me not too as I didn’t want to have to rush it or get disturbed, so I shocked myself by saying no. Because I was desperate for an orgasm, to be touched, even fucked if I was lucky.

Master said he would like a blowjob stood up in the kitchen as he wanted me knelt down in front of him. We went to the kitchen, Master pulled his pants down, and I began. It was a nice job, I am getting used to the larger PA, and how to put it in my mouth so it’s not deep throating me. Also learning how to nibble his head with this PA, it just takes time with each size, getting used to it, learning how to do everything I love doing with it there. Master doesn’t wear the giant balls daily, they are too uncomfy 24/7, so he only wears them when we are playing properly. So it makes it easier giving him a BJ, without them as they are just too big.

Soon, Master was close, he wanted me to go quicker, so he fisted my hair so hard, it made me cry out. He gave me a slight smack on my cheek, telling me not to cry out, but it really hurt as I was pushed back and forth faster, firmer, quicker. Then he let go of my hair and started thrusting himself quicker, his head was very close to my throat, as I tried pulling back a little, ( I don’t like deep throating ) then I felt and tasted his sweet pre-cum dribble down my throat. Just as Master’s cum started shooting into my mouth we heard footsteps coming down the stairs, I had swallowed a lot already but Master usually fires a great amount and I was sure there should have been more, but I had to slip out quickly, as Master grabbed his trousers, pulling them up and acted like he was doing something else in the kitchen, His top was pulled over his trousers as he hadn’t fastened them in time. I was holding my cushion, I couldn’t put it in the living room as E was already there talking to the dogs so I put it on a bar stool as E walked in, none the wiser of what his parents were just doing seconds before. I smirked at Master, he grinned back as he turned around and quickly fastened his trousers and belt.

E just acted as normal, well not quite as normal as he has tonsillitis again, but close enough, you know, still checking his hair looks perfect, admiring himself in the mirror, checking out his first tattoo which was healing nicely. Typical E.

But this wasn’t quite the ending we had in mind, there was no sucking and cleaning of his cock, ensuing I got every drop of his cum he had given me, no nibbles, licks or sucks as his cock became flaccid.

But it did make us both smile and giggle once E went upstairs again. It was a good job Master never gave me an orgasm or worse yet, made me squirt everywhere as this was messy play, plus I’m not that fast trying to get up, if I’m bent over so he can play. Also a good job I wasn’t over his knee getting spanked, my face would have been bright red, I could have been crying, how could I have reacted so quickly and tried to act so normal in those few seconds before he entered the room. I think he may have guessed we were playing then but at least for this occasion, Master shot his load, or most of it, before we got interrupted