Meet Daddy, J, me and Little Minxs teddy.

Sleeping with my Little Minxs.

Meet Daddy, love his smile on the photo, he looks really cheeky there.

Me, Little Minxs and my doodoo.

Here’s Daddy again.

The morning after J’s first punishment from Master for lying.

Do you like my pigtails ? I call them bunches but not sure what’s the correct name for them. On our way for our first play.

Here’s the birth certificate you get when you buy a bear from the Build A Bear shop.

Daddy marking my maths.

Daddy’s first punishment from Master for not giving me my due punishment, so Master had to do it.

Saturday night with Master, Daddy and J.

Saturday night with Master, Daddy and J.

Last night we were going to Daddy’s for the evening, getting a pizza takeaway and having a play, if we are allowed. Daddy was due a punishment of 20 with the giant devil paddle because he didn’t punish me, Master had to do it, so I had to pack the bag ready.

Master wanted the CPS, the giant and little devil paddles, the crop, the hand paddle and the Jokari paddle. I packed some puppy pads, incase Daddy gets me to squirt, Daddy told me to bring Little Minxs teddy, my maths book so he could mark it and a copy of my new sketch. But Master was very dirty as he was working on the car when I asked him to copy it, then I must admit, we both forgot. But I will do a copy and give it to him, next time I see him. But I was really looking forward to spending time with Daddy.

It took about an hour and 10 minutes to get to their house, as we reversed up their drive, I saw J’s naked body through the glass front door. Kisses and hugs all around, Master told me to get naked then asked why Daddy was still dressed. Daddy apologised and took his jeans and tshirt off. Only Master remained dressed for now.

J doesn’t make coffee or use the microwave for anything, so I offered to make Masters coffee, Daddy told me I could use either the sippy cup or a tumbler cup with a straw, I chose the sippy cup, I wanted to see if I felt comfortable using it. Daddy filled it with wine, then also handed me a shot glass of this amber liquid, called FireBall. A whiskey with cinnamon in it. Daddy wanted me to get drunk, the glass looked huge, I’ve never done shots before. “I can’t down this in one go,” I said. “Course you can,” Daddy said, taking the glass and downing the shot. He refilled the glass, handing it to J, who also just took the shot, downed it in one. Then Daddy refilled the glass and handed it to me. I took it, looking at Daddy then tipped it all into my mouth and swallowed. The burn didn’t start immediately it took a few seconds, I tasted the cinnamon, then the burning warmed my insides and mouth. It actually tasted quite nice, I would have it again. Eventually Master’s coffee was made, cup of tea for J, Daddy got a big bottle of larger.    

Whilst we were in the kitchen, Master called me and Daddy over, putting his arms over each of our shoulders. “Now, I know you are both hoping you can play and it’s my decision, so you can play tonight, but, and I do mean but, ONLY fingers. So that’s no tongues going anywhere other than in mouths, understand ?” he told us. “Yes Master, thank you” I said then Daddy said, “Yes Master, I understand and thank you Master.”

I sat next to Daddy on the settee, Master sat on the chair and J sat on the floor next to him. We ordered the pizza, put some music on, whilst Daddy marked my maths homework. I got all but 1 right so I was very pleased.

I seemed to go through my wine very quickly in my sippy cup, Daddy filled it up again, it was very easy to drink it.  

We chatted about anything and everything, I needed the toilet, so Daddy showed me where it was. He took me into his sons bedroom, wanting to show me the views across where he lived  but unfortunately it was a wet day, the clouds were low but you could just make out the areas he had told me about on Thursday.

We all just chatted about everyday stuff then the pizza arrived, now I know Daddy answered the door but I don’t know if he kept his lower body behind the door, even though it would still have shown he was naked or he just opened the door fully, I will have to ask him. So we enjoyed our pizzas, I think I was on the last of my wine then, Daddy made me a Southern comfort, lime and lemonade. This wasn’t as nice in the sippy cup, I think it was because of the bubbles in the lemonade, maybe the tumbler and straw is better for this drink but I do like my sippy cup so I’m sticking with that.

After we finished our meal, Master and J went upstairs, he wanted a massage from her and a play. So this gave Daddy and me the time to play too.

Daddy loves kissing, which is fab because Master is not a big kisser, we cuddled and kissed for ages, until eventually Daddy lay me down on the settee. He examined my piercings, I asked if he liked them, “Oh yes,” he muttered, I think he was desperate to feel them on his tongue, but he wasn’t allowed and there was no way we were breaking it, because we both knew the punishment would be severe and include a ban of any play at all, even if Master and J were playing.

Daddy fingered my pussy, pushing as many fingers in as he could, I’m not sure if it was all of them, I felt stretched but not painfully stretched. I loved how he reached down to kiss me at the same time. He turned his fingers around, and that was it, I knew I was going to cum quickly and soon I heard the familiar sound of fingers squelching in my cum, my eyes rolled up and closed as I fell into my orgasm, Daddy’s fingers were still feeling everything inside me, his thumb rolling over my clit. Then fingers explored my asshole, he used my juices as lube to push inside, fingers were still in my pussy. I ground myself into his fingers, willing them to go deeper and harder. But I was just in ecstasy, I tried to keep my eyes open and watch Daddy’s face but quichky my eyes rolled once more. When Daddy turned his fingers around again, my orgasm built up, higher and stronger, I thrust myself further into Daddy’s fingers and felt my cum release, I squirted for what seemed minutes but probably was only seconds, “Fucking hell,” Daddy muttered as he felt and saw my cum rush out again. Loads of it, I giggled, felt embarrassed but so turned on too, and I always feel better, feel such a release after having a squirt orgasm.
Feeling his hard cock against me I took hold of it, tickling it, scraping my nails along his balls up to the head of his cock. Feeling it dance around as I tickled the tip of his head then back to his balls. His cock hard as I began wanking him off, I desperately wanted to chew and nibble his cock, giving him a blowjob, I had to lick my fingers to keep his head moist, he’s circumcised so I’m wasn’t sure if having the foreskin keeps the head moist. Master’s not circumcised, and his head is moist a little, but I will use lube so the dryness is rubbing. I will make sure I’ve some sachets of lube in my bag for next week. Luckily Daddy has a wetter mouth than me so he took over lubing up. Most of my medication’s side effects cause a dry mouth, so that plus not drinking loads means my mouth is usually very dry, which is why I chew gum and have water with me to wet my mouth.

I was enjoying watching Daddy’s expression on his face as I played with his cock, learning all his different expressions. We’ve only played with a small selection of people, but Daddy is the first person I really wanted to watch, like I do Master. Daddy took over a few times and that was nice to watch, he has lot of tattoos on his upper chest and arms, it was super sexy seeing his muscles contract and retract.

After a lot of playing, Daddy was close to cumming, which of course we couldn’t do inside me so Daddy took over and squirted his hot cum over my tummy. Both of us breathing quickly, Daddy bent over to kiss me then got up to get some wipes to clean me up and clean Daddy’s cock.

Daddy put some towels over the settee and I said “If this needs cleaning then we will go halves.” “Don’t be soft,” Daddy said. We sat snuggled together and carried on chatting. He started asking about spanking, he’s very worried about hurting my back, so I stood up and showed him the areas that were a definitive No No. Then chatted about general things with spanking, he commented about his hand hurting more than my bum hurting, “That’s why you use toys,” I told him, walking into the kitchen, I found in the bag the hand paddle and Jokari paddle, and showed him the toys. I explained that Master liked the hand paddle for over the knee. He felt the Jokari, I explained that a very good disciplinarian on SpankingTube uses this for bad spankings, only a gentle swat causes intense stinging pain. “Mmmmmmm,” Daddy said, indicating for me to turn around as he swatted my ass, making me yelp out loud. “Right come on, over.” Daddy ordered. “What now ?” I stuttered, of course I knew what he meant I was acting defiant.

But I bent over his knee, I should have asked if I could have Little Minxs teddy, but I didn’t want to get her dirty if I began crying and eye makeup ran down my face. Daddy held me down and began swatting my ass, I instantly began to wriggle and he held me tighter, but not enough as I managed to escape, but he told me to get back over again, as I did, he moved his other leg over mine, locking me into place. HHhhmmmm he’s learning quickly, he’s seen this on the Spankingtube videos. His spare hand hugged my waist tightly, as he continued, OMG it hurt a lot, especially as I’ve not had too many spankings recently. But he swung that paddle very well, and his bare palm, I had to bite the cushion so I didn’t cry out.

I can’t remember if he finished or I rolled off but it stopped. I think he may have found a toy he liked. Why on earth did I bring this one ? I thought.

We chatted for ages, I asked if he likes nibbling and biting on his cock during a blowjob and he said yes but not much biting. I was really pleased about.

Next Saturday we are sleeping over and I am worried about my awful snoring though Daddy said it didn’t matter and J snores very loudly but it is a worry, I really would never stay over at someone’s house because of it. Master said we could go to a hotel but I said no, Daddy was looking forward to sleeping with me and Little Minxs. He asked if I was okay on a blowup mattress and I said, yes fine, just have a couple of pillows, but for 1 night I would be fine. I will take my kindle then if I’m up at some stupid time, in the morning, I can read as I would normally just put the TV on but Daddy will be sleeping. I can just make myself a coffee and read in bed or if I need to sit up, I can sit on the settee.

Soon after Master and J came down, I noticed a lot of bite marks on her, J loves biting so I bet she didn’t scream like I do, that’s when I found out Daddy likes biting too. Master got the crop out of the bag and kept swatting J as she went to the kitchen to make another cup of tea, Master followed with the crop but she never murmured, though the look on her face showed it was stinging, and she was biting her tongue to stop herself swearing or saying something else to Master, though he really was pushing her until she let rip, and had a tantrum, but she didn’t, she just sat down and took the swats reigning down on her boobs, nipples, tummy, all at the same time we were chatting. I was feeling chilly so Daddy got my snuggily and wrapped me up and cuddled me closely.

Master said, “Well Manho, ( Daddy ) I think we should get that punishment out of the way don’t you ?” “Erm, I guess so,” Daddy said, Master got the Giant Devil Paddle, J got her phone ready and I got mine. We went up to their bedroom as J said it probably would be better bent over the bed. He grabbed a pillow and bent over the bed. I went to the front of the bed and videod it from the front, J would video from the back. Daddy said “You know I’m just gonna cry like a little girl.” “Bend over Manho, don’t move.” Master told him. He began with the lecture, you know why you’re getting punished, you set a punishment for Serf but then never did it, so I had to. That’s not right is it ?” “No Master, it’s not right,” Daddy said before crying out as the paddle hit him. Another whack and he shrieked in pain. I have to admit all 3 of us were laughing so much, which was mean really as I certainly know how bad that paddle is, and J found it out on the Thursday night, last week. By the time he got to 5, Daddy was crouching  on the floor as Master ordered him back up. “Maybe it’s better quicker,” Master said as he then proceeded to do 5 quickly but Daddy was bouncing about, asking if he could have a break, but Master said “No. Ask Serf if it’s better having a break.” “Daddy no, just get it done, it will only make the pain worse if you have a break.” “See I told you it’s not worth it, but I hope you learn from this. If Serf has any punishment from you, you will punish her, it’s not my job to punish her for you.” Master scolded him, Daddy just kept repeating “Yes Master, I understand Master,” On one hit, Daddy literally jumped over the bed, rolling onto the floor, again we just laughed so much but poor Daddy, he was taking it well. When Master got to the final 2 he suggested going softer. Now this I knew was a lie because the final one is always the one that’s the hardest, so he swatted his bruised ass slightly softer, but only slightly softer, then aimed for the final swat. Daddy was dreading it, as Master swung that paddle and swatted him so hard, Daddy jumped over the bed, rolling himself up into a ball, he cursed, said OMG over and over, until he tried sitting up. “Right Manho, come and have a hug, so there’s no hard feelings.” Daddy hugged Master and I then saw his ass, it was purple, bruises right over the lower section of his cheeks. Eventually we went back downstairs, Daddy ouched as he sat down, asking why I enjoyed this, saying I must be mad to enjoy that. But Daddy took his punishment very well, I don’t think he will break the rules very often now.

We chatted again, just really chilled out, before Master said we better go home. So we dressed gathered our toys, then thanked Daddy and J for a wonderful evening, and we were looking forward to staying over next Saturday. But we had a great time.  

A stroll through the woods.

A stroll through the woods.

After lunch and my selfie walk, we decided to go and try out the hammocks I found on my wander, they were in the shade so nice and cool for a while. But first we had to get into them, which actually was easier than we anticipated. And very comfy, wish we had somewhere to put one in our garden. Master sent me some photos of his cock from his hammock, which made giggle like a naughty, dirty schoolgirl. We stayed there for a while but me being a lizard (Masters words not mine) the cool wind was soon cooling me down too much, so I called to to see if Master was ready to go, “Yeah if you want.” He called over to me. Then we had the fun of getting out, Master managed it okay, so then it was my turn. I was able to get to sitting easy enough but couldn’t get up then, so I needed Masters help for this. He pulled me up but they were so comfy I’ve mentioned to Master if we could have one in the garden. He thinks there’s a way to do it, so I need to look at the prices of hammocks as I’ve no idea.


I ended up having another walk, this time with Master, going towards the same pond I went to when I was taking the selfies. I saw him have a look around, then walked to a more secluded spot, putting my bag down, he was carrying for me. “Right Serf, I need a pee and I’d like you to drink it.” he told me.

Of course my immediate thing is to beg, plead not to be made to do this. “Oh no, please no.” Why did he have to do this at the end of our holidays, but there’s no point arguing. Kneeling down I took his cock in my mouth and almost immediately, his warm piss flowed into my mouth, but not slowly like previous times, I tapped his leg, “Never mind tapping on my leg, just take Master’s piss.” He ordered. But it was coming too fast when suddenly his cock dropped from my mouth, piss still flowing over me and him, piss running out of my mouth, down my chest, literally everywhere. “You were going to fast, that’s why I tapped your leg.” I said. “How about an apology for making Master’s piss go all over the place, an apology for not doing your task properly ?” Master told me. I hate disappointing him, but my stubbornness also makes it hard for me to apologise but I did, after a bit more chastising, making me feel more guilty. “I think we need to do this more often don’t you ?” Master asked. “NNooooo,” I whined. “I said, I think we need to do this more often, don’t you ?” He asked again.

“Go and bend over that bench.” He told me. I stared at him a second then did it, he always has a very good poker face, you really don’t know what he is thinking or planning. He walked to my side, his hand gently rubbing cheek to cheek, then slapped me really really hard, lifting me up onto my toes, making me gasp. Then again. “So I think we should do this more often,don’t you ?” He asked again, when I never answered straight away, he spanked me again. “Well ?” He asked. Through gritted teeth because this was something I really didn’t want to be made to do, I replied, “Yes Master.” He stopped spanking me then, instead he rubbed and squeezed each cheek. “Yes I think we should do it daily again. Don’t you ?” He asked. I’m not going to say what was going through my head, put it this way there was a lot of cursing, a lot of “whatever you think, coz I still ain’t doing it.” Even though I knew I would. There’s that part of me that fights submissiveness, when I really don’t want to do it, even though I know it would make Master very proud of me when I do, or even if he knows I’ve really tried my hardest not just doing a brat effort. There’s also that part of Master who loves to set me tasks he knows I won’t like. The humiliation and degrading acts that really lights the fire in my eyes, when he can see every curse word I can think off run through my brain, but never leaves my mouth. I’m not that stupid.

He knows I hate it, that’s what spurs him on more. I can’t even say what the one thought was, when he said about doing it daily, because he reads my writing. If he reads this, he will know what I really did or didn’t want to do, so I’m just not putting it down. I’ve learnt from those past mistakes.

“Well ?” He asked again, spanking me harder, quiet cries out, whimpers, gasps were my only answers so he continued spanking me, until I muttered, “Yes Master.”
He stopped and walked away, I never got up as he hadn’t told me too, but I was watching what he was doing. He was acting suspiciously. “Let me find a nice branch.” He talked to himself, or to me so I become nervous in anticipation of what he meant. I swear my eyes were getting bigger as he walked around, snapping a branch off the tree. Facing me, he slowly ripped off each little branch until it was just one. “Is the anticipation building up Serf ? Are you getting nervous ?” he asked, “Mmmmmmmm,” I muttered. Inside I was saying to myself, he’s not really going to do this, is he ? I mean, WTAF, he’s really enjoying this, looking cocky, smug, evil and dominant but so fucking sexy as he taunts me, teases me, walking around slowly pulling the little branches off. I began to think this may happen more at home, or even telling me to prepare them for when he comes home from work. I imagined myself walking the dogs, looking for some good branches and getting them ready for when he comes home. Now he’s done it once and looked like he loved it, I can see it happening to me more. I’m sure he’s read my novel, as I included that, even if he says he has’t. Whipping it through the air once it was done, he walked towards me.
Suddenly my stomach hit the ground, a real sick feeling, I’m sure the blood ran from my face as I paled in horror. As he walked around me, I was still doubting this would happen, he’s never done birching before, but as one hand lowered my back and stayed there I knew it was going to happen.

The first strike was incredibly sharp, over my crimson, red hot spanked ass, it was surprisingly stingy. He didn’t need to whip me hard with it, though I think he would have loved to but he was conscious of the noise I would make. As it was, softer strikes still caused me to cry out quietly, Master began to lecture me on how I should do things for him with pride, not to continue to say no. That if I failed to complete a task, I should apologise and shouldn’t need Master to tell me to apologise. All the things I know but tend to forget.
He then began videoing this birching, doing one of his favourites he does with the cane, a continuous flow of strokes, not hard but enough to really feel it, as the burn became hotter, the pain becoming sharper. I was aware that I was moving around more. A few sharper switches really took my breath away then he stopped. A hand ran over my tender cheeks, squeezing them hard, running his nails over my sensitive skin, hearing him chuckle as I flinched and whimpered. Then he got me up, opening his arms to me, hugging me tightly, whispering softly to me, we stayed there for a while, then he checked my ass. “Hmmmm still a few nice lines there, looking nice and pink still too.” Master said proudly. Picking up the bag, I got my walking stick, “Get your stick, you can take that with you then people can see your spanked ass and know that was the stick I used.” He told me, eyes twinkling with devilment, but I picked it, carried it back to the sunroom then back to the loft. I was told to bring it home with me when we packed tomorrow.

Maybe I could lose it, I could try but do I dare ? No, I’m afraid this brat wouldn’t risk the consequences now.



Spank snooker.

Spank snooker.

It was too hot in the sunroom so we had another swim then I said why don’t we have a game of snooker or pool. Even though I’m totally rubbish at it, and though Master says he’s no good, compared to me, he’s a champion. Lol.

There was no one else around, I think couples are staying in the private sun areas close to their lofts.

A little way through the first game, I missed a shot very badly, Master said, “Oh that shot was so bad, you deserve a spanking for that. Come here.” He was stood at the far end of the snooker table, so he could see if anyone turned up. He turned me around to face the same way then slapped each cheek really hard. I gasped at the sharpness of it, feeling heat rising quickly. “From now on, every shot missed you’re getting spanked.”  Hhhmmmm this could be fun. “No missing on purpose,” he said. “I don’t need to try, I’m crap at this game.” which was very true.

Almost every shot I missed, or hit one of his balls or potted the white. Every white ball potted, from him or me, I got 2 spanks. It did make the game really funny, he said I had some great handprints on my pale cheeks. When I missed a perfect shot, I mean my ball was right by the hole, the white ball only inches away, and yep, I missed not only potting the ball, but missed the white ball too. “Oh my god, that was truly awful.” He pointed towards him, turning me around, i suddenly felt a much more shocking pain, the sound I knew, wood hitting skin. What had he found ? After 4 smacks with this hard bloody wood thing, I did cry out a little, that fucking burnt my bum. I turned around and saw him holding a shoe brush that was a decoration for the room, “Seems like they knew a naughty Serf was coming to stay,” he told me laughing. Thankfully that was the only time it was used but after 5 games, my arse was really tingling and sore. We only stopped playing because all the balls got stuck inside. Master tried knocking the tablet , picking it up slightly, but the balls were not coming out.

Which was a shame as it was a very fun game. Not realising we had been playing 2 hours. But when there’s spanking going on, especially a fun spanking you want it to last as long as possible. Though I think Master’s hands must be tingling too as he is hand spanking much, much harder than he’s ever done and just seems to be going harder, which is fanfuckingtastic.

Blogging A -Z Challenge = U.

Blogging A – Z Challenge – U.

U = Urine.

“I’m sick and tired with your brattiness today, you’re acting like a child. You are not a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. Now behave.” Master shouted at me.

I stamped the floor, pouted and crossed my arms defiantly.

“Nooooooo, I really……..” I started, Master smacked my bottom.

“Young lady, I want you to go upstairs, put your white school panties, socks and pumps on, with your white leggings. You can wear your white blouse too. Take these 2 bottles of water and drink it all. Do not dare tip any out.” Master ordered, I looked confused, I didn’t understand why he wanted me to wear those clothes or drink the water but he looked at me so sternly, I scurried upstairs quickly. Getting changed I drank one bottle, still had no clue what was going to happen, but I stomped downstairs again, drinking the other bottle of water as I went.

“Finally you do as you’re told first time. Come with me.” He walked towards the back door, picked a garden chair up and placed it in front of the big patio doors.

“Sit down there.” Master pointed to the chair, so I sat down, looking up at him with confused sad eyes.

“Now I’m going inside and I’m going to watch you through the window because I want to watch you piss yourself.” He explained.

Suddenly I went to get up, protests on the tip of my tongue but Master held my shoulders so I couldn’t get up.

“Stay there, little girl. You will do as you’re told, you will stay there until you’ve pissed yourself then you can stay in your clothes, all wet, smelly and stained like the spoilt little toddler you’ve been acting like.” His voice was so loud and stern, I never spoke.

Sitting down, I sulked,  glaring at him as he went inside, then soon came into the living room, he opened the patio doors, saying he wanted to hear the piss drip onto the patio.

I’m not sure how long I stayed there before I got the sense that my bladder was full. Master was just working on his laptop, not paying me any attention. But I’m sure he may have been aware that I was starting to wiggle about, clenching my legs together tightly, they started to shake, as I held the side of the chair, squeezing everything as tight as possible to prevent my bladder from releasing it’s load of urine. Master has used wetting myself as punishment before, or using me as his toilet, him pissing over me, over my face or mouth. But this was something new.

Master walked into the kitchen where he could still see me, turning the tap on full, he smirked at me. Then getting more water out of the fridge, he passed me another 2 bottles. Then went to turn the tap off.

Suddenly, I felt a tiny release from my bladder, my lip quivered and my eyes filled with tears, I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“Drink the water Daylia.” Master ordered, as I bounced up and down, I opened a bottle and drank a quarter of it.

Then the flow suddenly started, hot urine began to spread into my white clothes, filling my leggings before it dripped through the material, onto the floor. Master started to watch me intently.

“Stand up.” He ordered, as the flow hadn’t stopped, standing up, it flowed down my legs, filling my pumps before he told me to sit down again. The hot urine soon became cold, as the wet clothes clung to me, I began to smell it and noticed my clothes stained a little yellow, I just wanted to get out of them.

“Drink the rest of those bottles then you may come in.” I was told, Master had gone back to working on his laptop.

I quickly drunk the remaining first bottle, I wanted to complain that I couldn’t drink more, but I daren’t. So after a minute I started to drink the second one. By the time I drank it, my clothes were drying out, all stained yellow with a horrible wee smell.

“Come here Daylia.” Master called to me from his seat, certain I was going to be allowed to get a shower and change. I walked in, standing on a puppy pad and faced him.

He had placed a puppy pad on the floor in front of him, and told me to sit on it.

“Daylia you’ve been a very very naughty little girl, you’ve thrown 3 temper tantrums this morning, even after a spanking, and now you’ve wet your panties. You will stay in those dirty, smelly clothes like a little toddler may do, before a grownup realises she’s had an accident. Then they are cleaned up and put fresh clothes on, because a toddler is learning how to toilet train, learning how to behave. You’ve had this training already, you know right from wrong and how to behave yet today you didn’t care. So you can stay in those clothes and every time you need to empty your bladder, you will ask me if you may release it, and go outside, on your chair and piss there. You may only sit on your puppy pad, on the floor. You may only do some colouring or read, your back will face the television Understand ?” He asked.

Looking at the floor, I said “Yes Master.”

For the next 4 hours, Master kept handing me water to drink, I asked 8 times to release my bladder, I’d never drunk so much, each time my clothes became more stained and stank. I was allowed to take my pumps and socks off before coming inside, so I didn’t squelch wee out of them into the carpet, but each time I went outside I had to put them back on. Standing up halfway through the flow then sitting down again. I felt so dirty, humiliated and extremely degraded. This was no fun.

Finally at 5pm, I was told to get the hosepipe and wash the patio down, Master handed me some antibacterial liquid to pour over the patio and chair and the outside brush, to give everywhere a good scrub clean. After that, Master came out to check if I was done. I was just winding the hosepipe up. Handing me a carrier bag he told me to strip, and put the clothes in the bag.

“Here, Master ? Outside ?” I asked, even more mortified.

“Did I say come in and strip ?” His voice stern again. Shaking my head, I started to take all my clothes off, they were soaked, stained and stunk. The bag was so heavy with all my sodden clothes in it, I was going to put the bag in the bin.

“What are you doing ? They can go in the washing machine, use the antibacterial hot but gentle cycle. Check in the booklet what number it is, use plenty of powder and also use the antibacterial laundry powder. When you have done that come upstairs.”

He left me there, naked, holding my bag of pissie clothes. I was careful to dry my feet on the puppy pads, and decided on my own, to throw the pads in the bin before putting the clothes in the washing machine. Locating the number for the wash cycle, I put everything in and turned it on. Heading upstairs I heard the bath running, by the time I was there the bath was half full with lots of bubbles. Going for yet another wee, I climbed in the warm bath and enjoyed feeling clean again, washing the dirty smell off my body.

I’m not sure how long I was in before Master called to me that it was time to get out.

“Can I please stay in longer ?” I called out. Master came in, pulling the plug out, grabbing a towel and stood holding it out. He had a furious expression on his face when I realised maybe I shouldn’t have said it. I was surprised when Master towel dried me, hanging the towel back up he led me to the bedroom.

There were somethings on the bed, but just looked like a pile of clothes so I paid no attention. Master sat on the bed, standing me in front of him, still warm and damp from the bath.

“Daylia you are going to have to behave yourself otherwise I will start treating you like a child more often. And as you didn’t seem to like this punishment, I will do it regularly if I have to. Yet you still questioned me. What other punishment would a little girl get ?” He asked.

I looked on the floor until he lifted my chin up.

“A spanking Master.” I said quietly, tears filling my eyes.

“That’s correct, I’m going to spank your naughty bottom til it’s raw, then you will go to bed early. You may read and continue your colouring but that’s it. I will bring up a light dinner for you, and lights out will be 8pm.”

Master took my arm and pulled me over his knee. He pushed me up onto the bed more, pushed one leg down off his knee and put his other leg over my leg that was over his knee. I was locked in his strong grasp and knew I would not get out of it. Starting with his hand, the sting much more severe as my bum was already warm and still damp. Soon I began crying, trying to reach back when Master grabbed my hand and kept hold of it behind my back.

He always, always included spanking the back of my legs, inner thighs, pussy and all over my big, plump bottom. Then he stopped, rubbing and squeezing instead.

“I hope we don’t have to repeat this soon Daylia, otherwise this will happen often.” He reached behind him and in the corner of my eye I spotted the bath brush.

“No Master,  please, I promise I will be good. Please not that.” I cried into his back as I tried to get away; fruitlessly. As the first swing came crashing down I screamed into the bed, over and over Master swung it hard, from bottom down to leg, lifting each cheek to get access to my sit spot. I cried and cried, kicking my legs, punching the bed. I was sure my bum must be purple by now, knowing how lethal that brush was. But Master continued, telling me he needed to be sure I had learnt my lesson. “I have Master please.”

Stopping I almost prayed a thank you until he lifted me up, placing me back over the bed, then I knew it wasn’t. I saw him reaching something else but I couldn’t see what it was.

“I am giving you 5 strokes for every tantrum you had. How many tantrums did you have Daylia ?” He asked me.

“Three M….M……Master.” I muttered.

“So how many strokes will you get ?” Master asked.

“Ermmmm twelve ?” I’d forgotten how many he said for each tantrum.

“12!!! Daylia, 12!!! That answer earns one more stroke.” He laughed out loud. “Maths was never your strong point. Now listen, 5 strokes for each tantrum, you had 3 tantrums, just so you know, that’s 3 x 5, and 1 extra stroke for that wrong answer. But if you get this wrong, you get another 2 strokes. What’s the correct answer Daylia ?” He tried to stop laughing, honestly her maths was awful, he thought. He heard me giggle as the sum connected in my brain.

“16 Master.” I said, honestly I prayed it was right, I thought it was, but when he asks me to do sums during a spanking, my head just gets muggled.

“Well done Daylia. I think I’m going to have you do Maths exercises every day.  Okay, 16 strokes, now I want you to count them. What will happen if you give the wrong number ?” He asked me, his voice humorous but also intense again.

“I get 2 extra strokes, Master.” I told him, confident but also fearful to what exactly would give me the strokes.

“DO NOT MOVE Daylia.” He ordered.

He picked up the long shoe horn, his new toy from Ikea. A friend recommended this new implement, his little girl hated it. Raising his arm, he whipped the horn across my cheeks, causing me to shriek. I’m not sure how I counted to 16, I remembered I was quick because I wanted it over, this was even worse than the bath brush, might even be as bad as the high impact cane. It was evil, and as usual the strokes were on cheek, sit spot and legs.

But finally the last one came down harder across my sit spot, I grabbed my bottom and cried so hard.

Master sat down on the bed, pulled me up so I was sat on his knee, my bottom hanging between his legs. He hugged me tightly, stroking my back and hair, kissing my forehead lightly.

“All over baby. All done.” Master spoke softly, though he knew there was one more thing he had planned and expected a mini tantrum over it, he was looking forward to see the reaction.

“I’m sorry Master, I promise never to have tantrums again.” It was a promise we both knew I would never keep, secretly Master did enjoy them, and who could blame him. A whole afternoon humiliating and degrading me then spanking me.

“Bend over whilst I rub some cream in.” Master said, as he checked out the beautiful welts and bruises, taking a few photos for me as he knows I like to have them.

“All done, now stand up and turn around.” Master told me, I did as I was told, standing right in front of him.

He picked up this thing, what was that ? Was that a nappy ? My face must have shown my shock, Master had a stern yet devilish grin on his face.

“You’ve got to be kidding, I’m not putting a nappy on.” I said as calmly as I could, trying to back away.

But Master caught on with my plan, turning me around so my back was against him. He already knew which way round it went, lifting one leg, he put it through the hole, lifting the other, he pushed that through. As soon as he let go of my legs I tried kicking it off, which resulted in a few very hard smacks to the front of my legs.

“Naughty little girls who piss themselves need a nappy to sleep in, so you don’t do it again. Now I hope you’re not going to throw a tantrum after you just promised you wouldn’t, that would be a very bad idea.” As Master spoke, he pulled the nappy up, not overly gentle over my raw skin. Hearing me wince a little, Master smiled.

He turned me around and saw my sulky face, he secretly loved it. Master then produced a pink nightie, he put it over my head, hands through little cupped sleeves, as he smoothed it down. The cotton material had little teddy bears over it, but on the front, in shocking pink were the words, Master owns this naughty little girl. There was a picture of a teddy bear from the back view, there pink hair clips in her hair, her bottom was coloured crimson, the bear was bent forward as her arms reached down to pull up her nappy.

I looked down at the words, smiled a little, then turned around to the mirror to see the picture. Then I giggled, “Did you have this made especially ?” I asked.

“Only the best for my little girl, now into bed. Here’s your colouring books and pencil box and your kindle. I will bring you a sandwich, then brush your teeth, lights out at 8pm sharp. I love you baby girl, tantrums an all.”

This is a fictional story but as I wrote it, I thought it was quite exciting too and turned me on a lot. Master does enjoy pee play and I have had to pee outside as punishment, been peed over and drank his pee but it’s never been like to this extreme.


Blogging A – Z Challenge = R

R = Red, Raw Rear.

I’ve not much time to do my A – Z Challenge today, So I’m putting up some photos of my favourite RED REAR photo’s. I love the feel of my ass burning and sore to touch. When my clothes fall and brush over my tender skin, making me flinch but smile too. The inner ouches you say to yourself when you have to sit down and feel the red raw rear.


Blogging A – Z Challenge – O

Blogging A – Z Challenge = O

O = OTK Spanking. ( Over The Knee )

Sorry this is my first time since this challenge began that I’ve not posted on the correct day. 

We had a busy day, I was having one of those brain dead days, E was collecting his new car, so as it was a very special occasion to go in my diary of E’s life, Master, me, E and I ( E’s girlfriend ) went together to collect it. I came home with E and I, so I could have a good look at it, E drove everywhere once he got his keys, must have been at least an hour and half to get home, he was so happy with it.

We were home an hour before we then left to have dinner at my in-laws, which included showing the family his car, we then got home at nearly 8pm, then not long after, I went to bed.So apologies for my late post.

I absolutely LOVE OTK spanking, this is so intimate, erotic, sensational and intense. Whether it’s a fun one or punishment, I love over the knee.

One of my most intense OTK spankings was upstairs on our bed. I’d just had a shower and Master was going away with work and leaving soon. I’d hoped for a bit of fun but he had been busy, so I thought there was no chance for one now.

After my shower I headed into our room when Master walked in.

“I think a little motivation to be a good girl is needed whilst I’m away,” He told me whilst opening our toy drawer to pull out some toys. “Dressing gown off.”
I gave a little smile, as I untied my robe, took the towel of my head, brushing my hair quickly before Master sat on the edge of the bed.  He had a few of the more painful toys out. The Jokari paddle, rubber studded paddle, wooden spoon and leather strap.

Master gave me a smirk as he pulled my arm so I fell over him, my top half landed on the bed, my legs fell over his as one arm quickly hugged my waist close to him. “Let’s get some colourful bruises on your ass, we both know it’s the only way you stay good.” Master said, stroking and squeezing my ass. He picked up the spoon first, quick hard wallops rained down, making me jump and squirm, but Master had a tight hold on me. I tried to keep my feet down but it was hard.

The swats feeling harder and much more painful, as I fisted the bed sheets and ouched into the bed. He never stopped until my rear end and back of legs had turned a nice pink colour.

Then he changed to the stingy, powerful Jokari paddle. That first swat had me wiggling, kicking my legs, trying to reach behind me. Master chuckled, holding me tighter, moving one leg over mine as he continued a fast pace again, though I was in incredible pain, I giggled as I ouched, I just couldn’t get out of his grasp.

The Jokari is a small evil devil, the sting, the bite is so sharp, it does take your breath away.

Master stopped for a minute, giving us both a chance to rest, he loosened his grasp around my waist and moved his leg, I pulled myself up more as Master examined my butt.

A change of toy once more, this time the rubber studded paddle, this beats your ass like a thousand little rubber pebbles hitting you. When he hits downwards it feels like your skin is being whipped off. It’s not ouchie like the Jokari, it’s deep, hitting inside, a hot burn develops under the skin, delving deep into each flank. One leg reaching back, until he caught it, the other leg hanging down, As Master is ambidextrous, he was able to swap hands, one holding my leg, the other walloping my ass. But with the position I was in, I left my pussy free too, so he enjoyed swatting that, each stub bruising my labia, stunning my clit into more delicious arousal, becoming more and more intense and making me want more. That is until, he paddled my inner thighs, now both legs flailing anyway possible, but still both of us giggling, me ouching and wriggling.

“Up and bend over the bed.” He said. I shook my head, an arm curling more around his leg, holding it tightly. I didn’t want to leave his knee. “Up now.” He repeating, slapping my ass really hard, ouching, giggling I still shook my head.

“Okay,” he told me, standing up so I slid down to the floor. I protested as I fell in a heap on the floor, ouching when my ass landed on the cold floor. I pouted looking up high as I sat there. “I did tell you, now up.” He pointed to the bed, one eyebrow raised up, a sign that meant do as you’re told or you will be sorry. Slowly I climbed up and bent over the bed, legs straight out. Master grabbed some pillows and pushed them under my hips, then pushed each leg back up to the bed, his hand pushed my back down so my ass raised higher. He picked up the strap, and stood up straight. Wrapping the strap around his hand, he held the tip with his other hand and brought it crashing across my butt, an instant burn and feelings that my skin had been scraped off, I buried my face into the bed, 4, 5, 6 times and I started jiggling up and down on the spot, but it only made the pain worse. One leg kicked upwards a little, “Are we trying to kick me ?” His voice sounded evilly sexy, “No,” I exclaimed.”Hmmm,” He said, grabbing my ankle, strapping my foot a couple of times, releasing it then repeating it on the other foot. “You know I like symmetry and even hits on each side,”


That was the end of my OTK fun, of course our play didn’t end there as Master continued to spank me and turn my ass a delightful crimson and purple colour. Then came the even nicer, kinkier fun fuckery, fingers, dildos and finally cock. But the sensual, closeness you feel whilst over his knee is like nothing else, your combined love, sex appeal,  pure sexual greediness is brought together as one. Nothing else can beat this feeling.

Blogging A – Z Challenge = H.

Blogging A – Z Challenge = H

H = Hairbrush.    square1


Master came home about 7 pm Thursday night, having had a very long drive up to Scotland and back the next day, meetings all day Wednesday and Thursday, so he was pretty shattered once he got home, but he’s got to do it yet again next week, then again two weeks later for 2 or 3 nights. That one is for the managers yearly meeting, what’s happened and what will happen in the business, team building exercise and black tie party in the evening. They are tight bastards though, partners aren’t allowed to come. Something Master is trying to change.


Anyway, Friday night, Master felt a bit less tired, I think he had read my blogs, as the strict Master side came out more again. Which of course I love.

Making lunch I’d be very mildly cheeky to Master, to get him to give me a few hard hand spanks, hehehe, it worked too. I knew Master knew my plan anyway, but we were both horny, both keen for my bottom to be spanked and have some fun fuckery.


E came home from his holidays with tonsillitis, though they both loved it and want to go again, the weather was mostly poor, but that’s typical for the Lake District. He went to the GP, got antibiotics, then went out with the boys. So we had the house to ourselves.


Master came into the living room and asked, “Would you like to sit on the floor by my side or would you like to lie by me on the settee ?” Silly question really, of course I want to lie by him on the settee. “Well, first I want you to put on a sexy outfit, one of your red or black outfits you bought.” He stated. I grinned, he’s not asked me to wear one of these outfits before, so I ran upstairs, going through each one, I chose a red sheer nightdress type of outfit, a strap around my neck, no back except one thickish strap across the middle of my back, the dress finished of with a bit of lacing at the bottom, and it only just covered me.

Brushing my hair, I did consider putting shoes on, but I stayed with my slippers, taking them off when I got back in the room. Once I entered the living room, Master told me to stand next to me, after a few minutes he asked me to turn around, checking out my outfit. He gave a nod to show he was pleased.

“You’ve not got you’re dressing gown, that’s brave, what if E comes home ?” He said. I looked at the floor, “Should I go and get it ?” I asked. “Yes I think so.” Master replied. “You go and get it while I get the drinks by the settee.” Master said.

Running upstairs again, I went to the toilet, freshened up then got my dressing gown. I locked the front door too, just incase E dd come home early, though that was doubtful.  Master had moved his drink to my side table, I did a quick tidy around before realising Master wasn’t sure how to get the recliner up. This was my settee usually, Master and E had the other single recliners, I shared the settee with the dogs usually so I needed the space. I told Master to sit down, whilst I pulled the handle as the foot recliner jolted up, once he was settled, I lay down next to him. he tickled my back and bottom as we lay together, watching TV.

I’m not sure if this is a girl thing, or just me, but I love it when Master plays or brushes my hair. I love brushing hair and I twirl it around my fingers all the time, especially when I’m tired. This is one aspect I love about the DD/lg dynamic.

I’d love the idea of Master sitting me down whilst he brushed my hair and put it in a ponytail or plait it, but it’s not really his thing. I’m growing my hair at the moment, not sure how long I want it but for now it’s just below my shoulders, so as I got comfy laying over Master’s legs, I smoothed my hair away from my face,

“Would you brush my hair Master ?” I asked hopefully. “Oh, you know I don’t enjoy that but go one then, pass me the hairbrush.” Master replied. I almost flew off the settee to get it, passed it to him then climbed on the settee again, wiping my hair away from my face once more. Master began brushing my hair and immediately I felt so relaxed but also made me feel very horny too. I closed my eyes, not bothering with the film we were trying to watch, I sighed contentedly, like a cat purring whilst being stroked, feeling like I was melting into him, I felt my pussy ooze my milky goodness out as I felt it throbbing. Master continued to brush my hair, then grazed my back, bottom and legs with the bristles off the brush, gently at first then harder. Every available bit of skin, Master enjoyed scratching the bristles over it, I knew there would be bright red stripes going all directions, soon the nice scratches became ouchie ones as I murmured and ouched and started fidgeting. Quickly Master turned the brush over, and walloped my cheeks with the hard wooden brush. I bounced around but I was also aware I stuck my ass out for more, as Master went back to scratching my body. Going to my inner legs then grabbing my foot, he scraped the brush along the bottom of my foot, sending me wriggling, screeching as he chuckled, holding my foot tight, letting go, I tried to stop him getting my other foot, he paddled my bottom until I gave in and stopped struggling. Taking the other foot, he enjoyed scraping it along the bottom, I’m so ticklish it’s ridiculous, but I heard Maser laughing as I ooed and ahhhed, and any other noises that meant I wasn’t swearing. “Erm Slave, you are preventing me from enjoying myself, internal cries please.”  He ordered, laughing still. But I then concentrated on trying to keep my cries quiet. A hard job once the brush was put down, and magic fingers slipped into my pussy, sending my mind and body in turmoil. More fingers slipped in, thrusting about, feeling everywhere, teasing my g-spot until I was writhing about in the middle of an orgasm. Master slowed his fingers down and slipped back out, squeezing my cheeks and inner thighs, he picked up the hairbrush once more, paddling my ass, one to the other, over and over, my sit spot, inner thighs, changing to the bristles again, he spanked over my scratched, hot, red skin, each bristle felt so sharp, like tiny needles, just as evil as Mr Spikey or Vampire paddles, except there was no blood.

By now, I was hanging off his leg, the recliner was half down as there was no lock to hold it in place, one arm hugging his leg, the other holding me up. Master enjoyed watching me struggle to stay put, placing the brush on my back, he told me not to let it fall off. Fingers slipped inside my ass, pushing deep as I try to push backwards. “Stop moving,” Master ordered. Slapping my ass hard, making me yelp but I stopped. Soon Master was bringing me to yet another orgasm as I writhed very gently, still trying to stay silent, pushing I think all 4 fingers inside, he thrust, fingers wiggling inside as he pounded my ass, keeping that orgasm going for a long time, my ass was starting to feel sore, inside and out as he slipped out.

Master then chose a new way to use the brush, holding my cheek open, he scratched my tender skin by my asshole, then did the other side. This really hurt, which made Master enjoy himself more, Holding one cheek open, he scratched harder, then tapped the skin with the bristles, over my hole to the other cheek, which he then held open. Over and over, 4, 5 times, I was sure some areas were bleeding, he asked if this was the fun I meant in my blog, I replied kind of, we both giggled, “I didn’t expect the brush play,” I told him. “But you’re liking it aren’t you Serf.” Master stated. “Oh Yes Master,” I replied quickly, then he stopped.

Letting us both rest a minute before his fingers entered my pussy. Pushing hard, then stopping, adding another finger, repeating this until I knew his 4 fingers were deep inside, he tried opening and closing his fingers to stretch me, it began to really hurt, so my cries became more vocal. “Is this nice Serf ? You like being stretched for Master don’t you.” he told me, I knew the right answer, “Yes Master I do,” I whispered in between cries out. But he continued, “You like me doing this don’t you Serf ? You’re my dirty bitch aren’t you ? Look at you sticking your ass out to encourage me, whilst I have my fingers in your cunt.” He paddled my ass for a while all the time saying these sort of humiliating and degrading things, But I loved it and wanted more.

I really have learnt that I am a dirty whore when it comes to fucking, humiliate me, fist and pull my hair, slap my face hard, say degrading things, make me say these things about myself, making me use such words as cunt and whore, that I would never call myself or anyone else.

I really can’t get enough. I am one very dirty, cum slut whore, use me as you please.


Afterwards, Master told me to stay put, whilst he had a rest, I was still dangling off his leg. My right arm was killing by now and my wrist felt swollen but I stayed put, until I began to wobble. “Are we wobbling ?” He asked, I tried to say no, but some very hard slaps made me admit I was. “Oh dear, we need a punishment for that.” His voice sounded devilishly evil. “I think maybe we can use the other end of the brush for punishment, let’s see.” Suddenly I felt the edge of the brush touch my asshole, then slowly get pushed in, but with no lube it hurt a lot. I whimpered quietly, trying to stay relaxed so the pain wasn’t too severe, but that didn’t help. Little by little, the handle was pushed in. “Now, it’s in, DO NOT push it out.” Master told me. I clenched my cheeks, desperate to remove this foreign object. When he saw my cheeks quiver he grabbed the brush, thrust in and out with it. My whimpers became cries as the pain shot through my body. I felt it scratch me inside, as I felt Master twist the handle, I felt as if my insides were being twisted painfully, I was worried if it could cause damage internally but I never said anything. Slowly the handle went all the way around, and Master removed it gently.

Master gently stroked back, the hairbrush play was over. As always when he does something new, he asks how it was for me, was it too much, did he degrade me too much, how was the anal play with no lube, was I happy for it to happen again ? Many other questions I can’t remember now. I told him, I was very happy with everything except the dry anal. I was worried it could cause damage, scarring inside. He agreed there could be some, but didn’t think it would be serious. I told him I was happy for him to do it again but I would always be concerned about it, I’ve already had a foot of intestine removed due to ulcers and damage, I didn’t want more problems there. But I will leave it with Master, maybe once in every few months won’t be a problem, I am happy for Master to repeat it and at the end of the day, it’s Master’s choice not mine.

It was a very fun play with this hairbrush.