TMI Tuesday.

Hello there again. Welcome to TMI Tuesday blog and questions about …

Random shit

1. Which do you make more of phone calls or text messages?

Master. WhatsApp.

PiggyJ. Text messages.

Daddy. Phone calls.

Me. WhatsApp.

2. Before making a phone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say? Why?

Master. Yes, coz perfection takes practice.

PiggyJ. No.

Daddy. No.

Me. Occasionally, if it’s an important call.

3. Name three things you and your partner appear to have in common.

Master. Piggy, Manho and snoring.

PiggyJ. Low tolerance of idiots, dislike of YouTube, lots of orgasms.

Daddy. Grumpy moods, grumpy when tired, goddam amazing.

Me. Love sex and squirting, grumpy when tired or sick, always wanting to be right.

4. Name three things about which you and your partner completely disagree and often causes arguments.

Master. Films, YouTube, How absolutely perfect I am.

PiggyJ. Who’s the better driver, who steals the covers and moves the most in bed, the fact I don’t snore.

Daddy. Housework.

Me. YouTube / car programmes, claiming to always be right, how much noise and mess they make.

5. 74 percent of couples bought a brand new mattress when they began their relationship. As you embark on a serious relationship would you request your significant other buy a new mattress or would you buy a new mattress if the s.o. asked you to do so?

Master. No I wouldn’t because mine hasn’t got a fucking huge crater in it but yes they should.

PiggyJ. No I wouldn’t coz I like my fucking huge crater in it.

Daddy. No I’m quite content with the airbed / blowup mattress and it’s not got a fucking huge crater in it.

Me. Happy with the airbed / blowup mattress, with the occasional promotion to the big bed when allowed, but only the big bed without the big fucking crater in it.

Bonus: If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about your future, what would you want to know?

Master. Lottery numbers.

PiggyJ. Nothing.

Daddy. Nothing.

Me. Nothing.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

I’m so excited to have the day with Daddy on Wednesday.

It’s Daddy’s first day off midweek for ages, so he’s coming to spend the day with me.

I’m so looking forward to a good play, he’s mentioned using our version of the St Andrews Cross, which Master made in our bedroom, tying me up and then trying out all the toys in our drawer. I’m a bit nervous of this, I keep reminding him that you need to go gentle until he’s got used to the toy. Things like our horrible, nasty lash can really cut you if you’re not careful. But I doubt he would use that anyway.

But I’ve got to admit, I’m longing for a good harsh spanking, I think I may need the bite gag on though so not to frighten the neighbours lol. I need every hole used and abused after thrashing my ass, back and legs.

Apparently I will be getting my punishment afterwards, I think I’m due 55, with whatever Daddy fancies.

Once Daddy has beaten me, f**ked me, used me for his satisfaction, we are going to a park on the other side of town. There’s less danger of meeting someone I know there, it’s a lovely park, ( if it’s a dry day ), and the cafe is lovely and reasonably cheap. So we will have lunch there and hopefully get to have walk around too. It’s so peaceful there, I love it.

Then, this part of the day is very scary. I’m getting my tongue pierced !

Out of all my 15 piercings I’ve had done, ( I’ve only got 10 now ) this one scares me the most. I don’t know why, but I’m pooing myself over it. I’ve ordered lovely sparkly multi coloured balls, but the process and the aftercare scare me. A our piercer said to just carry on as normal, eat your usual food and drinks, just nothing spicy, and no alcohol shots or neat alcohol. But within a few days it will feel okay.

But on Thursday night I’m out with my Mother In law and the fat club / theatre group, going to watch Calendar Girls. And my Mother In Law will hit the roof when she sees it. In fact all the ladies will tell me off, as I’m like the daughter of the group. I can’t exactly hide it because my tongue will be swollen, I won’t be able to speak properly, it will be difficult to eat, so I have to be ready for a major telling off, never mind what my parents will say. But it’s my body, well no, it belongs to Master and Daddy, I want it done, so I’m going to do it. But I’m very glad Daddy is coming with me, he said it’s part of my Christmas present. He’s going to video it for me, A doesn’t mind us videoing everything.

So that will be our day on Wednesday, I hope it all plans out for us. It will be just nice to have the day to ourselves. Just Daddy and his naughty Little Minxs.

Sketches of Daddy and I.

I hadnt done any sketches in a while so Daddy told me I had to do two by Saturday. And he wanted one of when he gave me a spanking and one of when I was pleasuring him. I wanted to do one where I was giving him a blowjob but we git no photos from that, so I chose when I was giving him a nice bottom and back massage which he really enjoyed and I really enjoyed doing it too. So I hope Daddy likss them.



Sunday’s kit car show.

Today we are off to a kit car outing. A 3 hour trip to get there, where its a massive kit car show, jumble sale of car stuff, fairground rides and the usual food and drink stalls. Apparently its the largest kit car show in the world, 4000 show cars, never mind visitors. It’s going to be a scorcher of a day, so skirt and t’shirt that covers the tattoo, but thick coat for the journey as its quite breezy on the motorway. We stopped at the services to meet up with some of the group.

All I know for now is there’s about 60 cars going from our clubs, the leader has the gazebo, plus another, and we have our own hospitality tent, which will be nice. Apparently this place has the countries biggest agricultural show in the country, and this car show is one of the biggest too.

But I’ve done something stupid regarding my health. On Friday I was getting some bad nerve shocks on my right buttock and leg and seriously painful nerve shocks up my spine. I sucked the pain in, not showing it to Master or telling him. Yesterday when it was lovely, I tried to sit outside, but my back was aching so much I kept coming inside. I haven’t told Master I’m struggling, because he wouldn’t let me come today, but I am. I’ve brought extra meds with me.

We had a great journey down but it felt very long, my hip especially painful. But parking in our small patch the organisers gave the club, its very very tight. There’s over 60 cars from the Club, But a lot of our cars are parked on the road.  I think id love a Cobra for myself and. Beach Buggy. There’s some glitter Beach Buggies, purple, rusty orange, filled with glitter, look amazing. Master is looking at the MEV Exocet, they do look nice.

Luckily the club organised a hospitality tent, so  we’ve had a walk around then come back and sit it the tent which feels much cooler. It’s soooo hot here, my phone says it’s 20° but I think it’s hotter. It’s a nice day out but not overly exciting looking at hundreds of cars, being a girl I look at the colour first then shape second, Master will look at the size of the engine, price, and style. We’ve not agreed about a car yet.

Masters army defeating my pesky virus.

Master is fed up with my virus, along with his own virus, he’s actually going to the doctors today because he just can’t do anything with this pain in his middle.

He’s not sleeping, eating is a struggle, and feels exhausted. This can’t go on.

He has a different virus to mine.


But he set his army of toys to battle today, fighting those pesky germs.

And they had fierce armoury, paddles, canes, bull whip, crop and hands.

Masters most treasured toys.

They paddled, they caned, whipped and spanked those germs.


But the germs are strong, they are led by their Sir, a strong, wilful giant of a germ.

They fight back with mini germs attacking them

But none of the toys give up.

They know Master will be angry if they don’t win this battle.

It’s been 3 weeks nearly, and Master is getting fed up and mad,  mad with his own virus and mad with his slave being on sick leave.

The doctors aren’t helping, just saying it takes time to go.

But Master wants life to return to normal, and so does his slave.


It’s been weeks since she had her morning spanking, her bottom remains untouched and unmarked, and Master likes a beautiful bruised bottom to look at.

It’s been weeks since she did her heavy chores, just trying to complete the ones she can do, the chore charts go unfilled for the time being.


It’s been weeks since Master felt her mouth go down on his cock.

He’s even managed to stretch to the bigger size of his PA,

But slave had no energy to play, plus she doesn’t want to accidently bite his cock if she starts coughing like mad.

Yes she wants to play with his new bar, feel it’s size in her mouth, could she cope with its size, but now at least Master can put his Christmas rings in, the ones his slave bought for him.

The most slave has managed to do was play then give him a hand job. Even that left them both shattered.


So Master’s toys better win this battle,  spank those germs away.

The sooner the better, whip those germs out of his slave,

His Sergeants stay behind to bash Masters germs too.

Throwing eruptions at them and blowing them up.

Different tactics to use for fighting his germs.

But Master knows he will win, one way or the other, his army will fight until they’ve won. Then life can return to normal.


Couple of new sketches.

Did the woman’s sketch yesterday and tried a mans face for the first time today.

I think I like using just graphite pencils and not using colouring pencils, I enjoy trying out the shading and where light would catch the face. I’ve still a lot to learn and I’m sure proper artists will see faults, if anyone does, let me know otherwise I can’t improve.