Sinful Sunday.

I’m not very good at taking sexy photos, I think I see all my imperfections, parts of my body I really don’t like. So I do my best to avoid putting that part in the photo. The part I mean in my tummy, wherever I position myself, it looks like a huge barrel.

So as from yesterday, I decided to start on a healthy living plan, starting the fitness pal app to help monitor my meals. Daddy and PiggyJ are already on their own healthy living plan and Master and I were going to start after Christmas. But I’ve decided it’s time I need to try to loose some weight. I think maybe it was after a comment I got from my mother-in-law who said I looked 9 months pregnant. And let’s face it I do.

Master and Daddy have never said I should try to loose weight, this has come from me to improve my barrel of a tummy.

But both Master and Daddy have always always said I have lovely boobs, they actually think my boobs are big, I dont think they are, but they disagree. And they love photos of my boobs, showing off one of my best assets they say, I will say I think my ass is my biggest best asset, boobs second. One day I was attempting to take some sexy photos when I thought about doing reflective pictures, and I actually think these look quite good. I think the second one is my favourite, where my bra connects with the mirror, joining it up. This is my view on what I think a sexy picture should be, hope you agree.

Sinful Sunday


Sinful Sunday.


This has to be one of my favourite photos from our holiday, playing Spank Snooker,  I love how you can see my reflection in the glass taking the photo. The proud look on Master’s face holding the snooker cue as he knows full well, he will win every game.



If only we had the money for a hot tub but the cost is rediculously high. We would have to choose not to eat or have a hot tub. That actually may be a good idea, might loose some weight then, even the dogs would but then I wouldn’t starve my babies, our son tends to get his own meals these days. So it would only be for Master and I. Wonder if that would pay for thehot tub costs, I doubt it. But we wouldn’t enjoy our holidays as much because we would use the hot tub at home. So decision made, no hot tub, eat and stay big and happy, then enjoy our holidays with the indoor pool and their outdoor hot tub.

Sinful Sunday


Sinful Sunday. Blood. ( if you don’t like seeing bloodied bottoms don’t view this blog. )


This photo was taken a few years ago, I remember this punishment well, though I can’t remember what my crime was, probably spending money without asking and bratting. Something Master doesn’t tolerate. The vivid marks from the high impact cane, which I hate, and the bloodied mess left from The Giant Paddle shows how bad this was. How the paddle blistered my ass, how the blisters opened then bled. Covering my ass with burst blisters, leaving the evidence on the paddle.

I remember the first time Master drew blood, he was so worried he stopped the spanking then. But over time, we both grew to love seeing blood, personally I don’t think I’ve had a good enough fun spanking or punishment unless I’m bloodied and bruised. Maybe we are both a bit crazy.


These delightful blood spots were made by Mr Spikey, a paddle with 2″ needles, it looks evil but boy it feels amazing, giving you great internal bruising that lasts a few weeks. But it is a messy play / punishment, but so much fun. I think I must be crazy to love this but everyone has their own kinks and now I’ve finally realised and admitted to myself, what my kinks are, I intend to enjoy it as often as I can.


Sinful Sunday


Sinful Sunday.


This photo shows exactly who I am. And who my Master is.

I AM MASTER’S SLAVE.  That is certain.

This photo shows 2 types of collars that I own.

When I’m with Master he likes me wearing this dog collar or a thick choker chain dog collar. He likes his dominance shown by saying, Yes You Belong To Me. It shows how serious he is when we are alone, DO NOT mess with your Master. I love wearing these collars, I’m proud to be owned, proud to belong to him, every part of me is his and his alone. My body is not mine anymore, if I want to make a change to myself, I ask Master first if it’s okay with him, he has the final word.

But this photo also shows a softer side of Master,  he would call it his fluffy side. You see looking at the photo you would just see one collar, but only those who know about our kinky side understand the meaning of my very precious Pandora locket from Master, inside it has personnel petite charms from my partner, lover, Master and our son. You see this is my discreet collar, Master likes to keep our kinky fun just to ourselves, well including our kinky friends. But we wanted a collar that would be very special to us, to look lovely and pretty, because that is what I would choose, knowing I would also choose something where he and our son can purchase charms to put inside the locket, at all times my partner, lover, Master and son would be with me. I never take this locket off unless I dye my hair or occassionally I may be allowed to take it off to wear other jewellery,  but that’s very rare. Seeing this photo shows Master’s fluffy side in another way, those that know me,  know he actually calls me serf, not slave. But we can’t find a collar with serf on it. Why serf, you may ask. Well once Master decided he wanted to own me, to be his slave, I asked if it was possible I had a different name, not slave. I just didn’t like the word, Master understood my comment, and said yes, if you find a word you prefer we can discuss it. I went online and looked on the thesaurus for another word that still meant slave. That’s when I found serf, I told Master and he agreed, if it made me happy to be called serf not slave then that’s who you are from now on. Many Doms may not be this fluffy,  they would choose the name for the person they owned, if they wanted slave, that’s what they would be called. But I love this fluffy side of Master, also love the strong dominant side of Master, they make the perfect combination. Just like the discreet and obvious collars.

Sinful Sunday – Corner Time.

Put in the naughty corner because as usual, I argued,  refused to do as I was told and was disrespectful to Master. This was 2 years ago, thankfully my behaviour has improved so I don’t get corner time often

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Sinful Sunday


Sinful Sunday, Master’s 6mm PA.

Master has worked on stretching his PA to 6mm and he succeeded last night. When I saw it, firstly, I have to say it’s very impressive especially with my favourite big balls on it. But also so heavy, I asked him if it felt heavy and he said, no, not really. Don’t notice it. How can he not notice this heavy horseshoe ? Just holding his cock to take the photo, you could feel it’s weight. I picked this photo as my favourite because I loved seeing how big his hole was now, and how it stretched further due to the weight. But I was a bit worried about whether I could perform a good bj for Master now. I didn’t have long to wait as we went upstairs to get dressed, Master lay on the bed, ready for his slaves lips to be wrapped around his cock. Its felt like a long time since I was giving him a blowjob, climbing next to him, I examined his new body Jewellery, trying to figure out how to get started. I’m not going to lie, it was difficult to fit it in, find a place for it to go, so I could do all the things I love on Masters cock. Maybe if he puts the bar in, it may be easier but I liked the thickness and heaviness, plus having the metal clink on my teeth really  turns me on. Master knew I was struggling a little so he pulled out, saying let’s try it in your pussy. Boy oh boy, holy fuck, that felt fucking amazing, trying it in my ass, you could feel it’s weight, I already knew I loved the big balls, but the added weight just finished it off.
Sinful Sunday