Got spanked this morning

After our chat a few days ago, things have become better, Master has been quick to point out if I say inappropriate, and I’ve had a bit of cheeky fun.

This morning, as Master was working from home, he had a 20 minute interval from meetings so before I got dressed after my shower, I decided to try them on and ask him what he thought. There were only 3 dresses so it didn’t take long, 2 he said were ok, 1 he didn’t like. So I  was quite pleased, until Master came back into the room 5 minutes later.

Why was I getting a fashion show anyway ? He asked.

I fumbled for some words to come out of my mouth. But nothing came out.

Don’t remember you asking to get them ? He said.

Well I ordered them a week ago, there was an email with a 30% discount code, so I used the discount. I muttered, my fingers nervously twirling around each other.

What’s the rule ? Master asked.

To ask you first, I said quietly.

Why didn’t you ? Master asked.

Coz you’d probably say no. I muttered.

But I might have said yes. Pass me the big black strap out of the drawer. He pointed to the toy drawer.

Looking guilty and sorry for myself, I pulled out the heavy CPS and passed it to Master.

Bend over the bed. He ordered, again, I looked up at him, big sad eyes that begged him to please be gentle.

Ha, gentle. What was I thinking, He’s punishing me, of course it’s NOT going to be gentle.

The swats came quickly and hard, searing my skin, feeling the bruises and welts grow as the deep holes in the strap brought up big blisters. Every so often, Master asked, What do you say ?

Sorry, I’m sorry Master. I yelled out, as he continued once more.

He ensured my legs felt the burning pain too, as I tried to straighten up, or tip to the side, Master’s hand would push me down once more.

What do you say ? Master asked again.

I’m sorry Master, I won’t do it again. I pleaded.

The strap came down again, over and over, as I fisted the bed sheet, and cried. With having no spanking for ages, and then having no warmup, this really hurt a lot.

What do you do if you want to buy something ? Master asked.

Ask you first, I said.

He dumped the CPS onto the bed.

You better make sure you do in future, I’m fed up with dealing with this over and over. Master ordered then left to go to the office.

I knew he must be mad at me, as there was no after-care, as I slowly got up, I realised I was going to have to ask for everything in future. I glanced at my bottom in the mirror and saw some black bruises and a dark crimson backside.

IMG_20180601_100032 (1)IMG_20180601_100153 (1)IMG_20180601_100211 (1)

Later in the afternoon, I was looking at the hand held fans, I actually saw Simon Cowell use on Britain’s Got Talent last night. Now I think I’m starting with the menopause, a handheld USB fan would be perfect, I’d talked about them last night with Master, he told me to look them up. So this afternoon I did, I showed Master, he told me to look on Amazon as the cheapest one he thought was from a dodgy company, but I couldn’t find one under £10, so I asked him if it was okay to get one. He said, Yes and thank you for asking. So I found one I thought would be okay, it got good reviews, was purple and has 3 settings. It only takes 1 hour to charge and then lasts 5 hours before recharging again. It just didn’t say if it was noisy, if I could use it in the theatre, but I can use manual fans for theatre trips if necessary. It actually stands up too, so I can sit it on the table when I’m out. Hopefully it will work out and help with these hot flushes.

Yesterday didn’t go as planned.

Master has gone away today until Friday, He is travelling to Glasgow today, going to the office, then after work he is driving up to Dunblane for tonight. Thursday morning he is travelling up to Creiff, further north. Where he will stay until Friday afternoon, when he can drive the 5 hours home. This is an end of the tax year conference, so there will be talks through the day about how the company has done this year, plus what the plans are for the future, think there are other things going on in the day too but can’t remember what, they have a black tie event for the evening, free bar, meal and a lot of drinking. No one is allowed to go home until after lunch on Friday, so they are safe to drive, Everyone can just chill in the hotel, or go quad biking around the grounds, but you have to pay a small cost for that. Master has chosen this activity, he won’t drink much the night before so he can enjoy the activity.


Now let’s go back to Monday evening, when Master eventually tried his dinner suit on. At the moment he has a slim suit and what he classes as the fat bastard suit, we knew it would be this one he needed but we were aware that he hadn’t been successful in losing weight since Christmas. Stress a big factor in this.

Trying it on, we realised this suit was too small. The jacket did fit if it stayed open but the trousers were too small. The waistcoat fitted fine. Slowly it dawned on us, he needed another dinner suit. This was Monday night, so it meant my Tuesday will now be spent going to town to search for a bigger fat bastard dinner suit. I was supposed to go to a fat club appointment at hospital in the morning but I was going to have to make up another excuse for cancelling, again.

So Tuesday morning I left the house at 8.40am, ready to get to the first shop for opening time. No luck. I then drove into the town centre and headed for the next shop. They had one in the size we wanted, but the jacket was a regular size, not short, so I didn’t think that would look good. So there was no luck. One hour later I was pretty exhausted having gone to several shops, with no luck, I had a coffee break. My back was so sore and I knew I was walking slower, so I was grateful for a coffee and toasted tea cake. My mum and dad phoned whilst I was having a break, Dad sounded quite concerned because I must have sounded how I felt, something I normally tried to hide when speaking to my folks. Dad offered to phone the suit shop where they live, see if they have the size or have one to hire, saves me driving there, he did, but no luck again. He then phoned another hire shop, no luck, whilst I started my search again, after my break. I had gone to every shop in town, that sells men’s clothes, even visited the arcades that have more designer shops in it, but I thought just in case, I’d better go there too. Still no luck. Meanwhile, bless my dad, he phoned around the bigger shops, in Liverpool and Warrington, if I had to drive an hour to get one, I would but I wanted to make sure they at least had the size we needed. They didn’t.

I was at a loss on what to do, so phoned Master. He said buy the jacket I saw, if the sleeves are too long it didn’t matter. So off I headed, think a snail would have got there quicker than me. I found the jacket but when I looked at it, I realised it wasn’t a dinner jacket, it was just a standard black jacket, so it was no good, plus there weren’t any trousers his size.

Fuck, fuck, fucking fuck.

I found a seat in the shop and phoned Master. He decided all we could do, is buy new trousers, use the waistcoat we had, use the jacket but leave it open. He could breathe in with his jacket fastened for the photographs. But this meant I had to find trousers now. There was no way I could walk through town again, so I drove back to the first shop, in a hope that they had trousers to fit. I hadn’t looked at any trousers before as I was more concerned with the jacket. I was so sore, I was beginning to just feel pissed off.

When I got to the suits in the shop there was a guy, maybe a few years older than me, trying a dinner jacket on, looking a bit unsure. Then he asked me if it looked okay. For the next half hour, I helped him, he told me about his life, the event he was going to and thanked me umpteen times for my help, as we choose a jacket, found trousers for him, which he tried on, they were a slim fit which he doesn’t like, but I said get them, then if you have time before the do, you can go shopping elsewhere. I said, as long as they have the shiny seam down the side of the trousers, it doesn’t matter where you buy them from. We then found a waistcoat for him, as I found trousers for Master, he decided we didn’t need a waistcoat, as he could use what he had already. So I was sorted but this guy wasn’t, he needed a shirt but had no idea on his collar size. I suggested finding a member of staff as I’m sure they will have tape measures, they had and measured his collar so he could find a shirt. He wasn’t keen on the regular fitted shirt so I said you can buy slim fit which would suit his build better. Finding a shirt I then went to go, telling him I hoped he had a great time. Holding his hand out, he shook my hand, kissed my hand and thanked me again, saying if I ever go to the pub where he sings, he would buy me a drink. But I’d forgotten what the pub was called but I just said I was very happy to help and enjoyed myself. He said I should get a job as a clothes fitter. Laughing I left to go to the til and pay, as I left the shop, he called over thank you again and bye. I must say I did enjoy helping him, it’s not the first time I’ve helped a lone guy to buy clothes, men do often need a woman’s eye in what looks best. If I can help anyone, I will.

I got home at 1.45pm, exhausted and in so much pain, Master made me a hot water bottle, I took stronger meds then rested for the rest of the day. We packed his case last night, put everything in his suit bag for the evening, At 6.20am this morning he headed off to Glasgow. Hopefully the drive will be okay.

I’m out for lunch with the theatre group of friends, and tonight I’m out with E and his girlfriend, I, we are having dinner out. So It will be a nice day, after my very stressful, tiring day yesterday.

A Genuine Mistake.

I thought I was going to be in serious, I mean SERIOUS trouble today.

Yesterday I had to buy E’s freeze hairspray from Amazon, he uses loads so there was a good deal for 6 , so I chose that, got it with Prime so it would arrive today.

I put it in the basket, and proceeded to checkout without checking the details.


I’m always told to Read everything before you hit pay !!!!!!


As usual I didn’t, so when I got up this morning, I checked my email to find my order was on its way. The cost £36. I looked again and it said £36. I felt panic set in as I realised within the order for E, I had bought 2 silicone waterproof dog bowl mats at £9 each.


It was only last week Master had reminded of the rule, No Spending Anything Without Permission !!!!!!!


But it was a genuine mistake. This afternoon when the parcels arrived, Master noticed I had an extra parcel. It shudda been 1 parcel for him and 1 for E. I felt  him staring at me, as I opened it up. Then I opened one of the smaller boxes, and unrolled one mat, rolling it up again, putting it away then looked at the other one, even though they were the same except one was pink, one orange.

“I hope youpain 40p for those coz that’s all it’s worth.” Master said, his first sounding stern. I shook my head, “Well I can just look at your account. “ He said.

Taking a deep breath, I was starting to get hot with nerves, “ No they were £9, but I hadn’t intended to buy them, I put them in my basket ages ago. “  “ Why ? “ He asked. “ Well it stops the dogs dinner plates moving around and easier to clean the rice or pasta up. “ I explained. “ Why though, you hand feed them every day. “ He asked again. “ Well it was a mistake, I put them in the basket ages ago, but didn’t buy them coz I thought it was expensive for 2 dog mats. I’d just forgotten they were in there. “ I told him. “ Well it’s Amazon, so you can just send them back. That’s the bonus of Amazon. “ He said, I was not going to beg to keep them as even I thought they weren’t worth the money. Checking the details you had to pay the postage for the returns, when I told Master, he said, “ You shouldn’t have to pay. I’ve never paid postage for them. “ “ Well will you check later please, but it does say £4 for postage. “ I asked him. “ Yes, it was a genuine mistake and we can return them, so that’s okay. “ I hadn’t realised I had been holding my breath when explaining my mistake, and I let this long long breath out, butterflies flew out of my tummy and I felt myself relax again. If one thing has happened with this mistake is in future I will check the checkout price first before pressing pay.

A boring blog, about grocery shopping, losing my ring and our dogs typical messing around.

Another busy morning today, the grocery shop seemed to take forever and ended up as a big shop. I’ve lost the shopping list and receipt, as Master has said I’ve to ask permission first then show him everything I buy. As he read my blog from a few days ago, when he had bought the new toys, I’d gone grocery shopping, bought Mother’s Day gifts for this Sunday then I’d bought 2 nighties without asking first. After he read that blog, he banned me from buying anything again, I’ve to ask first, if I can’t get hold of him, if he’s in work then I cant buy it. Plus I’m banned from purchasing any kindle books from Amazon.

I’m in 3 book clubs, where they send you a selection of books you may like, daily. Prices range from free to anything upwards, naturally I buy a lot of erotic, BDSM stories, regardless of cost. Anyway Master said I’d spent close to £300 on books already this year!  So now I’m stuck to getting just the free ones.

But I will have to tell him I’ve lost the shopping list plus receipt by accident.

Bet he won’t believe it was an accident, but it was.

Anyway, coming home, I literally dumped the bags on the floor, so I could take the dogs out. I knew once I sat down, I wouldn’t want to get up for a walk. But I could only manage half the field but it was enough for them.

I had to sit down before putting the shopping away, so I made my lunch then sat down for an hour, watching a tv program. Once it was over, I forced myself up to put everything away. This involved getting my ladder out, tidying up the fridge before loading it up again, as I’m too small to reach anything other than the bottom shelf.

Empty, reload the dishwasher, the same for the washing machine and dryer, then made a chilli for tonight’s dinner. During this time, I noticed my ring sliding off my finger, it felt very loose, so I made a mental note to keep an eye on it.

It’s a lovely Pandora ring, with amethyst stones, Master bought for me a few years ago after Christmas. As we had a bit of Christmas money over, so we both bought something for ourselves. Master saw this ring, and I fell in love with it immediately.

It only fit on my little fingers, but it looked lovely,

Since January, we have all been on a healthy diet, watching and counting the calories and I’ve managed to lose 9 pounds since then, which is amazing for me. I’ve noticed that when I have lost weight, it comes off my fingers and top of my legs first. This meant my ring is now quite loose.

When I sat down again after tidying up the mess E made when he came home for lunch, I realised my ring had gone. Nearly in tears I’m on my knees looking on the living room and kitchen floor. The plug and sink, following my footsteps to the washroom, in case it fell off in there. Nothing.

I felt myself get into a panic, sending Master a message, well a blunt message, I’ve lost my ring. I messaged E in case he had seen it, but didn’t hear back from anyone.

Retracing my steps since I had lunch, I had been in the washroom, put something in my car, and put rubbish in the bin. I followed my path to the car with no luck.

The only answer was check the bins. So bringing the recyclable bin into the back garden, which luckily only had today’s rubbish in, I emptied the lot on the floor. Going through every bit of cardboard, cans and bottles. No luck.

Shit shit shit shit shit.

I had to go through the main bin, not a nice job but again luckily this only had today’s waste in, so I wheeled it into the garden, tipping out the crap.

Sifting through it, I couldn’t find it, but noticed some rubbish still inside. Lifting the bottom up so everything dropped out, I sifted again then, YES there it was on the floor.

Omg I felt like crying then.

Putting everything back in the bin, I wheeled it away again, then gave my hands a thorough wash.

The ring is too big on my little finger, on my right hand now, it fits a bit better on my left, but I can’t get it on any of the other fingers. But at least I found it.

Now I could try to relax again, but no such luck. The dogs were pestering me, even though I’d cooked their dinner, they wanted attention. Dave was on and off my knee, Muffin was just doing her usual kerwoof,  we call it. Just a quiet woof to let me know she wants something. Putting her on the chair, off the chair, on or off the windowsill or hand feeding her, her dinner. Anyway they were still pestering me.

I’d picked up a mixed fish packet in the reduced aisle. Salmon, smoked haddock and cod. All fish they like, with some boiled rice. But no, they didn t seem to like their fish dinner, so I’ve had to give them some cat food for now. Hopefully they will eat their own meal later.

Looking at the time now, I see it’s 4pm, where has the day gone. Master will be driving home now. At least I’ve made the dinner for once. We all had a bad nights sleep, thanks to Muffin who kept barking, very loudly, eventually she went in the garden, but when we came back upstairs, I got in bed, she then barks to get on the bed, so I have to get up, to put her on the bed and she messes around, rolling about, chewing her paws, so Master and I couldn’t get back to sleep for ages. Even E had woken up because of her messing about. I must be tired because they are really driving me nuts today. And I can feel myself wanting to go to sleep, but I can’t. They  are barking at every sound, person or animal.

Can’t wait until it’s bedtime today.

Vampire toys.

I’ve recently been chatting with the blogger Molly’s Daily Kiss, and at last I’ve found someone else who has a love for Vampire toys. Well we only have gloves, but Molly has a whole collection, I didn’t know were available.

She told me about a mat, custom made and how to get in contact with the person who made it. Then said she had a vampire paddle.

Hmmmm very exciting, even my body gave a satisfying Hmmmm at the thought.

This led me to search the huge world wide web and see if I could find any of these knew toys. Searches led me to a vampire hand paddle, but to be honest, that wasn’t much different to the gloves.  I found a paddle in one site but they didn’t really look like the same pin, they were short and quite wide, so I continued my search.

EBay kept showing one that did look like the right pins on a leather paddle. Sold by TheSexShopOnline.

But my problem with EBay is I’m not allowed to buy anything from there, not allowed my own account, so I would have to ask if we could get it. And everyone knows if I can get away with buying something without asking, I will try my best, which is why I’m banned from spending money.

On my search I came across a crop that looked interesting, from the same shop.

A 70 cm fibre glass covered Crop/Whip Bondage toy.

We hadn’t replaced the one that snapped a few months ago, so I put both items in the basket to save them, then I sent Master a message asking if I could buy 2 items from EBay.

His reply was, what is it, what is in it for me and how much ?

I replied, he would enjoy using them on me, £30.

And what are they ? He asked again.

So I had to tell him.

He then asked me to put them in his basket so he could see them,

I put in what I thought was the email he used, and password, and after 2 goes, I managed to freeze the account.


Fuck Fuck Fuck  he’s going to go mad.

I had to tell him. But I’m not sure if this happens often on EBay, if you put the wrong information in. But he replied to say he was able to get back on now.

This time I asked what his details were, and his username was certainly one I’d never have got. I eventually got on, had to find the items again but got them in his basket, telling him they were there.


A few minutes later, I got a message, ordered.

What no begging required, no pleading about how cheap they were and a bonus of free postage. Very unusual for Master to purchase them so quickly.

I had to ask him, he said he was being super kind.

I thanked him, very very much.


Whilst making the dinner, E came home, “There’s your parcel Mum.” he said.

Opening it up, I found ski-gloves, double layered walkers socks and a fleece to go under my coat, all ready for our next trip out with the Lotus. Hopefully I will be much warmer with these.

Then Master asked, “Did you ask to buy them ?”

“Yes, and I told you the price.” I told him.

“Really ? Coz I would not have bought those toys if I’d known you bought them. I certainly would have remembered. And anyway, it will be warming up soon.”

“I did tell you, and I told you the price. Anyway, they were in the sale, which is why I got them now. And I did tell you.” I said.

Truthfully, I can’t swear that I did, I’m certain I told him after I bought them, but did I tell him before then? I honestly don’t remember. Did I ask him if I could buy them first ? That I can honestly say, no, I didn’t ask first.


It was then, I chose not to tell him I bought 2 long sleeve nighties in the sale whilst I was grocery shopping today. They were cheap and it’s so cold at night at the moment, I knew they weren’t bought for the sake of it.

Let’s face it, I’d rather not sleep with the short sleeved nighties that I own, a cardigan, pair of thick socks and a dressing gown, I kid you not, yes I wear the lot in bed. Master says it’s like sleeping next to the abominable snowman.

But when there’s us both in bed, Dave the dog sleeps by my feet but Muffin likes to sleep between us, her head on my pillow. Her back next to mine, so when she does a dog scratch or just moves her feet, her claws scratch Masters body. So he has to wrap the duvet around him, taking more of the covers. Muffin sleeps on top of the duvet too, meaning I’m usually left with hardly anything covering me.

Hence why I wrap up so much.

No I know it’s not sexy, I would love to wear some sexy nightwear, but really I’d rather be naked, luckily Master knows what a cold blooded girl I am, so he is used to me wrapping up during the winter. Once it warms up again, I will be in my birthday outfit. Probably still have my socks on though.