A few selfies after Master decided he wanted some fun. The shoehorn and my ass.

PiggyJ’s lines and frogs punishment for telling Master to f off.

  Piggy And The Frogs

So I know your all probably expecting this to be a blog form Serf, well it’s not it’s piggy’s turn to tell you about her exploits and trouble I  to managed to find herself in…….

Well it was a Saturday visit from Sir and serf, visit not a sleep over so our time together was shorter than a sleepover. The visit started as they usually do, I’m naked when they arrive kisses and cuddles are given to everyone. I made the brews, one day I will get it right I always get Sir and serfs coffees mixed up so have to ask. Coffees where drank, the. Sir said “right it’s nearly 3, both of you upstairs and get naked. I already was, so serf stood up and started to undress……..now no doubt Serf will tell you more about the play.

R(my hubby n serfs Daddy) then came home so they said their hellos and me and Sir then. Joined them, downstairs, we then all started with a drink, I started with WKD which in truth didn’t last long in fact I’d drank it by the time dinner was gotten. I then started with the wine(and here was my first mistake), we had dinner and and started to watch a film. I was lay on Sirs lap, jokari in hand he kept swatting ,my bum and thigh. I continued to drink my wine feeling the effects now, now this bit is a bit fuzzy but what I do know is I told Sir to “fuck off” now I’m allowed to swear unlike serf however I’m not allowed to swear at Sir. When it came out of my mouth there was a gasp form R and serf and how they didn’t get whiplash with how fast there heads turned towards me and  then looking at Sir I don’t know. Then there was silence, I looked at Sir saying sorry, a shake of the head and I knew, and then we will discuss this tomorrow. I knew I was in trouble, but I also knew he won’t discuss it now.He then patted his legs for me to lie down again, I lay back down, thinking what I am going to get punishment wise, now my usual punishment start at 50 with an implement of Sirs choice, nervous at what Sir would decide.The evening continued film watched and the time for then time for them to leave, again Sir said we will discuss the f bomb tomorrow sheepishly I said okay.

So Sunday messages exchanged but nothing, had Sir forgot and then the message I’d been waiting for, 10 yes 10 A4 pages of lines “I must not swear at Sir,I’m sorry.”by Tuesday. I asked front and back he replied yes so I knew I needed to get a move on as I was swimming Monday night I’m normally last minute with things. So I made a start Sunday managed to get 3 pages done, I didn’t realise how long lines take to do, as it’s not one off my tasks. Monday before work I started to do more, I spoke with serf who said she n daddy thought my lines where a bit lenient, I said that I didn’t believe this was it and I was expecting more. I spent my lunch Monday doing more lines and then again on Tuesday morning I managed to have them finished early. I did however half way through have a mini panic, I hadn’t put any punctuation in, would Sir pick up on this, if I didn’t have it would I have to do them again. So I went through them again adding the punctuation. I then sent pictures and video to Sir and waited. I then got a message excellent….now….google how to make a origami frog…..what I thought(well actually Wtf)….to be done by Thursday so I had two days to make 10 origami frogs. Monday I googled it how many videos are there, loads of videos the  first ones I found they where with smaller pieces of paper. I amended my search to A4 origami frogs, watching a video they ripped the paper,Omg I thought can I rip the paper, I asked if I could I didn’t get an answer so I thought I’m gonna have to. I tried to do a few to no avail….I then tried to do one fully 45 minutes later,45 minutes and my patience tested to its limit,( to the point where I nearly messaged Sir saying I can’t do it. I then remember a time where I said I couldn’t do a punishment he’d set, and believe me that’s not something I want to repeat) I had one done only 9 to go now once I’d figured out a part away I went. I finished them all by end of the day. Again pictures and videos sent, thinking maybe that was it. How wrong was I message came through…excellent…..now…give the frogs to 10 people….I thought this is easy the time scale of Saturday lunch seemed far to easy. I’ll just give them to work colleagues…as I was replying a message came through that I missed….oh did I say they have to be strangers, and then I want a selfie…once I saw this let’s say I said a few swear words….I was thinking where does Sir think of these ideas. Thursday morning I started shift early, my first stranger a different cleaner. Explaining what I had to do, I could see on his face he thought I was a loon…I had to do this 9 more times, people will think I’m a nutter, so out I went on my break looking for people who I thought wouldn’t get me sectioned…I managed to find 5 strangers to give my frogs to…I left it there for Thursday. Friday I got into work early, lingering outside work I approached people on their way into work, now I don’t know if they where still sleepy but these people seemed a bit more enthused to partake in getting my frogs some where even quite impressed. There where people who just went no or when I said about pictures I got my frogs back. I managed it though 10 people now have my froggy, however I’m kinda hoping I don’t see them again, as it was my lines that I had to right, they may ask what’s going on. I done it though all pictures sent to Sir, Sir said top froggin…there was no…..now….finally I thought I’m done

How wrong was I, so this afternoon another message….to finalise the swearing piggy , frog punishment write a blog about the experience…..so here it is

What have I learnt….don’t swear at Sir….maybe drink less wine (although we have a giggle when we drink) and finally…..I’ve learnt that my Sir is an evil genius and I think I need to buy him a white pussy cat.

Last full day of holidays.

Last full day of holidays.

My day started at 5.30 am, bit of a lie in for me, Master was up by 8 am again. Breakfast clean up, then sun room, by 8.45 am. It was a warm morning already, I reckon it will be a hot one again. I read, wrote blogs, whilst Master talked about all the couples he had talked to on Fab Swingers site, the night before. And there seemed to be a lot, he said people don’t seem to come on until after 10 pm, then it all stops at 1 am. But I leave him to do the leg work, if there’s someone he likes and has the same kinks as us, he tells me to look them up.

By 9.15 am, we needed a swim to cool down, then I reminded Master that we had a race. Master had said yesterday that he could walk 2 laps of the pool, faster than I could swim.

“Oh yes, the loser gets a forfeit. Okay let’s go.” No warning, no ready steady go, he was off but to be fair he was half way down the pool by the time I started. I wasn’t going to win. And I didn’t.

Master thought for awhile, “Go and walk around the grounds, and take at least 20 selfies.”

Okay I can do that. I went back to the loft, getting my selfie stick, I headed back to try and get it connected. It wouldn’t connect so Master had to do it. Then off I went. Just snapping away. I didn’t count them, I just wandered around looking for inspiration for a photo. I think I was gone over an hour, I was pretty exhausted and my back was very sore, then it took over 3 hours to edit them for Master and to upload in my blog.

I ended up taking 75 selfies, and I’ve been told to upload them all.

The WiFi was pretty rubbish in the loft so I think I’ve uploaded them twice, as I thought each time they never worked, so if you see duplicated pictures, I apologise.

Thought I’d share some pics.

After 2 years of being on Spankingtube and getting lovely comments from other spankos,  I began to like my bottom. It was Masters way of showing me that other men would find me attractive, once we started our new life, he wanted me to love my body too. I know Master always has loved my bum, well all of me, but my lack of self confidence has always made me wonder why! Why would he love this short, fat woman with a big ugly backside ?

And eventually through this journey of posting selfies on the Tube, then once I understood how to work Fetlife, I began posting on there. Once Master set up this blog page for me, I was a bit more nervous about showing my pictures, not sure why, maybe I hadn’t realised there was such a big family of spanko, D/s dynamics, BDSM, erotic writing, lovers of BBW bloggers out here too. Too be fair I didn’t know much about bloggers/blogging before I began this.

So I took some more photographs and wanted to share them.

Hmmmm showing full front makes me cringe, but at least I’ve not got the confidence to show them.