Blogging A – Z Blogging = Q.

Blogging A – Z Challenge – Q

Q = Questioning.

As Master’s slave, I know I should do exactly as he says and I do try my hardest to be a good girl, following his instruction. But if you’ve read my previous blogs, you will know I’m also a bit bratty and naughty. And if I ask for something, and Master says NO, I do question it.


Why can’t I just order that book, it’s only 99p ?  NO ! Why not ? Coz you will just buy more and you have hundreds of books on your kindle that you’ve not read yet. When you’ve read them all, then maybe you can buy one !   Why ?

Can I buy this dress / skirt / top ?  No ! Why not ?

Can I stay up later ?  NO ! Why ? Coz you become a brat when you’re tired !


These are usually the questions I ask, I know what the answer will be, but it doesn’t stop me from asking.

This is something I do need to work on changing and since doing this challenge I have realised this so I’m finding myself stopping before saying that fatal word.

I can understand why Master gets frustrated with me when I question his decision. His decision should be final.

I will make it my goal to change this, I think this is like the final strands of giving up my independence and give Master my total submission, I read some blogs where the sub will be perfect, one slave does nothing without permission, can’t move, eat, drink, can only use the toilet with the door open, she does everything for her Master, but she seems to love it, which is the most important. Master doesn’t want a slave like this but I know he would like it if I stopped questioning him and just accept his answer, the first time, not after the fifth or sixth time of asking. Or until Master gets cross with me and then punishes me.

So there’s my letter for today = Q = Questioning, I hope if I do this challenge again, I will not put this word down for Q.