Possibly trying swinging again.

About a month ago, Master and I had a chat about rekindling our D/s dynamics, it had slowly disappeared when ‘vanilla’ life got in the way.

In this conversation we discussed once more about going to any kinky clubs. By kinky clubs we really wanted a BDSM club, but most events were in the nighttime. And we are not night owls at all. If we went to a swingers club, some of these held events during the afternoon and night, which would suit us better. Some swinger clubs had dungeons, but mostly they don’t.

I contacted The Townhouse in Birkenhead, and my reply made me feel like maybe this club was a bit too much for us right now. Master then found an event in a club we hadn’t heard of before, The No3 Club in Chorley. They were holding a tattoo and piercing event. Basically anyone with tattoo’s and/or piercings can attend. I emailed them, asking if this was a good event to go to for newbies. I got a nice reply back that made me feel maybe we should go.

Two things were a problem, 1, this event was on that Friday, it was Monday when we found it. 2, it said you had to be a member of 1 of the 4 main swingers sites in the UK.

Master hadn’t noticed that so he said we will leave it then.


We ended up having a familiar conversation, how do we find another sub to join us, should we try swinging again. Master said again, “I don’t want you agreeing to it, if you don’t want to do it. You said after last time that you didn’t want to do it again.” I said, “I know but I guess we can only try again. Sign up on one of the sites or join FabSwingers again and see if we get any ‘real’ people willing to actually set a date and meet up for some drinks then go from there.”

I left Master to spend the time choosing a site, joining and chatting. If he finds any ‘real’ people wanting to take the next step, he would then tell me to have a look at their photos, read their profile and join them chatting. And what I mean by chatting is having a proper conversation, not us writing a long paragraph to get a very short sentence back or just one word. That is not chatting. That is not getting to know someone.


Now before I get bombarded with bloggers saying there are real people on these sites, I apologise now and I certainly don’t want to insult these people who are real swingers. I am only going by our first experience where there was lots of talk, showing interest, yes let’s set a date, then they vanish. Or the ones who are just not real at all. Master googles their photos to see if they just picked a picture from there, and there were many who did just that.


Master looked at the other 3 sites, 1 that was very good by ensuring the people who joined them, were real. But all 3 were very expensive, pay to join, pay to read each individual message, pay to read each individual message. So Master rejoined Fab again.


But now we are talking about swinging again, all my old fears erupted again. Yet I read blogs about couples who just do it for fun, I read them, and it does turn me on. But I worry about if I could do it.

I’m a girl who yes, I enjoy sex, any kinky fuckery that’s me. But with Master.

We’ve even discussed that maybe we will have to go full swing, not soft, to get interest.

But can I have any sex with another guy ? I’d have to really like them.

But can I have sex with a girl ? Hmmmm I’m still not sure, maybe play with fingers but can I go down on another girl ?

This is something I know Master wants me to do, though I’ve said I won’t, if he orders me to, then I would have to. On many discussions with Master, I’ve said he would have to push me to do it, and if he feels I’m not trying then he should punish me. I know I take forever to figure out I do enjoy each thing, so this maybe the same. Well not maybe, it would be, unless I absolutely detest going down on a girl, I have to try BUT I have to be allowed to go slow’ish.

I wish I could be one of those girls who can say I just love sex, and having sex with as many people as possible in one night.

But I just can’t. Sex is connected with love, when you love someone you want to have sex with that person.

So the only way this could work is by getting to know a couple, I don’t want to hear about their accomplishments with every other couple they’ve had, I want to know if they are interested in us as a couple first, then bring in play slowly.

Our first experience was awful, felt very clinical, staged, like this is what they did with each couple. Watching porn which I presume is a turn on for them, but for us was a huge turn off. She couldn’t orgasm without using her clit vibrator at the same time, but never told Master, whilst he’s trying to get her to cum, her hubby took over, she only then got and used her vibrator then had an orgasm. Like she would / could only orgasm with her hubby. This I found insulting for Master because he must have felt similar feelings like I had about why he couldn’t get this woman to cum. The guy had a circumcised cock, which I then realised I’m not keen on a cock without the foreskin, it’s something else to play with, he also had a very sensitive cock, so I couldn’t nibble or chew on it. I felt like I was inadequate, inexperienced in sucking cock. When I watched his wife suck him, she had her lips over her teeth and basically just sucked him. I just thought, God this is so boring. I don’t know what else to do. They had games they obviously played a lot, none I wanted to join in with. The guys stood up in front of each other, us girls were on our knees between them, she’s sucking my Master’s cock, I’m sucking the hubby’s, then we swapped over, and back again.

Again just boring.

When it came to getting the guys to cum, I turned down the offer to do her hubby, she asked if she could make Master cum, he asked me to, so I agreed, sitting back to watch them. I didn’t turn me on.

Then she asked if I wanted to do a snowball, ( I think that’s what she called it ). Where she would pass the cum from her mouth to mine then back again. YUCK.

No thank you.

Her hubby said she loves cum, can’t get enough. So it made me giggle inside when I watched her struggle to swallow Master’s big load.


So that just felt horrible and Master agreed. I don’t know, I just want that bit of a connection with the couple for me to feel comfortable having any form of sex with them. I don’t think I’m alone feeling this way.


Master got chatting with 2 couples who winked us as soon as Master signed up with Fab, both sounded ok, but one could only play during the day when their kids were at school, which meant Master having to take the day off. One couple who said they come to our town quite often but when Master said well let’s make a date for a social, the reply he got back was “not sure what we are doing, keep in touch.”

Many couples had photos of only the girl, saying a cock is just a cock, Well so are tits, ass and pussy. Yet if you want me to think about playing with you, I’d like to see what you’ve got too.

Then yesterday he got chatting with another couple and this time, wow, it was a real conversation. They looked like a nice couple, I read the chat this morning and liked what I read. They were also fed up with time wasters. She’s only bi-curious so it could be a good way to play together and learn. He is straight which suits us too, though Master isn’t appalled at the idea of being bi-curious himself. I found it a bit odd when I watched him suck the cock of our second experience with a transgender, male to female. This coupley have just started going to clubs and have said they would be happy to take us with them, and the know The Club3. We have similar interests too. Master ended the conversation saying he would get me to read their chat and join them chatting today, so I think I will.

Oh and more importantly they like spanking. But I need to find out whether their version of spanking is a few little swats on the ass, or a full on paddling, caning, flogging etc. Because that’s the other thing that got me fed up, profiles read they enjoy spanking, but then when you send a photo of my ass nice and crimson they say ‘oh I don’t like that, I only fun spank’. There’s a big difference to what ‘vanilla’ people class as a fun spanking to what BDSM people class as a fun spanking. For me a fun spanking leaves my ass bruised crimson / purple, welts and markings, also a bit of blood but that’s not everyones cup of tea so I can pass that one on to what Master and I do. I like to feel my ass sore for days after a fun spanking. Obviously a punishment would be a lot worse, but I still love the feel of my sore body afterwards.

Anyway, I will keep you updated, hopefully this couple will want to meet for a social first. We will see………..