Exciting plans for the weekend.

We’ve really exciting plans this weekend whilst E is away having a fantastic time in Portugal with his girlfriend and her family,

Tomorrow is even more special for me, we are going to Blackpool, another car show, all the cars will be parked along the long promenade in front of the tower. The forecast says it will be nice so it should be a good day. But what will make it even better is we get to meet Daddy and J face to face. This will be our first official meet, I’m nervous and so excited to meet Daddy at last. We are going out for lunch and Daddy is taking me to the Build A Bear shop and letting me choose my own teddy, and clothes, I know or hope she can be pink or lilac, with a blingy dress. Then we are going to buy a doo doo, snuggily blanket and sippy cup, I think we are buying 2 of each so we can keep a set in our house and his. Though we need to find a hiding place for them, actually probably put them in our toy drawers.

I want to find some harder maths books for me to do as well.

Then on Thursday Daddy is coming over, he is taking me to the cinema for being a good girl writing that poem for him. He said I can get as many sweeties from the pick and mix as I want and popcorn. But I will be careful not to get too much like I normally do. Not sure what we are watching yet, depends on what’s on, Mission Impossible or The Meg but I don’t think that will be out on Thursday. It will be nice to spend time together, though Daddy said he will be spanking my butt for my potty mouth,

( giggling now, see it works, hehhe : ) hehehe )

Master said “You must feel really comfortable to arrange to meet Daddy on Thursday before we had even met for real,” I said, “It feels like we’ve known them for years, and what you see is what you get, like us. Yes I suppose it could be classed as risky, what if we didn’t gel together ? But my gut tells me it will be fine.” Master is happy for me to go out with Daddy, he can see this dynamic is working for me so he likes seeing me excited about it but both Daddy and I will have to ask permission from Master to go out as he is the Dom for all of us, and he is in charge.

Finding more playfriends.

Finding playfriends.

Over the last few weeks, Master has been chatting with other swingers, the couple I had that amazing play with the girl, then another couple actually messaged us and Master began talking first, They are a D/s couple but she is the Domme, I’m not sure if its 24/7 like us or just in play, but talking to them, it seems they are very new to it.

But what they seemed to want is for someone to dominate her, J, and the guy, R, wants to dominate a girl but switch to be a submissive too.

Over countless messages, we’ve now worked out that Master would be Dom to me first, then J and R.  I don’t switch so I will stay sub and have R as my other Dom.

It’s quite exciting as this has been my fantasy for a long time, having that second Dom to be near when Master is away. Knowing if needed he would be here if he can.

It’s taken a while to get to this point, plus we have to meet socially first just to make sure we do get along, but our chats have just been so chilled out, and we seem very alike, I think we will get on.

Over the weekend R was asking for help and advice on becoming a Dom, I was pleased to learn that he has been reading up about how to be the perfect Dom online. Master is helping him, I advice on my side as a submissive. I think they’ve only played around a bit with it really, he tried to Dom J but she just found it funny, mainly because their dynamic is naturally more Domme/sub. So finding me who will happily be his submissive, was great news for him.

We decided it would be easier if we had a whatsapp group for Master, J and R, and then one for R and me. This would be to talk about the D/s dynamic only. We each have access to everyone’s phone and whatsapp, so there will be no concern about what’s being said.

I decided we should have a punishment group too. Basically, if for example, I was rude and cheeky to R and disobeyed him, he would write the punishment in the group, any photos showing lines etc would go in there, then any expected due spankings would be put in there, ready for the next meet up.

I really hope this works out, it’s still at the very early stages, I will feel much more confident once we’ve met up. I’d like to see if R has the strong, stern dominant side to him. We all know I love to brat, push my boundaries, so I need a firm hand.

But it will be nice for Master to have a challenge and become J’s Dom, but so far, we’ve all been doing well. Master and Sir have been setting tasks and I’ve been doing mine, J an R have for Master too.
Sir has given me the name little minxs, which fits me rather well.

Master called J, Meh, as it seems to be her little saying whenever she didn’t want to do anything.

R is called manho, as he says he’s a manwhore.

Sir is learning quickly, setting daily lines, morning selfie, naked selfie, wish him good morning, evening, night every day.

Asking lots of questions, learning likes and dislikes, what things I wouldn’t want for punishments as Master told him I’d do anything for a spanking.

Today I had a question, maybe some of you may help with too.

There’s a part of me that wants to explore the ‘little’ in me, I know there is one wanting to come out.  Is it possible to be Master’s slave and Sir’s little ?

I need to study the differences and if it could work but any advice would be very helpful.