Continuing from Dec 5th, getting my tongue pierced.

I was very nervous getting my tongue pierced, not sure why considering all the others I’ve had done. This was the one that really scared me. I think it’s because it’s in my mouth, so I worry about breathing and eating.

A, our piercer knew what I was coming in for so he started to get everything ready. A customer came in so A served her first, it was only a quick change of jewellery, then it was time for me to go in. Daddy got my phone ready to video it, and A started to explain what will happen and how to look after it after it was done.

I had to stick my tongue out as A dried the top and bottom of my tongue then drew a dot on the bottom of it. He explained what he was going to do, clamping my tongue then before I knew it, he had pushed the needle threw, attached the bar and pushed that threw before screwing the ball to both ends of the bar. I never felt a thing but watching the video afterwards, there was a tiny flinch in my eyes but that was it.

A went on to explain how my tongue will swell up for a few days, the important thing was to continue as normal, eat and drink lots of water. The saliva is the best healing tool for your mouth, and will heal the piercing within 7 – 10 days. Then I was to come back and A would swap the bar to a smaller more comfort one.

It felt really weird in my mouth, my tongue already swollen and the balls on top and below my tongue felt huge. Speaking was very hard and I felt like I was slobbering and spitting when I tried to talk. So I ended up holding my hand over my mouth when I spoke.

I’m really pleased with it though, I never thought I would get it done but after kissing PiggyJ last week, playing with her tongue  piercing, I loved it. I asked Master if I could get it done and he surprised me by saying yes, then Daddy asked if he could pay for it towards my Christmas present, Master agreed.

Daddy said I was a very good girl getting it done and he liked it a lot.

Within a week it was feeling great, I could play with it, roll the top ball along the front of my teeth, I play with my lip bar loads too. Eating was a bit tricky but I put food into the side of my mouth, chewed it slowly then swallowed. The only difficulty was swallowing my medication. I felt like I was swallowing bricks.

Now 2 weeks on, my tongue feels great, I’m looking forward to buying some funky balls that really stand out.

Of course my Mother In Law went mad, your tongue will drop off, you will look like a chaff, ( someone who has loads of tattoos and piercings everywhere. ) I laughed it off, I knew she would hate it but it’s my tongue, my body, my life.

Thank you Master for allowing me to have this piercing.

Thank you Daddy for my early Christmas present. Hope you felt the ball when I gave you a blowjob the other day, I forgot to ask.

Wednesday with Daddy.

I met Daddy at the local park and ride, he left his motorbike there so I had to pick him up.

Master is worried about keeping this part of our life discreet, so didn’t want Daddy round at ours without him being there, as it would look suspicious, especially if it was frequently. Plus we couldn’t play or anything incase E came home, the in-laws or my folks just popped round, and they have done this without prior knowledge. They’ve all got keys so it could happen. Master said “You’re dynamic is different to mine with J or R, yours is more snuggily, holding hands, kissing. You need to think as if you are having an affair.”
I said, “I’ve never really thought about what I would do if I had an affair.”
He said, “ So going further away from where we live, not having the motorbike parked outside often, you know how much the neighbours would talk, not going around where Daddy lives as it’s close to where I work and my staff could live near.”

It is a pain coz it means we can’t go home and play, snuggle, mark my maths, just the 2 of us but we can still enjoy our days together, it just means we need to think carefully about what and where we go.

Today we are more local as we were both going to visit my favourite piercer A, we were both going to feel the stab of the needle.


So once I picked Daddy up, we drove to a lovely village just outside our town. We parked and walked through the main street, it was too early for any of the shops to be open but we thought the cafes would be open for breakfast but they weren’t. We could have just stayed and waited but we decided to go to the local park, it brought back memories of taking E here when he was little, how many times had I come here with him. Must have been hundreds.

We walked through the aviary, Daddy started talking to the parrots, they seem to be having some sort of a good conversation, lol. There were 2 beautiful purple and red parrots, I think they were Emperors. There was a chart which told you all about them, but I may have forgotten the name.

Passing the aviary we saw the cafe was open, so we bought a coffee, Daddy always has an Americano with cold milk in a jug, I always have a skinny latte with 1 shot of coffee, by now Daddy knew how many sweeteners I have and he put them in for me, then we sat outside and chatted. This is what I love about our dynamic, that we can sit and chat, just like a normal relationship, whether it’s boyfriend / girlfriend, Master / slave or Daddy / little.

It was whilst we sat outside, when we got onto the conversation about my mouth soaping video I had sent him. And how J had spotted I was only holding the soap with my teeth, I wasn’t sucking it, like instructed. Well I just burst out laughing as he said he watched the video, calling me a real bloody brat, and how much he was going to have to watch me carefully. I said, I did tell you I was a brat and will try not to do anything I don’t want to do.

Daddy said, “ I can see I need to be specific with what I expect you to do.” He did laugh about it after he watched it at home but I laughed so much as he told me. We chatted about all sorts of stuff, eventually we went for a walk around the lake, holding hands, kissing as we walked, it was lovely. Daddy said he’s really happy, and classed it like he now had 2 wives. I thought it sounded lovely, as Master said that our relationship was almost polyamorous. I didn’t think it could be as we’re are not living together but Master said you don’t have to be living together for it to be a poly dynamic.

I actually don’t care what the supposed title is for our dynamic, I’m just very, very happy, I’ve got my sadistic Master to humiliate, degrade, thrash me and my Daddy to care for me, nurture me, and love me, both my Dom’s make me feel safe, secure and if anything, more confident in myself. Master has spent many years trying to get me to feel confident, to like myself, love myself, and finally he’s made me find my kinky side. Now there’s no stopping me. Enjoying playing with others, realising others find me attractive. But filling the fantasy of having another Dom, a Daddy has filled that missing link in my head. Discovering that bit of me was a “ little “ I hadn’t realised before, Daddy’s a patient teacher, not making me feel stupid when I can’t do my maths right. He explains how to do it so I am actually not scared of numbers now. I may not remember everything but I’ve got lots of maths books now so I’m sure I will start to feel a little more confident. Daddy said he was going to get a gold pen and a sticker book for when he marks my work. I love that he wants copies of everything I do for him, lines, sketches, my little story, the poem, I copy the lot and put them in individual plastic sleeves. Daddy then puts them in his special place at home.

I think I’ve realised the reason behind why there was that “ little “ in me, as a child I never had that one on one care from my parents, yes they loved me but mum worked when I was not at school, so I never saw her really except when she had a 10 minute break for dinner. I would be asleep by the time she finished work. Dad was always busy doing jobs around the house when he wasn’t working, I used to crave to hear words like, I love you or I’m very proud of you, instead of, I knew you wouldn’t pass, you don’t try and do anything right. I just wanted them to show me I wasn’t useless and I wasn’t ugly. As a parent now, I make sure I tell E how proud I am of him and that I love him, all the time. I never want him to feel like I did as a child.

So we enjoyed a lovely walk, then headed back to the car. It was 10.50am and we wanted to be at A’s shop for when he opened at 11am. But when we got there, the shop was still shut, so we stayed in the car, until I saw him drive past. A opened up so we headed over to the shop.

So what are we getting done ? Daddy is getting a PA and I’m getting some more rings put in my labia and inners……………no I’m not really, you know I’m not allowed anymore there. Daddy wanted to design a tattoo for me but Master said it was too soon for that but he said he knew I wanted more piercings in my ear, so allowed Daddy to pay for a scaffold bar piercing as a token that I am Daddy’s little girl. I had already been to see A to order that and the PA for Daddy.

I knew Daddy was nervous, but when he started to ask A what would happen and how it would feel, you could see Daddy getting more worried. I kept telling him to just wait, let A get sorted then he will do it. “Do you see the size of the rings, they’re huge !” He stated. “That’s gonna be too big.”

A came in from the back room, “What’s up ?” he asked. I quickly explained, “ He’s worried that the rings are too big both in diameter and gauge. “ A went on to explain the rings look big as they have to allow for when your erect. The gauge starts from 2.4mm, 3.2mm then 4mm, anything thicker from that it’s best to be tapered. Right come on let’s get in the back.”

We all headed in the back room, A closed the door, telling Daddy to get on the bed. Daddy said, “Do you want everything right off or just pulled down ?” “Pulled down is fine.” he replied. Daddy pulled everything down and lay on the chair, I got my phone out ready to video it, checking with A first, as with Master he wasn’t bothered. A doesn’t know of mine and Daddy’s dynamic, I told A that Daddy was a friend, even though A knows about Master and I, we felt it was better to just say he was a friend.

A started off by marking off where the ring would go, even though I’ve watched Master’s video many times, I’m still fascinated by how its done. When A pushed a tube down his urethra, you could see it much better as Daddy is circumcised, so you could clearly see the end of the tube through the skin, and it was quite a thinnish bit of skin.  A put the needle through the tube then said to Daddy, “Right when you are ready, deep breath in.” I held Daddy’s hand and within a second the hole was pierced. No scream, no noise, no nothing but a biggish flinch, such a disappointment, just like Master. The tube came out then A fitted the ring to it. “This will feel a bit uncomfortable but that’s about it.” Quickly the ring went through. “So that’s it.” A told him. “ What it’s done already ?” Daddy asked. “Yep, all completed. “ A replied.

A went through the care of it, then Daddy got up and pulled his pants up. I must admit, it looks pretty impressive, I do really like PA’s now.

Then it was my turn to sit on the chair, as A got organised, Daddy got ready to video it. I asked if A needed me to take my ear and glasses off, but he said no, I will fit the bar around them. A dabbed 2 spots on my ear, got the needle ready, “Deep breath in,” the stab felt a lot more tough as it’s cartlidge, “Another deep breath in.“ A said, then another tough stab. Both making me flinch, BUT I did not say one swear word, which I thought was very impressive for me, I think mainly because Daddy was with me. I was concentrating so much on not swearing, it worked. I was pretty pleased with myself. So at the moment I’ve a long purple bar with sparkly balls at the ends, in 2 weeks I go back and get the proper size put in. 5 days later and my ear is still very tender, swollen and bruised but its not throbbing today. I will try to put my ear in today, see if it doesn’t hurt too much, I think Master is fed up with me not hearing him all the time.

So we were both all done, Daddy’s ordered the next size PA but he wanted it in dark blue. He wants a ladder going up his balls, so he’s ordered 4 dark blue bars so in 6 weeks, he will come back, move up in size for his PA then get all 4 bars put in. We were both very happy with our new piercings.

We went from there to our favourite pub for dinner, where we went last time. The meal was lovely as usual, but we chose not to have a dessert because we wanted sweets at the cinema.

Again, it just felt really natural with Daddy, the conversation flowed easily.

I made sure I paid for dinner this time, as we should have gone halfs the week before but Daddy paid for it before I got chance to say anything.

Then we got back in the car and headed to the cinema. We were going to watch Mev. But as we arrived, there were lots of workman around, inside the cinema foyer, a huge area was boxed off, I was actually wondering if it was actually open. I walked over to the staff and asked. The lady said the cinema was getting a makeover, new bigger seats with tables attached and bigger, better screens. I asked if some cinemas were open, she said half are open, but a workman broke one of the screens so Mev is not on today. WHAT, No Mev. Daddy spotted that Equalizer 2 was on, we had only watched the first one when we stayed over last week. So we decided to go for that one. Daddy said “Let’s get you some sweeties first, babygirl.”  We headed to the pick and mix, I love these, but there were no cables. In fact there were only pink and white chocolate mice to choose, for the sweets that I liked. Daddy didn’t want anything, he said he would pinch some of mine. We then went to get the tickets, pay for the sweets and get to our seats. We got a back row just to ourselves, I kicked off my shoes ready to get comfy, one shoe went flying. As I bent down to get it, Daddy put his hand on my bum, across my pussy, his hand reaching under my skirt. I swear I was so close to cumming there and then. Just that touch was enough to get my juices going, I had to sit down quickly before it became too much. Sitting down, I snuggled into Daddy, I was comfy resting my head on his shoulder, one arm hooked under his arm, my other arm was over his chest, part of me wanted him to put his hand between my legs but oh that would have been fanfuckintastic, ( sorry Daddy ) but I couldn’t, so I enjoyed snuggling with him, enjoying the movie.

We both enjoyed the film, and headed back to the car, it was peak time when we were driving home, the traffic was crazy, how Master and Daddy copes driving through this every day, I don’t know. Once we got past the junction for the other drivers to get to the motorway, the drive was okay. I drove Daddy back to the park and ride, he said his PA was okay but I hoped it didn’t hurt whilst he was on the motorike. Enjoying a long kiss goodbye, Daddy said he would message once he was home, safe and sound. It had been a lovely day, Now we have that special bond with the bar in my ear, I know J will be getting a tattoo from Master for their 6 month anniversary, but she also needs a treat so she’s not left out, Daddy and I got pierced, I think J will be getting multiple stabs whilst she gets a small tattoo, connecting her with Master. Master had told her it was her choice, a special treat from him to her, so I can’t wait to see it. These special things bind us together now, to become one, and I just love them.

Master’s cock without the PA in.

Master’s cock without the PA in.

There’s one thing about a PA that I never realised, neither did Master for certain, that’s now there’s 1 extra hole, pee or cum comes out of both. This becomes more apparent as he’s stretched to 5 mm bars.

He does need to sit down to pee, but if he has to use the urinals, then he has to cover one hole with his finger so the pee comes out in the usual hole.

A few weeks ago I was giving Master a hand job, he took his huge PA out so I could have a nice chew, nibble, suck and lick. Most of his jewellery is just too big in my mouth, and I can’t enjoy nibbling his head with them in. Master can easily take them out thankfully not like my rings.

Anyway after I enjoyed sucking him, I went back to using my hand, playing with his pre-cum, letting it go all over my fingers, smearing it all over Master’s cock. Tickling his balls with my other hand, my nails grazing over them, until I knew he was about to cum. I love watching how his head swells more, hardening even more, twitching away.

At that moment, he began to groan, his cock twitched in my hand and I felt his cum travelling up and out of both holes. His cum flew up over his face and tummy but also down over me and the floor. I began to giggle watching it because I’ve never noticed it before, but usually he cums inside me so I never actually see it. But it was funny watching him explode and seeing it flying out of 2 holes, we didn’t know this was going to happen when he got his PA. And now if he did decide to take it out for good the hole never heals like your ears would after being pierced, this will stay open for good.

Getting the tattoo done yesterday.

The day off the tattoo.

I woke up so nervous, I can’t remember feeling this nervous last year but oh, God, my tummy was off, I felt a slight shake in my hands. But I was up early, showered and dressed, out with the dogs early, then head to the supermarket for a few bits before coming home, having an hour to chill and eat an early lunch before heading out to town. Deciding to park in a proper disabled bay, it meant I wasn’t stuck with a 3 hour parking restriction, just incase it did take 4 hours, but this meant my car wasn’t just outside the tattoo shop, it was about 6 minute walk away. But I thought it didn’t matter as I grabbed my water, bag and walking stick, I headed for the shop.

There was a lady there, just having a drink served to her, J asked if I’d like a drink so I asked for a coffee, needing the caffeine to calm me down. The lady had just had a tattoo done on her arm. Once the coffee was done, we discussed the sketch, saying I was very happy with it. He wasn’t pissed at my pickiness. We discussed colours, which was important to me as on my first tattoo, there were a lot of colours I did not want, but as a tattoo virgin, I wasn’t sure if you could pick the colours yourself. Having talked to others on here, I realised I should have the choice. So we discussed the colour of the flower. J doesn’t like mixing colours so he tends to buy literally every colour you can buy, so he appeared with 8 different shades of pink. So I chose a deep pinky purple for the flowers, then he put everything away but I said I wanted a plumy colour for her hair, he looked amazed at this. I said I wanted it the colour I dye my hair which is plum. He said fine, then asked him to use the lighter colour for the girls nails and put streaks in her hair. I think he thought I was a bit bonkers and my hair had lost most of the dye so he couldn’t see what it should look like.

So once we had the colours, he told me to sit down, have my coffee whilst he did the drawing on the ink paper. The girl was still with us so we chatted a bit until J was done, she left so we could get started.

The first part was deciding the place.This was where I wasn’t sure how he would do it, Would I be naked from waist upwards or one boob hanging out of my bra. Instead I unbuttoned my dress a bit, and as my bra was low cut, he had enough space without getting my boobs out. I asked him where he thought it should go but he put it quite high up, not really on my boob, so I didn’t like. A customer came in for a price so whilst J was busy I moved the picture around until I was happy with it’s position. Once back, J marked the area then gave it a good clean and he put the stencil on. He told me we would use the more private area as even though the windows couldn’t be seen through, there were a few areas where people could gawk through and as he was tattooing my boob, he was certain we would have some gawkers watching. So in the back room was a flat bed, I was sure I would be sitting up for it, So I asked J and he said it would all be done lying flat. This got me worried because of my back. I asked if he had any pillows or cushions but he said no, the only thing available was this head rest off the other chair, but it had a part that fitted into a hole through the chair to stay in place, so it didn’t lie flat. I said I would wrap my coat up over the cushion and that would be okay. Now if I had parked outside the shop and just paid for the ticket, I could’ve got the pillow I have for the dogs and a small cushion I use for the theatre. But the car was too far away to just pop and get them. One lesson learnt if I get another, just pay for a parking ticket just for once. Next issue was the height of the bed, he had no stools, so I very unlady likely climbed up whilst he held the bed as it was quite wobbly. I hope he will see these little issues and maybe just have a folding stool and a couple of cushions in his storage room. If he hasn’t got them when I see him next I will suggest it.

So it was time to get started, we chatted about everything and anything, he warned me when he was starting and I can honestly say it didn’t hurt at all. There were a few patches right on the outskirts of my boo that stung a little, but not enough to say ouch or jump a little. When he was ¾ done my back started to pound so I slid my hands under my back to give it some support. But it was starting to really hurt. J said he thought we should leave the rest as I was sore but I never replied, there was no way it wasn’t going to get finished. I think he sensed what I was thinking as he then said, he would do the stencil of the flowers/leaves then take a break. He had 2 drawings of the flowers and leaves going different directions which worked perfectly to get the flow of the design.

I ungainly rolled up and off the bed, stretching my back, as J drew the design on the ink paper. I popped to the loo then took some painkillers and diazepam, saying to J if I fell asleep it was due to my meds, he replied I’d be amazed if you fell asleep as the next area is a sore one. J’s wife made us all a drink, she’s Maltese/British/Chinese, I think he told me, but the Chinese may not be the accurate country. She’s a fine arts artist and has a studio upstairs, going to John Moores University for an arts degree, she does life drawings, something I would love to have, so I may ask if it’s something she could do, also if the university needed models for life drawings, I would love to be involved with that.

Anyway coffee done and rested it was time to get started. I lay down, taking my arm out of my dress, so J could put the design where it was going, then he started. Warning me he was starting and we continued to chat. I can say, it hurt a teeny weeny bit more than the boob but I was surprised. As he worked around, there were a few areas on my hip that got me groaning and biting my finger but it only lasted a few seconds until he moved around. Once he had done all the outline he just had the shading and flowers left. By the time the shading was done, well yes, it was painful. I still talked my way through it, a few times my leg started kicking out and my hands fisted. There was one small area on my hip that he asked me not to talk or move so I said okay, you do the talking then, he laughed but talked as he tattooed this bad section but again, it didn’t last long. He said he was only going to do the colours then that was it for today, he said it was obvious I was feeling it more. He has the corner tips of the leaves to do, then join the section from girl to leaves and if I want more colour he will do it then. I’ve an appointment in 3 weeks to finish up. All in all, it took 5 hours, he said he was very impressed with how I was and never thought I could cope with it all. He made me promise when I get the duck done, I go to him, I said of course, out of interest how much would you charge for it to be done. He reckoned it would take 2 hours to do it, and said £50. I said but that’s only for one hour, you said 2 hours. He said yeah but I really want to do it so £50. I said I may be able to persuade G/Master to let me get it done when I come back. He said the cost today was £200 and there will be no cost for finishing it off. Yet he said it could take 1-2 hours to finish it. I was there 5 hours so it should be £250 plus £100 for the finish up and £50 for the duck which should be £100. So I think he’s given me a very good deal.

I have to say, if I want another tattoo I will be going to him, he’s a lovely guy and so was his wife. His brother-in-law has moved over from Malta now too, he’s excellent at portraits and animals. So I told him E was wanting a lion tattoo, he gave me his facebook name to look at his work and yes they were all really good. So I think E and I, his girlfriend, will be going there to get a tattoo done. But I have to thank I for telling me about this place as she went in to get her tattoo fixed. We talked, keeping my mind off the pain and I surprised myself that I coped well, now it’s looking after it and waiting until I meet the family and see their expression as I know my parents and parents-in-laws will go mad. But it’s my body, not theirs, so If I wanna get tats or piercings I will. What a middle-aged rebel I am. LOL

Blogging A – Z Challenge – P

Blogging A – Z Challenge – P square1

P = Piercings and Padlocks.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve had my inner and outer labia pierced and got a clit hood done. I got my nipples and belly button done in the hope that this time they would be okay, but again these were rejected, so I can’t try them again.

But on my first time, I had one ring on each side of my outer, inner labia and clit hood done. I thought it was the most painful experience ever.

Would I rather have piercings or a tattoo ? My answer would be piercings every time.

The first initial stab takes your breath away, A my piercer then just chatted with me, as the needle is still through my labia, but A chatted I think until my endorphin level had raised up again, the next stage was the worst part as A slips the ring through the new hole. This seriously, was the worst part. It took probably an hour to do all 5, normally he wouldn’t do 5 in one go, but he observes you then decides if you should leave some of them. I wanted to get the 5 done there and then because at the time, I wasn’t sure if I would go back.

How naive was I. It’s like a drug, you do become addicted to it.IMG_20170614_161624481_HDR

Months later, all healed, I went back to get my nipples and belly button done. Unfortunately, the nipples did not take, the pain was excruciating, I couldn’t let Master touch or play with them, so I took them out. My belly bar was rejected, A thinks it was because of scar tissue.

After that I got my eyebrow pierced, I told you it’s addictive, next my nose then my lip.

Next came Master deciding he would get a PA and a ladder up the back of his cock. I loved the look of the ladder, so off we went to see A. I videoed him getting it done, he never murmured once. Just lay there saying, well it’s not nice but it’s not awful. Have to say I was a bit disappointed that he never flinched or ouched once. Unfortunately by the next day, Master decided he just didn’t like the ladder, when he was flaccid the 3 bars just rubbed on each other. He agreed that when he would be hard the ladder would look fantastic but as he’s not hard 24/7, he wanted to be comfortable, and this certainly wasn’t. So A took them out and we chose to pierce a hidden ring at the back of his shaft, right up at the top. Over time Master stretched his PA from 2.4mm to 5mm, the hole on the head looks huge when you play with the ring/bar/twisty bar, whatever he has in, I love playing with it, learning to give Master a blowjob around the PA was tricky at first but now it only adds to my play. And the hidden ring I love to pull and twist, or pop my little finger through the hole whilst I use my hand during the BJ. He doesn’t want to increase the size anymore and I agree, as it jumps up 2 sizes to 8mm and it looks enormous. But if you have not experienced sex with a cock that has a PA, you really should, because it feels fucking fantastic.


Finally getting more rings on my outer labia, above and below the original ring.

Over time, I worked on stretching the holes, putting weights on the rings, so every few months I could increase the thickness. Starting at 1.6mm thickness and

15mm diameter I worked up to 5mm thickness, not sure on the diameter now.

But unfortunately the lower left ring was rejected, I think I was catching the ring in the crease by my bum and over time kept pulling it. Until eventually in the shower one day, it just popped out. Very unusual feeling as it just slipped through the flesh. Once it healed, A tried to pierce that area again which turned into a disaster.

Long story short, A pierced it again, but this time it didn’t stop bleeding, it happened before then slowly stopped, This time it was like a tap on full.

I went home, my idea, telling A it will stop, like it did before, but no. It continued bleeding. Eventually 4 hours later after Master got home and saw just how bad it was, he took me to A & E. He was annoyed with A for letting me leave when it was still bleeding and annoyed with me for not realising something was wrong and take myself to hospital. Fast forward 2 hours waiting in hospital, still bleeding, dizzy, nearly passing out, the nurses realised they needed to see me, why ? because they saw a huge puddle of blood under my seat.

The following 2 hours was with the nurses, a gynecologist, a ring saw as it took 45 minutes for them to saw the ring off, and stitch me up.

Master went home as things seemed okay.

Fast forward another 2 hours and I pass out, it was like I could hear their voices but I couldn’t speak, move, nothing. The nurses had to phone Master to come back as they were seriously worried. I had a brain scan, and yes they found my brain, and yes it was okay, lol. But they think it was due to the fact I lost over half of my blood that caused my collapse.

Eventually I came round with Master looking so worried, he was asking me questions and I remember thinking why is he asking me what the days of the week were or the months ? But I did hear one nurse telling him to keep getting me to speak. I think it was a very frightening experience for Master, so scary I had to promise him and all the nurses that I would not get any more piercings ever again. I have asked Master a few times if I could get something done but the answer is always no, he told me to choose a tattoo instead.

Master doesn’t want any other piercings done either, though there was one I wish he would get but he said absolutely no way. The Ampallang. That was a bar going through the full thickness of the head, so there would be a ball top to bottom of the head from his PA and a ball either side of the head. I’ve read that they feel incredible but Master won’t get it done.




One thing Master does enjoy doing is padlocking my pussy, closing it to anybody and everybody except him. Taking the key so I have to wear them 24/7 until he lets me free. It was quite hard walking with them on but I’ve got used to it, it was just a question of getting them all in the right position.

Of course in BDSM, padlocks are quite an important part of play, The idea of having my hands cuffed, and locked or using the spreader bar, padlocked until Master gets me loose does get me very excited.

My one fantasy would be cuffed and locked to our cross on the bed, blindfolded, hood on and just left, so you have no idea when Master will appear or what he will do.

Even the thrill of seeing them, hearing the lock gets me excited.

Master is stretching to 6mm for his PA.

Master has already reached a 5 mm PA, but by tonight, I think he will manage to get to 6 gauge. But that’s it then.
The next size jumps from 6 to 8, and there’s no easy stretching method. You can buy the 7 and 8 taper, which is the long tube that goes from 3mm to 7mm or 8mm, whatever size you stretch too. You pop that in and slowly push it threw, stretching the hole.
But Master thinks 6 will be enough.
But look at those new balls at the ends of the PA. These are 14mm, the biggest balls you can buy.
I can promise you, these balls feel fucking amazing inside my holes, though it’s taking some time for my mouth to get used to them, as I’ve only a very small jaw, and those balls are so big, I can’t go too deep. I will wait for a few weeks to try it out.
If I’m still struggling, I can always pop one of the smaller ones on it just for his BJ.
But considering Master wasn’t going to increase size when he first got it done, it does show, having piercings is addictive. You just can’t help yourself trying to stretch and add more .
Though I’m still banned from getting more 😦  
Even when I find new photos with different piercings, Master will not allow me to get more after the disaster last time, where I ended up in hospital, in quite a serious state.
So I understand when he says he would rather I was still alive, without being rushed to A&E  just because I wanted to get more piercings.
I need to be thankful for the ones I’ve got.

Stretched one ring to 5mm.

You can see the bottom left ring is a bigger size, 5 mm, the rest are still 4’s, basically A my piercer, couldn’t open the rings. The titanium was too thick and strong. His industrial size pliers are too big for my small diameter rings. Somehow I managed to do the one that’s in now. But A couldn’t open the ones I had, so we’ve decided to go for steel rings. They didn’t have the segment rings, I’ve got now, so I’ve ordered the ring with the ball on it, but when the others are in stock, A will order them for me. A managed to stretch the bottom right ring, but rather than fight with the rings again, he’s put a bar in instead, and I’m pulling it daily to continue stretching. I think I may stick with 2 size 5 rings at the bottom and 2 size 4 at the top. Leaving the inner rings and clit ring the same size. But you know what I’m like with my piercings, I will probably end up going bigger.

The saga continues.

I woke Grumpy Bear as E and I have decided to call Master at 7am, we both got dressed and left the house at 7.20am, ready to drive to the depot for collecting missed parcels.

Yes the missed parcel saga is still going on.

We were home by 8.30am. He made his breakfast and I made the coffee then I left Grumpy Bear to start work on his car.

E got up early, he and his girlfriend are going to watch the Liverpool Legends football match today and there are some names in the line-up. These are the footballers I recognise, only E likes football, but we may watch this one as E will be there.

Steven Gerrard.    Ian Rush. Robbie Fowler.   Michael Owen. Jamie Carragher.

Don’t really know the other names.

Anyway he was up, having his daily 40 minute shower, getting his hair perfect, he bought a red t-shirt for today, so choosing jeans, trainers and coat to match the top takes him a while.

But he asked if Grumpy Bear was a more cheerful Bear, I said yes, the missed parcel was now in his hands.


I left Grumpy Bear to play with his car whilst I wrapped E’s girlfriend’s 18th birthday present. She’s 18 on Monday, E is 18 on Friday. We had bought her a beautiful Pandora charm bracelet. Then I sorted Easter eggs I had bought for the family. The kid’s get a packet of mini eggs and mini cream eggs, plus £5. So I taped the 2 packets of eggs together, then taped the money on top. Our youngest nephew got a big egg plus mini eggs. My parents and Grumpy’s parents got a big egg and mini eggs.. E and I, his girlfriend, got more money but as E is on a healthy eating diet, I will have his choccies too.


Then Grumpy Bear comes into the kitchen, I’ve bought the wrong coil, he said.

What so you can’t do what you wanted to do ? I asked.   No, the ends are wrong, he said. Can’t you buy them in a shop ? I asked.    No, you buy them from specialist shops. Grumpy becoming Grumpier said. What are you like ? Honestly. I exclaimed.     Well if I had the missed parcel yesterday, I wudda seen yesterday that the coil was wrong, ordered a new one which wudda arrived today, so I wudda done it today. Grumpy Bear stated,

Well if Grumpy Bear had checked I was in yesterday, or gone down to answer the door, you wudda had your parcel  and you ordered the wrong coil. Nothing to do with me. So this whole saga is one Grumpy Bear big mistake. I told him laughing.


E was laughing in the living room, nodding his head in agreement.


Grumpy Bear is now doing other bits to his car, we are going to a classic car show tomorrow, so he wants it looking good for that. I’m leaving him to it, I will do some writing, take the dogs out and then make some lunch.

Maybe Grumpy Bear will get back to being Master soon.

He must have known what I was writing, as he came with me for the dog walk. He’s washed and polished the Lotus, gotta strap the chairs in, go to the supermarket just to get some pop and sweets. We can buy a burger or something there. Oh must charge my kindle to take with me.

It’s a sunny day but chilly so if it’s like this tomorrow I can wear a dress instead of leggings, don’t fancy wearing panties and trousers when my labia is sore and swollen around the new sized ring.

But we will see.

Stretching my labia rings.

Prior warning I’m in bad pain so I’ve taken my magic tablets, but they make me dozy and my brain muggled, so if there are spelling mistakes or ridiculous sentences I apologise before you read it.


Last night I got to thinking about our genital piercings, Master is ahead of me by one size and he wants to continue stretching to 6mm, as I’m enjoying the feel of them, he is happy to continue stretching. It’s also easier for him to change his PA, or at least I think it must be, I’ve never done my own, I’ve always gone to my piercer. But his cock can go upwards so he can see it properly.

But this time I thought maybe I could try on my own.


So waiting for E to head of to work, I locked the front and back doors, headed upstairs with the dogs. Making the bed amd tidying up first, I collected what I needed.

A mirror

The 5mm rings

Plus the 5mm taper

And the heavy duty ring opening pliers

Finally some lube.


Getting the dogs on the bed, giving them their breakfast chew bar, putting something on the TV, I got myself as comfy as possible and looked at the stuff. First of all I decided to open one of the bigger rings. OMG, this was so so hard, the 5mm titanium was super strong, squeezing the pliers, I couldn’t open it. No matter how hard I squeezed, the ring wouldn’t open and release the segment. My piercer struggles with them and he does it daily, but the girl working there is like me, just not strong enough. I tried and tried until my hands hurt, until I gave up on that ring, trying another I couldn’t open that one either. Well this was a great start. Getting the third ring, i squeezed those pliers so firmly, the segment popped out.


Next I tried opening one of the rings on my labia. I tried the top ones first, thinking they would be easier to reach. When you’re a BBW, reaching down to your pussy is a bit tricky, add that with my damaged spine, makes it even harder. But I managed a position, placed the mirror so I could see what I was doing and tried the first ring. Nope that was sealed tightly, so was the next one. Beginning to think of others ways to stretch instead of this way, like using my fishing weights attached to a padlock or using my elastic which I tied through the rings on each side and around my leg. I’d sit on the edge of the chair, opening and closing my legs. If you’ve tied the elastic tight enough, you can stretch your labia and ring hole this way too. I’ve used both methods. But I wanted to try the true way, coz if Master can do it, I must be able to.

On to my third ring, ready to give up, I felt one side come out a little. So I pushed harder onto the pliers until finally, the segment popped out. I was nervous taking the ring out, what if I couldn’t get it in again, what if I couldn’t get the segment in. I’d have to go to my piercer to put it in for me, that or wait for Master.

Anyway, I thought here goes, and I slipped the ring out. Lubing up the taper, I pulled my labia out a bit, trying to locate the hole, again this was tricky when you can only use the mirror for guidance. But I got it in and it slipped easily half way, this taper was 2” in length, going from 3mm at its thinnest up to 5mm, the size of hole I now want. So now was the time to slowly push the taper further through. I went very slowly, feeling my skin stretch, it wasn’t a pleasant feeling, but I’d push until the sting became too much, then stopped to rest. After a few minutes, I pushed a bit more, again to to the point of an ouchie sting, then paused. I could see the taper was moving through slowly. I continued this a few more times, before it felt like it wasn’t moving, but the sting was very ouchie. That’s when I decided that was enough for today, but I kept it there for about 5 minutes, before sliding it out.


So that part was okay, at least 1 out of the 4 had a chance to stretch. Maybe I will ask Master to help open the rings when he’s home tomorrow. I’d like to stretch each of them daily really, then it won’t take long to reach the 5mm.


The next task was putting the original ring back in, I thought it was going to be hard but it slipped right through. Feeling more comfortable I thought putting the segment back in would be easy. OH NO, I had slipped the pliers through so it was holding the ring, ensuring it wasn’t going to catch and nip my skin, then tried to hold the small segment. It’s probably 10mm long, but now I’ve got acrylic nails, holding little things was a bit tricky. I got one end into the groove of the ring and squeezing the pliers open, I couldn’t attach the blasted thing. I tried and tried but the thing just wouldn’t slide in. I stopped for a minute, wanted to not let myself get worked up, I watched TV, then went back to it. On the fifth attempt, just as I was going to give up, I realised the segment wasn’t loose. I’m not sure how, whether I pushed it down as my other hand tried to open the ring, but I ran my finger around the ring and sure enough it was in place.

So this is going to be my task, If Master can undo the rings one at a time so I can stretch, it won’t be long before I’m in the same size jewelry as Master. I’m not going bigger than this though, I don’t think it would suit my size, plus you have to be comfortable. I’ve noticed that I’ve taken, or my body has taken at least 4 months to settle down from each new thing that’s happened. Getting my labia used to the rings, how the rings find a position to sit comfortably, and how it feels when my legs are closed. I certainly can’t close my legs tight anymore. But I’m pleased with my first attempt. Master used to do his nightly, doing the same thing, pushing the taper until it reaches a big ouchie point, then letting it stay there for a bit. He’s only got the PA to stretch though, he doesn’t stretch the hidden one, maybe I should order another 5mm taper when I order Master’s 6mm taper, I think I will do that, my piercer doesn’t charge much for them. At least I can do 2 at a time then. Yes I think that’s what I will do.

I may even do it again at bedtime, unless E comes to talk to me like he often does, but I can at least do it whilst he’s at work.

So a job well done.


My magic tablets and hot water bottle has done it’s trick, the pain has eased slightly unless I get up. Sitting comfortably, watching 2 films for once whilst writing this out has kept my mind occupied.

Good old Olympus Has Fallen and USS Indianapolis are 2 of my favourite films that I can watch and write at the same time as I know the films off by heart.