Thursday we went to Blackpool.

Thursday morning Master was doing more jobs on his car. We had until 11am before we had to get ready to go out, so I did some writing, plus gave the dogs their early dinner as they would be alone a long time today, We were leaving at noon to go to Daddy’s, staying there for a few hours before going to Blackpool. There we were going to Coral Island Arcade as it was one of the best, plus there’s a car park just across the road, then drive to Top Chippy, which is the best chip shop in Blackpool but it’s at the other end of town, after the drive through the lights along the promenade.

Every year between September to November Blackpool celebrates the Illuminations, it follows along the promenade for 6 miles, ( 10 km ) as you drive, go on the tram or even go on horse and carriage through the various lights which are above you, and to the side of you there are 3D displays. This celebration began way back in 1879, and is something I as a child have been to many times and still enjoy going now.

So Master and I set off, getting to Daddy’s about 1pm. We had a coffee then Daddy asked if we wanted lunch. He had bought pizzas for everyone and I must admit I felt pretty hungry. Master has had a cold / manflu for 2 weeks and lovingly shared his germs with PiggyJ, so she was feeling a bit rough, my back was really sore so I was feeling very tender, walking was an issue. PiggyJ was naked as we arrived, Daddy wasn’t as he had been out but quickly stripped off when he had made the coffee. He asked why I wasn’t naked, so I told him, Master said not too if my back is too sore. But too be honest, I felt uncomfortable being dressed, it didn’t feel right, plus snuggling with Daddy when it’s not skin on skin isn’t as special. So after we had our pizzas, I stripped off.


Master and PiggyJ went upstairs for a rest / snuggle / bit of fun and a snooze. Daddy and I had another coffee then also had a bit of fun. I asked if Daddy would like a blowjob, we weren’t sure if his PA would be sore after the stretching the day before but he said yes. I rolled over onto my tummy, pushed myself towards him so I could reach his cock. But also made my bottom free for playing with my hole or spanking me. We haven’t done this way before, but it’s great fun, so I wanted to see if Daddy would enjoy it too. There was a little finger / hole fun, a little spanking but only gentle. I’m not good at asking Daddy to do things during sex, mainly because in my Master / slave dynamic, I cannot ask for things. I get what I was given, so I now tend to put it in my blog which I know Master, Daddy and PiggyJ all read, as a way of asking Daddy to do things, it’s the only hard thing about having the 2 dynamics, as I’ve been trained to be Master’s slave for 4 years now, certain things are hard to change. So what I really wanted was if Daddy could enjoy it too, during his BJ, was so spank me hard at the same time, if we had toys around, use them to spank me, use the crop or flogger across my shoulders or bottom and legs, put a plug in, then torment it by pushing it in and out. But only if he could enjoy this at the same time whilst I am sucking his cock. If he can’t then I don’t want him to do it. I understand that at times, it’s hard to do 2 things at the same time whilst having an orgasm. I can’t give a handjob plus use the other hand to tickle his balls, I can just about suck his cock and tickle his balls but that’s it. Maser and I have often giggled over my lack of coordination. But now it’s written down, I know Daddy will talk to PiggyJ about this and then talk to me. So we will see how it goes. I was enjoying sucking his cock, able to nibble his head and chew the sides of his girth, but after a while his PA began to tingle uncomfortably, so I stopped for a while. Rolling over again for more snuggling. I wanted to try again in a while. Soon I climbed down between his legs and gently lowered my mouth over and down his cock. I heard him groan deeply as I started sucking, licking, chewing and nibbling his head and gently playing with his PA. His groans and sighs told me he was enjoying it until the ahhs turned to ouches, so I quickly stopped. Asking if it was sore, he said yes, it’s just tingling, a bit painful. So I snuggled back into Daddy, and we kissed for a long long time. He then stood up and told me to lie on the settee, making sure I was comfy first. Then it was time for gentle fun, no squirting, fingers exploring giving me loving orgasms rather than wild, fierce ones I love the best. But Daddy always manages to find my little button, setting it on fire, rubbing it, flicking it, my nerves were burning with deep pleasure as his knuckles also rubbed along my labia. I love hearing my rings clink together, it really turns me on. I wish Daddy was allowed to just rub his cock against my rings, especially since he got his PA but there is a strict no cock to touch pussy or ass rule, even if it’s only to play with the rings. Instead Daddy sat up above me, one hand wanking himself off,  his other hand fingering me, his thumb rubbing my little button, as we both came together. I giggled as there seemed to be a lot of cum today as Daddy grabbed some tissues to clean me up, then he helped me get up. Having another kiss again, we snuggled on the settee, choosing a film to watch, Daddy made another coffee and we sat watching that.


When it was finished, we realized it was after 5pm, so Daddy gave Master and PiggyJ a shout, he got dressed whilst I slowly grabbed mine, but he sat on the floor and said Let me dress you. I was about to say No, but he said I dress PiggyJ all the time, so I can dress my other wife. I let Daddy dress me, it felt really nice, Master does dress me when I really can’t, so does E, but my stubborness doesn’t let it happen often. But I did say I would put my boots on, as I’ve learnt the knack of how to put them on easily. Soon Master and PiggyJ came down and Master was getting things in the boot, ready for us to go. As PiggyJ got herself ready she said, “Have you had your tablets ?” “Yes,” I replied. “And what you gonna do if we are walking too fast ?” she asked, “Ask you to slow down.” I said. “Good,” She said. This was so so special, it showed that she had really read my blogs, understood what I was saying but she / they would make sure she / they  were going to look after me. And not in the way where I feel I may have my life taken away from me, just that it showed me they were aware of my disabilities and also aware that I am pigheaded and will push myself too far if I’m enjoying myself. They are reading my face, and are starting to gage how much pain I’m in, this hasn’t taken them long to be honest, so I must show more in my face than I realised.

So we were off to Blackpool, for some fun in the arcades. It took about an hour to get there, found a parking space right across the road from the arcade, so off we went. First to get some cash out for Master and I. I took out £40, £20 each for the arcade. We split up then, Master and PiggyJ went one way, me and Daddy the other. I had emptied out my slummie box, all the loose change you don’t want in your purse, then Daddy had them all changed into 2 pences, put into 2 tubs for us both to carry around, Daddy and I looked for the silly 2p games where you roll the 2p down and hope it falls flat on the shelf then as the shelf moves, it knocks off more 2p’s. So you get more money back plus you won tickets. I seemed to find one game that just kept giving me loads and loads of tickets. I shoved them all in my bag as we moved to other games. I was hurting a bit, but I never said anything as we were all having fun and there was nothing that could be done anyway. We went on a silly ghost train, some things in there did make me jump. Having a giggle when I tried to get out of the carriage, as a nice young man came to help us out. I got my leg stuck, well  I couldn’t get my leg over, until this young man came over, I stumbled a little then giggling I told him, “I couldn’t get my leg over, erm I mean I couldn’t lift my leg out of the carriage.” We all chuckled over my comment, we got a sketch drawn of us both that came out really nicely. I need to copy it for Daddy so he has one. I tried to go on the grab a bear games, I used to be really good at them. This took me back 30 years when we used to go to Blackpool with all our friends, the lads would win as many teddies as they could and give them all to the girls. Some I still have as dog toys. Some my parents still have. But the teddies back then filled the container, all loose and easy to grab, whereas these were not. They were right at the bottom of the box, and I may be too suspicious, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were stuck down. So I never tried again. Instead we worked on winning tickets, with no idea what you could win with them, but I hoped I could get a teddy. When we found Master and PiggyJ, they were playing 2p similar games but instead of winning tickets, you could get keyrings, if they fell with the money. Master always played these, and had a pocket full, so he emptied his pockets, putting them all in my bag, “Sir’s a right gambler when he plays these games isn’t he,” PiggyJ said, I nodded, telling her he always loved these games. Eventually, we spent up, and didn’t want the temptation of getting more cash out. Daddy and I took our tickets to be counted, 750 ! We couldn’t believe it, I think we got a lot from a farming game we began playing. I spotted a Coral Island Pirate teddy fo 650 tickets then used the rest on sweeties for Daddy, PiggyJ and Master. We checked the time and it was 9.30pm, we couldn’t believe it was that late so Master and PiggyJ then counted their tickets and both got a bag of sweets each. Before we headed to the car, I had to buy some Blackpool rock, various flavours for us all, fudge and Kendal mint cake and some fridge magnets. Then we headed for the car, and drove to Top chippy. Daddy and I had fish and chips, Master and PiggyJ I think both had chips on a bun. We were going to sit inside the chip shop but Master said it wasn’t worth me struggling to get out then in again. So Master and PiggyJ got dinner, then Master drove to a parking space along the promenade right in front of the sea. Not that we could see anything coz it was pitch black, though when cars went past we wondered if any of them were going dogging. We munched on our chips, the fish was very nice, we all had drinks so I could take my night time meds as I was in need of some now. Then we all wrapped up, Master lowered the roof of the car and we drove through the lights. This year they were quite good, or I thought they were anyway. The drive through was nice as it wasn’t busy, so we were able to just drive slow enough to see the lights properly, but not stopping and starting then we had a nice drive home, through Lytham, along its promenade, we saw the windmill thats on the front, it looked lovely all lit up. As we headed towards our town, the night was that clear that we could see Blackpool from across the sea, we could see Blackpool Tower clearly, though not the fairground as that was shut. It was a cold in the car but it was nice having the roof down, seeing the stars above us, the moon shining down.

By the time we got home we were all ready for a hot drink. The dogs were very excited to see us but Muffin wasn’t herself. She was panting severely and seemed like something was wrong as she was twitching and not settling. It kinda put a dampener on the evening as it just wasn’t like her. Master and PiggyJ went up to bed, whilst Daddy pumped our airbed up, finding space on the floor, made me realise how little floor space we have. But we just about fit it in, leaving a bit of space around it. We watched a bit of TV in bed then turned it off, It had been a great day but a long one.

Typically, I had a rubbish sleep, hearing Muffin still panting like mad, unsettled still, I woke up at 3am, after going to sleep at 12am. I got up and gave Muffin some ibuprofen, then sat on the settee and read my book. Daddy was still fast asleep, though I think he had a restless night too. I was just getting really worried about Muffin, finally she calmed down enough to fall asleep for a while next to me on the settee. I stayed there until Daddy woke up, then climbed into bed with him. Thankfully Muffin stayed on the settee whilst I snuggled Daddy, Morning kisses and play is such fun, Still gentle fun, my back is still sore, Daddy rubbed my rings, finding my button, he went down on it, sucking, flicking, nibbling it, his tongue deep inside my hole, then as he moved his mouth away, his fingers replaced it, I was spiralling into one orgasm after another, that thumb on my clit is just sensational, he gets me every time. One leg was around his waist, one leg over his shoulder, he seems to like this position as he puts me this way often, but I like it too because I can still watch his face and look at those sexy tattoos on his body. I’ve never been turned on by tattoos until I met Daddy. I liked them, but I could either take them or leave them. Sitting up he used one hand to wank himself, the other to rub my button, though I could still hear my rings clinking. I don’t know why that sound turns me on so much but it does. Soon I bagan to reach my highs again, I heard Daddy groan, he does this funny noise, almost like a yelp but not, when he is close to cumming, I can’t describe it anymore than that, but he’s made this funny noise every time he’s been close to cumming. Then his cum flew across my pussy and tummy. We grinned at each other as he leaned forward to kiss me again before getting up. I made the coffee whilst Daddy folded the blankets and put the pillows in the kitchen, he let the air out of the airbed and folded it up, getting it in the box again. We got the living room back in order again, Muffin began panting and running around, unsettled, then we sat down and put a film on. There was no sound yet from the other 2 upstairs so we enjoyed snuggling together. Soon there were little cries coming from upstairs, a few ouches, laughing, so we gathered they were awake. Master had the Drs at 9am, so I had woken him at 8am. Obviously he decided to wake PiggyJ up so they could have a bit of fun. She then messaged me asking me Where was Sir’s coffee ? I gathered by that he wanted his coffee taking upstairs, so I made a cup of tea for Jayne and took them both up. Master was getting dressed then, so I ended up bringing his coffee downstairs again. I asked PiggyJ if she wanted anything, I could tell she was feeling rough from catching Masters cold / manflu. She asked for some pain meds then I told her to go back to sleep. Master left for the Drs then. Daddy and I continued to watch the film, then Master returned.

We spent the morning watching Scream 2 and 3, BORRRIIINNNNGGGG. So I began to write this blog. Master made us all breakfast which was yummie, I made the drinks, but PiggyJ was looking and feeling pretty rough. I think she wanted to curl up in her own bed and just sleep. After the second Scream, Daddy told PiggyJ it was time to go home. Master had to drive them but I asked if they minded if I stayed home and tidied up, plus keep an eye on Muffin. She had started to calm down so I think she was worked up because we had been out a long time yesterday, then we had visitors staying over, she’s a dog that likes her routine and though she loves Daddy, it’s still not the normal routine. Bless her.

So Master drove them both home, he had bought a camera for their bedroom, so they set it up, Master had connected it to his phone so anytime he wanted, he could call out to PiggyJ or Daddy, or talk to them, watch them or take photos and send us them. I think it’s going to be rather amusing. Now he’s tried this one out, I think he will buy one for ours and their living room. Then I suggested one for the kitchen facing the garden as we all know how much Master likes setting outdoor tasks. These cameras will be fun.

So we had a lovely couple of days as our foursome, fun and games was had by all. We’ve not got another day planned apart from Tuesday when Daddy is coming with me to get my piggy tattoo redone. Keeping me brave as I know it’s gonna hurt like hell as the entire thing needs redoing. Plus I have to watch my language too. So watch this space, see if I can get through it with any potty mouth and hopefully I won’t bleed loads so it has to be done for a third time. I’m not very confident about my not swearing during it if I’m honest, I think I will end up with a punishment. But I will try my best as Daddy is with me, maybe I need to take my gag.

A stroll through the woods.

A stroll through the woods.

After lunch and my selfie walk, we decided to go and try out the hammocks I found on my wander, they were in the shade so nice and cool for a while. But first we had to get into them, which actually was easier than we anticipated. And very comfy, wish we had somewhere to put one in our garden. Master sent me some photos of his cock from his hammock, which made giggle like a naughty, dirty schoolgirl. We stayed there for a while but me being a lizard (Masters words not mine) the cool wind was soon cooling me down too much, so I called to to see if Master was ready to go, “Yeah if you want.” He called over to me. Then we had the fun of getting out, Master managed it okay, so then it was my turn. I was able to get to sitting easy enough but couldn’t get up then, so I needed Masters help for this. He pulled me up but they were so comfy I’ve mentioned to Master if we could have one in the garden. He thinks there’s a way to do it, so I need to look at the prices of hammocks as I’ve no idea.


I ended up having another walk, this time with Master, going towards the same pond I went to when I was taking the selfies. I saw him have a look around, then walked to a more secluded spot, putting my bag down, he was carrying for me. “Right Serf, I need a pee and I’d like you to drink it.” he told me.

Of course my immediate thing is to beg, plead not to be made to do this. “Oh no, please no.” Why did he have to do this at the end of our holidays, but there’s no point arguing. Kneeling down I took his cock in my mouth and almost immediately, his warm piss flowed into my mouth, but not slowly like previous times, I tapped his leg, “Never mind tapping on my leg, just take Master’s piss.” He ordered. But it was coming too fast when suddenly his cock dropped from my mouth, piss still flowing over me and him, piss running out of my mouth, down my chest, literally everywhere. “You were going to fast, that’s why I tapped your leg.” I said. “How about an apology for making Master’s piss go all over the place, an apology for not doing your task properly ?” Master told me. I hate disappointing him, but my stubbornness also makes it hard for me to apologise but I did, after a bit more chastising, making me feel more guilty. “I think we need to do this more often don’t you ?” Master asked. “NNooooo,” I whined. “I said, I think we need to do this more often, don’t you ?” He asked again.

“Go and bend over that bench.” He told me. I stared at him a second then did it, he always has a very good poker face, you really don’t know what he is thinking or planning. He walked to my side, his hand gently rubbing cheek to cheek, then slapped me really really hard, lifting me up onto my toes, making me gasp. Then again. “So I think we should do this more often,don’t you ?” He asked again, when I never answered straight away, he spanked me again. “Well ?” He asked. Through gritted teeth because this was something I really didn’t want to be made to do, I replied, “Yes Master.” He stopped spanking me then, instead he rubbed and squeezed each cheek. “Yes I think we should do it daily again. Don’t you ?” He asked. I’m not going to say what was going through my head, put it this way there was a lot of cursing, a lot of “whatever you think, coz I still ain’t doing it.” Even though I knew I would. There’s that part of me that fights submissiveness, when I really don’t want to do it, even though I know it would make Master very proud of me when I do, or even if he knows I’ve really tried my hardest not just doing a brat effort. There’s also that part of Master who loves to set me tasks he knows I won’t like. The humiliation and degrading acts that really lights the fire in my eyes, when he can see every curse word I can think off run through my brain, but never leaves my mouth. I’m not that stupid.

He knows I hate it, that’s what spurs him on more. I can’t even say what the one thought was, when he said about doing it daily, because he reads my writing. If he reads this, he will know what I really did or didn’t want to do, so I’m just not putting it down. I’ve learnt from those past mistakes.

“Well ?” He asked again, spanking me harder, quiet cries out, whimpers, gasps were my only answers so he continued spanking me, until I muttered, “Yes Master.”
He stopped and walked away, I never got up as he hadn’t told me too, but I was watching what he was doing. He was acting suspiciously. “Let me find a nice branch.” He talked to himself, or to me so I become nervous in anticipation of what he meant. I swear my eyes were getting bigger as he walked around, snapping a branch off the tree. Facing me, he slowly ripped off each little branch until it was just one. “Is the anticipation building up Serf ? Are you getting nervous ?” he asked, “Mmmmmmmm,” I muttered. Inside I was saying to myself, he’s not really going to do this, is he ? I mean, WTAF, he’s really enjoying this, looking cocky, smug, evil and dominant but so fucking sexy as he taunts me, teases me, walking around slowly pulling the little branches off. I began to think this may happen more at home, or even telling me to prepare them for when he comes home from work. I imagined myself walking the dogs, looking for some good branches and getting them ready for when he comes home. Now he’s done it once and looked like he loved it, I can see it happening to me more. I’m sure he’s read my novel, as I included that, even if he says he has’t. Whipping it through the air once it was done, he walked towards me.
Suddenly my stomach hit the ground, a real sick feeling, I’m sure the blood ran from my face as I paled in horror. As he walked around me, I was still doubting this would happen, he’s never done birching before, but as one hand lowered my back and stayed there I knew it was going to happen.

The first strike was incredibly sharp, over my crimson, red hot spanked ass, it was surprisingly stingy. He didn’t need to whip me hard with it, though I think he would have loved to but he was conscious of the noise I would make. As it was, softer strikes still caused me to cry out quietly, Master began to lecture me on how I should do things for him with pride, not to continue to say no. That if I failed to complete a task, I should apologise and shouldn’t need Master to tell me to apologise. All the things I know but tend to forget.
He then began videoing this birching, doing one of his favourites he does with the cane, a continuous flow of strokes, not hard but enough to really feel it, as the burn became hotter, the pain becoming sharper. I was aware that I was moving around more. A few sharper switches really took my breath away then he stopped. A hand ran over my tender cheeks, squeezing them hard, running his nails over my sensitive skin, hearing him chuckle as I flinched and whimpered. Then he got me up, opening his arms to me, hugging me tightly, whispering softly to me, we stayed there for a while, then he checked my ass. “Hmmmm still a few nice lines there, looking nice and pink still too.” Master said proudly. Picking up the bag, I got my walking stick, “Get your stick, you can take that with you then people can see your spanked ass and know that was the stick I used.” He told me, eyes twinkling with devilment, but I picked it, carried it back to the sunroom then back to the loft. I was told to bring it home with me when we packed tomorrow.

Maybe I could lose it, I could try but do I dare ? No, I’m afraid this brat wouldn’t risk the consequences now.




These boobs may be on my body, but they belong to Master. He loves to play with them, tease my nipples, then inflict pain and torture on them. My boobs are the worst area for him to torture me, I’ve very sensitive nipples so the tiniest flick, nip, slap or twist makes me spiral in misery and anguish. I hate them being touched and would be one reason when I would shout out that word, the safe word, to stop. It amuses Master when he sees me writhing about in pain, when he sees in that milisecond of anger flicker in my eyes, when in that second I hate him for giving me this pain, but knowing pain is what I want, just not boob pain. And that’s why he enjoys it so much. They are his tits, he can do what he wants to them and I will accept his touch gracefully because he is my Master, I love him, I want his touch, I want the pain, I am his slave, I am his submissive .

Mixed week.

Had a mix of a week, I did a long blog earlier in the week, I always type out first in Google Documents the copy and paste it. Master had told me to do it that way because if ever you lose the document, you can always find it in there.

Not so on Tuesday, I think I pressed cut instead of copy. It always annoys the  hell out of me as I take my time blogging, wanting to say everything.

So cut to the short version; Master and I did some gardening over last weekend, we had some heavy things to lift, so rather wake up E who came home at 6am, from a night of clubbing, we decided to do it ourselves. I was surprised Master agreed but I think even he just wanted to get it done, waiting for E to wake up, well it could be 6pm before he emerges. So we did it and I must say we achieved a lot over the weekend.

But come Sunday I was getting sorer, my walking became more of a shuffle so by 7pm, I asked Master if he minded if I went to bed. He said No, so I started to try and get up off the settee, it took me 15 minutes, sometimes it helps if Master helps but I knew this time, I needed to do it myself. Eventually I stood up, Master gave me my tablets and said Do you want anything else bringing upstairs ? I replied No, so Master went ahead without realising my legs had turned to stone and I just couldn’t move them.  Called E, who was in the kitchen for help, and held onto him until 25 minutes later I reached the stairs. I got comments from E like

I would like some blood flowing through my arm……..or

I don’t want my bones broken Mum…….or

I wouldn’t hold onto the babygate, it’s only held up by 2 metal bars, it won’t ermmmm It won’t … know ? …..erm ……it isn’t that strong.

I replied, It’s a good job I can hardly move, otherwise I would whack you. Laughing. He does make me feel good about myself at times. I hsd to crawl up the stairs, on the mini landing we’ve no bannister rail, I called for Master to help. We are both on the chunkier side and the landing is mini so having us both on it, trying to shuffle me around to get to the sairs was quite hysterical.

Anyway got up, Master helped to undress me, I got into bed then he had to give the dogs their super, Half a dentastick and 1 flat low fat chew each.

Monday I was supposed to meet L, I was taking her to hospital for a massage, we were going earlier so we could meet some of the gang we became friends with. But just as I was going to message her to cancel, she messaged me to say she’s cancelling the appt because she’s got an infected insect bite which she got the previous Monday. I told her I was cancelling as I was too sore, she said she would buy us a lunch meal deal, stay for coffee then go home. It turns out, L has got cellulitis, a skin infection from the bite. Her resistance is obviously next to nothing from the radiation. She had just been to the Drs, so she phoned to say she wasn’t staying, but she would do the shopping then go home. I told her not to bother but L is as stubborn as me, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. When she came round her leg was bright red, with this small dot from the bite. She has to keep it raised and rested. I was so sore I couldn’t see her out, she waved from the car, then I decided to take my lunch and go to bed. With me and the dogs sharing my lunch, I fell asleep for a few hours.

Tuesday was a better day, though I still rested as I was having lunch out with the theatre girls on Wednesday, it seems I’ve now been included with the Birthday lunches, everyone gives in £5 so the birthday girl can buy something special.

Master said just see how I was for the meal as I had the theatre on Thursday night plus a car show on Sunday.

But I did feel okay for the meal. It was somewhere I’ve been to loads and always have crispy chilli beef with warm salad, but with no peppers, My Mother-in-Law, S, who had saved me a seat next to her, she decided to try it too, and we both loved it. In fact everyone’s meals look yummy. Half of us had desserts, the other half was being good and just had a coffee, I said Well as you all got weighed this morning, technically that means it’s a fat free, calorie free day, so puddings were allowed. S picked Eton Mess, which is crushed meringue, strawberries, strawberry sauce and whipped cream, I picked Lemon tart with salted caramel ice-cream, it was lush. There was a white chocolate straw which I saved until last.

We had a lovely time, arranged the next date for a double birthday do too.

But on Thursday, I was really sore again. Master said Maybe cancel the theatre and see how you are for Sunday. I agreed as I really wanted to go on Sunday.

I rested Friday but was still struggling to walk, Master kept saying I don’t think you will be doing Sunday. I was tempted to pretend I was okay, but I knew I would be stupid if I did go.

Friday we managed to colour my hair, deep plum again, I love this colour it’s so rich and shiny, Master thinks it’s quite dark but it does lighten up.

On Saturday I was due to get my nails done, but decided I shouldn’t go, Master agreed so I cancelled it and made another for Wednesday instead, I have some clothes that need altering, so I can do that and I must buy some multi-way bras as I’ve a load of dresses I can’t wear until I buy some clear strapped bras or bras where you can change the strap, as I’ve some diamante straps  to put on. So I will try to do that on Wednesday.

What I’m most pissed about is that I can’t go to the car show tomorrow. Master has actually forbade me to go, but I think I would have said I can’t go anyway. It would be 1 ½ hours drive to get there, and it’s not in a field, it’s parking the car along the promenade. Just the entire road taken up by kit cars. I’m gutted as we were taking the new car, and the club haven’t seen it yet. But as Master said it’s only 5 weeks until we have our holiday so I have to get it better for then. And we are booked for loads more car shows and I’m sure we will do this one again, unless Master thinks it’s rubbish.


So let’s look ahead, stop doing stupid things, think before doing it, if I’m thinking I shouldn’t do it then that means don’t, pace myself, then maybe Master will fuck me until I scream, squirt and have multiple orgasms, and AND Master might start playing and spanking me. Though I can’t have bruises for the holiday as it’s our Naturist holiday. Take every day as it comes, I’ve got the theatre on Thursday, so I will take care for that, Shrek The Musical. I’ve seen it once and it was great, we are taking our niece this time, though at 12 she thinks she may be too old for it plus coming out with her Auntie, Nana and another older lady may not be cool. But I think she will find it funny, understanding the more adult jokes too.

Blogging A – Z Challenge – O

Blogging A – Z Challenge = O

O = OTK Spanking. ( Over The Knee )

Sorry this is my first time since this challenge began that I’ve not posted on the correct day. 

We had a busy day, I was having one of those brain dead days, E was collecting his new car, so as it was a very special occasion to go in my diary of E’s life, Master, me, E and I ( E’s girlfriend ) went together to collect it. I came home with E and I, so I could have a good look at it, E drove everywhere once he got his keys, must have been at least an hour and half to get home, he was so happy with it.

We were home an hour before we then left to have dinner at my in-laws, which included showing the family his car, we then got home at nearly 8pm, then not long after, I went to bed.So apologies for my late post.

I absolutely LOVE OTK spanking, this is so intimate, erotic, sensational and intense. Whether it’s a fun one or punishment, I love over the knee.

One of my most intense OTK spankings was upstairs on our bed. I’d just had a shower and Master was going away with work and leaving soon. I’d hoped for a bit of fun but he had been busy, so I thought there was no chance for one now.

After my shower I headed into our room when Master walked in.

“I think a little motivation to be a good girl is needed whilst I’m away,” He told me whilst opening our toy drawer to pull out some toys. “Dressing gown off.”
I gave a little smile, as I untied my robe, took the towel of my head, brushing my hair quickly before Master sat on the edge of the bed.  He had a few of the more painful toys out. The Jokari paddle, rubber studded paddle, wooden spoon and leather strap.

Master gave me a smirk as he pulled my arm so I fell over him, my top half landed on the bed, my legs fell over his as one arm quickly hugged my waist close to him. “Let’s get some colourful bruises on your ass, we both know it’s the only way you stay good.” Master said, stroking and squeezing my ass. He picked up the spoon first, quick hard wallops rained down, making me jump and squirm, but Master had a tight hold on me. I tried to keep my feet down but it was hard.

The swats feeling harder and much more painful, as I fisted the bed sheets and ouched into the bed. He never stopped until my rear end and back of legs had turned a nice pink colour.

Then he changed to the stingy, powerful Jokari paddle. That first swat had me wiggling, kicking my legs, trying to reach behind me. Master chuckled, holding me tighter, moving one leg over mine as he continued a fast pace again, though I was in incredible pain, I giggled as I ouched, I just couldn’t get out of his grasp.

The Jokari is a small evil devil, the sting, the bite is so sharp, it does take your breath away.

Master stopped for a minute, giving us both a chance to rest, he loosened his grasp around my waist and moved his leg, I pulled myself up more as Master examined my butt.

A change of toy once more, this time the rubber studded paddle, this beats your ass like a thousand little rubber pebbles hitting you. When he hits downwards it feels like your skin is being whipped off. It’s not ouchie like the Jokari, it’s deep, hitting inside, a hot burn develops under the skin, delving deep into each flank. One leg reaching back, until he caught it, the other leg hanging down, As Master is ambidextrous, he was able to swap hands, one holding my leg, the other walloping my ass. But with the position I was in, I left my pussy free too, so he enjoyed swatting that, each stub bruising my labia, stunning my clit into more delicious arousal, becoming more and more intense and making me want more. That is until, he paddled my inner thighs, now both legs flailing anyway possible, but still both of us giggling, me ouching and wriggling.

“Up and bend over the bed.” He said. I shook my head, an arm curling more around his leg, holding it tightly. I didn’t want to leave his knee. “Up now.” He repeating, slapping my ass really hard, ouching, giggling I still shook my head.

“Okay,” he told me, standing up so I slid down to the floor. I protested as I fell in a heap on the floor, ouching when my ass landed on the cold floor. I pouted looking up high as I sat there. “I did tell you, now up.” He pointed to the bed, one eyebrow raised up, a sign that meant do as you’re told or you will be sorry. Slowly I climbed up and bent over the bed, legs straight out. Master grabbed some pillows and pushed them under my hips, then pushed each leg back up to the bed, his hand pushed my back down so my ass raised higher. He picked up the strap, and stood up straight. Wrapping the strap around his hand, he held the tip with his other hand and brought it crashing across my butt, an instant burn and feelings that my skin had been scraped off, I buried my face into the bed, 4, 5, 6 times and I started jiggling up and down on the spot, but it only made the pain worse. One leg kicked upwards a little, “Are we trying to kick me ?” His voice sounded evilly sexy, “No,” I exclaimed.”Hmmm,” He said, grabbing my ankle, strapping my foot a couple of times, releasing it then repeating it on the other foot. “You know I like symmetry and even hits on each side,”


That was the end of my OTK fun, of course our play didn’t end there as Master continued to spank me and turn my ass a delightful crimson and purple colour. Then came the even nicer, kinkier fun fuckery, fingers, dildos and finally cock. But the sensual, closeness you feel whilst over his knee is like nothing else, your combined love, sex appeal,  pure sexual greediness is brought together as one. Nothing else can beat this feeling.

Blogging A – Z Challenge = M

Blogging A – Z Challenge = M.

M = Masochist.   square1


All through my childhood I fought this urge for pain, for being spanked. I never understood my desire, my parents never hit me or my brother, so where did this desire come from ? I was brought up thinking it was wrong to hit someone and those that did were evil, sick people. One family in particular, my mum used to talk about, they lived around the corner, and the father would cane his children, but because the mother couldn’t cope with hearing it, she would leave the house and go for a walk until it was over. She didn’t even like me to mix with the son, incase the evilness in the family warped our family. The mother was a weak woman, she would say, for allowing this to happen. Naturally I could never tell them about my desire, they would probably send me to a psychiatrist.

In the end I developed an imaginary family, who did punish, I lived with my sister who was 15 years older than me, our parents had died so she looked after me whilst she worked through university and became a teacher. She taught in the high school I went to, her husband was also a teacher there and most of their friends were teachers from our school. I couldn’t get away with much but I certainly tried my best, like any teenager would do I tried to do what I wanted to do. But I never got away with anything. Spanking, grounding, confiscating my phone, TV or computer were the standard punishments.

But still I never understood it.

Even when I started to date G, I still kept this imaginary family in my head. I certainly wasn’t going to tell him about my desires, he would probably end our relationship.

Fast forward 27 years, the 50 Shades of Grey books came out, although these books represented a very false idea of BDSM and a D / s relationship, for me it excited me, it opened my eyes to another life I had no idea existed. I was very naive and prudish, though G tried his best to change it.

I explained my desire to G who was more than happy to oblige, at first we brought spanking into play, suddenly my sex drive erupted, I couldn’t get enough. G would say I really must enjoy it as I was gushing when he touched my pussy.

After some time, we decided to start a new lifestyle, G became my Master, I became his submissive, soon becoming his slave.

Finally though, getting a title for my desires was still a shock. I’m a masochist, I live for pain, want it, desire it, what’s more I want to be humiliated and degraded.

All this took a bit of digesting, as I learnt of each kink I really wanted, even Master was surprised with each one, as he now had to learn to humiliate and degrade me. Something he had to learn, as he was brought up to be a true gentleman, he would never call me a whore, slut or cunt, he wouldn’t slap my face if I was acting horribly towards him, whilst in the midst of an argument. So we have both learnt a lot about ourselves, and we have to thank those 50 Shades books, for opening my eyes to this kinky world.


I’m a masochist and I’m proud to be one

I’m a masochist who hid her desires for too long               IMG-20170309-WA0015

I’m a masochist who discovered this kinky life

I’m a masochist who now loves pain

I’m a masochist who loves to be spanked, long and hard                IMG_20180310_150611243

I’m a masochist who embraces this title

I’m a masochist, submissive and Master’s slave                     IMG_20170814_134643461

I’m a masochist whose life has changed for the better

I’m a masochist, owned and collared

I live and serve Master, we play hard, he punishes harder

Because I’m his masochist and proud to admit it.