First major tantrum with Miss Adira.

My first drunken disobedient strop/tantrum with Miss Adira, whilst on our naturist holiday.

In the morning Master and Daddy went to Tesco to stock up on essentials, food, treats and most important booze. We had limited space in the car so could only bring food for one day. Miss Adira and I went for a walk through the fields and woods until we came across one of the ponds. There are lovely pathways all around their land for us naturists to enjoy. A couple of public footpaths were marked off, warning naturists that people may get offended by seeing naked people about so they were avoided. But having found one of the ponds we sat there and chatted. Mostly it was about how we’ve messed up on something so received a punishment or how Miss Adira may write things in a text message only to delete it, saying it’s not worth the risk. Whereas I would just press send coz I was peeved off. We were both very stubborn and pig headed neither of us willing to back down or not have the final say. So far Miss Adira and I had not been in this dilemma, she and Daddy had warned me that I did not want to get on her bad side when our dynamic began because I would not win. I think in my stupid naive head, I believed she wasn’t as bad as they made out. Daddy always said Miss Adira would have me crying within minutes, just by what she has said as she was very clever with her words, again the bratty stubborn side of me really didn’t believe she was that bad. My sensible head believed she was.

So back to our holiday.

Having been drinking wine since lunchtime, I was getting very merry. I’m a bit odd, in the way that if I had wine in a glass, I would drink very very slowly, not really enjoying it, probably only having a quarter of the glass before chucking it out. Now since I became Daddy’s ‘little’ and he puts wine in my sippy cup I drink very quickly and it tastes really nice. Told you I was a bit odd. Before holidays I bought Miss Adira and I some plastic cups with lids and straws as you can’t take proper glasses to the sunroom or hottub. These cups you can put in the freezer to keep your drinks colder for longer.  And I drank wine very quickly out of these cups.

On Wednesday after Master and Daddy had purchased more alcohol I had drunk rather a lot, feeling very merry, well a little bit……no I was pissed. I was enjoying the hottub then floating in the pool. Messing about in the hottub I splashed water over Miss Adira’s face. “I think someone may be getting a spanking for that”, she told me. So what do I do…..yep I do it again, not once but twice. Daddy had a look of sheer shock and horror as he knew she did not like water on her face. “I will meet you upstairs when you come back,” she told me. Being rather drunk I dismissed the comment. When she left Daddy asked me if I had a death wish because he would never, ever splash water on her face coz she would go mental. I didn’t really believe she would be that annoyed by it. Anyway we left the hottub and went to the pool, I was enjoying just floating in the water, holding one of those noodle float things under my head, my body just naturally floated, and for once, my back wasn’t hurting. So I just floated for a long time. Daddy wanted to go back so I told him I was staying in, so he left but he quickly returned because Master had told him, he should not have left his drunken ‘little’ in the pool by herself. Though I kept telling him to go, he said no, and sat in the chair watching me float.

When we eventually returned Miss Adira was there, looking stern, telling me to go to her bedroom. I just flatly said No, I want a shower first. After a few No’s I went to the shower. Miss Adira followed with the hairbrush in her hand. “That’s okay, I wanted to see how it was to spank you when you’re wet. Turn around.” she told me, standing in the doorway of the shower. “No,” I told her, deliberately facing her, over and over and over she told me to turn around, I kept stubbornly saying No. She whacked me a few times with the hairbrush, boobs and sides of my legs were perfect targets but still I refused to turn around.

Writing this now, the following morning, I’m shocked at how I reacted, I’d never do that to any of them if I was sober.

I kept saying, I need to wash my hair, I need to put conditioner on it, I need to wash the chlorine off my body, any excuse to stay in the shower, hoping she would just go. But as she told me many times, she would be there all night if necessary. So I washed myself all the time facing her.

Then the standoff began. Turn around, no. The shower was turned to cold, I turned it to hot again. The shower was turned off, I turned it back on again. I’ve no idea how long we were in there or how many times the shower was altered, but my stubbornness was getting worse and refused to leave. The final time, Miss Adira turned the shower off with a warning not to turn it on, the tone of her voice warned me not to.

After a while I just plonked myself on the floor in the corner, Miss Adira was really pissed off by now. Daddy had made dinner, telling us it was on the table, “Just leave it there,” she called to him then closed the bathroom door and sat in the shower.

Seriously stern lectures followed then, those awful words followed, ‘I’m disrespecting her,’ I told her I wasn’t but deep down I knew I was being very disrespectful. “You wouldn’t do this for Master or Daddy would you?” she asked. “Not anymore no,” I replied. Then eventually my emotions took over, those 3 words were always enough to make my stubbornness dissolve and tears start flowing.

Eventually Miss Adira persuaded me to get up, having had a long chat, I didn’t want to see the boys, I didn’t want to have my dinner, I just wanted to go to bed, but I wasn’t allowed, I had to have my dinner, then I could go to bed. But first we headed to the other loft and had snuggles in bed. I was still upset, and felt embarrassed seeing the boys so Miss Adira said we would have dinner in there, she brought the plates of food in, warmed them up in the microwave then we sat down. She made sure I’d taken my medication and also made sure I ate. If I started just playing with my food she told me off, until I’d eaten half of it.

Miss Adira wanted me to go upstairs and watch a film but I said I really didn’t want to. She knew it was because I felt embarrassed, ashamed, guilty and stupid, well I felt stupid, Miss Adira didn’t think that. Anyway she allowed me to go to bed, gave me my kindle and tucked me in. Giving me a kiss she left me to it, where I lay for a while before finally reading my book. I gave up after a few pages though, nothing would stay in my head and I was still feeling guilty about what happened.

I hadn’t realised but apparently I had fallen asleep, the others heard me snoring from upstairs in the annex.  But as usual I woke up so I read my kindle. Miss Adira popped her head through the door and found me awake, she gave me a hug, asking if I was okay, that’s when I found out I’d been asleep.

In the morning I went to see Miss Adira, we had a cuddle and I sat at the table for a while talking. We were all going to the pool but she said she was happy colouring inside so I went with the boys. Later on I sent her an apology text, saying I was drunk but not that drunk where I didn’t know what I was doing. She replied saying she appreciated the text message, the apology, the explanation but it was all forgotten with now, no further punishments were needed as she had got the desired result, (me crying feeling terribly guilty). She said we both knew there would be a time where this would happen because we were so alike and she knew from her experience that I would test her to this point to see what would happen.

So what have I learnt from this……..I will never win when I’m being disrespectful, stubborn or just flatly being really naughty……..I will never splash water in Miss Adiras face again……I never want to be in that position again, hear those words, see the disappointment in her face.

But as she had said before, it will happen again at some point because we are both so stubborn and pig headed and we would both test and push our Doms/Domme just out of pure devilment. But I hope I don’t test her again for quite some time.

One thing I know for certain is I never want to see the look of disappointment, upset, crossness, (is that a word, oh well it is now) on her face or hear her say I’m disrespecting her or wondering if I really did want this dynamic ever again. Those 2 things hurt me so much more than any severe spanking I’ve ever been given.

Sinful Sunday.


This has to be one of my favourite photos from our holiday, playing Spank Snooker,  I love how you can see my reflection in the glass taking the photo. The proud look on Master’s face holding the snooker cue as he knows full well, he will win every game.



If only we had the money for a hot tub but the cost is rediculously high. We would have to choose not to eat or have a hot tub. That actually may be a good idea, might loose some weight then, even the dogs would but then I wouldn’t starve my babies, our son tends to get his own meals these days. So it would only be for Master and I. Wonder if that would pay for thehot tub costs, I doubt it. But we wouldn’t enjoy our holidays as much because we would use the hot tub at home. So decision made, no hot tub, eat and stay big and happy, then enjoy our holidays with the indoor pool and their outdoor hot tub.

Sinful Sunday


A stroll through the woods.

A stroll through the woods.

After lunch and my selfie walk, we decided to go and try out the hammocks I found on my wander, they were in the shade so nice and cool for a while. But first we had to get into them, which actually was easier than we anticipated. And very comfy, wish we had somewhere to put one in our garden. Master sent me some photos of his cock from his hammock, which made giggle like a naughty, dirty schoolgirl. We stayed there for a while but me being a lizard (Masters words not mine) the cool wind was soon cooling me down too much, so I called to to see if Master was ready to go, “Yeah if you want.” He called over to me. Then we had the fun of getting out, Master managed it okay, so then it was my turn. I was able to get to sitting easy enough but couldn’t get up then, so I needed Masters help for this. He pulled me up but they were so comfy I’ve mentioned to Master if we could have one in the garden. He thinks there’s a way to do it, so I need to look at the prices of hammocks as I’ve no idea.


I ended up having another walk, this time with Master, going towards the same pond I went to when I was taking the selfies. I saw him have a look around, then walked to a more secluded spot, putting my bag down, he was carrying for me. “Right Serf, I need a pee and I’d like you to drink it.” he told me.

Of course my immediate thing is to beg, plead not to be made to do this. “Oh no, please no.” Why did he have to do this at the end of our holidays, but there’s no point arguing. Kneeling down I took his cock in my mouth and almost immediately, his warm piss flowed into my mouth, but not slowly like previous times, I tapped his leg, “Never mind tapping on my leg, just take Master’s piss.” He ordered. But it was coming too fast when suddenly his cock dropped from my mouth, piss still flowing over me and him, piss running out of my mouth, down my chest, literally everywhere. “You were going to fast, that’s why I tapped your leg.” I said. “How about an apology for making Master’s piss go all over the place, an apology for not doing your task properly ?” Master told me. I hate disappointing him, but my stubbornness also makes it hard for me to apologise but I did, after a bit more chastising, making me feel more guilty. “I think we need to do this more often don’t you ?” Master asked. “NNooooo,” I whined. “I said, I think we need to do this more often, don’t you ?” He asked again.

“Go and bend over that bench.” He told me. I stared at him a second then did it, he always has a very good poker face, you really don’t know what he is thinking or planning. He walked to my side, his hand gently rubbing cheek to cheek, then slapped me really really hard, lifting me up onto my toes, making me gasp. Then again. “So I think we should do this more often,don’t you ?” He asked again, when I never answered straight away, he spanked me again. “Well ?” He asked. Through gritted teeth because this was something I really didn’t want to be made to do, I replied, “Yes Master.” He stopped spanking me then, instead he rubbed and squeezed each cheek. “Yes I think we should do it daily again. Don’t you ?” He asked. I’m not going to say what was going through my head, put it this way there was a lot of cursing, a lot of “whatever you think, coz I still ain’t doing it.” Even though I knew I would. There’s that part of me that fights submissiveness, when I really don’t want to do it, even though I know it would make Master very proud of me when I do, or even if he knows I’ve really tried my hardest not just doing a brat effort. There’s also that part of Master who loves to set me tasks he knows I won’t like. The humiliation and degrading acts that really lights the fire in my eyes, when he can see every curse word I can think off run through my brain, but never leaves my mouth. I’m not that stupid.

He knows I hate it, that’s what spurs him on more. I can’t even say what the one thought was, when he said about doing it daily, because he reads my writing. If he reads this, he will know what I really did or didn’t want to do, so I’m just not putting it down. I’ve learnt from those past mistakes.

“Well ?” He asked again, spanking me harder, quiet cries out, whimpers, gasps were my only answers so he continued spanking me, until I muttered, “Yes Master.”
He stopped and walked away, I never got up as he hadn’t told me too, but I was watching what he was doing. He was acting suspiciously. “Let me find a nice branch.” He talked to himself, or to me so I become nervous in anticipation of what he meant. I swear my eyes were getting bigger as he walked around, snapping a branch off the tree. Facing me, he slowly ripped off each little branch until it was just one. “Is the anticipation building up Serf ? Are you getting nervous ?” he asked, “Mmmmmmmm,” I muttered. Inside I was saying to myself, he’s not really going to do this, is he ? I mean, WTAF, he’s really enjoying this, looking cocky, smug, evil and dominant but so fucking sexy as he taunts me, teases me, walking around slowly pulling the little branches off. I began to think this may happen more at home, or even telling me to prepare them for when he comes home from work. I imagined myself walking the dogs, looking for some good branches and getting them ready for when he comes home. Now he’s done it once and looked like he loved it, I can see it happening to me more. I’m sure he’s read my novel, as I included that, even if he says he has’t. Whipping it through the air once it was done, he walked towards me.
Suddenly my stomach hit the ground, a real sick feeling, I’m sure the blood ran from my face as I paled in horror. As he walked around me, I was still doubting this would happen, he’s never done birching before, but as one hand lowered my back and stayed there I knew it was going to happen.

The first strike was incredibly sharp, over my crimson, red hot spanked ass, it was surprisingly stingy. He didn’t need to whip me hard with it, though I think he would have loved to but he was conscious of the noise I would make. As it was, softer strikes still caused me to cry out quietly, Master began to lecture me on how I should do things for him with pride, not to continue to say no. That if I failed to complete a task, I should apologise and shouldn’t need Master to tell me to apologise. All the things I know but tend to forget.
He then began videoing this birching, doing one of his favourites he does with the cane, a continuous flow of strokes, not hard but enough to really feel it, as the burn became hotter, the pain becoming sharper. I was aware that I was moving around more. A few sharper switches really took my breath away then he stopped. A hand ran over my tender cheeks, squeezing them hard, running his nails over my sensitive skin, hearing him chuckle as I flinched and whimpered. Then he got me up, opening his arms to me, hugging me tightly, whispering softly to me, we stayed there for a while, then he checked my ass. “Hmmmm still a few nice lines there, looking nice and pink still too.” Master said proudly. Picking up the bag, I got my walking stick, “Get your stick, you can take that with you then people can see your spanked ass and know that was the stick I used.” He told me, eyes twinkling with devilment, but I picked it, carried it back to the sunroom then back to the loft. I was told to bring it home with me when we packed tomorrow.

Maybe I could lose it, I could try but do I dare ? No, I’m afraid this brat wouldn’t risk the consequences now.



Last full day of holidays.

Last full day of holidays.

My day started at 5.30 am, bit of a lie in for me, Master was up by 8 am again. Breakfast clean up, then sun room, by 8.45 am. It was a warm morning already, I reckon it will be a hot one again. I read, wrote blogs, whilst Master talked about all the couples he had talked to on Fab Swingers site, the night before. And there seemed to be a lot, he said people don’t seem to come on until after 10 pm, then it all stops at 1 am. But I leave him to do the leg work, if there’s someone he likes and has the same kinks as us, he tells me to look them up.

By 9.15 am, we needed a swim to cool down, then I reminded Master that we had a race. Master had said yesterday that he could walk 2 laps of the pool, faster than I could swim.

“Oh yes, the loser gets a forfeit. Okay let’s go.” No warning, no ready steady go, he was off but to be fair he was half way down the pool by the time I started. I wasn’t going to win. And I didn’t.

Master thought for awhile, “Go and walk around the grounds, and take at least 20 selfies.”

Okay I can do that. I went back to the loft, getting my selfie stick, I headed back to try and get it connected. It wouldn’t connect so Master had to do it. Then off I went. Just snapping away. I didn’t count them, I just wandered around looking for inspiration for a photo. I think I was gone over an hour, I was pretty exhausted and my back was very sore, then it took over 3 hours to edit them for Master and to upload in my blog.

I ended up taking 75 selfies, and I’ve been told to upload them all.

The WiFi was pretty rubbish in the loft so I think I’ve uploaded them twice, as I thought each time they never worked, so if you see duplicated pictures, I apologise.

Spank snooker.

Spank snooker.

It was too hot in the sunroom so we had another swim then I said why don’t we have a game of snooker or pool. Even though I’m totally rubbish at it, and though Master says he’s no good, compared to me, he’s a champion. Lol.

There was no one else around, I think couples are staying in the private sun areas close to their lofts.

A little way through the first game, I missed a shot very badly, Master said, “Oh that shot was so bad, you deserve a spanking for that. Come here.” He was stood at the far end of the snooker table, so he could see if anyone turned up. He turned me around to face the same way then slapped each cheek really hard. I gasped at the sharpness of it, feeling heat rising quickly. “From now on, every shot missed you’re getting spanked.”  Hhhmmmm this could be fun. “No missing on purpose,” he said. “I don’t need to try, I’m crap at this game.” which was very true.

Almost every shot I missed, or hit one of his balls or potted the white. Every white ball potted, from him or me, I got 2 spanks. It did make the game really funny, he said I had some great handprints on my pale cheeks. When I missed a perfect shot, I mean my ball was right by the hole, the white ball only inches away, and yep, I missed not only potting the ball, but missed the white ball too. “Oh my god, that was truly awful.” He pointed towards him, turning me around, i suddenly felt a much more shocking pain, the sound I knew, wood hitting skin. What had he found ? After 4 smacks with this hard bloody wood thing, I did cry out a little, that fucking burnt my bum. I turned around and saw him holding a shoe brush that was a decoration for the room, “Seems like they knew a naughty Serf was coming to stay,” he told me laughing. Thankfully that was the only time it was used but after 5 games, my arse was really tingling and sore. We only stopped playing because all the balls got stuck inside. Master tried knocking the tablet , picking it up slightly, but the balls were not coming out.

Which was a shame as it was a very fun game. Not realising we had been playing 2 hours. But when there’s spanking going on, especially a fun spanking you want it to last as long as possible. Though I think Master’s hands must be tingling too as he is hand spanking much, much harder than he’s ever done and just seems to be going harder, which is fanfuckingtastic.

Day 3 of our holidays.

Day 3 of holidays.

Today was the same as yesterday, but Master went to Tesco at 9am, we just needed a few things for the last 2 days. Master goes by himself because it’s quicker plus he only buys what we need, whereas I would be adding stuff.

And he was back in half an hour and met me in the sunroom. It was a cloudy day but still 24 degrees. The couple we chatted to the day before then came, we ended up having a great chat with them. She’s been a naturist since childhood, he had for 20 years or so. And do it at home, she does keep a dressing gown by the front door, just in case she gets a knock at the door but he doesn’t bother, he keeps his body behind the frosted glass of the door and pops his head around. They were a very funny couple, reminded me of Masters parents, they are members of many naturist clubs and regularly meet up in clubs, there are many  clubs from rambling, cycling, meeting for meals or just a social. But Master doesn’t want to join one close, just in case he knew someone in there.

We chatted all morning with them, too be honest I’d love to keep in contact with them. They’ve come to this park 6 times now, as disabilities meant they couldn’t go abroad or drive far, staying for 2 weeks and friends come for the second week.

I must say Master and I had said it would be great if a swinging couple we grew close with got the loft next to us.

The afternoon was the same, but we were both starting to feel more sore, Masters shoulder was bothering him, but his body ached, my back was really sore, but everywhere ached. I think it was due to a settee and chair that are not the most comfortable, the bed seems okay though.

After dinner we both felt that tired we didn’t go for an evening swim or hot tub. We chose a DVD from the snooker room, so I quickly washed my hair from the days chlorine, I’d already had a shower before dinner, then we settled down to watch it. I ended up missing the end because I was falling asleep so headed off to bed.

Tomorrow the temperature is back up to 27 degrees, so it’s going to be a hot one.

Over this long heatwave we’ve been having, one person had said the sunroom temperature went up to 60 degrees !!!!! Imagine that. Unsurprisingly no one could go in there.

Tomorrow will be a day much the same as today, I hope, chatting with this lovely couple.

A nice play after our Spank snooker.

A nice play after our Spank snooker.

As it was after 6pm when we finished playing spank snooker, we headed back to the lodge for dinner. But seems like Master had other ideas, as he went straight to our suitcase and took out our red suede flogger.

Laying me over the edge of the bed, I took my glasses and ear (hearing aid) out, as Master enjoyed spanking me again. Once I’d warmed up, he used the flogger. This can be just a nice ouchie but when hit hard it can really hurt and burn as the strands feel like they are whipping away your skin. Master alternated from soft to hard, over my back, sit spot, hand then flogger. It felt intense, but in a fun way.

Dropping the flogger he began fingering my oussy, instantly I felt him reach my gushing spot, but I forced myself to not squirt unless he got a mat from the suitcase. But instead he seemed to enjoy teasing me, getting me so close then stopping again. I felt him squirt lube over me, as he began trying to fist me. It began to hurt as I ouched using my internal voice. If I tried moving he slapped my ass, warning me to stay still. He slipped out then I felt something else slip inside. Thinking about what was on the bedside table, I guessed he was using my deodorant. But it wasn’t big enough, more lube then I heard my water bottle being squeezed. I felt the base of the bottle against my pussy as he tried pushing it in. when it really began to hurt, he pushed my face into the bed, telling me to be quiet. He tried the other end, I felt the lid, then little lip, then getting stretched more as the bottle widened. I whimpered into the mattress, my legs kicking at the floor. Taking it out, Master used 4 fingers, and tried to push inside me. I couldn’t help cry out, though I tried to be quieter. I really don’t like stretching, I feel like I’m being ripped apart. I couldn’t even give birth naturally, I needed a c-section, even smears are difficult. I may be a BBW  but my skeletal frame is very small. But Master continued to push, after a while he went into my ass the same way. I really cried out then, my legs kicking, as Master pushed my head into the bed again. Holding his position, opening me wide. Master chuckled, his evil chuckle as he reached over, snuggled my neck the bit me. My cries out became more hysterical as he let go and bit me again. This time much harder, so hard I began kicking him, he yanked my ponytail up, “Don’t you ever kick me, do you hear me ?” he growled at me, I cried out a yes Master as he bit down again. It was so hard not to lash out again, but I didn’t. As he snuggled my other side, I was just waiting for the bite, and didn’t wait for long as his bit hard, and again. I desperately needed to rub my shoulder where the bites felt much harder.

Master opened one cheek and slapped my crack, over and over, then opened the other side, and repeated it. Pushing fingers from one hole to the next. “Open your cheeks.” Master ordered. Not an easy task, as my flexibility is pretty poor. He began teasing me with his cock, just slightly in my pussy then my ass, whichever hole was empty, fingers went in. It was for me to enjoy because the pain from the bites just hurt so much. Master just entered my ass when he shot his load,  I felt him firing his hot seed then as he left me, the hot liquid ran down my pussy and legs.

Part of this was a nice play but those bites………….

Day 2 of our holiday.

Day 2 of holiday.


Who can guess what we did today ?

Yep your right.

Up at 6am, had a lie in….Master was up at 8am

We had breakfast, cleaned up and went to the sunroom. There was a cool brisk breeze today, so certainly not a day to venture outside. But we got to our 2 sun loungers by 9am, what are we like, our sun loungers, lol, it does feel like home here.

We met a lady in the patio, but she didn’t speak. I did a lot of writing and reading this morning, inbetween spending an hour in the pool. Master can’t swim, so he uses a floating noodle and does fast walking for exercise. And I must admit using a noodle was nicer on my back. I try to swim a few lengths but then I use the noodle, still using my legs, for exercise. I’d love to try swimming again, even if it’s just with the noodle. Master said to search our area and see what hotels or gyms have private pools. Maybe you could join during non-peak hours and do an hour swim, like you are doing now. The temp of this pool is 30 degrees, he said to phone the places and ask the temp of the pool.

If it’s too cold my back will seize up, so I don’t use the public pools. Even the hydrotherapy pools in hospital you can use, joining their class, are too cold for me.

So I may just make some phone calls when I get home. I just want to do what I can do, that I know won’t cause extra chronic pain.


Anyway after a lazy morning we went back to the lodge for lunch, steak pie for Master, Cornish pasty for me. Yes I know we eat very badly but it’s what as easy to do and we enjoyed it. After a half hour break, we headed back to the sunroom. There was another couple in there, we had chatted to them in the pool yesterday. So we chatted and read and watched the birds. There was a lot of activity with these little cute birds, we didn’t know what they were, but googled them later on in the day. We think they are Longtailed Wagtails, they look like the images on Google. I intend to ask this lady when / if I see her tomorrow, as she seemed very knowledgeable with birds. The noise of the babies in their nest when the parent came with food was incredible. I’ve never really bothered with watching bird life, rabbits yes but not birds. But now I love watching the Wagtails swoop down, there’s also Swift’s who live in the roof of the hot tub gazebo. They swoop around too. These are the birds that swoop down to Dave when I’m walking the dogs, and he runs around to chase after them. It’s good exercise for him anyway.


There was another couple that must have arrived today, they went into the pool, frolicked about, had a big beach ball in the water and generally had fun. It was nice to see a couple in their 70’s being as daft as us. We went from pool to sunroom until it was 6pm, then went back for dinner. In this park,the older naturists don’t seem to come out again after dinner, so we never saw anyone after 7pm when we went back again. We read until nearly 9pm then went for a swim. Master seemed to be a little more frisky, fingers running over my bottom, tweaking my nipples, stroking my pussy. He tried to angle my body to finger me but I was in the wrong position. So I held onto the other side of the pool, floating towards Master, “That’s better, now I can get to you.” He said, sliding his fingers inside, quite forcefully, like I would normally like but I’m still sore from my play with V, so it all feels tender, swollen and bruised. Raising me up left my bottom out of the water so he enjoyed giving me a playful spanking, still with his fingers inside me. His fingers began a slow pounding, thrusting inside me as I orgasms quite quickly. Master wouldn’t let go, he continued to thrust until I had another orgasm, pinching and twisting my nipples, slapping my butt until I managed to wriggle away from him. “Let me get my phone then take some photos he told me, so we tried being creative with them. I think some were quite good.

At 9.50pm we left the pool to go to the hottub and Master was still acting horny. I gave his cock a foot massage, feeling his hardness grow under my toes. Both feet work quite well at waking Master off, but he pulled away. “I’m not cumming in the hot tub.” He told me, instead his fingers went to my pussy, anchoring me by him, so I couldn’t wriggle around. He made me cum three times, then tried to make me squirt. “I can’t do that in here,” I said, trying to pull away but even though I tried to twist around, he stuck his thumb up my ass, so it was almost impossible to move. “Master has told you to squirt so come on, I want you to gush.”

I felt like my insides were on fire, but I couldn’t gush, not in here.when I orgasms for the final time that day, I felt spent. “Master will come in the loft”, he said smiling.

We left the hot tub just before 11pm. I jumped in the shower, then watched TV for a while, letting my hair dry a bit. Just before I headed to bed Master asked for his blowjob. Putting a cushion on the floor, I knelt down, kissing his tummy, working down to kiss his head, nibble his shaft, then sunk down to suck his cock. Deep lengths down, sucking hard back up again. I slipped him out and used my hand for a bit until Master took over, “Tickle my balls,” he said, he knows I’m rubbish at doing 2 things at once, so as he started walking, my nails grazed from his bottom, up around his sack, base of cock, then back again. I could enjoy watching his facial expressions as he became close. “I’m gonna cum,” he muttered, as my mouth quickly took over from his hand. His sweet pre-cum soon filling my mouth, so I filled my mouth with his cock, taking it’s full length, allowing his gusto rocket into my mouth. I waited until he was finished before swallowing then cleaning him up.

I finally went to bed at 11.20pm, but couldn’t sleep until Master came to bed. Then woke up at 5am.

When I met the couple the next day, Wednesday, I asked what the birds were and I was right, they were Longtailed Wagtails. So I was quite chuffed I got it right. Even Master was right with the other birds, the Swifts.

So what will we do on day 4 ?

Day 1 of holiday.

Day 1 of holiday.

We arrived at 3.40 pm, and after a 5 hour journey, in 30 degree heat, we dropped bags, dropped our clothes then hit the pool. We saw one older lady, 70 + but she never spoke, when we got to the pool another older couple, 80 + were in, but we chatted to them, then they soon left. So we stayed in until 5.30 pm. Then came back to the lodge, and had dinner. We stayed in until 7 pm when we decided to go and sit either outside or in the sunroom, getting our books and phone, Master wanted to sit in the sunroom, so we got comfy. Staying in until 8.15 pm, then decided we should have a swim to cool down, having the pool to ourselves again, we stayed in until 9, when we went to the hot tub. Melting into the hot bubbly water, we stayed until 10 pm. Master was feeling too hot. I jumped in the shower, had to wash the chlorine out of my hair, even though I will have to sleep with it still wet, but never mind. Tomorrow I will put my ponytail higher up so it doesn’t get so wet, but it’s not the end of the world if it does. But at 10.45 pm, I’m off to bed.