Manho the Daddy’s blog for November.

Manho’s November blog.

How do, readers, another month past and ever so close to Christmas…..bloody cancelled. 

So what’s happened in this last month, well both me and Piggy decided to go and get the woohoo flu at the beginning of the month, I thinks I may of caught it at work with one of my valued colleagues, the diseased son of a bitch, then passed onto Piggy. So we were both off for the beginning of November which was rather crap. 

At the end of our isolation, my new motor scooter arrived, so I decided to get a bobber styled motorcycle as Piggy wouldn’t ride on the back of the sports bike I had, so I hunted for a nice either cruiser or bobber and found a Yamaha xv950 which had a lot of custom parts added and rather nice, and must admit rides really nice as well.

I took Piggy to work on the old motorcycle and realised the rear shocks needed adjusting so it was not as bouncy. So after taking her to work on it, I went to see the lads at the garage I used and they adjusted the shocks for free and they, I say they, it’s a family run business, father and son, both had a jolly ride on it and both thoroughly enjoyed it and was impressed.

So apart from having woohoo flu and obtaining a new motorcycle not much has happened, work then home, work then home…

Oh I bought Piggy a new fish tank as part of her Xmas present as she does rather like her fishes, so just ordered all her bits to start up with so she can set her tank up, then we can look at introducing some fishes, once we know the water is ready. So that will be exciting for her. 

Also it’s her birthday in December so double treat with some new boots she likes…

I have ordered all presents for Master and Little Minx’s from me a Piggy so they will arrive at the beginning of December, then it’s the task of wrapping them…

Anyways, readers, not much more to say this month, all being well a little more of a blog next month as it’s Christmas and New Year, so until next month readers be safe….

Thursday with Daddy.

I was a bit nervous waiting for Daddy to arrive but he turned up at 9am, he parked his motorbike up in the drive, and came in.  Of course the dogs were going mad wanting his attention, and I liked that we had a quick kiss then he crouched down to speak to them. We had a lovely long chat, just making sure we were both happy with the dynamics, and making sure Master was happy and J.

Just before Daddy arrived the postman delivered a parcel for me, a gift for Daddy. The morning before I designed a mug for him as a gift, I wanted the sketch I drew for him on the mug plus a little verse. I didn’t think they would arrive the next day but when I opened it and looked at the mugs, I was really pleased. I knew Daddy would be very pleased, and he was. I bought 2, so he could have 1 at our house and 1 at his house.

I kept wondering when he was going to spank me but nothing was really said. I could tell he was a little nervous this morning, but I wasn’t sure why.
Daddy came with me to walk the dogs, he’s such a gentleman, just like Master, helping with the dog pram, he held Dave’s lead. The only thing that wasn’t nice was that we couldn’t hold hands during the walk or kiss, Master’s rules were no holding hands, cuddles or kisses around our house, street or in town. Which isn’t a surprise really, there would be a lot of twitching curtains if we did. But we had a good walk even though Daddy wanted to do the poop scoop, I said No, you’re not doing that, so I did it.

When we got home, Daddy lifted the pram inside and put it in the kitchen, we had another coffee and chatted more, kissed and cuddled together, it was so nice.

When we realised Mission Impossible was on for 2 ½ hours long, we realised we wouldn’t have time to watch it as Daddy had to be home to pick J up from work. The other shows were all kiddie shows so I suggested leaving the cinema for today and go another day, so we decided to have a walk along the promenade after dinner. We went to one of my favourite pubs for dinner, the deal was we went halves on the bill. But they didn’t have my favourite meal, so I had steak and Daddy had a chicken meal. As usual I ate very slowly and Daddy had finished by the time I was half way through mine. But it was nice. I recommended the red velvet, white chocolate cheesecake, so we both had that which really was scrummy yummy. Daddy went up to go to the toilet whilst I finished my pudding, when he returned he was shoving a receipt in his pocket. “What’s that ?” I asked. “Nothing,” Daddy replied. “Have you just paid the bill ? The deal was we go halves, how much was it ?” I asked. “Don’t know,” he told me. “Right, I’m paying for the next one.” I told him, but still thanked him. I’m going to have to be clever about paying the bill with Daddy, just like I have to with L, my best friend, when we discuss who was paying the bill.

The weather had turned nice, after a chilly start so it was lovely to just walk along the seafront, we did hold hands there as we thought that area was safe, we walked past the funfair when Daddy asked if I wanted a go on the rollercoaster, I said no way, it was more than my life was worth, Master would be furious if I had. So we finished the circuit and walked back towards the car. I asked Daddy if we could sit down for a bit so we sat at the edge of the path, watching the kids play in the sand and in little pools of water. We cuddled, kissed, chatted, when he started stroking my hair and face that was it, I’m not going to lie, I was turned on, I could feel my wetness slime around my rings, a warmth between my legs. I felt so comfy, relaxed and happy, I could have stayed there for ages except I think we were both feeling too horny, we had to move on.

Don’t forget there was a no touching rule, so I couldn’t graze my fingers over his cock, I couldn’t touch him under his t’shirt. So I ran my nails over his thighs, and inner thighs, stroked his neck and hair whilst kissing but it was hard not to do more.

So we headed towards the car before we did touch areas that were banned. We’ve arranged to go to their house Saturday night so I hope we will be allowed to play then. Master has bought Daddy a cock and ball cage, and he is fitting it on Saturday. I will ask Master if we will be able to play today, keep my fingers crossed.

I needed some dog food so I asked Daddy if he minded if I could pop into a shop to get some, but they didn’t have it, so we went to the next pet store and they didn’t have it, so I left it. We headed back to the car.

Coming home, Daddy wanted to look through my sketches, I was still waiting on my punishment, and I’ve got to admit, I was a bit disappointed, it never happened. He didn’t want to hurt me, but as I’ve said to him before, I need the strict punishment, the severe spankings plus different punishments like doing maths, as well as the nice, loveable Daddy. I suggested to Daddy that if he was worried about it, then lets get it done as soon as he arrives. If Daddy was arriving at 9.30am, then tell me to be naked in the corner waiting for him to arrive, then before we get into the nice cuddles, Daddy does the spanking then it’s all forgotten for the rest of the day. Then we can enjoy the day. I know this side is hard for him as he isn’t as sadistic as Master and also he’s new to it, so it will take time, guidance from me, Master and what he learns online.

The evening was going to be interesting, as when Daddy left our house, he had to pick J up from work. She then rushed home, showered and changed because she was due here at 8pm, as she was due a punishment for lying. Master does not tolerate lying so he was not prepared to go soft on her either.

But Master was not happy to find out Daddy hadn’t given me my punishment so he said he would give it to me instead, asking for his paddle, “What do you think, 20 with the paddle ?” he asked. “I guess so,” I murmured. “You will have to video it,” I fetched the paddle, bent over the stool, then Master gave me 20 slaps with it, making me do the count.

After that Master decided Daddy needed punishing for not punishing me, so he’s been told he will get 20 with a paddle on Saturday.

Meanwhile I had a confession to make to Daddy, that morning doing my lines, I couldn’t be bothered in getting up from the settee to sit on my stool, so I did them still on the settee. And yes before you say it, it was a bratty test to see what Daddy would do.

First he asked if I had any lego, I said, I had to ask Master, but it seemed Daddy had already asked Master, so instead of lego, Master brought down a container with big nuts and bolts. I was to put them on the stool, sit down on them, and do 3 maths pages that evening, and tomorrow after I’ve done my normal 50 lines, I was to sit on the nuts and bolts again and write another 50 lines. This was for not sitting on the stool to write my lines and not saying goodnight to him.


I put the nuts and bolts on the stool, asked Daddy which maths book I was to work on, he chose addition and subtraction, so I sat down, very uncomfy, and started the maths papers. Part of my trouble is not reading the question properly, so I ended up reading the questions 3 or 4 times before I got it, but they were not easy. So it took a long time to do them, plus a lot of shovelling about trying to get more comfortable.

I’m wondering whether to ask Daddy to set me some maths homework every week for me to do, just to try and get better at it, I don’t know 50 or even 100 questions every week, slowly getting harder.  I would have time to do them throughout the week, then maybe if I did see Daddy every week, he could mark them whilst he was here. I actually think this could be a good idea, I mean I feel ashamed to say I was struggling with a maths book for children aged 7 to 9. But I’m brave enough to try to improve it now. I think I will ask Daddy.

Anyway, Master had ordered pizza for us and J for 8pm, that was when she would be here, but she was late and I couldn’t eat mine until I had done my maths.

But as it was getting later I realised I would be going to bed soon, so it was decided that I would go to bed at the normal time, and Master and J would stay downstairs.

J arrived about 8.20pm, I was still doing my maths and she chuckled when she saw me. She had to get naked immediately, just like I was. Finally at 8.30pm, I had finished so I got a small dinner, and ate it before it was time to go up. At first it did feel odd knowing I was leaving Master with J downstairs, knowing they were playing, whilst I was in bed, but to be honest, the feeling went away quickly, which surprised me really, I hadn’t had chance to ask Master how he felt when I was with Daddy all day, so we can chat about that in the morning.

I heard the paddle slap J’s ass quite a few times, but she did have 50 due, I heard a few cries out by J and the crop to. Funny how I could distinguish the sounds each toy made so I knew what was being used.

I must have dozed on and off until Master came to bed, I hope he enjoyed himself.

The next morning we talked about the day before, he wasn’t worried about my day with Daddy and I told him I wasn’t bothered about J being here whilst I was in bed. When he showed me her bruises I was gobsmacked. I think she bruised so much as this was her first proper punishment, I asked how hard was he going and he said, “Oh only half of what I do on you, you get full force. But I think Daddy is panicking about what I will do to him.” He chuckled, he really loved being a Dom and he is very very good at it.

J was very proud of her bruises the next day and they looked very impressive, but they are gonna hurt when Master play spanks her on Saturday night. And I know he intends to show her the difference between the two, as fun spanking are much more fun. Hopefully Daddy will do the same to me, if, IF we are allowed to play. I’m going to be super good, so Master will let me play and I know Daddy will do the same.

I will let you know what happens.