Results day.

Yesterday was a nervous and stressful day, it was results day for my best friend, L, had the cancer gone? was her swollen armpit something sinister? How is her breast / scar?

Also the memory clinic was coming to see mum and dad, giving mum the results from her latest memory test. Previous results have been 80/100 but the last one fell down to 50/100. I had asked to be there so I could ask questions and also just be another ear to listen to what they said. Now originally when dad gave me the date it was the 5th july. I remember saying, oh I’m glad it’s not on the 4th as I’m going with L to get her results. Anyway, dad said he didn’t want me there as he knew mum wouldn’t be happy about it. Nothing unusual there, but I felt it was important I was there, dad does forget things, doesn’t hear well and won’t speak honestly in front of mum whereas I would. But everytime I asked to be there for these appointments, mum has thrown a fit so dad would tell me not to come. Two weeks ago dad changed his mind and said yes come. Knowing my parents I waited until closer to the date for him to change his mind. They phoned on Monday, supposedly dad had discussed the impending appointment with mum and they would like me to be there, but he then said the date was the 4th, not the 5th. I said you told me the 5th, I remember saying oh thank god it’s not the 4th because I was going with L. He said no it’s the 4th. So I intended to go round early, spend some time with them, then hopefully be there for when the people arrive before I had to go to L’s house.

So yesterday I was getting ready to leave when dad phoned. Mum was hysterical, why were the memory clinic coming again? Why are you coming? I don’t need anyone around to tell me my memory is going. Dad said he mentioned they were coming at breakfast time and that I was coming and she just went mad. What am I forgetting? Write it down so I know, your dad is never happy, I can’t do anymore than I’m doing, I cook, clean, do the laundry, garden, shop, but he’s never happy. In truth mum has done nothing except sleep for a few years now. There was no calming her down, these tantrums are not new, she will throw them to get what she wants and it works. Dad has always given in.

Dad told me not to come. I phoned an hour later to see if things had calmed down but mum was still at it. By this time we got the usual comments, I’m useless, if I’m not doing anything, I may as well be dead, I’m a fucking waste of space. I tried calming her down but she wouldn’t stop her barricade, if I’m that bad, I’d rather be dead, why can’t you just leave my memory alone, you talk about it non-stop.   

I don’t know how dad copes with this, though he is used to these outbursts, but over the last few years, these tantrums have become much worse. In the end dad just put the phone down. In the evening I phoned them again to see what the memory clinic said, mum was still going, anyway they never turned up. Now will they come today, like dad originally told me?

One of the big problems I have is I can’t speak to dad alone, he puts the phone on loudspeaker and always brings mum into the conversation even though she never speaks, I’m going to phone him about 8am today, hopefully mum will be asleep so I can find out just what happened yesterday. The problem is dad still doesn’t get the fact that mums brain just isn’t the same. You can’t ask her opinion, ask what she’s done, you have to think ahead and these days you have to lie so she thinks we’ve discussed it and agreed to it. But dad still sees it as a betrayal, it must be terribly hard for him after over 50 years of marriage he now has to make the decisions for them both. Dad should never have told mum who was coming, or that I was coming. I had planned on popping around to see them and oh I didn’t know anyone was coming today, pretending it was all a surprise. Instead by telling her, she’s had time to throw a tantrum until she got what she wanted, and that was me not going, he doesn’t help the situation. Dad is going to phone the clinic today and find out why they didn’t come, we need help, how do we prevent these tantrums, how do we give her, her meds as she refuses to take them and dad won’t crush them into food as he sees it as deceitful instead of helping. I can only advice dad, it’s up to him to do it, but at what point do I say, you are not helping, and I have to take over. As I can see this happening.


But the fantastic news is that L has been given the all clear. The dr said, I like it when I have to say this but get lost, I don’t want to see you again, I don’t want you back here again. Go and start this new chapter of your life, get used to the new you with your breast like it is.It’s a new beginning.

I think we were in shock. Her breast is still swollen, her swollen armpit is just her body healing, getting the radiation out of her body. Her breast is still tender but will go in time, the scar tissue will heal but still feel hard. But he is very happy with the results. She will go for regular mammograms now, if there are any change she feels or sees in her breast, she must phone the cancer clinic immediately, don’t go to your GP first. I said I wanted the phone number and told her mum she must have the number too, just incase we need it for L. So this appointment lasted less than 5 minutes, by the time we were back in the car, I think we were all shocked, in a dazed state of happiness, wanting to cry with relief but no tears would come. We went for dinner on the way home to celebrate. Now she can look ahead, unfortunately this means facing more operations as both knees are giving way again, she thinks one knee will need a full replacement again, and the other she thinks will need a hinge replacement, both big operations. But they are causing so much pain, and getting around physically is becoming hard work. But she’s had these operations before so she knows what to expect.

So that was my day yesterday, a nervous, stressful but happy day.

Shocked news from the vets.

Over the last month Muffin, our little Princess Cavachon has been limping, her right back leg was lame. We weren’t sure what was up, even with all of our and my in-laws experience with dogs, she was happy, eating, playing, sleeping, some days she never limped, other days she did. So we decided on a months bed rest, no walks, and see if it goes.

It didn’t go, so finally I took her to see Ian, our vets. He actually thought it was her left back leg that was causing the problem, she was walking oddly to compensate for her other bad leg.

The next day I had to take her back to the vets so they could do some x-rays of her knees, hips and back. Dave her brother hates it when she’s away from him so wouldn’t leave my side at all. It felt like a long day before I could phone and speak to Ian. She has torn the ligament in her left back knee. She will need at least another months bed rest, then only very small walks, building them up very slowly. She will always walk awkwardly now, even once it’s healed. But it can take anything up to 4 months before the area recovers.

But her knee wasn’t the only issue, what he saw was 2 very worn hips, on the left side, there was little socket left, hardly any spacing, it was in a serious situation, her other hip isn’t quite as bad, but it’s still in a serious situation. I was shocked, yes both dogs look like they walk awkwardly with their back legs, but they are only 6 years old. I’m pretty certain if they took an x-ray of Dave’s hips, they would be the same. She’s been given Tramadol for when she’s on a bad day and was told to give her one when she comes home as she will probably be sore. Also look online for herbal medicines as some are quite good. When I picked her up I was able to see her x-rays and take a photo of them, and I was very very shocked at what I saw. We needed to be very careful with her, if she needed a hip replacement, well I think we would have to remortgage the house. She would have to see a specialist and would cost a minimum of £7000 per hip.

So how could we improve their bones, firstly I bought evening primrose oil for dogs and green muscle lip powder, which is what they put in glucosamine which I take for my arthritis. My best friend gives her dog this and swears by it. By getting dog medicine instead of human medicine, meant the tablets are smaller, so when they are smothered with pate, our dogs don’t notice them. They are both buggers at taking medicine.

We also knew that jumping off the chairs didn’t help, we’ve often said we need some steps for them, So now we decided we had to, Master found some foldable, lightweight steps and bought them. They came yesterday so I’ve been training them how to use it. They are just the same as walking up the stairs but of course they are new and our dogs don’t take kindly to new things, but keeping their favourite sweeties in the room, when they want to sit on the settee or get down from it, I use these little treats to help encourage them. So far it’s working well.
We’ve also bought a dog pram, yes I finally persuaded Master to buy one. Mainly because it seems unfair for Muffin never to have walks when Dave still loves his. Plus she was only 6 years old, she could have another 6-10 years left of her life, I wanted her to still see the outside world. Our last dog had a bad back and she ended up never going out, I didn’t want that for Muffin or for Dave. Plus the price for dog prams have come down considerably, since we last looked. I picked a pink one, obviously she is a Princess and only wears pink, so needed a pink pram. When it arrived and I put it together, yes I actually put it together, it was very light to carry and push so I was very impressed. I put Muffin in it and she seemed quite happy, though I had to put Dave in it too, then the pram was very heavy.

We’ve dropped the size of meals they are having, 3 chicken drumsticks, not 4, plus took the skin away, cooking boiled rice to bulk up their meal. Soon we will go down to 2 drumsticks, as Ian our vet, reckoned 2 was ample for them and trying to cut down on the treats they have in the day.

Today was the first try of the pram, I wanted Dave to have a run, but not for long as it was far too hot outside. Putting the pram up outside, I put Muffin in and fastened the harness, then got Dave ready, using an retractable lead so he can get around the pram. Everything seemed great. I was easily able to push the pram, plus hold the lead without any difficulty and Muffin seemed very happy in the pram. When we arrived at the field, I let Dave go, unsure whether he would run and play if Muffin wasn’t with him. But he did, I got a bit further into the field and let Muffin have a very short run, before putting her back in the pram. Walking a bit further, then let her have another very small run, before putting her back. Then we turned back to go home but Dave indicated he wanted to go home on the road instead of the field. So we had a go walking along the pavement with a dog in the pram and a dog on a lead. It went really well, I think I was a bit surprised really but Muffin sat in the pram thoroughly enjoying being spoilt rotten like the Princess she is and Dave wasn’t worried with the pram.

I’m hoping with just these 4 changes, they will both feel better in themselves, though it isn’t going to fix their hips, it should help them, which is all I want. I just need to try the pram in the boot of my car, I think it should fit okay, then we need to find somewhere to put the pram inside the house, but at the end of the day, the dogs are far more important than the house looking messy because of the dog pram. Keep your fingers crossed that this helps our gorgeous babies.



When Teri got to the bedroom she found a lemon coloured blouse  and and black and yellow gingham, pleated skirt, a black sports bra, black panties, black knee high socks and black slippers. There was a black hairband and black bobbles. Teri had to be honest she loved the outfit, she was Sara’s sister looking like this.

“So we would wear this stuff only when we are together ?” Ri asked.

“Yes, anytime we are together, if it’s the whole weekend, or just an evening, Daddy will expect you to wear something like this. He will probably take you shopping to buy a selection of outfits, pyjamas and stuff once you decide if it’s what you want. “ Sara said.

“So these rules, I wouldn’t have to do them 24/7 would I ? Surely it would be just when we are together. I mean we aren’t living together.” Ri asked.

“Yes you would babe, Daddy will expect you to follow everything, every rule set, he will expect it to be followed and you know he will check up.” Sara told her.

“I didn’t think it would be all the time. When he said he owned me, does that mean I would only belong to him, I couldn’t play with others.” She asked.

“Well that’s a question for him, but if he ends up collaring you, like mine, then yes he owns you, every bit of you.” Sara told her.

“Did you get to choose the rules ? Or have a say ? “ Teri asked.

“Well not really, Daddy had already written them down, we discussed them, what he expects of me and that was it. Then over time, new rules have been added. There are gonna be rules you don’t like, like I hate my bedtime and doing the lines but I do them.” Sara said. “Anyway, come on, get dressed. “

Teri started undressing, suddenly uncomfortable for some reason, but thankfully it was only for a second. The girls had seen each other naked many times, so she quickly threw her clothes on the floor and put the new ones on. They fitted perfectly, she giggled when she saw herself in the mirror, then when Sara stood next to her, they knew this was the perfect fit, a great combination.

“Why is there a hairband and bobble, do I have to use both ?” Teri asked.

“I’d say so. Put your hair in a ponytail then put your head band around too.” Sara told her. So Teri did just that and she had to admit, it looked good.

“Okay ready to go downstairs ?” Sara asked.

“Yes. let’s do this.” She held Sara’s hand then giggling they went downstairs to see Si. His smile from ear to ear proved just how happy he was, and proud.

“Teri, you look stunning, you both do. My Baby girls, my little girls.”  He said.

“Come sit down, I want to discuss some other bits and just do a rough list of rules.” Si said. “Every time we discuss something or plan to meet up, Sara will always be with us, Then eventually there may be times where we meet up seperately. But that is for the future, I don’t want her to be jealous if we meet separately, the same as I don’t want you jealous when I’m with Sara. You know Sara and I are in a relationship, we will have a D/s relationship, hopefully in the future, you may join our relationship. Come sit on the rug both of you.”

The girls sat next to each other in their cute little outfits, they had no idea what was coming. Si had an A4 notebook on the table and wrote down everything as he said it.

“Now to start with, just while we are in the trial period, I’m going to give you some rules that you must follow, this is a must. Okay ?” Teri nodded. “So the first one is trust. I do not like lying, do I Sara ?” “No Daddy never.” Sara said. “So no lying, ever. Be obedient all the time Teri. I demand respect, I won’t tolerate any disrespect or cursing. I have the final say on all decisions. You must always tell me where you are and who you are with. a little text to say you are home every day after work. But you must have permission to go out. Answer your phone every time I phone or message you. You must ask me, before making any plans, no matter how small.  Little girls need their sleep so set bedtimes will be for you too. Now I know your up very early, 5.30-6am, so bedtime is set for 9.30pm, no TV, you may read until 10.30pm. So When I say bedtime is 9.30, that means in bed for 9.30. Do not start arguing Sara because the times are different.” He sternly told Sara looking at her firmly. “I can see you’re ready to have a tantrum. Teri is not up every night from 3-4am like you, she sleeps until her alarm goes off. Don’t you Teri ?” He asked, she nodded quickly. “So end of that discussion. Like Sara you will actually go up 15 minutes early, that should give you enough time to shower and be in bed for 9.30pm, if you need more time then you go up at 9. Send me a good night message to say you are going to bed. No internet after 8pm, NONE Teri, no Ipad, Chromebook, phone, unless it’s a message from me. Breaking rules will be dealt with a punishment, breaking rules continuously with be dealt with a severe punishment. All punishments will be arranged for when I can do it. If IF you want to discuss an issue, then do so without arguing or raising your voice. Understand everything so far Teri ?”
“Yes Daddy I do, but could I have a copy of my rules so I can remember them please ?” Teri asked politely.

“Yes, of course you will. These rules are mainly just the basics for now, there will be more if you agree to it.  Finally for now, never raise your voice to me, Do not stick your tongue out at me, roll your eyes, do the “whatever” thing that basically means go fuck yourself and never say No to me, especially for sex.” Si told her. There was no response from either of the girls. “Teri, do you understand, you’re not saying anything ?”
“No sorry Daddy. I’m taking it all in. And these rules are just the basics ? how many more are there ? How will I remember them ?” She asked.

“Daddy will train you, so it will be by you making mistakes, Daddy punishing you, then hopefully you will learn from that one punishment. If not then Daddy will punish you harder until eventually you don’t do it anymore. But I will be here to help you, I know I get into a lot of trouble but I do know the rules. Daddy will type them out properly and put them in a folder like he did for me.” Sara told her, holding her hand for comfort. “‘I’ll help you.”

“Sara I’m proud of you for offering to help your Babysister. And it will help.” Si told her. He stroked her cheek before kissing her. “That’s made me very proud of you.”

“So do I sign this now ? I’ve read that subs are given contracts to sign.” Teri said.

“No, not yet. See how you feel after this weekend. It may take a few months before you feel you are ready. I don’t want to push you until you are ready. Talk to Sara, talk to me. I can’t know how you feel unless you tell me. If it’s easier, write it in a book, would that help ? “ Si asked and Teri nodded.

“I know it might sound silly, but when we are playing or having sex, I’d rather write it down for a while. It’s only coz you’re like family to me and having sex with family, well you know.” Teri said.

“Then that’s settled, you can have your own book to write in, but I will read it anytime, In fact every time we meet, bring it. I want you to be very honest in it though. If you discuss it with Sara, write it down.” Si told her. She nodded.


“Okay, let’s stop being so serious, more drinks girls ? “ Si asked. “Choose a film to watch.”

“Frozen, please Daddy, please.” Sara asked.

“Sara I think it’s fair that Ri chooses today. You can choose next. Okay ?” Si asked.

Pouting a bit, she said “Okay Daddy, it’s fair.”

“Good girl. So Ri you choose now.” Si went to get more drinks, he was only giving the girls less than half a glass each time, but they hadn’t seemed to notice.

When he returned, Teri said “Matilda Daddy please, it’s my favourite.”
Si inwardly groaned, how many hundreds of times had he watched this with Sara.


Si put it on, sat in the middle of the sofa, with his girls either side of him. He couldn’t have been happier as he kissed the top of their heads.






Whist the girls were recovering, Si was doing a bit of online searching whilst at work. He was a Commercial Director for Sunshine Desserts, selling top of the range puddings, he looked after all the sales teams. It was a busy, stressful job but he had worked up to get this position and he loved it. Having his own private office meant sometimes he could go online which was usually a rule they tried to enforce. But he knew everyone still did, as long as it didn’t affect their work, Si turned a blind eye to it.

He knew his friends well, he knew they would post a lot of photos on Instagram, snapchat and twitter, and the chances are, everyone else, apart from Sara and Teri would think Sara was allowed to go to the party. He had already explained he couldn’t go as his workload was very busy and he would be working late. I bet she didn’t tell them she wasn’t supposed to be there, I bet she didn’t ask them not to put photos of her online or send them to Si. So he went delving into the web. He was soon proved right, photo after photo of the party, when he saw the first photo of Sara he froze. There was a mix of his cock twitching coz she looked fucking amazing, but his blood boiled as he saw the size of her tiny bikini. No one should get to see that much of his wife and she knows that. He was beyond fucking mad, as he continued to look through the volley of photos they had all posted. Deciding to print off half a dozen photos of her, drinking, having fun, in that itsy bitsy bikini.

He now had to decide what to do, he really wanted to confront both Sara and Teri together. Then came up with an idea. Messaging Teri, he wrote,

Hi Teri, look I feel a bit guilty that Sara can’t come to your party, especially as you moved the date, hoping she could still go. But you know when I say something I mean it. Why not come round on Friday night, we can have a takeout and have some fun. Stay over if you want to, it gives you and Sara some catch up time and I could do with my two favourite girls keeping me company too.

Happy with that he pressed send. Putting the photos he had printed, in his briefcase, he would not want an of his staff to see them.

The girls were sat in their favourite restaurant, The Warehouse when the message came through. Teri read it then showed it to Sara.

“Ahhh he feels guilty, that’s nice of him.” Teri said.

“Yes, he’s a good fella and he mustn’t have a clue about the party. Say love to then.” Sara said, a slight sick feeling went through her body, did he know ? No if he knew, he would be screaming blue murder now, he would be furious so he would probably phone her to tell her off and warn her there would be a serious spanking waiting for her when she got home. So she put the sick feeling down to her feeling guilty.

Teri replied, Yes, love to come, and Stay over, we can have a great catch up.

Si smiled when he read the reply, and she will stay over, hmmmmm this was going to be fun for him. He thought to himself.

Sara and Teri enjoyed a nice meal and they were just relaxing with a coffee, fully recovered from the night before. Sara broached the subject that had been on her mind since Si told her what he wanted.

“So Si told me something the other day, I’m sure he will mention it on Friday. Erm, I don’t know how to put it.” She stumbled with her words. “Okay, you know our life, our dynamics, I know you’re interested in something similar yourself.” Teri nodded her head, listening intently. “When he said he would spank you if he found out you lied, you know he will do it don’t you ! ” Sara stated.

“I don’t know, would he really do it ? “ Teri asked.

“You know Si, he doesn’t say anything, if he doesn’t mean it. How would you feel if he did ?” Sara asked.

“Well you know I got those dreams after he told me, I don’t know. I mean it’s kinda exciting, but he’s your hubby, I wouldn’t be naked would I. Surely you wouldn’t agree to me being naked. He wouldn’t spank me like he does you ?” Teri exclaimed. “Would he Sara ?” She started to sound horrified.

“Well, firstly, Si believes a naughty girl should be spanked bare……the bare bottom.” She told Teri when she looked confused. “ I wouldn’t have a choice how he spanked you, I’m his babygirl, I just do as I’m told, well mostly.” She giggled.

“And would he be as firm to you as he is to me….Yes Teri he would.”
Teri just sat open mouthed, taking it all in.

“But there’s more Ri………he wants you to be another submissive to him, he wants us all to eventually play together, you, me and him.” Sara said quietly.

Still Teri sat looking gobsmacked.

“Ri say something.” Sara told her, holding her hand.

“I don’t know what to say, i mean, how do you feel about it ?” Teri asked.

“Well at first I was like you now, horrified, Si wants someone else to join us, not live with us, but another girl, who could be a little, like me or a submissive. She would follow similar rules like I have, some will be the same as mine. He will punish her as he sees fit, eventually he would collar her like he has me, but he wants to incorporate play with this girl. Either me and her, him and her or all of us together to play, explore our sexuality.” Sara explained.

“But I’m not gay, neither are you Sara, I’m not sure I could, you’re my best friend, I don’t want to lose you.” Teri stumbled, rubbing her face, scratching her head.

“What did you say to him? “ She asked Sara.

“Well at first I was shocked….but he wants this, I don’t get much choice, except I want to help pick the girl. That’s why I said, I’d rather it was with you. I don’t want to play with a stranger, plus can you imagine te mischief we could cause.” They both giggled then.

“Well, putting it that way, I would feel like you. But ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.he’s your husband. How would you feel if we were… know…..fucking.” Teri asked.

“We would always play together Ri, if he wants us to play together, he would watch. If it was punishment, I would help pass him the pain implements, or you would, and we would also play. He doesn’t expect us to just jump into bed and fuck, he knows it would be a slow process. He said, he may order me to go down on you, and if I refused he would punish me until I did. Same as you.” She told Teri. “Say something, please Ri.”

“Okay, well see what Si says when I come round on Friday, but I’d quite like to be a babygirl, we could be little sisters.” Teri said. “See on Friday.”


The joys of life for L and me.

We’ve had a lovely weekend, as it’s been gorgeous weather, but I’ve been concerned about sitting in the sun with my new tattoo, even with it covered. I’ve read online which gave mixed reviews, putting a high 50 sunblock over it, whether I’m sunbathing topless or with it covered. So I decided not to risk it and either stayed in the shade or just didn’t sit out.

My back and hip pain has been very high on and off all week but Saturday didn’t feel too bad, so I started gardening.

Now Master has 2 kit cars, we are trying to rearrange the garden to put 1 of them in the driveway in the back garden. Hopefully before the end of the year, Master plans to build a carport along the full length of the house, as we have no garage, then he can mess with his cars without worrying about the weather. But the car will have to be parked at an angle so I can see get to the laundry room which is at the side of the house. It would have been a coal room back in the 1920’s when the house was built, but we cleaned it up and now the washing machine and dryer are in there.

Back to the garden, Master built a planter to put 2 blueberry plants in, but we never got around to filling it in with soil. Which was a good job, as we now decided to move it, and put it along the flower border, to clear the space for the car. I needed to clear the border of plants and weeds, so whilst Master went for a drive I did that. Leaving one bush that needed digging up and put in another planter, Master dug it up and moved it when he got home. I also got rid of the weeds in our circular patio, next to the pond. I love sitting there watching the fish and frogs. Reading, having my breakfast out there is just lovely.

So once the border was cleared, Mater lifted the 2 plants out, then the 2 of us carried the wooden planter to the border. I had to stop every few steps as it was quite heavy, E was in bed, after a night of clubbing, so I couldn’t ask him to help. But I was quite proud that Master and I did it together. Next we looked at some giant pots that were filled with soil and I think had dead plants in them, either that or it comes back to life every year. I’m not a gardener, if you hadn’t realised. Deciding to pull out the plants / weeds, then used the soil to fill the planter, one was very very heavy so we used our trolley to wheel it to the planter. There was no way Master could lift it up alone so I helped him, just to get it on the side of the planter then he finished it off. I spread the remaining soil along the planter, so it will be ready for more compost, then Master lifted the bushes back into the planter. By this time my back was screaming at me so I told Master I can’t do anymore now. To be honest, I’m surprised Master let me help but I’m glad I did it. Let’s face it, I’m always worse when I’ve been gardening.

Meanwhile, L my best mate who has the breast cancer, got an insect bite last Monday, she did all the usual things, putting cream on, went to the pharmacist and got different cream but it’s become infected. I was taking her today to hospital so she could have a facial and head massage, we were going early so we could say hi to the guys we met every day during her radiation. But she’s cancelling the appointment, as she can’t come into the hospital with an infection. So she planned on seeing her Dr this morning, then we were going for lunch, as we had planned. So today was all organised.

Until last night, when my pain grew and grew. At 7.30 pm I asked Master if he minded if I go to bed. He said no. It then took me 10 minutes to actually get off the settee. As I tried to move, I gave up, asking Master if he could put all my electronics on charge, He said yes, getting up. How can I help ? he asked. I need my meds. I told him. I couldn’t move the 4 steps to reach them. He handed me my tablet box and took the lid off my water, I couldn’t tip my head back to get all of them in my mouth, so ended up doing it by hand then swallowed them down.

Do you need anything else from downstairs, just your water ? He asked. I shook my head, so he went upstairs to get things ready for me.

I took 2 shuffles then realised, I couldn’t actually move. Calling E who was in the kitchen, I clung to him as I persuaded my feet to shuffle forward. Every step excruciating, though I got the odd comment from E, like, I’d like some blood running through my arm, or my bones will snap if you hold me this tightly, or don’t worry, I’ve 20 minutes until my dinner is ready, or don’t hold the baby gate, it won’t hold you up. I glared at him then, What do you mean ? I asked. Well, you know, it’s ermmmmm, only held up by those little bars, it won’t ermmmmmm, hold ermmmm take your ermmmmmm. If I wasn’t in so much pain, I would wallop you. I told him. But I know he was only kidding. Master shouted downstairs, How’s it going down there ?  As I continued shuffling, Oh we are still in the living room, not got to the stairs yet, E called up.

25 minutes it took me to get to the stairs, when I then let E continue cooking his dinner. Using both banister rails, I pulled myself up,one by one, reaching the mini landing, but there’s no railing there yet, Master is going to put one up for me, so I called to Master for help. This was where the comedy came in, we are both bigger people, so trying to get us both on the mini landing, baring in mind, I was hunched over like an old woman, was quite funny, had I not been in so much pain. Master was slowly walking me around to the next set of steps, without one of us falling down the stairs. Eventually I got to the top, Master had closed the blinds and curtains, put the TV on, I don’t think I can have a shower, or even get a wash. I said to Master. No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Come on. He told me, helping me to our bedroom. I think I need help with my clothes, I said. Master slipped my cardigan off, pulled my dress up over my head, he put them on the table. I think I will just climb over the bed, I can’t walk around and climb over the stool, I said. The stool was there for the dogs to get up and down off the bed. As I got into bed, Dave jumped up, I said, The dogs will need there supper. Master went to the drawer containing all the dogs treats, pulled out 4 chew bars, giving Dave his 2, he bent down and rolled the other 2 to Muffin, who eats hers under the bed, on her bed. Master reached over and gave me a kiss. I don’t think going out for lunch is a good idea tomorrow, then we will see how you are on Wednesday for your next lunch date. I agreed.

L is going to the Dr’s now, then she will take her dog out, go to the supermarket for some lunch and she will come here instead. Though I told her not to come if she feels too tired or just feeling crap after going to the Dr’s. We make a right pair, honestly I don’t think you could make 1 healthy person between us. But at least we can see the funny side of our painful lives.

L just phoned, the infection has turned into Cellulitis, so bless her she is still going to the shop, come here, drop the shopping off then she will have to go home. Her leg is bandaged up and she needs to keep it raised all the time.

I’m guessing her resistance is so low now after the radiation, anything she may pick up, will become a more serious thing. I feel guilty that she’s now going shopping for me when she now has this, but she wouldn’t listen when I said don’t go. She claimed she had to get a few bits herself, but I’m not so sure. But what I do know is once we are both comfy at home, we will probably go to sleep.




When Teri woke up she felt so shocked, that dream had turned her on so much, but she felt so guilty, she would have tell Sara. For the next few days it was all she could think about but finally she was meeting Sara for lunch.

The girls chatted for ages before Teri told Sara about the dream.

“Sara I’m sorry, I feel like I’ve betrayed you, It’s not right.” She told her.

Laughing, Sara said, “Teri, don’t be silly, I mean Si is a sexy hot guy, but it tells me, that you want my kinky life too, you got turned on by the idea of getting a spanking, Now you can understand why  I love it so much.” Sara told her.

Giggling, “Well maybe I do quite fancy it, but I don’t know how to go about finding someone. Anyway, let’s talk about the party. Did Si believe the change of date ?” “Yes he did, though he says I still can’t go. So how am I going to get there ? I need an excuse. A good excuse that he will believe.” Sara told her.

“What about errrrmmmmm.” Teri thought.

“I know, work, why didn’t I think of work before.” Sara exclaimed. Teri looked at her quizzically.

“We always have managers meetings don’t we and I have travelled for them before and stayed over. So the perfect story, work have rearranged one of the yearly managers meetings to Monday and Tuesday June 18 and 19th, in London, They’ve apologised for the short notice but have managed to arrange travel and a hotel for us all to stay in. As it’s usually 2 nights though, I will have to stay at yours for an extra night. I’ll help clean up on the Tuesday. If I message Si at work tomorrow, hopefully he will accept the story. I’ll have to give you the dress and shoes before then coz he helps to pack my suitcase. What do you think ?” Sara said, quite happy about the tale.

“I think that sounds perfect, then you can say, well that wudda been perfect if I’d been allowed to go to the party as now I couldn’t go anyway.” Teri continued.

“Perfect, we make a fab team.” Sara told her best friend, giving her a hug. “I’m not gonna miss one of your parties am I.” She stated.


So the next day Sara was in work when she messaged Si.

Hi Daddy, I’ve got some bad news, I’ve gotta go away to London for 2 nights in a couple of weeks for a managers conference. It’s an extra one, not the end of the tax year company conference. As it’s short notice they’ve managed to find a hotel for all of us to stay in together. It’s the 18th and 19th of June. I‘ve got no choice in going, it’s about staff training and sales. Xx

SI read the message, his eyes glared at the screen. Now this could be just a coincidence, or it could be his devious brat planning a way to go to the party, even though Teri said she had moved the date. But it wouldn’t surprise him if she was involved in this possible lie. He replied.

Oh no babes, that’s short notice but at least the hotel and travel is sorted. Sounds like it will be one of these long conferences too.

Yeah think so Daddy. Sara typed.


That was it, he seemed to accept the tale, until the afternoon when he messaged her.

You’re conference is on a good day, had you realised it wudda been when Teri was having her party?

No the parties on the 30th. Sara replied.

I meant the original date was the 18th, on the Monday, maybe it was fixed that you couldn’t go to it. But you’ve been a good girl, you’ve not moaned about not going, so maybe next time there’s a party, you can go. Si messaged.

Really !!!!! You will let me go next time. Thank you Daddy. Sara replied. I’d better go Si, we’ve customers in.

With that, the lie was set and it was clearly obvious Teri was involved in it too.


But he said no more about it. Si had done a lot of thinking, he wanted Teri to join their dynamics, but he wasn’t sure how Sara would feel, he was pretty sure Teri would agree, maybe not as a baby girl but as his submissive. He was going to discuss it after the “conference”.


Sunday the 17th of June came along, Si and Sara had a lazy morning in bed.

“Oh I forgot to ask you, did you warn Teri not to speak disrespectfully to you, otherwise you’d spank her ?” Sara asked.

Si chuckled, “I did and I meant it too. Why what did she say ?” Si asked, eager to hear what she had said to Sara.

Laughing, Sara said, “Well to start with, she’s had more than 1 dirty dream about you spanking her. I asked if she would let you an she said, well I wouldn’t have an option would I. Then when I asked if she wanted a Dom, she said yeah maybe, if he was like you.
Si looked at her, “Really ? coz there’s something I’ve been thinking about but I was waiting until you come back.”

“Oh tell me Daddy please.” Sara begged, grabbing her favourite teddy bear, she rested her head on his lap so she was facing him, sucking her thumb. Her big blue eyes looking up at her Daddy.

“Well I wanted us to consider adding someone else into our dynamics, another girl, Maybe Teri ? If not Teri then finding another girl. She could be another little, or another submissive. But you’d have a playmate, I would have another sub, she would follow the same rules roughly as you, not live together, I live having the house just for us, but if Teri agreed, for example, well she’s only down the road so it would be easy for her to come here or us to go there.

“When you say play ?” Sara said.

“I mean play, if she becomes a sub for me, then I would pleasure her or punish her as I do you. Then you 2 could play together and we could all play together.” Si told her. “But like I said, I don’t want a poly life, I don’t want to risk losing you babygirl, you will always be my number 1. Do you think Teri would consider it ? How would you feel ?”

“I don’t know about playing with her, or whoever, I’m not bi or gay. I don’t know if I could ?” Sara said, looking confused and shocked. “I just don’t know.”

“Well, whilst you’re in London, have a think about it, when you’re home we can talk some more, then speak with Teri. But I’m not gonna force you babe, you have to want to do it too. Now come on, let’s get your case packed, then maybe go to the pub for lunch.” Si said, kissing her head.

Sara smiled at him, she had no idea this was Si’s plan, as his Sub or another little would be fine but to include playing, and could she play with her best friend. She had lots to think about, after the party, me and Teri will have chat about after the party, Sara thought. As she got up and started packing for her “convention”.


The weekend and trip out.

I’ve had a busy weekend again, which is always nice.

Saturday, I got my nails done, I chose a pink colour but I don’t really like it. I like purple colours but Master said that colour was just old, so I needed another colour. I don’t like this pink, I didn’t like the lilac, which is unusual. I loved the black but Master didn’t. So next time I will look at a different colour again.


I then met I, ( E’s girlfriend ) and finally met her mum, who was really nice, they were taking me to go to I’s Auntie, who is a Seamstress, I had 4 dresses that needed shortening and E had some jeans that needed repairing. I think I’ve mentioned that the family are Portuguese and being with the 3 of them, I saw I’s fiery temper, her high maintenance and stubbornness, loudness and how they all talk incredibly fast, now I understand why E says the family is very loud. Her mum said that E needed to talk louder, to be able to join in, they all make an effort to speak English but said E and I’s sisters boyfriend need to learn Portuguese too. As it’s the norm for all the family to talk their first language. E is naturally quiet, like us, he doesn’t argue, he has learnt from Master how to discuss something without the need to shout. Though me and E do tend to talk loudly together, Master says we are arguing but it is us just talking. I’m used to my parents having loud arguments, Master has seen his mum’s fiery temper, but his dad has always stayed calm. I know that she gets pissed a him for staying calm, I feel like that with Master, over the years sometimes you just need a screaming match to feel better. So E is going to have to toughen up in this relationship, they are both stubborn, determined people, I keeps E grounded and not act foolishly like many 18 year olds do. Though now E is old enough to get into clubs, and drink, he has discovered he enjoys clubbing, then when it closes at 4am, they go to McDonald’s and apparently just stay there in their drunkard state, until they decide to get a taxi home. The first time, last week was 7.30am, yesterday it was 8.30am. I don’t know how he does it but he has decided he can only do it every few weeks as it takes him so long to recover. Neither Master nor I liked clubbing at his age, but E loves music like I do, Master would rather listen to an audio book or have radio 4 on. E videod a few seconds of them in the club, basically they jump up and down on the spot, with one hand pointing high up, the other hand holding the drink. This is their dancing !!!! Not a bit like our dancing back in the ‘80’s, lol. Unfortunately, I doesn’t like drinking or clubbing so she gets annoyed that E does, but I told her to let him have a lads night out every few weeks, it’s what we did, but it’s natural he wants to see his mates plus see her. Anyway I think this drama is over for now.

Saturday afternoon, Master was going to pick up a new kit car. Yes he has bought another. I knew it would happen soon enough, we’ve discussed how to rearrange the back garden to get 1 car in the driveway there then the others can fit as normal in the front, but a family of 3 with 5 cars is nuts. We are not like some of the gang in the car club, that own a 3-5 car garage. We have the drive and front garden. But Master can relax and all the stress leaves him when he’s messing with his cars. How long we keep 2 kit cars I don’t know but he did mention that I could possibly drive this one, it would be fun to go together in each car but also scary incase I damage it. His first kit car is a Westfield and this one is a Mev.


Top picture is the Westfield, bottom picture is the Mev.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-21 at 10.06.36 (1)

I will put a photo up of each one.

But it was a long drive to pick it up, too long for me drive, as it was in the Cotswolds, 5 hours each way, so he asked his brother, who said, ask the wife as I’m already in trouble, so if I ask she will say no. lol, So Master asked the wife who agreed to allow her husband to go out. So off they went and got home at 9.30pm. But he is very very happy with the new Mev.

Yesterday, Master and I went to another car show in Cumbria, I did wonder if Master would want to cancel this trip as he had such a long drive the day before but he said no, we were going. He got the car ready with everything we needed Saturday morning so we would be just ready to go. We met up with others from the club at a motorway services, an hour away then we all drove in tandem style to the show, another hour away. It was an okay show, but definitely all cars. If you like seeing 20 Porsches, 20 BMW’s, 20 Kit cas, then thats the show for you, but I would prefer a few general stalls, a car boot sale or jumble sale, just something other than cars. But it was nice weather, certainly caught the sun, relaxed, reading my book. Just what the doctor ordered for both of us.

But earlier in the morning I took the dogs out before we left, and something happened to Muffin as she started limping badly. We did meet a bouncy, big dog whom we’ve never seen before, I wasn’t watching when the dog first bounded up to ours, so I’m wondering if the dog bounced up to Muffin, maybe crashing into her or making her run away, twisting her leg. When E came home, he checked on her, she wasn’t putting her leg down and was crying. How to make me feel guilty, going out when my baby hurt her leg. Anyway, I ended up asking my Mother-in-law to go to ours and check on her, incase she needed to go to the on-call vets, but she gave her some different medicine and told me to give her more in the evening, let her rest and see in a few days if it gets better. She gave her leg a good feel around, didn’t think anything was broken or dislocated, so this made me feel better. We’re all experienced with dogs so usually we can decide what’s the best treatment, without needing the vets.  Coming home she wasn’t putting her leg down, but she came over and welcomed us home like she normally does, ate her dinner, slept well, so I’m hoping with rest, it’s just a pulled muscle or she’s twisted it funnily. But hopefully she will not need the vets. It’s just a question of carrying her everywhere and like her mummy, she’s small for her weight. Let’s just say she’s a small, chunky, dog princess. Yes, I’m a BBW, she’s a SCDP. LOL.

Today it’s hospital with L, then as Master has the day off, we will go for a little drive in the Mev and maybe let me have a go. Fingers crossed. Will keep you posted on that one.

Becoming a member of the Clatterbridge family.

When you lead a relatively healthy life, well if you put my disability and chronic pain to one side, you tend not to think of others who are going through an awful time in hospital. That was until I began taking my best friend, L to the Clatterbridge Cancer Unit, so she could have her radiation treatment.

This Unit is like one big family, everyone is called by their first name, you are designated one pod waiting area, the pods were given the names of trees. L was in Cherry. Apparently in the room where the zapping takes place there is a big cherry tree painted on the ceiling. The cute male nurse puts on jazz music for L whilst she’s in there but there is a selection of music and the nurse will remember who likes what music so it’s ready for the next person.

But sitting in the pod waiting for L’s turn, you meet the same people every day, From day 1, you begin to feel like you’re part of the family. Everyone discusses what treatment they are having but all in a positive manner, not one person had a bad day, It is what it is, they say. We can only hope. I’m not sure I could be so positive but L thinks I would be. One lady bought L some homemade scones, her hubby has prostate cancer, and we’ve chatted a lot whilst waiting. One conversation was how much stuff you put in your handbag, I would say most women would carry so much shit in their bags it’s ridiculous. I’m one of those women. But this lady carried sellotape and glue too. She said if she is out and has to buy a gift, wrap it up and take it to the person on the way home, she would have no sellotape, so that’s why she had sellotape. She makes hand puppets and is a puppeteer. So needed glue incase any material became unstuck. So I suggested having a small bag just for hospital visits. One big enough to take a book, phone, keys but thats it, as you are only going to the hospital. She thought it was a good idea, I told her that’s what I use, plus I have a small purse. There is no point carrying your main handbag when you go to hospital, or at least that’s my view, but she did agree with me. That afternoon me and L went to the supermarket and found a small bag, so we decided to buy it for her for a laugh. The next day, I wasn’t on duty so I had to wait until Thursday to see her. She was made up with the bag, and that there was a nice pink cupcake on it. She thanked us both, and we said, she didn’t have to use it really, it was just we couldn’t resist it when we saw it. She thanked us again and said she would use it.

Two people on Thursday rang the golden bell, had their photograph taken with their family and staff, it’s such a special occasion where everyone gets up, claps and cheers and usually a lot of us had a tear or two in our eyes. The conversation usually went to how long each person has got until they could ring that bell.

The patients are offered massages, pedicures, manicures as often as they wanted and L found out that I could get treated too as L’s carer. But I haven’t accepted this, as L has only two sessions left.

Considering the patient’s there all have serious health conditions, the love, kindness and friendliness makes everything seem so much better.


Hopefully come Tuesday it will be the end of L’s zapping but not the end of this awful drama. Blisters and sores are appearing on her boob, the rash she had on Tuesday has grown so her boob just looks like an over-ripe raspberry and she’s been told it will get much worse before it gets better as it takes up to 8 weeks for the radiation to leave the body. That’s quite a scary thought and it must take longer, the more zapping you have.

I think it’s just incredible how close we have all become, but the nice cute male nurse said usually no one speaks to each other, that this was the first group who have really enjoyed meeting every day and this surprised us.

Saying that, it’s not unusual for L to get everyone cheered up and talking to each other, she’s just one of those people who will talk to anyone, anywhere. Whereas I tend to just enjoy the quiet and read my book. If people start talking I would join in but generally, I’m one of those people that likes any excuse to read.

Now we hope and pray this drama will come to an end by the middle of the year, I think we should have a big party to celebrate.

L has been very very lucky for the cancer to be caught quite quickly, and hopefully become a cancer survivor, as we know many thousands who are still fighting just in our area alone.

Having places like Clatterbridge, make such a dreadful period become more pleasant, making each other smile, laugh and chat about anything. I hope there are more L’s around really, as she would make you smile and laugh during your darkest days.

I’m very lucky to have a best friend like L, we became friends at 7 years old, when our families were at the same badminton club, then by the time we started high school together, we were already best friends. This odd twosome, me very small for my age, her very tall for her age, just worked together, typically in our teens we had two arguments where we stopped talking for a few weeks but we always forgave each other and forgot about it. We’ve been together through thick and thin, feeling lost when L joined the Navy and left for other exciting things, but she came back to her roots and came back to our home town when she finally realised she needed help due to her own disability. So she packed up and headed back 5 years ago. Now we look after each other, each time we need an operation, the other person is there. The saying You Can’t Pick Your Family But You Can Pick Your Friends, is so true, She is my sister, Godmother to our son and she is loved a lot by us. So please say a prayer that this will soon be over and it can be forgotten, but the staff at Clatterbridge will never be forgotten for all the work they do, day in, day out. They all deserve a reward, even just a certificate to say thank you for what you do. To them it’s just their job, to us it’s to help save a loved one’s life. No gift can really show how much we appreciate them, but helping them enjoy their job too is a greater gift from L.

It’s my Birthday.

Today is my Birthday, I am 49 years young.

As usual, I asked my best friend, J, to make me a birthday cake, but this one was something different for her……

A Red Velvet, White Chocolate Cheesecake.

Basically it’s a standard 3 layered red velvet cake with the cream frosting on top of a white chocolate cheesecake.

In our local pub, they serve this dessert and it’s so yummie, you could buy a whole cake from them but I wanted J to make it.

As she’s a fabulous baker and cake designer, she does it as her hobby, but could go professionally.

When she dropped the cake off, she said it hadn’t worked out very well, the cheesecake base was cracking. But I said I was sure it will be lush as usual. She made me promise to be completely honest about it and she intends to make it again for me, this time with a good solid cheesecake base. I said I’m sure it will be fine.

She said she hated letting the base beat her, as she had made the base a few times and still didn’t hold, yet she makes a lot of cheesecakes. So she was determined to make it again, this time so she is happy about it.


So for my birthday, I’m going to see my folks this morning, for a coffee, we are not going out for lunch as mum is still pretty shattered after a busy weekend last week. So we will do lunch next week instead. But it also worked out better, as I’m taking my other best friend, L, to her radiotherapy and she is getting a massage after it. L didn’t want me to do today as it was my birthday but her mum is away and I knew she was getting tired, so I chose to just tell her I’m going to mums early then coming straight to L’s and drive her to hospital. I will chill out and read my book whilst she is busy. Then drop her home again. Later when the boys have finished work, my in-laws are popping round then Master, me, E and I, his girlfriend will go to the local pub for a meal and yes, a slice of Red Velvet, White Chocolate Cheesecake for dessert. Hope they have it in today.

So I’ve a very nice day planned, can’t believe I’m 49 though, it must seem unbelievable to my parents that their 2 children are 50 and 49. Where do the years go ! I’m hoping to go on a Hot Air Balloon ride for my 50th, it might not happen due to health etc, but what a way to celebrate a %0th birthday. Master won’t go on it though but L and I have both said they will do it. But that’s for next year. Time to get showered and walk the dogs before going out.