THE BRAT / BRATS WILL LEARN. Chapter 15.                 

Whoa WTF, Si thought as he lay next to his girls, this isn’t what was planned for tonight. But what a fucking great night, he turned to look at them, both had their eyes closed, breathing heavily. Si lay back, reliving it in his mind, smiling to himself but something was missed tonight, and that was Teri’s punishment, it will happen once the girls have recovered. The three of them snuggled together for quite a while before the girls started giggling to each other. “Well that was unexpected,” Teri said. “It certainly was, but wow, I never thought it could be that good, Daddy, what do you think ?” Sara asked him. “Well I think you know that I loved it, but we got distracted from the task we were doing, didn’t we.” He stated.

Giggling again, Teri said,  “Yeah but it was worth it Daddy.” “I hope so Ri, because you will get it now. Come on, up you get both of you, Teri will receive her punishment then you will both go to bed. “ Si stated. The girls groaned, snuggling deeper into him. “Now girls.” He ordered, waiting to see if they moved, when they didn’t he reached for the beaver paddle and swatted both their asses hard. The girls squealed  and rubbed their sore bottoms, “Now girls,” Si ordered. Reluctantly Sara got up and walked to the corner again, “Hands up, DO NOT LOWER THEM.” “Yes Daddy,” Sara said quietly. “Teri, you can lie over the footstool, legs spread, get Popo to cuddle and rest your head on him, then we will start again.” Teri groaned and moved very slowly until the paddle swatted her leg, gasping and rubbing her legs, Teri pouted whilst getting into position. Si grabbed some cushions, ordered Teri to lift her bottom up whilst he pushed 2 cushions under her, so her slightly pink bottom raised up high then lowered oly a little. There were hardly any marks on her skin so he decided then to start from the beginning.


“Now though that play was very nice, we were here to discuss this party and to punish you both, “ Si put his jeans back on, he felt more in control when he was dressed. He rubbed cream into Teri’s bottom and legs, wiped his hands then grabbed the beaver tail paddle. Without warning Si brought the paddle down fairly hard, her bottom wobbled about, turning crimson then paled again, until Si started to paddle her continuously, paying no attention to her cries. He didn’t stop until her entire bottom and legs were red. Putting it down he rubbed her cheeks, feeling her flinch a bit, smiling he liked this look on her. “So are you understanding why you should not lie and deceive me Teri ?” He asked her. “Y…y…yes Daddy,” She stuttered into Popo, his head soaked up her tears and snotty nose. He quickly rubbed cream in again before picking up the long wooden paddle, he placed it over her bum. “This wooden paddle will hurt much more, you will have to dig deep into yourself to cope.” Si told her whilst picking it up again. Teri felt terrified, the weight on her ass was bad enough, but she had seen Sara’s bottom when she had been paddled with it, so she closed her eyes and hugged Popo.

The first strike went across both cheeks, Teri shrieked, her hands went back to grab her cheeks, “Hands,” Si ordered, he tapped the paddle against her leg until she moved her hands away. The crack came down immediately making her jump in shock as she grabbed Popo, dug her face into the soft fur and screamed and cried. He aimed for her sit spot over and over, he was certain she would feel this for days but he was aware that this was her first spanking so he couldn’t go as hard or as long as he would with Sara, but he wanted her to know he was serious. He looked up to check Sara was still stood with her hands on her head, she was. Another blob of cream was rubbed in, this time she flinched constantly and just cried. He looked at the canes and wondered if he should use them, but decided, yes, he would but not hard. He picked up the Dragon cane, feeling it’s weight and length, his experience will help him not strike her too hard and cause damage. “Bottom up Teri, I’m only going to give you 6 with this cane as it is one of the worst, I will increase the severity as I go through them.” Si told her. He aimed for the middle of her round ass, 1, again Teri screeched, a thick red line appeared. He lowered and hit again, 2, Slightly harder this time he aimed for her sit spot, 3 and 4, dark red welts rose up. A little higher but stronger he aimed 5 and 6 across both cheeks. Teri had screamed through each one but he was impressed that she never moved, Si sat next to her, stroking her back, “Nearly over Ri, then you can go to bed. Let’s put more cream on.” Si told her, not expecting a reply, but he kissed her head as he stood up again. Very carefully he rubbed cream in her welted, crimson, burning ass. It began to look more purple than crimson. Si picked up the school cane, he would not give a number for this one as he tapped her bum. “Bottom up Ri.” He ordered. Shakily Teri lifted her bottom higher when he struck 5 strikes quickly one after the other. More long welts appeared across her tender cheeks, but she had no time to calm down before another 5 hit her sit spot. These felt much much harder, collapsing flat onto the bed, crying hysterically. “Please no more Daddy, I will be good, I promise.” She begged. 5 more across her legs, followed quickly by 5 on her sit spot and 5 over her cheeks. Then he put the cane down, he sat on the settee and pulled Teri to his knees, “All done Teri, you’ve a very brave little girl, Daddy is very pleased with how you took your spanking.” Teri nodded, crying into his chest, trying to calm down but she couldn’t, she had never experienced anything like that before, yet it gave her a calming feeling deep inside herself. Slowly the tears calmed down, he lifted her face and kissed her gently and moved her off her knee. Taking the cream, Teri lay flat once more as her Daddy rubbed in quite a bit of cream over her skin. “Right done Teri, you must rub cream onto your bottom and legs morning and night, you will find some in your room. Sara come here.” He told her. Sara could finally drop her hands, giving them a shake, then went to stand next to Teri. Both girls looked so cute, their cuddlies in one hand, then when they were together they held hands. “Do you have anything to say ?” He asked, his voice softer, like the Si they loved. “I’m sorry Daddy, I should not have lied and deceived you.” Sara told her, Teri then repeated the same sentence. “Tomorrow, just so you understand me, your punishments will continue, but I will explain what they are in the morning. Now, go brush your teeth, get washed and into bed, it’s very late now.” Si ordered. Teri went to step towards the door when she realised Sara hadn’t followed her. “Daddy can I have my Noonoo please ?” Sara asked. “No Sara, you are not allowed your Noonoo, if you’re good tomorrow I may, MAY, let you have it.” Si stated. Sara never threw a tantrum, which was a surprise, she loved her Noonoo, but she had had enough spanking today and she didn’t want more, so she just left and headed upstairs. “No messing girls, straight to bed or those bottoms will be paddled again.” He shouted up the stairs. He got his phone, put the hidden cameras on it’s screen and saw Teri climb awkwardly into bed, lying on her front, Popo tucked under her, she was still giving little sobs but they soon slowed down as she fell asleep, next Sara got into bed, climbing on her side, Mr Rufus around her arms, her thumb in her mouth as her fingers stroked its fur.

Si tidied the implements away, tidied the living room before pouring himself a drink and watched TV until he too went to bed.





“Sara what do you think ?” Si asked her.

Sniffing, “Daddy I don’t think you should go as hard on her, she’s no experience of spanking, she needs to build her pain threshold. Maybe give her the experience of everything but not as hard as you would do me.” Sara told him.

“Yes I think that could work.” Si said. “Teri ?”
“I encouraged Sara to break the rules to come to the party, I was with her when she bought the bikini, I knew you wouldn’t like it but told her to buy it coz you weren’t going to be there. I’m just as much to blame as Sara so I think I should get the same punishment as her.” Sara couldn’t believe what Teri just said.

“Ri you can’t, you won’t be able to cope, you need to build up to it.” Sara stated.

“Sara, I don’t think it’s fair that you take the most punishment.” Teri told her.

“Right girls, now I know what you both think, it’s time that we just do it, it’s getting very late. Teri bring your cuddly and come stand here.” Si said firmly. “Sara I want you to watch everything.”
Teri got her bear and walked towards Si, she had butterflies in her tummy, she felt herself start to shake as she held Popo, the name she had given her polar bear.  

“Teri you are very brave to want the same punishment as Sara’s. I will punish you until I feel you’ve had enough. If you experience all the toys that’s great but it’s not important. What is important is that you understand why I am punishing you. Now I told you to bring Popo because you may want to snuggle into him whilst I spank you Okay ?” Teri nodded. “Good girl baby, you will have to dig deep into yourself to cope, if possible stay relaxed, I know that sounds crazy but when you tighten up, it will hurt more.” “Yes Daddy, I will try.” Teri said quietly.

The entire time that Si was talking to her, she felt her pussy pound, it ached so much, she had never felt such a desire, she wanted him to touch her, fuck her, feel Sara with her, touch her, play together. She couldn’t believe she was even thinking about this, Si was her best friends hubby and now she wants to fuck him AND Sara. All this rolled around in her head in the time since she watched Sara getting spanked, since Si first said he would spank her, what’s happening to me ? she thought, it’s like my life has changed completely in the last hour. But she knew this was what was missing in her life and she never knew, she was excited, her backside even tingled and God, her pussy.     

Si looked up at Sara and though she was still sniffling she gave a little smile to Si.

This was her way of approval, she was happy with it and she wanted Si to know that. He gave nod and smile back.

“Right Teri, lets get this started come and get over my knee, you’re now gonna learn why you should not break my rules and lie to me.” Si told her.

Teri bent over his knee, it felt uncomfy so she shuffled about a bit until it felt slightly better.  Si moved to the side a bit, “Rest yourself up on the settee Ri, it will be more comfy to start with.” Si said so Teri rested her top half on the settee, Popo was under her head as her arms hugged it tightly. Eventually they were comfy, “I want you to keep your arms forward, straighten those long legs out. Teri followed his instruction, he never told her to take her pyjamas off like he did with Sara, she felt a bit disappointed, “I’m going to start with my hand Ri, see how it feels.” His hand felt heavy over her bottom as she waited.

The first smack shocked her, she gasped and lifted her head up, but there was no time to think as another and another smack came down, Si never spoke whilst he spanked her all around her cheeks and down her legs. Then he stopped, Teri had been wriggling, ouching, the entire time. Suddenly she felt her pyjama bottoms going down to her feet, then the smacking started again. This was far more ouchy, it stung and burned as Si continued,”Feet down Teri,” He told her after slapping her bare inner thigh. “OOWWWWwwwwwwwww,” Teri yelled, that hurt, she thought. Tears sprang to her eyes as she tried to blink them away.

“Right think you’ve warmed up, then let’s get to the real spanking.”  Si said, grabbing her panties and began pulling them down. It was then when Si felt and saw her soggy panties. Teri felt her face go red, redder than boiling red.

“Teri Grace Lewis, your panties are absolutely soaked through. Have you been excited whilst you watched your best friend get spanked ? You dirty girl.” Si ran his hand between her legs, OMG no Si, please no Si, Teri thought to herself. But she felt so close to orgasming, please move your hand, no don’t, keep your hand there, feel my pounding clit, please Si.

Si ran his fingers up and down her pussy, hearing Teri groan and sigh, he realised how close she was to having an orgasm. He looked up to Sara, who was watching, her eyes huge but she had a horny grin on her face. She smiled at Si and nodded again. Getting her approval, Si continued to run his hand up and down, pinching her swollen clit, Teri gasped so loudly as she felt this roaring build up from her inside, desperate to get out.

“Teri you are a dirty dirty young lady, I can’t believe how wet you are.” Si began spanking her hard with his hand, 10 smacks then his hand sunk deep between her legs, playing around inside. Each time Teri’s intensity built up, she was hungry for more.  Even when Si used that Beaver Tail Paddle on her, she was raptured in the intense feeling, her cries built up into screams. Teri had never experienced anything like this, her ass hurt like hell, but she loved it and wanted more. Si dropped the paddle again and slipped his fingers into her wetness,  Jeez she can’t get enough, Si thought, Sara was still watching, though she was now kneading her tender ass and one hand played with her nipple, this was not how he expected today to turn out. He continued to tweak her clit, “More, I need more Daddy please.” Si checked with Sara, he couldn’t believe what he was witnessing as her hand had dropped from her tit to her own pussy, she was watching and getting off on it.

“Oh fuck, my cock is gonna explode,” he muttered as he smirked at Sara. He had no idea this would happen today. He hugged Teri tighter to him, as he slipped 4 fingers into her soaking pussy, playing around inside, finding her G-Spot, his fingers flicked around, from the noises from Teri, he had hit the right spot. She moaned, whimpered quietly then loud to almost hysterical as she pushed down to  greet his fingers, when he heard squelchy noises, his jeans were now wet. She had squirted all over him, once it finally ended, her body went limp and she flopped over his knee, panting and breathing deeply.

Sara meanwhile had crouched down in the corner, leaning on the walls, one hand still tweaking her nipples, pulling them hard, squeezing hard, flicking them, it surprised Si, coz when he treated her nipples like this, she cries out in pain. She admits she hates nipple torture yet here she was playing roughly with them. The fingers from her other hand were thrusting inside her pussy, he saw her fingers glisten from her wetness. Her head was back, her eyes finally closed as she saw Si watching her, then she powered into her own orgasm.   

What the fuck is happening here ? Si thought, he had the hardest cock he ever had and he wanted to do something about it. He couldn’t last much longer, but who to choose? Sara ? or would she let him fuck Teri, if Teri wanted too.

“Si, if Ri wants to, fuck her.” Sara said, her voice hoarse and crackling.

“You sure ?” He asked, Sara nodded then saw Teri look at her.

“Sar, come over, come and play too. I want my nipples pinched like you’ve just done to your own ?” Teri’s voice quivered, in excitement or scared she didn’t know for sure, but she didn’t want her just watching, she wanted her involved.


Si got up and moved the giant footstool to the settee, asking Teri to lie along the settee and footstool. She grabbed some cushions, and lay down, then Sara came and lay next to her. There was enough space to share the cushions, when Si turned to face them, he couldn’t believe his luck, Teri and Sara were together sharing a kiss, Sara had her hand delicately on Teri’s face, his cock grew even harder.

“Girls, take your tops off.” Si said, his voice was husky, almost cracking in excitement as he started to take his clothes off. As he released his cock from his jeans, the ache as it was released began to hurt, he’s never felt this rush before, he walked over and his girls turned to watch him, their heads resting together, like the sisters they now were forever. Climbing onto the foot stool he bent and kissed Sara, their tongues entwined and did the dance of love, breaking away, he asked again, “You sure ?” Sara smiled, “I’m sure.” Looking at Teri who smiled back, Si kissed Sara again, one hand went around to her backside, feeling it’s heat and her jump at the pain as he gave a little squeeze.  Then he bent to kiss Teri, tasting her for the first time, he could taste the wine on her tongue, running it along her smooth teeth, nibbling her bottom lip, watching her all the time. Sara gently stroked her hair and cupped Si’s balls, massaging them gently. Groaning Si worked his way down Teri’s body, kissing her ears, nibbling her lobes until she giggled, sweet little kisses down her neck, as he licked her body down to her tits, squeezing them, pinching her nipples until she gasped, nibbling them then biting a bit harder until he heard her mutter an ouch. As Si worked down a bit more he continued to peck kisses over her tummy, belly button then down to breath in and smell her pubic area, she was perfectly smooth, but he let his nose continue to breath in her sex. Licking the smoothness as Teri longed for his tongue to go lower. Sara moved around so she sat closer to Teri, they looked into each others eyes and smiled, bending down to kiss Teri again, she moved to nibble her neck. At least as she was a girl, she knew what would turn Ri on or hoped she did.

Sara stroked Ri’s tit, they were bigger than hers, more than a handful for her, her finger and thumb tweaked her nipple as she bit down on the other one. Teri gasped as in that moment, Si had lowered himself further down, she felt his hot breath over her pussy, feeling Sara’s breath over her nipple, she licked and sucked it hard. Si licked Teri’s pussy, flicking her clit, nibbling and biting it.


Teri had never experienced a threesome, always thinking it was just greedy, but now Jeez, she didn’t know what to focus on or whom to focus on. Her head rolled from side to side, eyes rolled upwards as she closed them then opened them again. She couldn’t control her building orgasm anymore,  Teri’s groan, became cries out in pleasure, louder and louder, as she thrust, and shook, harder nd harder until finally she came down again. Her breathing calmed down when suddenly she felt Si’s cock by her pussy, he dipped into the wetness of her hole, more and more, little thrusts, then one powerful thrust, his cock filled her, her head went back again, going to cry out but Sara kissed her, muting the sound, but this almost made the build up stronger. One hand fisted Sara’s hair, her other hand grabbed the cushions as Si thrust himself so hard, he was so big, she thought she couldn’t stretch much more. She felt his bulging head hit her inner insides, so far inside, and close to her G-spot. By now Sara was on her knees next to Teri, her legs splayed wide, as Teri’s hand released her hair and stroked Sara’s ass, her fingers felt over the welts that were there, stroking them, grazing her fingernails over them. Sara never moved, apart from pushing her ass out further to meet Teri’s fingers, but as Si grunted one more huge thrust,  Teri pinched Sara’s ass, causing Sara to yelp but still want more. Si watched the girls, as he did his cock throbbed more, he went from hard thrusts to soft, gentle thrusts, to almost violent thrusts, harder and harder, Sara was enjoying Teri playing with her ass, causing more pain but a nice pain, pinching her ass with every thrust from Si. He felt his cock almost ready to explode his seed into her, he heard Sara on the verge of an orgasm just from Teri touching her painful ass, and Teri’s head was back again, eye’s rolled back, cries from both women sounded so beautiful, Si erupted, joining in with the girls cries and grunts, he seemed to have a huge load so it took quite a few thrusts before he finally felt his balls empty.


He collapsed next to Teri once he emptied out, heavy breathing coming from all of them, he turned to face the girls, like thinking this was just a dream but wow, what a fucking dream. But it wasn’t, as there was his wife and her best friend, naked next to him. What more could he ask for.


Sorry I’m so behind doing this challenge, but I will continue the story through every day in June and beyond as I’m enjoying where this story is going.



“Sara come here, Teri I want you to watch everything. You get over my knee now. I suspected you would try to make up some plan to get to go to the party. I’ve been watching everything you did, every little lie you thought you got away with, I checked up on everything. Isn’t it about time you stopped defying me.” Si  shouted whilst he yanked her Pyjama bottoms down, slapped her so hard she yelped so loudly, the sound of the slap and yelp made Teri jump, but Si kept looking at her to check she was watching, so she didn’t dare look away. Ten terrifyingly hard smacks, Sara still wasn’t crying, Teri noticed, or fighting, it was like she was resigned to it, there was no point fighting, yes she cried out in pain but she didn’t cry. Yet Teri had fought, screamed, cried after 10 smacks nowhere near as hard as this. The next thing Teri witnessed was Si opening some storage box next to him. He got out these 2 scary looking paddles, baby oil, cream and wipes, putting them all on the settee next to him. He started to pull her panties down then stopped “You may as well stand up and take your pyjamas and panties off completely. Move.” he said slapping the back of her leg, whimpering Sara stood up, took her slippers off, putting them on the floor together and neatly, she pulled her bottoms off, which again she folded and left on the table, lastly she repeated with her panties, quickly she returned to her position over Si’s knee, she did this all without Si speaking, she knew exactly what to do. More importantly, Teri saw how crimson Sara’s bottom was from just 10 smacks with Si’s hand.

Teri was finding all this fascinating, and dare she say, more than a little turned on by it. Just seeing Sara undress, fold then go back over his knee, she was wetter than a bath sponge, she thought soon she’d have to wring her panties out before it was her turn. She was sat with her legs crossed and unknowingly her heel was rubbing her pussy and she ground down on herself hard, hoping because the table was in front of her, Si wouldn’t notice.

Si soon brought Teri back down to earth by asking her to move the coffee table to one side. As she did it, she felt her wetness stick to her pussy so she quickly pulled her clothes away, Si hadn’t missed this movement. Table away, Si instructed Teri to move back 2 steps from where she was and to sit crossed legged, ordering to watch again. Meanwhile Si shuffled himself forwards until he was on the edge of the settee. His long legs pulled up to the back of the seat, meaning his knees went up higher, he pushed Sara more over, so her bottom was high up over his knee. The perfect position for him to spank all of her, Teri thought. Sara was holding herself up, Teri could see it was tricky as she went from both hands on the floor to one arm wrapped around one of Si’s legs, but he didn’t seem to mind.

“Legs.” Si ordered, slapping them. Immediately Sara opened her legs wide, now she understood why Si needed more room. Sara’s feet barely touched the floor, Teri felt a bit embarrassed as she now had a perfect view to Sara’s pussy and ass, yet as she watched her clit started to pound and swell. Si had a slight smirk on his face as he watched Teri, she was certain that he knew what was going on inside her head and down below inside her panties. She even started to feel her nipples harden as she watched as Si poured a bit of baby oil on each ass cheek. Watching as Si rubbed the oil over her entire bottom, down her legs to her knees , inner thigh and over her pussy. The oil left a beautiful sheen over Sara’s body.

Si wiped his hand on the towel that was beside him then picked up this round, leather paddle.

“Teri this is a Beaver Tail Paddle, it’s very strong and a thick leather that gives a perfect slap to a naughty girls ass, isn’t that right Sara ?” Si asked.

“Yes Daddy.” Sara said, speaking clearly.

He rested the paddle on her ass for a second before lifting it up, and wallop, the smack as leather hit skin was intensifying, her skin turned crimson after just one hit but looked so sexy as her skin glowed. Si started his spanking then, Teri never imagined it could be like this as she watched that paddle strike her over and over. Si hit the back of her legs, that was when Sara showed a reaction. She cried out loud at each hit on her legs, louder still when her inner thighs met that mean looking paddle. Sara had grabbed hold of Si’s leg with both arms now, as she began crying. When the pain became too much Sara closed her legs more or her legs began flailing about like wild but Teri wondered if she even realised, She looked almost zoned out from everything around her, just focusing on coping with the pain. The bruises over her legs looked so painful, Teri winced just looking at them.

Teri had no idea how many strikes she got, but it was a lot, Sara’s bottom was more a shade of purple now. Si dropped the paddle, picking up the oil again, he repeated the same process as before. Teri wanted to ask questions but felt this wasn’t the time, maybe I will discuss it all with Sara when they could talk, she thought to herself.

“This here is Sara’s Little Devil Paddle, she named it that as it’s a purely wicked paddle and the holes add to it’s fierceness. They cause blister bubbles which are very painful, then sometimes if the blisters burst, they may begin to bleed. Blood does not frighten me, Sara expects to see blood from either play or punishment. Don’t you Sara ?” he told Teri as he rubbed more oil everywhere then wiped his hands again.  

“Yes Daddy, I expect to see blood, it means I’ve had a good spanking.” Sara said, her voice sounded waverie, she was catching her breath and trying to get comfy.”Please Daddy, I am really sorry.” she pleaded.

“You’ve got a long way to go before I accept your apology.” Si replied, it made Sara cry again.

All through this spanking, Teri watched everything as Si paddled her butt. Sara cried quietly until he hit a certain spot and then she screamed out, she saw these blister bubbles rise up, some bursting then after more hits, an area would start to bleed. Teri hadn’t realise she was grinding herself harder as she sat down and watched her best friend get spanked, she was so horny now, she began to understand Sara’s love of BDSM. Si used this paddle for longer than the other one and it was getting more of a reaction from Sara. Sometimes she screeched, begged, cried, screamed, but she still didn’t struggle to get away. Sara’s bottom was now becoming more black than purple, Teri had no idea how Sara sat down after this, yet she does.

“The last 10 Sara, you know what to do.” Si ordered.

A terrifying slap hit the spot where leg met bottom, Sara screamed out, her arms and legs just flapped about, with a quivering voice she said.

“1, I’ve been a very naughty girl and need to be punished, I’m sorry Daddy.”

Another fierce wallop on the same spot, then he waited whilst Sara tried to speak.

“I’m waiting,” Si told her as he started tapping her legs, but it must have felt more than a tap as Sara went hysterical, crying out her count and sentence. This continued, Si did 5 hits on this area, she wasn’t sure why, that was another question to ask, but Teri began to love what she was witnessing. She had never been smacked as a child, neither had Sara, yet she was getting more and more enamoured by it all. And Teri wanted to watch more. The last 5 went to her central bottom, her thighs then the last one went back to the same spot as before. By now Sara was fighting to stay in control of herself as Si put the paddle down. There was blood all over but Teri didn’t know if the entire area was cut up or the blood had just spread around. Si got the wipes out then and gently wiped her legs and bottom, examining the damage. Teri could see Sara wince and jump at this touch, but she was surprised to see only a few areas that were open wounds. This time he used the baby lotion over Sara’s bottom and legs.

“Legs “ Si ordered once more, wiping his hands.

Si left his hands on Sara’s back, “So Teri, do you understand what you could be getting yourself into if you join us properly? Are you prepared for this ?”

“I….I don’t know Daddy, I’ve never witnessed anything like this! “Teri stated.

“No I guess you haven’t but if you join us, I’m very strict, I don’t like it if you disobey me.” Si told her, his hand slid over Sara’s burning bottom, his nails grazing over, causing her to flinch and jump again. Then his hand ventured down between her legs, feeling her wetness.”You dirty girl, your cunt is saturated. How dare you get turned on.” Si lifted his hand up and slapped her pussy so hard, Sara cried out, Teri jumped up in shock as she watched Si pound her pussy with the palm of his hand, over and over, it sounded odd, like when you clap your hands when they are wet, sort of echoey, yet you can hear the wetness too. Teri watched as she saw Sara’s pussy swell, she could even see her clit double in size. Sara was distraught now, pleading, begging for him to stop.

Suddenly he did and pulled Sara up to standing, though she wobbled about quite a lot, Teri got a full on look at Sara’s bruised backside, she wasn’t horrified but she was shocked, she had no idea it got this severe.

“Knees on the settee, lean forward, butt right out.” Si ordered. He bent down and retrieved the 2 canes he had placed there before. When Teri saw them she almost peed her panties. Then thought it may detract from her slick wetness if she did pee herself but she thought the punishment for wetting herself would be very serious. So she was just left with a very turned on soggy pussy, she just wished she had her wand to play with later her pussy was almost hurting now it was pounding so much.

“This is a Dragon Cane Teri, I’d say in the right hands it could be one of the worst canes available.” He turned to face Sara, she was still crying, her head stuffed into the cushion  of the settee, which was probably a good job as the scream that came out of her was bone chilling, she bit into the cushion to try to stay quiet.

A thick purple line appeared across her bottom, another strike, another scream, but muffled into the cushion. Poor Sara’s hands fisted the cushion or opened wide in the shock of each strike. Teri didn’t like this, it looked vicious, it reminded her of school in the olden days, or slaves being whipped with sticks or whips. She looked away, this was too much, just too much, she wanted to stop Si, wrap Sara up in a blanket and take her to bed, but she was obviously used to this and Si seemed very experienced with it. Again he aimed for that spot between leg and arse, which was now cut, bleeding and black.

“Open your eyes and watch Teri, you see, Sara as you know, is a very naughty brat, and when the rules are repeatedly broken, the more severe the pain toys will be used. Eventually, she may learn to do as she’s told. But that’s doubtful. For now I will punish her until she at least tries.”

The next strike went down her legs actually catching the back of her knees, she dropped into a heap, her hands going to the back of her knees.

“Please Daddy, please no more, please I can’t take any more.” Sara begged, Teri had tears in her eyes watching her best friend beg him to stop. But he grabbed her by her hair and yanked her up and back into place. She was just about to say something to Si when Sara caught her eye, shaking her head slightly. Teri stopped, Sara didn’t want her to say anything.

“Okay so you think you’ve had enough, you can get 10 of the best with either the school cane or dragon cane, you choose ? Si told her.

“Sc….sc……schoo……….school c..c..cane Daddy.”Sara stuttered.

“Do you want to count and say the sentence or would you like me to give you the 10 fast without count  Si asked.

“W…w…without, f..f..ast.” Sara said.

Fast !!! Is she mad, Teri thought, it’s gotta be worse fast. Surely, she thought.

“Ready ?” Si asked.

“Yes Daddy.” Then she bit into the cushion, fisted the cushions,

“Butt out properly Sara.” Si ordered, he used the school cane to push her back down, which meant her bottom was out more, then placed the cane by her bottom.

“Ready Sara?” He asked her. She nodded her head. He didn’t tell her off for not answering him correctly, she had had enough today.

“This will be the last of your punishment for today, but don’t think it’s over. When I have finished I will take care of your bottom then you will go and stand in the corner. This time I want you turned around, I want you to watch Teri get her spanking, then the pair of you will go straight to bed. Tomorrow your punishment will continue, it’s a pity Teri’s trial weekend has had to become a punishment weekend but that’s no ones fault but your own.”

He first poured some baby oil over her bottom, Teri saw her jump when he touched her. It seemed crazy that 30 seconds ago, Si was so so stern telling us off, yet now he cared for her bottom so gently and lovingly.

Wiping his hands he picked up the school cane and tapped it against her bottom.

Suddenly there was a swish through the air, a crack as the cane came in contact with flesh, a muffled cry out as a trembling Sara stayed in position. Quick as a flash, he repeated it up to the last one.

“Last one Sara,” as the swish went faster, the crack much loader and the cry gave her goosebumps, Sara fell into a heap on the settee and shaking and sobbed uncontrollably. Si sat down, pulled Sara to him, sitting over his knee, so her bottom dangled between his legs, he rocked her, stroked her back, muttered soothing words to her, until she calmed down enough for Si to tend to her sore bottom.

“There there Babygirl, today’s is all over, I wish you would just follow my rules. I don’t want to punish you like this. Especially after you only just finished your 3 month grounding. What am I supposed to do, ground you for another 3 months, spank you every day. Life is so much nicer for both of us when you are good. I know you would prefer a fun spanking with multiple orgasms than this wouldn’t you ?” Si spoke so gently. “Teri could you pass Mr Rufus to Sara please.”
Teri jumped up, looking for Mr Rufus, found him then quickly passed him to Sara, who held out a shaky hand to get him. She quickly took him, hugging him tightly and started sucking her dummy !!!!!!! Sara was sucking the dummy. She thought it was there for show,she didn’t realise they were for them to use.

Watching Si comfort Sara like this, seeing the love they have for each other made Teri realise something, she did want to be part of this, but she had to endure a punishment, hopefully it won’t be as hard as what Sara just had. But Christ it turned her on again, she wanted to be the one to look after Sara after she was spanked. She wanted to rub cream in, put plasters over her cuts, wipe her tears away. I wonder if she will feel the same thing about her, Teri’s panties felt wet again, OMG when was the last time she had an orgasm, this was ridiculous, she was so horny, But she watched in silence as they had this special moment between them. Eventually Si pulled her away, telling her to lie down so he can give her bottom some after-care. Sara cuddled Mr Rufus, NooNoo in her mouth as she sucked it, her fingers stroked Mr Rufus’s ear. Si had to clean her bottom and legs with the wipes, stuck half a dozen plasters  over the worst cuts, then rubbed some baby cream in.

“All done Sara, stand up please.“ He waited until she was up and not wobbling about, took another baby wipe and wiped her tear stained face, and lastly wiped her nose. He took her in his arms and hugged her tightly.

“I love you Babygirl, I always will, no matter how much bother you get yourself into. Now go and stand in the corner, I will get you some water and you must stay stood up and watching whilst I spank Teri. Understand ?” Si asked gently.

“Yes Daddy,” Sara said around her dummy.

Si took the dummy out, “Pardon ?” He asked again.

“Yes Daddy,” She said clearer. “Good girl, now off you go.” Si told her.

Carefully Sara walked painfully to the corner and Si did a little tidy up. He cleaned up the wipes etc, threw everything in the bin, wiped over the pain toys, then went to get some water for everyone. He handed Teri a bottle.

“Drink this now please Teri, there’s another one here for you.” He placed one on the floor, then he handed Sara a bottle, putting another on the floor and handed her a banana. Sara will be pretty exhausted after that thrashing.

He went to sit on the settee and drank a bottle himself, he was shattered too but he had Teri to deal with.

“Now the question is girls, do I give Teri the same punishment or go a little easier on her ?




Once they had finished watching Matilda, Si told them both to go and get ready for bed, he had put new pyjamas on Teri’s bed. Both girls grumbled, but Si said, “Get washed, put your pyjamas on then come back downstairs. It’s Friday so you can both stay up a bit later. So go.” Both girls ran upstairs, giggling and chatting.

Si went to his office and retrieved the envelope with the photos and bikini then went to his desk drawer. Unlocking it he took out a wooden paddle, it had 9 holes in it and could be evil in the right hands, next he took out his leather beaver paddle. He loved this one, it snapped a shocking slap to the ass. He took out his baby oil and baby cream, then the baby wipes. Locking the drawer again he walked to the wall. There was a long, thin shelf above the fire, on there were various canes.  He got the Dragon cane plus the school cane, he knew the girls were upstairs, he could hear them giggling and chatting, he realised he would have his hands full with these 2, but he liked a challenge. He took his collection of pain toys and walked back to the living room. He placed them inside his footstool, the canes he slipped under the chair. The girls would not notice them but he was sure they would feel them soon enough. He contemplated what to do with Teri, if she became his littlegirl, and this happened, then he would punish them both the same, but as this was a trial he wondered if he should go easy on her. She was involved in the deception, she lied to him after he told her what would happen if she did. He pondered what to do until the girls came down.

Giggling they were holding hands as they walked in, both looking adorable in their baby pink pyjamas, Sara had her NooNoo attached to her pyjama top and Mr Rufus in her other hand. Teri, he noticed had chosen a big squishy polar bear. When he went shopping for a few things for Teri, he saw this bear, a penguin and a standard teddy bear, leaving her to choose which one to pick.

“Ahh I wondered which cuddlily you would choose, those the other 2 are yours too.” Si  told her.

“Really ? Thank you Daddy I love them all.” She went over and gave him a kiss and cuddle. God it feels like she’s been part of our dynamics for years never mind this being a trial weekend.

“Good glad you love them.” Si told her.

“Daddy can we watch Frozen now PPLleeaassseeeeee.”  Sara begged.

“No, Not yet.”Si started to say.

“Why not, we watched Ri’s choice.” Sara plonked on the chair sulking.

“Sara McGyver, that is rude. Ri is our visitor this weekend, she will be given top priority, and if Ri agrees this is what she wants then you will have to learn to share. And you will, do you hear me Sara ?” Si told her off. “What do you say ?”

“Sorry Daddy.” She sulked.

“I should think so, say sorry to Ri too.” Si ordered.

“Oh Si, there’s no……….” Ri stopped quickly.

Si put his finger up to silence her. “Apologise now !!”  Si ordered again.

“Sorry Ri.” Sata said, getting up and giving her a hug. “Sorry Daddy.” She said, giving him a hug.

“It’s okay Squirt, this will be new for all of us, but we have to give each of us a chance, You’ve been used to having my sole attention and now you have to share, okay. Ri may feel awkward too don’t forget.” Si told her gently, and she nodded her head. Pulled her into a big hug and kissed her, then opened his arm to Teri. The three of them hugged each other tightly, Si kissed Ri on her mouth, then he let go.

“Right, I’m going to get your supper, then we will chat a bit more.” Si left to go to the kitchen.

Sara and Ri sat on the sofa next to each other.

“What do you think then Ri ?Are you enjoying it ?” Sara asked.

“I think so, I didn’t think there would be so many rules though. Is he really strict with them ?” Teri asked, hugging her bear.

“Yeah but I always try to win him round, it’s gonna be so much fun being together. Imagine the mischief we can get up to.” Sara said giggling.

Teri started giggling when Si walked in.

“What are you 2 giggling about ?” Si asked.

“Nothing Daddy, just silly stuff.” Sara told him.

“Ok well come on, beep beep off the settee, let me get in there.” Si told them. He set a tray on the table, containing 2 large, plastic, tumblers of milk, a banana each and a digestive biscuit each. Si had a large glass of Jack Daniels and a plate of cheese and crackers.

“Sit on the floor in front of me girls, whilst we have supper.” Si said.

“Daddy can we please watch Frozen, please Daddy ?” Sara begged.

“No Sara, we’ve things to talk about.” Si said firmly.

Sara pouted again, whilst drinking her milk.

“Now Teri, how do you feel about the rules so far ?” Si asked.

“Okay I think, I didn’t think there would be so many, but I will learn.” Ri said.

“Good girl, so you understand about being honest, never lying to me, never breaking the rules . Don’t you ?” Si asked.

“Yes Daddy, I’d never lie to anyone. “ Teri said, smiling sweetly.

Oh she’s good, Si thought. “Well Sara can help with the rules can’t you sweetie.”
“Yes Daddy, cause I can.” Sara said.

“Ri you understand why Sara can’t go to the party then don’t you,” Si asked her.

There was a tiny flicker in her eyes towards Sara, Sara quickly looked at the floor.

“Daddy I understand, it was part of her punishment, I can have lots of parties when she’s allowed.” Teri told him. “ I was going to cancel it completely, but Sara told me not to coz the first party I had, you would ban her from going. We’ve talked about it, and I will just have to enjoy it without her for once.”

“Good, and Sara are you going to stop asking about it ?” Si asked Sara.

“Yes Daddy,I’m sorry, I won’t mention it again.” Sara told him.

The lies were just rolling off their tongues, one after another, all the time just smiling sweetly at him. Now was the time. He reached for his envelope and pulled out the photos.

“So Sara, Teri, could you please explain this then ?” He slowly placed all 4 photographs on the table, in front of them. Their faces dropped immediately. He could see Sara’s face go deathly pale.

“Which party was this Daddy, I don’t remember this one. Must have been a few years ago.” Teri told him.

“Really Teri, that’s interesting because these were posted on Instagram and Twitter on the day of your party. There’s all our friends there, Sara, you’re there.” Si said.

“Daddy, these are from other parties.” Teri said.

“I was in London when Ri wanted to have the party.” Sara told him.

“Ahh yes, of course on your convention. You see  I popped into the shop whilst you were in “London”, I saw Steph and told her a white lie, telling her you had left something in your office and as I was near, you had asked me to get it. Steph said it was wrong if you were working when you had 2 days off, and I should make sure you take some time for yourself and rest as I was decorating. So that’s a bit odd, isn’t ? Anything to say ? Either of you ? Work says you weren’t in London, all the photos posted on Twitter and Instagram from all our friends, posted these photos and many more from the party on Monday. And there’s this…….” He picked up the envelope and dropped the teeny tiny bikini on the table. “What the fuck is this Sara ? Could you have picked a smaller bikini, I was horrified when I saw this on you, most of your ass was out, it barely covered your tits, you bought this knowing you were going to the party without me because there would have been no way in hell I would let you wear this if I was going. I wouldn’t even let you buy it, so you bought something without permission, again. And you Teri, phoning me telling me the story about changing the date of the party and begging me to let Sara go, that was all part of the lie, wasn’t it. “ He sternly told the girls. “You’ve just agreed to the rules Teri, you promised to never tell lies, to be honest, and you’ve already failed that one haven’t you ?”
Teri began to cry, starting to say sorry  but Si cut her off, “Save the tears little girl, you will have a real reason to cry soon.”
Sara just looked at the floor, another sign that she was guilty. Sitting next to Sara, Ri slipped her hand into Sara’s, squeezing it tightly, she was so scared she peed herself just a little.

“So what do I do ? You will both be punished, but do I go softer on you Ri, because you’ve only just begun your trial, even though last week I warned you not to lie and not to help Sara in a plan to get her to the party without my knowledge. Did I not say that Ri ?” He asked.

“Yes Daddy you did. But that was before we started this weekend, so surely it doesn’t count ?” Ri said.

“Oh no, Ri it counts, because you got a warning and believe me, I would still spank you for this even if you hadn’t agreed to this trial. Because I gave you a warning and you know me well enough to know I never go back on my word. So because you’ve just argued the toss about it, and you seem to believe I won’t punish you, I’m going to prove to you I do what I say.” Si told her sternly.

“No that’s not fair, Sara tell him, that’s not fair. No I’m not having that.” Ri shouted.

“Sara do you believe you both broke my rules so you could go to the party ?” Si asked.

Sara looked at Ri and her Daddy, “ Yes I guess so.”
“Ri do you believe you both broke the rules so Sara could go to the party?” He asked her.

Teri looked at the floor, she really didn’t want to admit it, “Maybe.” she muttered.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

“Don’t be impertinent Teri.” SI told her off. “Answer the question, yes or no.”

Teri felt a tiny squeeze on her hand from Sara, “ I suppose.” she mumbled.

Si looked at her, “Come here Teri, now!” Si barked at her.

Slowly she got up and walk towards him. “Is I suppose a yes or no answer ?” he asked her.

“No.” And just as she said it, he pulled her closer and across his knee, surprising her. Si’s big hard palm fell down hard as it stung Teri’s bottom. She fought like a wild animal but Si was very strong and just held her tightly. 10 spanks was enough to make her cry so he stood her up. “What is the correct answer Ri?”

Teri looked gorgeous, in her cute pyjamas, now rubbing her bottom as tears fell down her face.

“Yes Daddy.” she replied, he pointed back to the spot next to Sara and she quickly went back in front of the table away from Si, rubbing the tears away.

“So now you’ve both finally admitted you lied to me, now I’m going to spank each of you. You’ve lost the rights for anymore fun tonight so you will go straight to bed, in the morning, I promise you this is not over, over this weekend you will both learn not to lie to me again. Understand ?” Si asked.

This time both girls nodded and said “Yes Daddy.”



When Teri got to the bedroom she found a lemon coloured blouse  and and black and yellow gingham, pleated skirt, a black sports bra, black panties, black knee high socks and black slippers. There was a black hairband and black bobbles. Teri had to be honest she loved the outfit, she was Sara’s sister looking like this.

“So we would wear this stuff only when we are together ?” Ri asked.

“Yes, anytime we are together, if it’s the whole weekend, or just an evening, Daddy will expect you to wear something like this. He will probably take you shopping to buy a selection of outfits, pyjamas and stuff once you decide if it’s what you want. “ Sara said.

“So these rules, I wouldn’t have to do them 24/7 would I ? Surely it would be just when we are together. I mean we aren’t living together.” Ri asked.

“Yes you would babe, Daddy will expect you to follow everything, every rule set, he will expect it to be followed and you know he will check up.” Sara told her.

“I didn’t think it would be all the time. When he said he owned me, does that mean I would only belong to him, I couldn’t play with others.” She asked.

“Well that’s a question for him, but if he ends up collaring you, like mine, then yes he owns you, every bit of you.” Sara told her.

“Did you get to choose the rules ? Or have a say ? “ Teri asked.

“Well not really, Daddy had already written them down, we discussed them, what he expects of me and that was it. Then over time, new rules have been added. There are gonna be rules you don’t like, like I hate my bedtime and doing the lines but I do them.” Sara said. “Anyway, come on, get dressed. “

Teri started undressing, suddenly uncomfortable for some reason, but thankfully it was only for a second. The girls had seen each other naked many times, so she quickly threw her clothes on the floor and put the new ones on. They fitted perfectly, she giggled when she saw herself in the mirror, then when Sara stood next to her, they knew this was the perfect fit, a great combination.

“Why is there a hairband and bobble, do I have to use both ?” Teri asked.

“I’d say so. Put your hair in a ponytail then put your head band around too.” Sara told her. So Teri did just that and she had to admit, it looked good.

“Okay ready to go downstairs ?” Sara asked.

“Yes. let’s do this.” She held Sara’s hand then giggling they went downstairs to see Si. His smile from ear to ear proved just how happy he was, and proud.

“Teri, you look stunning, you both do. My Baby girls, my little girls.”  He said.

“Come sit down, I want to discuss some other bits and just do a rough list of rules.” Si said. “Every time we discuss something or plan to meet up, Sara will always be with us, Then eventually there may be times where we meet up seperately. But that is for the future, I don’t want her to be jealous if we meet separately, the same as I don’t want you jealous when I’m with Sara. You know Sara and I are in a relationship, we will have a D/s relationship, hopefully in the future, you may join our relationship. Come sit on the rug both of you.”

The girls sat next to each other in their cute little outfits, they had no idea what was coming. Si had an A4 notebook on the table and wrote down everything as he said it.

“Now to start with, just while we are in the trial period, I’m going to give you some rules that you must follow, this is a must. Okay ?” Teri nodded. “So the first one is trust. I do not like lying, do I Sara ?” “No Daddy never.” Sara said. “So no lying, ever. Be obedient all the time Teri. I demand respect, I won’t tolerate any disrespect or cursing. I have the final say on all decisions. You must always tell me where you are and who you are with. a little text to say you are home every day after work. But you must have permission to go out. Answer your phone every time I phone or message you. You must ask me, before making any plans, no matter how small.  Little girls need their sleep so set bedtimes will be for you too. Now I know your up very early, 5.30-6am, so bedtime is set for 9.30pm, no TV, you may read until 10.30pm. So When I say bedtime is 9.30, that means in bed for 9.30. Do not start arguing Sara because the times are different.” He sternly told Sara looking at her firmly. “I can see you’re ready to have a tantrum. Teri is not up every night from 3-4am like you, she sleeps until her alarm goes off. Don’t you Teri ?” He asked, she nodded quickly. “So end of that discussion. Like Sara you will actually go up 15 minutes early, that should give you enough time to shower and be in bed for 9.30pm, if you need more time then you go up at 9. Send me a good night message to say you are going to bed. No internet after 8pm, NONE Teri, no Ipad, Chromebook, phone, unless it’s a message from me. Breaking rules will be dealt with a punishment, breaking rules continuously with be dealt with a severe punishment. All punishments will be arranged for when I can do it. If IF you want to discuss an issue, then do so without arguing or raising your voice. Understand everything so far Teri ?”
“Yes Daddy I do, but could I have a copy of my rules so I can remember them please ?” Teri asked politely.

“Yes, of course you will. These rules are mainly just the basics for now, there will be more if you agree to it.  Finally for now, never raise your voice to me, Do not stick your tongue out at me, roll your eyes, do the “whatever” thing that basically means go fuck yourself and never say No to me, especially for sex.” Si told her. There was no response from either of the girls. “Teri, do you understand, you’re not saying anything ?”
“No sorry Daddy. I’m taking it all in. And these rules are just the basics ? how many more are there ? How will I remember them ?” She asked.

“Daddy will train you, so it will be by you making mistakes, Daddy punishing you, then hopefully you will learn from that one punishment. If not then Daddy will punish you harder until eventually you don’t do it anymore. But I will be here to help you, I know I get into a lot of trouble but I do know the rules. Daddy will type them out properly and put them in a folder like he did for me.” Sara told her, holding her hand for comfort. “‘I’ll help you.”

“Sara I’m proud of you for offering to help your Babysister. And it will help.” Si told her. He stroked her cheek before kissing her. “That’s made me very proud of you.”

“So do I sign this now ? I’ve read that subs are given contracts to sign.” Teri said.

“No, not yet. See how you feel after this weekend. It may take a few months before you feel you are ready. I don’t want to push you until you are ready. Talk to Sara, talk to me. I can’t know how you feel unless you tell me. If it’s easier, write it in a book, would that help ? “ Si asked and Teri nodded.

“I know it might sound silly, but when we are playing or having sex, I’d rather write it down for a while. It’s only coz you’re like family to me and having sex with family, well you know.” Teri said.

“Then that’s settled, you can have your own book to write in, but I will read it anytime, In fact every time we meet, bring it. I want you to be very honest in it though. If you discuss it with Sara, write it down.” Si told her. She nodded.


“Okay, let’s stop being so serious, more drinks girls ? “ Si asked. “Choose a film to watch.”

“Frozen, please Daddy, please.” Sara asked.

“Sara I think it’s fair that Ri chooses today. You can choose next. Okay ?” Si asked.

Pouting a bit, she said “Okay Daddy, it’s fair.”

“Good girl. So Ri you choose now.” Si went to get more drinks, he was only giving the girls less than half a glass each time, but they hadn’t seemed to notice.

When he returned, Teri said “Matilda Daddy please, it’s my favourite.”
Si inwardly groaned, how many hundreds of times had he watched this with Sara.


Si put it on, sat in the middle of the sofa, with his girls either side of him. He couldn’t have been happier as he kissed the top of their heads.






Eventually Friday came, Sara hadn’t had chance to speak to Teri beforehand, but Si told her to message her and tell her to come from work if she wanted. Teri replied she would go home and get a quick shower and change of clothes first.

Sara had mixed feelings about the evening, what would Si say to her,

She didn’t get time to think about it again whilst she was at work, she was so busy. But it was probably for the best.


Si was home before Sara which was quite unusual, he said he had decided to finish early for once. He looked so goddamn hot this evening, tight black jeans, bare feet and a light denim shirt, open halfway, sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His hair looked damp still and he smelt divine.

“Babygirl, I want you to go and get a shower, make sure you are smooth, I will braid your hair when you come down. I’ve bought you a new outfit to wear, it’s on the bed. Even bought you a matching NooNoo, which you can have all weekend. So hop to it.” Si told her.

Sara rushed upstairs, she loved it when Daddy bought her new clothes. She looked on the bed, there was a pale pink blouse with little puffed sleeves, a pink gingham pleated skirt, a sports bra and matching shorts, white ankle socks with a frill and slippers, There was a pink hair bobble and ribbon on the bed plus a new pink NooNoo with a pink strap with baby elephants on it, it had a loop that could fasten through the buttonhole of your blouse or a strap like on a suspender belt to fasten on your pyjamas.

Sara quickly showered and shaved, dried off then got into her clothes. When she looked in the mirror, she thought she looked really cute. Daddy as usual had chosen well. She fastened her NooNoo through the buttonhole of her blouse and got the hair bobble, ribbon and brush, then went downstairs.

Daddy was sat in the living room watching TV and reading the paper when Sara walked in. She looked gorgeous, so damn cute.

“Oh Squirt, you look so cute. Come and sit on the floor whilst I do your hair.” Si said smiling.

Sara skipped towards her Daddy, gave him the bobble, ribbon and brush then plonked herself on the floor between his legs. This was her favourite time of day,  when Daddy brushed her hair. He was an expert at doing plaits, French braids, putting her hair in bunches or just one ponytail. As he did her hair they chatted away and watched TV. Sara felt like she just melts whilst Daddy brushes her hair, it’s so relaxing and Daddy never hurts her or pulls her hair whilst braiding it.    Sara’s hair was growing quite long now, he would decide when it was long enough, but for now he concentrated on braiding her hair.

“Sara sit still.” Si told her as she wriggled on the floor.

“Sorry Daddy. I’m just excited for when Ri comes.” Sara told her, but sat still. Once done Si told her to stand up, turned her around and gave her a big hug.

“All done Babygirl. You look gorgeous.” Si gave her a kiss, a very long kiss, giving her bottom a squeeze then pulled away. “Now remember what we are going to discuss today with Ri, I want her to join us. But you have to be honest about how you feel too, I certainly don’t want to upset or loose you. Okay ?”
“Yes Daddy, I have been thinking about it a lot and been reading up about it too. But I want to wait for Ri to come.” Sara said.

“Okay baby. As long as you’re honest.” Si told her, just then the doorbell rang and Ri let herself in. “Hi guys.” She called out.

“Ri.” Squealed Sara, running up and giving her a hug. “Hey you look gorgeous Sara. Si did you buy these ?” Ri asked.

“I did,” Si told her, giving her a kiss and hug. “Right drinks, everyone. What are we having ?”

The girls both said wine, so Si went to get it. He still used Sara’s sippy cup, he knew she wouldn’t be happy but she had spilt the wine so she gets the sippy cup. He grabbed all the takeaway menus, carried them all into the living room, where the girls were chatting none stop. When Sata noticed the cup, her face fell.

“Daddy can’t I have a wine glass ? Please.” She pouted.

“No Sara, you spilt the wine a few days ago and I told you, you would have a sippy cup. You know this so stop sulking.” Si told her firmly.


The gang chatted and drank then ate the takeaway they had ordered. As usual there was loads left over so Sara and Teri put the lids back on all the containers, putting them in the fridge and stacked all the pots in the sink, throwing all the rubbish away.

“Girls leave the kitchen until tomorrow, come back we’ve things to discuss.” Si called over to them.

Teri instantly looked nervous, “Sara, I’m not sure what to say.” She whispered.

“Just listen to what he says and be honest, I’ve gotta do the same thing. None of us want it to go wrong and end up hating each other so we have to be honest. But it would be fun if it worked, can you imagine what we would get up too.” Sara told her. “Come on.” She took her hand and walked to the living room. Sitting down they both looked at Si.

“Okay, I don’t know how to say it, so I’m just gonna say it. Ri you know our life, you’ve seen it, you’ve been around us long enough to understand it, I know you and Sara talk about it. I’ve been getting a vibe from you that you are interested in learning more. Am I right ?” Si asked.

“Ermmm, yeah okay, you’re right, I am interested. I’ve even read up about it, about being a Little, a Babygirl like Sara. And…….” She looked at Sara, who nodded, giving her approval to tell him everything. “ Erm when you told me you would spank me for talking inappropriately, I errrrrrr, I kinda got turned on by it, that night I …….I had a very erotic dream about the 3 of us, and you were…..gonna spank me.” Teri said, a bit embarrassed.

“Interesting Ri, sounds like you’re quite keen. And you want to be a babygirl. That’s okay. There would be rules I’d expect you to follow, punishments if you don’t follow them. When we are together, I expect you to dress like a Babygirl, we will go shopping and buy you some clothes. Obviously you’ve got your own home, so it would be when we are together that you use them. Whether here or at your house. We will set up days when we regularly meet up, and weekends when we are altogether. How does that sound so far ?” Si asked.

“Good but what rules ?” Teri asked.

“Oh I will go through those once we’ve decided we all want this. Now one subject we’ve not discussed is I want to have with you, what I have with Sara. In other words, if you become my submissive, my Baygirl, I want to have all of you. I mean, all of you, You would belong to me, like Sara, eventually maybe even collared too. But thats in the future. For now I just want you to join us.” Si told her.

“Sara what do you think ?”

“Erm, to be honest, I’m not certain, I’m worried I may get jealous if you are having sex and I’m not. But I do like the idea of Ri being like my sister, Babygirl sisters. I’m not sure I could make love to Ri though.” Sara said.

“Me too.” Teri said.

“That’s understandable. We can take it as slowly as you both want.  Why don’t we give this weekend a trial ? “ Si asked.

“Good idea yes.” Both girls said together then started giggling.

“Okay, well firstly, you need to become a Babygirl. So upstairs in our spare room, I’ve bought you an outfit to wear for the time you’re here. How do you fancy doing that ?” Si asked.

“Yes, yes okay, yes.” Teri said.

“Well why don’t you go and get changed, Sara you go and help, talk about things too, and we can start from then. Oh by the way, when we are together, I expect to be called Daddy.” Si told her.

Teri nodded her head and went with Sara to see these clothes. Si sat down, he felt quite positive that this would actually happen. But now he can sort out the issue about the party, she may change her mind after he spanked her.






That night Sara was on her best behaviour, She was home before Si, so she got the dinner on, laid the table then rushed upstairs to get a quick shower, she wore her hair down with a thin pink ribbon around it, she had a little pink babydoll nightie on, that came with matching panties, She wore her pink fluffy slippers and was sat in the living room, watching TV when Si came home.  It was unusual for Sara to cook, she had a tendency to burn everything, even water, but he was impressed she was trying. Sara jumped up and ran to Si.

“Hi Daddy, I’ve got the dinner on, trying to make sure it doesn’t burn. I thought I’d get ready for bed now, as I’ve gotta go up early, we can at least have a bit of time together before then.” She hugged him tightly, giving him a long kiss.

“Well, Squirt, you look like you’ve done really well. I’m impressed.” Si told her.

“Well it’s only a ready meal, but hopefully it will be nice. Go and sit down and chill.” Sara told him as she walked back into the kitchen.

Si wanted a cold beer, so he followed Sara into the kitchen, considering she was only cooking a ready meal and cooking some veg, the kitchen was a mess. Grabbing a cold beer he sat down at the kitchen table, flicked through the post, most of it rubbish or bills, then looked up, amused as he saw his baby girl try to cook vegetables. He had never seen any girl look so frazzled cooking a ready meal, it amused him so much, he sat back and watched her. There were pans boiling over and there was a slight burning smell.

“Ermmm babygirl, I think you need to check the oven.” Si told her.

“Oh darn it.” Sara muttered as she opened the oven, the lasagna was slightly dark brown at the top, the garlic bread looked very toasty. As she lifted the lasagna out she nearly dropped it, as it slid on the baking tray, plonking it down quickly. She drained the cauliflower and broccoli without drama then told Si to go and sit at the table.

Trying to slice the lasagne nicely, the first slice was messy, but the second stayed in position, so that was the one for Si. She shared out the veg, though she didn’t really like veg, Daddy made her eat it because it was good for her. The garlic bread was put in a basket then she took the food to Si. Serving him first with the bread, then getting her plate. He had opened a bottle of wine, poured a glass for him, then produced  sparkly pink sippy cup, he filled it a third of the way, then put the lid on firmly. Sara noticed this immediately, opened her mouth ready to complain but just walked away to get her plate. She pouted as she walked away but tried to put a smile on her face when she returned.

They ate their meal chatting away, Sara had her wine using the sippy cup, a sulky look came on her face each time but Si was pleased, he had expected a tantrum from her. But it was nice to enjoy an evening without drama.

It was 6.15pm, she still had to tidy up and load the dishwasher.

“Thank you the meal Squirt, it was very nice.” Si told her as he got up.

“Thank you Daddy, at least I hadn’t completely burnt everything.” Sara said.

She took everything in the kitchen, looking at the mess. Right this has to be the quickest I’ve ever tidied up she thought to herself. At least I had unloaded the dishwasher.

Putting her audio book on, she set to work. Si went to his office to send an email then went to the living room to watch the news. By 6.50pm Sara was done. The kitchen finally looked tidy again, putting the kettle on, she made Si a cup of coffee, she wasn’t allowed caffeine drinks after 4pm, so she took her remainder wine and a bottle of water into the living room. Carrying Si’s coffee to his side table, she then knelt down and took his shoes off, putting them away, she then brought her wine and water to her table. Looking at the time she had 30 minutes snuggling time, but she wanted Mr Rufus, s she ran upstairs, grabbed him off the bed then came down. She snuggled up to Si, he put his arm around her, as her thumb went into her mouth, Mr Rufus in her other hand, but his ear was being stroked by her remaining fingers as she sucked her thumb. Si was never sure how she managed it but she had always done it.

“Would you like Emmerdale on before you go to bed ?” he asked.

“Yes please Daddy.” She loved this soap opera.

Watching the show, Si stroked her hair and back, squeezing her ass and stroking it after she jumped a tiny bit, it still felt very tender, but he enjoyed squeezing her ass after a spanking, feeling her flinch and jump but she knew better than to object.

The half hour went far too quickly, she didn’t want to go to bed. So she showed no effort to move.

“Come on Sara, don’t ruin the evening. Bedtime.” He smacked her bum, Sara groaned and slid off the settee as slowly as possible.

“Pl……..” Sara began.

Si smacked her bottom hard, “NO.” He simply stated.

So Sara just gave up, rubbing her bum, she gave Si a kiss goodnight.

“Oh Daddy, I haven’t given you a BJ.” Sara remembered.

“Don’t worry, on this occasion. But thank you for asking and for dinner.” Si told her, he knew she had made a big effort in cooking dinner as he normally does it, mainly as she burns everything. “You may read for 10 minutes.” He told her.

“Thank you Daddy.” As she picked up her kindle and went upstairs.



Sara was gutted the evening had ended with her getting a spanking, not only was she so sore, even lay in bed, to move around hurt her legs, the creases along her bottom, even her pussy go whacked so much her lips were swollen to double the size.  She couldn’t even touch her bum or pussy it was that sore, and she was so upset that they never ended their night with some passionate sex, maybe a fun spanking wudda been nice, but not this. She sulked in bed, why does Daddy have to be so harsh when it was only an accident, she would not use a sippy cup, Daddy can’t make her.

She was asleep when Si came to be, he had a painful hard-on, and his balls felt like they would burst. He wanted to fuck Sara, he needed to empty his balls. Climbing into bed, he curled his arm around her, his hand cupped her pussy, feeling her hot wetness, Sara murmured, spreading her legs, but he wasn’t interested in pleasuring her.

“Up on your knees, head down.” Si ordered. Half asleep, Sara moaned a little, trying to hold his hand between her legs, she wanted his fingers inside her but he pulled away. “NOW.” Si ordered. Sara moved into position, still hoping for some orgasms, desperate to feel Daddy in every hole.

He pushed her knees further up and spread wider, he squirted a little dollop of lube over her asshole, got himself up and delved his cock deep into her ass, making her gasp out loud. His cock felt enormous, it hurt as tears crept into Sara’s eyes, she was just being used, she knew that, Daddy very rarely fucked this harshly. His thrusts seemed to get harder, his balls hit her sore ass and his legs felt like they were covered with pins and the needles stabbed her tender legs up to her sit spot. At this point he didn’t care if he hurt her, he was fulfilling his needs only. Slipping out then thrusting deep, he felt every inch of his cock fill her, reaching further in than he had ever done before. Sara’s cries out were lost on him, she didn’t deserve any pleasure, as he came close to cumming, he felt his head swell and warm pre-cum dribble out of his cock. Ramming into her faster he climaxed with 1 hard thrust, his hot cum shot into her deep crevice as he continued to thrust until his balls were finally empty. Si slipped out and rolled on the bed, God he felt much lighter now.

“Get back to sleep Sara,” He aid roughy to her as he rolled over going to sleep himself.

Slowly Sara got comfy, not only was her bottom sore, now her insides were sore too, she felt tears fall until she went to sleep. Praying that tomorrow would be a nicer day.

They sat together for breakfast, Sara now in work mode.

“I hope you can have a better day today Sara. Don’t forget it’s early to bed tonight, 7.30pm, “ Si told her.

“Yes Daddy.” Sara got up, everything was sore, how she will be able to sit for work she didn’t know. On top of that Si had left out the punishment plug by her clothes on the bed, whilst she had her shower. She never questioned it or argued, that would only land her in more trouble. So painfully she lubed her bottom then slowly pushed the big plug into her very sore ass. Wincing as it’s widest part slid through her sphincter muscle, then sighing as it got into place. She didn’t know how long she had to wear it, so she presumed to keep it in until So told her to take it out. She put a tube of lube into her handbag, she would have to take it out, relube and put it back in by lunchtime.

Sara was all ready to go, so giving Si a kiss goodbye, she left for work. Si would leave in a few moments, first he had a little searching to do. He wanted to find the bikini Sara gad worn for the party. He searched her drawers and wardrobe, with no luck. He searched in the wardrobes in the other bedroom, but still nothing, As he walked out, e spotted the laundry basket.

HHMMmmmm I wonder. Thought Si. He got half way down the basket when he found it, seeing it for real now, there would have been no way he would allow her to wear it. He took it downstairs, putting it with the photos he had printed off, he left for work. At 4pm he messaged Sara saying she could remove the plug when she got home from work. Surely tonight we can have a nice evening, there won’t be long before she goes to bed, they both got home about 5 pm, so it will be cook dinner, maybe half an hour watching TV before she went up. He wanted to talk more about Teri joining them, but he thought he should wait until Friday.

Two more days at work, then it will be the big confrontation in front of both of them. He had to be honest, he was looking forward to spanking Teri, seeing her cheeks wobble about and Sara in the corner but watching, would she get jealous, he thought, will she throw a tantrum ? He wasn’t sure.





Sara stayed at Teri’s until 7 pm, the train from London would arrive at 7.20 pm, so by the time she drove home it would be the right time. Si was waiting for her, he was his usual happy self, greeting her with a big hug, kiss and cheeky squeeze of her bum. “Missed you squirt,” Si told her, calling her his little pet name for her, which she loved.

“Missed you too, Daddy, have you had 2 busy days with work?”Sara asked.

”Yes. Meetings with suppliers from Brazil, Spain India and America, think we’ve got them, more meetings tomorrow then Friday we are giving them a tour of the factories then taking them around the city and meal before they leave that night.” Si explained, lifting Sara’s suitcase out of the car. “What about you ? Was it as heavy going as you thought. Learn anything ?”
“Not really, we are already using the new til, but doing the orders on tablets are still causing issues. Everyone is going to get further training, the managers will get extra training with the tils too. I think they are making it harder than it is, but hopefully it will get sorted. If we want to branch further out, these things shouldn’t be an issue then.” Sara explained.

Si carried the suitcase upstairs, ready for Sara to unpack. Coming back down, Sara was making coffee for them both.

“So I hope my baby girl behaved herself whilst away. Did you drink ?” Si asked.

“I had 1 glass of wine with dinner and that was it Daddy, just like you told me.” Sara said sweetly.

“That’s my good girl. Oh I’ve invited Teri to come round on Friday night and stay over. I felt guilty that she moved the party in the hope I’d let you go, though she still tried to get me to say yes. But we can have a nice takeaway and have a good catch up. I thought you’d like that too.” Si told him.

“Yes she texted me and told me.” Sara said.

“Did you mention anything about the conversation we had. ?”

“Yes I thought I’d better, so she can think about it, she didn’t seem scared, a bit shocked. I think her main worry is if it breaks our friendship up. We’ve been best friends for so long, neither of us want that to be lost.” explained Sara.

“No well that’s understandable, but hopefully because we are more like a family it will work. Hopefully by Friday, she will have made her mind up. For now I want my baby girl to get ready for bed, it’s late but I will let you stay up an extra 30 minutes, as you’ve not been home long. I take it you’ve eaten?” He asked.

“Well I had a meal on the train, but to be honest, I am hungry.” Sara said.

“Okay, you get showered etc, I will make us some supper.” Si told her, giving her bum a light tap as she went past.

Sara ran upstairs giggling, she unpacked her case, hiding her bikini at the bottom of the wash basket, Si didn’t usually do the washing so she can wash them this week when Si was out. Running the shower, she quickly washed herself, not washing her hair though, stepping out she wrapped herself in a huge fluffy towel and padded to the bedroom. As usual, there was her little pyjamas, placed on her side of the bed and Mr Rufus, her teddy. There was no sign of her NooNoo’s, 2 nights without it was terribly hard, she liked sucking her thumb but she preferred her dummy. Daddy didn’t allow any baby girl things packed when she went away. So she usually had bad nights missing her usual things.

Putting on her pink pyjamas with stars, moons and sleepy teddies printed all over, she brushed her hair, grabbing Mr Rufus, she slipped her feet into her pink fluffy slippers and went downstairs. Si had done them a cheese platter with a glass of red wine each, 3 different cheeses, a selection of crackers, grapes and watermelon, apple, cheese and walnut salad and coleslaw,  just a perfect supper for them. Sara put some food on her plate and snuggled into her Daddy, the fire was on low, and they watched Masters of photography one of their favourite shows.

All the crockery for Sara was based for little girls, when they decided they wanted this dynamic, Si said he would love to be her Daddy, Sara was so relieved because she wanted to be little. Si took her shopping one day, he let her choose all the crockery she liked, side and dinner plates, bowls, snack bowls, beakers, plastic mugs, plastic glasses and wine glasses and cutlery. They all matched, so Si decided to ensure Sara had enough, he bought 3 of everything. They bought My Little Pony washcloths, Little Princess electric toothbrush, a variety of nightwear, then Sara was allowed to choose some cuddly toys. Sara was in her element, choosing Mr Rufus as her favourite, he was a big floppy dog, a giant soft teddy bear, wearing a pink dress and pink bows in her hair, this was Princess and an elephant, she called Nellie. Lastly Si chose one, a big soft seal, he called her Spanked Suzy. This was to be her teddy bear she could cuddle when he was punishing her. She loved it. They went online and bought some dummies for adult littles, naturally they were pink and sparkly, just how Sara liked it.

They loved this dynamic, as soon as they were out of work mode, they became Daddy / little, only occasionally did they show their dynamic to other people, except Teri. Their friends knew about it but had never seen them as Daddy / Little.


Si felt himself relax much more when Sara snuggled into him, this is how he liked it. Sara reached to get her glass of wine, but rather than reaching properly for it, she tried to move the tray with her foot, spilling the wine on the tray.

“SARA, naughty girl.” Si shouted at her, smacking her bottom. “Get that mopped up before you get wine on the carpet or sofa.”

“Owwwww Daddy, sorry, it was an accident.” Sara pouted, She hurried to the kitchen to get a cloth, cleaned up the spilt wine then went to snuggle Si again.

“Be careful please, if you spill any I will spank you.” Daddy told her, before they snuggled again, he kissed the top of her head.

They both enjoyed the cheese board and the program had finished, So Sara picked her wine up and drank the last bit of it. She never gets a full glass, it’s only ever filled about a quarter full. But she hadn’t noticed that wine was under the glass after she spilt it, and a big drop fell and landed on the coffee coloured sofa. Sara suddenly realised and moved Mr Rufus to cover the spillage but Si had seen it.

“What have you just done ? Sara answer me.” Si sounded cross. Slowly Sara moved Mr Rufus to reveal the drop of wine on the seat of the sofa.

“What did I tell you ? Am I going to have to buy you sippy cups ?” He shouted.

“No Daddy, no sippy cups, I’m not a baby. It was an accident.”  Sara cried out.

“Get in the corner whilst I clean it up. It better come off.” He exclaimed, going to get some stain removal cleaner and another cloth, Sara sniffled in the corner, cuddling Mr Rufus.

Si managed to get the stain off, mopped up the remaining water leaving the rest to dry, he went to put everything away. Coming back into the room he picked out a Jokari paddle he keeps in a cupboard then went to sit back on the sofa.

“Sara, come here!” He ordered.

Sara walked over to him, sucking her thumb, and holding Mr Rufus.

“What did I tell you about the wine ?” He asked.

“To be careful not to spill any. Daddy I’m sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose.” Sara begged.

“No but I told you to be careful, you always do silly things then say I didn’t do it on purpose, it was an accident. You need to be aware of what you are doing and take notice. Now you will be going to bed with a spanked bottom.” He stated.

Sara began to cry, “Please Daddy, please…….” But it was too little, too late.

Si grabbed her arm and dragged her over his knee, before she had chance to speak, his big hard hand started spanking her backside. She cried and fought against him, her legs kicking, her hands punching the sofa, he spanked and spanked her hard and down her legs, when one leg reached way back to get in the way of his spanking arm. Si slapped her even harder on her thighs, then moved one of his legs over hers. Locking them tightly together. He grabbed the waist of her pyjama bottoms and yanked them down, as Sara tried to get hold of them to stop them going down. Si just grabbed her wrist, holding it behind her back so she couldn’t do anything. The bottoms were yanked below her knees, then he pulled out the paddle behind his back, and began turning Sara’s bottom crimson. Poor Sara cried, screeched, yelled, but Si continued and lectured at the same time.

“What are you going to do next time Sara ?” Si asked.

“Be careful Daddy, I’m sorry.” Sara screeched.

Ten more wicked swats pounded down on her ass, Sara was beyond sore now, this was a thrashing. The eventually it stopped.

Si stroked her tender ass, making her jump and yell out, then when he stroked her with his nails she fought to get away.

“No Daddy, No, please, Don’t do that.” Sara begged.

“Are you now telling me what to do ? Are you little girl ? I am your Daddy, I am in charge, not you.” Then with each statement, he walloped her cheeks and legs so hard Sara just collapsed over his knee, no more fighting, she accepted her punishment and prayed it would be over soon. And it was.

Pulling her up he turned her around and took Sara into his arms, letting her cry into his shoulder, he rubbed her back, kissed her forehead, saying soothing words to her, until eventually her sobs slowed down.

“I wish you weren’t so careless, this isn’t the first time is it ! You need to be aware of what you’re doing. I will buy some sippy cups tomorrow, next time we have wine, you will have it in that. Understand ?” Si said.

“Y….Y….Yes Daddy.” Sara barely able to get the words out.

“Now go to our bedroom, stand in the corner for 30 minutes then go straight to bed. You’ve now had an extra hour and a half past your bedtime because of this so tomorrow you will go to bed an hour and half early to make up for it. Now go, leave your pyjama bottoms down.” Si slapped her bottom until she stood up, tears falling down her face then went to her corner, setting the timer on the dressing table. Her bottom felt on fire, bruised, hot and terribly painful. As soon as the timer went off, she carefully climbed into bed, managing to get onto her side and soon fell into an exhausted sleep. But not before she touched around her bottom, feeling the heat, the welts, the bruises coming out. It may be very painful but she loved to feel her bum after a spanking, a tiny smile was on her face as she drifted off.



Whist the girls were recovering, Si was doing a bit of online searching whilst at work. He was a Commercial Director for Sunshine Desserts, selling top of the range puddings, he looked after all the sales teams. It was a busy, stressful job but he had worked up to get this position and he loved it. Having his own private office meant sometimes he could go online which was usually a rule they tried to enforce. But he knew everyone still did, as long as it didn’t affect their work, Si turned a blind eye to it.

He knew his friends well, he knew they would post a lot of photos on Instagram, snapchat and twitter, and the chances are, everyone else, apart from Sara and Teri would think Sara was allowed to go to the party. He had already explained he couldn’t go as his workload was very busy and he would be working late. I bet she didn’t tell them she wasn’t supposed to be there, I bet she didn’t ask them not to put photos of her online or send them to Si. So he went delving into the web. He was soon proved right, photo after photo of the party, when he saw the first photo of Sara he froze. There was a mix of his cock twitching coz she looked fucking amazing, but his blood boiled as he saw the size of her tiny bikini. No one should get to see that much of his wife and she knows that. He was beyond fucking mad, as he continued to look through the volley of photos they had all posted. Deciding to print off half a dozen photos of her, drinking, having fun, in that itsy bitsy bikini.

He now had to decide what to do, he really wanted to confront both Sara and Teri together. Then came up with an idea. Messaging Teri, he wrote,

Hi Teri, look I feel a bit guilty that Sara can’t come to your party, especially as you moved the date, hoping she could still go. But you know when I say something I mean it. Why not come round on Friday night, we can have a takeout and have some fun. Stay over if you want to, it gives you and Sara some catch up time and I could do with my two favourite girls keeping me company too.

Happy with that he pressed send. Putting the photos he had printed, in his briefcase, he would not want an of his staff to see them.

The girls were sat in their favourite restaurant, The Warehouse when the message came through. Teri read it then showed it to Sara.

“Ahhh he feels guilty, that’s nice of him.” Teri said.

“Yes, he’s a good fella and he mustn’t have a clue about the party. Say love to then.” Sara said, a slight sick feeling went through her body, did he know ? No if he knew, he would be screaming blue murder now, he would be furious so he would probably phone her to tell her off and warn her there would be a serious spanking waiting for her when she got home. So she put the sick feeling down to her feeling guilty.

Teri replied, Yes, love to come, and Stay over, we can have a great catch up.

Si smiled when he read the reply, and she will stay over, hmmmmm this was going to be fun for him. He thought to himself.

Sara and Teri enjoyed a nice meal and they were just relaxing with a coffee, fully recovered from the night before. Sara broached the subject that had been on her mind since Si told her what he wanted.

“So Si told me something the other day, I’m sure he will mention it on Friday. Erm, I don’t know how to put it.” She stumbled with her words. “Okay, you know our life, our dynamics, I know you’re interested in something similar yourself.” Teri nodded her head, listening intently. “When he said he would spank you if he found out you lied, you know he will do it don’t you ! ” Sara stated.

“I don’t know, would he really do it ? “ Teri asked.

“You know Si, he doesn’t say anything, if he doesn’t mean it. How would you feel if he did ?” Sara asked.

“Well you know I got those dreams after he told me, I don’t know. I mean it’s kinda exciting, but he’s your hubby, I wouldn’t be naked would I. Surely you wouldn’t agree to me being naked. He wouldn’t spank me like he does you ?” Teri exclaimed. “Would he Sara ?” She started to sound horrified.

“Well, firstly, Si believes a naughty girl should be spanked bare……the bare bottom.” She told Teri when she looked confused. “ I wouldn’t have a choice how he spanked you, I’m his babygirl, I just do as I’m told, well mostly.” She giggled.

“And would he be as firm to you as he is to me….Yes Teri he would.”
Teri just sat open mouthed, taking it all in.

“But there’s more Ri………he wants you to be another submissive to him, he wants us all to eventually play together, you, me and him.” Sara said quietly.

Still Teri sat looking gobsmacked.

“Ri say something.” Sara told her, holding her hand.

“I don’t know what to say, i mean, how do you feel about it ?” Teri asked.

“Well at first I was like you now, horrified, Si wants someone else to join us, not live with us, but another girl, who could be a little, like me or a submissive. She would follow similar rules like I have, some will be the same as mine. He will punish her as he sees fit, eventually he would collar her like he has me, but he wants to incorporate play with this girl. Either me and her, him and her or all of us together to play, explore our sexuality.” Sara explained.

“But I’m not gay, neither are you Sara, I’m not sure I could, you’re my best friend, I don’t want to lose you.” Teri stumbled, rubbing her face, scratching her head.

“What did you say to him? “ She asked Sara.

“Well at first I was shocked….but he wants this, I don’t get much choice, except I want to help pick the girl. That’s why I said, I’d rather it was with you. I don’t want to play with a stranger, plus can you imagine te mischief we could cause.” They both giggled then.

“Well, putting it that way, I would feel like you. But ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.he’s your husband. How would you feel if we were…..you know…..fucking.” Teri asked.

“We would always play together Ri, if he wants us to play together, he would watch. If it was punishment, I would help pass him the pain implements, or you would, and we would also play. He doesn’t expect us to just jump into bed and fuck, he knows it would be a slow process. He said, he may order me to go down on you, and if I refused he would punish me until I did. Same as you.” She told Teri. “Say something, please Ri.”

“Okay, well see what Si says when I come round on Friday, but I’d quite like to be a babygirl, we could be little sisters.” Teri said. “See on Friday.”