Chapter 6, Rayanna the very naughty mouse.

Its been a long time since I wrote a chapter of Daddys story, so I hope you can remember it.

Rayanna, the very naughty mouse. Chapter 6.

Whilst Rayanna was chatting away with Suquie, her Mamma was busy cleaning up the kitchen after lunch, getting the afternoons school work ready. The phone rang, picking it up she saw it was her husband. “Hi Sebastian, you ok ?” It was unusual for him to phone whilst in work. “No, I’m not ok. I forgot to take Rayanna’s mobile of her. I don’t want her to be in contact with anyone. I’ve just tried phoning her, and the line is engaged. Do you know about this ?” He did not seem happy about this. “I…..I gave her permission to call Suquie.” Honey told him. “Since when have we allowed our children to use their mobile phones when they are grounded. You should have realised I had just forgotten to take it off her and done it yourself. NOT give her permission to call her friend.” He was furious with his wife. “I know Sebastian, but she just needed to make sure Suquie was ok, they are only chatting hunnie, She’s been a really good girl this morning.” Honey tried to stay cheery, but really she was beginning to feel very nervous. “Oh well, that’s ok then, she’s been good for A morning, after all that’s happened. Really Honey ?” Sebastian told her. “We will talk about this later. You’ve made a grave mistake, one you should never have done. You know mobiles are not allowed if grounded. I’m surprised at you. I will see you later, I think you know what is going to happen.” HE hung up, leaving Honey looking at her phone, her hand shaking slightly.

She realised she had just made a terrible mistake and she was going to pay for it. Once Rayanna finished her lunch, her Mamma asked for her phone. “Why Mamma, Pappa didn’t say take it away.” She whined. “No he forgot, he’s just phoned me to say he tried calling you, he knows you were talking to Suquie and he’s not very happy with me at all.” Rayanna thought she knew what she meant by that statement, so without moaning, she handed her the mobile. Mamma smiled, whispered thank you, then took it away. She felt worried about what her Pappa would do, also, would he be mad at her too. She hoped not.

Rayanna continued her homework, there were a few things with her maths she didn’t understand, so she would have to ask her Pappa for help. Mamma wasn’t very up to date with maths nowadays, as it had changed considerably since she was at school. Honey busily prepared and cooked the evening meal and quickly all the family returned home from whatever they were doing, school, college or work. Sebastian was the last to come home, he’d had a very busy day and felt very tired but he had to deal with his disobedient wife. The family chatted non-stop during dinner, only Rayanna and her parents knew something was wrong, but it was always like this. Eventually Honey had cleaned up, Sebastian went to get some bits done himself, then went to see Rayanna. “Hi Pappa, could you help me do my maths. I was struggling with it.” She got up to get her book and together they worked through the parts she was struggling with, he was very good at explaining how to do the working out, she didn’t want to be told the answer, she wanted to know how to do it. Eventually she had completed it all.

“Now Rayanna, come sit on the bed a moment. I believe Mamma gave you permission to speak with Suquie earlier ?” He asked, “ Now you know the rules if you’ve been grounded don’t you ?” He asked, the sound of his voice chilled Rayanna a little. “Y…Yes Pappa, I only wanted to……..” Rayanna began, until her Pappa put a finger up. “Do you know the rules Rayanna ?” He asked, she looked at the floor, “Yes Pappa,” She whispered. “Then why did you ask for your phone ? Your Mamma should have known better than to give it to you, but you should also have known better than to ask. Should you not ?” He asked patiently. “I..I..just wanted to check on Suquie Pappa. I…….” Rayanna tried to explain. “I don’t want excuses, I want you to learn to follow my rules. Over and over you disobey me, well no more. You’ve been a spoilt little brat and I’m not putting up with it anymore. Now you need you’re bedtime spanking before I deal with your mother and I can tell you, I’m not happy with either of you.”  “PaPappa, please.” Rayanna began. “No more Rayanna.” Her Pappa stood up, began unfastening his belt, pulling it quickly through the loops of his trousers, dropping it on her cot, he sat back down and in one quick movement, he grabbed Rayanna’s wrist and threw her over his knee. Her school skirt flew over her bottom before she had a chance to breath then her Pappa began spanking. All the while lecturing her about following his rules at all times, and he was fed up with both her and her Mamma thinking they don’t apply to them. It was going to change from now. Rayanna refused to cry, she was mad at him, she didn’t see any issue with wanting to check up on her friend. Well she was NOT going to cry.

Her Pappa stopped then, reaching for something, she spotted what is was. It was her wooden long school ruler. As he began swinging heavy swats across her sit spots, Rayanna became more and more angry, punching her Pappa’s legs, kicking backwards to try to catch his arms, He ended up putting one leg over her so she couldn’t kick then grabbed both arms and held them behind her back. “And this behaviour is also not accessible, and will only land you in more trouble,” her Pappa said, swatting the back of her legs, now Rayanna fought the tears away, I will not cry, I will not cry, She told herself, over and over, refusing to get up even though her bottom and legs were now burning madly. “Get up and get over the bed, don’t you dare move,” Pappa told her. She lay over the bed, hugging her pillow tightly under her head. 

Pappa grabbed his belt, raised at and whipped it across her backside, her sit spot and legs until eventually Rayanna couldn’t hold back anymore and she sobbed into the pillow. It didn’t long to break, Pappa knew she reached her limit, he hated punishing his little girl but enough was enough and she had to learn this.

Stopping, he dropped the belt on the desk, lifted her up, scooped her onto his knees as he sat on the bed, she immediately began hugging him and he did her. Rocking her gently, side by side, hissing her head. “Right lie down, let me rub some cream on, then you can go to bed,” Rayanna climbed off her Pappa’s knee, she was so sore and tender it hurt so much to walk and move, tears began to fall down her face again. Pappa picked up the cream, “Now, what are you going to do with this cream ?” He asked as he gently rubbed it on her bottom, and legs. “Erm, I’m gonna rub cream in morning and night, and maybe during the day, if I need too.” She stuttered. “That’s right, because if you don’t ?” He asked once more, “You will spank me Pappa.” “Good girl, you know I will, I expect you to be obedient, I won’t tolerate this behaviour from any of you, my children or my wife. Now all done, go wash your face and then you can have an early night.” Pappa told her. “But it’s only 7pm Pa……..” She began. “Do I have to give you a reminder of what happens when you don’t do you you’re told ?” He sternly asked, his eyes turned steely grey and his face un-relenting. “Yes Pappa.” She muttered as she walked to her bathroom  to have a wash, then she went to bed crying into her pillow until she fell asleep.

Pappa put his belt back on and went to the living room, he was exhausted. He helped himself to a drink a took a long sip, thinking about Honey, who he knew would be in a panic, worrying about what her fate would be. No doubt she will have heard Rayanna cry, and he would be sure that Honey would be more than crying by the time he’d finished with her. Recently her disobedience had become inexcusable, He intended on making sure this will not happen again and Honey had no idea what was in-store for her. He had booked a long weekend away, Thursday until Sunday, the older children will be in charge of the youngsters and he knew, they would follow the rules, 100%. Honey will think it’s going to be a lovely treat away from home but she will be in for a shock. There was a very special place, almost like his second home, Acorn Snuggery where his disobedient wife will be going. It’s a very old exclusive, private club only for men who have the highest respect from public clubs are allowed to join. There anything goes. It is designed for Masters to bring their subs back in order, Specially trained Dominants / Dominatrix’s who are called The Matriarchs work here, using all and any forms of punishment, torture and humiliation. Subs are brought there and left, to be dealt with by these Matriarchs. So they know their misdemeanour must have been extremely serious for them to be sent here. Next door is another private retreat, only for the Masters. Here, in their private quarters, they can continue as normal. They could do work here, or just use the chance to catch up with fellow Masters. Surveillance cameras were everywhere in the Snuggery, and in the retreat the Masters can watch anything that happens, to their own sub and to others. They could even talk to the Matriarch’s via their earpiece. It is recorded and put on a memory stick for each Master, when they leave. It’s an incredibly expensive club to join, but even if you were a millionaire, if Masters from other clubs did not pay them huge respect and get voted into the club, you will not get in. 

It will be extreme, the worst any sub can experience, but, all subs know if they are sent there then there will be unbearable punishments and torture, yet they would have to dig deep inside tthemselves to take it. Only once a Master is sure the sub has learnt their lesson, the retraining will stop. But if the Matriarchs disagree then the sub will stay longer. Sebastian had only sent Honey there once, after being married 5 years, and she only lasted 24 hours. This time she would be there 60+ hours, and he had no intention of ending it early.

She will learn, but she will learn the hard way.

Piggy/Miss Adira’s monthly blog. Cock pics.

So what have we all been up to….well to be honest not a right lot. Last two visits have been cancelled due to myself and Aurora/Serf being ill, so it’s been quite a disappointing few weeks that has been very frustrating as there should have been visits with us all plus a visit with Aurora, where she was owed a punishment but that has been postponed as-well, postponed though not forgotten.

I bet you wondering what is there to write about, well here you are… night I was left obsessing about cocks, 50 cocks to be exact….what’s wrong with that I hear you Say, so you’ve heard me say before that Sir is an evil genius and that I never know or try to guess what he’s thinking.

One night Sir and I were just chatting when I received a message “ I feel a challenge coming”. Oh these words send my mind spinning, what, when,  why and who. Now I sit and think do I wait or dare I ask, I dare to ask as I’m a bit impatient. “ Group or just me ?” “Just you” was my reply, now my mind really does kick into overdrive, I then asked “Dare I ask what ?” now my answer was rather quick “ I want you to draw 50 cocks by the end of tomorrow, they can be sketch or simple lines drawing, but the last one I want full colour and detail and it better be a cock you’d like to have fuck you “ Now you say that’s not too bad, no it might not be, but I’ve got work that day, then don’t get home till gone 6pm, so on and so forth. Now this is where my obsessing comes in, I begin to think, I can’t draw, how many cocks do I need to draw in an hour to get my 50 done. You may not know that previous challenges my counting abilities have let me down big time, so I’m now panicking but it was bedtime so to sleep I went. Guess what I dreamt about that night, cocks, oh and get called a dirty slut ( which a girl can never complain about, well not this one) so the day arrived.

It didn’t start as I’d hoped and before I knew it, it was lunch and no cock drawn, so my mission began. I started in batches of 5/10s. First lot sent, I just Imagined Sir laughing his head off cause let me tell you as the day progressed I did wonder if I  actually knew what a cock looked like. Let me tell you, you ain’t seen nothing like them, I tried to vary them some hard, some not so, apparently some rather big ….rather rather big so much so that Sir passed comment on the size of some them, so I progressed through the day drawing and sending, receiving comments like ‘well they have strange heads, is that a dog,’ I think I had one compliment of that’s a good sketch, so I think we established 1 out off 50 proves I’m not very good at drawing or I should pay more attention when I’m close to them for such occasions as this. I continued with my doodle doodles and finally at around 7pm I’d done all 50 drawn and sent, now I have to admit I wondered is this it or will there be more. Luckily that was it and Sir said “Top cocking today Piggy.”

I’d managed it 50 cocks, in fact I think I managed 51, I did 2 coloured ones…….so my counting abilities didn’t let me down and I did have quite a giggle doing them as I’m sure Sir did receiving them……

Well we are on holiday soon, so I’m sure they’ll be more to report next time

When will I learn to listen to my sensibe head instead of my stubborn head.

After being ill for just over 7 weeks with chest infections, I finally felt well enough to restart all my tasks. I had new lines from Master:

April is best when Miss plays with my chest and Master fills me with cock. Daddy can watch, and play with his crotch before cumming into his sock.

And from Daddy;

I am a very good girl and I will always obey Master, Daddy and Miss Adira, if not, they will punish me.

I was to continue with alternating maths and english for Daddy.

Miss Adira told me to continue learning the same spellings and 8 times table. As I hadn’t done my tests yet.

It takes me around 3 hours to complete these tasks first thing in the morning.

So Saturday came and Miss Adira told me she will be video calling me on her lunch break, to do the spelling test, I felt 80% confident I would get them correct. Before I went on sick leave again, I got ⅘ on my mock test, as I only do half the spellings then. These were my spellings; Handkerchief. Millennium. Liaison. Maintenance. Pronunciation. Government. Questionnaire. Privilege. Assassination. Chauffeur.

The test began as Miss Adira had the list written in her notebook, she keeps notes on every test. All organised we began, the first couple were right, then I started to get them wrong. In the end I only got 5 correct. I got my notebook to see if I had been spelling them wrong every day, and I had.

Millennium. Pronunciation. Government. Questionnaire. Privilege.

We then had a “little” talk, I had these words for a long time, I should have got at least 8 right. So as I got them wrong I will be tested on them again next week along with the next set of words.

“I can’t believe I got so many wrong, and that I’d been writing them wrong every day, in fact it’s partly your fault. You never spotted I’d been writing them down wrong.” I said. “I don’t look at them, you were the one who began taking photos of your homework and sending me them, I never suggested that you do that and I never said I would check them. Besides which you can’t see or read it properly from the photo. When did you begin spelling them wrong ?” Miss Adira asked me. I looked through my homework book and realised I had written them down wrong from that week. “So you never checked the spellings after your sick leave, and now your trying to blame me.”

The conversation changed then as Miss Adira needed to get her lunch but it didn’t stop me still complaining about my score.

“It is partly your fault,” I moaned. “I sense you want 20 spellings ????” Miss Adira replied. “No chance, just saying fact,” I grumbled. “Okay, if there’s no chance, then its 25.” I can picture Miss Adira sat at her desk, finding all this amusing as she knows me too well and she knows I won’t give up. She’s probably talking about it with her work colleague who knows all about us, discussing what punishment she will give her submissive for being a brat.

“WOT” I shout at her. “Shall we continue ?” She asked. “Especially as I’m now looking at words.” By this point I’m in a major strop. “Look at words. That’s not fair.” I moan at her. “Well you shouldn’t have said no chance, I’ve always said choose your words carefully. Bet your pouting now.” She asked, I could almost hear the amusement in her voice. “Yes I’m pouting and I’m sulking.” I blurt out to her.

Why can’t I just give up. Except what is said without complaint !!!!!!

Then I got another message, a choice…Miss Adira likes to give choices….

“Go back to your original 15 words and get a spanking of my choice, not a punishment spanking but some implements I’d like to try………or you get the 25. I will give you until 14.10pm to decide.”

I had 10 minutes to stew and sulk, to ponder what should I do, give in and accept what Miss Adira offered or sulk and be a brat and just ignore her. So that’s what I did, I ignored her.

“Oh dear, now it’s your turn to wait,” She replied and didn’t send any messages. “You’re just being a meanie now,” I told her stroppily. Why !!! Why did I say that……

“ Answer me this…..I say you might do something, you tell me no chance. Then you WOT me. I then give you a choice and you throw a stubborn brat fit and refuse to make a choice. Then you say I’m mean. So lets evaluate that statement……I forgo some punishment owed, from you saying I’m frustrating. You don’t send me a goodnight video, therefore uncompleted tasks. I remind you about an outstanding task, which I still didn’t get. I don’t recall being mean as no punishment was set for any of the above. Therefore Aurora, would you like to evaluate your statement that I’m a meanie.” Miss Adira stated.

I read this message a few times, but I can feel my anger, my stubbornness reaching boiling point. So I begin to complain about everything that was in that statement.  “I’m just pointing out that I’m only mean now because it doesn’t suit what you want.” Miss Adira replied. “You chose to ignore me.” “You know I get sulky and stubborn when I don’t wanna do summit, “ I grumble. “So does that make it acceptable ?” Miss Adira asked. “No I guess it’s not acceptable,”I sigh loudly and still sulk. “Oh you only guess ?” she stated. I roll my eyes, huff and puff, “OMG, no it’s not acceptable.” I reply, very nearly shouting it to her, plus including some curse words that I knew she would then tell Daddy  “You had to include OMG didn’t you. So in the last hour I’ve had bratty Aurora, sulky Aurora, sassy Aurora oh an my favourite stubborn Aurora. So all of the above, just in case you’re not to sure…..are not the Aurora’s that I wish to accept. So I’m gonna hazard a guess you’re gonna guess this right….the spanking that wasn’t gonna be a punishment, is now.” Again I huff and puff as I read the message, this was something I didn’t want. I never wanted a punishment spanking from Miss Adira, for one reason, she has always said that she will only give a punishment spanking when it’s something serious, otherwise she prefers to set lines, essays or other such things, so I know I’ve gotten into real trouble today. She won’t tolerate me moving, putting my hands back, not answering her correctly. In fact she would probably get the bed harness out and strap me down tightly. There’s no chance of talking her around the punishment, offering to do summit else or just begging. In fact that would probably just make things worse.

A few minutes later my list of new spellings were sent to me;

Millennium. Pronunciation. Government. Questionnaire. Privilege. Invigilator. Qualification. Mathematics. Boulevard. Xylophone. Chameleon. Schnitzel. Emptiness. Diagnosis. Pneumonia. Investigation. Functional. Rationality. Phenomenon. Misinformation. Stubborn. Sassy. Brattiness. Sulky. Punishment.

“So how many times have you rolled your eyes ?” Miss Adira asked. Do I tell the truth ? Do I tell a little white lie ? I chose the truth. “Ermmmmm quite a few times.” i replied, feeling very very guilty then. “See I know my girl……” She replied. This made me giggle, yes she certainly does know me. Spending 6 months together as just subs for our Doms, she has witnessed how much I strop, sulk, argue, brat. She has seen every tiny bit of my naughty behaviour as well as all my good girl points too. So she certainly does know every bit of me, now as my Domme, I know she will know when I start huffing, when I roll my eyes, sulk, pout and when I start to giggle or smile at her messages or sexy photos she’s sent me.

So as usual my stubbornness, brattiness has earned me my first punishment from Miss Adira. She told me she will be using the Little Devil paddle, the Giant Devil paddle, the jokari and her crop. As she said hers is “nicer” than ours. So you will have wait til next Tuesday to hear about it. The day will begin with a coffee or cuppa tea for M’am, followed by my maintenance spanking, THEN my punishment. After that we will spend the rest of the day in bed. And yes, even though I’m due a punishment, I will still be getting my maintenance spanking. So it may not be a nice start to the day, but at least the rest of the day will be nice.

First real punishment from Daddy.


First real punishment from Daddy.

I was a bit nervous that Saturday night about the punishment coming up. We’d had a lovely day, my first maintenance spanking from Miss Adira, nice dinner and watched a movie. But we all knew this was still due.

When the film ended, it was getting late. Too late to watch another film, Miss Adira asked Daddy if he was going to get it over with as time was going by.

He got up and went into the cupboard to get out the 2 bamboo canes I’d made months ago after cutting our bamboo down a bit in the garden. He got the loopy out of my bag and told me to go upstairs. His tone had changed, no longer the kind gentle Daddy, more a very annoyed Daddy, that got me upset.

I had to set the video again, this time hoping it would record as my other spanking that day hadn’t. And I was gutted because I really wanted my first spanking from Miss Adira to be recorded. Master is looking up different video cameras or a gopro camera for me to use instead of my phone as it’s not recording or taking photos more often now.

Daddy told me to lie on the bed, not over the footboard, I quickly did I was told. Then the lecture began, along with the loopy, no warm up, no soft taps. And I’ve said before how much a light tap hurts, Daddy and Miss Adira will agree how nasty it is. I did try to stay in position but I was soon rolling side to side. The hits were relentless as my hands began coming round or fisting the bedsheets. I hated hearing Daddy so upset with me, I never intentionally go out of my way to disrespect him. And it usually happens when he says no, or I don’t wanna do something, the brat opens her mouth and stuff she knows should not be said, is said. But I also knew I deserved every swat.

I’ve no idea how many swats I got with that loopy, sometimes wondered about buying one of those finger counter things, then I could watch the video and count them. I may just look into one. A good friend of mine used one to count how many times I was caned on one video, few years ago. It was 200. But you’re never aware at the time, you’re only focus is the pain.

Daddy stopped for a minute, asking me if I wanted a pillow, I think he knew I needed something to hug onto, maybe hoping it will stop me rolling. It didn’t though, but he would grab my ass or hips, roll me back and continue. The tears were flowing into the pillow, my cries louder so I bit into the pillow to stay quiet. Or as quiet as I could.

I heard Daddy drop the loopy and pick the canes up. One was thicker, one was more whippy and thin. There wasn’t really a pause when the caning began, oh I need to try to control my rolling. It’s so much easier to be honest to be tied down, or be over his knee so he can hold me down. But I guess punishments are not made to be easy. The caning hurt so badly over the loopy, the swish of the cane, the mega sting then burn.

Luckily or not for me, the tip of the cane flew off, and watching the video back I could see Daddy checking my bottom as I knew I was bleeding a bit. For whatever reason, Daddy didn’t pick the second cane up. To be honest I hadn’t even realised he didn’t use the second one.

Instead I heard him rummage around in their toy drawer. The first whip of the Alcatraz strap shocked me, now I love the feel of leather on skin, strap, belt, I love them. Not however on top of the loopy and cane. And by the name of this strap its fiercely powerful, it’s long so the tail will catch your sides, the holes blister, burst and burn your skin. This was the first time either of us had used this since we bought it for Master at Christmas. Can I honestly say I wouldn’t want it again, no, course I would, unless it’s used harder and for longer then I’m sure I will want to be hiding it away.

Thankfully Daddy didn’t use this strap for long, before dropping it on the bed and coming over to me, at the side of the bed. Bending down he lifted my head up and saw my tear stained face, he kissed me gently, at first I felt too upset to want his affection, but this only lasted a second or two. Then I held his arms, our heads together, Daddy whispering soft words in my ear. I didn’t crawl into his arms, I was too sore to move so Daddy lay on the bed, hugging me tightly until my tears finally stopped. I knew Daddy hated to see me cry but I deserved every swat. Being a brat is one thing, but being disrespectful is one thing I don’t intend to be again.

During the time I wrote this blog, my curiosity got the better of me and I counted the strokes,

48 with loopy

10 with cane

7 with Alcatraz strap

Saturdays play and my first maintenance spanking from Miss Adira.

Saturdays play and first maintenance spanking.

Master and I arrived at Daddy’s at the usual time, 2’ish, Miss Adira gave us both kisses, she was naked as expected by Master. We had coffees, and played with Blue, who was so excited to see us both, he just jumped from settee to chair, licking us, Master was teasing him as usual, encouraging him to howl as he had done with our dogs. He loves having his other Mummy and Daddy round.

I sat on the chair still dressed, when Master asked why I was still clothed, “Oh erm, sorry.” I quickly stripped off, and sat down to watch TV and enjoy my coffee. Miss Adira told me I was doing a lot of fidgeting on the chair so I quickly picked my coffee up and sat still. When I finished my coffee Master asked why I was sat there, all on my own. I think it was really because that’s where Daddy and I sit, but he was at work so Miss Adira told me to join them on the settee. I cosied up to Miss Adira, Master would occasionally stroke my hair or lean over to kiss Miss Adira then me. It felt nice being with them as a threesome, not awkward or like I was invading their time. I knew it would be their time when Daddy came home, then it would be our time too.

After we had finished the 2 parter we watched, Miss Adira said, “Sir I’m going to take Aurora upstairs to do her tests then give her a maintenance spanking. Would you like to join us ?” “No you go, I’m happy watching a bit of YouTube.” Master told her, so we got up and left him to it. Though I thought he would join us at some point, to watch, give Miss Adira advice or instructions or join in but also I knew he could watch it from the camera he had put in their bedroom.

“So what toys did you bring ?” Miss Adira asked. Going to my bag, I pulled out the little devil paddle, the jokari and loopy. She took the little devil and jokari.

Heading upstairs, Miss Adira asked if I was not bringing my cuddily, I shook my head, feeling a bit foolish that I wanted it when I was with her. But when I got upstairs, I changed my mind so ran to get it. Miss Adira had her notebook to makes notes on my test and write my mark’s down, so she sat on the windowsill as I sat on the floor, crossed legs, Marshmallow sat on my knee.

It was weird, something clicked in my head, this was me, being a little felt so natural to me. I loved sitting on the floor looking up at my Mistress and I wanted to make her proud by getting top marks. The maths was easy peasy, 3 x times table so I breezed through them. The English was a bit more tricky but I was disappointed that I got 2 wrong. Miss Adira was very proud of me for my first tests. So next week I was to learn my 8 times table, I know this one will take some thinking, she gave me some good advice to make it easier so I’m going to try her way as well as my way. The spellings will be sent to me later that day, as she wanted to find some harder words for me. And what she sent was very very hard so it’s going to take some concentrating to remember them for next week.

Next came the maintenance spanking. But first Miss Adira wanted to know exactly where she can hit, so she doesn’t strike where my discs are damaged and where my internal tens machine was. I pointed where the scar was, “ Anywhere around the scar, you can feel the box inside me, so nothing can hit that incase it breaks it. Then for my back, anything from my tail bone up to here.” I pointed up to about the third of the way up my back. I’ve 6 degenerative discs there. “So basically any lower back area.” She said. “Yes, then anything from there up my back is fine, across shoulders fine.” I explained. “Okay, but I think I will wait for your Daddy to do your back first  so I can watch.” Miss Adira told me. “I will say if it’s a bit too near any area if that’s okay ?” I asked. “Yes definitely you must until I’m confident in what I’m doing.” Miss Adira pulled out some of her own toys, the studded paddle, the punch paddle, a fly swat plus my little devil paddle and the jokari, whilst I got the camera ready. Once ready I awaited my instruction.

“Bend over the bottom of the bed,” she said. They have a cushioned, curved footrest which is ideal for any sort of fun, play or spanking. I got Marshmallow, bent over the bed, tucking Marshmallow under my arm and waited. “Anything in particular you want to start with?” she asked. “No, erm little devil.” I replied.  “Little devil what ?” she asked, landing the first swat and continuing harder until I replied “Little devil Miss Adira.” Immediately she softened the strikes as she continued. I noticed she liked to cover the entire area of my bum, up as high as she could go, round the sides, all cheek then lastly lifting my cheeks up to reveal my sit spot. She noticed I wasn’t fond of my sides being hit so obviously she enjoyed getting those spots more. After a while she asked if I wanted a change, “Yes please.” A few harder whacks before “Yes please Miss Adira,” I said quickly, then she stopped. “What do you fancy next?” she asked, I looked at the pile and suggested the punch paddle.

The nice end was just the same as our spanking hammer, it feels great, gives you good internal bruising but also makes the blood rise to the surface which makes the smacks tingle much more.

So whilst enjoying the pounding suddenly there was a terrific whack. “Owie,” I cried out, my leg went up, my hand came around. The whacks continued, as hard as a wooden whack with the sting of leather, “This continues until your in position.” Miss Adira told me. “Would you like the hammer back?” Still whacking me until I got into position. “Ow yes.” A stronger whack, “Owie yes Miss Adira.” I cried out. “See your getting it, go out of position I go harder, not answer a question correctly I go harder.” Oh she’s enjoying this a lot, I thought and far stricter with my wriggling around or answering properly.

Miss Adira continued with the hammer, surprising me with a few hard slaps with the other side. As usual I did what I always do, brought my leg up, or hand around, so the hard swats began until I moved back again. ( Maybe this will make me learn…. who am I kidding, probably not.) Eventually she asked if I’d like to change, “Ow erm Ow, the studded one please Miss Adira.” She stopped immediately then started with the leather studded one. I didn’t think this would hurt as much as it did, the paddle side was stingy but not like the hard side to the puncher. But the metal studs stung a lot on already tender skin as I heard my Mistress chuckle, she knew this was hurting. I began turning to my sides, my leg began to move up, Whack, leg down, then a few more wallops my arm began moving round stopping before I reached fully around. “Arm,” whack, “Owie,” I cried louder. The harder whacks continued all around, turning as I tried to protect my sides, leg up as I tried to protect my sit spot. All my failure so awarded me extra hard swats. “Would you like a change?” she asked. “Y..yes please Miss Adira.” I gasped. “What next?” “You choose Miss Adira,” I said getting my breath back.

I felt the familiar paddle on my skin, the jokari. Something that the slightest tap stings like mad. At first the slaps were mild’ish hits which got more painful as it continued, also liking to cover my entire backside again. I stuffed my face into Marshmallow, hugging her tightly, crying out into the bed. She paused for a moment rubbing my cheeks, scraping her nails along my raw skin. “You’re going a lovely colour, but I think you can take more. What do you think?” She asked. “If you think so, Miss Adira.” I replied. Picking up the fly swat she flicked it across me, it didn’t hurt but gave a tiny sting, enough to make you jump a tiny bit. But I think this was too tame for her as she put it down. And picked up the little devil, now it was really starting to hurt and she covered everywhere but once caught close to my tail bone. I cried out loudly, saying “Too close to my tailbone.” What I need to watch is the wires from my tens machine lead up and attach to my tail bone. They are secured to nerve which then gave me feeling to my bladder again. So though I’ve lots of padding by the tens machine, I haven’t higher up and by the tail bone. So a wallop could damage the wire or disconnect it. But Miss Adira didn’t realise, and Daddy has hit the wrong spot and so has Master. It must be difficult not to accidentally hit the wrong area even for the most experienced Dom/Domme.

The spanking lasted quite some time, in the same continuous fashion, if I forgot to say the right thing. I must admit I loved her way, she kept checking to see if I was red enough, and continued until she thought I had a nice crimson tone. Now as this was my first maintenance spanking, and in the future it will be shared with Daddy, with no particular number, just until THEY decided I had enough, I’m pretty certain, this spanking will be the mildest I get.

Apparently Miss Adira was able to sit on the footrest next to me, comfortably, and able to spank me very easily in this position, I can only imagine Daddy on one side, Miss Adira on the other. And the maintenance spanking will happen every time I meet them, or just one of them. My bottom will feel the sting a lot in the future, and it’s all rather exciting.

Once my spanking was over, Miss Adira said,  “Now I’ve been told by Sir that every time you get spanked I have to check if your excited or not.” She slid my legs open with her foot and her hand came down, feeling my wetness. Now I’m not a bit ashamed of her finding out how much I enjoyed it, if anything it will show her she did everything right.

Her fingers slid inside me, her nails scraping my insides and out, maybe something I will just have to get used to, but it stung quite sharply.  But I did explain it to her, she suggested wearing gloves but that’s no fun, so I think it’s a question of me just getting used to it. Her one thing she really wanted to do was to get me to squirt. I know Master and Daddy have explained exactly where my button is and I’m very pleased to say she found it very quickly. Soon I was desperate to cum, begging, unsure if I was to ask like I do for Master and Daddy, but I was too excited to think about that then. The floodgates opened and I squirted, my cum dripping down my legs, an orgasm I will never forget. Miss Adira slipped her hand away, rubbing on my clit. “Better save some for your Daddy.” A very nice thought but she will eventually realise my tap never seems to end and I can squirt 6 – 10 times in a day. A lot.

When I stood and got my balance back, I kissed her, thanking her for a very nice spanking. She told me she enjoyed it a lot, this made me very happy and hopefully made my Mistress very proud. “Sir has told us to go to bed and have a good smooch,” I giggled, I bet he watched it all and was now very hard and excited too. Soon he joined us and stripped off quickly. He lay next to Miss Adira, reaching over to kiss me then kiss her, whilst we continued to smooch. Suddenly I felt the mattress move a lot and I opened my eyes to see him stood over us both. Watching us kiss, wanking himself off. I knew what was coming and at that second all I thought was please don’t get it in my hair as I had got it restyled and cut short that day and wanted it to still look nice for Daddy when he got home. A massive blog of cum landed in my eye, I heard him chuckle, as his cum dropped over my face, over Miss Adira’s shoulder, ear and face. Master always has a large amount of cum each time, so there was more than plenty to share. He chuckled again as I tried to scoop the cum out of my eye, leaving the bed to go to the bathroom and try to wash it away, without ruining my makeup. Then Miss Adira washed herself clean.  It was only after she had done it, did I wonder if I should have done it for her. I think maybe I should and will in the future.

Feeling very refreshed and happy, we went downstairs to watch TV until Daddy got home. He spotted my new haircut straight away, even though we were sure he hadn’t. He told me off lightly for telling a little white lie about not booking the appointment, but said he loved it. This made me even happier. We walked across the road to the chip shop to get our dinner, and enjoyed that whilst watching a film, it was a very exciting visit, but it wasn’t over for me. I had my first real punishment coming up, but that’s for a different blog.

A new task for Daddy from Master is to write a blog every month. Here’s his first one and I think he’s done a great job. Enjoy the read.

This life and time of Manho the Daddy

So, where do I begin, I would say right from the start would be as good of any place as any July 2017, but before we start here’s a little about me. I am nearly at my 42nd birthday, I am now a Daddy to my beautiful girl Little Minxs and a sub to Master, I am nothing to look at, 5’5”, slightly curvy (a lot), and a rather wicked sense of humour, and this little tale is how I became a Daddy Dom and submissive and the journey I have taken to get here so sit back, hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

As I said it came about in July 2017, the exact date I cannot remember, myself, my beautiful wife and our son was at a close friends house party and my wife had told me that she had full intentions of getting drunk “So don’t expect to go home early,” she says to me just before I went off to work that morning.

So, after a hard days graft (honest) we were at our friends house having beers and chilling, enjoying ourselves, I became rather tired and just wanted to sleep however Piggy, my wife, oh yes Piggy is the name given to her by Master G, or as she refers to him as Sir G, any way I digress, so being tired I just wanted to go home and sleep, however the lovely wife, Piggy had other ideas, just letting loose and getting drunk, now she had already polished off a bottle of wine and what ever else to be had consumed earlier that evening and was well on her way on the second bottle. Now Master and my Little Minxs will very well understand what happens next after Piggy has had a couple of bottles of wine, all I can say is Dr Jekell and Ms Hyde…….so I think it may off been about 11’ish we shall say and I asked Piggy if we were going home, this was a very stupid thing to ask really as she had already gave me the heads up she was planning on staying out and enjoying herself, so with the question asked she said “I told you this morning that we were staying out and I was planning on getting drunk,” so with that I skulked away, I do get rather narky when I’m tired so this didn’t help matters much.

I went into the front room of our friend’s house and sulked, after a bit I went back to join the rest and Piggy must of known I wasn’t happy which is when things in both our lives turned…and I must admit now for the most defiant better. I could see she was getting upset and I tried to stupidly talk to her but she just kept telling me to go away as I was making things worse, now I have seen her upset before and we have both been through a lot but to be honest I have never seen her this upset and I was crapping myself a lot as I didn’t know what to say or do to make amends at that point, and yes I should of left her alone but the pig headedness in me kept mythering her and winding her up even more to the point she just came out with the one sentence I would never forget, “I need more”.

Now at first as a man I just looked at her with a gormless expression on my face, and the response I could only give her was “eh”, “I need more, different cock”, now that hit me like a sack of shit, as believe me when I say my self esteem and confidence took a big blow was a understatement. She carried on explaining what she meant and we talked, and one thing in all of this is I didn’t want to loose her, this extraordinary, magically, wonderful woman who has been in my life for at least 13 years, so I told her I would be willing to try and do anything within reason. That evening or should I say early hours Sunday morning we went home and had nookies.

The next day we sat discussing this further, she reassured me that I wasn’t doing anything wrong but she had desires and needs and found it hard to approach me about them, I must admit I do have a very open mind and now has been opened even more after our experiences in the swinging seen and now in our polyamorous/ \Dom dynamic with both Master/Sir G and my Little Minxs/Masters Serf…with this being said this story will unfold next month when I write about our first meets, till then take it easy…..


Two weeks with a chest infection and getting very fed up now.

Two weeks with chest infection.

I’m getting really fed up with being on sick leave, after 2 months with my back/ chronic  pain being so severe, 2 weeks of feeling well, I get this chest infection.

Coming to the end of week 2, still coughing like crazy, 2 lots of antibiotics and inhalers, plus steroids and my chest is still as tight as it was at the start. Never had one before, apparently dr said that was very lucky as I have asthma, but feeling drained is an understatement.

Yesterday I thought I was at the end of it, felt energetic, well my version of energetic. Cleaned the shower, kitchen, irons my sons shirts for his new job starting Monday  and cleaned out our bearded dragons home. Probably overdone it.

It’s gotta start feeling better coz me, Master, Daddy and PiggyJ are going to Blackpool, play in the arcades and staying over at their house.

But we seem to be giving each others cold germs, one after the other, Daddy has a bad cold now, Master is still snotty from his cold last week. PiggyJ was the first to have a cold but it seems to have cleared completely. But it’s not gonna stop us meeting each other, I’m really looking forward to it.

Blogging A – Z Challenge = D.

Blogging A – Z Challenge.

D = Deceitful.

This story continues from March 28th Wicked Wednesday’s, The Evening meal blog, about the lives of Toulla and Marissa, 2 very naughty little girls.

Deceiving their Masters.

Master and Sir were both going away, they had big, important meetings planned, as an expansion in Dubai was hopefully going ahead. They owned the business together but they were also brothers, powerful brothers, they all lived together in a large house with their families. Dan, Master’s wife / slave Toulla and their 3 children, Rob, Sir’s wife / slave Marissa and their 4 children. They led an unusual lifestyle because the men were both Head of House, meaning they were in charge of all decisions for the family, and they owned their wives, both were collared slaves. As they lived together almost like 1 big family, both Master and Sir took charge of both families, if one was away, the other was the main HoH, he was in charge of the slaves and all the children, like I said, it was an unusual household but it worked perfectly for them.

For both men to have to go away together though, was out of the ordinary, they never liked to leave the family without one of them being there, so they had left strict rules to obey, disobedience would bring hefty punishments. But they knew their slaves, and if they could break the rules they would, they were 100% brats when left to their own devices. Unfortunately this business deal meant they both had to attend and leave their naughty slaves at home.

Marissa and Toulla did have plans, a party at home for their friends, but first they had to sort the kids out, the oldest ones would tell their fathers for sure. So as a treat, and a treat to be kept secret, they were allowed to have sleepovers at their friends houses, something that was dead against the rules when its a school night. The youngest children were told a little of the secret, sworn not to tell but they felt the younger ones may not understand it all anyway, and they were allowed their own little sleepover.

All the children, big and little, had helped to build a fort in the playroom, cushions to sleep on, party food and drinks, a TV was fitted into the wall of the fort so they could watch all the kids favorite TV programs. They decided to ask one of the babysitters to come over just to be around if the youngsters needed anything. Debs was the daughter of a good family friend. She was going to sleep over in one of the guest rooms which was next to the playroom, so she could spend the evening in there, studying for university and listening for the kids. Debs was from a HoH family, but since she moved out, she has had a bit of freedom, so she could be trusted to keep this evening a secret. Everyone was excited, Marissa and Toulla invited their friends, they all knew it was unusual and it was only happening because their husbands were away. They also knew the dynamic in their family, and had asked if it was a wise thing to do, but the girls were very stubborn, once the decision was made, they would not cancel it. It was up to them, they knew the risk, they would be in serious trouble if caught but this chance has never come up before, so they were not going to miss it. Honestly they felt like teenagers having the house to themselves for the first time, whilst their parents went on holiday without them.

So everything was planned, the older kids headed of to school with a backpack of clothes etc for their sleepover, they were terribly excited. The younger kids were over-excited to be sleeping in the fort and the women had a fight to keep them calm. In the afternoon, the phone rang, Marissa was in the shower and Toulla was getting shopping out of the car. Neither heard the phone ring so Freddy, Toulla’s 3 year old son answered it. He was hyperactive and his father instantly knew something was going on.

“Hey Freddy, where’s your mummy ?” Dan asked. “What’s going on today ?”  

“Mummy’s busy and Auntie Marissa is in the shower getting ready for the party, we’ve made a fort Daddy and we can sleep in it tonight.” Freddy was so excited he forgot the secret.

“A fort eh ? Sounds exciting, are all of you sleeping in it?” He asked. Rob looked confused at Dam talking about a fort, so Dan put the phone on loud speaker so Rob could hear the conversation.

“Me, Frannie, Tammie, Susie and Kaine. Debs is coming to look after us. Mummy’s bought us sweeties and fizzy pop and……….” Freddy stopped.

“And what Freddy ?” Dan asked calmly. “Where are the older kids then, they not sleeping with you ?”
“No Daddy.” Freddy said quietly.

“Then tell me where they will be, Freddy you know it’s very important to tell the truth don’t you. You won’t be in trouble.” Dan told his young son.

“Mummy and Auntie Marissa have got friends coming tonight, Mummy said they were going to have special fizzy pop and have their own sweeties, so me, Frannie, Tammie, Susie and Kaine were allowed to sleep altogether, Tali and Harry are having sleepovers at their friends houses, but Daddy it was meant to be a secret, now I’ve ruined it. Mummy and Auntie Marissa are going to be mad with me. ” Freddy started to cry.

“No Freddy you can still have your sleepover and you’ve done nothing wrong. Wipe your tears away Freddy, you’ve been a good boy telling me the truth. Now can you pass this phone to Mummy or Auntie Marissa please,” He said calmly. 

Sniffing, “Yes Daddy,” Freddy replied and Dan could hear him walking around. He called out to his Mummy but got no answer, so he padded upstairs where Auntie Marissa was having a shower. Dan heard the water running from the shower. Freddy knocked on the shower door, shouting for her attention.

“Freddy what is the problem ?” She asked, opening the door a bit.

He passed her the phone, “Daddy wants to speak to you or Mummy, but I can’t find Mummy.”
She stepped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around herself and took the phone, letting Freddy skip out of the bathroom.

Marissa took a deep breath, “Dan, what’s wrong ? Freddy said you needed to speak to us, it sounds serious.” She spluttered.

“Yes I think it is. I want you and Toulla in my office in 10 minutes sat at the desk, so we can skype with you. We have some important things to discuss.” He was so calm he shocked himself, but without giving her a chance to reply he hung up.

Quickly she went back into the shower to rinse her hair, dried herself and rushed to find Toulla. A worryingly sick feeling started in her stomach. Finding her unloading the car, she told her about the call. Leaving the shopping in the car, both girls looked worried as they hurried to the office. Turning Skype on, it rang almost immediately.  

There in front of them was Dan and Rob, not looking very happy.

“Ladies, hello. Now I’ve just had a nice chat with a very hyper Freddy, and he filled me in on the fort, he’s so excited about sleeping in it, and the other kids are sleeping over too.” Dan told them.

“Oh errrrmmm  Dan, yes we thought the kids deserved a treat.” Toulla said, trying to sound calm.

“Yes and I suppose you thought you both deserved a treat too as Freddy also mentioned you were having friends over!” he stated. Looking at them both sharply.

“What are the rules, do you just hold a party when you feel like it ? Do you ?” Rob asked sharply.

“Ermmmmm we just thought as you weren’t hear it kinda wouldn’t matter ? We only thought about it today.” Marissa said.

“Really, REALLY,” Rob shouted. “So why had the kids gone to school all ready to have the sleepover, why had this fort been built already, why was Debs already coming round, why had you already been shopping for special pop and sweeties ? Answer that but think about your answer first.”

The girls looked at each other, their fingers twirled together nervously, Toulla could feel Marissa start to shake, so she quickly placed a hand on her leg, Marissa grabbed her fingers and held on to them tightly.

“We are waiting, but just be sure, you are both in so much trouble now, do you want to make it worse by lying. Because we will find out.” Dan said, he was seriously stern, calm and quiet.

“Okay, Rob, Dan, we just thought we would have 6 girlfriends around, and just have a nice chat, a few soft alcoholic drinks, food and that’s it. The kids deserved a treat as they work so hard in school….” Toulla said, her voice threatening to quiver.

“Or more like, a bribe for the kids, don’t tell Dad we are having a party and you can have a sleepover. If you tell, then we are all in trouble, more like. Rather deceitful I would say. Encouraging your children to lie if we were to ask them……” Rob stated.

“Look it’s no biggie Rob, nothing’s gonna happen.” Toulla replied, her confidence growing. Let’s face it, they were in Dubai, what could they do about it.

“No biggie Toulla. You deceive us, you’ve obviously planned this days ago.” Dan shouted at her. “Now I want you to phone all your friends and tell them it’s cancelled. The children can still have their fun, it’s not their faults their mothers are dishonest and duplicitous. You will not be sitting down for a month, never mind a week. For now until we arrive home, you are both grounded then God help you both.” He had to stop before he just exploded, he had never felt so mad.

Toulla was just as mad though, her stubbornness making her more bratty, “No Dan, we are not cancelling, you’re going to punish us anyway, so what difference does it make it. Now we’ve got to go.” Marissa looked horrified as Toulla hung up.

“What, Marissa, we’re deep in shit anyway, least we might as well have a bit of fun anyway, what can they do, they’re in Dubai for Christ sake.” Toulla stood up, adamant she wasn’t cancelling it.

“Toulla, what have we done ?” Marissa said as Toulla walked to the whiskey, Dan kept in the office. She poured a hefty shot in 2 glasses, handed one to Marissa, “Right down in one, this will calm you down, so we can enjoy the party.” They downed the drink, when Marissa poured some more, shocking Toulla but then she just grinned, “If we are having this party, I need to get pissed beforehand. So I can forget what we both know our futures will be like when they come home.” Pouring yet another, the girls were already giggling as they carried on with getting ready. Luckily Debs arrived early and took control of the excited youngsters, who already had all the forbidden goodies set up.

Toulla got dressed as Marissa got the remaining drinks out of the car. Music on in the background, soon their girlfriends all showed up and they were having a ball. Pretty quickly the wives were quite drunk after the shots they had earlier. But they didn’t care, there was nothing the husbands can do now, so they were going to enjoy it.

Little did they know, the husbands did have something they could do about it, and soon, Dan and Rob’s younger brother, Seb, entered the house. Now Seb may be the youngest, but as a rugby player, he was a huge man, and not a very happy man.
“Seb…..what are you doing here ?” Toulla exclaimed. 

“Doing here……I get a phone call from my 2 very cross brothers, that their deceitful wives had arranged a party, refused to cancel it, thinking it didn’t matter that they were in Dubai. So they’ve asked me to come and stay with you.     Ladies, I’m sorry, but this evening is now cancelled, please would you go home.”

The girls sat looking at each other, before slowly getting their stuff together, leaving quietly. Marissa and Toulla sat together, holding hands, they looked shocked, guilty and embarrassed all at the same time. When Seb had shown everyone out, he came in, hands on his hips, he looked so angry at them.  “So, how do you think I feel right now, doing my own things, my own life, when I get this call from your husbands, so I have to stop what I’m doing because you 2 deceitful little girls planned this entire night, lied to them, refused to do as your told and hung up on your husbands. I’ll tell you how I feel, angry, shocked and bloody livid with you. Now I’m here to stay until they come home, I’ve been told to punish you both, not for the party business, your husbands will deal with that, but because I am now involved in this deceitful plan. And I promise you, punish you I will. But first I want this place spotless in 30 minutes then we will discuss what happens next. Now, you deceitful brats. Move it.”


Wicked Wednesday. The Evening Meal.


The evening meal.


Every Thursday and Sunday the families come together for dinner. The two brothers were powerful men, worked hard in their business together and at home. Both men were HoH, and it was expected the rest of the family respect each man, Dan and Rob were both Masters to their slaves. But they were also Sir’s to each brothers wife. The men tolerated no misbehaviour from either family member, and would reprimand in whatever way they chose. But the wives loved this dynamic even if they had super strict Masters. The children thought this was normal family life, but their friends did think it was strange, but accepted it.


Today the tension was a little high, the children had been given their blessing to leave with their dessert, Marissa and Toulla cleared the dishes, bringing coffee and whiskey to the men as they talked. Both men as Masters, sat at each end of the table, in big dining chairs with armrests, the rest of the family sat on normal chairs. Once the drinks were served, the men changed conversation, Marissa and Toulla were talking about the children, when Toulla stopped suddenly, listening to the men.

“We’ve set the business weekend, on the 20th, the group from Dallas can come then and so can Dick from Sweden. I’ve invited Susan, I think she should be there to learn the set up. Obviously Toulla and Marissa will be there to entertain.” Dan was saying.

“Good, yes I think we can set…….” Rob was rudely interrupted.

“The 20th, I can’t do anything then, I’m going to a concert. You know that Dan.” Toulla stood up and shouted.

“You will do as you’re told.” Rob sternly told her.

“Well I’m not fucking going,” She spat out at him. “You knew I was going out Dan, why do we need to be there?”

Rob glanced briefly at Dan, who returned with a subtle nod.


Quick as a flash Rob grabbed Toulla’s ear, dragging her off the chair and sent her over the arm of his large chair. She fought him like a wild animal until he slapped her hard across her face twice. Pushing her over the arm once more, Rob lifted her dress up, revealing a large plump bottom, the remains of bruises evident. Tucking the dress out of the way, he began to take his belt off.

“Soap Marissa.” He barked at his wife, Marissa knew exactly what he meant, she was in shock at Toulla’s tantrum, she had never seen her react like that before. She hurried to the kitchen, where the special soap was left, she wet it until it had gone all sudsy then put it on a plate and brought it back to Rob, with a cloth to wipe his hands.

Rob took the soap, ordered Toulla to open her mouth wide so he could rub the soap along her teeth, inside cheeks, roof of her mouth and tongue, then he told her to hold it in her mouth. Toulla had started crying already, realizing what a stupid thing she had just done, she herself was in shock. But when the first strike shook her body, burning her ass, the tears flowed quickly, and holding the soap was becoming tricky.

Rob’s thick, heavy, leather belt whipped across her bottom so quickly, her cheeks wiggled and jiggled continuously, the sight of the belt burning a layer of skin away as it first went white then quickly changed to crimson. Both men were incredibly strong and prided themselves on their powerful body, this could be felt during each punishment given. Still Rob never slowed his pace, her ass was now purple, thick welts travelling across her hips and legs.


All the while Marissa looked down at her knees, she never liked to see anyone punished but she wasn’t allowed to leave, Dan on the other hand looked like he was admiring his brothers belting, he did enjoy watching his wife get beaten, especially for a punishment. He would have his turn when Rob had finished, but he would never say to him, she has had enough. Both men took their roles seriously, and could whip the woman raw if they thought the punishment was necessary. They did not deal with fluffy punishments, even with the children, they would get a strong hand spanking or paddling.


After at least 15 minutes of continuous rhythm, Toulla was crying hysterically, tears streaming down her face, but somehow the soap never left her mouth. Probably from all the experience she had of mouth soaping. Her teeth stuck deeply inside the bar, but soapy slobber fell out of her mouth, it was disgusting.

“Right stand up, young lady, I hope you’ve learnt not to swear at me or interrupt ever again.” Rob said sternly.

He handed her the plate to put the soap on and the towel to wipe her face.

“One mouth rinse then straight into the corner. I think you should be naked for your corner time.” He told her.

Miserably Toulla headed to the bathroom, turning the cold tap on, she turned her head to get the flow of water going straight into her mouth. Swishing and spitting, she worked quickly, as technically this was not one rinse, her arse burned so hot, tight and sore. But she knew Dan wouldn’t forget how she spoke to him. Why did she always throw a tantrum, if she had just explained the double booking, he might have understood, now there was no way he will let her go. Giving her face a quick wash, she dried then hurried back, got undressed then stood in the corner, hands on her head. Tears still flowing as her chest heaved, shoulders shook as she cried and sniffed quietly. Letting the saliva fall out of her mouth so she didn’t swallow soapy slobber.


Marissa quickly tidied the table when Toulla’s daughter walked in, stopping when she saw her mum. This was never hidden from the children, someday it was expected that they will marry into a HoH relationship too.

Marissa stopped to help her, leaving Toulla feeling even more ashamed of herself.


Dan left her in the corner for 1 ½ hours, by then it was her bedtime. He sent her to get ready for bed, but he told her to be bent over the bed ready for a date with his cane. Nodding sadly, Toulla climbed the stairs, thankful to brush her teeth but not for the expected caning. He was in their room waiting for her when she came in. She bent over the bed, hugging a pillow.

“Toulla I was very disappointed in how you spoke to me, had you explained I may have made other arrangements. Now you are not going, you’re grounded for a month and either Rob or I will give you a daily caning to remind you of what happens when you disobey the rules. I will give you tasks to do daily, I expect them done. You don’t want to disappoint me again, do you ?” He asked.

“ Master. I’m sorry.” Toulla managed to splutter.

“I know but actions have consequences.” He told her, lifting up his cane.


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Wicked Wednesday. Daddy was sad but Darcy was sadder.


Daddy was sad but Darcy was sadder.

Darcy was having an internal, quiet celebration, Daddy’s most favourite pain implement had snapped. His highly expensive ( not ) shoe horn from Ikea. She wondered if places like Ikea realise the things they sell, us kinky spankos will put to use as a good pain implement or something suitable for BDSM. Most of the things Daddy bought were very strong and painful, we had only one item, a butter paddle, that snapped after only a few uses. But his shoe horn, cost all of £2, it was incredibly strong and very very painful. She always knew when she was in serious trouble if this was brought towards her or if she had to get it for him. Often she would be crying before he started to use it.

But today, just as Daddy dragged her over the armchair, yanked her jeans and panties down, he took the horn off the door, went to wallop her when it snapped in his hand. She could hear cheers and fireworks going off in her head, it took all of her willpower not to cheer YES out loud.  Daddy was really sad, unfortunately he said he would be driving past Ikea next week, so he would pop in to buy another one. Maybe buy a few just so he had them. Oh darn it, Darcy thought as she went to get up, pulling her panties up quickly.

Ermmm young lady did I tell you to get up and pull up your panties ? He sternly told her.   No Daddy but I thought………..She started to say. You thought wrong, get back over and just take your panties and jeans off. Do you not think your Daddy has other things he could use. Darcy started to cry, she had upset Daddy and she was in no position to upset him more. Do not move young lady, Daddy ordered then he left the room. She heard drawers opening, cutlery clanging about, then the drawer shutting again, she then heard him go upstairs. She dared herself to get up, but she didn’t yet. Daddy was upstairs for ages and Darcey was getting bored, so she risked it, she got up, grabbed a magazine and started to read an article on the 50 shades of Grey books. Soon, she became immersed in the article, some people loved it but they were all vanilla, meaning they were not involved in the world of kink. Us kinky folks who lived for BDSM and D/s dynamics said it was a very poor, misrepresentation of all aspects of BDSM. There had been many discussions about the books over the last few weeks, most of them she hadn’t bothered to watch. But this was interesting so she never heard Daddy walk down the stairs until it was too late. Dropping the magazine she flew back over the chair just as Daddy walked in. He knew instantly. Darcy have you moved ? He asked. No Daddy, I’ve stayed right here. She said sweetly, hoping it would hide the panic in her voice. Come here Darcy. He told her, pointing to the floor by his feet. Darcy I want the truth now, did you move from the chair ? He asked once more. No Daddy, I promise, I didn’t. Darcy began to say before tears became her traitors, as they fell down her cheeks. Then why are you crying ? He asked. Darcy just shrugged her shoulders and went to suck her thumb. A sure sign to Daddy that she was lying. Then explain to me how this magazine is on the floor now, when it wasn’t when I left the room. He walked to the open magazine. And just happened to be open at the 50 shades page, Darcy. Can you explain ? Daddy was losing patience, he went from just sad to angry. Darcy you know I don’t like you lying to me, tell me the truth. He tried to say calm, inwards though. this whole event amused him, she really did think she could lie to him, in truth he knew what she was going to do before she did. Darcy shook her head, her big blue eyes looking up at him, slipping her thumb out, she said once more, No Daddy, I promise. Right young lady, I’ve given you a chance to tell the truth, you can go to bed at 8 tonight. Daddy told her. Darcy looked devastated, she flew onto her feet, No Daddy please. You know it’s the semi-final of The Voice tonight, you promised I could stay up late to watch it. Please. She begged, she started to shout, the beginnings of a huge meltdown just seconds away. Little girl you better stop shouting right now, he warned. No Daddy I won’t, you’re not being fair. Darcy screamed. Daddy looked at her, he simply said, Bed after dinner, and now you will not watch the program at all, you will have to hear about it from your friends.

Darcy flew into the meltdown, stamping her feet, shouting, screaming, crying but now adding swear words. You’re now grounded for 2 weeks, do you want to carry on this tantrum ? He asked, folding his arms. Yes Daddy I fucking will, coz you promised, you said I could watch it. She screamed at him. That was the last straw, no one says the F word in this house. Grounded for a month, no phone, no iPad, no laptop, and bed as soon as I’ve finished spanking your butt raw. Daddy told her, grabbing her earlobe, he dragged her back to the chair and pushed her over it. All this Darcy because you couldn’t do as you were told and just stay here. I would have spanked you and it would be all over. Now you’re grounded for a month and can’t watch The Voice. You are your own worst nightmare young lady. Daddy told her, his voice sounding firmer as he got more annoyed. He grabbed the metal spatula and bath brush from the table, taking his belt off too.

After Daddy finished spanking her severely, the bath brush was now his favourite toy, until he went to Ikea. Darcy was so upset, more so to miss her favourite program, as she was told to go to bed. Sucking her thumb, grabbing her teddy it was her turn to be sad now. She cried into teddies tummy, whilst lying on her front, on her bed.

Daddy on the other hand was now sat alone, amused by the entire incident, watching his “adult” little girl throw a tantrum was always funny, but he never let her see he was amused until he was alone. She had many tantrums, in fact she was a wild girl but she was his wild little girl and he loved her.

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