First real punishment from Daddy.


First real punishment from Daddy.

I was a bit nervous that Saturday night about the punishment coming up. We’d had a lovely day, my first maintenance spanking from Miss Adira, nice dinner and watched a movie. But we all knew this was still due.

When the film ended, it was getting late. Too late to watch another film, Miss Adira asked Daddy if he was going to get it over with as time was going by.

He got up and went into the cupboard to get out the 2 bamboo canes I’d made months ago after cutting our bamboo down a bit in the garden. He got the loopy out of my bag and told me to go upstairs. His tone had changed, no longer the kind gentle Daddy, more a very annoyed Daddy, that got me upset.

I had to set the video again, this time hoping it would record as my other spanking that day hadn’t. And I was gutted because I really wanted my first spanking from Miss Adira to be recorded. Master is looking up different video cameras or a gopro camera for me to use instead of my phone as it’s not recording or taking photos more often now.

Daddy told me to lie on the bed, not over the footboard, I quickly did I was told. Then the lecture began, along with the loopy, no warm up, no soft taps. And I’ve said before how much a light tap hurts, Daddy and Miss Adira will agree how nasty it is. I did try to stay in position but I was soon rolling side to side. The hits were relentless as my hands began coming round or fisting the bedsheets. I hated hearing Daddy so upset with me, I never intentionally go out of my way to disrespect him. And it usually happens when he says no, or I don’t wanna do something, the brat opens her mouth and stuff she knows should not be said, is said. But I also knew I deserved every swat.

I’ve no idea how many swats I got with that loopy, sometimes wondered about buying one of those finger counter things, then I could watch the video and count them. I may just look into one. A good friend of mine used one to count how many times I was caned on one video, few years ago. It was 200. But you’re never aware at the time, you’re only focus is the pain.

Daddy stopped for a minute, asking me if I wanted a pillow, I think he knew I needed something to hug onto, maybe hoping it will stop me rolling. It didn’t though, but he would grab my ass or hips, roll me back and continue. The tears were flowing into the pillow, my cries louder so I bit into the pillow to stay quiet. Or as quiet as I could.

I heard Daddy drop the loopy and pick the canes up. One was thicker, one was more whippy and thin. There wasn’t really a pause when the caning began, oh I need to try to control my rolling. It’s so much easier to be honest to be tied down, or be over his knee so he can hold me down. But I guess punishments are not made to be easy. The caning hurt so badly over the loopy, the swish of the cane, the mega sting then burn.

Luckily or not for me, the tip of the cane flew off, and watching the video back I could see Daddy checking my bottom as I knew I was bleeding a bit. For whatever reason, Daddy didn’t pick the second cane up. To be honest I hadn’t even realised he didn’t use the second one.

Instead I heard him rummage around in their toy drawer. The first whip of the Alcatraz strap shocked me, now I love the feel of leather on skin, strap, belt, I love them. Not however on top of the loopy and cane. And by the name of this strap its fiercely powerful, it’s long so the tail will catch your sides, the holes blister, burst and burn your skin. This was the first time either of us had used this since we bought it for Master at Christmas. Can I honestly say I wouldn’t want it again, no, course I would, unless it’s used harder and for longer then I’m sure I will want to be hiding it away.

Thankfully Daddy didn’t use this strap for long, before dropping it on the bed and coming over to me, at the side of the bed. Bending down he lifted my head up and saw my tear stained face, he kissed me gently, at first I felt too upset to want his affection, but this only lasted a second or two. Then I held his arms, our heads together, Daddy whispering soft words in my ear. I didn’t crawl into his arms, I was too sore to move so Daddy lay on the bed, hugging me tightly until my tears finally stopped. I knew Daddy hated to see me cry but I deserved every swat. Being a brat is one thing, but being disrespectful is one thing I don’t intend to be again.

During the time I wrote this blog, my curiosity got the better of me and I counted the strokes,

48 with loopy

10 with cane

7 with Alcatraz strap




Sara’s behaviour continued to be very good, Her daddy was very pleased but also very suspicious, he knew Sara too well, a long period of good behaviour usually meant she was up to something. One Saturday morning Sara was grocery shopping, Teri phoned her house but got Si instead.

“Hi Si, is Sara in ? “ Teri asked, knowing full well she was out.

“No Teri, she’s at Tesco.” Si told her, he really liked Teri but she was just as much a brat as Sara was, she needed a Daddy in her life, but so far she had found no one.

“Oh, well can you pass a message on please ? I’ve cancelled the party, I didn’t want to have it knowing Sara couldn’t go, and a few other friends have had to cancel too. If we make it in 3 weeks, do you think Sara would be allowed to go then. PLeeaassseeee Si. She’s my best friend, I need her there.” Teri pleaded.

“Teri, you know she’s not allowed, change the date  so you’re other friends can go, but Sara is not allowed. It was part of her punishment.” Si told her.

“Si why do you have to be so mean, you grounded her for 3 bloody months, spanked God knows how many times. Is that not enough ? Stop being such a tight arse.” Teri complained to him.

“Young lady, if you had said that in front of me, I would have put you over my knee and spanked your backside until it was raw. Do not speak that way, it’s not becoming of you. What you need is a Dom in your life to control you, I might take that role myself one day. You need a good thrashing to stop you acting like a brat like Sara. The pair of you are just trouble together.” Si said sternly.

There was silence on the phone, “You can’t spank me Si.” She muttered.

“Do you want to try Teri ?” He asked, he actually rather liked the idea of Teri being a baby girl for him too, or maybe just his submissive. Teri was pretty with big tits, bigger than Sara’s, but had a curvy delightful ass. Mmmmmm what a thought.

“No Si, I,,,,I,,,,don’t think I do. Well could you just pass the message on please.” Teri said, she couldn’t wait to get off the phone and so she could speak to Sara.

“Yes Teri, I will pass the message on. But I will give you one word of warning, if you two are planning a way of getting Sara to this party, I will punish you both, I know full well Sara can’t do it without your help, So if this is your only warning.” Si told Teri. He smirked as he imagined her horrified face.

“Erm, yes Sir, I ermmm understand,” Teri stuttered. “B…Bye Si.” Hanging up the phone down quickly.


Teri sat for minutes, holding the phone, thinking about what Si had said, She’s not gonna lie, she got a quick thrill at the idea of going over his knee, and getting spanked, but she told herself off, this was her best friends husband, I can’t have these thoughts, even if he threatened it, she doubted it would really happen. But she phoned Sara and told her everything, including the spanking part.

“He wouldn’t do that, would he ?” Teri asked.

“No I don’t think so, though for me, if he said that, I’d believe him. Anyway, you think he believed you about changing the date ?” Sara asked.

“Yes I think so Sara. So we’ve 2 weeks to plan how to get you to the party, What are you wearing ?” Teri asked.

”I’ve got that planned Ri.” Sara was the only one who called Teri, Ri, she had done for the 35 years they’d been best of friends. “I’ve a new dress I bought ages ago, Si hasn’t seen it, but it’s really nice.” Sara told her. “Look I’d better go I’ve been here ages waiting for you to call. I’ll call you Monday when I’ve got more chance to talk. Love you babe.”

“Okay sweetie, please be good, or then again, maybe don’t.” Teri said giggling, her thoughts back at what Si had said.


Teri lay back on the settee, closing her eyes, she drifted off into a very erotic dream. Sara and Teri had been caught out in a lie again, it wasn’t about the party, it was about Sara buying some clothes, lying to Si, saying they were Teri’s, but then Sara was caught wearing one when Teri was with her. Si walked in and saw them together, recognising one of the dresses.

“I thought that dress belonged to Teri ?” He asked, but Teri didn’t know about the lie.

“Yes it does, but I borrowed it, you know how we like to share our clothes.” Sara said, giving Teri the look that meant, just go with me.

“Is that right Teri ? “ Si asked her.

“Oh yes Si, you know we share everything.” Teri lied quickly.

“Only without meaning to sound rude babes, you are a bit bigger than Teri here, so I would say maybe 2 sizes bigger. What size do you take Teri ? 14 ? 16 ? “ Si asked. “Well ?” As he asked her, he went behind Sara’s back and reached from the dress tag. Her dress said size 20.

Without thinking Teri said, “I fluctuate from a 14 to 16, depending on the shop.”
“Mmmmmm odd, you see this dress says size 20, which is just what you take isn’t it babes.” Si looked hard at Sara. “You’ve lied about these clothes again haven’t you Sara ?” Sara looked at the floor and nodded. “And you Teri, you lied to help cover for your friend, didn’t you ?” Teri looked scared stiff, but nodded too.

“So I see once again, I’ve 2 naughty little girls who have just lied to me. Sara, tell Teri what happens when you lie to me.” He said.

“I get spanked.” Sara whispered.

“Speak up.” Si ordered.

“I get spanked Daddy.” Sara said,

“Teri what did I tell you would happen next time you lied or covered for Sara ?” Si asked Teri.

“Well you said you would spank me but you’re not likely to do that really are you Si ? I’m your wife’s best friend for goodness sake.” Teri stated.

“You think I wouldn’t do it ?” Si asked, taunting her.

“Sara do you think I would spank Teri ?” He asked.

“Yes Daddy, I think you would.” Sara said.

“And Sara, if you’ve both lied to me, do you think I should spank both of you, or just you ?” Si asked her.

Sara looked at Teri, then went back to look at her Daddy, “Well, I guess if we both lied to you, then yes, I suppose you could.should spank us both.”
“Teri, now what do you think ? Should you lie to your best friends husband ? Do you think it’s fair if I spank Sara but not spank you for the same offence, just because I’m not your husband.” Si asked her.

“Well, I guess that’s not fair, but Si I don’t want to be punished.” Teri told him.

“I dare say you don’t, but I think you should and will be. You don’t mind if I spank Teri too, do you Sara ?” Si asked his little girl.

“No Daddy I don’t. I think it’s fair.” Sara told him, looking sorrily at Teri, but she just smiled very slightly.

“In that case, Teri I want to spank you first. Sara I want your bottom bared, standing in the corner, hands on your head, but this time you may turn around, I want you to watch your naughty best friend get a spanking.” Daddy told her. Quickly Sara did as she was told.

“Teri come here, remove your jeans and panties then climb over my knee.” Si told Teri.

Just as she took her shoes, jeans and panties off and went to walk nervously to Si, she woke up. Her entire body felt incredibly alive, her clit pounded so much it hurt and she felt very, very wet. Instead of feeling ashamed about this dream, she desperately tried to go back to sleep to see what happened next, but she just couldn’t sleep. Her mind was now too excited, she decided then that Sara would come to the party but she hoped Si found out.


Little story.

I know that certain sounds make my juices flow. The best one is hearing his belt getting unfastened and pulled through his jeans. The clink of that metal turns my tummy to jelly, and I start shaking from the inside out. Then I hear the sound of a drawer being pulled out, the unmistakable noise of items being shuffled about as Master searches for the toy he wants to use. I even hear it when I’m downstairs.

I can feel my pussy moistening, my clit throbs so hard, I’m desperate at that moment for Masters cock or fingers to come and release the pressure building up inside. I need that orgasm, I want that orgasm and mostly,  I want to go over his knee, feel his hard hand slap my butt, feel the sting, heat and pain,  over and over. When he lifts me up, orders me to lay over the bed, my pussy is gushing. He snaps the belt together as the buckle gangles about, I’m scared but needing it, I’m nervous but wanting it, as the leather whips across my backside and legs, searing my skin, burning it to boiling point, the pain indescribable. Tears flow down my face, falling onto the bed, I hear my voice beg, but my brain says keep going, my pussy longs for his fingers, his cock, my dildo’s but none come to explore me.

Instead I’m made to crawl to the corner, then stand up, my bottom crimson and scorching,  I’m not allowed to touch it, my hands are on my head. I stand there for eternity, as Master walks up behind me. He’s running his nails over my sore skin, making me wince and cry some more. He kisses my tears away, my pussy feels like it could burst as he bend down, he orders me to face the corner once more but pushes my legs wide apart. He chuckles as he sees my glistening pussy, “were you turned on by your spanking, naughty girl” and slaps my pussy hard. I gasp but push my butt out more, so he slaps it once more. This time I sigh and groan, I want more, I need more, but Master stands up. “naughty girls don’t get to cum, naughty girls stand in the corner,” then Master walks out and leaves me.

I groan as my pussy throbs so hard, can I risk touching myself, I thought, will he find out? My hand slips down, feeling my wetness, rubbing my clit, I nearly cum  right there and then, fingers slip easily inside as I start to grind against them, my thumb rubs hard on my clit and I explode in a thunderous orgasm, my fingers continued to explore as my breathing slows. I feel much calmer now but will Master know. I wipe my soaking fingers on my hot ass as my hands go back on my head. Master will never know,  will he ? Was he watching in the door ?

If he was what will he do, he will be very angry, but Master will never know, will

he ?


A little story as I was feeling horny and wanted a lovely over the knee spanking.

You can finish it off, if you wish, what will Master do next ?