Piggy/Miss Adora’s blog for November.

So another lockdown, another covid test and another positive result…

Pretty much getting fed up with it all now. So it was my hubbies and my turn to test positive this time. Only this time I had an appointment I couldn’t miss, I’d had to cancel it once already and really didn’t want to again. 

I’d been waiting for a an appointment to get my lady bits checked out. See, I’d had an abnormal smear and needed further investigation,  now I’d already cancelled it once before and really didn’t want to again. Well working out from my positive result date and my appointment, I was good but only by a few days. 

So, to cut a long story short, I’ve been to the appointment, the team I saw were fantastic and really did put me at ease. I’m due my results any day soon from the biopsy they took, so hopefully it’s good news.

A few selfies after Master decided he wanted some fun. The shoehorn and my ass.

Some selfies whilst dying my hair plum colour.

Think someone wants to give my ass a spanking.
Yes please Master
Spank me. Squeeze my ass. Then spank me more.

Got my butt spanked

Got my butt spanked last time as I accused Master of lying twice yesterday, he does not like to called a liar ever. As he never lies.

I couldn’t find 2 different things, thinking Master had moved them, to wind me up so I go looking for ages. They were actually where I left them.

Instead of asking him to help me look, or did he see where I put it, or just looking more, I told Master he musta done it. Unfortunately for me, I was wrong. And I deserved this spanking.

Master has now decided morning spankings will resume as he thinks I’m in need of it.

Last night I was bent over the bed whilst the Giant Devil walloped my ass.

This morning I was over his knee, whilst the Little Devil walloped my ass.

A new task for Daddy from Master is to write a blog every month. Here’s his first one and I think he’s done a great job. Enjoy the read.

This life and time of Manho the Daddy

So, where do I begin, I would say right from the start would be as good of any place as any July 2017, but before we start here’s a little about me. I am nearly at my 42nd birthday, I am now a Daddy to my beautiful girl Little Minxs and a sub to Master, I am nothing to look at, 5’5”, slightly curvy (a lot), and a rather wicked sense of humour, and this little tale is how I became a Daddy Dom and submissive and the journey I have taken to get here so sit back, hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

As I said it came about in July 2017, the exact date I cannot remember, myself, my beautiful wife and our son was at a close friends house party and my wife had told me that she had full intentions of getting drunk “So don’t expect to go home early,” she says to me just before I went off to work that morning.

So, after a hard days graft (honest) we were at our friends house having beers and chilling, enjoying ourselves, I became rather tired and just wanted to sleep however Piggy, my wife, oh yes Piggy is the name given to her by Master G, or as she refers to him as Sir G, any way I digress, so being tired I just wanted to go home and sleep, however the lovely wife, Piggy had other ideas, just letting loose and getting drunk, now she had already polished off a bottle of wine and what ever else to be had consumed earlier that evening and was well on her way on the second bottle. Now Master and my Little Minxs will very well understand what happens next after Piggy has had a couple of bottles of wine, all I can say is Dr Jekell and Ms Hyde…….so I think it may off been about 11’ish we shall say and I asked Piggy if we were going home, this was a very stupid thing to ask really as she had already gave me the heads up she was planning on staying out and enjoying herself, so with the question asked she said “I told you this morning that we were staying out and I was planning on getting drunk,” so with that I skulked away, I do get rather narky when I’m tired so this didn’t help matters much.

I went into the front room of our friend’s house and sulked, after a bit I went back to join the rest and Piggy must of known I wasn’t happy which is when things in both our lives turned…and I must admit now for the most defiant better. I could see she was getting upset and I tried to stupidly talk to her but she just kept telling me to go away as I was making things worse, now I have seen her upset before and we have both been through a lot but to be honest I have never seen her this upset and I was crapping myself a lot as I didn’t know what to say or do to make amends at that point, and yes I should of left her alone but the pig headedness in me kept mythering her and winding her up even more to the point she just came out with the one sentence I would never forget, “I need more”.

Now at first as a man I just looked at her with a gormless expression on my face, and the response I could only give her was “eh”, “I need more, different cock”, now that hit me like a sack of shit, as believe me when I say my self esteem and confidence took a big blow was a understatement. She carried on explaining what she meant and we talked, and one thing in all of this is I didn’t want to loose her, this extraordinary, magically, wonderful woman who has been in my life for at least 13 years, so I told her I would be willing to try and do anything within reason. That evening or should I say early hours Sunday morning we went home and had nookies.

The next day we sat discussing this further, she reassured me that I wasn’t doing anything wrong but she had desires and needs and found it hard to approach me about them, I must admit I do have a very open mind and now has been opened even more after our experiences in the swinging seen and now in our polyamorous/ \Dom dynamic with both Master/Sir G and my Little Minxs/Masters Serf…with this being said this story will unfold next month when I write about our first meets, till then take it easy…..


Still on sick leave.

Went to the Drs again today, well to see the same nurse. She said it’s not a chest infection, it must be the virus still. I’ve had to 2 weeks and apparently this virus can take up to 4 weeks before it’s gone. She’s given me a prescription for antibiotics, but said wait another week before getting them as she thinks by then, I will be feeling better.

Master started to feel better yesterday so he spent some time trying to fix his car. Today he spent all day on it, now having fixed it, hopefully.

But tomorrow he said, if it’s nice, rather than working on the car, he would go for a drive. When I asked if I could go, he said no, you’re still on sick leave, you’ve been to the Drs today, you’ve cancelled the theatre tonight so you can get better for the party on Saturday, going for a drive, in his Lotus, with no roof in the cold is not a good idea. So no, you can’t come.


Yes I know he’s right, and yes he’s thinking of me and my health. He knows I will be gutted if I had to miss the party, but it will be the only bit of fun we would have had for his weeks holiday. Guess I will stay in like a good little serf, though I do need to go to the shops for a quick shop.

Should I not have a choice, in normal day to day life as Master’s slave ?

I read a blog yesterday which got me thinking about myself, and how I am as Master’s slave.

The blog described how the submissive never asked questions, never expected anything, never asked for anything and never whined or moaned at any times especially when no orgasms were allowed.

I sat and thought about those words a lot. And though we have a wonderful dynamic, maybe I am topping from the bottom. 

But these occasions are usually during normal family life, yesterday for example, Master was choosing something to watch on TV, and chose one I didn’t enjoy. Until I said, Oh don’t put that on, let’s watch the other one. The minute I said it, I thought back to that blog, thinking I should not have said that, I don’t get to choose, I said, oh put the other one on, I know you like that. So he did.

I think at times what I find difficult is distinguishing our life and vanilla family life. I do have a tendency of playing up when our son is around, only to a limit though. Or even when we are with family I may be more cheeky than I am usually. And I know for me it’s a bit of fun and Master knows that, I’m never rude, but I love a chance to be a bit bratty. Maybe not even being bratty, I guess going back to the way I acted all the time before this lifestyle, being a little cheeky to others, cursing a lot more and to him, friendly play fights, when with family all the girls ganging up on any of the boys. I’ve noticed Master will now make comments to other people like, Yeah she will be going to bed early if she carries on. No one knows except him and me that he actually means it and I would do it. But then I know to stop.

But can I still have these giggles ?  Up to point of not being directly rude or disrespectful to Master. Other family members would definitely notice if I didn’t join in. They made comments a few years ago about why I was wearing skirts or dresses all the time, or discussing a new hairstyle, someone said cut it shorter and I’d say, no G likes it long, they replied, it’s your hair not his, it’s up to you. Of course they didn’t know that’s not how it works for us.


Sometimes I think it would be easier if we didn’t have to disguise our life when we were with others. My 2 best friends know, and sometimes Master would give me a warning to stop in front of them. Once when I really was being bratty, he actually said, If you act this way again just because your mate is here, you will go over my knee in front of them, and I will spank your ass til it’s raw, and you know I will do that, don’t you.  Yes I know he would do it.


As you can tell, this blog really did have me thinking. Am I topping from the bottom ? Or am I just being his partner on these occasions ? Master has never commented that I can’t choose during general life, he asks what should we watch, or what should we have for dinner, should I say, you choose Master. That’s fine if that’s what Master wants, I would do that. Or am I just overthinking things ? I think, I would like to add this as it brings the dynamics closer into our normal life. But it would be up to Master, I won’t ask him.


I also pondering over whining, I do this rarely, one time after feeling extremely neglected I asked if Master had gone off me. Not really thinking he was doing it purposefully. I really thought he didn’t want me anymore. But he sat me down and told me that as my Master, he would decide if and when he was going to touch me. After talking about it for a while, I understood. But going from being touched daily to nothing for a few weeks just had my mind in bits. I do have a tendency to overthink things, maybe that’s what I’m doing now, I don’t know.