Gonna be one of those days.

Gonna be one of those days.

I’m feeling moody, I think because I’m tired. It’s not even 10 am, and Master has paddled my tattoo free ass for giving cheek. He videoed it, posting it on our punishment whatsapp group chat, so Daddy knew I’d been giving cheek to Master.

Deciding to go back to bed as it’s raining, and have a rest.

I humphed to Daddy because he told me to be good, I’ve told him I get bratty when I’m tired. But got into bed and Master came in, phone in hand. “I believe you humphed at your Daddy,” he said, “I’ve been told to paddle your tits 5 times on each one. Come here.” Master said. “Take your nightie off.” He went to get a paddle out of the toy drawer, choosing a very gentle paddle, it’s actually the 50 shades of Grey paddle, a pretty soft paddle, but still gives a sting. He said, he didn’t want to go very hard incase it frightens Daddy and J away. But I can sense it’s going to be one of those days.

I get into bed when Daddy says have you done your lines, I said yes, knowing he’d want a photo. Le me see then, he replied. For God’s sake that means I’ve got to get up to go and take a picture. I went downstairs and took the photos of Master’s and Daddy’s lines, Master asked why don’t you just photograph them. I don’t know, I just don’t, I snapped at him.

When I went to leave the room, he told me to come to him.  Smoothing my hair away from my face, “Didn’t we have a conversation the other day, about showing respect?” he told me. Slapping my cheek. “Yes Master, Sorry.” I told him as he slapped my other cheek. “I suggest you think about it before speaking in the future then.” Master told me, giving me a kiss, then I went upstairs.

Maybe I should stay in bed all day, not go on whatsapp so I don’t get into more trouble.