And swearing yet again.

So Monday was a very bad day for me, I spent the day with mum and Dad, it was Dad’s birthday so we went for lunch. It was a lovely day, but ended a bit upsetting. Mum’s dementia switch went off, she went from being Mum to this stranger in Mum’s body, claiming I was in a mood with her and was giving her filthy looks. All nonsense, but to her it seemed real. It seems unfair to go and leave Dad to cope with Mum, but past experience has shown, it’s best to go, if she’s having a tantrum about me. Dad can calm her down better.

I always think I’ve accepted that Mum has Dementia and Alzheimer’s, but when the stranger appears, and vile, horrible things start coming out of Mum’s mouth, it affects me deeply. By the time I got home and told Master it really had upset me.

Master says I need to just let these comments pass over my head, but it’s hard to do that. He thinks until I can do that, every time Mum changes it will upset me. I guess I think he’s right, but it’s easier said than done when it’s someone so close to you.

Emotions and tiredness turned me into a moody brat. And instead of taking it out on Master, I took it out on Daddy, Master wasn’t well so it didn’t seem a very nice thing to do to him. But it wasn’t nice for Daddy either.

But he’s now experienced my grumpy moodiness when I’m tired. And my potty mouth also comes out.

Daddy asked what I said, I told him, Dave’s done a shit in the front garden. (That’s one of the dogs.)

Daddy laughed but then reeled off a whole load of other things I could have said, that didn’t include a swear word. This got me truly pissed off. I told him that I imagined he would say a whole selection of naughty words, had it been him, could I say those words. Knowing of course I couldn’t. Daddy firmly told me that his little girl would not use bad language. I said I was having an early night before any more words came out as I could feel a huge major brat attack coming on. I then told him I was not hacked off with him, tiredness, grumpiness and Mum is not a good mix.

I said I refused to reply to him, in case any BAD WORDS COME OUT.

His reply came quickly, LITTLE MINXS YOU NO BETTER. GO TO BED, NO TV.

Sending me to bed, no TV, “Master, can Daddy do this?” “Is it in your rules?” He asked, “No don’t think so.” I told him. “Then it needs to be in the rules, outlining any punishment he may want to give you.”


From here I’ve done something a bit naughty. Daddy video called when he got home from work today, Thursday, he said I looked absolutely shattered and needed an early night. I said I was, I was struggling to write my blog, so he told me to put it away until tomorrow. But I wanted it done today, so as soon as I hung up from Daddy, I continued to write it. Then tomorrow I’ve just got to work on my maths to catch up on. Thats 12 pages from last Sunday until tomorrow. Daddy said to do 4 pages tomorrow then every day do an extra page until I’m up to date but I would like to get them done. If I can. I’ve only got the blog from yesterday with Daddy to catch up on. I hate being so late writing my blogs. Oh and I’ve got to post photos too. Anyway let’s continue in secret to write the blog. Secret, why on earth did I put that, I know full well he reads them all. Oh well I could write it then post it tomorrow but I’d only end up admitting what I’ve done so let’s just finish it off.


Now this is where nice kind Daddy needs to stand firm and not allow me to act this way, no matter the reason or excuse.

Daddy apologised for being narky, he just doesn’t want me to use bad words. But Daddy said he needs to understand when you’ve had a poo day, I told him then, poo day or not, I should NOT take it out on him, I wouldn’t take it out on Master, I would just go to bed. It’s showing respect to Master and you, not disrespecting you both by taking my mood out on them..

Anyway, that night I had an early night, but had a terrible nights sleep again. After a week of little sleep, I’m not the best slave / little at all.

Tuesday morning, Daddy checked in on me to see if I was in a better mood and more importantly, did I get a good sleep. I said my mood was slightly better but I had another bad night.

“Right well your punishment for swearing yesterday is I want you to suck on a bar of soap for 3 minutes and video it.” He messaged me.

“Right Daddy, well I’ve sworn twice more so do I just add another 2 minutes to it.” I asked moodily.

“Yes please Little Minxs.” Daddy told me.

So whilst doing Daddy’s lines I did my soaping too.

Now the punishment did state I was to suck on a soapy bar of soap.  I ran the soap under the tap until it went softer and a little soapy. By the time I was ready to video it, the soap was drier and the soapy bubbles had all gone. But it had been soapy.

I placed it in my mouth, my tongue was up and held it there until the time was up, which was fine, until J watched the video.  She said to Daddy, “Have you watched the video yet ?” “No, I’ve not yet, why ?” Daddy asked her. “Little Minxs is not sucking on the soap, she’s just holding it between her teeth.” J told him. “Let me see,” Daddy said, watching the video. “The cheeky Little Minxs.”

On the Wednesday when we were together, Daddy told me about the soaping, telling me that J spotted it. Well I couldn’t hide my amusement, I giggled the entire time he told me I’d been caught out. Such a brat. LOL

I tried to convince him that he had not said suck on a bar of soap but he wasn’t falling for it. Next time I will be more specific.

If Master said a mouth soaping, this would mean rubbing the soap along my teeth top and bottom, inside and outside teeth, rub insides of both cheeks and rub over tongue then hold soap in your mouth with your tongue down.

So Daddy said, “Don’t you worry Little Minxs, I know what you’re going to do. You’re going to cut a cube of soap off, and SUCK ON IT until it has gone.”

“Yeah yeah, okay.” I said, like that’s gonna happen. God, I’m gonna regret saying this aren’t I.

Another punishment he will give me will be an ice cold shower when either he or Master is home to ensure it goes on ice cold. Somehow he doesn’t trust I will do my punishment properly.

Me,  Daddy !!!!!!!!!!   Of course I will. ( My feet were crossed writing this down, so technically it’s not a fib. )

So now I think I’m up to date with the blogs, except for our day together yesterday when we visited my favourite piercer, and went to 3 other places too. But we had a lovely day. I’ll will fill you in on that one tomorrow. Don’t think I’ve sworn in this blog, I have reread it about 4 times to be sure, but not sure if I swear in the blogs, if that’s okay or not. I need to find out and it should be in the rules, one way or the other.

The dynamic is still only new so it’s quite normal to be adding onto the rules or putting more detail in. Maybe it’s something we should do together, I think I will suggest that. Anyway, it’s nearly 7.30pm, Daddy told me to get an early night so I think I’m going to go up in a minute. Least I’ve done that bit right then. Master is away til tomorrow and who knows where E is, as usual I’ve had no message to say he’s going out. More words will be said about this. Anyway, nightie night all of you kinky F*****s, enjoy your evening.