When Daddy cant read my writing

I have to do it again. This time in capitals
When i argue
He asks Miss Adira, if she agrees i have to do it again, in capitals. She agreed
When i continue to argue
He asks Master, if he agrees i have to repeat them again and write them three times a day, for a week. Ive not had an answer to this yet.

Master has agreed with Daddy, now after more arguing, i i ha to do 4 pages every day for 7 days, starting tomorrow. In capital letters.

Second set
Third set

My weekend with Sir and the prod, plus naughty Aurora.

So, let’s tell you about my weekend With Sir and the Prod and Naughty Aurora 

Finally, we got to see Sir and Aurora, Sir was well enough to leave the house as he has been unwell for coming up to 8 weeks. That unwell that he hadn’t ventured out into the garage for a few weekends which is not like him at all.

So, Aurora and R were going out to the pictures and myself and Sir were staying in watching movies as he still didn’t want to venture out. We were about to start watching a movie and Sir began looking around (I knew what he was looking for, the new prod that he bought me for Christmas) he then said where is it, my prod. I said it was upstairs, I didn’t need asking to go and get it as I knew he wanted it. Once I’d got, he it said stand there, pointing Infront of him, so I can reach you without getting up. I must admit I was nervous, as when we tried it out on boxing day, I had my jeans on, now I was naked and was worried about what the pain difference may be when he zapped me. I kept standing Infront of him but whenever he moved, I moved I just couldn’t bring myself to stand still. I got warned that if he had to get up I’d be in trouble but I still couldn’t bring myself to do it, so up he got, now I knew I was pushing my luck, so I asked if I could kneel on the settee, Sir said I could. I got into position, Sir began running the prod up my back, ass and legs (now Sir had sent me a video of a girl tied up who was getting a prod used on her, and her Dom’s were running them over her body and then hitting her with the prod, now I have to say this did send a tingle to my lady parts as the thought of not knowing when it would hit quite turned me on) so he continued running it across my body, then ZAP he hit me with it. Now if you’ve never tried it and I’m guessing not many people have, cause let’s be honest there’s only a few people who would think “oh I bet that’s a fun toy to have” it is quite an intense pain when you first get hit, then it kind of tingles and lingers then fades, dependant on where you are hit. I get hit a few times on my ass and thighs (the meaty bits as Sir would say) then he ran it over the sole of my feet and I have to say then I flinched, at this point. Sir laughed saying “now you said build up to using it on your pussy, that’ss what you asked, you said nothing about the soles of your feet.” Now I was pleading not my feet and as you can guess he kept it running over my feet but there was no zap. After being hit a few times I said my safety word “orange” which meant can we take a break, so of course Sir did, its in our rules that if a safety word is used then play pauses or stops. 

He then told me to get on fours while I recovered slightly, after what felt like a few minutes he said you look recovered. He then stood up and began walking around the back of me, sensing him and feeling the prod running over my, then bam he struck me with the prod and it made me roll onto my side, Sir was laughing as I was now literally a squirming ickle piggy in the middle of the floor. He then struck me on my leg just above my knee, now that one did hurt so much that it brought tears to my eyes, that I then couldn’t stop. I told Sir that, that one hurt, he found that one funny as I was rolling about on the floor holding my leg. He then sat on the settee, I thought play was over then, how wrong was I. He grabbed my legs and pulled me towards him, my legs over his thighs saying now what did we say about building up to your pussy, I think we’ve built up enough. I said no please, begging that he didn’t zap my pussy, he then began running the prod over my pussy, tummy and tits. Now as the tears where still flowing not because of the pain or being scared but the fear  and anticipation of my pussy being zapped, I tried to calm my breathing and my squirming because the last thing I wanted to do was kick Sir because then I would be in trouble, Sir was just giggling at the state I’d gotten into and my struggling. He did zap my tits a few times, but my pussy never got zapped this time, But I know it’s coming I’m not sure whether I said my other safe word “red “ but the session ended, so if I didn’t Sir must of thought I was at my limit. This was quite an interesting session with the prod, one I know will be repeated as I know that Sir likes this new toy, as do I, now I know Aurora and manho think I’m crazy for even suggesting getting one.

Naughty Aurora 

Now Aurora returned from the cinema, we had dinner and watched a bit of TV, But before we watched a movie Aurora went to the toilet, I stood up and said when she comes back tell her to come upstairs and bring the toy that I asked for. Aurora come upstairs, I got another paddle from out my toy draw and sat in the middle of my bed, I asked if she has read the comment I left on her blog, she said she hadn’t, Oh she had no clue what was coming. I got my bullet vibe out put it on her clit and told her to lie across my knee, now this is not how I usually spank her, but I wanted to get a point across. She got down, I then put the hand paddle on my hand and struck her ass cheek, now usually I alternate ass cheeks. Not this time I just kept striking the same ass cheek, whilst spanking her I was saying that I will not tolerate her bad behaviour and that when she has tasks to do she does them, she doesn’t stop doing them just because she is having a paddy over a decision I have made, and because I didn’t ask for evidence that It had been done, it doesn’t make it acceptable that she hasn’t done it and that I was very disappointed in her. Now I know that I was hurting her, and I could hear it in her voice with every smack I gave her. I after a few hits, I asked her what she thought was an appropriate number that she should have for this punishment, I could tell that she was a little shocked at my question as I know she would be thinking I need to think of an appropriate number because if Miss doesn’t think I have she will give me more. 50 is what she said, which I thought was an appropriate amount, but before I started she said can that be across both cheeks and not just one ( I don’t think she liked the idea of 50 more on the one ass cheek I had spanked ) I said okay, so I started now I know that these 50 would hurt, as I bet I’d not far of already given her that amount.  Of course, I started on the cheek that had already been spanked so that it would get the most strikes. After her 50 I said “I’m guessing you don’t want a maintenance spanking now “she said “no” but I had another toy that I hadn’t used so I gave her a few slaps with that. Looking at her ass it was quite nice, red and purple with a bit of blood. I then let her get up and gave her a kiss. Punishment over with, infraction forgotten about, although I suspect it wont happen again for some time. 

Punished bottom.

Miss Adira gave me a proper punishment spanking over her knee Saturday night, for my bedtime misdemeanour, only using the wooden hand paddle, then for a little maintenance spanking, she used the studded leather paddle. Brought tears to my eyes and drew blood on my bottom. I’ve certainly learnt from this one.

Then Sunday morning, when I was getting dressed, Miss Adira asked Daddy if he had given me my punishment for eating some chocolates and biscuits in the night without asking permission. I’m allowed the big caramel ricecakes (snack-a-jacks) without asking. But as it was a new rule I hadn’t got any in yet. Mr Loopy, high impact cane and jokari came out. For a sarcastic comment I gave Daddy he let me choose between the cane or jokari. I asked if he could use his hand instead. Luckily Daddy agreed. Well I say luckily, it was a very very hard hand spanking, so hard, he hurt his own hand.

I think I’ve learn from these two punishments that my Dom’s are taking this very seriously and going very strict on me now, it is what I need and what I’ve wanted. But I must admit, these new rules are hard to follow, especially asking to use the toilet, not using any slang and writing and speaking correctly then finally one I’m just getting the hang off is the no eating sweets, cakes, chocolate or drinking alcohol without permission. The one that gets me in trouble is going to my in-laws for dinner, i forget to ask. Then when I’m there, I’m like yes I will have a glass of wine and a pudding

I did however take note last week when I went to the ballet, Daddy told me NO sweets, chocolates, alcohol or pudding. Even when my mother-in-law started waving a bag of Twirl Bites under my nose, I still refused and never ordered ice-cream for the interval. So for once I was a very good girl then. Notice I say fir once.

My stubborn behaviour left me feeling so guilty, I had to own up about my indescretion.

Miss Adira set a new rule about July time, that I could not dye my hair my usual plum colour, not dye it at all. She wanted to see my natural hair color and I hate my natural colour, strawberry blond, it’s a bit dull, boring. Much preferring the bold, bright purple or bright chilli red. It kinda makes a statement, shows my real personality. I was not happy at all, every week or so, I asked and the answer was always no. After a month or so, I heard her tell Master that she was only doing it to wind me up, it was funny. Well I was fuming when I heard that, I said, “Well if that’s the case then, I will dye my hair this week.” “No you will not.” She stated, I could tell she meant every word. 

There was no changing her mind, and I was getting more and more peeved about it. By late October my stubborn, pigheaded head was working overtime, my bratty head began working too much. One night I was sat in bed, it was time for me to turn the TV off and do some colouring for 20 minutes, Miss Adira’s rule.

I began thinking, Well if Miss Adira won’t let me dye my hair, then I’m not gonna do my colouring and I’m gonna watch TV until 10pm, so there. IMaging me pulling my tongue out as well, being a real brat.

So it began, I had this thought every night, but because I’m so stubborn, I continued my deception. Thinking I had one over Miss Adira. 

As time went on, I began to feel terribly guilty. But the more she repeatedly said No to me, the more I continued. I often worried if Master had got the camera in our room working so Miss Adira or Daddy could connect to it and see what I was up to. 

I also wondered why Miss Adira hadn’t asked where was my daily photograph to show the colouring I did the night before. She never asked once. Naturally I never mentioned it, but I was very surprised about her non-reaction.

This was very unlike Miss Adira, She is always on the ball with my tasks,  knowing immediately if I’ve missed one, yet she still said nothing.

I think this made my guilty feeling become stronger, By the end of November every night I felt immense guilt turning the lights and TV off at 10pm, but I continued. The same thoughts going in my head, Well if DiDi won’t let me dye my hair, then I’m still not doing my colouring. I know it’s pathetic, ridiculous and most of all very childish.

After our lovely weekend celebrating Miss Adira’s birthday, I thought I had to own up. It was getting closer to Christmas, my guilt was building inside, so just before Christmas I told her, well I thought I messaged her on Whatsapp, but I couldn’t find it so I asked DiDi to look. Apparently I wrote it in my daily diary and on Whatsapp, I got this message, “Just dye your hair.” I replied “No, I’m not doing it.”

By now, I’d kinda accepted that I was never gonna be able to dye me hair again, I’d just have to deal with the colour, it didn’t help when Daddy kept telling me to just dye my hair. I repeatedly told him, “It is more than my life is worth.” So I was starting to accept my natural hair colour.

Then on Boxing Day when we were exchanging gifts, Miss Adira handed me a basket filled with little gifts, the first thing I saw was a box of hair dye, exactly the one I use. Apparently Master had the job of trying to find a box of my hair colour in my bedroom cupboards, take a picture of it and send it to DiDi, so she could buy the right one. It was quite a task for him to do it without me seeing or finding it out.

So you can imagine the guilt I felt then. It was the worst feeling ever. And as the days went on, Miss Adira still said nothing about my indiscretion. On the 2nd January the boys were back at work, the rules were starting again, after being allowed a Christmas break. I asked Miss Adira if the bedtime rules restart, she replied. “You would presume correct.” 

Again there was no other comment from her, I swear this is like the worst punishment I could have about this. My guilt was just bursting out, it was killing me just waiting for her to say something about it.

On the 8th January I asked again, “Are you ever going to bring up the bedtime crime ?” I asked her, I was feeling really guilty about it. She sent me a very happy, smiley emoji as her reply. “That’s why you’re not saying anything isn’t it, coz you know this was as bad as receiving a punishment.” I stated. “Yup,” she said. “Oh that’s cruel, so so cruel,” I replied. “Yes I am,” DiDi answered. “But still loves ya,” I told her. “Love you more,” she answered.

From then on, my guilt started to lift, it was very slow, and at bedtime I still thought about it. So my rule is bedtime at 9pm, watch TV until 9.40pm, turn the TV off and do some colouring until 10pm. If I’m tired before then, I am to go to sleep.

So as it’s a new year, Miss Adira wanted to take our dynamic further, we both wanted her to go stricter, she wanted to add more restrictive rules, like Daddy choosing my clothes for the day, choosing my meals, telling me if I’m allowed booze or treaties. I told her I was very happy to have more, so we spent the next few days discussing possible new rules. Set so many hours watching TV, Should I ask to watch TV, Should I ask to watch the particular programme.

In the end we finally got some new rules set.

  1. Ask to sit on the furniture when we are together as a group or just us.
  2. Ask permission to use the toilet. (If no response in time to be determined) then consider permission is granted.
  3. 6 hours of TV per day – time can be earned or deducted, if deducted then Miss Adira will notify ma about what can be done instead in the time deducted. This goes from 8am to 5pm. From 5pm – 8.45pm it’s Master’s choice of TV. If I’m up in the night, I may watch unlimited TV of recorded programmes only, until 8am.
  4. Permission to speak to be asked for. When in the group, ask to speak once for the time together. When it’s just the 2 of us, ask every time.
  5. Permission to be asked for what colour I will dye my hair.
  6. To play with oneself to learn how to make myself squirt, twice a week, videoed.
  7. I am to keep a butt plug and jingle balls in my handbag all the time so at anytime Miss Adira can tell me to go and put either in and video doing it.
  8. Improve on etiquette, good manners, behaving ladylike and courteous to others. Addressing people correctly, waiting for everyone to get their food before eating, not talking over people, opening the door for someone, when passing a drink in a cup ensure the handle is facing them.
  9. Months when chapters of MissAdita’s book is to be written are – February, April. June, August, October and December.


My first experience with the jiggle balls was on Monday. I was going to a ballet at the theatre, Miss Adira had told me to go to the toilets in the interval and put the jingles in, videoing it as well. I asked if she would mind if I did it when we first get to the theatre as I don’t go to the toilets in the interval, the queue is always far too long. She said that was fine.

We arrived with plenty of time, so I headed to the disabled toilet, got me phone out and put it in a place where he would be able to see a bit. I had no lube so I put a little bit of soap on it. Well could I put the darnn thing in……no I could not. Huffing and puffing it was not easy, my right foot up on the toilet. I could not shove the thing in. I could hear people outside, there was a queue now. So I tried my left leg up on the toilet, see if that works. No, this way was even worse. All the while I talked to Miss Adira quietly so no one else could hear me. After 3 minutes, I thought I can’t be in here any longer, I had to give up. So I told Miss Adira that this was a complete fail for my first go, maybe I was rushing in the public toilets. I didn’t understand it, I’ve put them in many, many times, I was going to have to figure it out over the next few days at home. Miss Adira said the video was the funniest thing she has watched in a long time, listening to you huff and puff, talking quietly, struggling coz you had all your clothes bunched up, it was hilarious. I’m surprised my mother-in-law didn’t ask why I was all flushed, because I must’ve been.

Two days later I felt like I’d been fisted for hours, I felt bruised and battered around my happy spot, I presume from trying to put the jiggle in. After I’d done my homework, I had time to video part 2 of the jiggles as I am now calling it. Finding somewhere to put my phone, I sat down this time, one leg up on the stool, then just as I pressed record and began, the phone fell down, this repeated about 3 more times. Before I stopped the video, thinking about where I can go and put the camera before I call time again. Surely that wasn’t going to happen again. I sorted myself out, changed position, sorted my phone out, ready for the restart of part 2. I began again. Lubed up, I pushed the first ball in but it popped out, I pushed it back, trying to push the second ball in but as soon as I took my finger away, the darnn thing popped out again. I was beside myself now, why wouldn’t the flamin thing go in. I felt relaxed but by the God, I seemed closed up tight. Trying over and over I was losing patience. That’s it, I’m done today. Epic fail, part 2.

The next day after I had a shower, I spent some time having a little play, following the rules Miss Adira had set, trying to make myself squirt, I had to video it so Miss Adira could see if I squirted or not. Anyway that didn’t happen, but I did enjoy the play. So I decided to try Part 3 of the jingles again now I was lubed up and spread open a bit from using my fav rabbit. Still lying on the bed, I pushed the first ball in easily, (why was it so difficult before) the second ball went in with a bit of a shove. Pushing them right up there though, was a bit difficult. My fingers aren’t long enough to reach, I did think about using my rabbit to push it further up lol, but then after another thrust up, it stayed in place. Finally I had done it, I can’t believe it took 3 goes to do it. We have little sachets of lube we bought if we went to the swingers club, so I have now put some in the bag with my jingle, so at anytime Miss Adira tells me to put it in, I’m prepared. I just hope I don’t have to lie on the public toilets floor to put it in all the time though.

Anyway I finally did it for Miss Adira and kept it in until my afternoon nap, she was very pleased and amused by the latest video, so I was pleased I had made her proud of me and for me myself, well I was proud of myself because I really couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t do it, I was determined to do it and I did. Plus they felt darnn good too. I put a little bounce in my step to feel the balls jingle inside me……..mmmmm I like them.

I f*bombed in a road rage incident, whilst on the phone with Daddy.

Everyone knows I have a strict rule of no swearing ever from Daddy. It’s been a hard rule to follow but I’d been doing really well with it, until this week.

I had been on the way home from my Dads, he had just had a cataract operation, I picked him up from the clinic to drive him home. Stopping to buy him fish and chips from the chippy for his lunch.

Once I was happy he was going to just rest after we had lunch, I left. Driving towards the village, you have to go very slowly due to cars parked on the right and not much room left on the road. A lot of times the on-coming drivers think it’s their right of way and just continue driving in the middle of the road, leaving the on-coming traffic to have no option but to stop or ride over the pavement. 

So I was driving between 15-20 mph. I was chatting to Daddy on the WhatsApp Live thingy, but I didn’t have anywhere to leave my phone other than to put it in my centre console, Daddy couldn’t see me very well but at least we were having a chat.
Suddenly a car just pulled out from a driveway and turned right. I had to slam-on my brakes, luckily because I was going so slow, I didn’t hit him, but it was a close  call. The man driving mouthed Sorry to me, and I, forgetting Daddy was on the phone, forgetting the no swearing rule, as road rage built up, shouted out, “F**ing idiot.”

The second I said it, my blood went cold, “What did you just say Little Minxs?” Daddy shouted at me. I tried to pretend I said nothing but in the end just apologised repeatedly. “I am not happy with that outburst at all. We will talk about this later.” Luckily for me, he was in the staff room with some of his staff, so he couldn’t let rip and really tell me off. But I got a message from him telling me he was very annoyed and disappointed in me.  And I was too.

I didn’t get chance to speak to him the rest of that day, but in the morning he phoned and wanted to discuss my consequence for my foul language. He asked me what punishment would be suitable…..I never reply when he does this. Like I don’t want to tell him what I really thought would be a suitable punishment, mainly because I didn’t want it set. So I’m not telling you either, incase my Doms read it but you can tell me what your consequence would be. He gave me my last warning about ever swearing again. He said “He would spank my butt, sitspot, legs so hard I would not sit down for a week, That is a promise Little Minxs, you have not had a real severe spanking from me before but you swear again and you will experience it. But your consequence is, you are to write a sign, apologising for your outburst, you will wear it over your head, naked, I want a video, apologising to all your Doms, I want a sincere apology, send it to the group chat for all of us to see it. If anyone thinks it’s not sincere, you will do it again. You will also wash up by hand for a week, starting today. Naked, wearing the sign.” I opened my mouth to argue, saying “I can’t do it naked if E is home, or wear the sign,” “The rest of the time you can, you can send some photos to prove it’s been done. Do you understand, you do not use the dishwasher !” Daddy told me. I must admit, I was speechless, making me wash up for a whole week was harsh but I suppose fair too.

Now as I continued my drive home after the swearing incident, Daddy complained that he couldn’t see me at all. So I picked my phone up and held it in my right hand so he could see me. Holding it under the window so no one could see me touching my phone. As it is against the law to even touch your phone once the engine is running. I continued like this until I got home.

Now whether it was a silly thing to do or just a general comment, I happened to tell Miss Adira about the swearing, then about holding the phone. She was not happy at all. “You NEVER TOUCH YOUR PHONE WHEN DRIVING.” She told me. “Is that a rule ?” I asked. “It is now,” she told me.

Again I was a bit gobsmacked. Making it a rule now means it’s serious. Miss Adira has told me she wants to move things forward, more rules, more tasks, definitely more time together alone, I agree and suggested she go stricter. Mainly because I know she wants too.

But my next blog I will go into that in more detail.

So what’s new……

As with everyone December was a very busy month, well let’s face it so was November. I bought nearly everything online, as I really struggle to shop the old fashioned way. Begrudgingly I have started to use my 3 wheeler walker, but at least it’s more me now I’ve stuck blue diamantes over it. During one shop when I went to buy the many animals their Christmas presents, I ended up with bags of toys, treaties for cats and dogs, plus other bits, a lovely young guy served me and tried his best to load my walker as carefully as he could. As usual our 2 beautiful spoilt babies ended up with quite a pile of presents.

Then I decided to make life more fun and get myself a chest infection, Master came down with what we think the Drs would say was a virus, flu type thing, but he’s actually still got his, that’s 6 weeks now. But he has a very busy week ahead of him so cannot get to the drs, but has said come next week and if he still feels the same, he will go to the drs.

Daddy started with a cough at first, then Miss Adira. Daddy’s only lasted a few days but Miss Adira’s stayed with her for a couple of weeks. When it came to meet up, we decided to be sensible and cancel it, knowing from last years experience, we just kept passing the illnesses around all of us so both Miss Adira and I were ill for nearly 2 months.

Anyhow because both Master and I were ill, we never put decorations up again either, it really didn’t feel like Christmas without them, but we had zero energy to do them.


So the first event was Miss Adira’s birthday and going for her tattoo. When they arrived, I was so pleased to see Daddy in a very posh, sexy outfit, he wore for Miss Adira’s surprise night away, last night. He had bought skinny black jeans, a shirt and OMG he’s wearing his waistcoat. There’s something so sexy to see my Doms wearing a shirt and waistcoat and he certainly did look very handsome. Stupidly I didn’t get a few photographs of us together, so I hope he wears it again soon so I can get some pics. Drinks made, we sat down and watched Miss Adira open her presents. She loved everything and felt very spoilt, but then she deserves to be spoilt by me, she puts up with my brattiness and stroppiness, she’s my MIstress and deserves to be spoilt by me. Daddy and I were going with MIss Adira for her tattoo, when we arrived at the tattoo shop, naturally Andy wasn’t ready, but we’re used to it, so expected it. The first hour was spent getting himself sorted, printing the design out, putting it on MIss Adira’s shoulder and upper arm. Then once she was sorted and the tattoo began, Daddy and I went shopping.

Firstly, I had to go to the bank, pay some money into Master’s credit card account, which we did then Daddy wanted to go to the Lego shop. He bought himself a car, then we went for lunch. Panini and chips. Now with the new rule about Daddy picking my meals for me, it’s still hard to get into. Daddy was picking food I’m not keen on, so I kept shaking my head until he said “Would you like ham and cheese?” I smiled coz he knows what I do like, then as he went to order I had a thought, if Daddy was supposed to order for me and pick my meals. then really, doesn’t this mean he shouldn’t ask me, he should just tell me what I’m having. So when he returned I broached the subject, and he agreed. Although I think he knows what I would eat, I think I’m still nervous incase he picks something that I wouldn’t normally have, then make me eat it, but I don’t believe he would be that mean. But he started to suggest meals he would like not meals I would/could eat. So I reminded him that due to my IBS I’m limited to what I can eat. That’s when he decided I could choose 2 meals I liked and he would choose from the 2. Also that meant if I was out with the theatre girls, having a meal, I usually know what’s nice in each place. God that makes it sound like I’m out a lot but I’m not. Once a month to the theatre, once a month for lunch. So not much really.

We did a bit more shopping then had a long walk to the other side of the shopping centre to the tattoo shop again. You don’t realise what a long walk it is until you head back again. I was very sore by the end of it. We had another 2 hour wait until Miss Adira’s tattoo was finished but now it’s done, it’s really nice. It is making me want one on my shoulder though, If I’m allowed.

Anyway we get home, Master and E came to the door, “Have you lost anything ?” he asked me. Now because I was tired and sore I was a bit irritable. I was still getting out of the car, “I don’t know, have I?” I asked. “Oh just wondered if you still had my credit card.” Master asked me. “Ofcourse, it’s in my pocket, let me just get in and I will get it,” I told him. After a minute or 2, we settled in the living room and I went to get the credit card. Oh poo, it’s not there. I searched my pockets, my bag and purse and no it’s gone.

“I knew you’d lost it. I got a message on Facebook asking if I had lost something about an hour ago. Apparently a lady found the card on the floor by one of the shops we went to. She brought it home and asked her niece what she should do. So she sent a message on Facebook to everyone with my name, asking if they’d lost something.” Fortunately Master knew his card number, expiry date, sort code, so relayed all the info and it was confirmed it was his card. He had already blocked it by then and asked for a new card and told the lady to cut it up and thank you for being so honest and for the way she found him. She then sent a photo with the card all cut up. 

Now this was not the first time I’ve lost my card. I normally keep it in my phone case, then I don’t have to carry my bag with me all the time. Daddy wasn’t impressed as I lost my bank card only a few months earlier when I was with him, we were actually getting a tattoo that day as well. Luckily Daddy found it in the carpark where we had done some food shopping, looking a bit battered as I think people ran their shopping trolleys over it. Since then he has told me to keep all cards in my purse. And I have been warned many times from all my Doms, when my card has been spotted in my phone case.

Anyway the following week we had a stayover and went out for a meal to celebrate Miss Adira’s birthday. It was up a hill, in the middle of nowhere, but a lovely little pub, I bet in the daylight the views would have been beautiful. Then it began to snow, quite big snowflakes were falling. One of the staff said “Don’t worry it’s not sticking, if it sticks none of us will be going anywhere.” We all looked at each other, not knowing if she was serious or not, But I think she was. But it didn’t stick, had a lovely night and got home safely.

Christmas quickly arrived, Master and I were still feeling quite poorly, so for a second year, we had no decorations up as we were just too ill to do them. It was an exciting Christmas for the family as for the first time, we had E’s girlfriend come for Christmas dinner. I was so pleased she came, I know E was, but honestly she is like the daughter I’ve never had, I love having her round, we all get on so well. Ine is Portuguese and it’s a tradition for them to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. Basically the family come together at Ine’s house, about midday, eat and drink. Eat and drink some more until the early hours of Christmas Day then they open their presents and continue eating and drinking until they pass out. E and Ine stayed there for the night and were coming to us about 11am. I told him not to rush, they arrived very hungover at midday.  Unfortunately as the day went on and we visited my in-laws, Ine was starting to feel real poorly, she was very pale, hot and cold, in the end I said we had better get home and let Ine get some sleep. So as soon as we got home E and Ine went to bed. They both felt too poorly to visit my folks on Boxing Day, but to be honest I wouldn’t let them go incase they passed it onto them, that’s the last an elderly frail couple need.

And then it was all over, New Year is just another day to me, but we go to my in-laws and see the New Year in with them. But by 10pm I was struggling as I felt really rough, so I went into the front room, where Master was watching a film, Lay on the sofa with all the dogs and stayed there. We got home at 2am, the 3 of us just had no energy, achy bodies, going hot and cold. I’m sure we’ve all got the same virus.

We needed a food shop, Master kept putting it off so in the end I said “Look I’m gonna go, get some ready meals for us. Anything that’s easy to cook for a few days”. So off I went and did the shop, put it away then later that day I went to bed for a hopeful snooze. Which didn’t happen, no surprise there. Anyway I looked at my phone and noticed my bank card was missing. Oh poo, not again, I thought. 

I had a quick look around my bedroom, came down and looked in my coat pocket, then grabbed my car keys and searched the car, on the floor where I parked, it was nowhere to be seen. I then thought I’d get on the online banking and make sure it’s not been used with my contactless card. But I’m still not used to using it, couldn’t remember my username. I had to own up to Master.

After a little telling off, he went onto my online banking, cancelled the card and ordered a new one. I got more of a telling off by Daddy, but from now on, my card has to stay in my purse and I have to take my bag. It must never go into my phone case. I did ask if I could buy these purse/phone cases, but Daddy said that involved me spending Master’s money, so no. Card in purse, purse in bag, bag over my shoulder. But I may have a little look.

E and Ine seemed to recover quickly from this virus thing, but me and Master are still not right, Master has this annoying cough, that doesn’t seem to be going, we are both still feeling hot and cold, shivers and sweats, very achy bodies and exhaustion doesn’t seem to come close to how we are feeling. I don’t know how Master has been going to work this week.

But today, he finally said he needs a doctors appointment, so he’s got one this afternoon. If it’s a virus I’m sure the Dr will just say takes time to go, but I am hoping he can get some antibiotics. I’ve never seen him this bad before in all the years we have been together.

So not a great ending to 2019, or start to 2020.

Especially when on New Years Eve, my car was parked in front of my in-laws house, when a young driver was taking her parents to a New Year party, They live opposite my in-laws. Anyway she reversed into my brand new Mercedes. Pushing the passenger front wing up, damaging the headlight, and whoever knows what damage underneath that we can’t see. 

The girl is only 17, been driving 5 months and was distraught. Master dealt with it, well I knew nothing about it until he came back in. It was decided we would come back the next day, in the daylight so they can see the damage. The important thing was that no one was hurt. So New Years Day afternoon we drove back to my in-laws, the parents and girl came over immediately, I let Master sort it out, the parents wanted to deal with it, without involving the insurance companies as her insurance with sky rocket to £1000’s, due to her age and time she has been driving. Looking at the damage Master reckoned it could cost up to £3000 to repair and give me a hire car. So the Dad decided it was best to go through the insurance, swapped details, the girl still very upset about it. The parents thanked him for being so understanding and kind, he said “These things happen, the first accident is always the worst but at least no one was hurt.” My only concern was that my father in-law hadn’t seen the girl drive again. Over the next few days he said it looked like one of the parents was driving her to work and back. Anyway a day or 2 passed then I got a message from my mother in-law, the girls mum came over wanting my address, so she could send me flowers, my in-laws said no, it was not necessary and all I wanted to know was if she had started driving yet. The Mum said yes she was, but not having much luck as she went to town and got a parking ticket.

Hopefully she will have more luck in the future and mainly she will get over this bump, build her confidence back up to enjoy driving again. The car is fixable, going next week to be repaired. Not a great start for 2020 but let’s hope it can only get better.

Manho’s/Daddy’s slightly late December blog….

Well hello my avid readers, firstly would like to wish you all a Happy new year and secondly apologies for the lateness of this blog busy December.

Well what a December we have had, busy to say the least both at work and home, so to start with Piggy, the inconsiderate wench, decides to go and have her birthday in the mid of December, so this has cost me lots of my hard earned pennies as she wanted a new tattoo on her shoulder and me being a devoted good Manho/husband decided to take her away for the night as well, a little treat and surprise for her, as I have, out of our 15 years of being together, have never done anything, yes I know shocking but will start to make up for it. I decided to take her for a nice afternoon tea, up in the lake District, as she has been wanting to do a proper afternoon tea for some time now. So I gave her prior advance notice that I wanted her to look beautiful, (she does anyway) but putting her out of her comfort zone a little and to wear a dress, so on the day of us having the night away and afternoon tea, she makes herself look stunning in a nice dress and makeup, and I surprised her with wearing a nice pair of black skinny jeans as both Piggy and Little Minxs seem to like me in skinny jeans for some reasons, and a nice blue shirt and waistcoat. Again Little Minxs has, I must admit, a little fetish for me wearing a shirt and waist coat every time I come and see her, we shall see.

Piggy gave me a big smile and compliment in seeing me in all my finery which was nice, we headed up to the Lakes and she still had no idea on what was happening. We arrived in Windemere, parked and started to walk down to the café/bar in where we were to have afternoon tea. We arrived there in plenty of time and the place was amazing and the staff very helpful, we sat by the window and was explained what we should be having and oh my it was delightful, a big smile on Piggy’s face made my year I must admit.

After the good time of our afternoon tea we made our way to the hotel I had pre booked and relaxed for the evening, all told a wonderful day.

The next day was Piggy’s birthday, so we made our way to Masters and Little Minxs house as Piggy had her tattoo booked for 11am that  morning, we made it there for about 9.30, had a brew n what not then left to the tattoo studio, needless to say Piggy does not do things by halves and was there until at least gone 4pm, if not later. However the tattoo she had done was really good and she was most happy with it.

Later on in December we had a meet stayover at our house and had planned to have a meal out to celebrate Piggy’s birthday, so Piggy had pre booked a nice bar/restaurant in the middle of nowhere and bloody hell what a journey it was to get there. How this bar made any money was quite surprising but they must do. We arrived there and had, all in all, some good food, however as this bar was on top of a hill and it was rather cold outside, it started to bloody snow, what a bugger but good thing was, it didn’t stick so all was good.

Christmas then arrived and we saw Master and Little Minxs on Boxing day to exchange gifts, and by all accounts we agreed last Christmas that we weren’t going to go daft on gifts this year !  Yeah that I think went out of the window, however my thing is, you cannot put a price on the peoples you love and care about, and for me I received some really special gifts from all of the people I love. Piggy had bought a Nintendo switch for the big kid in me and my bambino got me a game for it, Master bought me an array of pressies and I think the best ones are the chego’s, ( basically Lego made in China, so a third of the cost that Lego normally charges, and just the same, ) which consisted of a Mustang and a motorcycle and I am looking forward in building these. Now Little Minxs had got me a very nice custom ring, and two new very special bracelets amongst other little things so all in all a very good Christmas and then boo……. back into work which is always rubbish, and then it is new year….

New year and some changes are needed, so my first change which may not come as a surprise to anyone is losing weight, I could see and feel myself letting go and thought no I need to stop eating crap and start eating better. Now Piggy was already in the mindset in doing this, so I weighed myself on the 2nd and bloody hell I was shocked and very disappointed in myself, I weighed in at 14st 13lb. Never have I been that heavy and a change was most definitely needed. So I set myself a target weight of 12st 5lb and see how I get on, I will keep you all posted on my progression.

So until next month me readers….

Christmas Time

Hey everyone, I hope that you and yours have a fab time this festive season.

So first things first I bet you wondering how the festive glitter boob decorations went, well I did mine pictures are below or above (wherever it is they appear) I did have a helping hand in the application as it was very messy and I am to this day still finding glitter in places that I shouldn’t .

Our Christmas was a very happy time, we spent Christmas day with my parents and our son. I was spoilt by the hubby got lots of things that I wanted, jewellery, pop vinyl’s figures that I collect, and various other bits. It was a very enjoyable day.

Boxing day was planned to visit Sir and Aurora, this is now the day that we spend with each other to exchange gifts. We arrived at their house but they weren’t back form visiting their folks, their son E came home before they did so we gave him his gift to which he seemed pleased with but did say that he would have to hide it from his dad.

Sir and Aurora then came home, so they settled and we then exchanged gifts, I did something a little different for Aurora I wasn’t sure if she would like it or not but I thought it would be different, I made her like a gift basket. I passed it to her I could see her face light up as she spotted the hair dye ( I’ve not allowed her to dye her hair for a while as I have never seen her natural hair colour) she then looked at the various other gift I had gotten her, from make- up to sweets. Once she had opened her present she opened her card, as I was watching her I could see her face changing, I had written something in her card and as she was reading it I could see that was emotional at what I was saying, but I meant every word. I was opening her gifts at the same time, many lovely gifts that I had asked for, I got some lovely make up, eye shadow to be more precise, now before meeting them both I very rarely wore make-up but they both like to see me looking all Priddy and girly. Now Aurora really likes me to wear eye makeup. Not one of my strong points but I’m working on it. I then got more pop vinyl’s and some crystal art pictures that we both have been doing and enjoy. All things that I know I will use and things that I know Aurora will look forward to seeing me use. I also got a lovely picture of Aurora and Sir together which was really nice

I then moved onto Sirs pressies, I first picked up something heavy, but was told I had to leave that till last, okay but now I was curious. So, I moved onto something else, as I opened it I could see it was a jumper, then as I opened it more it was a hoody with a picture of my cum piggy tattoo on the front, Sir was laughing. Puzzled he said hold it up and show them what it says, they laughed. I then turned it around, it read Yes, I swallow I’m a good girl. This made us all laugh, Sir said it was a big size so I could wear it in bed and to lounge about in it, various other pressies included a piggy bag charm , a mould your own pussy and more vinyl’s (lots) a picture that Sir had drawn of him on his bike ages ago that I’ve been wanting for ages. Then I could open the heavy one I was told to leave, batteries, now I was confused. The final present as I opened it I did wonder what it was , finally it was revealed.  A cattle prod !!!! I bet my face lit up, I had mentioned to Sir a few visits prior that I would like one, and now I had one. Off course Sir had to try it out there and then. Let’s just say oh how it packs a punch. I do think this is going to be a weapon of choice for Sir as he really seemed to enjoy chasing me around with it and we are going to have some fun with this new toy

Sir was opening his presents as I was opening mine, he got lots of things for his garage, but something went amiss with His wish list as he got two things the same, but things that he couldn’t  have two off, so that has to be sent back and I need to find him something else, well I say that he needs to add more things to his wish list so that I can choose from that, no doubt it will be more things for the garage or the cars. He does have an outstanding gift, but he has to wait for that one.

It was a truly blessed Christmas with lots of gifts, laughs and Love

Now onto another year, wonder what that may hold………

The cattle prod.