Doing my daily pose.

Miss Adira chose ‘humble’ for my pose for the month.

Every day I turned to face a different direction whilst videoing it.

When it came to have my bottom facing the camera she said

watching it at work made her very horny and she liked it a lot.

So please stay in that position for the rest of the month.

Now I know this is probably daft but I don’t like doing things

like my poses, or corner time in front of Master if Daddy or

Miss Adira has set them. I always feel embarrassed.

So today Master had a day off and I slept in until 7 am, very

late for me. By the time I’d eaten my breakfast Master was up,

and I hadn’t begun any homework or done my pose.

I decided to go upstairs to do it. I got my phone ready on its tripod,

decided where the best place was for me to go, then connected

bluetooth from my selfie remote control and my phone. I’m not

very good at techy stuff, and must have clicked casting too.

Because after a while, I’d done my pose, I was just thinking

about the selfie photos I had to, so started to go in different

poses, knowing what my Domme/Doms like to see.

When I looked at my photos, making sure I was happy,

I saw messages on our group chat. There was a screenshot of

my arse out on the tv, another doing my selfies, arse, happyspot,

boobs, then I saw a message from Master.

Ooopps looks like Serf has found out.

Hello Serf. We’ve been watching you.

I got a video message from Master then. It was a video of him

with his pants down, wanking himself off whilst watching me

do my pose.

I replied, well if youve been watching me, come spank my ass and

fudge me long and hard.

Just then I received another message from Master.

Too late, I’ve spaffed on the floor (charming I thought)

Leave your phone on and come here. It said.

What the hell, I thought but did it anyway. Slightly confused.

Only to be confronted by the TV, there was the view of our bed,

with the dogs now playing on it.

I said. Whats this, have you been watching me ?

Master said, I had no choice because someone connected your

phone to the TV, YouTube went off and this came on.

So I enjoyed watching you.

Have I switched casting on by mistake ? I asked.

Yes I think so but I do hope you’ve not done this whilst E is home.

He said. But I enjoyed it immensely.

I then went upstairs hoping the offer to spank me and fudge me

would me Master would come up, but he didn’t much to my


But lesson learn,



Origami tasks.

Origami and other things seem to be the new punishment tasks

set by my Domme/Doms.

Since Master gave Miss Adira a task of making origami frogs,

months ago, it’s been in the back of her mind. Then when she

became my Mistress, she decided rather than give me spanking

punishments, she wanted something more tasking, something

more likely to frustrate me, test me, test my patience and she

would enjoy watching my frustration. She enjoys giving me extra

lines then telling me to make something out of the used paper.

A few months ago, I had to make the paper into a jigsaw, then

stick it all back together again. I can say, not only did it take a few

days to do the lines, it took days to then turn them into jigsaws,

because no way was I doing simple pieces. Oh no, I was going

to do proper jigsaw shapes. Something Miss Adira was very

proud off, I think she expected me to do basic pieces.

Now with everything that’s happened with Mum over the last 2

months, my Domme/Doms have let me take a break from doing

any of the tasks. But during the final 2 weeks, they saw I was

(and still am, on a bad day) close to having a breakdown.

The stress of looking after Mum and Dad, my back having a

shocking flare-up and coping (or not coping ) with 1 hours sleep

every night, they decided to put their foot down, worried about me,

my sanity and my back, once Mum was moved to a care home

( respite care ) and we were happy they told me I had to start

doing my tasks again. They wanted me to focus on other things /

my normal everyday things. Get me life back on track. So our

dynamic returned to normal. Some days I did find it hard, still do,

to focus on my stuff, not on my folks, and unfortunately did miss

tasks. My Master was letting missed tasks slide, no punishments

set thankfully. For the first couple of weeks, Daddy and Miss Adira

just informed me of missed tasks, then as it continued they then

put their foot down. I was NOT to miss my tasks.

Along with this came punishments for anything missed. But, I’m l

ike Miss Adira, I love the spankings, though I’m not so keen on

severe punishments. Miss Adira started first when I missed

3 tasks. Pick 3 numbers 1-10. Of course you don’t know what

you’ve picked until you’ve chosen all 3 numbers. I picked;

1. A 3 minute cold shower once a week on Mondays.

3. 3 hours TV only every day. Allowed to watch whatever Master

or E is watching, or at Mums.

5. 30 minute foot rub for herself, Master and Daddy.


I hate adult feet, I mean anything to do with feet I’m cringing.

So the thought of a foot rub, ewwwww yuck.

So I asked if I was allowed to swap one.

Miss Adira thought about this for a while, then agreed, telling

me there’s at least 1, I won”t like. I thought about this for a

minute then picked number 2.

Watch only cartoons for a week, choosing only 3 channels.

Then Daddy and I got caught playing without permission.

Master was furious and banned us from playing for a month.

Its finished from today thank goodness. But coz I’m a good girl,

I realised I’d broken one of Miss Adiras rules too. When we got

caught out, she had told me to always ask to play, even if you

don’t think you will, whenever you see us, just ask for permission.

So this meant I hadn’t done as I was told again. So I had to own


So Miss Adira set me some lines, on different coloured pieces

of paper. I presumed she meant on both sides, so started to do

both, when I mentioned it to Miss Adira, she said, ” You never

asked if you were to write on both sides. You should know never

to presume, always ask”. So I carried on doing them on one side

only. Because then she wanted me to do some origami flowers

with the paper I’d used for the lines.

I went all out and instead of 6 little flowers, I made 6 big, sunflower

type of flowers, put a stem on them, bought a plastic beaker that

I used as a plant pot, decorated the pot, and put the flowers in,

I must admit I was quite proud of them. So when I gave it to Miss

Adira, she was surprised and loved it.

When the week of 3 hours of TV was over, I really didn’t fancy

watching cartoons all day, so I asked if this could be swapped.

Miss Adira thought about it and agreed,


I had to make 3 origami piggies, Miss Adira sent me a YouTube

video of which he wanted, plus give her 2 orgasms when we next

play. When Daddy heard about the piggies he decided he wanted

one too. So I had to make 4. But for Daddy’s piggy, I had to write

a poem on the back of it. I’m not great at poems.

Then I missed a task with Daddy, so he sent me a YouTube clip,

how to make an origami Jet plane. Omg, how hard is that,

I tried and tried, and just couldn’t get it. The video was going too

quick, so I told Daddy and he sent me an easy version.

Could I do it ? No. I tried until the paper was ripped and until my

eyes wouldn’t focus and I was becoming very very frustrated.

And I was running out of time. So all I could do was give him the

best of the ones I did. And yes it was rubbish but I am determined

to do it again. But I know origami is going to be added to

punishments and possibly just given to me for summit to do.

Miss Adira has already said she wants a farm of origami animals.

Miss Adiras erotic story. Chapter 6.

Chapter 5. Sunday 13th April.

For the next 2 days Dakota looked after her girl, she helped bathe her, dry her, rub cream on her swollen bottom and helped her back into bed. They had every meal together in bed, watching Disney films and others they both liked. Stephie was a little girl, 100% but Dakota did not want to be her Mummy, she was happy being her Mistress, she could act the stern, hard, serious Domme / teacher but also the soft, gentle Mistress who just wanted to care for her little. Give her cuddles, kisses and just enjoy that special time together. Just like now, though she had her fill of Dance Moms, a TV show Stephie loved. “ Tomorrow I want you up and about, normal tasks etc will begin again. I also want you to do extra punishments for your behaviour during my play. I will leave your notebook out and the lines I want you to write. I want 20 pages, both sides, done by Friday. You may do them in pretty colours. As its Monday tomorrow, I am back at work, so you can get back into the swing of life with your favourite non-spanking punishments. I will leave some Maths and spellings for you to learn, before your  bedtime I will give you a little test. If I feel you are not trying, you will be going to bed with a very sore bottom. I also want you to do half an hour contemplation time after I leave for work, so you can think I about me and how you are going to for please me every day. I also think a morning maintenance spanking should start again before I go to work. So maybe 30-50 with Little Devil then your contemplation time. A nice sore bottom will remind you to be a good girl for me, won’t it!” She grinned, an evil devilish smile. Stephie just replied, “ Yes M’am.”

Dakota played up their dinner, cheese and onion pie, sauteed potatoes and vegetables, she insisted Stephie ate her veg. When they first met, Stephie’s meal were horrendous, loads of wasted calories and no fresh fruit or veg. Dakota very quickly taught her that this was not acceptable, she had to look after her body, inside and out. Today’s dinner was high in calories but Stephie had asked for it, so for once she allowed it. Dakota did al, the cooking in their house, she quickly learnt that Stephie could burn anything and everything, so it just worked out safer for her to do it. But she expected things to be ready to cook when she came home, veg prepared and Stephie made sure they had the ingredients for whatever they were having out and on the side ready for her Mistress. After dinner Stephie would run her a bath, wash her hair, wash her body then leave her to relax in the hot water, whilst Stephie then cleaned the kitchen. She was normally finished at the same time Dakota was out of the bath.

Sitting in bed, Stephie was wolfing her dinner down, “ Slowdown Stephie, you will get indigestion.” Stephie slowed for 2 mouthfuls then went quick again.  Quickly Dakota took her plate away, “ I take it you don’t want to listen to me.” She put the plate on the tray, taking her cutlery to, as she continued with her own dinner. , Stephie pouted and folded her arms moodily, before catching one glance from Dakota then she immediately placed her hands on her knees and stopped pouting, though that was hard to do. “ Good girl, now would you like your dinner back ?” She asked. “ Yes please Dakota. I’ll eat it slowly. “ Stephie said in her child like voice. “ Here you are, but I won’t tell you again.” Dakota told her. “ No, M’am, you won’t have to.” Stephie said eating her dinner again, leaving nothing on her plate.” Thank you, that was yummie,” she said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. “Well I couldn’t tell you didn’t like it,” Dakota laughed.”You won’t have room for any pudding,” “Puddin……..” Stephie yelled, bouncing up and down on the bed before she felt tremendous pain all over her bottom, “Ouchie….” Dakota laughed, “Apple crumble and custard.” Stephie clapped her hands together, “Loads of…….” “Yes loads of crumble just for my princess,” Dakota said, putting everything on the tray and left the room. “Carry on with Dance Moms whilst I heat up the custard,” she called as she went downstairs.

Quickly Stephie climbed out of bed, she had spotted something and she needed to hide it quickly. Dakota must have been through her drawers to get her some pyjamas. But her rummaging had dislodged a bag that was hidden at the back of the drawer. Painfully, Stephie tiptoed to the drawer, getting it out she squashed the bag as small as it would go then shoved it right at the back of the wardrobe, behind all the rows of wrapping paper, it wouldn’t be found there, she thought, then she tiptoed back to bed. Her breathing had just slowed down as Dakota walked in with their pudding. Putting the tray on the bed, she climbed into bed next to Stephie, handed her pudding to her, telling her to be very careful as it was very hot, as Stephie tucked in. Dakota watched her and chuckled, Stephie had such funny habits when it came to food. She watched as Stephie took spoons of apple and custard, leaving the crumble until last. She always does this with any crumble, pie even something like a pineapple upside down cake. The fruit would be eaten first, she grinned, shaking her head, Dakota sat and enjoyed her pudding.

At the end of that Dance Moms episode, Dakota got up, “Right Princess, I’m going to run you a bath, then you can snuggle into bed and watch a Disney movie until 8.30pm. Then it’s sleep time.” “8.30…but why. That’s not my bedtime Dakota.” Stephie whined. Dakota just looked at her,”Bedtime at 8pm. No TV, you may read instead,”Then she walked out of the room as Stephie opened her mouth like a goldfish, wanting to say more but changed her mind. So she sat and sulked instead.

Dakota piled the dishes in the sink then went to run the bath. She knew very well that Stephie will be sulking in bed and she was not going to tolerate that. “Baths ready baby,” Dakota called to Stephie, who ignored her as Dakota called again. She did not like to say things more than once, Stephie was being insolent now.

Dakota strode into the bedroom, furious with her, Stephie was hiding under the quilt. In one motion Dakota swung the quilt away, then slapped Stephie’s ass hard, half a dozen times, she squealed and tried to crawl away. “Stephie, this is the third time. Bath. NOW.”

Dakota stared at her, her arms folded over her ample chest, silently Stephie climbed out of bad, pouting then went and got into the bath. Dakota followed her as she sunk into the hot soapy water, the welts, bruises and cuts stung like crazy but sensibly she chose not to complain. “ After your little performance, you will go to bed after your bath and colour me a nice picture as an apology until 8pm. Then it’s lights out. Understand ?” Dakota asked sternly. “Yes M’am,” Stephie said quietly. “ Of course you will be going to bed with a sore bottom again. Don’t think for a minute you will get away with that show of insolence.” “I was only messing….” Stephie tried to tell her. “Do I look like I’m messing?” Dakota asked. Stephie shook her head.

“Right let’s get you washed first.” Dakota loved this time together, bathing her little girl, caring, nurturing her. “Wash your hair in the morning sweetheart, I don’t like you going to bed with damp hair. Now, stand up please.” Stephie did as she was told, thinking she was getting out, until she noticed Dakota holding the awful wooden bath brush. “Please Dakota, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.” Her pleading fell on deaf ears. “Bend over and hold the taps.”

With her lip quivering, Stephie bent over, grabbing the taps.”Do not let go of those taps Stephie.” Dakota moved her left arm over Stephie’s body, pushing her back / tummy downwards, so her bottom stuck out more. “Hold position,” she ordered then she began. Dakota didn’t believe in baby taps, play spankings should hurt a lot, punishment should hurt a damn sight more. After 10 swats on each cheek, she could see 2 perfect  crimson circles and a white smaller circle in the middle. Blisters appearing already, tears were falling as Dakota told her to bend lower. She whalloped her sit spots quickly, Stephie howled in pain and began to jiggle up and down. “Still.” Sakota ordered, hitting the back of her legs so 2 red circles broke through her pale skin. She pushed her body down lower and decided then to hold her there as she was still able to spank her soundly in this position. Her sit spots were raw by the time she had finished or maybe not. “Dunk your bottom in the water then get back into position,” she ordered as Stephie slowly lowered her bottom into the hot soapy water, the water stung her skin crazily, she imagined nettle spanking must feel similar. Shakily she got up again and bent right over once more. “I’m s….s….sorrryyy Dakota, please no more.” Stephie begged but she knew it would be useless to beg.Sulking, pouting, sassiness, ignoring her Mistress was strictly forbidden. But with all the punishments she has had over the last few days, Stephie was really finding it hard to cope. “I will not tolerate bratty behaviour Stephie. We’ve had a lovely day, resting in bed and now you’ve ruined it by arguing and refusing to get into your bath.” Every word came with a very hard swat to her sit spots mainly, but deliberately she went central, over her crack and happy spot. The circles were now a deep purple, the white circles still in the middle, her bottom was covered in welts, bruises, little cuts, blisters from the bath brush, some burst and were bleeding, but she didn’t care. It was not serious, the cuts and bruises would heal in time and Stephie would feel this for a week or so and so she should.

The bath brush continue its brutal attack, “Do you understand Stephie ?” Dakota asked sternly, ” “Yes Dakota, I’m sorry…….really I am.” Stephie wailed, grateful to hear Dakota put the brush away. “Come here little one,” Dakota told her gently, as Stephie flew her arms around Dakota’s neck, hugging her tightly, tears still falling . She was still stood in the bath as she hugged her mistress, knowing she was now forgiven. “Right stand up, let me check your bottom.” Dakota ordered. Stephie stood up, one hand supporting herself on the wall. Dakota grabbed the sponge and carefully cleaned Stephies bottom and legs. There were quite a few bad cuts now, they would need plasters.  She then helped Stephie climb out of the bath, dried her off and brushed her hair. Handing Stephie her toothbrush, already filled with toothpaste, Stephie brushed her teeth whilst Dakota stuck some Little Miss Naughty plasters on the worst areas of her bottom. Six plasters were needed in the end.

Teeth brushed, Dakota got Stephie into her pyjamas. My Little Pony pictures were all over them. She  looked too damn cute now, freshly bathed, ready for bed, soon she would be hugging her cuddlies, the rabbits ear will be folded a certain way so she could suck her finger, whilst stroking the fur of the rabbits ear. Dakota kissed Stephie deeply before taking her hand, leading her to the bedroom. She knew Stephie was struggling to walk after her last spanking and it was now even worse getting into bed.Stephie climbed in on her side, so she never sat on her bottom. “Where’s your pencil case and colouring book sweetheart ?” Dakota asked softly. “Downstairs M’am on the settee.” Stephie said. Dakota stood up and went to get it, as suspected on her return, Stephie had organised her cuddlies, the rabbits ear folded, finger in her mouth, stroking the ears fur. Dakota passed Stephie her colouring book and pencil case. “Now you only have 20 minutes to colour, lights out at…….?”She asked. “8pm M’am.” Stephie ended the sentence with her finger in her mouth still. “Good girl, I will come and check on you soon. Now don’t forget, you will have a lot of homework to do tomorrow whilst I am at work. I will leave everything out for you. But hopefully I will speak to you in the morning. Now do some colouring, nigh night baby.” Dakota said quietly, leaving the room, she left the door open a little, knowing she would be back up to check on her just after 8pm, checking to see if the light was off.

Dakota headed downstairs to sort all the homework she was going to do tomorrow.     

Daddy’s blog for May.

The diary of Manho the Daddy….

Part three….

So recap whilst I drink a nice cold bottle of cider,

in July 2017 me and the pigster entered into an open marriage as she being the greedy

piggy she is wanted more cock and dabble with her bi side.

So over the year we both had some fun but I think if I remembers correctly Piggy started

to chat with Master, (Sir G), on the swingers web site in June 2018,

or could be the beginning of July 2018, anyway I digress, So anyway Piggy started chatting

and from what I could read as I had access to said site things were going rather well,

both my Little Minxs and Master was on holidays down in Essex at a nice relaxing naturist

farm and Master was still chatting to Piggy, now Piggy was looking for a Dom and certainly

liked what she saw with Master.

So after a week or so and when they both came home we set up a group chat on the old

WhatsApp and then I started to speak with my Little Minxs, I must admit I was rather

quite nervous as this was to different, not the same as going to a swingers club or party,

so me and Little Minxs got chatting and Piggy and Master was chatting on their own and

we had the group chat as well.

After a few days chatting Little Minxs wanted another Dom in her life and thought I would

be a good Dom, now if I’m honest I never gave this side of a dynamic or relations a

second thought, however I was rather quite open to the idea, so I asked Little Minxs

if there would be a possibility of having a face time chat so I could speak to her rather

than texting on Whatsapp, so I think it may have been a Wednesday afternoon I face timed

Little Minxs, and God was I bloody nervous but for no reason because as soon as she

answered and we started speaking, after a couple of minutes it felt like we knew each

other for years, so we chatted for a hour or so and said our good byes for now and

I then thought yes I could be your Dom, it would be learning as you go but Master would

be a really good teacher as he has years of experience at this.

Now a few days later things took an unexpected twist to things when Little Minxs asked

me If I would be her Daddy Dom as she had always wanted a Daddy Dom and thought

my personality best suited that type of dynamic, as after doing the face timing she said

you are kind and gentle but strict when needed to be, so I said I would and after

further conversations regarding this and reading a lot on this style of relationship,

I was a lot more confident in being a Daddy Dom for my Little Minxs, thus how the her

name came as she asked her Daddy to name her and that’s what I first thought of her as.

So after a few weeks of chatting we agreed a first meet at Blackpool as Master was at a

car show with the Westfield one of his rather cool cars and so me and Piggy drove up

Sunday morning parked up and both let Master and Little Minxs know we had arrived

and was a few minutes away.

So, me and Piggy walked along the sea front and Piggy asked if I was nervous,

and the thing is I was excited like a little schoolboy but not nervous.

Master was going to meet his two new subs in person, although originally he only

wanted the one sub but was willing to take on the Piggy, 😉, as well, and I was going to

meet my Little Minxs, I had planned on taking her to Build A Bear Workshop to buy her

first teddy from Daddy.

So, as we approached the rather large line of vehicles along the promenade we managed

to find and meet both Master and Little Minxs, Little Minxs was sat down out of the sun

and stood up and God she took my breath away, she was dressed in a beautiful dress and

make up on, but how petite she was, I mean four foot nothingness but beautiful and

certainly lived up to the name I gave her, Little Minxs and very much to this date living up

to her name.

We all started to chat about God only knows what then decided to go for lunch at

Harry Ramsdens, we had lunch and then I took Little Minxs to Build A Bear so we could get

her first treat off Daddy, she pick a beautiful teddy and a nice outfit,

nd she named her Little Minxs as well.

After that we went for coffee and chatted loads and then we had our first kiss together

and that was special to me and then realised at that moment that this was it, I’m now

Little Minxs Daddy and must do everything to look after an protect her.

We slowly made our way back to the sea front where Master and Piggy was chatting, a

nd they seem very happy.

Now I do certainly remember Piggy either saying something or rolling her eyes at Master

and got a rather nice slap across her face, I was when seeing this at aww and in shock,

as I would never of done this to her, as if I did she would kill me to death, although many

times have thought of it though, but she turned to Master and apologised,

and believe me this is not the first time Piggy has said or done something

that would get her into trouble with Master.

So we had a wonderful first meet and all was happy……

Next chapter I will talk about the past year as we are nearly one year in our relationship

and very happy, until then…………..

Daddy was in trouble for not doing the blog on time so Master told him to draw a sketch. It didn’t need to be related to the blog, but would be nice. I think Daddy had forgotten how big my ass is when he drew this though. Lol.

Missed 3 tasks.

Forgot tasks.

On Thursday I forget to do 3 tasks for Miss Adira.

My pose.

My booby or happy spot photo.

A photo or video to make her smile.

I was extremely tired, then sulked when Miss Adira set me an early

bedtime. I had done lots of photos because that was the day I took

my erotic pose photos for her. But coz i was in a mood i didnt send


The next morning I got a message basically telling me im missing 3


No consequence was mentioned then.

A bit later i got pick 3 numbers between 1 and 6.

Oh god, Miss Adira and Daddy do love to do this number thing.

What do i pick, what do i pick.

Okay here goes, im looking at the numbers thinking should i

change my mind.

No. Here goes, 1, 3, 5.

1.3 hours of tv a day for a week.

3. 3 minute cold shower, every 3 days for 3 weeks.

5. A 30 minute foot rub for herself, Master and Daddy.

I looked at them and cringed at the cold shower and foot rub.

I hate feet, i mean i really hate feet.

I begged Miss Adira to let me swop one.

Okay she said, you have 5 minutes to choose.

Oh what number, what number.

Will any give me pain, i asked.

Maybe she replied.

Oh that didnt help. Should i ? What number ?

Then i just pressed 2.

Now 2 was a follow on from number 1.

3 hours of tv ecery day for a week, watching only cartoons.

Choose 3 cartoons.

What……was she serious. What was i supposed to do in the day.

What about Emmerdale my fav soap and love island starts on


Can i watch Disney films ? i asked.

If u want to watch the same film every day. She replied.

When she showed me the other choices, i shudda picked 4.

Do lines.

But very glad i didnt pick 6, 30 with the loopy didnt sound fun.

Ive still gotta choose the cartoons.

I may ask if i can watch slightly older aged programmes,

like Drake and Josh or Tracy Beaker.

I loved them when our son was younger.

So i will have to see what she says today.

Here’s the list of consequences for each number.

Missed 3 tasks.

Forgot tasks.

On Thursday I forget to do 3 tasks for Miss Adira.

My pose.

My booby or happy spot photo.

A photo or video to make her smile.

I was extremely tired, then sulked when Miss Adira set me an

early bedtime. I had done lots of photos because that was the

day I took my erotic pose photos for her. But coz i was in a mood

i didnt send them.

The next morning I got a message basically telling me im

missing 3 tasks.

No consequence was mentioned then.

A bit later i got pick 3 numbers between 1 and 6.

Oh god, Miss Adira and Daddy do love to do this number thing.

What do i pick, what do i pick.

Okay here goes, im looking at the numbers thinking should

i change my mind.

No. Here goes, 1, 3, 5.

1.3 hours of tv a day for a week.

3. 3 minute cold shower, every 3 days for 3 weeks.

5. A 30 minute foot rub for herself, Master and Daddy.

I looked at them and cringed at the cold shower and foot rub.

I hate feet, i mean i really hate feet.

I begged Miss Adira to let me swop one.

Okay she said, you have 5 minutes to choose.

Oh what number, what number.

Will any give me pain, i asked.

Maybe she replied.

Oh that didnt help. Should i ? What number ?

Then i just pressed 2.

Now 2 was a follow on from number 1.

3 hours of tv ecery day for a week, watching only cartoons.

Choose 3 cartoons.

What……was she serious. What was i supposed to do in the day.

What about Emmerdale my fav soap and love island starts on


Can i watch Disney films ? i asked.

If u want to watch the same film every day. She replied.

When she showed me the other choices, i shudda picked 4.

Do lines.

But very glad i didnt pick 6, 30 with the loopy didnt sound fun.

Ive still gotta choose the cartoons. I may ask if i can watch

slightly older aged programmes, like Drake and Josh or

Tracy Beaker. I loved them when our son was younger.

So i will have to see what she says today.

Here’s the list of consequences fir each number.

I’ve had my first play with a lady.

No longer a virgin, I’ve played with a lady, on my own.

So over the last 2 months I’ve not had the energy to think about blogging, my previous blog explains why so I’m not going to repeat that. But Master, Daddy and Miss Adira have all been keeping a close eye on me, as I do feel so stressed I feel I could breakdown. I do have a Drs appt coming up to help with that.

Last week Daddy came for the day, all I wanted was to get some lunch, come home, lie naked on the bed watching films and chilling. I didn’t even want to play. Then of course my hand wandered over his new ladder piercings going up his ball sack, then his willy became excited and before we knew it, I had given Daddy a handjob, without permission. A few minutes later we got a message, it contained a photo of me doing the deed. With a No Permission. You Are Banned For Month. Said Master.

So when Miss Adira was coming up for the day, on the following Tuesday, I have to say I was a bit disappointed knowing we couldn’t play together. I asked Master if I was allowed to stroke her boobs or thighs and he replied you may pleasure Miss Adira but you will not be pleasured yourself…….

I was also due a long awaited punishment, ( to be honest I can’t remember why I got it ) but I knew it was going to be a bad one. Well this would be my first punishment from her, I know she was looking forward to it, she said, I’m expecting tears, a very sore botty and I want to see blood. I will not stop until that happens. And I mean real tears too.

Luckily for me, or unlucky for me really, my back has been terrible, with being so busy over the past 2 months. My chronic pain has reached way WAY over the worst it normally is. So this meant my punishment had been cancelled over and over again. Our last meet up, I did have a maintenance spanking but my back suffered afterwards. Miss Adira had asked Master if she should give me the punishment and maintenance spanking. He said he usually asks me how my back is feeling. If it’s too bad I  would be honest and ask for it to be postponed. They all know i would not lie about something as important as my back.

So punishment was postponed, though Miss Adira did say if I wanted a gentle maintenance spanking she would be happy with that.

So Tuesday morning came, I slept in, so didnt get all my tasks done as I had to tidy up, get the bedroom ready, ( in fact  I shudda put some candles out, coz she loves them. I will next time,) I had to go to the supermarket to buy lunch for us then get home, get naked, ready.

There wasn’t much time from when I got home to Miss Adira arriving. She had on a slim fitted black skirt, black top and red boots. She looked very much the mistress. She carried with her a big duffle bag which puzzled me. I was on a ban from playing plus not allowed spanking so there should be no toys in her bag. She saw me look quizzically at it and said she would explain soon.

First she had to fuss the dogs who were impatiently barking at her for attention. I made us drinks, asking if she wanted these upstairs, but she said no, down here for now. Then she explained that if I had wanted my maintenance spanking she had brought with her 3 sexy Mistress outfits plus her high heels. (She feels very much the Mistress in those outfits). She was going to let me pick the outfit but I had to be very honest about how I felt after the spanking on Saturday, how did my back feel, so I had to be honest and say it didn’t help my back at all, so she immediately said right that’s settled, no spanking. But as I can’t play with you, I think it’s time you played with me. She chuckled when she saw me looking a bit shocked, Yes, I think that will happen instead. She told me.

I was a bit taken about, I knew Miss Adira didn’t want to order me to play, but this sorta shocked me. ’’Okay” I said, a bit worried about it, but left it at that.

Coffee drunk, Miss Adira said should we go upstairs, so I put all the lunch stuff in a bag, grabbed a few chews for Dave and Muffin, locked all the doors then I followed Miss Adira with the dogs racing to get ahead of me.

Getting naked on the bed, I’d already got the TV on, the remotes handy, the dogs were happy with their chews, so we snuggled together. Already planning on watching Beauty and The Beast as I hadn’t seen the new version,  Miss Adira had watched it 3 times so far. Now the usual problem at first is we chatted non-stop about the boys, the kids, general life. Then we started to watch it properly.

My Mistress has very big boobs, and my head rested on one side of one really nicely. They make very nice cushions, but I was very comfy and Miss Adira seemed comfy too. My hand gently stroked her arms and boobs, playing with her nipples and nipple piercing. I’m not really a boob/nipple person. With Master and Daddy, I tend not to touch them, but this time I decided to play with hers, I knew she could take more than I could with nipple play, but not lots, so I did what I do with mine. Twisting them slightly, circling around the areola, feeling her nipple harden. Along with big boobs, she has big nipples, maybe 3 times the size of mine, at some point I’ve decided I want to try having a suck of them. I’ve always loved sucking my finger as a child, though these days my finger won’t bend to how it was 45 years ago, but I suck it in different ways now. And having my doodie with Daddy, I’ve really grown to love that. So I think I may enjoy it. I shudda just tried there and then, the nipple without the piercing was so close to my mouth I cudda flicked at it with my tongue. But I am slow at doing new things and my mind was concentrating on stroking her body, something I know we both love. That and scratching hard across the skin, boobs, back, bottom, she did it twice on my bum but as soon as I ahhhed over its nice feeling, she stopped. I wasn’t allowed to be pleasured so it stopped.

Slowly my hand moved downwards, tickling her legs, inner thighs, over her happy spot mound. I felt her wetness as I went past it. Miss Adira seemed to be enjoying it as she moved more flat on her back and spread her legs.

Eventually my fingers stopped over her happy spot and I began exploring. I felt her thin clit hood piercing and slowly began to rub her button. Rolling my fingers over it, I began to hear Miss Adira groan, so I rubbed harder and faster, breaking off to stroke over her labia then back to rubbing her button.

Miss Adira’s moans and groans became louder, she began squirming, her hands fisting the bedding or grasping the bars from the headboard. My fingers worked faster, her wetness encouraging me to continue, rubbing harder until I felt her orgasm, her button now swollen, her juices all over my fingers, she moved my hand away but I slipped it back, rubbing once more when she jerked and pushed me away again, whispering naughty at me, which made me giggle.

So instead of moving I just stopped, leaving my fingers over her happy spot as she came back down. I looked up at her smiling, she smiled back, Now that wasn’t too bad was it ? She asked. No it wasn’t. I replied. I reached up to give her a kiss, feeling proud of myself.

As Miss Adira began to relax again, I began rubbing her button once more, she gasped and grabbed the bed rails, her groans becoming more exaggerated, frantic, I looked up at her and watched her face, her arms began flailing, (Master always said she’s a flailler when she comes, so is Daddy,) occasionally her eyes opened and looked at me, smiling, then as I continued her eyes closed again.

I worked faster now, rubbing harder directly over her piercing, she got her juices flowing again. Pretty quickly she began to cum, her arms flailed about as her body jerked fiercely. Faster and much more stronger than her first one, this made me smile even more.

I’ve actually pleasured my Mistress and I felt incredibly proud and very very horny. My happy spot was pounding, longing to be touched, my ass tingled, pleading for a spanking but of course I was on a ban, which really was a shame because this would have built up into a long long play session.

Eventually Miss Adira relaxed, coming down from her wild orgasm, she reached over and hugged me tightly, giving me another kiss. Was that okay ? I asked. More than okay, Miss Adira said, your first play with a lady was pretty awesome.

I grinned stupidly, snuggled closer into one boob as we watched a bit more of the film, then realising the time, we decided to have lunch.

The rest of the afternoon was snuggling in bed, I got my snuggly, Marshmallow and put her by my head, rubbing my chin or fingers over her soft fur. I know I dozed off a bit, because I woke myself up snoring. Lol. But I did watch most of Beauty and the Beast  but only a bit of Olympus Has Fallen, as I slept through a lot?

But we had a lovely day, it did me the world of good to just chill out.

Apologies for my abscence.

I need to apologise for my absence over the last few months. My health has been poor, Miss Adiras health has been poor too. Then my 84 yr old mum took a turn, collapsing in the garden, unconscious for 10 mins. My 84 yr old dad phoned 999 then called me. I drove down to theirs as quick as possible. She had a further 6 episodes at home, in the ambulance and in A&E.

Four weeks later she’s had a pacemaker fitted but her dementia has declined considerably.

Mum and Dads house needed to be made suitable for when Mum returned home so we’ve had to put her in a care home, hopefully for only a couple of weeks. But it’s taken its toll on me mentally and physically and my poor Dad. My brother is a useless selfish son of a bitch, thinking 1 visit a week for 20 minutes is enough whereas me and Dad have been with her every day, apart from when we had our 5 day holiday. Which honestly feels like 5 years ago not 3 weeks ago.

Yesterday was a terrible day with mum, emotional, draining, and very upsetting. I broke down in front of Dad, something I’ve kept away from him, he doesn’t need to see me so upset as well as worry about Mum. But I just couldn’t cope.

I know Master, Daddy, Miss Adira, Dad, my inlaws and friends are very worried about me, I’m doing so much my back can’t take it, so every day my chronic pain is only progressing and my walking becoming more difficult. Coping with an hours sleep each night if I’m lucky, yesterday felt like the final straw.

I feel so close to having an emotional/mental breakdown, I don’t know what to do.

Family say look after yourself first, but you know your Mum is in a care home and your Dad is trying to deal with it, how can I be selfish and put myself first.

When I’m not with Mum, all I’m doing is worrying about her, or Dad or both, thinking about me doesn’t seem important.

Until Master said last night, “You have your own family, we need you, we see you pushing yourself, we see you dragging yourself there every day. But if your back goes worse because you’re doing too much now, you could end up in a wheelchair for the rest of your life, the rest of our lives. You need to think about that”.

Then Mis Adira told me she wanted a video call during the day. I knew why, she wanted to explain how worried she was, well how worried they all were. Yet more tears fell down, as they had most of the morning, but she made some valid points.

  1. Don’t stay so long.
  2. Plan to do a word search or crossword together then go. Or push her around the gardens in her wheelchair, have a coffee outside then go.
  3. Remember she’s in a good place now, with trained staff and you know she’s happy, coz you’ve spied on her numerous times and she’s been happily chatting.
  4. If she throws a tantrum just leave, let the staff deal with her, then it doesn’t upset you.
  5. Lastly, you want happy memories now, not memories of her being aggressive, nasty, upset. So not seeing her as often, gives you a break, focusing on your family, when you do see her you’re not as tired so you can cope better and plan a short visit, twice a week. Arrange to spend a day with your Dad to give him some normal time too.

This last point was the one that got to me, it was so accurate and true. I told Dad what Miss Adira said and he said he was so happy I’ve got friends who really take the time to talk sense to you and then you to me.

Our plan of action possibly, is putting Mum in this care home 1 maybe 2 nights a week to give Dad a break or just go for the day. It can be time he can do things for himself, we could go out for part of the day, go out for lunch, just get us both out doing something together.

On Tuesday I got a very blunt phone call from Social Services. They had put together a care plan so Mum had to be out of the home on Friday by 12.30. I explained that there was no way she could come home this week as the bathroom was still not finished. She was very strict about how we knew she had to leave there soon, but I will give you until Monday. My bosses will probably go mad but I will say she can stay until Monday, by 12.30pm, she must be out. If you choose to keep your mum there, then it must be funded by yourselves. If you do that then the care package will no longer be available either. So you would have to pay for the care package yourselves.

Now the care package lasts for 6 weeks, we can’t afford to miss it. After much discussion, we decided to just bring Mum home on the Monday, the carer starts that evening, then we have 6 weeks to find our own carer too.

But there was the problem of the home equipment for her, she hadn’t got a walking frame, wheelchair, toilet frame, raised toilet seat, Dad hadn’t got a bed for downstairs, they needed more bedding and a dryer.

So I spent one afternoon going through what we needed, Dad looked it through and agreed so that was ordered, he found a bed and we got that ordered too. Yesterday he found some new bedding he liked, so he bought some more. We think we are ready for her but now we had the job of telling Mum. So we went the following day and found mum doing a puzzle book in the lounge. For the first time in 2 months, she actually looked like Mum, and we had a lovely visit.

I told Mum the good news that she was coming home on Monday but there was a deal she had to make. To get her to use the walking frame and wheelchair, we said, You have to use the walking frame at home and the wheelchair. This is the Drs orders, if you don’t use them they will immediately bring you back to the home so you must use them. We don’t want you back here for that reason. She took all this in, Can I not walk ever again ? She asked, I said, Of course you can walk a little, but the chair is there to help you when you are tired. Plus it means when Dad needs to go out, you can go too. So you can get out of the house again. It will be much better for both of you. But you have to agree to use them, well we will not be giving you a choice.  The good news is you can come home on Monday.

I know life will be more crazy once she’s home, it will be very hard on Dad, but all we can do is the best we can. For now Dad and I need to try to rest whilst she is happy in the home.

Miss Adiras monthly post.

My ass and the staples

So as far as good ideas go I believe this may have needed a little bit of thought,

oh and according to Sir a bit more research on my behalf.

Although I stand by my “ ooo this looks fun” now

I know Aurora has mentioned that I said I wanted to try staple play with her,

as you will also be aware she’s not very keen on the idea.

However it was something I wanted to try so……

Sir and Aurora where on there visit Aurora got her maintenance spanking,

we then went downstairs, Sir pointed out he had watched the whole thing and was now

sporting a massive erection that off course he wanted sorting, and in his words in the

manner of mouth to cock, so off course I obliged…once his erection had been dealt with,

the conversation then turned to my staplers, to which I said shall I go get the stapler and

we can give it ago, I was instructed to go get it, giddily I ran upstairs for it.

I came back and handed it to Sir and assumed the position of being bent over

the arm of the settee, now Sir said he would only do a few I do believe he said 5,

now I really should of known better…

he started first few made me clench my botty but they were quite nice going in,

I was the informed it was going to be a G… I do believe I said eh I thought you said 5,

but I do know how he does like to change his mind and make alterations so away

Sir went every so often chuckling. Then he stood back admiring his handy work,

now I’d mentioned about wondering how it would feel having a spanking after being

stapled, I still haven’t learnt to think before speaking. After he’d stood back a few hand

slaps on my ass followed I do have to admit a sharp ouch and then a different feeling,

a nice stinging. Then I heard I think it needs an exclamation mark,

what I screeched….but before I could protest I was pushed back down and the stapling

started again, again Sir stood back admiring it, then I heard Aurora say it should have a

cross At the bottom, ooo a double one , then felt it go in before I could protest

now here is where I don’t think things through,

I didn’t get the tool to take the staples out, I just thought they would just pierce the skin

and not turn under, yeah I know I was wrong. So I went to get what I thought may do it,

so Sir tried to get them out well I say try. Watching the video back the first attempt

I’m sure he was just pulling on the staple to see how far he could pull that and my skin

away from my ass,, so the task of trying to remove them began,

it was a struggle and at one point it was said I may end up in A and E trying to get the out,

imagine trying explain that, Hi I’ve had a G stapled in my ass but can’t seem to remove it,

could you please help. Sir however kept his cool and

his patience ( which I’m surprised as he gets bored very easily) and managed to get them out.

Now what have I learnt, research things before you try them out,

buy all the tools to assist with the usage, oh and always expect more from Sir than

he may say…..but all in all it was fun we all had a giggle be I still have the marks in my ass

which is always good…but in truth I’ll probably not learn and just run head first into it and

hope it’s fun along the way. Although needle play is on my list, that I may have to ah who

am I trying to kid

Next time we are going to try and staple Sir G, still with the exclamation mark or mark as

I’ve found he likes exclamation marks. Although before I suggested it,

I’ve just realised I didn’t suggest where we could staple Sir G a mistake I may regret as we

all know Sir does at times have his evil genius moments.

No doubt I’ll have a tale to tell when he does it.

Oh and Aurora doesn’t like being stapled, she only had 2 put in and didn’t like it,

so may be used as an incentive for her