Daddy’s blog for August.

Monthly blog from Manho

Well hello there my avid readers, how are we doing, sitting comfortably, good I shall

then begin.

So we are now in August and a year has passed since we had formed this relationship

and what a year it has been, Piggy has gotten herself a Master and me I got me a Master

and a Little Minxs.

So the past year has been really good, I mean really good, having learnt so much from

Master and even Little as well as Piggy, being a Daddy Dom is, I would say, a full time job in

itself so lord knows how Master goes on but he does seem to cope quite well, even if he has

had a shite day at work.

The last year I have learnt so much in what I should and shouldn’t do as a Daddy Dom,

and now a year later I would like to hope I have found my niche with my Little Minxs,

however she does like to play up from time to time and the most recent one being

this past week.

Now I have not been as strict as I should with Little however I have started to put my foot

down with her as I think she needs this, so a couple of days ago she posted on the group

chat about a rather small spider which was, by all accounts, quite content in the bathroom

on some towels minding its own business, Little had asked her Son E to deal with the

incy wincy spider whilst messaging on group chat. At which point Piggy stated she should

make friends with the spider, Little responded “bugger off”, and the conversation

progressed on the group chat and Piggy said she thought it was funny and Little again

swore saying “It’s not bloody funny”, now enough was enough Little messaged me,

apologising and asked if I had read the group chat, to which at that point, I had and was

not a happy Daddy at all, so I was stern with Little and told her I was disappointed and

annoyed with the swearing and there would be punishments given… this is just

after a punishment on the Tuesday for lateness of tasks and was punished that day by

sending me a selfie every hour on the hour with an apology video, to which she was

advised if she was late by a minute past the hour, she would have to do it all again on the

Wednesday, and yes she was late and I told she had to do it again on the Wednesday,

however knowing how hard the punishment is, I let it go on the Wednesday.

Now back to the swearing, I rang Little up that Wednesday evening and she was quite c

oy with me, knowing she was going to get a stern talking to, as well as punishments, s

o as we chatted I was rather quite stern, even Piggy said she could hear from down

the stairs, once I had said my piece I set Little the punishment, so firstly she was told

to make an A4 sign with I AM A NAUGHTY GIRL written on it and then once that was

completed she had to get a bar of soap wet it and then lick and suck it like a lollipop

for five minutes whilst naked, whilst wearing her new, shall I say necklace she had

just made for herself whilst recording it, then upload to the group chat,

and I will give my Little Minxs her due she did this on the Thursday with an apology……..

so this bring me to today being Friday, had homework task sent to Daddy in the

appropriate time scale as set and as set tasks Little Minxs has to send a selfie to

Daddy in the morning and afternoon….so 1200 passed still no selfie so I left it and at

1244 I received several selfie pics in which Little had taken in the morning but had

forgotten to send AGAIN….so I asked her why she was late on sending the selfie pics

and I received “ Forgot them Daddy, sorry x”….so I replied that there would be

punishment and got a rather nice response of Dadddddyyyyy…… I had warned

Little that I was going to be a lot more strict with her and forgetting her tasks twice in a

week, well frankly this is not acceptable at all, so now with regards her punishment I think

I will leave it to my readers to suggest a most fitting punishment for my Little Miss Forget

Me Not……..

Until next time….

July’s blog, Club from Miss Adira.


So there are a few things I could write about, club visit, piercings or trying new

implements….choices choices…..

I think club visit it the one…..So we had all planned a visit to Blackpool one Saturday but

during a WhatsApp video chat, Sir said “We are going to Blackpool Saturday, we will go in

two cars and me and Piggy can go to the club,” hearing this I got all excited it had been a

while since I’d been to a club ( I’m assuming you’d of guessed I mean a swingers club and

not a nightclub) and the first time I’d been with Sir…

So we were chatting and I asked if we could take some toys and at first he said nah…

I must a admit I was about to feel gutted until a message “Maybe paddle and crop,”

so I half smiled , as I no like the paddle but I like the crop…cut to Saturday, Aurora and her

Daddy left to do whatever it was they where doing, we just snuggled on the sofa for a bit

and then I went to get showered and dressed, oh and put my hair in pigtails

(Sir says he likes pigtails) I don’t think my hair is quite long enough but it’s what

Sir wanted. I went downstairs to ask him to help so they were straight, he said he couldn’t

so anyway cut a long story short, the pigtails didn’t happen. As I was getting dressed

I brought downstairs my strap and bamboo cane and asked if we could bring one,

Sir said yes, as he didn’t now want to take the crop, as it’s his favourite and didn’t

want to lose it… the strap replaced it.

Away we went, was a nice drive just us alone together in the car just chatting about this a

nd that, we arrived in Blackpool and went for dinner, the usual chippy was found.

We both wanted a chip barm but it had no barms (

I know what chippy runs out of bread rolls) so we got something else. Drove to our usual

place to ate dinner. It was time then to go to the club.

So we arrived and went to get changed, well I say changed, undressed. Sir said he wanted

me just in knickers and a towel, he wore his underwear and towel. We got drinks and went

and sat down, we decided to sit near the pool table and TV, which yes you’ve guessed

playing porn.

The evening continued and we chatted to other couples and just generally called the porn

I think it was a little mild for us. Then Sir said shall I tie you up and smack your bottom,

the moment I’d been waiting for, giddy I got up and we headed upstairs,

I was strapped up and away Sir went wondering what he would come back with.

He then appeared with the strap, oh goody I thought .

Away he went striking me, now I do quite enjoy the feeling of the strap hitting my bare ass

and the crack of it as it hits your skin. I’m not sure how many hits I’d taken but the noise

from it hitting me must of echoed around the club because before long we had quite an

audience which if I’m honest I quite enjoyed, Sir continued to hit me I could hear talking

and gasps from people as more and more strikes hit me. Then I heard Sir ask if anyone

would like a go, eh I thought but I know he wouldn’t be far away and let someone hurt

what was his, so another guy came and took the strap and began to hit me, now these

were far more gentle than Sirs but I knew this was because he didn’t know what

I was used to. Sir again took over I could then feel the familiar pain, a crack sound,

the pain built I could feel the welts coming, striking me ass, thighs, back and arms.

Then he said let’s have a change , now I knew what was coming, the paddle now,

I really don’t like this, he was back then whack, the wood hitting my already red ass was

painful, knowing I couldn’t take much of these I’m not sure how many I got before

I said my safety word red, this then stops play immediately. I knew I wasn’t done though

so I said can I have a few more with the strap ? Sir asked me if I was sure ? I knew I was,

so yes I said, more strikes then I knew I was done, so we stopped. This was a play spanking

that I really enjoyed, enjoyed being watched , hoping I made my Sir proud of what was his

and showing I wanted to be his good girl. I hope we do more of this , as it was so enjoyable.

Maybe try other clubs with a better dungeon were Sir can show of his toy and maybe

find other bottoms he can punish and maybe someone I can also spank.

Then Sir said shall we go to the orgy room, yes I said as I knew from my spanking I was so

turn on and knew I’d be ready for whatever Sir wanted to do.. so I lay on the bed,

I heard him say move your ass this way so I kinda shuffled, Sir opened my legs, I then felt

his fingers go inside me slowly pushing inside me, I could feel each thrust of his fingers it

didn’t take long until my moans became louder and my flailing start, harder and deeper

I could feel him, then I could feel it I was running down his fingers but I didn’t care harder

and faster he went I could feel my orgasms build not sure how many but I know I didn’t

want him to stop, another couple had joined the room, it was like we were then having a

competition of who could cum the loudest. Sir continued to work his magic,

fingers inside my now soaking pussy, I imagined me now running down his arms as all I

could here was the squelching coming from my wet very wet pussy…

Sir then stopped, my attention then got turned to the other lady, we had already spoken

with. My fingers entering her already wet pussy moving slowly at first, then faster and

deeper, I could feel her building and the already familiar sound of her cumin, this went on

for a while, her fella and my Sir were playing with her tits while she played with their cocks .

I then turned my attention to Sir, it was his turn. I asked him to move to me, I knelt in front

of him taking his hard cock in my mouth, I do love his hard cock in my mouth.

Slowly I start moving my tongue down his shaft, then taking him in my mouth moving up

and down his hard cock, taking all off him in my mouth feeling myself gag,

I then feel his hands grab my hair, I know what’s coming but I don’t pull away,

he pushes me further down his cock, holding me there, feeling myself gag more

but I love this feeling, Sir having control of me, having me exactly where he likes me,

on my knees, cock in mouth, unable to move. He lets me now take control of his cock

again I begin to move faster up and down his shaft sucking, taking the head of his cock,

just sucking this, I feel now he’s getting close to cuming so I move back to moving down

his shaft, hard and deeper I take him, I hear the familiar are you ready piggy ? off course

I’m ready, I love it when Sir comes in my mouth, I suck harder now, taking more of his cock,

I then hear his groan and feel his warm cum fill my mouth, and I mean fill it. I swallow his

load and thank him for letting me take him. We then went downstairs and spent around

10mins in pool to cool down. Then it was home time

So this was mine and Sirs first visit to a club which I really enjoyed and do hope it’s

something we can do again…pictures below from the strap .

Day 3 and 4 with the matchstick house.

Day 3 and 4 with this blasted matchstick house.

So here we go again, I spent the morning doing all my homework as for once I actually felt awake, did my poses, bit of cleaning, had my lunch and did some writing. Then I felt ready to try again. Now one thing I noticed with the matches Miss Adira bought me was they were all wonky shaped. Now I wudda bought these ones too, get the cheapest, I’m only using them for craft so why buy the expensive sort, but I wondered if it would be better if I did buy the ridiculously priced matches, so I did. And the first thing I noticed was that they were all even, oblong sticks. Better for this task.

So I began, here we go, the base done, I built up the sides. Okay everything going well so far, I then began slotting the matches down to the appropriate hole.

I’d done the 4 corners, from there after watching the video for the zillionth time, I knew how to do the 4 lines on top of the cube.

Then disaster, I knocked the tray, the big box of matches fell and landed on the house and knocked the thing half down. I was cursing, shouting at the darn matches, shouting at myself, shouting at Miss Adira even though she wasn’t here. I sent a shouty FFS to her instead, she asked what was wrong, so I just replied, house. Ahhh she said, Still no joy. It’s doing me head in, I told her, But I will keep trying.

I had a break for a bit, it’s so unbearably hot, sweat dripping everywhere, not in a nice way, according to my thermometer on my phone, it said the temperature inside was 40`c, outside was 28`c. Our big fan we have is stuck in the shed and I couldn’t open the door, so I just dripped from all the wrong places. I went to cool down outside, just as thunder began, it rained for only a short time, I even stayed outside, letting the rain cool me down, even the dogs came outside and they do not like going out in the rain. So the little bit of rain cooled me down for a few seconds.

I came back and sat down, looking at the broken cube, so once again I moved all the sticks and started again. Base done, building it up done, top done. Now comes the tricky part, I watched, rewatched, and watched again the section where he drops the match down into the opposite square at the bottom of the cube. He makes it look so damn easy.

So standing up, looking down, I got the first one in. Very gently you have to move the matches on the bottom row, tapping it lightly to get each match down, but also checking the bottom row on the opposite side, tapping the match end back inside. As they do move around when you tap a match on one side, other matches move, so it’s certainly something you can’t do without concentrating. Finally I got one side done.

Then I took a minutes break before I began the next side. Slowly and patiently, which is not me at all, I finally got all 4 sides done.

I watched the next section, and no, OMG. I’ve got to turn the cube upside down. According to the video, he just picked it up, turned it around and put it down again. Now I don’t think it’s cheating, but I plan on asking Master if he can turn it upside down. My fingers are just not manipulative anymore and if I dropped it, well I would not be happy. I could imagine a mega tantrum building if that happened. So I’m going to ask him tomorrow.

In the morning I’ve a hospital appointment, so that will take all morning really, by the time I’ve got there and come back again. That is of course if I can find the attachment that fits to my internal tens machine. I suddenly remembered the appointment when I turned my light off at 9pm that night. Calling to Master to remind me of the appointment, he said okay. Then a few minutes later I remembered I would need this attachment. If I don’t have it, they can’t check everything is working. So I got out of bed to start looking, I told Master I couldn’t find it, he told me to go to bed for now and we will look in the morning. But I continued to look. Without success again. Master said again, go to bed, get some sleep coz no doubt you’ll be up at some stupid time. I will look downstairs, in the morning we will look upstairs. So I went to bed. Panicking about it, thinking of what happens if I can’t find it, what time was the latest I could phone to cancel the appointment and what excuse I could give because they do not like late cancellations, which is understandable really.

Anyway, as soon as I heard Master moving about upstairs, I had been down since early, I went back to the drawer I thought it was in, took much more out, and found it right at the bottom. I really need to sort out my drawers.

But at least it was found.

Day 4.

Unfortunately there was no progress on the house today. I had to leave at 9am for my hospital appt, then stop at Marks & Spencers for treats for our sleep over at Daddy’s and Miss Adira’s, on Saturday. I bought lunch but by the time I got home, I was very sore. So I took a diazepam, Master made me a hot water bottle and pretty soon, I was asleep, and I think I had the deepest sleep I’ve had in a long long time. I only woke up, nearly 4 hours later, because Dave was pawing at me for his dinner. It took over an hour to wake up, by this time it was dinner time, I still had 2 daily tasks to do for Miss Adira, 2 origami butterflies for Daddy, for my attitude, all before bed.

I sent a begging message to Miss Adira, showing how much I’d done so far, bearing in mind that took over 9 hours just to do this bit. But I did not want to give up, so I asked if I could have until next Sunday to finish it, as I really wanted to complete it. Or I could bring the house as it is, tomorrow. I’m pleased to say she agreed to give me until next Sunday to complete it.

But yesterday, guess what, yep, I forgot her make me smile pic or video. And I hadn’t realised until she sent me her night night video, which I don’t get until morning. So what to do about the missed task, she messaged me. Naturally I asked her to let me off please, with a doe-eyed smiley face then a cute doe-eyed giff of a little girl. You’d have been better off sending me your doe-eyes. So I sent her a doe-eyed selfie. She replied, I tell you what, you have the house finished by 1pm, next Sunday and I will let you off. But if you don’t well……….

In the morning I need to get the 2 butterflies done for Daddy before we go to theirs as well as my usual tasks, as well as packing the toy bag, getting myself ready, making sure Master us ready. Busy busy morning, hope I get some sleep.