Piggy’s (Miss Adira’s) August blog.

Piggy’s (Miss Adira’s) Blog for August

So not much has happened in August, so I’ll tell you what I have planned for September.

So firstly it’s mine and the hubbies anniversary, 13 years that we have been married (suppose I’d better get him a card) we aren’t doing anything. If I’m honest we don’t normally, someone forgot one year and let’s just say it wasn’t me.

Something exciting is happening though on one of the Saturdays, I’m getting a tattoo. What another tattoo you say, why is that exciting! Well this is very special to me, before having C, we unfortunately lost our little girl at 20 weeks. Jessica is very much a part of our family, she certainly has not been forgotten. We talk about her constantly, we have pictures around our home that reference her presence and her being a part of the family. I have been wanting another tattoo in her honour, I have two others for her and one that incorporates both my children.

The one I’m going to get has taken some thought about what I wanted, where I wanted it. I have been researching some elements I wanted to have incorporated within the design but again wanted something quite simple. I wanted a baby loss ribbon, but this needed to be the main body of a butterfly but didn’t want it to be too tatty or simple. Then I wanted to have an element of water colour within it as well. I saw all the ideas that I wanted and sent it to my tattooist who put all the elements and did me a design. I like what he sent to me, I loved the look of it, I have shown it to a few people and they have said it’s really pretty and beautiful. The tattoo is not to the scale that I have had previously, my others have taken up to 6 hours to complete, this one should take no more than 2 hours. I’m really looking forward to getting this done and seeing what the end product looks like.

I will no doubt tell you about it and show pictures on my next blog, take care everyone.

Oh wait we are out of local lockdown so I can finally get my eyebrows done, they are a mess and really need to get sorted out……..

The Naked News TV Program.

I got introduced to a show on TV this week called Naked News. Master had watched it before but I had no idea about it. As you can guess by the title, the presenters were naked. This particular show was all women but Master did say men are on it too. I’m not entirely sure what the point of it is really.

I thought maybe it was made up stories to make the show but it was true news stories, there were 4 different girls on, but the ones outside the studio were clothed.

It was one of those shows where you continued to watch it even though you were a bit gobsmacked and shocked that there’s a show out there like this.

Typically all we did was compare their bodies, one girl had fake boobs and seriously, you could see the entire implants, they were different sizes and her nipples; well one was very high up, the other was low down. She had a very poor boob job. We discussed the different style of pubes, plus we both found the bigger girl more attractive, I say bigger girl, she was probably a size 12, whereas the other girls were about a size 0. No curvy, shorter women, but it was an eye opening show, probably wouldn’t go and watch it again myself but I thought it was something to be shared.