My day with Miss Adira.

A day with Miss Adira.

I always look forward to spending the day with Daddy or Miss Adira, usually we have stuff planned but my back has been so bad and I’m still getting at the most 2 hours of sleep a night, I don’t have much energy to really enjoy being with them.

Last Saturday I went to the cinema with Daddy, watched the first 10 minutes, then fell asleep, only to wake up to see the ending.

A few days ago, Miss Adira said if your back is okay, we could go to the park, and have lunch in the cafe there. And the weather was really nice this morning, so I was hopeful we could go.

But my back was pooped. Yesterday I ended up at my Mums, a physiotherapist came to see her, and was asking what equipment Mum needed in the house. Dad wasn’t sure so phoned me, I ended up going round. After the physio had gone I stayed whilst Mum and Dad had lunch, I’d already had mine, then Dad asked if I could stay for longer, so he could go shopping. I said yes, so sat and watched TV with Mum.

(Quick recap if you don’t know, Mum has just spent 6 weeks in hospital, had a pacemaker fitted, then 2 weeks in a respite care home until the staff had a care plan sorted for her. When and what do we want the carers to do for her at home. Her dementia/alzheimers has progressed quite a bit understandably so, and has been very confused, as we counted up that she had been in 12 different beds around the hospital and care home. Me and Dad have been at the hospital every day for 5~6 hours a day, and its played hell on my body. Having come close to having a breakdown, I phoned my useless, selfish brother, telling him, me and Dad need him to actually do something and visit Mum, so me and Dad can have a rest. I was worried about my 84 yr old Dad doing too much, he was worried about me doing too much and my back not coping. Master, Daddy and Miss Adira have been worried sick about me, saying I’m doing too much. But I can’t expect Dad to cope on his own. I just can’t do that. But Master pointed out that it was affecting us/our family. I can’t move by the time I’m home, I’m falling asleep at 5pm, so having no time to do general housework, shopping, even my dogs have missed having me home and are acting up for attention. Anyway, now Mum’s home, the carers lovely, Dad looks less stressed, I think I can start to relax a bit. I’m still driving them to hospital trips etcs, we’ve found if Dad isn’t stressed coz he’s not driving, then Mum doesn’t have a tantrum. But as Master pointed out, I shouldn’t be driving their manual car because it affects my back. A 10 minute trip I could just about cope with but nothing more. So I’m going to look into these ambulance taxis for them)

So back to the real reason for my blog. Where was I up to……..

Ahh yes, going to the park today with Miss Adira. But no, it didn’t happen. Master said early this morning, if my back was ok then yes, but going how I struggled walking to the car from Dad’s to walking to our house once home, the chances were slim. Daddy asked how I was, I said sore enough to have a diazepam, he immediately said you’re not going to the park then. So I was gutted.

So Miss Adira came round in her more leisurely clothes, she knew she wasn’t going to be spanking me today, maintenance or the awaiting punishment still due. She likes to be dressed appropriately when spanking me.

We had a coffee, Miss Adira had to spend time with the dogs, then we drove to Subway to buy lunch, came back home, got naked and had lunch on the bed, the dogs were given a chew so they were happy on the bed too. Once a very nice lunch was scoffed, Miss Adira went under the throw covering the bed, I was still munching my crisps. Dave snuggled up next to Miss Adira, taking up my space, which made us giggle. I told him Miss Adira was my Mistress not his, she was Mummy J to Dave and Muffin.

I finished my lunch, ( I’m a slow eater ) tidied everything away, then tried to snuggle next to MIss Adira. I asked Dave to move, which he did by about 10 cm. Making us both giggle again. Eventually he moved down the bed, so I could snuggle into Miss Adira, my cuddily was with me and we continued to watch a 4 part series which she had read about, called When They See Us.

I was stroking her sexy boobs, playing with her nipples more than I did last week, just enjoying being together when I started to fall asleep. I heard myself snoring on and off, still stroking her, I thought I was just doing this all the time, I thought I’d been watching the TV, stroking her, just occasionally thinking I must have nodded off, snored and woke up again. I’d fed Miss Adira some chocolate buttons, having some myself, But no, apparently I was asleep, only waking when I snored so loudly it woke me up, then I continued stroking her. I missed 3 of the 4 part series.

I feel really guilty though, Miss Adira didn’t come round for me to just fall asleep on her, she said she didn’t mind and knew I needed to catch up on sleep and rest my back. So that was it, our exciting day together. I never played with her properly, never even snogged her today, I feel like I’ve let her down a bit, not giving her the attention she deserves. We never even did my mock tests for my homework. And the worst thing is I still feel really tired and though she said I could go to bed at my normal time now as I’d had a nap, I think I will be going to bed soon.

A new task for Daddy from Master is to write a blog every month. Here’s his first one and I think he’s done a great job. Enjoy the read.

This life and time of Manho the Daddy

So, where do I begin, I would say right from the start would be as good of any place as any July 2017, but before we start here’s a little about me. I am nearly at my 42nd birthday, I am now a Daddy to my beautiful girl Little Minxs and a sub to Master, I am nothing to look at, 5’5”, slightly curvy (a lot), and a rather wicked sense of humour, and this little tale is how I became a Daddy Dom and submissive and the journey I have taken to get here so sit back, hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

As I said it came about in July 2017, the exact date I cannot remember, myself, my beautiful wife and our son was at a close friends house party and my wife had told me that she had full intentions of getting drunk “So don’t expect to go home early,” she says to me just before I went off to work that morning.

So, after a hard days graft (honest) we were at our friends house having beers and chilling, enjoying ourselves, I became rather tired and just wanted to sleep however Piggy, my wife, oh yes Piggy is the name given to her by Master G, or as she refers to him as Sir G, any way I digress, so being tired I just wanted to go home and sleep, however the lovely wife, Piggy had other ideas, just letting loose and getting drunk, now she had already polished off a bottle of wine and what ever else to be had consumed earlier that evening and was well on her way on the second bottle. Now Master and my Little Minxs will very well understand what happens next after Piggy has had a couple of bottles of wine, all I can say is Dr Jekell and Ms Hyde…….so I think it may off been about 11’ish we shall say and I asked Piggy if we were going home, this was a very stupid thing to ask really as she had already gave me the heads up she was planning on staying out and enjoying herself, so with the question asked she said “I told you this morning that we were staying out and I was planning on getting drunk,” so with that I skulked away, I do get rather narky when I’m tired so this didn’t help matters much.

I went into the front room of our friend’s house and sulked, after a bit I went back to join the rest and Piggy must of known I wasn’t happy which is when things in both our lives turned…and I must admit now for the most defiant better. I could see she was getting upset and I tried to stupidly talk to her but she just kept telling me to go away as I was making things worse, now I have seen her upset before and we have both been through a lot but to be honest I have never seen her this upset and I was crapping myself a lot as I didn’t know what to say or do to make amends at that point, and yes I should of left her alone but the pig headedness in me kept mythering her and winding her up even more to the point she just came out with the one sentence I would never forget, “I need more”.

Now at first as a man I just looked at her with a gormless expression on my face, and the response I could only give her was “eh”, “I need more, different cock”, now that hit me like a sack of shit, as believe me when I say my self esteem and confidence took a big blow was a understatement. She carried on explaining what she meant and we talked, and one thing in all of this is I didn’t want to loose her, this extraordinary, magically, wonderful woman who has been in my life for at least 13 years, so I told her I would be willing to try and do anything within reason. That evening or should I say early hours Sunday morning we went home and had nookies.

The next day we sat discussing this further, she reassured me that I wasn’t doing anything wrong but she had desires and needs and found it hard to approach me about them, I must admit I do have a very open mind and now has been opened even more after our experiences in the swinging seen and now in our polyamorous/ \Dom dynamic with both Master/Sir G and my Little Minxs/Masters Serf…with this being said this story will unfold next month when I write about our first meets, till then take it easy…..


Trip to the Lake District.

Day trip to Windermere.

On Monday it was Daddy’s day off and he always tries to do something nice with me and this time he wanted to take me to the Lake District as he knew I loved it there.

He borrowed his parents car, as I can’t drive that far and picked me up at 9am. But first he came in to see the babies and make sure I had everything I needed, mainly making sure I had my meds and walking stick. Muffin was sulking because I took them out for a walk before Daddy arrived, it was raining so I had to put their coats on, and walk them in the rain. Two things Muffin hates, so I only gave them a short walk. When Daddy came in he said, “What’s up with Muffin, she looks in a mood ?” I explained about the walk, “She’s just sulking,” I said laughing.

So we left my sulking dogs and headed off. It was nice being in the car together, chatting about anything and everything, Daddy held my hand when he could which was lovely, made it feel really cozy. Unfortunately the weather was really yukky, typical Lake District weather. Overcast, cool and very wet. But we weren’t going to let that put us off.

Daddy found the car park he wanted, stupidly I forgot my disabled parking badge, so we had to use a standard car space which is always a bit tight for me to get out, but I managed whilst Daddy went to the pay and display. He had booked tickets for a boat ride down Lake Windermere, but we had time for a coffee first.

There was a coffee shop or a pub to go too, thinking it was a bit early to go to a pub for a coffee we chose the coffee shop. Plus they had really yummie looking cakes, Daddy ordered carrot cake and I had salted caramel cake. It was only when we sat down did we realise it was a childrens play centre, which got us both giggling. He took a photo of me next to the playcentre, sending it to Master, saying He’s brought his little girl to the right place.

We enjoyed our cake and coffee, but always the true gentleman, Daddy made sure I had sweeteners for my coffee, before sitting down.

After our coffee break, we headed towards the ticket booth, picked up the tickets and was told to go to the pier and gate 1. We joined the queue as the boat had just arrived so the people had to get off before we were allowed to climb on. We wanted to go on the top deck which was open to the elements, but had a roof. Finding a seat, Daddy was concerned I would get cold and wet, but I wanted to be out in the fresh air, not caring if I got wet. We left Windermere and headed to Lakeside, south of the lake. The entire trip would take 90 minutes. With it being grey and overcast you couldn’t see the views, which was a shame but honestly, I didn’t care. I snuggled into Daddy, holding his hand, having a kiss and chatted about allsorts. I didn’t really feel cold, my dress was getting wet but I wasn’t bothered.

When we got to Lakeside, some people got off, there was a steam train ride you could go on, plus a look around. But we stayed on the boat. Other people got on then we were off again. Taking us around the other side of the lake, it looked like the sky was clearing, you could see the views and the mountains. My Mum would have been able to tell us what each mountain was called and if we had climbed it when we were kids a few years ago, don’t think she could now though.

Daddy went to get us a coffee, I know he was worried I was cold but I was having too much fun to care. Having the fresh air blow over my face, even feeling the rain was lovely. When Daddy returned, carrying a tray with 2 coffees plus a green bean bag toy frog and a purple lizard. Popping them on my knee, I held the tray whilst he put the sugar in my coffee, stirred it then handed me the cup and saucer, meanwhile Daddy’s coffee had slopped over. I did think the coffee would be better served in takeaway cups, with a lid seeing as you had to climb stairs and being on a boat. But Daddy left the tray on his knee so the coffee didn’t drip onto his clothes. He likes his coffee piping hot, so he had soon finished it. Meanwhile I was just sipping mine, but it warmed me up. Resting my head on Daddy’s shoulder, we enjoyed watching the scenery go by, he held my hand then said, “You’re hands are freezing, do you want to go downstairs ?” I shook my head, I was happy where I was.

Unfortunately the clouds only lifted briefly to see the mountains but it was still a lovely boat ride. All the times I’ve been to the Lakes, I’ve never done a boat ride.

We had some steep steps to do down once the boat had stopped, so I had to go crab fashion, going sideways. Daddy took my stick, so I could use both hands on the rail, he walked down them in front of me, one step at a time, making sure I was okay after each step.

Once off the boat we decide to go for lunch. We were wondering if we should go for a wander to the shops first as we were in the middle of the town but I needed my meds so we went back to the bar for lunch. We both chose a sandwich and chips, and it was very tasty and filling. Daddy made sure I took my tablets before we left and rested enough before we hit the shops.

We wanted to find some different shot glasses for J, as she collects them and always asks Daddy to buy one when he goes out. The shops went up a very steep hill, and it took some effort to walk up but I made it into a few shops. We found a chocolate shop, so he bought some for me, J and Master, then went into a gift shop. There we found some gifts for everyone and felt very happy with our purchases. Daddy wouldn’t let me carry the bag, but also I wouldn’t be able to hold his hand, if I carried it so I let him carry it, without arguing. Coming out of that shop, Daddy spotted a Pandora shop across the road, Daddy wants to buy me a charm bracelet for Christmas, it’s going to be that special gift from him to me, having letter charms saying my name. Or even having Daddys Little Minxs around it. But ankles are bigger than wrists and we went to ask if they sold ankle bracelets but they didn’t. The only thing they suggested was buying 2 smaller bracelets to make one. Hmmmmm, no wonder they would suggest that, at double the cost !!!!! No thank you, so we’ll just keep looking.

I think it shows how serious we all are in our dynamic because we have already planned Christmas presents from me to Daddy, he’s having the ladder piercing up his balls. J is getting a tattoo from Master, one designed from him to her and Daddy is getting me the ankle bracelet. There are still presents from us subs to Master to plan but these 3 gifts resemble and mean a lot to us.

Next week J and I are getting a tattoo done, the same picture, on our ankles. A piggy on a surfboard, Piggy being J’s nickname from Master and the ‘Serf’board being my name from Master. I will show you the picture next week when we go on Wednesday, but this will connect me and J, Master’s girls, God that sounds pretty awesome writing it down. Master’s girls. How good must Master feel ? How good must Daddy feel too, he says he now has 2 beautiful wives and couldn’t be happier.

Sometimes things just happen unexpectedly for a reason, and if it was meant to be, it was meant to be. This dynamic clearly was meant to be.

So gifts bought, I was aware my walking was getting slower, I was getting sore, but I was still having fun. We were headed back to the car but Daddy asked if I wanted a coffee before we went home. I said yes, I wanted to sit down for a bit before we left, so we went back to the same coffee shop. As the lady brought our coffee, she spotted Daddy had already opened the sugar sachets, dropping them in my coffee and stirred it for me.

“Oh my goodness, what a gentleman, putting your sugar in your coffee, he’s a keeper.” She said. I giggled, a massive silly grin on my face, “He is that, and he’s not going anywhere.” I replied as Daddy hugged me, holding my hand. He kissed my head but I turned to face him and planted a kiss on his lips.

I wonder what she would’ve thought had she known our dynamic. Probably at first, WTF, then you go for it girl, it’s what life is all about.

Finishing our coffee we headed back to the car, it had been a pretty special day, just long enough for me to cope with, though I know I will be sore for a few days, that’s to be expected. It will be worth it.

Getting ready to go out yesterday,

Laying naked on the bed, I messaged Master, telling him I was naked on the bed, letting cream sink into my new tattoo, then putting makeup on as I was going out last night. Master’s reply was quick, Pics please. I grinned knowing he would ask this. Taking a few selfies my desires started to take over as I spread my lips, stretching my rings so he could clearly see everything, a couple of my bottom but they weren’t great as I didn’t have my selfie stick with me.

Looking at my blusher brush, the naughty side of me looked at the handle of the brush, and slowly put it’s tip to my cunt., already wet, it had no trouble slipping in. Though it was only slim, I felt it go in, and started to take photos of the brush in various stages of being in my slutty hole. It felt really nice but the brush or my touch was doing nothing for the want of Master’s touch. How I longed for his fingers in my cunt, fucking me, calling me his dirty bitch, slapping my face for being his dirty bitch, but I was his dirty bitch. Rolling me over to spank my naughty bottom, rising myself to meet each slap. My cunt now pounded and my clit filled with longing, how I hope we get chance to play this weekend.

I sent Master photos of my cunt first, cheekily saying here’s some photos in case you’ve forgotten what it looks like. Then the one of my bottom.

Sending the photos of my brush inside my cunt, I said, Hmm my makeup brush found my fuck hole, but I bet your cock would love to be here instead.

I hope he got hard whilst in work, looking at my photos, I hope he longs as much as I do for our bodies entwined, his fingers deep in my cunt or ass, trying to push into fisting me, even though it hurts like hell and makes me cry it’s still what I want.

I need my cunt and ass to feel used and abused, The release as I squirt always makes me feel so much better, that is the orgasm of all orgasms, often I can squirt so much 2 or 3 times in one play, I wonder where all this fluid comes from and how can there be so much. Even Master has commented on how I squirt so much, but he loves it as much as I do.

But we have one issue that’s worrying, Master hurt his shoulder a few months ago, he thought he had torn something inside, but he wouldn’t go to the Drs. Now as time goes by you can see how much its bothering him, he’s rubbing it, trying to rotate it, using it really hurts him. I’m worried he’s caused more damage now, I’m going to get a Dr’s appt for him, he’s agreed. It’s affecting his arm, writing, as it’s the left arm but at least he’s ambidextrous so he can use his right hand for some things. But play may have to wait until he’s got his shoulder fixed, IF it can be fixed. Master is not one to complain or even show pain on his face, but now he is, so I know it’s giving him lots of pain all the time.

Today, I’m on taxi service taking my best friend to her radiotherapy, but first I’m going to town to the sweet shop she wanted to go to on Tuesday but was too tired,  So I’m going to buy her a selection of suckie sweets for her jar. I know roughly what she likes.

Sunday’s kit car show.

Today we are off to a kit car outing. A 3 hour trip to get there, where its a massive kit car show, jumble sale of car stuff, fairground rides and the usual food and drink stalls. Apparently its the largest kit car show in the world, 4000 show cars, never mind visitors. It’s going to be a scorcher of a day, so skirt and t’shirt that covers the tattoo, but thick coat for the journey as its quite breezy on the motorway. We stopped at the services to meet up with some of the group.

All I know for now is there’s about 60 cars going from our clubs, the leader has the gazebo, plus another, and we have our own hospitality tent, which will be nice. Apparently this place has the countries biggest agricultural show in the country, and this car show is one of the biggest too.

But I’ve done something stupid regarding my health. On Friday I was getting some bad nerve shocks on my right buttock and leg and seriously painful nerve shocks up my spine. I sucked the pain in, not showing it to Master or telling him. Yesterday when it was lovely, I tried to sit outside, but my back was aching so much I kept coming inside. I haven’t told Master I’m struggling, because he wouldn’t let me come today, but I am. I’ve brought extra meds with me.

We had a great journey down but it felt very long, my hip especially painful. But parking in our small patch the organisers gave the club, its very very tight. There’s over 60 cars from the Club, But a lot of our cars are parked on the road.  I think id love a Cobra for myself and. Beach Buggy. There’s some glitter Beach Buggies, purple, rusty orange, filled with glitter, look amazing. Master is looking at the MEV Exocet, they do look nice.

Luckily the club organised a hospitality tent, so  we’ve had a walk around then come back and sit it the tent which feels much cooler. It’s soooo hot here, my phone says it’s 20° but I think it’s hotter. It’s a nice day out but not overly exciting looking at hundreds of cars, being a girl I look at the colour first then shape second, Master will look at the size of the engine, price, and style. We’ve not agreed about a car yet.

Day out to The Classic Car Show with Master and the Lotus.

Ay 9.20am  we just arrived at the Classic Car Show, its coolllllddddd.

Lots of public already, and cars for the show. All the boys competing against the loudest exhaust.

Boys and their toys.

Our kit car display does seem the best organised. Plus they support the charity, Claires Trust, Jospice so they are charging £1 to sit in a car, and have a photo taken.

It was incredibly busy, but it was a free event which does encourage people to come, that plus it was a sunny day, even though it stayed cold.

But my many layers worked today, even with me wearing a dress. I did put yukky tights on though, I thought my legs would be too bare.but I felt comfortable.


I met the Abarth north West Club, I had joined when I got my Abarth, but they weren’t v friendly, and the display was just a row of cars. When I took Master to see it, there was no one around. I think they just disappeared for the rest of the day. It didn’t make me feel like I wanted to join them.


After I walked around the stalls, my back was feeling v sore so Master put one of the picnic chairs inside the gazebo. I people watched for a while until one of the other ladies came to join me.

I’m a bit shy when I meet new people, so we sat in silence for a few minutes, before I just started general chat. Soon we were chatting easily, we both love dogs, has kids similar age, plus of course our men are car mad.


As we watched the world go by, we spotted a lot of people were getting into the cars for a photo but not paying. For every £1 given, we reckoned we lost £5.

So between us we came up with ideas for making this better organised. They just needed a girls opinion for it to run even better.

We thought the cars needed bigger signs, for yes climb in for photo or no, do not get in.

The cars that allowed photos, should be parked around the gazebo, so us girls could watch them.

We should take control of the charity money buckets, so we can see who gets in the cars and needs to pay.

We also thought maybe thry should get a raffle ticket, pay the £1, get the ticket then get a photo.

The lads were so busy chatting about the cars, the buckets kept going with the guys, so people didn’t know who to pay.

I thought everyone in the club should wear some sorta club clothing, hat, jackets, so people know who is who.

Us girls could too.

But we can stay sat in the gazebo, being involved with collecting the money. So we are doing something for the club.

We’ve now become friends on Facebook so we can see if we are both going to the events or not.


I hope this works as it would feel more fun to be involved, we can’t talk cars but we can collect money.

It was fun watching people, deciding who would be honest and pay, and who wouldn’t. To be honest the ones who looked like they wouldn’t pay, they did. The ones who looked like they had money, didn’t pay.

Then you had the cheeky ones who just said I want a photo but I’ve no money.


No, you can’t. Would you go to a supermarket, get a trolley full of food, then say I want this but I’ve no money.

No you wouldn’t.

But saying that i have seen someone take a bottle of water out of a pack, drink it, then put the bottle back. Luckily a staff assistant saw it too, though the guy argued that he didn’t do it and he was paying for it. Yet the pack wasn’t in the trolley. The staff member put it in, plus said he was telling the manager to ensure he did pay for it and not dump it somewhere else.

The cheek of some people.


I managed 2 more walks around the stalls, bought some cable sweets, as I can’t resist them, and some fudge for Master and I.

But by then I had enough, my back was killing. We had been there since 9am roughly and it was now nearly 4pm, so it was a long day and loads of cars were leaving. So we joined the lonnngggg queue of traffic leaving for home, apparently the entire town was gridlocked all day, the only way in was by train.

Always the same when it’s sunny and there’s a free event on.