Another cancelled event.

Another outing cancelled due to health issues.

Over the past 15 years, since becoming disabled, I’ve had to cancel a lot of planned events, family and friends special occasions, trips out with our son and many, many theatre trips. I would never know when / if my back was going to get worse, have flare ups with my bowel or IBS. But I won’t let it stop me making arrangements, I just have to pray that I can go. Unfortunately for me, the things I really want to do,  are the things I end up having to cancel.

Two weeks ago, I began a healthy eating plan, well we all began a healthy eating plan. Master and I was following Fitness Pal, Miss Adira joined Slimming World and Daddy just watched what he ate, as he hates counting calories. After being recommended a slow cooker, I purchased one. Now I’m not very good at just throwing stuff in a pot, knowing what flavours go together etc, but I do like the chilli / garlic mix. I also like a paprika mix. I made a chicken casserole, squid and pasta, which was very nice, a paprika chicken casserole, and a squid, mussel and pasta casserole. All things I’ve had before, but not 3 / 4 times a week. The vegetables I added were only the ones I know I can eat. Potato, baby corn, broccoli stems, ( not the tree bit ), green beans and asparagus.

So after the first couple of meals, having no reaction, I thought all was okay. Until Monday, when I began to feel mild twinges in my tummy, and something that I’ve only just put two and two together, I didn’t like the taste of my coffee. I couldn’t drink it, it tasted off even though I knew it wasn’t. I’ve only just realised this connection. By Monday evening, the twinges were stronger and I knew this was an IBS flare up. Tuesday it was really painful, and I had a decision to make.

You see, Wednesday and Thursday were very special days this week, I will explain more in a minute. But for now I had to decide if I felt I should cancel a hotel room for Wednesday night, tuesday evening I decided, no, leave it, it seemed to have calmed down. I packed my case, I was ready.

Until…..that night when it hit me like a juggernaut. If you don’t  suffer with IBS, you won’t know how severe it is, I can only describe it as being in labour without the joys of getting a baby at the end. You feel like your body is being battered from the inside out. Then once the flare up has calmed down, your body remains so sore, you’re muscles have been stretched, contracted so much, it’s the healing after a flare up that takes so long. Walking, holding your tummy so it doesn’t move, sitting, lying carefully, just like you would feel after giving birth.

So why was this particular flare up so disappointing……

In May, I celebrated the big 50 birthday, Miss Adira had planned a trip to watch The Ladyboys of Bangkok then stay over in a hotel.  She wanted us to enjoy some time together, enjoy playing more, a little spanking fun and just being together. I was so excited, it felt like a lonnggg time until it was actually here.

Miss Adira had booked a day off work and worked on Saturday so she could have the second day off. Daddy had done the same as he was going to be our taxi, plus I know he was hoping to get in on some action during the 2 days I was there.

As we got closer to the event it was decided I would go to work with Master, then Daddy would pick me up from there. We were stopping at the supermarket on the way to their house for a few treats in the hotel, plus we needed some pop and water. 

I’d bought a new red dress, which I wanted to wear with new red boots. I thought both Daddy and Miss Adira would love it. Once home and naked, I was to bring up a cup of tea to Miss Adira and snuggle in bed. Once their son left for school, the play would become more intense, her and Daddy wanted to have a threesome play and a tag team spanking. Miss Adira wanted to tap my bottom until raw, before getting to the hotel. I had my list of toys to pack, Mr Spikey, Little and Giant Devil, hammer and tawse, Mr Grater, numerous spikey brushes, vampire paddle and gloves, shoehorn, anal hook, bungee straps, candles, massage oil, lube, plenty of puppy pee mats, wipes, band-aids, bite gag was essential, unfortunately the Giant Devil and shoehorn wouldn’t fit in the case. But I think we had enough really. Miss Adira wanted my bottom to be raw and very very sore during the show. Daddy was taking us to the hotel at 3pm, there they would be more playing, she had charged her precious powerful vibrator, plus she was looking forward to using her new strap-on, she wanted it to be used first time somewhere special, so the hotel was the best place. I’d packed my selfie stick and charged my Gopro, we wanted the spanking recorded and my first time with the strap-on recorded. I’m sure the boys would enjoy watching it. 

So after playtime, we would get dressed up, I’d bought an outfit just for the show, I wanted Miss Adira to be proud of me, to show her girl off to the world as we held hands, walking down the street. Daddy was picking us up and taking us to the restaurant, Prezzo. I’d already looked online at the menu, naturally looking at the puddings first. It’s the law that you work backwards in a menu, choose your pud, then pick a main that won’t be too filling and starter that’s light. That way, you will always have room for your pudding. Now I think we were walking to the theatre for the show, but I could be wrong. Miss Adira had booked front row seats. I had no idea what to expect from the show, Master suspected it could be like a Miss World type of thing, Miss Adira thought it could be more cabaret. We will find out.

Daddy was picking us up after the show and taking us to the hotel. There Miss Adira was hoping for more play, topping up my sore bottom before going to sleep.

Daddy was picking us up in the morning, taking us out for breakfast, before heading back to their house. If there was anything left inside me and Miss Adira hadn’t left me unable to play anymore and all broken, as Daddy put it, then he was going to have his play with me. But he suspected I’d be walking like John Wayne, my happy spot all swollen, used and abused, my bottom hole the same and my bottom cheeks all black, swollen and extremely sore and raw.

At some point in the day, Daddy would take me home. So it was going to be a full, fun filled two days.

Now you can understand why I was so gutted when I got this flare-up. I feel like I’ve let Miss Adira down, all the time she spent organising the two days, the money on tickets and hotel, and now I couldn’t go. Then the familiar feelings came out, they don’t deserve this, we shouldn’t have got into a relationship like this with my disability and health not being great. They don’t need this in their life. Of course, I know this is nonsense, Master told them everything regarding my health at the start, they accepted it all but still doesn’t stop me from feeling the guilt when I had to cancel, especially when I know how much time has been spent organising it.

I told Daddy I was going to have to cancel and he would have to go instead. Then Miss Adira video called, I got upset telling her, she was fine, saying it’s one of those things and yes it does seem to happen a lot to you but there’s plenty of time to do this again. She said we are going to watch Dita Von Teese Burlesque show next year, we could do this then. It’s just one of those things.

Daddy wasn’t impressed at having to go, he didn’t want to watch Ladyboys doing whatever they were doing. They went for dinner at Prezzo, but had no pudding. Very naughty indeed, breaking the law of eating out. They both really enjoyed the show, Miss Adira sent us a lot of videos and photos. But the funniest was when Daddy was dragged up on stage, he had to dance with this ladyboy, sexy dancing, he grinded himself towards her, she rubbed her hands over his groin, he really was enjoying it. On the video all you could hear was Miss Adira laughing so much, which made me laugh even harder, even though it really hurt my tummy. But when they said their goodnight videos, they both said it was a very very good night and the show was great.

So I am really pleased they enjoyed themselves, even though they had to pay for the hotel and not use it, I asked Master to transfer some money to go towards the hotel bill for them, I felt it was only fair as I wasn’t able to go. I will tell them today when I speak to them. I’m just feeling like my insides are battered and bruised now, so it will be a gentle day for me again. 

Plus thinking about cooking basic foods for casseroles, will be something I should have a look at, I’m sure I can cook just a basic meat and veg casserole.

It won’t let me stop booking things again, though Daddy said when we go away next year for the weekend, he’s booking it but not telling me, just telling Master, then only telling me a few days before we go. Maybe it will work out better this way, we will wait and see.

Saturday round to Daddy’s Part 2.

Saturday round to Daddy’s and PiggyJ’s house for the evening. Part 2 Master’s surprise.

PiggyJ and I took some time to choose these toys, the wooden paddle/shot glasses board and carpet beater I picked, I’ve wanted the carpet beater for a few years now.

PiggyJ found a new shop called Mchurt, it had lots of leather toys in there. So she chose a few, I chose a few, then we picked out our favourites and bought them.

House of Eros Carpet Beater from Uberkinky.

From Mchurt;

Mums big punishment paddle.

The punch

Long Alcatraz Strap.

Then I found a 4 shot glass wooden board, with places for the glasses to sit, PiggyJ collects shot glasses so I saw this and thought it had a duel purpose. Shot glasses, plus a hefty looking wooden paddle. On the handle I got inscribed Masters subs, then got all our names inscribed on the glasses. PiggyJ was made up with this present so she has it on show in her bedroom.

Here are the photos and the description of each one.

Saturday round to Daddy’s Part 1.

Saturday round to Daddy’s and PiggyJ’s for the evening. Part 1

We had a change going round today, we packed no toys. I had a few bits for Daddy, I didn’t ask Master what toys to take, neither did I pack anything, I didn’t even get the bag out. But I figured if Master wanted something he wudda said.

But we had a surprise in store for Master.

Daddy came home an hour later as he was working, then popped to the supermarket for a few bits. He bought Master and I a few treats but didn’t buy PiggyJ anything, so she wasn’t very impressed. I then realised I forgot to bring him some lager from our house so he went back out to buy treats for PiggyJ and beer for himself.

When he came home, I helped prepare dinner. Well it was all mostly done. Piggy had to mix her quiche mixture to put in the bought pastry case, that then went into the oven. Daddy and I were having a cooked chicken and salad, Master was having King prawns and salad, PiggyJ was having mushroom quiche with salad. We all liked different salads so I helped tell Daddy what Master liked, then mine as Daddy did the other plates. Adding boiled eggs, coleslaw, beetroot, pickled onions, and a few slices of crusty baguette. It was a lovely, yummy dinner, Daddy let me have a drink of wine in my sippy cup, well I ended up drinking half the bottle.

We watched a film of PiggyJ’s choice, BirdBox, but to be honest, it was pretty rubbish. But at least she enjoyed it.

Me and PiggyJ were naked, Daddy didn’t bother, even though we should always be naked in Master’s presence, Master showed no signs of getting naked either. Or wanting to play. But i’ve a feeling he got a blowjob whilst we were preparing dinner.

It was just nice to have quality time altogether, watching TV. Master doesn’t want our dynamic to be just about sex, he wants a real relationship where we didnt have sex with every meetup. And to be fair Master is exhausted at the moment, work stress is not doing him any good at all.

When the film finished we were going to watch another film but it was getting late and we needed to get back home to see the dogs..

So we gave Master his surprise. Two boxes for Master to open, one for PiggyJ to open.

I’m so excited to have the day with Daddy on Wednesday.

It’s Daddy’s first day off midweek for ages, so he’s coming to spend the day with me.

I’m so looking forward to a good play, he’s mentioned using our version of the St Andrews Cross, which Master made in our bedroom, tying me up and then trying out all the toys in our drawer. I’m a bit nervous of this, I keep reminding him that you need to go gentle until he’s got used to the toy. Things like our horrible, nasty lash can really cut you if you’re not careful. But I doubt he would use that anyway.

But I’ve got to admit, I’m longing for a good harsh spanking, I think I may need the bite gag on though so not to frighten the neighbours lol. I need every hole used and abused after thrashing my ass, back and legs.

Apparently I will be getting my punishment afterwards, I think I’m due 55, with whatever Daddy fancies.

Once Daddy has beaten me, f**ked me, used me for his satisfaction, we are going to a park on the other side of town. There’s less danger of meeting someone I know there, it’s a lovely park, ( if it’s a dry day ), and the cafe is lovely and reasonably cheap. So we will have lunch there and hopefully get to have walk around too. It’s so peaceful there, I love it.

Then, this part of the day is very scary. I’m getting my tongue pierced !

Out of all my 15 piercings I’ve had done, ( I’ve only got 10 now ) this one scares me the most. I don’t know why, but I’m pooing myself over it. I’ve ordered lovely sparkly multi coloured balls, but the process and the aftercare scare me. A our piercer said to just carry on as normal, eat your usual food and drinks, just nothing spicy, and no alcohol shots or neat alcohol. But within a few days it will feel okay.

But on Thursday night I’m out with my Mother In law and the fat club / theatre group, going to watch Calendar Girls. And my Mother In Law will hit the roof when she sees it. In fact all the ladies will tell me off, as I’m like the daughter of the group. I can’t exactly hide it because my tongue will be swollen, I won’t be able to speak properly, it will be difficult to eat, so I have to be ready for a major telling off, never mind what my parents will say. But it’s my body, well no, it belongs to Master and Daddy, I want it done, so I’m going to do it. But I’m very glad Daddy is coming with me, he said it’s part of my Christmas present. He’s going to video it for me, A doesn’t mind us videoing everything.

So that will be our day on Wednesday, I hope it all plans out for us. It will be just nice to have the day to ourselves. Just Daddy and his naughty Little Minxs.

Saturday night with Master, Daddy and J.

Saturday night with Master, Daddy and J.

Last night we were going to Daddy’s for the evening, getting a pizza takeaway and having a play, if we are allowed. Daddy was due a punishment of 20 with the giant devil paddle because he didn’t punish me, Master had to do it, so I had to pack the bag ready.

Master wanted the CPS, the giant and little devil paddles, the crop, the hand paddle and the Jokari paddle. I packed some puppy pads, incase Daddy gets me to squirt, Daddy told me to bring Little Minxs teddy, my maths book so he could mark it and a copy of my new sketch. But Master was very dirty as he was working on the car when I asked him to copy it, then I must admit, we both forgot. But I will do a copy and give it to him, next time I see him. But I was really looking forward to spending time with Daddy.

It took about an hour and 10 minutes to get to their house, as we reversed up their drive, I saw J’s naked body through the glass front door. Kisses and hugs all around, Master told me to get naked then asked why Daddy was still dressed. Daddy apologised and took his jeans and tshirt off. Only Master remained dressed for now.

J doesn’t make coffee or use the microwave for anything, so I offered to make Masters coffee, Daddy told me I could use either the sippy cup or a tumbler cup with a straw, I chose the sippy cup, I wanted to see if I felt comfortable using it. Daddy filled it with wine, then also handed me a shot glass of this amber liquid, called FireBall. A whiskey with cinnamon in it. Daddy wanted me to get drunk, the glass looked huge, I’ve never done shots before. “I can’t down this in one go,” I said. “Course you can,” Daddy said, taking the glass and downing the shot. He refilled the glass, handing it to J, who also just took the shot, downed it in one. Then Daddy refilled the glass and handed it to me. I took it, looking at Daddy then tipped it all into my mouth and swallowed. The burn didn’t start immediately it took a few seconds, I tasted the cinnamon, then the burning warmed my insides and mouth. It actually tasted quite nice, I would have it again. Eventually Master’s coffee was made, cup of tea for J, Daddy got a big bottle of larger.    

Whilst we were in the kitchen, Master called me and Daddy over, putting his arms over each of our shoulders. “Now, I know you are both hoping you can play and it’s my decision, so you can play tonight, but, and I do mean but, ONLY fingers. So that’s no tongues going anywhere other than in mouths, understand ?” he told us. “Yes Master, thank you” I said then Daddy said, “Yes Master, I understand and thank you Master.”

I sat next to Daddy on the settee, Master sat on the chair and J sat on the floor next to him. We ordered the pizza, put some music on, whilst Daddy marked my maths homework. I got all but 1 right so I was very pleased.

I seemed to go through my wine very quickly in my sippy cup, Daddy filled it up again, it was very easy to drink it.  

We chatted about anything and everything, I needed the toilet, so Daddy showed me where it was. He took me into his sons bedroom, wanting to show me the views across where he lived  but unfortunately it was a wet day, the clouds were low but you could just make out the areas he had told me about on Thursday.

We all just chatted about everyday stuff then the pizza arrived, now I know Daddy answered the door but I don’t know if he kept his lower body behind the door, even though it would still have shown he was naked or he just opened the door fully, I will have to ask him. So we enjoyed our pizzas, I think I was on the last of my wine then, Daddy made me a Southern comfort, lime and lemonade. This wasn’t as nice in the sippy cup, I think it was because of the bubbles in the lemonade, maybe the tumbler and straw is better for this drink but I do like my sippy cup so I’m sticking with that.

After we finished our meal, Master and J went upstairs, he wanted a massage from her and a play. So this gave Daddy and me the time to play too.

Daddy loves kissing, which is fab because Master is not a big kisser, we cuddled and kissed for ages, until eventually Daddy lay me down on the settee. He examined my piercings, I asked if he liked them, “Oh yes,” he muttered, I think he was desperate to feel them on his tongue, but he wasn’t allowed and there was no way we were breaking it, because we both knew the punishment would be severe and include a ban of any play at all, even if Master and J were playing.

Daddy fingered my pussy, pushing as many fingers in as he could, I’m not sure if it was all of them, I felt stretched but not painfully stretched. I loved how he reached down to kiss me at the same time. He turned his fingers around, and that was it, I knew I was going to cum quickly and soon I heard the familiar sound of fingers squelching in my cum, my eyes rolled up and closed as I fell into my orgasm, Daddy’s fingers were still feeling everything inside me, his thumb rolling over my clit. Then fingers explored my asshole, he used my juices as lube to push inside, fingers were still in my pussy. I ground myself into his fingers, willing them to go deeper and harder. But I was just in ecstasy, I tried to keep my eyes open and watch Daddy’s face but quichky my eyes rolled once more. When Daddy turned his fingers around again, my orgasm built up, higher and stronger, I thrust myself further into Daddy’s fingers and felt my cum release, I squirted for what seemed minutes but probably was only seconds, “Fucking hell,” Daddy muttered as he felt and saw my cum rush out again. Loads of it, I giggled, felt embarrassed but so turned on too, and I always feel better, feel such a release after having a squirt orgasm.
Feeling his hard cock against me I took hold of it, tickling it, scraping my nails along his balls up to the head of his cock. Feeling it dance around as I tickled the tip of his head then back to his balls. His cock hard as I began wanking him off, I desperately wanted to chew and nibble his cock, giving him a blowjob, I had to lick my fingers to keep his head moist, he’s circumcised so I’m wasn’t sure if having the foreskin keeps the head moist. Master’s not circumcised, and his head is moist a little, but I will use lube so the dryness is rubbing. I will make sure I’ve some sachets of lube in my bag for next week. Luckily Daddy has a wetter mouth than me so he took over lubing up. Most of my medication’s side effects cause a dry mouth, so that plus not drinking loads means my mouth is usually very dry, which is why I chew gum and have water with me to wet my mouth.

I was enjoying watching Daddy’s expression on his face as I played with his cock, learning all his different expressions. We’ve only played with a small selection of people, but Daddy is the first person I really wanted to watch, like I do Master. Daddy took over a few times and that was nice to watch, he has lot of tattoos on his upper chest and arms, it was super sexy seeing his muscles contract and retract.

After a lot of playing, Daddy was close to cumming, which of course we couldn’t do inside me so Daddy took over and squirted his hot cum over my tummy. Both of us breathing quickly, Daddy bent over to kiss me then got up to get some wipes to clean me up and clean Daddy’s cock.

Daddy put some towels over the settee and I said “If this needs cleaning then we will go halves.” “Don’t be soft,” Daddy said. We sat snuggled together and carried on chatting. He started asking about spanking, he’s very worried about hurting my back, so I stood up and showed him the areas that were a definitive No No. Then chatted about general things with spanking, he commented about his hand hurting more than my bum hurting, “That’s why you use toys,” I told him, walking into the kitchen, I found in the bag the hand paddle and Jokari paddle, and showed him the toys. I explained that Master liked the hand paddle for over the knee. He felt the Jokari, I explained that a very good disciplinarian on SpankingTube uses this for bad spankings, only a gentle swat causes intense stinging pain. “Mmmmmmm,” Daddy said, indicating for me to turn around as he swatted my ass, making me yelp out loud. “Right come on, over.” Daddy ordered. “What now ?” I stuttered, of course I knew what he meant I was acting defiant.

But I bent over his knee, I should have asked if I could have Little Minxs teddy, but I didn’t want to get her dirty if I began crying and eye makeup ran down my face. Daddy held me down and began swatting my ass, I instantly began to wriggle and he held me tighter, but not enough as I managed to escape, but he told me to get back over again, as I did, he moved his other leg over mine, locking me into place. HHhhmmmm he’s learning quickly, he’s seen this on the Spankingtube videos. His spare hand hugged my waist tightly, as he continued, OMG it hurt a lot, especially as I’ve not had too many spankings recently. But he swung that paddle very well, and his bare palm, I had to bite the cushion so I didn’t cry out.

I can’t remember if he finished or I rolled off but it stopped. I think he may have found a toy he liked. Why on earth did I bring this one ? I thought.

We chatted for ages, I asked if he likes nibbling and biting on his cock during a blowjob and he said yes but not much biting. I was really pleased about.

Next Saturday we are sleeping over and I am worried about my awful snoring though Daddy said it didn’t matter and J snores very loudly but it is a worry, I really would never stay over at someone’s house because of it. Master said we could go to a hotel but I said no, Daddy was looking forward to sleeping with me and Little Minxs. He asked if I was okay on a blowup mattress and I said, yes fine, just have a couple of pillows, but for 1 night I would be fine. I will take my kindle then if I’m up at some stupid time, in the morning, I can read as I would normally just put the TV on but Daddy will be sleeping. I can just make myself a coffee and read in bed or if I need to sit up, I can sit on the settee.

Soon after Master and J came down, I noticed a lot of bite marks on her, J loves biting so I bet she didn’t scream like I do, that’s when I found out Daddy likes biting too. Master got the crop out of the bag and kept swatting J as she went to the kitchen to make another cup of tea, Master followed with the crop but she never murmured, though the look on her face showed it was stinging, and she was biting her tongue to stop herself swearing or saying something else to Master, though he really was pushing her until she let rip, and had a tantrum, but she didn’t, she just sat down and took the swats reigning down on her boobs, nipples, tummy, all at the same time we were chatting. I was feeling chilly so Daddy got my snuggily and wrapped me up and cuddled me closely.

Master said, “Well Manho, ( Daddy ) I think we should get that punishment out of the way don’t you ?” “Erm, I guess so,” Daddy said, Master got the Giant Devil Paddle, J got her phone ready and I got mine. We went up to their bedroom as J said it probably would be better bent over the bed. He grabbed a pillow and bent over the bed. I went to the front of the bed and videod it from the front, J would video from the back. Daddy said “You know I’m just gonna cry like a little girl.” “Bend over Manho, don’t move.” Master told him. He began with the lecture, you know why you’re getting punished, you set a punishment for Serf but then never did it, so I had to. That’s not right is it ?” “No Master, it’s not right,” Daddy said before crying out as the paddle hit him. Another whack and he shrieked in pain. I have to admit all 3 of us were laughing so much, which was mean really as I certainly know how bad that paddle is, and J found it out on the Thursday night, last week. By the time he got to 5, Daddy was crouching  on the floor as Master ordered him back up. “Maybe it’s better quicker,” Master said as he then proceeded to do 5 quickly but Daddy was bouncing about, asking if he could have a break, but Master said “No. Ask Serf if it’s better having a break.” “Daddy no, just get it done, it will only make the pain worse if you have a break.” “See I told you it’s not worth it, but I hope you learn from this. If Serf has any punishment from you, you will punish her, it’s not my job to punish her for you.” Master scolded him, Daddy just kept repeating “Yes Master, I understand Master,” On one hit, Daddy literally jumped over the bed, rolling onto the floor, again we just laughed so much but poor Daddy, he was taking it well. When Master got to the final 2 he suggested going softer. Now this I knew was a lie because the final one is always the one that’s the hardest, so he swatted his bruised ass slightly softer, but only slightly softer, then aimed for the final swat. Daddy was dreading it, as Master swung that paddle and swatted him so hard, Daddy jumped over the bed, rolling himself up into a ball, he cursed, said OMG over and over, until he tried sitting up. “Right Manho, come and have a hug, so there’s no hard feelings.” Daddy hugged Master and I then saw his ass, it was purple, bruises right over the lower section of his cheeks. Eventually we went back downstairs, Daddy ouched as he sat down, asking why I enjoyed this, saying I must be mad to enjoy that. But Daddy took his punishment very well, I don’t think he will break the rules very often now.

We chatted again, just really chilled out, before Master said we better go home. So we dressed gathered our toys, then thanked Daddy and J for a wonderful evening, and we were looking forward to staying over next Saturday. But we had a great time.  

Having a potty mouth.

I’ve done ok for a few days without cursing, and if I did, I told Daddy immediately. Didn’t actually realise how many times in a day I would say something. Certain words just flow out of my mouth in and amongst every sentence I say. I always say I use mild swear words, bloody, oh God, shit, I don’t regularly use the F word or anything more serious. But now I am aware of just how many times a mild swear word is said.

So it won’t be a shocker to read I’ve been in bother about this all week. Daddy said he’s waiting until Sunday when we meet properly for the first time, then the stern Daddy will appear if I break his rules.

On Wednesday we chatted on facetime for an hour during his lunch break, if a word popped out I covered my mouth, then apologised to Daddy, he let me off. But he’s aware that in my list of what I wanted from Daddy, I wrote that I needed a very firm hand, I didn’t want any actions left unpunished. I admitted I would push his boundaries a lot and the brat in me will push and push and enjoy doing it.

The fact Daddy gave me the name Little Minxs fits me perfectly.

Yesterday I will admit I was feeling mischievous, and a few F words came out whilst chatting with Master, Daddy and J, in our group chat. Daddy gave me quite a few warnings, but this only encouraged me more, I did want to see how far I could go before he said ENOUGH. But that never came, so me being me began pushing more.

I was going to the theatre last night with my mother-in-law and gang, and I drove to the town where they all live, and the speed of the traffic drops from 30 miles per hour or 20 miles per hour to 10-15 miles a hour. Over half of the population are elderly, 70’s + and a good quota are 80 +. I do seriously think there should be a set age where the older generation have to take their tests again, then every 5 years because in our town, they are just dangerous on the road.

And if there’s one thing that brings out my road rage is a little old lady driving 10 mph in a 30 zone, who won’t overtake parked cars if other cars are coming the other way, even though there’s plenty of room. I probably sound like a very impatient driver but I’m not, most younger drivers below 50 years old feel the same way so I’m not on my own. I couldn’t risk overtaking her so I had to drive behind her for ages. Well I will be honest, my language became rather choice, the F word was shouted at least 8 times, plus a load of minor swear words. It drove me nuts.

As I parked up outside my mother-in-laws house I messaged Daddy and confessed my potty mouth sins. To say he wasn’t impressed was putting it mildly. The warnings continued, and they were hhhmmmmmm how can I put this, they were gentle just like Daddy is. I could imagine him saying those words to me, in his kind soft voice.

So what does Little Minxs do, sat in the back seat of the car, heading to the theatre I continue. Throwing the F word in every possible way, I know, I’m dead naughty but this was kinda fun. Finally I reached that limit when Master was talking about his car, and how the new turbo would make his car even faster. I commented It’s fast as fuck now. That got the reaction I was waiting for. Here came a bit of telling off, a bit of bratty cheek, mild cursing from me, then he stopped replying, so I was suspicious he had spoken with Master.

I was right, as Master told him I was acting out for attention so the best thing was to ignore it. Which is what he did. Except one message to say I want to facetime tomorrow whilst on my lunch at 12 noon. Message me when you get home tonight.

That was it.

This morning I have to be honest I was a bit worried about the facetime, I wasn’t sure what he would say. Not that he would shout at me because he already told me he doesn’t shout, just like Master, but just what he would say. Had I disappointed him ? He wasn’t proud of my behaviour, the words that cut deep into my heart and made me feel really guilty. Lunch time became too chaotic to speak so he said he would facetime at 4 pm when he finished work instead. So he called and straight away wanted an apology for my potty mouth. I rubbed my face and between grinning, giggling, trying to avoid looking at him, I apologised for my potty mouth. Daddy accepted the apology, Master would not have done, not until it was done seriously, but Daddy is still learning, he will get the hang of it, as even a kind gentle Daddy will have a very stern side to put his little minxs in order.

We chatted for about 20 minutes and there was no other mention of my wrong doings and eventually the conversation started to naturally come to an end. In the end I asked if that was the end of the matter. Yes he said, I think so. Master would not let this behaviour go, neither would most of the D’s couples I talk to on wordpress. So I said, Be stern, I’ve told you, if you don’t I will just continue doing it, and I’m only telling you so it works for us both. I need a strict side as well as a gentle side.

So you think you deserve to be punished ? Daddy asked. Don’t you ? I asked him. Yes, If I’d have been there I’d have given you the worst paddling of your life. Right, I said, well we are meeting on Thursday, if that’s what you want to do.  Ahh but Master also told me you would do anything for a spanking, Daddy said, And also I’d rather Master was around for the first time to show me where is safe to hit and getting used to the paddle. I said, anything under the tailbone is fine, though didn’t mention back of legs, then anything from just under shoulder blades upwards. Master said start with the hand first, over the knee or bent over a chair, even using a wooden spoon which is lighter than the paddles yet still stingy. Okay little minxs, I want you to do 3 pages of your maths book and write Daddy an apology letter, naked sat at your desk, on your stool for tonight.

So the punishment was set, written in the punishment chat group. We both still have a lot of learn about this dynamic, Whilst writing this blog, I was thinking about Daddy always saying potty mouth. So I gave the suggestion off me sitting on a potty for 30 minutes or an hour. The humiliation of being made to do this. He liked the idea but then said it could be a bit hard for me. I told him that was the point. Kneeling in a cat litter tray filled with rice, will be very uncomfortable but give you contemplation time. Because it’s not all about the spanking.

Tonight I will sit naked, write the letter and do my maths papers and then try really hard not to repeat it. Though we both know we will be addressing this issue on more than one occasion in the future. I will learn eventually.

Just the same as Master will have his work cut out with J, she is very stubborn and pig headed also, they will both have to use their imagination.

I’ve told Daddy to continue reading, maybe chat with some bloggers who have the Daddy / little dynamic. Read some more Daddy / little erotic stories, but also as I have ideas, I will pass them on too. Eventually Daddy will have a good selection of ideas he can use and with time he will come up with ideas himself. The learning is as much fun as when the dynamic starts to become normal.


Master wanted some fun.

As usual, it’s Saturday and the weather is rubbish. Master had some jobs to do but was it possible in this weather ? I asked him what needed to be done and what was possible to do, if you had to stop and restart it, if it was raining. The brakes were not a quick job so he couldn’t do that, but he could get a job done on the Lotus. So he got stuck into that, stopping only once before completing it. I knew he was pleased he had got something done. E went out to meet his girlfriend, by the time Master had some lunch and had a rest, he said let’s go up for some ass fucking. I asked if a fun spanking was possible first, knowing he wanted to try out the vampire paddle. Okay, go and get sorted, he told me.


As I freshened up, Master got some toys out, my eyes bulged when I saw him get the spanking hammer/tawse, the dreaded lash and vampire paddle. I didn’t say anything, it was not my position to complain, even if my face showed fear.

I got the cushions piled high, under my tummy, the pillows under my head whilst my hands grasped the bars from the headboard.

My tummy went into knots, we hadn’t played seriously since we were both sick.

I grasped the bars when Master started with either the lash or tawse. He hit hard with each, after only a few straps, I started to cry, beg and swear. Master warned me not to swear again, luckily I didn’t out loud. Twenty, thirty times, I sobbed into the pillow, if there was a very hard one, I lost my position, after a few seconds to compose myself, I got back onto all fours, with my head down. My bum felt numb yet each hit felt like skin was being whipped away.

A change then, Master used the spanking hammer and fiercely hammered my ass, paying particular attention to sit spots and right between my legs. On an already raw backside, this was extremely painful, but a damn site better than when Master went back to the lash and tawse. The tail whipping my sides, my crying became hysterical.


Which was made even worse when Master whipped my back. This was new……this was not fun…….the pain, I just can’t describe. It pounded my back with such force, I felt my body get pushed into the bed. Lifting myself up, I got told sternly to get into position. Apologising, I dropped down once more, as the hits rained down. I couldn’t cope with it, it felt worse than on my backside.

For a brief second, I wondered how other slaves coped with this, thinking no wonder they screamed.  A friend on Fetlife gets whipped on her back often, she would screech and having watched many of her videos, I knew her Sir hit extremely hard. Now I realised this was probably quite gentle, Master did say afterwards he was hitting very gentle on my back. But it sure didn’t feel that to me. After the fourth or fifth time of getting up, out of position, I felt Master grab my neck, push me into the pillow and told not to move. But I really couldn’t help it. The pain was too much, but I didn’t consider using the safe-word. This was Master’s fun, I couldn’t let him down by stopping already. My screams became louder, I didn’t have the gag in, Master warned me to be quiet. Over and over the lashes continued, going from back to ass, every four or five times I would move again. He fisted my hair harshly pushing my head down, grabbing my neck again, and told not to move and to be quiet. I apologised, in between my sobs. After this got repeated a further three times, I began to really consider the safe-word. But they wouldn’t leave my lips. My body was shaking, my breathing was difficult as I was crying hysterically, Master watched me for a moment then stopped. He rubbed my back, nerves making me jump, wince and cry harder. Bending down, he kissed my shoulder before rubbing my bum. “This spanking hammer is excellent to get the blood flowing,” he said, before hammering my butt again. I screamed into the pillow.


It was then that I felt something hard and cold on my burning skin, as he gave a few hard swats, I’d forgotten about the vampire paddle, until the first hit sent me flying nearly through the ceiling. I’ve no idea on how hard the hits were, as my ass was already so sore, if it just touched me, I’d have cried. I’ve no idea how eep the spikes went inside me, Master said not much and he wasn’t hitting too hard, but I know it wasn’t long before I felt splatters of blood on my legs and soon I felt drips running down my bum and legs. At this point, the safe-word had left my thoughts, was it because I’d reached sub-space, I wasn’t sure if I had. It was all still terribly painful, I didn’t move much then, but I was hysterical with my head buried into the pillows. “Think that will do for now,” Master said. All I can remember was me thinking   FOR NOW !!!!!!!!


I collapsed on the bed, as I seemed to cry harder, I couldn’t move, my body felt exhausted. I think Master must have been watching me for sometime before he reached over to get me up. Immediately I felt blood running down my legs, I must have been so beside myself I didn’t think about blood on the duvet cover. Clinging to Masters shoulders, he carefully put his arms around my waist and stayed hugging me until I had calmed down a bit. Reaching down to kiss me, I felt his tongue find mine, as we invaded each others mouths, passion so intense now, I knew he had really enjoyed himself, this made me feel happy and proud of myself for enduring this play. Eventually we broke for some air, I asked if Master wanted anything. “Mmmm, yes I’d like you to suck me for a bit.”

Getting down to my knees was difficult, every movement seemed to send my body on fire. But I got there, eager to suck his pre-cum I could see shining on his tip. I sucked and chewed, happy to feel Master fist my hair and hold me tight. Then let go again. When I went down on his shaft, I felt Master push his cock deeper so I pulled away a bit. I don’t like deep-throating. But as I pulled away, Master fisted me hard, pushing my head down. I felt his PA touch the back of my throat, panic set in a bit, opening my mouth wider to grab some air. My hands flat against his tummy to help me push away, but he wasn’t letting me go.  Feeling him down my throat a bit, I managed to push his cock to the side of my mouth, helping me breath plus not letting it go down further. Master pulled my hair away, fisted with one hand, he slapped my face, a warning not to repeat this, as I slipped him back into my mouth properly. I tried really hard to get his cock at least to the back of my mouth, the large ball from his PA hit further down before he pulled away. “ Get onto the bed, on your back, legs up. Put the mat down if you’re worried about the blood.”

Getting the mat ready, I painfully got onto my back, my bum right on the edge of the bed. My back hurt when it touched the bed, and my bum, well that screamed at me. My legs were lifted up, and I held onto my toes as I felt Masters cock touch my asshole. Tapping it a few times before sinking into my pussy instead, but as his skin rubbed on my ass, the pain was too much, I began crying, ouching, hairs which felt like needles stabbed me. I couldn’t enjoy it, even though I wanted too. Pulling out, my juices over his cock, gave him the perfect lubricant for my asshole. Crying out a bit when I felt the ball rubbed my insides, I slowly began to relax, I opened my eyes, watching him watching me, my face must have shown every expression of pain, love, passion and more pain. Entering my pussy once more, his skin rubbed on my ass again, more ouches and a few tears smudged my face which probably looked terrible with smeared makeup, tear stains, snot and saliva all mixed in. It can’t have looked sexy yet Master had such a look of desire and wanting, it was a beautiful look. He thrust harder, my feet ended up either side of his chin, my legs splayed outwards as he put his hands on my thighs and pushed deeper. Our eyes connected again, not bothered about me having no orgasm, I was spent anyway, “Ready Serf ? Ready for my cum ?” He said, not really listening anyway, as his thrusts quickened again, deeper and harder until I heard the familiar groan as his seed was ready to shoot into me. Master grunted at each fire of cum, then groaned as his balls had finally emptied. His body now spent, exhausted as he pulled away, standing up fully as he stretched his back, and I did an unladylike turtle roll to get onto my front and climb off the bed. Blood was smeared all over Masters tummy, legs and balls so I got some wipes and cleaned him up. “Right let’s get some photos for your fans, then you better get a shower.” He said, grabbing my phone which had been videoing his fun. He took a load of pictures then I had a careful shower. The water in the shower tray was coloured by the blood as it washed away. Using the soft sponge I washed myself clean, but careful not to scratch my skin or use the exfoliating part of the sponge. My face felt so refreshed but the rest of me was still sore. Getting out to lie on the bed, I asked Master to rub cream in, the cold splodge of antiseptic cream made me jump, it felt so painful whilst Master rubbed it in, then I lay there letting it soak into my wounds. Eventually getting dressed, tidied up, cleaned the vampire paddle that wasn’t too easy, before heading back down again.

Later on I did ask Master why he chose to whip my back, he said, “Just something we hadn’t done. Why, did you not like it ?” I thought carefully before replying, saying “It’s not my choice nor does it matter if I enjoyed it, Master.”

“Good answer Serf and very true.” he replied with an evil smile on his face.

Vampire paddle.

I showed Master our new paddle, just as I was going to bed, last night. Saying “It’s not what I expected, I thought there would be pins like the glove. These things look nasty.” Master turned the paddle around in his hand, feeling the spikes. “Oh I think we will have fun with this.” An evil look on his face, I could see his sadistic side come alive. He was gonna love this toy.

He lifted my nightie and hit me gently with it. This was kinda nice, very sharp, hard and certainly hurt. Then he did it again, I ouched, that certainly felt more sore. I know he hit harder but it was still a gentle swat, I rubbed my side, whilst Master chuckled.

Maybe it hurt more because he was hitting on the side of my bum or on the same spot, I thought. Or maybe it’s just an evil toy.

Master examined me to check for marks, there were none. “Can’t be that bad, it’s not even left a mark.” he told me, but I know how it felt.

Moving my hand away and lifting my nightie up again, he hit me much harder. I had to do a silent cry out as E was in his room, but it fucking hurt. Going to rub the area, he caught my arm, wanting to look himself. But the look on his face, I could tell there was something there, “Oooooooo that’s left some blood spots.”

Surprised I went to check it out, and sure enough there were deep red dots around the area where he hit me. Rubbing it only made it hurt more and the redness deepen. If that’s what one moderate hit did, what will a harder hit do ?


My original thought that this wouldn’t break skin changed immediately,

This will hit deeply, break the skin, and the bruising will be worse than what Mr Spikey can cause. Though I love the internal bruising, my weak spots will bleed quickly, I think I will have to have special after-care, and give it a chance to heal.


A chance to heal !!!!………nah I know I won’t do that. If Master wanted to spank me on the same day or the next day, I won’t care, coz I love the feelings afterwards.

Part of me can’t wait to try it properly, and I think I will ask Master to video it too, but the other part of me is shaking my head, wondering if I could send it back. But I know I wouldn’t do that, my masochist side is eager for the feel, the pain, the bruises and the blood. If it’s anything like Mr Spikey, there will be lots of cleaning up to do, but feeling splatters of blood hit me and the dribble of blood going down my legs, holy fuckery, I want it now. I need to calm down, or I think once E goes to work, I will go and give myself a lovely orgasm to keep me going.


Checking to see if there was any remaining dots left, and I was surprised to find they were still there, faded but still there. Rubbing my fingers over them, there was no pain, but I’m sure there will be soon.

New Toys arrived.

Our new toys arrived today, a crop and a scary looking vampire paddle. The crop looks like any standard crop, but will have to wait and see what it feels like. Master may cheer up in the mornings now he has his crop, maybe he will find the energy to start morning spanking again, if not maybe a bedtime ouchie would be very very nice.

But the vampire paddle wasn’t quite what I expected. I thought the pins would be small like on the gloves, not these things. They’re not pins like the glove or needles like Mr Spikey paddle, more like studs on football/soccer boots. I can’t imagine these will break skin like the other 2 toys we have, they seem too thick. But hitting my hand and it certainly hurts. I will write a blog once its been tried out, if IF I can sit down to write lol.



IMG_20180305_105210349 (1)

Vampire toys.

I’ve recently been chatting with the blogger Molly’s Daily Kiss, and at last I’ve found someone else who has a love for Vampire toys. Well we only have gloves, but Molly has a whole collection, I didn’t know were available.

She told me about a mat, custom made and how to get in contact with the person who made it. Then said she had a vampire paddle.

Hmmmm very exciting, even my body gave a satisfying Hmmmm at the thought.

This led me to search the huge world wide web and see if I could find any of these knew toys. Searches led me to a vampire hand paddle, but to be honest, that wasn’t much different to the gloves.  I found a paddle in one site but they didn’t really look like the same pin, they were short and quite wide, so I continued my search.

EBay kept showing one that did look like the right pins on a leather paddle. Sold by TheSexShopOnline.

But my problem with EBay is I’m not allowed to buy anything from there, not allowed my own account, so I would have to ask if we could get it. And everyone knows if I can get away with buying something without asking, I will try my best, which is why I’m banned from spending money.

On my search I came across a crop that looked interesting, from the same shop.

A 70 cm fibre glass covered Crop/Whip Bondage toy.

We hadn’t replaced the one that snapped a few months ago, so I put both items in the basket to save them, then I sent Master a message asking if I could buy 2 items from EBay.

His reply was, what is it, what is in it for me and how much ?

I replied, he would enjoy using them on me, £30.

And what are they ? He asked again.

So I had to tell him.

He then asked me to put them in his basket so he could see them,

I put in what I thought was the email he used, and password, and after 2 goes, I managed to freeze the account.


Fuck Fuck Fuck  he’s going to go mad.

I had to tell him. But I’m not sure if this happens often on EBay, if you put the wrong information in. But he replied to say he was able to get back on now.

This time I asked what his details were, and his username was certainly one I’d never have got. I eventually got on, had to find the items again but got them in his basket, telling him they were there.


A few minutes later, I got a message, ordered.

What no begging required, no pleading about how cheap they were and a bonus of free postage. Very unusual for Master to purchase them so quickly.

I had to ask him, he said he was being super kind.

I thanked him, very very much.


Whilst making the dinner, E came home, “There’s your parcel Mum.” he said.

Opening it up, I found ski-gloves, double layered walkers socks and a fleece to go under my coat, all ready for our next trip out with the Lotus. Hopefully I will be much warmer with these.

Then Master asked, “Did you ask to buy them ?”

“Yes, and I told you the price.” I told him.

“Really ? Coz I would not have bought those toys if I’d known you bought them. I certainly would have remembered. And anyway, it will be warming up soon.”

“I did tell you, and I told you the price. Anyway, they were in the sale, which is why I got them now. And I did tell you.” I said.

Truthfully, I can’t swear that I did, I’m certain I told him after I bought them, but did I tell him before then? I honestly don’t remember. Did I ask him if I could buy them first ? That I can honestly say, no, I didn’t ask first.


It was then, I chose not to tell him I bought 2 long sleeve nighties in the sale whilst I was grocery shopping today. They were cheap and it’s so cold at night at the moment, I knew they weren’t bought for the sake of it.

Let’s face it, I’d rather not sleep with the short sleeved nighties that I own, a cardigan, pair of thick socks and a dressing gown, I kid you not, yes I wear the lot in bed. Master says it’s like sleeping next to the abominable snowman.

But when there’s us both in bed, Dave the dog sleeps by my feet but Muffin likes to sleep between us, her head on my pillow. Her back next to mine, so when she does a dog scratch or just moves her feet, her claws scratch Masters body. So he has to wrap the duvet around him, taking more of the covers. Muffin sleeps on top of the duvet too, meaning I’m usually left with hardly anything covering me.

Hence why I wrap up so much.

No I know it’s not sexy, I would love to wear some sexy nightwear, but really I’d rather be naked, luckily Master knows what a cold blooded girl I am, so he is used to me wrapping up during the winter. Once it warms up again, I will be in my birthday outfit. Probably still have my socks on though.