I dreamed a spanking, just like I longed for. I hope comes true soon, just like I longed.

It had been a while since I got spanked, my back has been so painful for weeks, everytime I thought it was getting better, it was only getting worse or stayed the same.

Seeing Daddy had been very difficult as we both felt the desire to spank and play but it had been banned by Master until I was better.

Two weeks later, Daddy had his day off, he sent me an order.

‘Have the camera on its stand facing the bed, put Netflix on the TV and we shall continue watching Sons of Anarchy. Get the episode ready, series 1, episode 3 in case you had forgotten. When I arrive I want you naked, sat up on your knees, feet crossed, facing the wall, hands on your head. You will remain there until I tell you. Understand Little Minxs ?’ It said. ‘Yes Daddy’ I replied, a little shocked at how strict he sounded. Maybe we are gonna snuggle on the bed watching TV, well I guess that would be nice but I’d much rather have some fun.

As soon as I spotted his car arrive, I got into position. As usual I heard the commotion coming from the dogs, both wanting all Daddy’s attention, as he locked the front door. He never spoke to to me, I could feel myself begin to sulk as he went and got a coffee then sat on the settee as the dogs craved his love.

Once he drunk his coffee, he went upstairs. I heard him rummage about upstairs. I had no idea what he was doing. I hadn’t asked permission to play from Master and as far as I knew neither had Daddy. So he can’t be preparing to play, can he ?

After at least 40 minutes of being on my knees, they were really hurting, I heard him call down, “Make a brew and bring them up please.” I carefully stood up, getting my balance before making the coffee and carried them carefully upstairs. He lay on the bed, naked, as he patted the bed next to him. There were no signs of anything out of the drawers, but I was giddy with finally getting his attention. So I scrambled next to him, getting into my favourite position for snuggling, until the coffee was cool enough to drink. Both dogs were settled at the end of the bed now fast asleep

“Pass me the cushions off the floor please, then check the video, I want it close up to us. Once it’s in the correct position put the video on record then climb next to me.” He told me as I passed him the cushions which he put by his opposite side. After sorting the camera I climbed next to him, ready to snuggle instead he said “No, lie over my lap, use the cushions to make yourself comfy.” I felt a twinge in my pussy, were we gonna be playing, I wondered. But what about Master ? He could be watching. I thought, worried but desperate for his touch.

We continued to watch Sons of Anarchy for a few minutes, “Are you comfy Little Minxs, how’s your back ? Tell me the truth.” “It’s fine so far Daddy.” I said. “Good girl, as soon as it begins to hurt you tell me, promise me.” “I promise Daddy.” Quickly rolling my eyes, but he couldn’t see me so it didn’t matter. But I knew he was only looking out for me, so I felt a little guilty doing it.

We lay like this for some time, Daddy gently stroked my hair,  tickled my back or my legs before I felt his hand on my bottom, stroking, squeezing, teasing my hole. I giggled, “Daddy I haven’t asked permission. We can’t play.” “Let me worry about that,” he told me. This wasn’t like him, he hated punishments, I mean really hated them, not like me or PiggyJ, so why would he do something he knew would get us both punished. But me being me just started to relax into it.

We chatted about the TV show, I love Sons of Anarchy, I was comfy, enjoying Daddy’s touch, plus watching Sons.

Suddenly Daddy lifted his hand and walloped me so hard, I jumped, “OW,” I tried to move but he had his hand firmly on my back. “Did that hurt…….” “Of course it hurt Daddy.” Another wallop. “OW !” “Did that hurt your back ? I was going to ask, had you not interrupted me.” “Oh, erm no I don’t think so, it was all a bit of a shock, all I was thinking about was me bum.”

Daddy chuckled, “Relax, babygirl. Carry on watching Sons.” Daddy waited until he felt me relax fully. “Now I am gonna spank you, the minute you tense up your back I will stop. The minute you tell me your back, not arse, is hurting, I stop. Understand ?” “Yes Daddy,” I said quietly.

Daddy then alternated between stroking, tickling to spanking me. His slaps were not gentle, this had been what I wanted for weeks now. I dreamt of a hand spanking for so long. He kept his other hand on my lower back so he could feel me tense up. Smiling, Daddy was enjoying himself feeling my skin become hotter and hotter, its colour once white, now a brilliant crimson. But he had no intention of stopping yet.

I was thoroughly enjoying myself, sinking into the cushions, I closed my eyes unable to concentrate on the program, so I listened to it instead, every now and then he stopped, “I feel okay Daddy, promise,” I said. “Good girl,” Daddy whispered.

Something cold, lube I presumed dribbled down my crack, a finger slipped it deeper towards my hole. Slowly he pushed his finger inside, just a little, waiting to feel if I tense up, then pushed further. I pushed back when suddenly he pulled out. “If you are going to do that, we are not playing, you do not move, no thrusts, no pushing back nothing, or game over.” He waited until I sulkily said “Yes Daddy.” Then he started again, this time pushing 2 fingers inside, roughly this time, his fingers flicked about inside me. It was Sooo hard not to grind into his fingers but I stayed put, in fact I was quite proud of staying still.

Soon his fingers slipped out and the spanking continued. Sit spot and legs were his choice of area this time. I couldn’t stop myself gasping, crying out, even though I was enjoying it, my bottom was beginning to feel really really sore. But we watched 3 episodes of Sons whilst Daddy played with my bottom.

I heard him pull out a drawer then get comfy again as it was a bit of a reach for him. “Now babygirl, you have a punishment waiting for you. 100 with the cane I believe it was.” “But Daddy I……..” “No buts, stay where you are, DO NOT TENSE UP.”

I didn’t know Daddy had got a smaller bamboo cane out of the drawer. About a month ago I was cutting some of our bamboo down, saving some branches as I thought they would make good canes. Last week he tried one of them, they had dried out and it was incredibly painful as he caned my hands then ass only a few times. When I was on the phone he then chose to continue caning my ass, I inwardly screeched out as I talked to my doctor. He thought it was hilarious.

He’s decided the cane is one of his favourite toys.

I felt the tap of the hard cane on my sore sit spot, one hand rested on my lower back as he started continuous taps of the cane. I quite like it continuous, the pain gradually grows stronger as it licks the same spot over and over. “That’s 25.” he told me. Moving the cane to the middle of my ass, he repeated the process a lot harder. I wriggled slightly with this one, my ouches were loud, some more screams. When he moved to my legs I began to protest, only to be awarded with hard whips until I only cried out but didn’t complain. My legs began kicking out, I felt welts swell, the skin burned, I knew there were thick red stripes across them. But as I kicked out, the cane hit back harder, but it hurt so much, I couldn’t stop myself fighting it. Crying and begging for Daddy to stop, suddenly he did.

“Raise your feet little girl, together and flat. Now.” He told me I did as I was told for once, I knew what he was going to do. “Relax please, I do not want you to strain your back.”

Was he joking ? I mean, I had a lovely hand spanking followed by a horrible 25 with the cane on my sit spot, then buttocks, then legs and he thinks I’m going to be relaxed when I know he’s gonna cane my feet.

But I did it, waiting for that first strike, he tapped my back, knowing I was tense, breathing deeply I tried to relax and slowly I did. “Good girl.” then whack, one strike and I jumped up.

Sweating, crying, I woke up and realised it was all a dream. Yet my body ached as if I had just had a wonderful, painful spanking. Yes I was asleep next to Daddy, but I’d had no spanking, it was still banned, this was all a dream.

Oh Lordy, the no swearing rule is broken again.

Oh Lordy, the no swearing rule is broken again.

I’m finding the swearing rule has been better, I’m thinking before saying anything now, choosing better words instead of every swear word I know, except when I driving. Then my potty mouth really comes out. I can’t be doing with idiot drivers who don’t indicate before turning, or before getting to a roundabout, those who drive dangerously slow when it’s not the speed limit and those who park illegally. I think my road rage grew having to drive our son to high school and pick him up every day. The town where his school was seemed to have their own rules for driving. So my language got worse and my rage became crazy mad.

But I’ve always tried not to say the f’bomb whilst in the car since I met Daddy. Until today.

Going to see my GP at peak time, the roads were very busy. But the road I drive down to get to the drs is busy, with cars parked on both sides of the street, people driving into the drs carpark. When I got there some silly woman parked her huge estate car halfway over the driveway, making it very difficult to get in and park.

My road rage hit boiling point, and many different curse words had already slipped out, unfortunately I was chatting with Daddy on the phone so he heard everything. As I said before I never use the f’bomb especially in front of Daddy. Until today, when it slipped out not once, but apparently twice. I’ve no idea what words I said but I’ve been told it was a lot, but the worst was using that F word. Twice.

Daddy said we would discuss my potty mouth later on in the evening as I had to get into the drs. Honestly I can’t believe I said it whilst on the phone with him. I may say it when he’s not around and then own up, but not actually say the word. I knew there would be trouble.

Just before bedtime he video called, and told me to tell my sister, (PiggyJ) what I had said. She of course found it all rather amusing. Daddy said there would be a punishment in store for me the following day, when we spent the day together. So knowing PiggyJ would have my back, I asked Daddy if we could possibly discuss the proposed punishment. He said at first that there’s nothing to discuss yet, he hadn’t decided on a punishment. I said, “well there’s other things rather than a spanking”. “Like what ?” Daddy asked. “Things like essays, I hate them, not lines coz they’re easy.” I suggested. He thought about it for a minute, “Okay, I want a chapter of your book about the naughty mouse written.” he told me. “I said an essay not writing my book Daddy.” I replied. Meaning that giving me a topic to write about is much harder to do, than writing a chapter of my book. But he told me he wanted at least a 2500 word chapter, plus one illustration to go with it, to be done by New Year. I could choose the topic of what naughty Rayanna got up to now.

I’m gonna be honest and say that this is a better punishment  for me, I’m thinking about what I did whilst I’m typing, it kinda sinks in more than getting a spanking. And reminds me not to say curse words ever. I don’t know what naughty Rayanna may get up to this time, so if anyone has any ideas, let me know and I will see if I can use it.

Rayanna, the very naughty mouse. Chapter 2.

I broke a promise to Daddy, my punishment was to write a 1000 word story about breaking promises and disobeying orders. I hope this shows how sorry I am.


Rayanna, the very naughty mouse.

Chapter 2.

Pappa mouse sat Rayanna on the floor in front of him. They were in her hollow, Pappa mouse was on her cot. “Rayanna I’m very upset that you disobeyed me again, you put yourself in danger then you put me in danger and the rest of the family. All so we could rescue you from the grimakin. I’ve told you it is dangerous in the grassland, I want you to promise you never go out there without one of the grownup mice. Promise me Rayanna.” Pappa mouse told her. Rayanna didn’t want to promise as she knew she would want to do it again but she saw her Pappa’s stern face so putting her hands behind her back, she crossed her fingers so he wouldn’t see and said, “Yes Pappa, I promise I will never go into the grassland without a grownup. I won’t disobey you again.” Rayanna looked down to the floor, she uncrossed her fingers and brought to her hands to her front as she began twiddling her fingers. Her Pappa watched her for a few seconds, he felt certain she would disobey him again.  “Rayanna, I’m warning you, DO NOT think about going out there again. You WILL NOT DISOBEY THIS ORDER. Understand me ?” Her Pappa ordered, Rayanna nodded her head. Her Pappa shook his head, he knew his naughty little girl would try to visit the grassland again. “Stand up and come here.” He instructed her, pointing to the side of him.

“Rayanna you will bend over my knees and I’m going to spank you, because I don’t believe you understand the seriousness of what you did. That grimakin could have killed you and eaten you, the bowwow’s would kill you too.” Pappa said.

“Pappa, I can run faster than them, the grassland is exciting, there’s nothing to do in our hollow.” Rayanna interrupted, stamped her paw on the floor and folded her arms. “You will do as you’re told.” Pappa mouse said, grabbing her arm, he pulled her over his knee. She had never been spanked before, her brothers and sisters had, even Mamma mouse had spankings from Pappa. He held her tail, put one leg over her legs and began spanking her. Rayanna kicked, cried, fought against her Pappa but he held her tightly. Pappa mouse spanked his little girl until her bottom turned a bright reddie brown colour. Then he stopped, lifting her up he cuddled her tightly.

“Rayanna I am deadly serious about this, disobey me and you will be getting a much more serious punishment than you’ve just had. Now you can get ready and go to bed. Mamma will bring you some supper. You will not leave your cot.” Pappa told her as Rayanna still cried. He kissed her forehead, “Pappa still loves you, I just want you safe.” Then he left her hollow. Rayanna climbed on her cot and cried into her pillow, she didn’t understand why it was such a big deal. After a while she stopped crying, rubbing her hot, sore bottom, she changed into her nightie and climbed into her cot.


Two days later Rayanna was left on her own in the hollow, she was bored. Suddenly she heard strange noises, she knew it was the giants, they sounded close. She crept out of the hollow, looking around for any of her family. No one was around so she scurried out, running around the massive flowers and enormous trees, she hid behind a big pot and watched the giants. It looked like they were playing, like she does with her brothers and sisters, but the giants were louder and she felt the ground pounding when they played closer. Rayanna crept closer, hiding in between the big flowers, peeking through the grass. Suddenly a huge round thing bounced towards her, she ran to hide behind a stone. One of the giants ran over, just as the giant was going to get the thing that went past her, the giant gave a screech, and before Rayanna knew what was happening, the giant got a pot and dropped it over her. Everything went black, scaring Rayanna.

She felt something go under the pot and under her then slowly she went topsy-turvy as the pot went the other way around. The giant took the top off, blinding Rayanna for a minute as the bright light shot down, as she looked up she saw lots of giants faces. They were just staring at her. Rayanna was so scared, now she wished she had obeyed her Pappa mouse, but she didn’t know what to do now, could these giants kill her like Pappa said the grimakin and bowwow’s could.

Suddenly one giant reached into the pot, trying to catch her, she kept trying to scurry away but the pot was only small. The giant caught her, holding her firmly in its big hands. The giant stood up, still holding Rayanna, when she looked down, the ground looked a long way down. All the giants gathered around her, big fingers stroking her head, poor Rayanna was petrified. She couldn’t move her body but she did feel a little safe. These giants seemed to just look at her, not try to kill her. The giant holding her opened it’s hand a bit more, Rayanna stayed still, too scared to move, as these giants ran a finger over her body. All the giants took turns to touch her, Rayanna felt herself shaking inside. The giants made some strange noises, like a cooing noise the big birds make. Then the giant holding her, bent down and put her back on the ground.

As soon as she was released Rayanna ran away as fast as possible, shaking and crying because she was so scared. She ran into the hollow straight into her Pappa. “Rayanna what’s the matter ? where have you been ?” He asked as she held him tightly, crying and shaking still. She couldn’t speak, so Pappa mouse picked her up and went to sit down with her, holding her, rocking her until she calmed down.

“Pappa, I……I…..broke my promise, I disobeyed you. I went out to the grassland, there were lots of giants playing like I do with all my brothers and sisters, but they found me and caught me. Pappa I was so scared, I thought they were going to kill me but they just wanted to touch me. Pappa they just made funny noises then they put me down again. I ran so fast, faster than I’ve ever run to get home. Pappa I’m so sorry I disobeyed you, I understand about it not being safe, but those giants were nice.” Rayanna got suddenly scared of what her Pappa what thinking. His face looked angry, so angry, he didn’t speak for a minute. “Rayanna I can’t believe you’ve disobeyed me again when I explicitly told you not to go out there again. I’m just so mad right now but more upset with you. You promised you would not do it again, you promised Rayanna. I’m just upset that you actually did this. If it was one of the other giants or those giant animals, they could have really hurt you, or even worse, they could have killed you.” Her Pappa said. “Just go to your hollow and get in your cot. I’m too upset to deal with you now.” Rayanna slowly walked to her hollow, she had really upset Pappa, and she hated seeing that he was angry and upset with her. She crawled into her cot and began crying. Crying because she had been so scared but also because she had upset her Pappa. She had never thought it would have upset him, yes he would have been mad with her but she didn’t think it would’ve made him upset, but she had made a promise to her Pappa. She would have to accept whatever punishment Pappa decided to give her. Soon her tears stopped and dried up on her face, she felt awful, sad and very very guilty and upset.

A few hours later Pappa mouse came to see her. He sat on a chair whilst Rayanna sat up on the cot. “I understand how exciting it must be for you to want to explore the outside world. But you’ve now seen the dangers that are out there. You could have really hurt yourself, or worse. I’m cross that you disobeyed me, but I’m more upset that you did it, that you broke your promise. That’s upset me so much more Rayanna. If you really wanted to go outside then you should have come to me or Mamma and we may have agreed but gone with you.” “I’m sorry Pappa, I didn’t think you would say yes, so I didn’t ask you. But I’m really, really sorry Pappa.” Rayanna said, tears brimming her eyes and slowly slid down. “Rayanna you will have 500 lines to write, you have 2 days to do them. You will have an early bedtime for a month and grounded for that month. I will be giving you a spanking but I will do it when I’m ready, and at the moment I’m still too upset to do it. I suggest you get on with your lines. They are,

“I will not break a promise and disobey an order given by my Pappa.”

Pappa got up and left the hollow, as Rayanna slowly got up, got her notepad and sat at her desk, then she started doing her lines. She deserved this punishment but she hated to know she had upset her Pappa so much. She will do anything to make things better, then her Pappa reappeared, “I still love you baby girl, I want you to know that. I will always love you.” He walked over and gave his naughty little daughter a kiss, “I love you too Pappa and I’m really sorry. “ Rayanna whispered. “I know Ray, the matters forgotten with now baby girl. Take your punishment and then we can forget about it, but it’s forgotten now, Ray. Carry on with your lines. I will spank you when I’m ready, in a day or two, and it will be a very painful spanking Rayanna. You won’t sit down for a week.” He walked away, blowing her a kiss which she caught and rubbed on her heart like they had done since she was a baby. She was forgiven. She felt her Pappa’s love even when she’s been naughty, but she will try to be good from now on. Try being the main word.


Word count – 1770.



My novel is available in America now.

Master checked Amazon last night, it looks like my book is now available for purchase in America, someone is reading it somewhere across the pond.

If you have been kind enough to purchase my novel, could I please ask if you could take a few minutes to go on Amazon and write a review please. That would be fantastic.


My First Full Length Book Is Published.

I’ve finally finished and published my first full length D/s novel.


A Visit To Trent : The 28 year itch ?



What do you do when your partner or husband suddenly wants to change your life ?

A life you thought was perfect already, it must be perfect as we had been together 28 years.

Then suddenly your partner comes home and says he now wants to have a DD lifestyle, a domestic discipline lifestyle.

I didn’t even know what it meant, I’d certainly never been physically punished by my parents, yet now the man I love, wants to become my Master !

And what does that mean anyway ?

Yes, Cal had started to show a new side to himself when he told me he wanted us to have a threesome, but this…..this was strange and I didn’t know what to make of it.

Now, my life was going to change, whether I wanted it to or not.

So, here is my story and I’d love to share it with you.


Here’s the link, I’d love you to spend 99p, buy it, read it then give it a review.




I’m writing the sequel at the moment :

Becoming A Sir And Training His Submissives.




When Teri woke up she felt so shocked, that dream had turned her on so much, but she felt so guilty, she would have tell Sara. For the next few days it was all she could think about but finally she was meeting Sara for lunch.

The girls chatted for ages before Teri told Sara about the dream.

“Sara I’m sorry, I feel like I’ve betrayed you, It’s not right.” She told her.

Laughing, Sara said, “Teri, don’t be silly, I mean Si is a sexy hot guy, but it tells me, that you want my kinky life too, you got turned on by the idea of getting a spanking, Now you can understand why  I love it so much.” Sara told her.

Giggling, “Well maybe I do quite fancy it, but I don’t know how to go about finding someone. Anyway, let’s talk about the party. Did Si believe the change of date ?” “Yes he did, though he says I still can’t go. So how am I going to get there ? I need an excuse. A good excuse that he will believe.” Sara told her.

“What about errrrmmmmm.” Teri thought.

“I know, work, why didn’t I think of work before.” Sara exclaimed. Teri looked at her quizzically.

“We always have managers meetings don’t we and I have travelled for them before and stayed over. So the perfect story, work have rearranged one of the yearly managers meetings to Monday and Tuesday June 18 and 19th, in London, They’ve apologised for the short notice but have managed to arrange travel and a hotel for us all to stay in. As it’s usually 2 nights though, I will have to stay at yours for an extra night. I’ll help clean up on the Tuesday. If I message Si at work tomorrow, hopefully he will accept the story. I’ll have to give you the dress and shoes before then coz he helps to pack my suitcase. What do you think ?” Sara said, quite happy about the tale.

“I think that sounds perfect, then you can say, well that wudda been perfect if I’d been allowed to go to the party as now I couldn’t go anyway.” Teri continued.

“Perfect, we make a fab team.” Sara told her best friend, giving her a hug. “I’m not gonna miss one of your parties am I.” She stated.


So the next day Sara was in work when she messaged Si.

Hi Daddy, I’ve got some bad news, I’ve gotta go away to London for 2 nights in a couple of weeks for a managers conference. It’s an extra one, not the end of the tax year company conference. As it’s short notice they’ve managed to find a hotel for all of us to stay in together. It’s the 18th and 19th of June. I‘ve got no choice in going, it’s about staff training and sales. Xx

SI read the message, his eyes glared at the screen. Now this could be just a coincidence, or it could be his devious brat planning a way to go to the party, even though Teri said she had moved the date. But it wouldn’t surprise him if she was involved in this possible lie. He replied.

Oh no babes, that’s short notice but at least the hotel and travel is sorted. Sounds like it will be one of these long conferences too.

Yeah think so Daddy. Sara typed.


That was it, he seemed to accept the tale, until the afternoon when he messaged her.

You’re conference is on a good day, had you realised it wudda been when Teri was having her party?

No the parties on the 30th. Sara replied.

I meant the original date was the 18th, on the Monday, maybe it was fixed that you couldn’t go to it. But you’ve been a good girl, you’ve not moaned about not going, so maybe next time there’s a party, you can go. Si messaged.

Really !!!!! You will let me go next time. Thank you Daddy. Sara replied. I’d better go Si, we’ve customers in.

With that, the lie was set and it was clearly obvious Teri was involved in it too.


But he said no more about it. Si had done a lot of thinking, he wanted Teri to join their dynamics, but he wasn’t sure how Sara would feel, he was pretty sure Teri would agree, maybe not as a baby girl but as his submissive. He was going to discuss it after the “conference”.


Sunday the 17th of June came along, Si and Sara had a lazy morning in bed.

“Oh I forgot to ask you, did you warn Teri not to speak disrespectfully to you, otherwise you’d spank her ?” Sara asked.

Si chuckled, “I did and I meant it too. Why what did she say ?” Si asked, eager to hear what she had said to Sara.

Laughing, Sara said, “Well to start with, she’s had more than 1 dirty dream about you spanking her. I asked if she would let you an she said, well I wouldn’t have an option would I. Then when I asked if she wanted a Dom, she said yeah maybe, if he was like you.
Si looked at her, “Really ? coz there’s something I’ve been thinking about but I was waiting until you come back.”

“Oh tell me Daddy please.” Sara begged, grabbing her favourite teddy bear, she rested her head on his lap so she was facing him, sucking her thumb. Her big blue eyes looking up at her Daddy.

“Well I wanted us to consider adding someone else into our dynamics, another girl, Maybe Teri ? If not Teri then finding another girl. She could be another little, or another submissive. But you’d have a playmate, I would have another sub, she would follow the same rules roughly as you, not live together, I live having the house just for us, but if Teri agreed, for example, well she’s only down the road so it would be easy for her to come here or us to go there.

“When you say play ?” Sara said.

“I mean play, if she becomes a sub for me, then I would pleasure her or punish her as I do you. Then you 2 could play together and we could all play together.” Si told her. “But like I said, I don’t want a poly life, I don’t want to risk losing you babygirl, you will always be my number 1. Do you think Teri would consider it ? How would you feel ?”

“I don’t know about playing with her, or whoever, I’m not bi or gay. I don’t know if I could ?” Sara said, looking confused and shocked. “I just don’t know.”

“Well, whilst you’re in London, have a think about it, when you’re home we can talk some more, then speak with Teri. But I’m not gonna force you babe, you have to want to do it too. Now come on, let’s get your case packed, then maybe go to the pub for lunch.” Si said, kissing her head.

Sara smiled at him, she had no idea this was Si’s plan, as his Sub or another little would be fine but to include playing, and could she play with her best friend. She had lots to think about, after the party, me and Teri will have chat about after the party, Sara thought. As she got up and started packing for her “convention”.





Sara’s behaviour continued to be very good, Her daddy was very pleased but also very suspicious, he knew Sara too well, a long period of good behaviour usually meant she was up to something. One Saturday morning Sara was grocery shopping, Teri phoned her house but got Si instead.

“Hi Si, is Sara in ? “ Teri asked, knowing full well she was out.

“No Teri, she’s at Tesco.” Si told her, he really liked Teri but she was just as much a brat as Sara was, she needed a Daddy in her life, but so far she had found no one.

“Oh, well can you pass a message on please ? I’ve cancelled the party, I didn’t want to have it knowing Sara couldn’t go, and a few other friends have had to cancel too. If we make it in 3 weeks, do you think Sara would be allowed to go then. PLeeaassseeee Si. She’s my best friend, I need her there.” Teri pleaded.

“Teri, you know she’s not allowed, change the date  so you’re other friends can go, but Sara is not allowed. It was part of her punishment.” Si told her.

“Si why do you have to be so mean, you grounded her for 3 bloody months, spanked God knows how many times. Is that not enough ? Stop being such a tight arse.” Teri complained to him.

“Young lady, if you had said that in front of me, I would have put you over my knee and spanked your backside until it was raw. Do not speak that way, it’s not becoming of you. What you need is a Dom in your life to control you, I might take that role myself one day. You need a good thrashing to stop you acting like a brat like Sara. The pair of you are just trouble together.” Si said sternly.

There was silence on the phone, “You can’t spank me Si.” She muttered.

“Do you want to try Teri ?” He asked, he actually rather liked the idea of Teri being a baby girl for him too, or maybe just his submissive. Teri was pretty with big tits, bigger than Sara’s, but had a curvy delightful ass. Mmmmmm what a thought.

“No Si, I,,,,I,,,,don’t think I do. Well could you just pass the message on please.” Teri said, she couldn’t wait to get off the phone and so she could speak to Sara.

“Yes Teri, I will pass the message on. But I will give you one word of warning, if you two are planning a way of getting Sara to this party, I will punish you both, I know full well Sara can’t do it without your help, So if this is your only warning.” Si told Teri. He smirked as he imagined her horrified face.

“Erm, yes Sir, I ermmm understand,” Teri stuttered. “B…Bye Si.” Hanging up the phone down quickly.


Teri sat for minutes, holding the phone, thinking about what Si had said, She’s not gonna lie, she got a quick thrill at the idea of going over his knee, and getting spanked, but she told herself off, this was her best friends husband, I can’t have these thoughts, even if he threatened it, she doubted it would really happen. But she phoned Sara and told her everything, including the spanking part.

“He wouldn’t do that, would he ?” Teri asked.

“No I don’t think so, though for me, if he said that, I’d believe him. Anyway, you think he believed you about changing the date ?” Sara asked.

“Yes I think so Sara. So we’ve 2 weeks to plan how to get you to the party, What are you wearing ?” Teri asked.

”I’ve got that planned Ri.” Sara was the only one who called Teri, Ri, she had done for the 35 years they’d been best of friends. “I’ve a new dress I bought ages ago, Si hasn’t seen it, but it’s really nice.” Sara told her. “Look I’d better go I’ve been here ages waiting for you to call. I’ll call you Monday when I’ve got more chance to talk. Love you babe.”

“Okay sweetie, please be good, or then again, maybe don’t.” Teri said giggling, her thoughts back at what Si had said.


Teri lay back on the settee, closing her eyes, she drifted off into a very erotic dream. Sara and Teri had been caught out in a lie again, it wasn’t about the party, it was about Sara buying some clothes, lying to Si, saying they were Teri’s, but then Sara was caught wearing one when Teri was with her. Si walked in and saw them together, recognising one of the dresses.

“I thought that dress belonged to Teri ?” He asked, but Teri didn’t know about the lie.

“Yes it does, but I borrowed it, you know how we like to share our clothes.” Sara said, giving Teri the look that meant, just go with me.

“Is that right Teri ? “ Si asked her.

“Oh yes Si, you know we share everything.” Teri lied quickly.

“Only without meaning to sound rude babes, you are a bit bigger than Teri here, so I would say maybe 2 sizes bigger. What size do you take Teri ? 14 ? 16 ? “ Si asked. “Well ?” As he asked her, he went behind Sara’s back and reached from the dress tag. Her dress said size 20.

Without thinking Teri said, “I fluctuate from a 14 to 16, depending on the shop.”
“Mmmmmm odd, you see this dress says size 20, which is just what you take isn’t it babes.” Si looked hard at Sara. “You’ve lied about these clothes again haven’t you Sara ?” Sara looked at the floor and nodded. “And you Teri, you lied to help cover for your friend, didn’t you ?” Teri looked scared stiff, but nodded too.

“So I see once again, I’ve 2 naughty little girls who have just lied to me. Sara, tell Teri what happens when you lie to me.” He said.

“I get spanked.” Sara whispered.

“Speak up.” Si ordered.

“I get spanked Daddy.” Sara said,

“Teri what did I tell you would happen next time you lied or covered for Sara ?” Si asked Teri.

“Well you said you would spank me but you’re not likely to do that really are you Si ? I’m your wife’s best friend for goodness sake.” Teri stated.

“You think I wouldn’t do it ?” Si asked, taunting her.

“Sara do you think I would spank Teri ?” He asked.

“Yes Daddy, I think you would.” Sara said.

“And Sara, if you’ve both lied to me, do you think I should spank both of you, or just you ?” Si asked her.

Sara looked at Teri, then went back to look at her Daddy, “Well, I guess if we both lied to you, then yes, I suppose you could.should spank us both.”
“Teri, now what do you think ? Should you lie to your best friends husband ? Do you think it’s fair if I spank Sara but not spank you for the same offence, just because I’m not your husband.” Si asked her.

“Well, I guess that’s not fair, but Si I don’t want to be punished.” Teri told him.

“I dare say you don’t, but I think you should and will be. You don’t mind if I spank Teri too, do you Sara ?” Si asked his little girl.

“No Daddy I don’t. I think it’s fair.” Sara told him, looking sorrily at Teri, but she just smiled very slightly.

“In that case, Teri I want to spank you first. Sara I want your bottom bared, standing in the corner, hands on your head, but this time you may turn around, I want you to watch your naughty best friend get a spanking.” Daddy told her. Quickly Sara did as she was told.

“Teri come here, remove your jeans and panties then climb over my knee.” Si told Teri.

Just as she took her shoes, jeans and panties off and went to walk nervously to Si, she woke up. Her entire body felt incredibly alive, her clit pounded so much it hurt and she felt very, very wet. Instead of feeling ashamed about this dream, she desperately tried to go back to sleep to see what happened next, but she just couldn’t sleep. Her mind was now too excited, she decided then that Sara would come to the party but she hoped Si found out.


Blogging A -Z Challenge = U.

Blogging A – Z Challenge – U.

U = Urine.

“I’m sick and tired with your brattiness today, you’re acting like a child. You are not a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. Now behave.” Master shouted at me.

I stamped the floor, pouted and crossed my arms defiantly.

“Nooooooo, I really……..” I started, Master smacked my bottom.

“Young lady, I want you to go upstairs, put your white school panties, socks and pumps on, with your white leggings. You can wear your white blouse too. Take these 2 bottles of water and drink it all. Do not dare tip any out.” Master ordered, I looked confused, I didn’t understand why he wanted me to wear those clothes or drink the water but he looked at me so sternly, I scurried upstairs quickly. Getting changed I drank one bottle, still had no clue what was going to happen, but I stomped downstairs again, drinking the other bottle of water as I went.

“Finally you do as you’re told first time. Come with me.” He walked towards the back door, picked a garden chair up and placed it in front of the big patio doors.

“Sit down there.” Master pointed to the chair, so I sat down, looking up at him with confused sad eyes.

“Now I’m going inside and I’m going to watch you through the window because I want to watch you piss yourself.” He explained.

Suddenly I went to get up, protests on the tip of my tongue but Master held my shoulders so I couldn’t get up.

“Stay there, little girl. You will do as you’re told, you will stay there until you’ve pissed yourself then you can stay in your clothes, all wet, smelly and stained like the spoilt little toddler you’ve been acting like.” His voice was so loud and stern, I never spoke.

Sitting down, I sulked,  glaring at him as he went inside, then soon came into the living room, he opened the patio doors, saying he wanted to hear the piss drip onto the patio.

I’m not sure how long I stayed there before I got the sense that my bladder was full. Master was just working on his laptop, not paying me any attention. But I’m sure he may have been aware that I was starting to wiggle about, clenching my legs together tightly, they started to shake, as I held the side of the chair, squeezing everything as tight as possible to prevent my bladder from releasing it’s load of urine. Master has used wetting myself as punishment before, or using me as his toilet, him pissing over me, over my face or mouth. But this was something new.

Master walked into the kitchen where he could still see me, turning the tap on full, he smirked at me. Then getting more water out of the fridge, he passed me another 2 bottles. Then went to turn the tap off.

Suddenly, I felt a tiny release from my bladder, my lip quivered and my eyes filled with tears, I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“Drink the water Daylia.” Master ordered, as I bounced up and down, I opened a bottle and drank a quarter of it.

Then the flow suddenly started, hot urine began to spread into my white clothes, filling my leggings before it dripped through the material, onto the floor. Master started to watch me intently.

“Stand up.” He ordered, as the flow hadn’t stopped, standing up, it flowed down my legs, filling my pumps before he told me to sit down again. The hot urine soon became cold, as the wet clothes clung to me, I began to smell it and noticed my clothes stained a little yellow, I just wanted to get out of them.

“Drink the rest of those bottles then you may come in.” I was told, Master had gone back to working on his laptop.

I quickly drunk the remaining first bottle, I wanted to complain that I couldn’t drink more, but I daren’t. So after a minute I started to drink the second one. By the time I drank it, my clothes were drying out, all stained yellow with a horrible wee smell.

“Come here Daylia.” Master called to me from his seat, certain I was going to be allowed to get a shower and change. I walked in, standing on a puppy pad and faced him.

He had placed a puppy pad on the floor in front of him, and told me to sit on it.

“Daylia you’ve been a very very naughty little girl, you’ve thrown 3 temper tantrums this morning, even after a spanking, and now you’ve wet your panties. You will stay in those dirty, smelly clothes like a little toddler may do, before a grownup realises she’s had an accident. Then they are cleaned up and put fresh clothes on, because a toddler is learning how to toilet train, learning how to behave. You’ve had this training already, you know right from wrong and how to behave yet today you didn’t care. So you can stay in those clothes and every time you need to empty your bladder, you will ask me if you may release it, and go outside, on your chair and piss there. You may only sit on your puppy pad, on the floor. You may only do some colouring or read, your back will face the television Understand ?” He asked.

Looking at the floor, I said “Yes Master.”

For the next 4 hours, Master kept handing me water to drink, I asked 8 times to release my bladder, I’d never drunk so much, each time my clothes became more stained and stank. I was allowed to take my pumps and socks off before coming inside, so I didn’t squelch wee out of them into the carpet, but each time I went outside I had to put them back on. Standing up halfway through the flow then sitting down again. I felt so dirty, humiliated and extremely degraded. This was no fun.

Finally at 5pm, I was told to get the hosepipe and wash the patio down, Master handed me some antibacterial liquid to pour over the patio and chair and the outside brush, to give everywhere a good scrub clean. After that, Master came out to check if I was done. I was just winding the hosepipe up. Handing me a carrier bag he told me to strip, and put the clothes in the bag.

“Here, Master ? Outside ?” I asked, even more mortified.

“Did I say come in and strip ?” His voice stern again. Shaking my head, I started to take all my clothes off, they were soaked, stained and stunk. The bag was so heavy with all my sodden clothes in it, I was going to put the bag in the bin.

“What are you doing ? They can go in the washing machine, use the antibacterial hot but gentle cycle. Check in the booklet what number it is, use plenty of powder and also use the antibacterial laundry powder. When you have done that come upstairs.”

He left me there, naked, holding my bag of pissie clothes. I was careful to dry my feet on the puppy pads, and decided on my own, to throw the pads in the bin before putting the clothes in the washing machine. Locating the number for the wash cycle, I put everything in and turned it on. Heading upstairs I heard the bath running, by the time I was there the bath was half full with lots of bubbles. Going for yet another wee, I climbed in the warm bath and enjoyed feeling clean again, washing the dirty smell off my body.

I’m not sure how long I was in before Master called to me that it was time to get out.

“Can I please stay in longer ?” I called out. Master came in, pulling the plug out, grabbing a towel and stood holding it out. He had a furious expression on his face when I realised maybe I shouldn’t have said it. I was surprised when Master towel dried me, hanging the towel back up he led me to the bedroom.

There were somethings on the bed, but just looked like a pile of clothes so I paid no attention. Master sat on the bed, standing me in front of him, still warm and damp from the bath.

“Daylia you are going to have to behave yourself otherwise I will start treating you like a child more often. And as you didn’t seem to like this punishment, I will do it regularly if I have to. Yet you still questioned me. What other punishment would a little girl get ?” He asked.

I looked on the floor until he lifted my chin up.

“A spanking Master.” I said quietly, tears filling my eyes.

“That’s correct, I’m going to spank your naughty bottom til it’s raw, then you will go to bed early. You may read and continue your colouring but that’s it. I will bring up a light dinner for you, and lights out will be 8pm.”

Master took my arm and pulled me over his knee. He pushed me up onto the bed more, pushed one leg down off his knee and put his other leg over my leg that was over his knee. I was locked in his strong grasp and knew I would not get out of it. Starting with his hand, the sting much more severe as my bum was already warm and still damp. Soon I began crying, trying to reach back when Master grabbed my hand and kept hold of it behind my back.

He always, always included spanking the back of my legs, inner thighs, pussy and all over my big, plump bottom. Then he stopped, rubbing and squeezing instead.

“I hope we don’t have to repeat this soon Daylia, otherwise this will happen often.” He reached behind him and in the corner of my eye I spotted the bath brush.

“No Master,  please, I promise I will be good. Please not that.” I cried into his back as I tried to get away; fruitlessly. As the first swing came crashing down I screamed into the bed, over and over Master swung it hard, from bottom down to leg, lifting each cheek to get access to my sit spot. I cried and cried, kicking my legs, punching the bed. I was sure my bum must be purple by now, knowing how lethal that brush was. But Master continued, telling me he needed to be sure I had learnt my lesson. “I have Master please.”

Stopping I almost prayed a thank you until he lifted me up, placing me back over the bed, then I knew it wasn’t. I saw him reaching something else but I couldn’t see what it was.

“I am giving you 5 strokes for every tantrum you had. How many tantrums did you have Daylia ?” He asked me.

“Three M….M……Master.” I muttered.

“So how many strokes will you get ?” Master asked.

“Ermmmm twelve ?” I’d forgotten how many he said for each tantrum.

“12!!! Daylia, 12!!! That answer earns one more stroke.” He laughed out loud. “Maths was never your strong point. Now listen, 5 strokes for each tantrum, you had 3 tantrums, just so you know, that’s 3 x 5, and 1 extra stroke for that wrong answer. But if you get this wrong, you get another 2 strokes. What’s the correct answer Daylia ?” He tried to stop laughing, honestly her maths was awful, he thought. He heard me giggle as the sum connected in my brain.

“16 Master.” I said, honestly I prayed it was right, I thought it was, but when he asks me to do sums during a spanking, my head just gets muggled.

“Well done Daylia. I think I’m going to have you do Maths exercises every day.  Okay, 16 strokes, now I want you to count them. What will happen if you give the wrong number ?” He asked me, his voice humorous but also intense again.

“I get 2 extra strokes, Master.” I told him, confident but also fearful to what exactly would give me the strokes.

“DO NOT MOVE Daylia.” He ordered.

He picked up the long shoe horn, his new toy from Ikea. A friend recommended this new implement, his little girl hated it. Raising his arm, he whipped the horn across my cheeks, causing me to shriek. I’m not sure how I counted to 16, I remembered I was quick because I wanted it over, this was even worse than the bath brush, might even be as bad as the high impact cane. It was evil, and as usual the strokes were on cheek, sit spot and legs.

But finally the last one came down harder across my sit spot, I grabbed my bottom and cried so hard.

Master sat down on the bed, pulled me up so I was sat on his knee, my bottom hanging between his legs. He hugged me tightly, stroking my back and hair, kissing my forehead lightly.

“All over baby. All done.” Master spoke softly, though he knew there was one more thing he had planned and expected a mini tantrum over it, he was looking forward to see the reaction.

“I’m sorry Master, I promise never to have tantrums again.” It was a promise we both knew I would never keep, secretly Master did enjoy them, and who could blame him. A whole afternoon humiliating and degrading me then spanking me.

“Bend over whilst I rub some cream in.” Master said, as he checked out the beautiful welts and bruises, taking a few photos for me as he knows I like to have them.

“All done, now stand up and turn around.” Master told me, I did as I was told, standing right in front of him.

He picked up this thing, what was that ? Was that a nappy ? My face must have shown my shock, Master had a stern yet devilish grin on his face.

“You’ve got to be kidding, I’m not putting a nappy on.” I said as calmly as I could, trying to back away.

But Master caught on with my plan, turning me around so my back was against him. He already knew which way round it went, lifting one leg, he put it through the hole, lifting the other, he pushed that through. As soon as he let go of my legs I tried kicking it off, which resulted in a few very hard smacks to the front of my legs.

“Naughty little girls who piss themselves need a nappy to sleep in, so you don’t do it again. Now I hope you’re not going to throw a tantrum after you just promised you wouldn’t, that would be a very bad idea.” As Master spoke, he pulled the nappy up, not overly gentle over my raw skin. Hearing me wince a little, Master smiled.

He turned me around and saw my sulky face, he secretly loved it. Master then produced a pink nightie, he put it over my head, hands through little cupped sleeves, as he smoothed it down. The cotton material had little teddy bears over it, but on the front, in shocking pink were the words, Master owns this naughty little girl. There was a picture of a teddy bear from the back view, there pink hair clips in her hair, her bottom was coloured crimson, the bear was bent forward as her arms reached down to pull up her nappy.

I looked down at the words, smiled a little, then turned around to the mirror to see the picture. Then I giggled, “Did you have this made especially ?” I asked.

“Only the best for my little girl, now into bed. Here’s your colouring books and pencil box and your kindle. I will bring you a sandwich, then brush your teeth, lights out at 8pm sharp. I love you baby girl, tantrums an all.”

This is a fictional story but as I wrote it, I thought it was quite exciting too and turned me on a lot. Master does enjoy pee play and I have had to pee outside as punishment, been peed over and drank his pee but it’s never been like to this extreme.


My first book published.

I wanted to advertise my first short story, Master got it published by Amazon about 2 years ago, unfortunately many readers didn’t get it because it cost 99p or 99c. With Amazon 99p is the lowest price you can go, regardless of the size of the book. Yet friends who have read it, have said it was well worth it. Remember this is my first try of writing a book, so at the time I thought it played through the scene well, though now I agree it is short but it’s certainly raunchy.

The front cover has changed, there’s an outline of three people having sex now. If anyone fancies reading it, leaving a review I really would be very happy. Since that book, I’ve written another, but I just need to proof read it and I’m in the middle of writing a sequel. Both these books are 200 + pages, I think maybe I will publish them together, I just need to knuckle down and finish it.


I Write erotic fiction, and have a book listed on Amazon


A Weekend Away

Wicked Wednesday. The Evening Meal.


The evening meal.


Every Thursday and Sunday the families come together for dinner. The two brothers were powerful men, worked hard in their business together and at home. Both men were HoH, and it was expected the rest of the family respect each man, Dan and Rob were both Masters to their slaves. But they were also Sir’s to each brothers wife. The men tolerated no misbehaviour from either family member, and would reprimand in whatever way they chose. But the wives loved this dynamic even if they had super strict Masters. The children thought this was normal family life, but their friends did think it was strange, but accepted it.


Today the tension was a little high, the children had been given their blessing to leave with their dessert, Marissa and Toulla cleared the dishes, bringing coffee and whiskey to the men as they talked. Both men as Masters, sat at each end of the table, in big dining chairs with armrests, the rest of the family sat on normal chairs. Once the drinks were served, the men changed conversation, Marissa and Toulla were talking about the children, when Toulla stopped suddenly, listening to the men.

“We’ve set the business weekend, on the 20th, the group from Dallas can come then and so can Dick from Sweden. I’ve invited Susan, I think she should be there to learn the set up. Obviously Toulla and Marissa will be there to entertain.” Dan was saying.

“Good, yes I think we can set…….” Rob was rudely interrupted.

“The 20th, I can’t do anything then, I’m going to a concert. You know that Dan.” Toulla stood up and shouted.

“You will do as you’re told.” Rob sternly told her.

“Well I’m not fucking going,” She spat out at him. “You knew I was going out Dan, why do we need to be there?”

Rob glanced briefly at Dan, who returned with a subtle nod.


Quick as a flash Rob grabbed Toulla’s ear, dragging her off the chair and sent her over the arm of his large chair. She fought him like a wild animal until he slapped her hard across her face twice. Pushing her over the arm once more, Rob lifted her dress up, revealing a large plump bottom, the remains of bruises evident. Tucking the dress out of the way, he began to take his belt off.

“Soap Marissa.” He barked at his wife, Marissa knew exactly what he meant, she was in shock at Toulla’s tantrum, she had never seen her react like that before. She hurried to the kitchen, where the special soap was left, she wet it until it had gone all sudsy then put it on a plate and brought it back to Rob, with a cloth to wipe his hands.

Rob took the soap, ordered Toulla to open her mouth wide so he could rub the soap along her teeth, inside cheeks, roof of her mouth and tongue, then he told her to hold it in her mouth. Toulla had started crying already, realizing what a stupid thing she had just done, she herself was in shock. But when the first strike shook her body, burning her ass, the tears flowed quickly, and holding the soap was becoming tricky.

Rob’s thick, heavy, leather belt whipped across her bottom so quickly, her cheeks wiggled and jiggled continuously, the sight of the belt burning a layer of skin away as it first went white then quickly changed to crimson. Both men were incredibly strong and prided themselves on their powerful body, this could be felt during each punishment given. Still Rob never slowed his pace, her ass was now purple, thick welts travelling across her hips and legs.


All the while Marissa looked down at her knees, she never liked to see anyone punished but she wasn’t allowed to leave, Dan on the other hand looked like he was admiring his brothers belting, he did enjoy watching his wife get beaten, especially for a punishment. He would have his turn when Rob had finished, but he would never say to him, she has had enough. Both men took their roles seriously, and could whip the woman raw if they thought the punishment was necessary. They did not deal with fluffy punishments, even with the children, they would get a strong hand spanking or paddling.


After at least 15 minutes of continuous rhythm, Toulla was crying hysterically, tears streaming down her face, but somehow the soap never left her mouth. Probably from all the experience she had of mouth soaping. Her teeth stuck deeply inside the bar, but soapy slobber fell out of her mouth, it was disgusting.

“Right stand up, young lady, I hope you’ve learnt not to swear at me or interrupt ever again.” Rob said sternly.

He handed her the plate to put the soap on and the towel to wipe her face.

“One mouth rinse then straight into the corner. I think you should be naked for your corner time.” He told her.

Miserably Toulla headed to the bathroom, turning the cold tap on, she turned her head to get the flow of water going straight into her mouth. Swishing and spitting, she worked quickly, as technically this was not one rinse, her arse burned so hot, tight and sore. But she knew Dan wouldn’t forget how she spoke to him. Why did she always throw a tantrum, if she had just explained the double booking, he might have understood, now there was no way he will let her go. Giving her face a quick wash, she dried then hurried back, got undressed then stood in the corner, hands on her head. Tears still flowing as her chest heaved, shoulders shook as she cried and sniffed quietly. Letting the saliva fall out of her mouth so she didn’t swallow soapy slobber.


Marissa quickly tidied the table when Toulla’s daughter walked in, stopping when she saw her mum. This was never hidden from the children, someday it was expected that they will marry into a HoH relationship too.

Marissa stopped to help her, leaving Toulla feeling even more ashamed of herself.


Dan left her in the corner for 1 ½ hours, by then it was her bedtime. He sent her to get ready for bed, but he told her to be bent over the bed ready for a date with his cane. Nodding sadly, Toulla climbed the stairs, thankful to brush her teeth but not for the expected caning. He was in their room waiting for her when she came in. She bent over the bed, hugging a pillow.

“Toulla I was very disappointed in how you spoke to me, had you explained I may have made other arrangements. Now you are not going, you’re grounded for a month and either Rob or I will give you a daily caning to remind you of what happens when you disobey the rules. I will give you tasks to do daily, I expect them done. You don’t want to disappoint me again, do you ?” He asked.

“Nnn..no Master. I’m sorry.” Toulla managed to splutter.

“I know but actions have consequences.” He told her, lifting up his cane.


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