Sketches of Daddy and I.

I hadnt done any sketches in a while so Daddy told me I had to do two by Saturday. And he wanted one of when he gave me a spanking and one of when I was pleasuring him. I wanted to do one where I was giving him a blowjob but we git no photos from that, so I chose when I was giving him a nice bottom and back massage which he really enjoyed and I really enjoyed doing it too. So I hope Daddy likss them.



Blogging A – Z Challenge = D.

Blogging A – Z Challenge.

D = Deceitful.

This story continues from March 28th Wicked Wednesday’s, The Evening meal blog, about the lives of Toulla and Marissa, 2 very naughty little girls.

Deceiving their Masters.

Master and Sir were both going away, they had big, important meetings planned, as an expansion in Dubai was hopefully going ahead. They owned the business together but they were also brothers, powerful brothers, they all lived together in a large house with their families. Dan, Master’s wife / slave Toulla and their 3 children, Rob, Sir’s wife / slave Marissa and their 4 children. They led an unusual lifestyle because the men were both Head of House, meaning they were in charge of all decisions for the family, and they owned their wives, both were collared slaves. As they lived together almost like 1 big family, both Master and Sir took charge of both families, if one was away, the other was the main HoH, he was in charge of the slaves and all the children, like I said, it was an unusual household but it worked perfectly for them.

For both men to have to go away together though, was out of the ordinary, they never liked to leave the family without one of them being there, so they had left strict rules to obey, disobedience would bring hefty punishments. But they knew their slaves, and if they could break the rules they would, they were 100% brats when left to their own devices. Unfortunately this business deal meant they both had to attend and leave their naughty slaves at home.

Marissa and Toulla did have plans, a party at home for their friends, but first they had to sort the kids out, the oldest ones would tell their fathers for sure. So as a treat, and a treat to be kept secret, they were allowed to have sleepovers at their friends houses, something that was dead against the rules when its a school night. The youngest children were told a little of the secret, sworn not to tell but they felt the younger ones may not understand it all anyway, and they were allowed their own little sleepover.

All the children, big and little, had helped to build a fort in the playroom, cushions to sleep on, party food and drinks, a TV was fitted into the wall of the fort so they could watch all the kids favorite TV programs. They decided to ask one of the babysitters to come over just to be around if the youngsters needed anything. Debs was the daughter of a good family friend. She was going to sleep over in one of the guest rooms which was next to the playroom, so she could spend the evening in there, studying for university and listening for the kids. Debs was from a HoH family, but since she moved out, she has had a bit of freedom, so she could be trusted to keep this evening a secret. Everyone was excited, Marissa and Toulla invited their friends, they all knew it was unusual and it was only happening because their husbands were away. They also knew the dynamic in their family, and had asked if it was a wise thing to do, but the girls were very stubborn, once the decision was made, they would not cancel it. It was up to them, they knew the risk, they would be in serious trouble if caught but this chance has never come up before, so they were not going to miss it. Honestly they felt like teenagers having the house to themselves for the first time, whilst their parents went on holiday without them.

So everything was planned, the older kids headed of to school with a backpack of clothes etc for their sleepover, they were terribly excited. The younger kids were over-excited to be sleeping in the fort and the women had a fight to keep them calm. In the afternoon, the phone rang, Marissa was in the shower and Toulla was getting shopping out of the car. Neither heard the phone ring so Freddy, Toulla’s 3 year old son answered it. He was hyperactive and his father instantly knew something was going on.

“Hey Freddy, where’s your mummy ?” Dan asked. “What’s going on today ?”  

“Mummy’s busy and Auntie Marissa is in the shower getting ready for the party, we’ve made a fort Daddy and we can sleep in it tonight.” Freddy was so excited he forgot the secret.

“A fort eh ? Sounds exciting, are all of you sleeping in it?” He asked. Rob looked confused at Dam talking about a fort, so Dan put the phone on loud speaker so Rob could hear the conversation.

“Me, Frannie, Tammie, Susie and Kaine. Debs is coming to look after us. Mummy’s bought us sweeties and fizzy pop and……….” Freddy stopped.

“And what Freddy ?” Dan asked calmly. “Where are the older kids then, they not sleeping with you ?”
“No Daddy.” Freddy said quietly.

“Then tell me where they will be, Freddy you know it’s very important to tell the truth don’t you. You won’t be in trouble.” Dan told his young son.

“Mummy and Auntie Marissa have got friends coming tonight, Mummy said they were going to have special fizzy pop and have their own sweeties, so me, Frannie, Tammie, Susie and Kaine were allowed to sleep altogether, Tali and Harry are having sleepovers at their friends houses, but Daddy it was meant to be a secret, now I’ve ruined it. Mummy and Auntie Marissa are going to be mad with me. ” Freddy started to cry.

“No Freddy you can still have your sleepover and you’ve done nothing wrong. Wipe your tears away Freddy, you’ve been a good boy telling me the truth. Now can you pass this phone to Mummy or Auntie Marissa please,” He said calmly. 

Sniffing, “Yes Daddy,” Freddy replied and Dan could hear him walking around. He called out to his Mummy but got no answer, so he padded upstairs where Auntie Marissa was having a shower. Dan heard the water running from the shower. Freddy knocked on the shower door, shouting for her attention.

“Freddy what is the problem ?” She asked, opening the door a bit.

He passed her the phone, “Daddy wants to speak to you or Mummy, but I can’t find Mummy.”
She stepped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around herself and took the phone, letting Freddy skip out of the bathroom.

Marissa took a deep breath, “Dan, what’s wrong ? Freddy said you needed to speak to us, it sounds serious.” She spluttered.

“Yes I think it is. I want you and Toulla in my office in 10 minutes sat at the desk, so we can skype with you. We have some important things to discuss.” He was so calm he shocked himself, but without giving her a chance to reply he hung up.

Quickly she went back into the shower to rinse her hair, dried herself and rushed to find Toulla. A worryingly sick feeling started in her stomach. Finding her unloading the car, she told her about the call. Leaving the shopping in the car, both girls looked worried as they hurried to the office. Turning Skype on, it rang almost immediately.  

There in front of them was Dan and Rob, not looking very happy.

“Ladies, hello. Now I’ve just had a nice chat with a very hyper Freddy, and he filled me in on the fort, he’s so excited about sleeping in it, and the other kids are sleeping over too.” Dan told them.

“Oh errrrmmm  Dan, yes we thought the kids deserved a treat.” Toulla said, trying to sound calm.

“Yes and I suppose you thought you both deserved a treat too as Freddy also mentioned you were having friends over!” he stated. Looking at them both sharply.

“What are the rules, do you just hold a party when you feel like it ? Do you ?” Rob asked sharply.

“Ermmmmm we just thought as you weren’t hear it kinda wouldn’t matter ? We only thought about it today.” Marissa said.

“Really, REALLY,” Rob shouted. “So why had the kids gone to school all ready to have the sleepover, why had this fort been built already, why was Debs already coming round, why had you already been shopping for special pop and sweeties ? Answer that but think about your answer first.”

The girls looked at each other, their fingers twirled together nervously, Toulla could feel Marissa start to shake, so she quickly placed a hand on her leg, Marissa grabbed her fingers and held on to them tightly.

“We are waiting, but just be sure, you are both in so much trouble now, do you want to make it worse by lying. Because we will find out.” Dan said, he was seriously stern, calm and quiet.

“Okay, Rob, Dan, we just thought we would have 6 girlfriends around, and just have a nice chat, a few soft alcoholic drinks, food and that’s it. The kids deserved a treat as they work so hard in school….” Toulla said, her voice threatening to quiver.

“Or more like, a bribe for the kids, don’t tell Dad we are having a party and you can have a sleepover. If you tell, then we are all in trouble, more like. Rather deceitful I would say. Encouraging your children to lie if we were to ask them……” Rob stated.

“Look it’s no biggie Rob, nothing’s gonna happen.” Toulla replied, her confidence growing. Let’s face it, they were in Dubai, what could they do about it.

“No biggie Toulla. You deceive us, you’ve obviously planned this days ago.” Dan shouted at her. “Now I want you to phone all your friends and tell them it’s cancelled. The children can still have their fun, it’s not their faults their mothers are dishonest and duplicitous. You will not be sitting down for a month, never mind a week. For now until we arrive home, you are both grounded then God help you both.” He had to stop before he just exploded, he had never felt so mad.

Toulla was just as mad though, her stubbornness making her more bratty, “No Dan, we are not cancelling, you’re going to punish us anyway, so what difference does it make it. Now we’ve got to go.” Marissa looked horrified as Toulla hung up.

“What, Marissa, we’re deep in shit anyway, least we might as well have a bit of fun anyway, what can they do, they’re in Dubai for Christ sake.” Toulla stood up, adamant she wasn’t cancelling it.

“Toulla, what have we done ?” Marissa said as Toulla walked to the whiskey, Dan kept in the office. She poured a hefty shot in 2 glasses, handed one to Marissa, “Right down in one, this will calm you down, so we can enjoy the party.” They downed the drink, when Marissa poured some more, shocking Toulla but then she just grinned, “If we are having this party, I need to get pissed beforehand. So I can forget what we both know our futures will be like when they come home.” Pouring yet another, the girls were already giggling as they carried on with getting ready. Luckily Debs arrived early and took control of the excited youngsters, who already had all the forbidden goodies set up.

Toulla got dressed as Marissa got the remaining drinks out of the car. Music on in the background, soon their girlfriends all showed up and they were having a ball. Pretty quickly the wives were quite drunk after the shots they had earlier. But they didn’t care, there was nothing the husbands can do now, so they were going to enjoy it.

Little did they know, the husbands did have something they could do about it, and soon, Dan and Rob’s younger brother, Seb, entered the house. Now Seb may be the youngest, but as a rugby player, he was a huge man, and not a very happy man.
“Seb…..what are you doing here ?” Toulla exclaimed. 

“Doing here……I get a phone call from my 2 very cross brothers, that their deceitful wives had arranged a party, refused to cancel it, thinking it didn’t matter that they were in Dubai. So they’ve asked me to come and stay with you.     Ladies, I’m sorry, but this evening is now cancelled, please would you go home.”

The girls sat looking at each other, before slowly getting their stuff together, leaving quietly. Marissa and Toulla sat together, holding hands, they looked shocked, guilty and embarrassed all at the same time. When Seb had shown everyone out, he came in, hands on his hips, he looked so angry at them.  “So, how do you think I feel right now, doing my own things, my own life, when I get this call from your husbands, so I have to stop what I’m doing because you 2 deceitful little girls planned this entire night, lied to them, refused to do as your told and hung up on your husbands. I’ll tell you how I feel, angry, shocked and bloody livid with you. Now I’m here to stay until they come home, I’ve been told to punish you both, not for the party business, your husbands will deal with that, but because I am now involved in this deceitful plan. And I promise you, punish you I will. But first I want this place spotless in 30 minutes then we will discuss what happens next. Now, you deceitful brats. Move it.”


Masters army defeating my pesky virus.

Master is fed up with my virus, along with his own virus, he’s actually going to the doctors today because he just can’t do anything with this pain in his middle.

He’s not sleeping, eating is a struggle, and feels exhausted. This can’t go on.

He has a different virus to mine.


But he set his army of toys to battle today, fighting those pesky germs.

And they had fierce armoury, paddles, canes, bull whip, crop and hands.

Masters most treasured toys.

They paddled, they caned, whipped and spanked those germs.


But the germs are strong, they are led by their Sir, a strong, wilful giant of a germ.

They fight back with mini germs attacking them

But none of the toys give up.

They know Master will be angry if they don’t win this battle.

It’s been 3 weeks nearly, and Master is getting fed up and mad,  mad with his own virus and mad with his slave being on sick leave.

The doctors aren’t helping, just saying it takes time to go.

But Master wants life to return to normal, and so does his slave.


It’s been weeks since she had her morning spanking, her bottom remains untouched and unmarked, and Master likes a beautiful bruised bottom to look at.

It’s been weeks since she did her heavy chores, just trying to complete the ones she can do, the chore charts go unfilled for the time being.


It’s been weeks since Master felt her mouth go down on his cock.

He’s even managed to stretch to the bigger size of his PA,

But slave had no energy to play, plus she doesn’t want to accidently bite his cock if she starts coughing like mad.

Yes she wants to play with his new bar, feel it’s size in her mouth, could she cope with its size, but now at least Master can put his Christmas rings in, the ones his slave bought for him.

The most slave has managed to do was play then give him a hand job. Even that left them both shattered.


So Master’s toys better win this battle,  spank those germs away.

The sooner the better, whip those germs out of his slave,

His Sergeants stay behind to bash Masters germs too.

Throwing eruptions at them and blowing them up.

Different tactics to use for fighting his germs.

But Master knows he will win, one way or the other, his army will fight until they’ve won. Then life can return to normal.


Couple of new sketches.

Did the woman’s sketch yesterday and tried a mans face for the first time today.

I think I like using just graphite pencils and not using colouring pencils, I enjoy trying out the shading and where light would catch the face. I’ve still a lot to learn and I’m sure proper artists will see faults, if anyone does, let me know otherwise I can’t improve.

Drawing my sketches.

Each week I’m trying to focus on my sketches and getting it right, but faces, I’ve found to be incredibly hard.

Over the weekend, I kept asking Master what he thought, I kept getting 1 part right but not the rest. Eventually he said that the woman’s face looked okay. So I started on the man’s face.

Oh my god, I’ve tried and tried, getting so frustrated, I think I’m just going to colour it in and start a new one. Master did say don’t finish it, try another but I didn’t want to give up.

I’ve found a selection of pictures that are just faces, so I’m going to focus of them for a few weeks.

I thought hands were hard but jeez, faces are 10 times harder.

I’m used to drawing pictures for toddlers so I drew a basic pictures, not realistic, detailed sketches.