Last full day of holidays.

Last full day of holidays.

My day started at 5.30 am, bit of a lie in for me, Master was up by 8 am again. Breakfast clean up, then sun room, by 8.45 am. It was a warm morning already, I reckon it will be a hot one again. I read, wrote blogs, whilst Master talked about all the couples he had talked to on Fab Swingers site, the night before. And there seemed to be a lot, he said people don’t seem to come on until after 10 pm, then it all stops at 1 am. But I leave him to do the leg work, if there’s someone he likes and has the same kinks as us, he tells me to look them up.

By 9.15 am, we needed a swim to cool down, then I reminded Master that we had a race. Master had said yesterday that he could walk 2 laps of the pool, faster than I could swim.

“Oh yes, the loser gets a forfeit. Okay let’s go.” No warning, no ready steady go, he was off but to be fair he was half way down the pool by the time I started. I wasn’t going to win. And I didn’t.

Master thought for awhile, “Go and walk around the grounds, and take at least 20 selfies.”

Okay I can do that. I went back to the loft, getting my selfie stick, I headed back to try and get it connected. It wouldn’t connect so Master had to do it. Then off I went. Just snapping away. I didn’t count them, I just wandered around looking for inspiration for a photo. I think I was gone over an hour, I was pretty exhausted and my back was very sore, then it took over 3 hours to edit them for Master and to upload in my blog.

I ended up taking 75 selfies, and I’ve been told to upload them all.

The WiFi was pretty rubbish in the loft so I think I’ve uploaded them twice, as I thought each time they never worked, so if you see duplicated pictures, I apologise.

Thought I’d share some pics.

After 2 years of being on Spankingtube and getting lovely comments from other spankos,  I began to like my bottom. It was Masters way of showing me that other men would find me attractive, once we started our new life, he wanted me to love my body too. I know Master always has loved my bum, well all of me, but my lack of self confidence has always made me wonder why! Why would he love this short, fat woman with a big ugly backside ?

And eventually through this journey of posting selfies on the Tube, then once I understood how to work Fetlife, I began posting on there. Once Master set up this blog page for me, I was a bit more nervous about showing my pictures, not sure why, maybe I hadn’t realised there was such a big family of spanko, D/s dynamics, BDSM, erotic writing, lovers of BBW bloggers out here too. Too be fair I didn’t know much about bloggers/blogging before I began this.

So I took some more photographs and wanted to share them.

Hmmmm showing full front makes me cringe, but at least I’ve not got the confidence to show them.

Naked selfies in the garden, for a dare.

I was dared to venture in the garden naked, I wasnt going to do it, but a dare is a dare after all. Plus, I wanted to see how it will feel at the naturist park we are going to in 2 weeks.
And do you know what, I didnt care one bit about my size, I am a BBW afterall and finally I believe in it myself. I had to share it with you, as you have all helped me become the person I am now. And I just wanted to tell you and thank you. You’re the best. Xx