Thursday we went to Blackpool.

Thursday morning Master was doing more jobs on his car. We had until 11am before we had to get ready to go out, so I did some writing, plus gave the dogs their early dinner as they would be alone a long time today, We were leaving at noon to go to Daddy’s, staying there for a few hours before going to Blackpool. There we were going to Coral Island Arcade as it was one of the best, plus there’s a car park just across the road, then drive to Top Chippy, which is the best chip shop in Blackpool but it’s at the other end of town, after the drive through the lights along the promenade.

Every year between September to November Blackpool celebrates the Illuminations, it follows along the promenade for 6 miles, ( 10 km ) as you drive, go on the tram or even go on horse and carriage through the various lights which are above you, and to the side of you there are 3D displays. This celebration began way back in 1879, and is something I as a child have been to many times and still enjoy going now.

So Master and I set off, getting to Daddy’s about 1pm. We had a coffee then Daddy asked if we wanted lunch. He had bought pizzas for everyone and I must admit I felt pretty hungry. Master has had a cold / manflu for 2 weeks and lovingly shared his germs with PiggyJ, so she was feeling a bit rough, my back was really sore so I was feeling very tender, walking was an issue. PiggyJ was naked as we arrived, Daddy wasn’t as he had been out but quickly stripped off when he had made the coffee. He asked why I wasn’t naked, so I told him, Master said not too if my back is too sore. But too be honest, I felt uncomfortable being dressed, it didn’t feel right, plus snuggling with Daddy when it’s not skin on skin isn’t as special. So after we had our pizzas, I stripped off.


Master and PiggyJ went upstairs for a rest / snuggle / bit of fun and a snooze. Daddy and I had another coffee then also had a bit of fun. I asked if Daddy would like a blowjob, we weren’t sure if his PA would be sore after the stretching the day before but he said yes. I rolled over onto my tummy, pushed myself towards him so I could reach his cock. But also made my bottom free for playing with my hole or spanking me. We haven’t done this way before, but it’s great fun, so I wanted to see if Daddy would enjoy it too. There was a little finger / hole fun, a little spanking but only gentle. I’m not good at asking Daddy to do things during sex, mainly because in my Master / slave dynamic, I cannot ask for things. I get what I was given, so I now tend to put it in my blog which I know Master, Daddy and PiggyJ all read, as a way of asking Daddy to do things, it’s the only hard thing about having the 2 dynamics, as I’ve been trained to be Master’s slave for 4 years now, certain things are hard to change. So what I really wanted was if Daddy could enjoy it too, during his BJ, was so spank me hard at the same time, if we had toys around, use them to spank me, use the crop or flogger across my shoulders or bottom and legs, put a plug in, then torment it by pushing it in and out. But only if he could enjoy this at the same time whilst I am sucking his cock. If he can’t then I don’t want him to do it. I understand that at times, it’s hard to do 2 things at the same time whilst having an orgasm. I can’t give a handjob plus use the other hand to tickle his balls, I can just about suck his cock and tickle his balls but that’s it. Maser and I have often giggled over my lack of coordination. But now it’s written down, I know Daddy will talk to PiggyJ about this and then talk to me. So we will see how it goes. I was enjoying sucking his cock, able to nibble his head and chew the sides of his girth, but after a while his PA began to tingle uncomfortably, so I stopped for a while. Rolling over again for more snuggling. I wanted to try again in a while. Soon I climbed down between his legs and gently lowered my mouth over and down his cock. I heard him groan deeply as I started sucking, licking, chewing and nibbling his head and gently playing with his PA. His groans and sighs told me he was enjoying it until the ahhs turned to ouches, so I quickly stopped. Asking if it was sore, he said yes, it’s just tingling, a bit painful. So I snuggled back into Daddy, and we kissed for a long long time. He then stood up and told me to lie on the settee, making sure I was comfy first. Then it was time for gentle fun, no squirting, fingers exploring giving me loving orgasms rather than wild, fierce ones I love the best. But Daddy always manages to find my little button, setting it on fire, rubbing it, flicking it, my nerves were burning with deep pleasure as his knuckles also rubbed along my labia. I love hearing my rings clink together, it really turns me on. I wish Daddy was allowed to just rub his cock against my rings, especially since he got his PA but there is a strict no cock to touch pussy or ass rule, even if it’s only to play with the rings. Instead Daddy sat up above me, one hand wanking himself off,  his other hand fingering me, his thumb rubbing my little button, as we both came together. I giggled as there seemed to be a lot of cum today as Daddy grabbed some tissues to clean me up, then he helped me get up. Having another kiss again, we snuggled on the settee, choosing a film to watch, Daddy made another coffee and we sat watching that.


When it was finished, we realized it was after 5pm, so Daddy gave Master and PiggyJ a shout, he got dressed whilst I slowly grabbed mine, but he sat on the floor and said Let me dress you. I was about to say No, but he said I dress PiggyJ all the time, so I can dress my other wife. I let Daddy dress me, it felt really nice, Master does dress me when I really can’t, so does E, but my stubborness doesn’t let it happen often. But I did say I would put my boots on, as I’ve learnt the knack of how to put them on easily. Soon Master and PiggyJ came down and Master was getting things in the boot, ready for us to go. As PiggyJ got herself ready she said, “Have you had your tablets ?” “Yes,” I replied. “And what you gonna do if we are walking too fast ?” she asked, “Ask you to slow down.” I said. “Good,” She said. This was so so special, it showed that she had really read my blogs, understood what I was saying but she / they would make sure she / they  were going to look after me. And not in the way where I feel I may have my life taken away from me, just that it showed me they were aware of my disabilities and also aware that I am pigheaded and will push myself too far if I’m enjoying myself. They are reading my face, and are starting to gage how much pain I’m in, this hasn’t taken them long to be honest, so I must show more in my face than I realised.

So we were off to Blackpool, for some fun in the arcades. It took about an hour to get there, found a parking space right across the road from the arcade, so off we went. First to get some cash out for Master and I. I took out £40, £20 each for the arcade. We split up then, Master and PiggyJ went one way, me and Daddy the other. I had emptied out my slummie box, all the loose change you don’t want in your purse, then Daddy had them all changed into 2 pences, put into 2 tubs for us both to carry around, Daddy and I looked for the silly 2p games where you roll the 2p down and hope it falls flat on the shelf then as the shelf moves, it knocks off more 2p’s. So you get more money back plus you won tickets. I seemed to find one game that just kept giving me loads and loads of tickets. I shoved them all in my bag as we moved to other games. I was hurting a bit, but I never said anything as we were all having fun and there was nothing that could be done anyway. We went on a silly ghost train, some things in there did make me jump. Having a giggle when I tried to get out of the carriage, as a nice young man came to help us out. I got my leg stuck, well  I couldn’t get my leg over, until this young man came over, I stumbled a little then giggling I told him, “I couldn’t get my leg over, erm I mean I couldn’t lift my leg out of the carriage.” We all chuckled over my comment, we got a sketch drawn of us both that came out really nicely. I need to copy it for Daddy so he has one. I tried to go on the grab a bear games, I used to be really good at them. This took me back 30 years when we used to go to Blackpool with all our friends, the lads would win as many teddies as they could and give them all to the girls. Some I still have as dog toys. Some my parents still have. But the teddies back then filled the container, all loose and easy to grab, whereas these were not. They were right at the bottom of the box, and I may be too suspicious, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were stuck down. So I never tried again. Instead we worked on winning tickets, with no idea what you could win with them, but I hoped I could get a teddy. When we found Master and PiggyJ, they were playing 2p similar games but instead of winning tickets, you could get keyrings, if they fell with the money. Master always played these, and had a pocket full, so he emptied his pockets, putting them all in my bag, “Sir’s a right gambler when he plays these games isn’t he,” PiggyJ said, I nodded, telling her he always loved these games. Eventually, we spent up, and didn’t want the temptation of getting more cash out. Daddy and I took our tickets to be counted, 750 ! We couldn’t believe it, I think we got a lot from a farming game we began playing. I spotted a Coral Island Pirate teddy fo 650 tickets then used the rest on sweeties for Daddy, PiggyJ and Master. We checked the time and it was 9.30pm, we couldn’t believe it was that late so Master and PiggyJ then counted their tickets and both got a bag of sweets each. Before we headed to the car, I had to buy some Blackpool rock, various flavours for us all, fudge and Kendal mint cake and some fridge magnets. Then we headed for the car, and drove to Top chippy. Daddy and I had fish and chips, Master and PiggyJ I think both had chips on a bun. We were going to sit inside the chip shop but Master said it wasn’t worth me struggling to get out then in again. So Master and PiggyJ got dinner, then Master drove to a parking space along the promenade right in front of the sea. Not that we could see anything coz it was pitch black, though when cars went past we wondered if any of them were going dogging. We munched on our chips, the fish was very nice, we all had drinks so I could take my night time meds as I was in need of some now. Then we all wrapped up, Master lowered the roof of the car and we drove through the lights. This year they were quite good, or I thought they were anyway. The drive through was nice as it wasn’t busy, so we were able to just drive slow enough to see the lights properly, but not stopping and starting then we had a nice drive home, through Lytham, along its promenade, we saw the windmill thats on the front, it looked lovely all lit up. As we headed towards our town, the night was that clear that we could see Blackpool from across the sea, we could see Blackpool Tower clearly, though not the fairground as that was shut. It was a cold in the car but it was nice having the roof down, seeing the stars above us, the moon shining down.

By the time we got home we were all ready for a hot drink. The dogs were very excited to see us but Muffin wasn’t herself. She was panting severely and seemed like something was wrong as she was twitching and not settling. It kinda put a dampener on the evening as it just wasn’t like her. Master and PiggyJ went up to bed, whilst Daddy pumped our airbed up, finding space on the floor, made me realise how little floor space we have. But we just about fit it in, leaving a bit of space around it. We watched a bit of TV in bed then turned it off, It had been a great day but a long one.

Typically, I had a rubbish sleep, hearing Muffin still panting like mad, unsettled still, I woke up at 3am, after going to sleep at 12am. I got up and gave Muffin some ibuprofen, then sat on the settee and read my book. Daddy was still fast asleep, though I think he had a restless night too. I was just getting really worried about Muffin, finally she calmed down enough to fall asleep for a while next to me on the settee. I stayed there until Daddy woke up, then climbed into bed with him. Thankfully Muffin stayed on the settee whilst I snuggled Daddy, Morning kisses and play is such fun, Still gentle fun, my back is still sore, Daddy rubbed my rings, finding my button, he went down on it, sucking, flicking, nibbling it, his tongue deep inside my hole, then as he moved his mouth away, his fingers replaced it, I was spiralling into one orgasm after another, that thumb on my clit is just sensational, he gets me every time. One leg was around his waist, one leg over his shoulder, he seems to like this position as he puts me this way often, but I like it too because I can still watch his face and look at those sexy tattoos on his body. I’ve never been turned on by tattoos until I met Daddy. I liked them, but I could either take them or leave them. Sitting up he used one hand to wank himself, the other to rub my button, though I could still hear my rings clinking. I don’t know why that sound turns me on so much but it does. Soon I bagan to reach my highs again, I heard Daddy groan, he does this funny noise, almost like a yelp but not, when he is close to cumming, I can’t describe it anymore than that, but he’s made this funny noise every time he’s been close to cumming. Then his cum flew across my pussy and tummy. We grinned at each other as he leaned forward to kiss me again before getting up. I made the coffee whilst Daddy folded the blankets and put the pillows in the kitchen, he let the air out of the airbed and folded it up, getting it in the box again. We got the living room back in order again, Muffin began panting and running around, unsettled, then we sat down and put a film on. There was no sound yet from the other 2 upstairs so we enjoyed snuggling together. Soon there were little cries coming from upstairs, a few ouches, laughing, so we gathered they were awake. Master had the Drs at 9am, so I had woken him at 8am. Obviously he decided to wake PiggyJ up so they could have a bit of fun. She then messaged me asking me Where was Sir’s coffee ? I gathered by that he wanted his coffee taking upstairs, so I made a cup of tea for Jayne and took them both up. Master was getting dressed then, so I ended up bringing his coffee downstairs again. I asked PiggyJ if she wanted anything, I could tell she was feeling rough from catching Masters cold / manflu. She asked for some pain meds then I told her to go back to sleep. Master left for the Drs then. Daddy and I continued to watch the film, then Master returned.

We spent the morning watching Scream 2 and 3, BORRRIIINNNNGGGG. So I began to write this blog. Master made us all breakfast which was yummie, I made the drinks, but PiggyJ was looking and feeling pretty rough. I think she wanted to curl up in her own bed and just sleep. After the second Scream, Daddy told PiggyJ it was time to go home. Master had to drive them but I asked if they minded if I stayed home and tidied up, plus keep an eye on Muffin. She had started to calm down so I think she was worked up because we had been out a long time yesterday, then we had visitors staying over, she’s a dog that likes her routine and though she loves Daddy, it’s still not the normal routine. Bless her.

So Master drove them both home, he had bought a camera for their bedroom, so they set it up, Master had connected it to his phone so anytime he wanted, he could call out to PiggyJ or Daddy, or talk to them, watch them or take photos and send us them. I think it’s going to be rather amusing. Now he’s tried this one out, I think he will buy one for ours and their living room. Then I suggested one for the kitchen facing the garden as we all know how much Master likes setting outdoor tasks. These cameras will be fun.

So we had a lovely couple of days as our foursome, fun and games was had by all. We’ve not got another day planned apart from Tuesday when Daddy is coming with me to get my piggy tattoo redone. Keeping me brave as I know it’s gonna hurt like hell as the entire thing needs redoing. Plus I have to watch my language too. So watch this space, see if I can get through it with any potty mouth and hopefully I won’t bleed loads so it has to be done for a third time. I’m not very confident about my not swearing during it if I’m honest, I think I will end up with a punishment. But I will try my best as Daddy is with me, maybe I need to take my gag.

Wednesday with Master, Daddy and PiggyJ.

Today Daddy and PiggyJ were coming to our house, staying for lunch and dinner, so almost the whole day together.

There was this impending punishment to have though, I didn’t know if Daddy would do it as soon as he arrived or if he would wait, he said it would be done immediately but I would have to wait and see.

When they arrived everyone had kisses when Daddy said right upstairs now. I looked at him and he just said “ Now.”

Okay so the punishment was being done immediately. I got the camera ready then Daddy said “Right get naked.” I asked if I could keep my boots on as they take so long to take off and he said “Yes, keep your bra on too. How sore is your back ?” He asked, “Ermm yeah not great.” I said honestly. “Okay you lie on the bed today. Get some cushions in the middle then lie over them.” I was told. So getting the cushions ready I lay over them, I heard him rummaging about inside the toy draw, I must admit I was a bit scared at what he would choose, as I know Master had to practice before using some of the toys on me. Things like the lash or whip Daddy would have to ask Master how to use it and understanding how powerful the strike needs to be. Otherwise you could cause a lot of damage. I did ask Daddy but he wouldn’t tell me, I did spot the red flogger coming out. “Right why are we here ?” He asked me. “Cause of my swearing.” I told him. “And how many are you getting ?” He asked. “50,” I said. “Yes and I’m adding another 10 for not sending me my goodnight video last night.” He said. I couldn’t argue with it, it was true I  didn’t send one, I honestly thought I had put a night night in my message as my phone had been playing up, but having checked it, I hadn’t. Daddy rubbed my bottom then suddenly I felt the familiar Jokari on my skin. He started with gentle taps as I began counting, thinking okay, he’s starting gentle then working up. But no, apparently they were warm-ups !!!! As the first whack sent my nerves on fire, my ass was burning, As he then did 10 very hard hts to each cheek. Occasionally my leg would move up or I would move a bit but he said, “Back in position or I start again.” And I believed he would, so I soon got back in position. Then I heard him put the paddle down and I felt the severe, hot thudding strike across me, as the flogger struck me, the ends of each strand whipped my side as I did try to roll slightly to protect it, to no avail. These strokies were so strong, powerful and fast, he soon stopped. “Right, do you want the last quick or slow ?” Daddy asked me. “What is it ?” I asked. “Doesn’t matter what it is. “ I was told, “Quick.” I told him. I thought it was the Jokari again, but when I watched the video, I saw it was the Little Devil. As 5 very hard hits got my sitspot and thighs on each side. I had been very close to crying but tears stayed in but boy, yeah that was some punishment. It will make me think before swearing. Daddy reached over and kissed me, “What are you going to do in the future ?” He asked, “Not swear anymore,” I didn’t say, try not to swear, I did mean not swear but it is very hard when the other 3 swear like anything. But I am going to try very hard. Daddy took pics of my hot, bruised bum then I got. No after-care after punishments, just like Master. But Daddy gave me a hug, told me he loved me, and I said the same then I got dressed and went downstairs.

We had a quick coffee/tea, then Daddy and I had to pop to town. Daddy was getting his PA upgraded from the 2.4mm ring to a 3.2mm ring. I needed a gift card and some birthday cards. As we got a parking space right outside the piercers, we decided to go and see A. After a long chat, we went into the back room, A locked up, then Daddy pulled his pants down and got on the bed. A got everything ready then took the ring out, then he slipped the taper through. Looking at it, you could see there was a lot of the taper on the other side.

Basically the taper is a metal tube starting at the smaller 2.4mm size and moves gradually up to 3.2mm. As you go up each size you use a new taper. Looking at this one, the taper was only about a quarter of the way through. Slowly A started pushing the taper through, watching Daddy’s face as he began wincing in pain. “That stinging ?” A asked, “Yeah a bit,” Daddy replied. “Okay I’m just gonna do it.” A told him, and within a second he pushed the taper to the end, Daddy screamed out that loudly it made me jump. I do kinda wish I had recorded it but I honestly didn’t think he’d be that bothered as he was okay having the PA done originally, but I know how painful stretching really is, A classes it like having a Chinese burn, personally I think the stretching is far worse than the actual piercing. It took quite a few seconds for Daddy to recover from the shock, he had no pain from it, it was just during the initial stretch. Once Daddy was done, A took a look at me new scaffolding bar. I’d go a small spot right next to the hole, on either side of the ear. I thought it was the same as what I had on my labia but A said no, there was a tiny bit of dust/hair/some tiny thing you won’t be able to see, which has got stuck inside the hole and the spot was my body rejecting it. All I needed to do was have hot salted water, as hot as you can cope with, soak some cotton wool and hold it firmly over the spot. The heat of the water will bring the thing out, but I won’t see it come out, the spot will just go. So he didn’t want to put the smaller bar in yet, I have to wait until the spot clears up, but he wasn’t concerned with it. So that was good news. We then went to do the rest of the shopping, Daddy wanted to go to a photograph shop, and got keyrings made with photos of me and PiggyJ and one of the 3 of us when we went to Windermere on Monday. They were lovely.

Back home, Master and PiggyJ were in bed watching the last 5 minutes of a film, so I made everyone coffee/tea, and got everything out for lunch and waited until they came down. After the drinks, I made butties for everyone, of course the dogs were fighting to get the top dog spot next to Daddy, Muffin loves sitting with him.

After lunch Daddy wanted a trip out in Masters kit car, the MEV. PiggyJ messaged me, “Should I ask Sir if we can play whilst they are out?” I immediately said Yes, no needing to think about it, no hesitation, which is really good for me, it shows I’m more comfortable with the idea of playing with another girl and PiggyJ is being so good going my pace as she wants it to be naturally playing, not forced. In the end we chatted downstairs for a bit, she commented about one video on SpankingTube and showed it me. It was one I hadn’t seen, I certainly didn’t remember this one as it was V V V SEVERE. We then decided to go upstairs, she asked if I wanted to go over the covers or under, I said “Over, Master will enjoy watching the video then.” So we lay side by side, chatting about anything and everything, you know what girls are like when they are together, LOL, but I felt so comfortable being naked next to her, touching her and not wanting to move back again. I wish I wasn’t such a prude like this and that I can’t just get together and play. But I’m like that with the guys too. I need the connection to be there first. An fortunately PiggyJ gets that.

Then we heard the car arrive and soon Daddy came up to see us, then Master arrived. “Oh playing on the bed are we ?” He said, “Well no, we’ve just been chatting really.” PiggyJ said. “Oh well, better change that then, let’s get naked and join them.” Master said as he and Daddy stripped off. Master began playing with PiggyJ, then Daddy sat between my legs, fingers quickly pushing inside me, turning, flicking inside me, making me so close to cumming. “Get a pad from under the bed Daddy,” I murmured, as he climbed down, finding the pads that are always kept there, telling me to lift up so he could put the pad under me bum. Then those thick magic fingers soon connected to that spot that sends me squirting. I heard Master tell PiggyJ that I may enjoy some canoodling whilst I was being played with. “She may not want canoodling, it may spoil the fun.” PiggyJ said. “Go on, give it a try.” Master told her. So PiggyJ reached towards me and we began kissing, just when I came the first time, I could hear my squirt splosh against Daddy’s fingers and hand, but he kept going, his thumb rubbing my sensitive clit, tingling and burning with desire. Daddy slowed down a bit, enough to get my breath back, but all the while his fingers continued to explore whilst I enjoyed kissing PiggyJ. I felt a hand play with my nipple and thought it was PiggyJ but it was Master, it just felt too gentle to be him, looking up I saw it was Master, who was enjoying watching me squirt once more. God how I love to squirt. Daddy took the wet mat away and replaced it with another which was soon getting filled again. I must say it was pretty amazing canoodling with PiggyJ with Master watching, and Daddy making me cum, over and over, squirt after squirt. Until I was spent, well until my back could not cope anymore.

Then it was mine and Daddy’s turn to watch Master and PiggyJ have a bit of fun. Well it was Master slapping her really hard all over her body, Every time she covered one area after a slap, he would slap the free area again. These were only play slaps, but Daddy had a look on his face that said he wasn’t comfortable watching her get smacked.  I asked him, but he said he was fine, but honestly I don’t think he liked it, even though PiggyJ was laughing and ouching at the same time. He doesn’t like seeing her in pain. But they were having fun even though her body had crimson patches all over her, her sides, thighs, inner thighs, boobs, tummy, then he tried to get a full handprint on her tummy and succeeded twice.

Watching it, I was glad it wasn’t me though Master has enjoyed doing that to me, and you need more hands to protect your body. But I was wincing with every hit. PiggyJ can certainly take a lot of pain.

When Master finally was too tired to continue he stopped, we chatted for a minute then got up and dressed so Master could make dinner.

Gammon, fried egg, pineapple and chips for them, lamb chops and chips for me.

I did keep asking Master if he wanted help but he said no, I knew my job will be cleaning up later. Which is fine, Master cooks, I clean up.

Dinner was delicious, Muffin was sat next to Daddy as usual until we finished eating. I had bought some cakes but I must admit, they were not very impressive which was a shame but it was a shop I’ve never been too before but was recommended. I won’t be going back there again.

After dinner we watched a film, well, I fell asleep snuggled into Daddy, even though Master had said it was bedtime, I wasn’t going to bed when they were all downstairs, I’d rather fall asleep on Daddy. As usual I woke up to the end of the film, when Daddy and PiggyJ going home. Daddy told me to go straight to bed, I said I would but just wanted to put the dishwasher on, he said well straight to bed after that. Then they went home. It had been another lovely day with us all together, and having some fun altogether on the bed. I did quickly load up the dishwasher on, put it on then got ready for bed. Ten minutes later I was fast asleep.

Wednesday with Daddy.

I met Daddy at the local park and ride, he left his motorbike there so I had to pick him up.

Master is worried about keeping this part of our life discreet, so didn’t want Daddy round at ours without him being there, as it would look suspicious, especially if it was frequently. Plus we couldn’t play or anything incase E came home, the in-laws or my folks just popped round, and they have done this without prior knowledge. They’ve all got keys so it could happen. Master said “You’re dynamic is different to mine with J or R, yours is more snuggily, holding hands, kissing. You need to think as if you are having an affair.”
I said, “I’ve never really thought about what I would do if I had an affair.”
He said, “ So going further away from where we live, not having the motorbike parked outside often, you know how much the neighbours would talk, not going around where Daddy lives as it’s close to where I work and my staff could live near.”

It is a pain coz it means we can’t go home and play, snuggle, mark my maths, just the 2 of us but we can still enjoy our days together, it just means we need to think carefully about what and where we go.

Today we are more local as we were both going to visit my favourite piercer A, we were both going to feel the stab of the needle.


So once I picked Daddy up, we drove to a lovely village just outside our town. We parked and walked through the main street, it was too early for any of the shops to be open but we thought the cafes would be open for breakfast but they weren’t. We could have just stayed and waited but we decided to go to the local park, it brought back memories of taking E here when he was little, how many times had I come here with him. Must have been hundreds.

We walked through the aviary, Daddy started talking to the parrots, they seem to be having some sort of a good conversation, lol. There were 2 beautiful purple and red parrots, I think they were Emperors. There was a chart which told you all about them, but I may have forgotten the name.

Passing the aviary we saw the cafe was open, so we bought a coffee, Daddy always has an Americano with cold milk in a jug, I always have a skinny latte with 1 shot of coffee, by now Daddy knew how many sweeteners I have and he put them in for me, then we sat outside and chatted. This is what I love about our dynamic, that we can sit and chat, just like a normal relationship, whether it’s boyfriend / girlfriend, Master / slave or Daddy / little.

It was whilst we sat outside, when we got onto the conversation about my mouth soaping video I had sent him. And how J had spotted I was only holding the soap with my teeth, I wasn’t sucking it, like instructed. Well I just burst out laughing as he said he watched the video, calling me a real bloody brat, and how much he was going to have to watch me carefully. I said, I did tell you I was a brat and will try not to do anything I don’t want to do.

Daddy said, “ I can see I need to be specific with what I expect you to do.” He did laugh about it after he watched it at home but I laughed so much as he told me. We chatted about all sorts of stuff, eventually we went for a walk around the lake, holding hands, kissing as we walked, it was lovely. Daddy said he’s really happy, and classed it like he now had 2 wives. I thought it sounded lovely, as Master said that our relationship was almost polyamorous. I didn’t think it could be as we’re are not living together but Master said you don’t have to be living together for it to be a poly dynamic.

I actually don’t care what the supposed title is for our dynamic, I’m just very, very happy, I’ve got my sadistic Master to humiliate, degrade, thrash me and my Daddy to care for me, nurture me, and love me, both my Dom’s make me feel safe, secure and if anything, more confident in myself. Master has spent many years trying to get me to feel confident, to like myself, love myself, and finally he’s made me find my kinky side. Now there’s no stopping me. Enjoying playing with others, realising others find me attractive. But filling the fantasy of having another Dom, a Daddy has filled that missing link in my head. Discovering that bit of me was a “ little “ I hadn’t realised before, Daddy’s a patient teacher, not making me feel stupid when I can’t do my maths right. He explains how to do it so I am actually not scared of numbers now. I may not remember everything but I’ve got lots of maths books now so I’m sure I will start to feel a little more confident. Daddy said he was going to get a gold pen and a sticker book for when he marks my work. I love that he wants copies of everything I do for him, lines, sketches, my little story, the poem, I copy the lot and put them in individual plastic sleeves. Daddy then puts them in his special place at home.

I think I’ve realised the reason behind why there was that “ little “ in me, as a child I never had that one on one care from my parents, yes they loved me but mum worked when I was not at school, so I never saw her really except when she had a 10 minute break for dinner. I would be asleep by the time she finished work. Dad was always busy doing jobs around the house when he wasn’t working, I used to crave to hear words like, I love you or I’m very proud of you, instead of, I knew you wouldn’t pass, you don’t try and do anything right. I just wanted them to show me I wasn’t useless and I wasn’t ugly. As a parent now, I make sure I tell E how proud I am of him and that I love him, all the time. I never want him to feel like I did as a child.

So we enjoyed a lovely walk, then headed back to the car. It was 10.50am and we wanted to be at A’s shop for when he opened at 11am. But when we got there, the shop was still shut, so we stayed in the car, until I saw him drive past. A opened up so we headed over to the shop.

So what are we getting done ? Daddy is getting a PA and I’m getting some more rings put in my labia and inners……………no I’m not really, you know I’m not allowed anymore there. Daddy wanted to design a tattoo for me but Master said it was too soon for that but he said he knew I wanted more piercings in my ear, so allowed Daddy to pay for a scaffold bar piercing as a token that I am Daddy’s little girl. I had already been to see A to order that and the PA for Daddy.

I knew Daddy was nervous, but when he started to ask A what would happen and how it would feel, you could see Daddy getting more worried. I kept telling him to just wait, let A get sorted then he will do it. “Do you see the size of the rings, they’re huge !” He stated. “That’s gonna be too big.”

A came in from the back room, “What’s up ?” he asked. I quickly explained, “ He’s worried that the rings are too big both in diameter and gauge. “ A went on to explain the rings look big as they have to allow for when your erect. The gauge starts from 2.4mm, 3.2mm then 4mm, anything thicker from that it’s best to be tapered. Right come on let’s get in the back.”

We all headed in the back room, A closed the door, telling Daddy to get on the bed. Daddy said, “Do you want everything right off or just pulled down ?” “Pulled down is fine.” he replied. Daddy pulled everything down and lay on the chair, I got my phone out ready to video it, checking with A first, as with Master he wasn’t bothered. A doesn’t know of mine and Daddy’s dynamic, I told A that Daddy was a friend, even though A knows about Master and I, we felt it was better to just say he was a friend.

A started off by marking off where the ring would go, even though I’ve watched Master’s video many times, I’m still fascinated by how its done. When A pushed a tube down his urethra, you could see it much better as Daddy is circumcised, so you could clearly see the end of the tube through the skin, and it was quite a thinnish bit of skin.  A put the needle through the tube then said to Daddy, “Right when you are ready, deep breath in.” I held Daddy’s hand and within a second the hole was pierced. No scream, no noise, no nothing but a biggish flinch, such a disappointment, just like Master. The tube came out then A fitted the ring to it. “This will feel a bit uncomfortable but that’s about it.” Quickly the ring went through. “So that’s it.” A told him. “ What it’s done already ?” Daddy asked. “Yep, all completed. “ A replied.

A went through the care of it, then Daddy got up and pulled his pants up. I must admit, it looks pretty impressive, I do really like PA’s now.

Then it was my turn to sit on the chair, as A got organised, Daddy got ready to video it. I asked if A needed me to take my ear and glasses off, but he said no, I will fit the bar around them. A dabbed 2 spots on my ear, got the needle ready, “Deep breath in,” the stab felt a lot more tough as it’s cartlidge, “Another deep breath in.“ A said, then another tough stab. Both making me flinch, BUT I did not say one swear word, which I thought was very impressive for me, I think mainly because Daddy was with me. I was concentrating so much on not swearing, it worked. I was pretty pleased with myself. So at the moment I’ve a long purple bar with sparkly balls at the ends, in 2 weeks I go back and get the proper size put in. 5 days later and my ear is still very tender, swollen and bruised but its not throbbing today. I will try to put my ear in today, see if it doesn’t hurt too much, I think Master is fed up with me not hearing him all the time.

So we were both all done, Daddy’s ordered the next size PA but he wanted it in dark blue. He wants a ladder going up his balls, so he’s ordered 4 dark blue bars so in 6 weeks, he will come back, move up in size for his PA then get all 4 bars put in. We were both very happy with our new piercings.

We went from there to our favourite pub for dinner, where we went last time. The meal was lovely as usual, but we chose not to have a dessert because we wanted sweets at the cinema.

Again, it just felt really natural with Daddy, the conversation flowed easily.

I made sure I paid for dinner this time, as we should have gone halfs the week before but Daddy paid for it before I got chance to say anything.

Then we got back in the car and headed to the cinema. We were going to watch Mev. But as we arrived, there were lots of workman around, inside the cinema foyer, a huge area was boxed off, I was actually wondering if it was actually open. I walked over to the staff and asked. The lady said the cinema was getting a makeover, new bigger seats with tables attached and bigger, better screens. I asked if some cinemas were open, she said half are open, but a workman broke one of the screens so Mev is not on today. WHAT, No Mev. Daddy spotted that Equalizer 2 was on, we had only watched the first one when we stayed over last week. So we decided to go for that one. Daddy said “Let’s get you some sweeties first, babygirl.”  We headed to the pick and mix, I love these, but there were no cables. In fact there were only pink and white chocolate mice to choose, for the sweets that I liked. Daddy didn’t want anything, he said he would pinch some of mine. We then went to get the tickets, pay for the sweets and get to our seats. We got a back row just to ourselves, I kicked off my shoes ready to get comfy, one shoe went flying. As I bent down to get it, Daddy put his hand on my bum, across my pussy, his hand reaching under my skirt. I swear I was so close to cumming there and then. Just that touch was enough to get my juices going, I had to sit down quickly before it became too much. Sitting down, I snuggled into Daddy, I was comfy resting my head on his shoulder, one arm hooked under his arm, my other arm was over his chest, part of me wanted him to put his hand between my legs but oh that would have been fanfuckintastic, ( sorry Daddy ) but I couldn’t, so I enjoyed snuggling with him, enjoying the movie.

We both enjoyed the film, and headed back to the car, it was peak time when we were driving home, the traffic was crazy, how Master and Daddy copes driving through this every day, I don’t know. Once we got past the junction for the other drivers to get to the motorway, the drive was okay. I drove Daddy back to the park and ride, he said his PA was okay but I hoped it didn’t hurt whilst he was on the motorike. Enjoying a long kiss goodbye, Daddy said he would message once he was home, safe and sound. It had been a lovely day, Now we have that special bond with the bar in my ear, I know J will be getting a tattoo from Master for their 6 month anniversary, but she also needs a treat so she’s not left out, Daddy and I got pierced, I think J will be getting multiple stabs whilst she gets a small tattoo, connecting her with Master. Master had told her it was her choice, a special treat from him to her, so I can’t wait to see it. These special things bind us together now, to become one, and I just love them.





Si stroked Teri’s hot ass, nails scraping along, feeling her flinch only amused him. He pushed her legs open wide, fingers gently grazed over her wet pussy, he tapped it, hearing her gasp gave him the acknowledgement to continue. As he continued to tap her clit, his thumb slipped into her wet pussy, going as deep as he could reach, ficking his thumb inside her sent her close to orgasming. Though she wasn’t terribly comfy over his knee, this still felt so hot, she had had a few lovers, none had ever got her this close from doing so little. She felt him reach for something but wasn’t sure what it was. Moving his hand from her pussy, Teri potested, then he teased her with his fingers pulsing her hole. Moving away again, he gently tapped her pussy with the wooden spoon, she jumped in shock, it hurt but in a good way, her clit tingled, wanting more as the spoon landed again, fingers then spoon, fingers then smack, “Ahhhhh,” Teri cried out, again and again he spanked her, “Oh God, Daddy,” she said over and over. Si paused with his fingers pulsing her, and slowly he slipped inside. Three fingers, then four, finally his thumb fitted inside too, without much effort. Teri was much wider than Sara, he struggled to fit four fingers inside, never mind all five. With his hand inside her pussy, he pushed her body further over, so Teri’s shoulders were on the floor, her head rested sideways as her arms helped to keep her balance. She felt Si’s cock, hard and thick under his towel, digging into her, turning her on even more. Suddenly Si began thrusting deeper, his fingers tickling her insides, feeling for her g-spot, Teri jumped, “Ohh Fuck……” she murmured, grinding to meet his fingers. Si slapped a cheek really hard, Teri cried out in protest. “No swearing little girl, it’s not acceptable, even in play you’re one of my little girls, remember that.” Si told her. “No swearing, ( she gasps ) really Daddy, I can’t……….Ohhhhh Fu…….Fluff…..Ohhhhhh Daddy, I can’t, I like saying swear words when I’m being fucked. Oh God, Daddy sorry.” Teri spluttered, before Si slapped both cheeks twice. Teri yelped, trying to move her hand back but the position she was in, it was useless. “If you swear again, your play will stop. Understand ? Teri ? Do you understand ?” Si sternly told her, he stopped moving his fingers around. “Yyeessss Daddy, I will try, please don’t stop.” Teri begged, eagerly grinding her pussy down. Si began quick thrusts with sharp, firm finger flicks, setting Teri in a spin, she could feel an orgasm building, deep inside her, deeper than she’s ever felt before. Suddenly Teri felt liquid trickling down from between her legs, a lot of liquid. “NO,” She shouted, “Daddy I think I’ve just wet myself.” Teri fought trying to get up, but Si held her down. “Stay down Teri and relax.” Si ordered. “I can’t Daddy, I’ve just pissed myself. I’ve never done that before. It’s just too embarrassing. Let me up.” Teri shouted at him. She was rewarded with some heavy slaps with the spoon, making her wriggle, cry, and fight some more. This continued for ages until finally Teri stopped fighting, sobbing onto Si’s leg, her bottom crimson and on fire, tears and snot spread over her face, but she was so ashamed and embarrassed. “Calm down now Teri. Just relax.” Si ordered once more. Slipping his hand between her legs, stroking her pussy, tapping her hole again. He felt her body relax once more, Si smiled. Yes she wants more, he thought. I’m gonna need to fuck her soon. Slipping into her soggy pussy, he pushed all his fingers and thumb together and began fisting her. Slowly, with zealous, his fist sank in, amazed at how wide her vagina must be compared to Zara’s, it had taken months of training and stretching to reach his knuckles, yet he was past them already. “Owwwwwww, Daddy that hurts,” she complained, wiggling her bum to try to release him, he smacked her leg, “Still Teri, if you tense up it will hurt.” Si told her but chose then to slip out. He didn’t want to do too much on his first play, but as his fingers were about to venture away, he couldn’t resist but explore to find her G-spot again. Teri groaned, a deep sultry voice, moaning sexily when his fingers found it. Tickling her G-spot, he sensed she was immediately close to cumming again. Teri ground her hips into his fingers, faster and harder, “Ooohhhhhhhh, ooo…..ooohhhhh…….Mmmmmm that’s so nice……Ooooohhhhhhh.” Teri mumbled, Si felt her insides tense up, her body began quivering, and a fine sheet of sweat was on her back, she was in the midst of another orgasm, again feeling fluid run down her legs, “Shit, Si, I’m pissing again.” Teri told him, trying not to focus on what he continued to do, but jeez, how could you not, her hips betrayed her, her cunt betrayed her, wanting more, wanting it never to stop. “Cum for me babygirl, cum for your Daddy.” Si grunted, then as if on cue, she cried out, screaming almost, as more liquid escaped, Teri couldn’t care less, she wanted as much as she could get. After what felt like minutes, Teri lay spent over Si’s knee, his hand out now and rested on her bottom, it was his turn to need to cum. But should he fuck her or demand a blowjob ? He really wanted to see her kneeling on the floor, in the puddle of her own cum, which she didn’t seem to know what it was, then make her suck me off.

“Daddy needs to cum, Daddy really wants a blowjob little girl but if that’s too…….”

Si didn’t need to finish, as Teri climbed, well nearly fell off his knee, knelt in her own cum between his legs. His rock hard cock was already standing to attention under the towel. She untied it, letting the towel fall, her eyes bulged at the sight of a huge PA hanging off his dick. “Jesus Christ,” Teri muttered under her breath, Si heard but instead of reprimanding her, he laughed. “Did you not know about my PA Teri?” He asked. “Well yeah, but didn’t think it was that big. Can Sara fit that in her mouth ?” She asked as she looked at it, touching it, letting the ring move around. “And she sucks you off with that in ?” Teri asked. “Yes Ri, Would you rather I take it out ?” Si asked, he would never normally offer such a suggestion, but Ri did seem slightly shocked by it. “No Daddy, I will try, but if I can’t, would you mind ?” She asked, “Just this once, but I won’t make a habit of it. Okay ?” He told her. She grinned and nodded her head, shuffled around to get herself comfy, then bent to kiss his cock. It bobbed about in excitement and Si closed his eyes, sighing deeply. When he opened his eyes he saw her open her mouth wide and try to fit his PA and cock in her mouth. It took a while before she could position everything so she could start to do it properly. Lowering her mouth down, the PA was tucked to the side, Teri licked and sucked his cock, feeling her hot, wet mouth nearly made him explode there and then, he had to really concentrate to stop himself. Groaning he stroked her hair, fisting it slightly. Teri had an amazing mouth, she enjoyed deep throating, something Sara can’t do, but Sara can do wonderful things with her teeth. He couldn’t compare them, going from this blowjob, both Sara and Teri were pretty awesome. Could he be so lucky that he could have both girls ? Thinking about them both together, rocked his mind, it was too late, “Ri, I’m gonna cum, in your mouth or over you ?” He grunted, as Teri didn’t move, he guessed it was okay to blow his load into her mouth. “Oh jeez,” He muttered, as his thrusts quickened, greeted back by Teri’s throat taking his head. He felt his cum travel down and it felt like a rocket had gone off, his seed flew out of his cock, and down Teri’s throat, swallowing as he was still shooting. “Holy fuck, Ri.” Si caught his breath enough to speak. Teri looked up at him, a cheeky minx grin on her face. “Like that Daddy ?” She asked, “Oh yes, I did Ri, that was something else.” He told her “But I can’t believe you don’t know anything about squirting ? A girl cumming ?” She looked at him blankly. “Right, I’ve go to get a shower again and check on Sara. You, little girl need to mop my kitchen floor, after that you can shower and get dressed, I want you to read up about squirting and write me an essay about what you’ve learnt, 1 page will do. That’s 2 sides, in case you weren’t sure.” Si told her, he kissed her head then left Teri alone to clean up.

Blogging A – Z Challenge = Z

Z = Zumba.

Zumba class with a wicked ending.

Toni and her friends were headed off to their twice weekly Zumba class, they loved the class as they loved dancing but there was one other reason they went. And that was to see and watch the very handsome Portuguese Paulo, their Zumba teacher. He was incredibly sexy, tall, well over 6 foot, a thick neck and broad shoulders, and big, thick muscles everywhere. His biceps were as thick as tree trunks and his thighs, well they were as thick as an elephant leg. His ass was the perfect size, solid, round flanks that oozed sex appeal, if he wears his tight shorts and vest top every ripple of muscle could be seen. If his muscles weren’t enough to make you want to jump on his body then the sight of his cock in his shorts well, Toni dreamt of riding it, you could see it’s size clearly, looking long and wide, good sized balls tucked nicely underneath. As the girls put their things away they giggled about Paulo, hoping he was wearing something tight. They weren’t disappointed, the handsome Paulo stood with 3/4 length Hugo Boss navy track suit bottoms with a white vest top, both clung to his body, showing off his glistening tanned skin. Quickly the girls got into line near to the front, Paulo smiled at Toni before saying good evening to all the class and got started. After a warm up, the dancing sped up and soon they were sweating, breathing heavy but still having fun. Eyes never left Paulo’s sexy body, as he danced on the stage, Toni felt certain her cunt was soaking as she imaged his thick cock grinding into her. All through the session Toni thought Paulo was watching her, but she wondered if she imagined it. Soon the class ended and everyone left the fitness hall to shower, change and go home.The girls were very slow getting sorted , they had to wait for free showers and were talking non-stop. As they were in uni-sex changing rooms, they were used to seeing men in all stages of dress, no one compared to Paulo. Eventually, most of the class had left, Toni had to go outside in the hallway to take a phone call and she ended up being left on her own. Her friends had waved bye to her as she was still on the phone. Finally the call ended and Toni came back into the changing rooms, as she gathered her things for her shower, Paulo came around the corner, he had been checking the benches and lockers to make sure they were empty. He stopped when he saw Toni still there, locking eyes with her.”Hey, you’re late Toni, everyone’s gone.” Paulo said as he walked towards her. “I..I had to get a phone call.” Toni muttered as Paulo was soon facing her, their eyes never loosing contact. “You know, Toni, you’re a very sexy woman.” Paulo said, his voice full of control. As Toni was about to say thank you, he bent down to kiss her, surprised but wanting more, she murmured, “I emmmm I need to take a shower.” Quickly Paulo lifted her up, his hands cupping her ass as she wrapped her legs around his waist, they continued kissing until they got to the showers. Breaking off, Paulo turned the shower on, kicked his trainers off, slid Toni’s off before he carried her into the shower, still fully clothed. As Toni was grinding against Paulo’s strong body, she felt his cock thicken, amazed at it’s thickness already. Their passion was becoming more frantic, as they kissed, hands wandered over his body, feeling all his muscles. Hot water sprayed over them, running down their faces, they didn’t care that their clothes were soaked now, Toni’s nipples were rock hard and Paulo’s cock was getting even harder. Dropping her gently to the ground, he peeled her top off, then her sports bra. Her head fell back as he bent to suck her tit, nibbling and sucking hard, his hand went to her other tit, squeezing her nipple and ample flesh. his other hand reached down, squeezing her ass, he stroked her pussy over her jogging pants. Breaking off, Paulo hooked his thumb into her pants and slid them down, her panties stuck to her pants so they both slid off. Toni lifted each leg to get out of her clothes, pulling her socks off, she stood naked, as Paulo pulled his top over his head, sliding his pants down she got the first glimpse of his cock. “Holy fuck.” She muttered as her mouth hung open, her eyes widened at the size of his cock, then at the end of his shiny head a huge Prince Albert bar was on display, with enormous balls at each end. His cock bobbed up and down, showing off his magnificent size. Paulo laughed, “You like my cock Toni ?” He asked her. Gulping, she said “Y..yes, you’re very erm…big ?”Toni stammered. She couldn’t stop herself gently stroking his shaft, rolling her thumb over his head, feeling the PA. Paulo watched her face as she played with his cock. “You ever fucked a cock with a PA before ?” He asked, his hands cupping her ass, as she said no, he lifted her up again, her legs crossed around his waist, she felt his cock twitch by her pussy, it needed no help to guide into her. Her pussy was oozing with her milky juices. Paulo pushed her to the wall and his cock slowly entered her hole, grinding upward as she pushed her hips down to meet his eager cock, the balls scraped her insides, but in a nice way. Soon Paulo’s thrusts got deeper and the balls connected to her g-spot. She screamed out an orgasm, scraping his back with her nails as she clung on, her head rolled back as she moaned and cried out, the entire orgasm fucking awesome, the hot water cascaded down her body, her clit felt so alive she felt the water drip down from it. When she came down from this wild orgasm, Paulo just smirked at her. “Enjoying it ?” He asked, before kissing her deeply. Toni nodded her head a little as her tongue danced around with his. Carrying her out of the shower he dropped her legs when they reached a bench. Turning her around, he pushed her head down into the bench, bending down he took in the sight of her pussy, burying his head deep between her legs, biting her clit, licking her lips, his tongue delving into her hole, his hands squeezed her ass as she felt like she could cum already. He slipped a finger inside, feeling her grind down and hold it tightly, as he went to slip out, he pushed three fingers in next, They danced around inside,  one finger finding her g-spot again, making her cry out. Then he did the unimaginable thing, he slapped her ass really hard, leaving a red hand print on her skin. “OOUuuucccchhhh,” Toni yelped. “Stop being so loud, people will hear you. Don’t do as you’re told I will spank your ass.” Paulo growled. Toni stopped just for a moment, did he just say he would spank me, she said to herself, horrified yet equally turned on by it. No one had ever spanked her, not even her parents. “Hold yourself up Toni.” Paulo said as he lifted her legs up, she had all her weight on her arms, now resting on the bench. Holding her tightly he felt his cock guide itself into her pussy once more, though it was a very hard position she couldn’t help gasping, moaning and crying out. Crossing her legs behind her back gave her more support as Paulo helped to hold her hips up. Until Toni started to cry out more. Now in this position it left her ass out, available and wanting. Another firm slap landed across her ass, she yelped as he repeated.”I said be quiet.” Grabbing her hips, he thrust harder, his cock feeling bigger and tighter than he’s ever felt it  “Jeez baby, you are just too fucking amazing.” He muttered between grunts and gasps but started to feel Toni’s body shake, so he lowered her legs til they touched the floor. Keeping her bent over, his cock danced over her ass hole. “Ever had anal Toni ?” He asked. “No, ” She answered, suddenly nervous. “Paulo, no, I don’t think…….” She started to say. This was rewarded by another slap to her ass. “Owwwwwww Paulo, don’t keep slapping me,” Toni whined.  Another harder slap then,”Don’t tell me what to do Toni. Just do as you’re told.” Suddenly Paulo rammed his cock into her pussy, hard thrusts, bruising her insides. “Owwwwwwww Paulo, please slow down.” Making out she wasn’t enjoying it but they both knew she was, he slipped out then held his cock over her ass hole. “I want my cock in your ass, I will ask just this once, then I will own it.” He said. “I’m scared Paulo, will it hurt ?” She turned to look at him. “A little at first, then I promise you will love it. I promise to go slowly baby.” He said. Toni nodded as he sunk his cock into her pussy, coating him in her juices, then his cock twitched by her other hole. Slowly he pushed in, pausing after every few pushes and as he felt her sphincter muscle contract tighter, he paused once more, waiting until he felt her relax a little, then pushed deeper. The initial pain was sharp and hurt as Paulo’s huge cock invaded her virginal ass hole. Once he was past the ring of muscle, Toni began to relax into it, she purred and almost growled in pleasure, noises Paulo loved to hear. Feeling her tighten inside once more, he knew she was close to cumming again. And he couldn’t hold back anymore. The pressure in his balls was becoming too intense. His thrusts deepened, Toni began crying out louder, both of them close to cumming. Toni’s cries became screeches of pleasure as she had an uncontrollable orgasm. Paulo wasn’t far behind her as his thrusts became faster, his balls felt tighter before he felt his hot cum shoot up into Toni’s fabulous ass. He pounded her ass until finally his balls emptied, relaxing his hold on her hips, he carefully slipped out without causing her too much discomfort.  They both sat on the bench, smiling, Paulo was all Toni had imagined for so long now, finally she had sex with him, a wild fuckery fuck. She smirked, I can’t wait to tell the girls. She thought.  “Paulo, what did you mean when you said you would own my ass ? ” He looked at her closely, “Toni, I’ve something to tell you and ask you, but before you give me the answer you need to go home and read up about it, Only then can you give me an answer.” “You’re terribly bossy. ” Toni pouted. “That would earn you a spanking, young lady. ” He told her sternly. “I don’t understand. Paulo, you like spanking girls ?” I asked. “Only special girls. Toni I’m a Dominant person, I want you so much, I have for so long, I want you to be my submissive. I’ve printed out a sheet filled with websites, I want you to read, then read the letter I’ve written you, telling you what I want from you. Yes I hoped this would happen one day, so I had them ready. I want to own you Toni, I want you to be only mine.” He told her. ” And if I don’t do as I’m told, what you will spank me ?” Toni asked. “Sometimes, or I may give other punishments. But spanking isn’t always horrible punishments, Toni, they can be fun too.” Paulo told her looking into her eyes. Toni watched his face, her head was a jumbled mess, yet there was a huge pounding in her clit at the thought of a spanking. She didn’t understand what Dominants or submissive meant, but she wanted that nice spanking. “Show me Paulo, show me a nice spanking, let me understand how it should feel, it will help me understand what it is you want from me. Please.” Toni begged, staring into his eyes. “Okay Toni, I will do that and I hope it will show you how amazing it can be. Stand up and bend over my knee.


I wonder if Toni will agree to Paulo’s wishes.




Sinful Sunday, Master’s 6mm PA.

Master has worked on stretching his PA to 6mm and he succeeded last night. When I saw it, firstly, I have to say it’s very impressive especially with my favourite big balls on it. But also so heavy, I asked him if it felt heavy and he said, no, not really. Don’t notice it. How can he not notice this heavy horseshoe ? Just holding his cock to take the photo, you could feel it’s weight. I picked this photo as my favourite because I loved seeing how big his hole was now, and how it stretched further due to the weight. But I was a bit worried about whether I could perform a good bj for Master now. I didn’t have long to wait as we went upstairs to get dressed, Master lay on the bed, ready for his slaves lips to be wrapped around his cock. Its felt like a long time since I was giving him a blowjob, climbing next to him, I examined his new body Jewellery, trying to figure out how to get started. I’m not going to lie, it was difficult to fit it in, find a place for it to go, so I could do all the things I love on Masters cock. Maybe if he puts the bar in, it may be easier but I liked the thickness and heaviness, plus having the metal clink on my teeth really  turns me on. Master knew I was struggling a little so he pulled out, saying let’s try it in your pussy. Boy oh boy, holy fuck, that felt fucking amazing, trying it in my ass, you could feel it’s weight, I already knew I loved the big balls, but the added weight just finished it off.
Sinful Sunday


Blogging A – Z Challenge – P

Blogging A – Z Challenge – P square1

P = Piercings and Padlocks.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve had my inner and outer labia pierced and got a clit hood done. I got my nipples and belly button done in the hope that this time they would be okay, but again these were rejected, so I can’t try them again.

But on my first time, I had one ring on each side of my outer, inner labia and clit hood done. I thought it was the most painful experience ever.

Would I rather have piercings or a tattoo ? My answer would be piercings every time.

The first initial stab takes your breath away, A my piercer then just chatted with me, as the needle is still through my labia, but A chatted I think until my endorphin level had raised up again, the next stage was the worst part as A slips the ring through the new hole. This seriously, was the worst part. It took probably an hour to do all 5, normally he wouldn’t do 5 in one go, but he observes you then decides if you should leave some of them. I wanted to get the 5 done there and then because at the time, I wasn’t sure if I would go back.

How naive was I. It’s like a drug, you do become addicted to it.IMG_20170614_161624481_HDR

Months later, all healed, I went back to get my nipples and belly button done. Unfortunately, the nipples did not take, the pain was excruciating, I couldn’t let Master touch or play with them, so I took them out. My belly bar was rejected, A thinks it was because of scar tissue.

After that I got my eyebrow pierced, I told you it’s addictive, next my nose then my lip.

Next came Master deciding he would get a PA and a ladder up the back of his cock. I loved the look of the ladder, so off we went to see A. I videoed him getting it done, he never murmured once. Just lay there saying, well it’s not nice but it’s not awful. Have to say I was a bit disappointed that he never flinched or ouched once. Unfortunately by the next day, Master decided he just didn’t like the ladder, when he was flaccid the 3 bars just rubbed on each other. He agreed that when he would be hard the ladder would look fantastic but as he’s not hard 24/7, he wanted to be comfortable, and this certainly wasn’t. So A took them out and we chose to pierce a hidden ring at the back of his shaft, right up at the top. Over time Master stretched his PA from 2.4mm to 5mm, the hole on the head looks huge when you play with the ring/bar/twisty bar, whatever he has in, I love playing with it, learning to give Master a blowjob around the PA was tricky at first but now it only adds to my play. And the hidden ring I love to pull and twist, or pop my little finger through the hole whilst I use my hand during the BJ. He doesn’t want to increase the size anymore and I agree, as it jumps up 2 sizes to 8mm and it looks enormous. But if you have not experienced sex with a cock that has a PA, you really should, because it feels fucking fantastic.


Finally getting more rings on my outer labia, above and below the original ring.

Over time, I worked on stretching the holes, putting weights on the rings, so every few months I could increase the thickness. Starting at 1.6mm thickness and

15mm diameter I worked up to 5mm thickness, not sure on the diameter now.

But unfortunately the lower left ring was rejected, I think I was catching the ring in the crease by my bum and over time kept pulling it. Until eventually in the shower one day, it just popped out. Very unusual feeling as it just slipped through the flesh. Once it healed, A tried to pierce that area again which turned into a disaster.

Long story short, A pierced it again, but this time it didn’t stop bleeding, it happened before then slowly stopped, This time it was like a tap on full.

I went home, my idea, telling A it will stop, like it did before, but no. It continued bleeding. Eventually 4 hours later after Master got home and saw just how bad it was, he took me to A & E. He was annoyed with A for letting me leave when it was still bleeding and annoyed with me for not realising something was wrong and take myself to hospital. Fast forward 2 hours waiting in hospital, still bleeding, dizzy, nearly passing out, the nurses realised they needed to see me, why ? because they saw a huge puddle of blood under my seat.

The following 2 hours was with the nurses, a gynecologist, a ring saw as it took 45 minutes for them to saw the ring off, and stitch me up.

Master went home as things seemed okay.

Fast forward another 2 hours and I pass out, it was like I could hear their voices but I couldn’t speak, move, nothing. The nurses had to phone Master to come back as they were seriously worried. I had a brain scan, and yes they found my brain, and yes it was okay, lol. But they think it was due to the fact I lost over half of my blood that caused my collapse.

Eventually I came round with Master looking so worried, he was asking me questions and I remember thinking why is he asking me what the days of the week were or the months ? But I did hear one nurse telling him to keep getting me to speak. I think it was a very frightening experience for Master, so scary I had to promise him and all the nurses that I would not get any more piercings ever again. I have asked Master a few times if I could get something done but the answer is always no, he told me to choose a tattoo instead.

Master doesn’t want any other piercings done either, though there was one I wish he would get but he said absolutely no way. The Ampallang. That was a bar going through the full thickness of the head, so there would be a ball top to bottom of the head from his PA and a ball either side of the head. I’ve read that they feel incredible but Master won’t get it done.




One thing Master does enjoy doing is padlocking my pussy, closing it to anybody and everybody except him. Taking the key so I have to wear them 24/7 until he lets me free. It was quite hard walking with them on but I’ve got used to it, it was just a question of getting them all in the right position.

Of course in BDSM, padlocks are quite an important part of play, The idea of having my hands cuffed, and locked or using the spreader bar, padlocked until Master gets me loose does get me very excited.

My one fantasy would be cuffed and locked to our cross on the bed, blindfolded, hood on and just left, so you have no idea when Master will appear or what he will do.

Even the thrill of seeing them, hearing the lock gets me excited.

Master is stretching to 6mm for his PA.

Master has already reached a 5 mm PA, but by tonight, I think he will manage to get to 6 gauge. But that’s it then.
The next size jumps from 6 to 8, and there’s no easy stretching method. You can buy the 7 and 8 taper, which is the long tube that goes from 3mm to 7mm or 8mm, whatever size you stretch too. You pop that in and slowly push it threw, stretching the hole.
But Master thinks 6 will be enough.
But look at those new balls at the ends of the PA. These are 14mm, the biggest balls you can buy.
I can promise you, these balls feel fucking amazing inside my holes, though it’s taking some time for my mouth to get used to them, as I’ve only a very small jaw, and those balls are so big, I can’t go too deep. I will wait for a few weeks to try it out.
If I’m still struggling, I can always pop one of the smaller ones on it just for his BJ.
But considering Master wasn’t going to increase size when he first got it done, it does show, having piercings is addictive. You just can’t help yourself trying to stretch and add more .
Though I’m still banned from getting more 😦  
Even when I find new photos with different piercings, Master will not allow me to get more after the disaster last time, where I ended up in hospital, in quite a serious state.
So I understand when he says he would rather I was still alive, without being rushed to A&E  just because I wanted to get more piercings.
I need to be thankful for the ones I’ve got.