Daddy’s book, Rayanna, the very naughty mouse.

Been quite a few months since I had written any of my books, so since the start of New Year I’ve been trying to get started again. I’m just posting the whole thing so far. Sorry if you have previously read them, though chapter 9 is a brand new chapter.

Daddy chose the character for the book, he wanted it about a very naughty mouse, then left the rest for me to do. Master has set up a new section in my blog just for the 2 stories, Daddy’s and Miss Adira’s so future chapters can be found in those sections too.


Rayanna, the very naughty mouse. Chapter 1.


Rayanna the littlest mouse lived at the bottom of a long, grassland, with her Pappa, Mamma, 6 sisters and 8 brothers. Plus lots of other family lived round them too. There were giant and little humans that also came to this grassland, she had spotted them going into this huge stone mountain, Pappa forbid anyone going near it, saying it was very dangerous, but Rayanna was a naughty mouse and she had followed them and watched, many times. As she was the littlest mouse, aged 14, she got up to more mischief, Mamma said “You are the naughtiest, baddest mousie I have ever brought up.” Rayanna thought she was just the bravest, no one else had come close to the mountain.

One day when Rayanna was investigating the grassland, this giant suddenly spotted her and came very close to her. Rayanna stopped, she felt her heart pounding, she was really scared. The giant was hairy with a tail, it looked similar to her, but its hair was longer and had a big head. This head came closer and closer to her, its big black nose sniffed her. It’s sniff so strong she felt her hairs move on her body. As it came closer, Rayanna took this opportunity to dash through the giant flowers, she ran so fast in between the flowers and grassland, hopping into the mousehole to her home. Stopping to get her breath back she turned around and peeked through the mousehole again, she saw no sign of any of the giants that came into the grassland.

“Rayanna what are you up to ?” Pappa said, “Why are you so out of breath ? Have you been into the grassland ?”
Rayanna lowered her head, shaking it slowly, but Pappa bustled towards her, “Rayanna have you been watching the giants ?”
“Pappa, it wasn’t the giant humans, it was a giant that looked like us, only its hair was longer, scruffier, not smooth and silky like ours, it came close to me Pappa, its nose tried to sniff me but I ran away. What was it Pappa ?” Rayanna asked.

“Rayanna, what have I told you ? You naughty girl. That was one of the giant human friends called bowwow’s, they live in the mountain too. There are 2 of these giant bowwow’s, you do not go near them. There’s also a grimalkin, you must never go near it, do you hear me Rayanna. NEVER. Now go to your hollow, I will deal with you later. GO Rayanna.” Pappa shouted, so Rayanna, turned around and scurried away but stopped when she turned into the shaft that led to her hollow. “Rayanna I know you are still there, get into your cot and don’t move. Now.” Pappa shouted.

Rayanna huffed and pouted, she scurried down the dark shaft into her hollow and climbed into her cot. She sat up, sulking, grabbing her tail, she sucked her paw, Pappa spoils everything but she’s never seen this grimalkin he mentioned, Rayanna wondered what on earth it was but she intended on finding out.

Rayanna may think she is the bravest mouse ever, but really she was very naive and just very naughty, she thought Pappa was just telling a tale to scare her.


Rayanna stayed in her cot for a few minutes, her Pappa hadn’t come to see her so she scurried through the shafts before finding the back entrance. She stopped still, listening, looking before she scurried through the giant flowers and straight across the grassland, creeping slowly, her nose twitching, getting every sense and smell. Suddenly a black cloud went over her, a scared shiver went through her body, as this black giant sprang up and nearly pounded on her. Something shoved her out of the way, and she ended up rolling through the giant flower bed. Rayanna came to a stop and turned to see this big black giant trying to catch her Pappa.

“RAYANNA RUN.” Her Pappa shouted, as he ran in between the giant flowers, turning back, scurrying round and round. Just as Rayanna turned around she saw this black giant leap up and land on her Pappa.
“Mamma, quick, a giant has Pappa.” Rayanna shouted going into their hollow. Quick as a flash Mamma and and her Uncles scurried out and saw the grimalkin. It was toying with her Pappa, big claws swiping at him, Rayanna heard him squeak, it was a horrible sound. They needed to do something quickly.

Rayanna spotted a long stick thing, if they could push it over it might hit the giant. Rayanna shouted to some of her family, they followed more to keep her safe as she was the baby of the family.

They realised what Rayanna was going to do, so all the mice scurried up the wooden pole, getting ready to jump up and down, soon they felt the pole move and every mouse jumped away as the pole crashed down, right by the giant grimalkin. 

The giant screeched terribly loud, jumping up really high and running away. Mamma reached Pappa first, he was dazed but unhurt. Quickly Pappa recovered enough for him and the family to scurry back to their hollow. Rayanna was the last mouse to reach the home.

“Rayanna are you okay ?” Pappa asked as soon as he saw her. She ran over giving her Pappa a huge hug, apologising for not listening and now she understood what dangers were outside.

“But you helped save me munchkin, I can’t thank you enough for being our naughty little mouse.” Pappa told him, hugging her tightly.  


I broke a promise to Daddy, my punishment was to write a 1000 word story about breaking promises and disobeying orders. I hope this shows how sorry I am.


Rayanna, the very naughty mouse.


Chapter 2.


Pappa mouse sat Rayanna on the floor in front of him. They were in her hollow, Pappa mouse was on her cot. “Rayanna I’m very upset that you disobeyed me again, you put yourself in danger then you put me in danger and the rest of the family. All so we could rescue you from the grimakin. I’ve told you it is dangerous in the grassland, I want you to promise you never go out there without one of the grownup mice. Promise me Rayanna.” Pappa mouse told her. Rayanna didn’t want to promise as she knew she would want to do it again but she saw her Pappa’s stern face so putting her hands behind her back, she crossed her fingers so he wouldn’t see and said, “Yes Pappa, I promise I will never go into the grassland without a grownup. I won’t disobey you again.” Rayanna looked down to the floor, she uncrossed her fingers and brought to her hands to her front as she began twiddling her fingers. Her Pappa watched her for a few seconds, he felt certain she would disobey him again.  “Rayanna, I’m warning you, DO NOT think about going out there again. You WILL NOT DISOBEY THIS ORDER. Understand me ?” Her Pappa ordered, Rayanna nodded her head. Her Pappa shook his head, he knew his naughty little girl would try to visit the grassland again. “Stand up and come here.” He instructed her, pointing to the side of him.

“Rayanna you will bend over my knees and I’m going to spank you, because I don’t believe you understand the seriousness of what you did. That grimakin could have killed you and eaten you, the bowwow’s would kill you too.” Pappa said.

“Pappa, I can run faster than them, the grassland is exciting, there’s nothing to do in our hollow.” Rayanna interrupted, stamped her paw on the floor and folded her arms. “You will do as you’re told.” Pappa mouse said, grabbing her arm, he pulled her over his knee. She had never been spanked before, her brothers and sisters had, even Mamma had spankings from Pappa. He held her tail, put one leg over her legs and began spanking her. Rayanna kicked, cried, fought against her Pappa but he held her tightly. Pappa mouse spanked his little girl until her bottom turned a bright reddie brown colour. Then he stopped, lifting her up he cuddled her tightly.

“Rayanna I am deadly serious about this, disobey me and you will be getting a much more serious punishment than you’ve just had. Now you can get ready and go to bed. Mamma will bring you some supper. You will not leave your cot.” Pappa told her as Rayanna still cried. He kissed her forehead, “Pappa still loves you, I just want you safe.” Then he left her hollow. Rayanna climbed on her cot and cried into her pillow, she didn’t understand why it was such a big deal. After a while she stopped crying, rubbing her hot, sore bottom, she changed into her nightie and climbed into her cot. 


Two days later Rayanna was left on her own in the hollow, she was bored. Suddenly she heard strange noises, she knew it was the giants, they sounded close. She crept out of the hollow, looking around for any of her family. No one was around so she scurried out, running around the massive flowers and enormous trees, she hid behind a big pot and watched the giants. It looked like they were playing, like she does with her brothers and sisters, but the giants were louder and she felt the ground pounding when they played closer. Rayanna crept closer, hiding in between the big flowers, peeking through the grass. Suddenly a huge round thing bounced towards her, she ran to hide behind a stone. One of the giants ran over, just as the giant was going to get the thing that went past her, the giant gave a screech, and before Rayanna knew what was happening, the giant got a pot and dropped it over her. Everything went black, scaring Rayanna.

She felt something go under the pot and under her then slowly she went topsy-turvy as the pot went the other way around. The giant took the top off, blinding Rayanna for a minute as the bright light shot down, as she looked up she saw lots of giants faces. They were just staring at her. Rayanna was so scared, now she wished she had obeyed her Pappa, but she didn’t know what to do now, could these giants kill her like Pappa said the grimakin and bowwow’s could.

Suddenly one giant reached into the pot, trying to catch her, she kept trying to scurry away but the pot was only small. The giant caught her, holding her firmly in its big hands. The giant stood up, still holding Rayanna, when she looked down, the ground looked a long way down. All the giants gathered around her, big fingers stroking her head, poor Rayanna was petrified. She couldn’t move her body but she did feel a little safe. These giants seemed to just look at her, not try to kill her. The giant holding her opened it’s hand a bit more, Rayanna stayed still, too scared to move, as these giants ran a finger over her body. All the giants took turns to touch her, Rayanna felt herself shaking inside. The giants made some strange noises, like a cooing noise the big birds make. Then the giant holding her, bent down and put her back on the ground. 

As soon as she was released Rayanna ran away as fast as possible, shaking and crying because she was so scared. She ran into the hollow straight into her Pappa. “Rayanna what’s the matter ? where have you been ?” He asked as she held him tightly, crying and shaking still. She couldn’t speak, so Pappa mouse picked her up and went to sit down with her, holding her, rocking her until she calmed down.

“Pappa, I……I…..broke my promise, I disobeyed you. I went out to the grassland, there were lots of giants playing like I do with all my brothers and sisters, but they found me and caught me. Pappa I was so scared, I thought they were going to kill me but they just wanted to touch me. Pappa they just made funny noises then they put me down again. I ran so fast, faster than I’ve ever run to get home. Pappa I’m so sorry I disobeyed you, I understand about it not being safe, but those giants were nice.” Rayanna got suddenly scared of what her Pappa what thinking. His face looked angry, so angry, he didn’t speak for a minute. “Rayanna I can’t believe you’ve disobeyed me again when I explicitly told you not to go out there again. I’m just so mad right now but more upset with you. You promised you would not do it again, you promised Rayanna. I’m just upset that you actually did this. If it was one of the other giants or those giant animals, they could have really hurt you, or even worse, they could have killed you.” Her Pappa said. “Just go to your hollow and get in your cot. I’m too upset to deal with you now.” Rayanna slowly walked to her hollow, she had really upset Pappa, and she hated seeing that he was angry and upset with her. She crawled into her cot and began crying. Crying because she had been so scared but also because she had upset her Pappa. She had never thought it would have upset him, yes he would have been mad with her but she didn’t think it would’ve made him upset, but she had made a promise to her Pappa. She would have to accept whatever punishment Pappa decided to give her. Soon her tears stopped and dried up on her face, she felt awful, sad and very very guilty and upset.

A few hours later Pappa mouse came to see her. He sat on a chair whilst Rayanna sat up on the cot. “I understand how exciting it must be for you to want to explore the outside world. But you’ve now seen the dangers that are out there. You could have really hurt yourself, or worse. I’m cross that you disobeyed me, but I’m more upset that you did it, that you broke your promise. That’s upset me so much more Rayanna. If you really wanted to go outside then you should have come to me or Mamma and we may have agreed but gone with you.” “I’m sorry Pappa, I didn’t think you would say yes, so I didn’t ask you. But I’m really, really sorry Pappa.” Rayanna said, tears brimming her eyes and slowly slid down. “Rayanna you will have 500 lines to write, you have 2 days to do them. You will have an early bedtime for a month and grounded for that month. I will be giving you a spanking but I will do it when I’m ready, and at the moment I’m still too upset to do it. I suggest you get on with your lines. They are, 

“I will not break a promise and disobey an order given by my Pappa.”

Pappa got up and left the hollow, as Rayanna slowly got up, got her notepad and sat at her desk, then she started doing her lines. She deserved this punishment but she hated to know she had upset her Pappa so much. She will do anything to make things better, then her Pappa reappeared, “I still love you baby girl, I want you to know that. I will always love you.” He walked over and gave his naughty little daughter a kiss, “I love you too Pappa and I’m really sorry. “ Rayanna whispered. “I know Ray, the matters forgotten with now baby girl. Take your punishment and then we can forget about it, but it’s forgotten now, Ray. Carry on with your lines. I will spank you when I’m ready, in a day or two, and it will be a very painful spanking Rayanna. You won’t sit down for a week.” He walked away, blowing her a kiss which she caught and rubbed on her heart like they had done since she was a baby. She was forgiven. She felt her Pappa’s love even when she’s been naughty, but she will try to be good from now on. Try being the main word.


Word count – 1770.



Rayanna the very naughty mouse. Chapter 3.


After the scary time when the giants had grabbed Rayanna, she had been severely punished by Pappa mouse and grounded for a whole month. But Rayanna had been so scared, she knew she was wrong to go out to the grassland but it was so boring staying with her brothers and sisters all the time. The giants had much more fun than they did. She wanted adventures. She wanted to see what life was like past the grassland, Rayanna just wanted to explore.

Being grounded for a month was very long and all Rayanna was allowed to do was hang around with her brothers and sisters. They were all quite a bit older than her, and she heard a lot of naughty words that Mamma and Pappa don’t like them using. Her oldest brothers and sisters said the F bomb in every sentence, because they are the oldest, they get away with it as technically they were big mice now, not littles like Rayanna and her other siblings. But hearing them use those words so regularly for a month, Rayanna had found she had started to use the words too. But she knew she had to be careful never to let her parents hear her say it, only the other day one of her brothers told another brother to F off, Mamma heard him, dragging him into the kitchen by his ear, she squirted liquid soap straight into his mouth. He had to stand in the corner with it in his mouth for 15 minutes, only then was he allowed to spit it out but he wasn’t allowed to rinse his mouth. Rayanna’s sister had muttered s**t when Pappa heard her, she had a wet soapy bar of soap rubbed along her teeth, her tongue, her cheeks, then had an hours corner time sucking on the soap. Pappa took the soap out every 10 minutes to wet it again. By the end of the hour, her sister was crying, heaving, scrubbing her teeth with her brush over and over again. It seemed like a harsh punishment for something she hears a lot from the older members of the family, I mean if Rayanna hears it a lot from them, it’s no surprise she says it as well.

A few weeks later, Rayanna got into trouble at Squeak school, a girl was being mean to her best friend, poking her head, flicking her ears with a ruler, saying her ears were huge and trying to trip her up, grabbing at her tail, so Rayanna shoved her to the floor, calling her a F’ing mean bitch. Mr Theodore, her head of year teacher, happened to be walking behind them all just at the wrong time, so he had seen what had happened and marched them all to Miss Finch’s office, she’s the head teacher. Mr Theodore told her about Suquie being bullied by the other group of mice, but then told her about Rayanna’s attack back and verbal abuse.

Miss Finch does not tolerate bullying or foul language at all. We were all sent to wait outside her office as she phoned all our parents. They had to come in and see her so they could be told exactly what happened, then they were to take us home. Suquie was really upset by what had happened, she had actually done nothing wrong but was more upset Rayanna was in big trouble for protecting her. 

Suquie’s Mamma arrived first, she glanced at the 9 of us before going into Miss Finch’s office. After about 10 minutes, Suquie was called to go in, Rayanna didn’t know what was being said but soon she came out of the office with her Mamma behind her. As they walked past, her Mamma put a loving paw on Rayanna’s shoulder, Rayanna gave a small smile to her and watched as she glowered at the others before hugging her daughter as they left Squeak school. Suquie quickly blew a kiss to her friend, mouthing thank you and love you, Rayanna just smiled and mouthed a love you back. They didn’t need to say anymore. Suquie knew Rayanna was going to be in serious trouble with Miss Finch and her parents, all to protect her, she was a special friend.
One by one, the parents arrived and left a while later, with their mouse looking unhappy and guilty, Rayanna stared at them, looking defiant at each of them as they walked past. She knew she would do exactly the same again to protect her best friend. She’s been picked on all through school just because her ears were extraordinarily large but Rayanna looked after her friends and would never allow anyone to bully them. EVER.

Finally Rayanna saw her mother walk in, she quickly lost her defiant look on her face and looked guilty as she watched her Mamma walk straight past her, into Miss Finch’s office. Twenty minutes later Rayanna was called in. Her tummy was in knots,  as she walked in and stood by her Mamma, who looked furious but still would not look at her daughter. Miss Finch wanted to know exactly what happened then began lecturing her about why attacking and pushing the other girl was not acceptable behaviour. Finally she asked if Rayanna had anything to say, “Yes Miss Finch, I understand pushing her was wrong but that bitch has been bullying Suquie for years,” Her Mamma gasped when she heard her swear, and slapped her bottom really hard, then told her never to use curse words again. Rayanna felt her rage boiling up inside, why was she in trouble for protecting her friend. “Mamma, Miss Finch I am only telling you the truth, Miss Finch you know Suquie has had loads of times when that girl has bullied her, the teachers can’t follow her around making sure they don’t do it again. I am not gonna stand by and just watch it happen, I’m gonna protect her.” Rayanna said, her anger sounding in her voice. “Young lady change your tone right now, I know you think this is the best way to protect your friend, but you should just come and tell a teacher.” Miss Finch told her. “Oh what’s the fucking point in that,” Rayanna shouted at her, “That slag has hit her, pushed her, deliberately making her drop her books, bullied her for 3 years, and all she gets is a telling off. Whereas I protect her, I’m not gonna sit back whilst that bitch hurts her. It’s not fucking gonna happen. I don’t care what you say.”
Rayanna’s Mamma looked in shock at hearing her youngest little girl curse so badly, there was a strict no cursing rule and her Mamma or Pappa did not like it and repercussions were severe. Rayanna didn’t care what she said as Miss Finch began telling her to watch her tongue, but Rayanna was in full melt down, as every swear word under the sun came out of her mouth. Her Mamma just looked shocked.

Miss Finch stood up, slapped her hand down on the desk so hard it stopped Rayanna on the spot, but Rayanna’s nostrils flared, she was breathing hard, suddenly it dawned on her exactly what had just happened. “Get out of my office and face the wall outside by my door Rayanna right now.” Miss Finch shouted at her. She watched as Rayanna stamped outside, slammed the door and stood facing the wall.  

Thirty minutes later Miss Finch opened the door and told her to come in. Her Mamma sat to the side on Miss Finch’s desk now, Rayanna didn’t know why. “Rayanna I will not tolerate such outbursts, the cursing or being shouted at. You may think you did the right thing but this school has a No Bullying Policy, by anyone. What happens to the other girls is not your concern, what you need to be concerned about is what will happen to you. Quite frankly if the governor’s heard this outburst you would be expelled immediately. Now your mother and I have discussed this and we’ve come to an agreement. Rayanna you are suspended for one month. In that time you will be given school work, which your mother will ensure you do. Now I will come to the issue of your language just now. I do not accept such language towards me, this is a very serious issue. Your mother and I have agreed you should be punished separately for this.” Standing up, Miss Finch walked towards the door, going to a cupboard she got out a bowl and turned to Rayanna, “Go and fill this with warm water please Rayanna.” Confused Rayanna just did as she was told. Meanwhile Miss Finch got other things out of her cupboard. Rayanna paid no attention when she came in, giving the bowl to Miss Finch. 

Miss Finch handed Rayanna a bar of soap and told Rayanna to rub the soap in the water until it was nice and soft and soapy. Confused but frankly Rayanna just didn’t give a damn, she just did it moodily. That’s when things became real for her as she saw Miss Finch take out a cane from her cupboard. Rayanna had heard of her caning kids before but never knew if it was true or not. “Stand in front on the desk please Rayanna.” Miss Finch told her. “Do you want to stay ?” She asked her Mamma, who nodded, she was staying there.  Rayanna looked confused until Miss Finch began talking again. “Rayanna, I am very disappointed in your behaviour today, you’re lack of remorse, frankly your outburst and cursing is certainly not acceptable so you’ve had your consequence for fighting, now you will get your consequence for your behaviour in my office. Your mother and I have agreed, I am going to give you a mouth soaping then you will keep your bar of soap in your mouth whilst I cane your bare bottom 20 times ! Do you understand me ?” Miss Finch stood there, putting a disposable glove on her hand. Rayanna was in a state of shock, Did I hear right ? Rayanna thought, Did she just say she would give me a mouth soaping whatever that is, and a caning ? And her mother agreed ? She stared at her Mamma, until she walked over to her daughter and slapped Rayanna’s bottom hard. She gasped in shock, “Answer Miss Finch now Rayanna.” Her Mamma said before sitting down again. “What ? No, I don’t understand.” She spluttered. “Miss Finch make it 25 with the cane, Rayanna is being impertinent. I’ve just about had enough of her behaviour.”
“Very well. Take your panties off please.” Miss Finch told Rayanna. Tears flooded her eyes, she looked beggingly at her mother who just watched coldly as she slowly slipped her pink panties down and lifted them up off the floor, Miss Finch pointed to a chair so Rayanna dropped them on it, moving back in front of the desk. “Open your mouth wide,” Miss Finch ordered as she took out the slimy wet soap out of the bowl. She rubbed the soap along her teeth, top and bottom, front and back, “Tongue out,” as she rubbed the soap all over her tongue. Rayanna began gagging, her eyes watering from the intense smell and burning. Miss Finch wet the soap again, pushed it into Rayanna’s mouth and told her to hold it tightly. “If you drop the soap, I will add a stroke to your hands at the end, now bend over the desk, lift your tail up and over your shoulder. Do not let it drop, or you will gain extra strokes, your hands can reach the edge of the desk Rayanna, so do it. You’ve never received a caning before, I hope you learn from this and never repeat this again.”

Rayanna was crying before the first stroke hit her small bottom, a muffled screech came out of her mouth as Miss Finch performed a perfect ladder affect down her bottom. Rayanna tried hard not to drop the soap, but with all her crying the soap dropped onto the table. “1 extra to your hands after this.” Miss Finch wet the soap, and put it in Rayanna’s mouth again. Drying her hands, Miss Finch picked up the cane, “Into position !” she ordered and quickly Rayanna moved back. She felt the cane tap her sore bottom, making her jump, then the next set of 10 whipped across her backside, catching the under part of her bum, and the top of her thighs, making her shriek, drop the soap and gained another 1 on her hands. Miss Finch continued until she had done 20. “5 left Rayanna, I hope your learning from this. Let’s get this final 5 done.” Again Rayanna gasped and sobbed, the soap was becoming even more difficult to hold in her mouth as she cried harder, the soap fell before the next swipe. Miss Finch was not happy, “1 more to your hands, that’s 3 now, drop it again it will be 5 on your hands, Understand ?” She said sternly, as Rayanna nodded miserably. She bit down hard on the soap, praying it didn’t break in her mouth. 

Miss Finch administered 5 severe stripes from her higher thigh, upwards as Rayanna screamed with her mouth closed tight. Luckily the soap didn’t break or fall out of her mouth again, until Miss Finch went to remove it, handing her a cloth to wipe her face and mouth. Miss Finch allowed her a few moments to clean herself up. Rayanna scrubbed the cloth over her teeth to get the soap out, she couldn’t really feel her bottom, except for this burning and her bottom felt double it’s normal size, as long as she didn’t move she felt no pain. 

“Rayanna put both your hands up, palms up please. Closer together, you will get 3 strokes on your hands because you dropped your soap. Ready ?” Miss Finch asked kindly, she knew Rayanna must be incredibly sore and she was very impressed with how well she took this punishment. Her Mamma had told her she gets spanked at home but nothing like this, but she had wanted her to learn from it, plus she had her father to deal with when she went home. Secretly Miss finch hoped her father didn’t spank her until she was healed but that was his decision. There were a few broken skin areas across her skin, she would deal with them before she left.  

Rayanna cried her heart out when Miss Finch caned her palms 3 times, when it was over, she blew into her hands, shaking them. Snot and tears mixed together making her look a terrible mess, at first Miss Finch carefully rubbed soothing cream onto her palms, then handed her a fresh cloth to wipe her face again. “Just bend over a moment so I can check you’ve no cuts on your skin.” Rayanna bent back over the desk as Miss Finch put 5 plasters on her bottom and one on her thigh, she then rubbed a little cream on her before telling her to put her panties back on.

It was so painful to walk nevermind to try a pull her panties up. She carefully tried to lift them up high then slowly down so she didn’t touch herself, but it didn’t help. It hurt like hell.

“Rayanna, I know you think you were protecting Suquie, but can you imagine how she will feel now, when she knows how much trouble you have been in, the punishment you have been given from me, nevermind what punishment you will get at home. I think she will feel incredibly guilty, don’t you ?” Miss Finch asked, Rayanna looked at her and nodded. “Now do you see, maybe you should have just kept coming to me. From now on, if anyone bullies her or anyone else, I want you to come to me. Don’t even tell your form teacher, I will be personally involved in Suquie now, her mother explained just how much she has been going through and quite frankly, a lot of it, I didn’t know. But I do not want you to do anything. What do bullies get out of doing what they do ? “ She asked. “T….to hurt someone, upset someone, get them into trouble instead of the bullies.” Rayanna said. “Exactly, do you think they will be sad to learn of the trouble they are in ?” Miss Finch asked. “N…, they will laugh about it.” Rayanna said. “I’ve given them what they want.” She sniffed thinking about it. “I was just sick of what they’ve been doing to Suquie, Mamma, you know I come home and tell you about it. I tell the teachers and they just speak to them but nothing ever changes. Suquie, she…..she’s been talking about hurting herself. I’ve always talked her out of her depression, but she’s in a bad way Miss Finch. Mamma I promise you, it’s true, I’m not supposed to tell anyone. But I’m scared she might do something, if her Mamma finds out she may move schools, I can’t stay here without her.” “Alright Rayanna, I’m really pleased you’ve told me, I will have to speak with her parents but I think it’s time I look more deeply into exactly what has been going on. Believe me when I say I have no idea it has become this bad. So something has gone seriously wrong with my system in school. Now look, I want you to go home, think about this, I do not want a repeat session. And Rayanna, you ever speak to me in that way again, or use foul language, I will cane you again. Understand ?” Miss Finch asked.

“Yes Miss Finch, I’m really really sorry bout what I said,” Rayanna told her, “I know, and I will do my best to sort this out.” She told Rayanna and her Mamma. “Thank you Miss Finch, I’m terribly sorry for what has happened,” her Mamma told her. “I think her bottom may need attention when she is home.” Miss Finch said. Her Mamma nodded, said thank you, then put an arm around her daughter’s shoulders and left together. 


Rayanna, the very naughty mouse. Chapter 4. Word count 3140


Rayanna’s Mamma was very kind to her when they got home, she ushered her straight to her dorm, ignoring her Pappa asking what had happened. Laying on her tummy, on the cot, her Mamma lifted her skirt and tail, slipped her panties off and went to get her a wet washcloth. Gently she cleaned the stripes across her thighs, sitspot and flanks, they looked nasty as deep purple welts began showing up, becoming more swollen. Carefully her Mamma rubbed cream in, Rayanna cried quietly into her pillow until finally she finished. Her Mamma crouched on the floor next to her daughters face and wiped her tears away. “I’m s….s….sorry Mamma. Really I am, I was just so angry with that girl, I’m so scared Suquie will hurt herself badly.” Rayanna spluttered. Her Mamma kissed her head gently, “Sweetheart this is a secret we cannot keep, Suquie’s parents need to know. This is too serious not to tell them….” Rayanna began protesting but her Mamma put a finger to her lips, “Ray, imagine if Suquie did something to herself, and her Mamma walking in and finding her, that’s a terrible thing for her to see. Imagine the guilt she would feel, and your guilt. We need to go to speak with her parents, let Miss Finch sort out the school bullying, we need to be there for Suquie and her family.” Mamma told her. “What if she moves school Mamma, could I leave with her ?” Rayanna asked. “We will discuss it, if it comes to that, okay. Now you need to sleep a while, you’re bottom is going to be very sore for quite some time. You also have your Pappa to face. Now sleep.” her Mamma stood up, gently lay a blanket over her then left the room.

Her Pappa was pacing back and forth in the kitchen waiting to hear what happened. Her Mamma told him to sit down, making them both a drink, she told him everything. His face went from furious to concern, back to anger again. He wanted to go and speak with his daughter now, but her Mamma stopped him. Telling him she needed rest, for once he agreed, shaking his head. “You know we should be proud of Ray for looking out for Suquie, but cursing at Miss Finch what has happened to our baby girl ?” he said. “She’s growing up  that’s what’s going on. Trying to act like the bigger kids. But I’m more worried about Suquie. I think we need to speak to her parents tomorrow. I want to phone them, ask them to come round.” Pappa nodded, so Mamma went to the phone and called Suquies parents. They arranged to come around at 10am the next day.

Rayanna slept and wept through the night, her Mamma brought her dinner, making sure she was okay, telling her Suquie and her parents were coming around tomorrow. Rayanna was really worried Suquie would be mad with her, breaking her promise not to tell anyone, but her Mamma assued her she would be okay.

The next morning Rayanna tried to sit up, crying out in pain just as her Pappa walked past her door. He knocked then opened the door, “You okay, Ray ? You hurting ?” He asked as he came to her, holding his hands out, Rayanna got up and hugged her Pappa. Whispering, “I’m sorry Pappa, I never meant to speak that way to Miss Finch, I can’t believe I swore at her.” Pappa laughed a little, “Girl you did more than just swear a little, you always do things over the top don’t you. Now you know I will punish you for this, you’re in serious trouble but this morning I want to focus on Suquie, you must tell the whole truth when they come around, no secrets, do you hear me ?” He told her, “Yes Pappa.” Rayanna whispered, “Good girl, now I will get your Mamma to check your bottom and bring you breakfast. We will talk later about this issue though.” She nodded as he left, wincing as she sat down.

Her Mamma brought her some breakfast, checking Rayanna’s bottom, she left it bare, saying let the air get to it for a while. “Eat your breakfast then get a shower, I will check it again, I think I will need to put some plasters over certain areas, then you can get dressed.” She told Rayanna, then left to get a tray ready with cups and tea and coffee pots.

Rayanna ate her breakfast greedily, she didn’t  realise how hungry she was, sitting down was very hard, pain shot up her body, tears sprang to her eyes as she blinked them away. She was really nervous, hoping Suquie didn’t go mad with her for telling her secret. After breakfast she quickly had a shower, jumping and squeaking when water ran over her sore bottom. After her shower she lay flat on her tummy on her bed, letting the air dry her naturally, listening to music and messing on her IPad. Her Mamma had been in to rub cream over her bum, so she was just stayed naked for a while. The fresh air on her bottom actually felt really nice so she was happy staying as she was until she had to get dressed.

As her music was on so loud, she never heard the doorbell, never heard her Mamma shouting her, never heard Suquie open her door until she heard a gasp, and felt a paw on her leg. Rayanna jumped, taking her headphones off, seeing Suquie gaping at her backside. “Suquie, what the…..” Rayanna began to say.

“What…….what happened Ray, how……what did that to you ? Who……. Ray I’m so sorry. I never wanted to get you in trouble. Tell me what happened.” Suquie said, her voice quivered. Rayanna spent the next few minutes explaining what happened when her mum arrived at school. Suquie was shocked but also giggled at the thought of Rayanna swearing at Miss Finch, imagining how horrified she would be. But when Rayanna began telling her about the mouth soaping and the caning, Suquie was horrified. “Can I touch it ?” she asked. Rayanna nodded, she had no issues being naked in front of her best friend, they had both examined each others bodies.

Carefully Suquie ran a finger lightly over her welted skin, feeling its heat, feeling her best friend flinch at her touch. Rayanna explained how it felt during the caning, going into great detail. “Ray, I’m so sorry. I never meant you getting into trouble. I’m really sorry, and that bitch hasn’t got into trouble again. I can’t believe she’s not got suspended or expelled.” Suquie said, giving her best friend a hug. “I think Finch is gonna do some investigating now, she claimed she didn’t know about half the stuff that had happened. Sus, I told them about you cutting yourself, I’m so sorry, I was just so mad I blurted it out to Finch, about you talking about hurting yourself.” Rayanna told her, looking back at Suquie who was still examining her backside. She looked at Ray, “I know Ray, Finch phoned Mamma to go in and see her next week but your Mamma told mine when she phoned last night. They talked for a long time, but Mamma and Pappa didn’t say anything to me until this morning. They kept telling me not to be upset with you, that you were only doing what good friends do, looking out for me. I was angry at first Ray, but I know you’ve been worried sick about me, I know that. I’m sorry I’ve put you in an awkward position and getting you in trouble with Finch.” Suquie hugged her best friend before Rayanna pulled away, telling her she better get dressed before her parents come to get them. The girls chatted whilst Rayanna got some clothes on, wincing as her panties touched her bottom. Then they went into the living room, both sets of parents were sat there, cups of tea and coffee were on the table, cans of unopened Cola were out for the girls, as the parents stopped talking whilst the girls grabbed a can each and sat together on the settee. “Rayanna, I want to start by saying thank you for being such a good friend to Suquie. Protecting her against those bullies. We know how long this has been going on, though Miss Finch claims she didn’t know half of it. By the end of next week, she will know everything and we will be putting our foot down to get this stopped. Hopefully getting the girls expelled.” Suquie’s Pappa said. “Please don’t send me to another school Pappa, you know there are bullies in every school, I can’t leave Rayanna with them.” Suquie begged, the girls held hands on the settee, though Rayanna sat awkwardly. 

The parents and girls talked about everything that had been happening at school. Suquie’s Pappa wrote everything down, trying to remember dates when certain things happened. Luckily Suquie had written a lot down in her diary, names, dates, even times of each incident and what happened so her Pappa took that to look through.

“I know Rayanna is in a lot of trouble at school but I hope you can understand her actions. I know it’s nothing to do with us, how you discipline your children is your own business, but I wondered if you could think about the reason why this happened. If you….” Suquie’s Mamma said. “I understand what you are saying and I will consider why she did what she did, and the punishment will be what it is. It’s what happened between her and Miss Finch that I cannot ignore. Cursing, disrespecting Miss Finch I will not ignore. But I will consider what you said. Girls you may leave us now if you want. “ Rayanna’s Pappa said, his voice serious and very stern. “Thank you Pappa.” Rayanna said, she and Suquie ran back to her dorm. She could hear her Pappa telling Suquie’s parents what happened in the office.

Rayanna quickly closed the door, not wanting to hear them talking. She gasped when the door handle caught her bruised palms, making Suquie jump. “What’s wrong ?” She asked, going to look at her hands. Running her fingers over the welts that were showing, purple bruises were starting to show. “Did Finch do this ? With that cane ? Fucking hell Ray, that looks real sore.” Suquie said softly. Blowing gently on both palms to cool them down, she looked at her best friend and gave her a big hug. “Can I do anything to make it better ?” she asked. Rayanna sniffed a little, “Would you rub cream on my bum ?” she asked. “Course I will, this one ?” Rayanna nodded, she took her panties off and lay down on the cot. “Sitting down hurt so much Su, I know Pappa knew it would hurt when I had to sit down, least it wasn’t on the floor.” Suquie began rubbing cream in, very slowly, feeling and looking at every bruise, welt and mark. “ It’s so hot Ray, would you prefer a wet cold washcloth placing over your arse instead  ?” Her best friend asked. “ Oh that’s a great idea Su, do you mind ?” Rayanna asked. “ Of course not.” Suquie jumped up, went to the bathroom, found a washcloth and ran it under the cold tap for a long time. Squeezing the water out, she was left with a icy cold cloth which she took and carefully placed it over Rayanna’s bottom. Ray gasped when the cold cloth touched her burning skin, but after a second, it made it feel better. “ Oh that’s nice Su. “ 

Rayanna turned her head to Suquie, “ Can I tell you a secret, and I mean this does have to be between us ?”  She asked her friend. “ Yes of course Ray, you know that. “ Suquie told her. “ Well you know like when I was being caned, I started to feel this like tingle, you know, down there. It was weird coz it hurt like hell yet it felt exciting too.” Rayanna said. “ Do you mean down there, down there ?” Suquie asked. “Yeah, right there.” Rayanna pointed down towards her groin. The girls fell about laughing, they were growing up, their bodies changing,  turning them into grownup mice. They talked about boys and sex a lot, and they had looked closely at each others bodies, their developing breasts, even their pubic hair was examined. Both girls had chatted about playing with each other, just to see how it feels but they hadn’t done anything yet. They were waiting for a sleepover, then they intended to explore. But for now they chatted for a while about how Rayanna felt during her punishment.
Soon Suquie’s parents called for her, it was time for her to leave. Rayanna asked if she could stay for a bit longer but her Pappa said no. The girls hugged each other, saying bye as the parents gave each other a little kiss, hug and shook hands, then they all left.  As Rayanna started to walk towards her dorm, her Pappa told her to go and wait in her parents bedroom. She knew immediately that this will be when her Pappa speaks to her and probably punishes her about what happened. Her Mamma scurried away to tidy up then said she was going to the shops.

Her head hung low, Rayanna pouted then headed to her parents bedroom. She sat on the bed and waited. Now she felt very very nervous, knowing her Pappa was really cross with her. Her Pappa popped his head in the room, “ Go and stand by the wall Rayanna, paws on your head, here is a coin, I want you to hold that coin to the wall with your nose. You will stay there for 30 minutes, if you drop it, the time starts again.” He ordered, the strictness in his voice made Rayanna’s blood run cold. She took the coin, headed to a wall, her eyes filled with tears, then after a few go’s, she was set for standing there for a long long time. “ I want you to be very honest Rayanna, if you drop the coin you will reset the time back to 30 minutes. DO NOT LIE. Do you hear me ?” He ordered, “ Yes Pappa.” Then he walked out of the room.

A few minutes later, Rayanna began fidgeting, and she dropped the coin. Feeling sure her Pappa didn’t hear it drop to the floor, she picked it up and didn’t reset the timer. It was so boring spending 30 minutes facing the wall, Rayanna sung quietly to herself, her feet moving about, she ended up dropping the coin 4 more times, but she thought she was being clever by catching it with her body so it didn’t drop to the floor, incase her Pappa was nearby and heard the little clatter the coin would make when it hit the floor. Again she didn’t change the timer, how would her Pappa know ? He wasn’t in the room, so he won’t know. 

Finally the timer rang out loud, her Pappa entered the room again seeing his daughter facing the wall, he turned the timer off. “Come here Ray.” He ordered, his voice sounded loud and hard. Rayanna moved away, catching the coin and headed to where her Pappa indicated, “Did you manage to do the time out without dropping the coin ?” He asked. “Yes Pappa,” Rayanna said, looking at the floor. “Did you Rayanna ? I would be surprised if you didn’t stumble and drop it, even Mamma does at least once.” Pappa told her. “Did you drop it, tell me the truth.” Rayanna wasn’t prepared to tell her Pappa she dropped it loads, “No Pappa, I held it all the time.” She told him. “Rayanna we have always taught you to be honest, you know lying is wrong.” She started to say something but her Pappa held a finger up to stop her. “As I said you know lying is wrong, yet you lie to me now, right in front of me, are you not in enough trouble ? I saw you drop it 5 times. 5 Rayanna. Isn’t that correct ? Look at me now.” He ordered. Rayanna slowly lifted her head, and looked at her Pappa, he was furious, she had never seen his eyes look so angry. She began twiddling her fingers about and whispered, “Yes Pappa.”
He took a deep breath, shaking his head, what had happened to his little girl, suddenly she has changed so much, not doing as she’s told, cursing, fighting and now lying. This had to stop.

Her Pappa sat on the bed, “Come here.” He ordered. Rayanna slowly headed towards her Pappa, she suddenly felt very very nervous. “I’m very disappointed in you Rayanna, you know better than to lie. Look at me.” He ordered again. “You are grounded for 2 months, your birthday party is cancelled, Do not speak. “ He told her as she was about to complain and argue about it. “I am going to spank you now, then you will stand facing the wall, holding the coin for 1 hour. You drop it, you start again. Then you will go over my knee again. You will be spanked every day, before you start your schoolwork with Mamma and at bedtime, until I feel you have learnt your lesson. So this could be a week, a month or the entire 2 months. I do not care how sore your bottom is going to be, or that you might be going to school with a red, burning, bruised bottom. You will learn never to do this again. Now go into my bedside cabinet and hand me the clear looking paddle.” Rayanna walked over to it, opening the drawer she saw a whole collection of paddles and strange looking things. It was then when she spotted a cane resting against the cabinet, hidden by the bed, plus a black thing that look a bit scary. The clear looking one was on the top of them, it was surprisingly heavy as she picked it up, noticing there were holes in it. Handing it to her Pappa, he pointed to the other side of where he sat, She walked around him and stood by his side, her tummy was in knots and tears were fighting to flow down her face.

Pappa looked at her, “I hope this is the last time I need to punish you like this. I’ve never had to give you a spanking before, I promise you, it will be much worse than your Mamma’s. Now bend over.” 


Rayanna, the very naughty mouse. Chapter 5.


Rayanna lay on her tummy in her cot, she had cried so hard during that spanking she thought she couldn’t cry again, all her tears should be gone by now. Her bottom hurt so badly she couldn’t move,  yet her Pappa had told her she had to come for dinner when it was ready, and she would be sitting on her wooden stool. She thought back to the spanking her Pappa gave her, she never wanted that ever again.

As she bent over her Pappa’s knee, she felt herself shake, her tummy had butterflies, she felt sick and so nervous she thought she would pee. Blinking the tears away, she slowly reached her Pappa, he took her arm and pulled her over his knee. Pappa had very long legs for an adult mouse, and even though Rayanna was just into her teens, her arms dangled and her feet only just touched the ground. But it didn’t seem to matter as he put one leg onto a foot stool, his other leg stayed on the ground. Then he pushed her further over his knee.

Pappa glanced at her very sore bottom, her school skirt barely covering her. “Rayanna this is going to hurt a lot, you will need to accept your punishments like the big girl you tried to be, I hope with this lesson you will learn never to fight, curse or lie again.”

Rayanna remembered her Pappa spanking her with his paw for a while before he pulled her panties completely off. She tried to grab them, keeping them up, but she was slapped on her paw until she let go.

Then she remembered that awful paddle, it stung, bit her bottom, making it burn so badly. This was much worse than the cane, she thought. She cried, screamed and punched at the air to no avail, how was she going to cope with this again at bedtime, then again twice every day until Pappa thought she had learnt her lesson, she thought to herself afterwards. 

Rayanna cried so much her eyes hurt, snot and slobber was dripping from her face as she was over her Pappa’s knee and now once it was all over. But it wasn’t over yet, she had this timeout to do, then he was spanking her again. This break was just for her Pappa to rub cream into her bottom, giving her chance to calm down. “Stand up Rayanna, here’s a washcloth to clean your face.” She took the cloth, wiped her eyes, face then lastly her nose. She still whimpered as her father passed her the coin and pointed to the wall. Taking the coin she started to pull her skirt down when her Pappa stopped her. “Skirt up, in fact, no, just take it off, put it on the bed.” Rayanna winced as she pulled her skirt off, placed the coin on the wall, her Pappa watched as she put her nose to the coin, then put her paws on her head. “Just so you know, I have a camera pointed to that wall so I can watch when you have to do a timeout. That’s how I know so do not think you can trick me.” Pappa walked out then, leaving her trying not to cry so she didn’t drop the coin.

She remembered how for the first 10 minutes she dropped it so many times. Every time she sobbed she would drop it. But this time she made sure she reset the clock. In the end it took nearly an hour and a half to complete.

But just when she thought it couldn’t get worse, it did. Her Pappa heard the alarm go off and was quickly back in the bedroom, he walked over to her and gave her a hug. “Well done Rayanna, I watched how difficult it was at the beginning. Your punishment for now is nearly over. I want you to go and bend over the bed.” Tears welled up in Rayanna’s eyes, she didn’t think she could cope with much more. Suddenly she heard a sound that was a bit familiar but she wasn’t sure. Turned out it was her Pappa taking his belt off. “Rayanna, I can’t tell you how much you have disappointed me, I never thought we would hear such language coming out of your mouth. Mamma counted that you swore 16 times, 16 Rayanna. That’s disgraceful behaviour. Every morning I am going to use my belt on you 16 times, so you can go to school remembering why your bottom hurts so badly. Today you will get 20, every time I use this belt I expect you to count, 1, I’m sorry Pappa, I will not curse. 2, I’m sorry Pappa, I will not curse. Do you understand ?” Pappa had said, so so sternly. “Y……yes Pappa, I understand.” Rayanna said, the words stumbled out.

Then she remembered that first blistering whip, how she thought her skin was going to be ripped off, she wondered if her bottom could burn more if she burnt herself in a fire. Stupid, she knew but she couldn’t help wondering. 

Rayanna couldn’t remember much more of that belting, only at the end when it hurt so much to walk. Pappa gave her a huge hug and stayed with her until her sobbing had calmed down. Then he walked her to her cot, helped her lay on her tummy and gently rubbed some cold cream over her bottom and legs. “Ray, you’ve been a good girl, you stay here until Mamma calls you for dinner. Then you come back and get ready for bed. Do you have homework ?” Pappa asked. “Just some reading.” She had said. “Then you may read it after dinner in your cot then go to sleep. Remember tomorrow  you will get a spanking before school and before bed until I’ve decided you have learnt your lesson. Have a rest now sweetheart.” Then he left the room. 

As soon as he left, she had cried and cried herself to sleep. Mamma woke her up for dinner as she helped Rayanna get out of her cot,  then she walked with her daughter to the kitchen. Pappa was already seated and Rayanna noticed her stool was position at her Pappa’s side. She fought tears away as she carefully sat down, her Mamma helped her get into her nightdress before going for dinner. But just as Rayanna was about to sit down, Pappa told her to lift her nightdress, he wanted her bare bottomed on the stool. Rayanna felt her face flush, her siblings understood what she was going through, they had all been there at some point. As long as she didn’t move, it didn’t hurt too badly, she ate her dinner quietly until her Pappa dismissed her. Getting up was a different matter as her skin was stuck to the bare wood. Crying out a little and wincing, Rayanna slowly got up and went to her dorm. Getting her school book she lay on her cot, trying to focus on the words instead of the pain.

It didn’t take her long to finish the book, when her Mamma popped in. “Here’s some cream for you, you must rub some into your bottom and legs before and after your school day. It will help with the healing. I will leave it here.” she said, “Thank you Mamma.” Rayanna said quietly  then she kissed her daughter lightly on the top of her head and left. Rayanna cried herself to sleep again.

The following morning Rayanna ached everywhere, her body felt like she had been in a fight, but her bottom, oh Lordy, she thought of her school day, sitting all that time, how ? Will wearing panties help ? Then she remembered she wasn’t allowed to wear them and her spanking was due this morning. Tears fell from her eyes as she tried to get dressed, Mamma said she still had to dress in her school uniform even though she was suspended, so she carefully went to the kitchen to get her breakfast. Just as she started her porridge, Pappa said, “As soon as you have eaten go to your room, I will be waiting for you.” Rayanna just whispered “Yes Pappa.” dreading what was to come, her Mamna quickly warned her not to eat her food slower than normal. She was busy getting the school work out for today. Rayanna couldn’t go any slower, she had eaten then taken her bowl to the sink before slowly heading back to her dorm. Her Pappa was quickly behind her, “Quickly Rayanna, I have to go to work. Did you use the cream your Mamma gave you ?.” Oh no, she suddenly remembered it, guiltily she hung her head, shaking it. “I’m sorry Pappa, I forgot, I fell asleep very early.” Her Pappa was furious, lecturing her on why her Mamma lovingly made sure she had the cream to heal her bottom. “Did you use it this morning ?”, he asked. Again she shook her head. “Skirt up, I hope you have no panties on, face that wall with your hands on your head.” her Pappa ordered, then left the room.

Returning after a minute or two, he told her to take one step back then touch her ankles. “You do not move from this position.” His voice was scary, she had never heard him sound like this before. Suddenly she felt this cold stuff drip over her bottom, then her Pappa rubbed this cream (she presumed), all over her bottom and legs, he was not very gentle over her swollen sore skin. When he ordered her to spread her legs, she felt something go over her happy spot. When he ordered her to spread her cheeks, she felt her face blush crimson as again, she felt something go over her bottom hole. Then she was told to resume position.

“I wont tolerate disobedience Rayanna, you should know that by now, yet you didn’t bother to do what your Mamma told you to do. Something that will benefit you, help your skin heal. But no, you chose to ignore it. For this disobedience you will get 20 again. I want you to wear no panties every day you are suspended, I want your bare bottom on your stool as you do your school work.” Her Pappa said as he took his belt off.

As her Pappa was chastising her, she felt a warm tingling sensation in her bottom hole and happy spot. Well it wasn’t as much warm, it was actually getting hotter and more uncomfortable, the tingling was getting stronger. She had no idea what her Pappa had put on her but she knew one thing, Rayanna did NOT like it. She started fidgeting, trying to shake her butt to get whatever it was off her. “Stop moving and stay in position. Move your tail over your shoulder Rayanna. I should not have to tell you this again.” He ordered. “Pappa I can’t, something’s burning me, I need to wash myself.” Rayanna begged, grabbing her tail and just about to stand up, when a sudden swat went across her legs. Rayanna screamed out loud, and another swat followed by another. “This will continue until you get into position Rayanna.” Her Pappa said, swinging that belt over and over, covering her legs with thick welts, the tail end whipped around the front of her legs, the edge cutting into her thighs.

After 10 or more whips with the belt Rayanna got into position, she thought that meant 10 off her morning spanking but she was wrong  “Finally you choose to get into position, now you stay there for your punishment. Move and I will whip your legs again.” Pappa told her, it was very hard to get into position and stay there when you are stood up, bent over holding your ankles. The force of the belt made you move forward, but as long as she got back into position immediately Pappa didn’t mind. 

Rayanna was sobbing before the 20 swats started, she remembered the count she needed to say, as she screamed, wailed, begged him to stop, his swats seemed harder for the last 5, but the last one his belt wrapped around to her front, the tail end whipped her Happy Spot and she fell on her knees.

Struggling to breath as she cried so hard, everywhere hurt.

Her Pappa reached down, helping her up, he hugged her tightly, rubbing her back until she had calmed down. Kissing the top of her head. “Good girl Rayanna, it’s so much easier if you just stayed in position. I hope you are learning from this Ray.” Pappa said quietly. Making soothing noises, kissing her, hugging her until her sobs calmed. Rayanna clung to her Pappa, “I’m sorry Pappa, I really am.” She whispered between sobs. “I know Ray, now come, lie on the bed and I will rub some cream in. I want you to rub more in at lunchtime, dinner time and bedtime today. Do not forget, you don’t want such a bad whipping again tonight.” Her Pappa told her.”Pappa I don’t think I can take any more, please Pappa.” Rayanna willed her Pappa to say No more, but all he said was, “I will tell you when enough is enough young lady, not you. All you have to do is do as you are told. Now you may get up, clean yourself up and your Mamma will have your school work ready. I want to hear a good report of your Mamma today.” He ordered, his voice stern once more. Sobbing Rayanna stuttered, “Yes Pappa.”

She walked awkwardly to the bathroom and washed her face, drying her hands she decided to look at her bottom, so holding her skirt up, her tail was over her shoulders, she looked over her shoulder into the mirror. What she saw shocked her, her entire bottom, back and sides of her legs were swollen, a mass of welts, cuts and bruises. No wonder she could hardly walk, she thought as she carefully lowered her dress and  walked to the kitchen. Mamma had all her books out, the work ready in piles for the day. Her little wooden stool ready for her to sit down.

Somehow Rayanna sat down without wailing, tears fell but she cried quietly, now she was ready for her work. She just hoped she didn’t need to move again soon.

The morning went by surprisingly quickly, she chose to have no morning break, but her Mamma did make her a couple of hot chocolate drinks. “You’ve done very well Rayanna this morning. I’m proud of your work and dedication. I will be sure to tell Pappa how well you’ve worked. Now lunchtime, you may have an hours break and you may have your lunch in your den. I will bring something to you. Please go and put some cream on your bottom before you forget again.” Her Mamma told her, smiling at her little girl, she kissed her cheeks. “Now go, get that cream done first, please.” Rayanna gave her Mamma a hug and whispered, Love you Mamma, before kissing her cheek and walking back to her den.

The first thing Rayanna did was rub some cream into her red hot, welted skin. It was sooo sore and hard to touch but she had to do as she was told so she covered her skin then lay on her tummy waiting for the cream to sink in. She was still allowed her phone so she messaged Suquie, checking to see if she was okay. Miss Finch allowed her to take two weeks off, but doing school work at home a bit like Rayanna except she wasn’t suspended. Miss Finch wanted some time to investigate what exactly had been going on, speaking to teachers, pupils, even looking through the CCTV cameras. She wanted every bit of evidence before making her decision about the future of the other girls. This also meant that Suquie would make a decision about whether she was moving school or not. 

Rayanna felt sick at the thought of losing her best friend at school, she didn’t think her Pappa would let her move school, so she would just have to wait and see what happens.

Her Mamma brought her lunch on a tray, popping it on the table. “Mamma can I phone Suquie whilst I’m on my lunch break please ?” she asked. Her Mamma thought for a moment, “Okay, yes you may and thank you for asking. But I expect all your lunch eaten and you back in the kitchen doing your work at 1pm sharp.” She told her, “Thank you Mamma.” Rayanna smiled and hugged her, “Okay, go on have your lunch. And bring your lunch tray back with you please.” She said as she walked out and left her to call Suquie, she knew Rayanna had been desperately worried about her so she thought it was only fair that she spoke with her. She just hoped she had done the right thing and that Pappa wouldn’t be annoyed with her. She personally did not want a spanking at the moment as her bottom was also welted and terribly sore due to a caning she had been given that morning for being rude to him. She was on a fine line for a severe punishment, one more incident and that would be it. Both Rayanna and her Mamma had to be very good, neither wanted another visit over Pappas knee or bent over the bed. They were determined to show how good they could be.

Rayanna and Suquie chatted for the entire lunch break whilst Rayanna ate her lunch. Suquie felt terribly guilty about the punishment Rayanna had been given

But she told Suquie she would do it all again, if those girls bullied her again. Suquie said she would too, they missed each other terribly, Suquie desperately wanted give Rayanna a big hug. They were thankful that they had still got their phones, for now.


Rayanna, the very naughty mouse. Chapter 6.


Whilst Rayanna was chatting away with Suquie, her Mamma was busy cleaning up the kitchen after lunch, getting the afternoon’s school work ready. The phone rang, picking it up she saw it was her husband. “Hi Sebastian, you ok ?” It was unusual for him to phone whilst in work. “No, I’m not ok. I forgot to take Rayanna’s mobile of her. I don’t want her to be in contact with anyone. I’ve just tried phoning her, and the line is engaged. Do you know about this ?” He did not seem happy about this. “I…..I gave her permission to call Suquie.” Honey told him. “Since when have we allowed our children to use their mobile phones when they are grounded. You should have realised I had just forgotten to take it off her and done it yourself. NOT give her permission to call her friend.” He was furious with his wife. “I know Sebastian, but she just needed to make sure Suquie was ok, they are only chatting hunnie, She’s been a really good girl this morning.” Honey tried to stay cheery, but really she was beginning to feel very nervous. “Oh well, that’s ok then, she’s been good for A morning, after all that’s happened. Really Honey ?” Sebastian told her. “We will talk about this later. You’ve made a grave mistake, one you should never have done. You know mobiles are not allowed if grounded. I’m surprised at you. I will see you later, I think you know what is going to happen.” He hung up, leaving Honey looking at her phone, her hand shaking slightly.

She realised she had just made a terrible mistake and she was going to pay for it. Once Rayanna finished her lunch, her Mamma asked for her phone. “Why Mamma, Pappa didn’t say take it away.” She whined. “No he forgot, he’s just phoned me to say he tried calling you, he knows you were talking to Suquie and he’s not very happy with me at all.” Rayanna thought she knew what she meant by that statement, so without moaning, she handed her the mobile. Mamma smiled, whispered thank you, then took it away. She felt worried about what her Pappa would do, also, would he be mad at her too. She hoped not.

Rayanna continued her homework, there were a few things with her maths she didn’t understand, so she would have to ask her Pappa for help. Mamma wasn’t very up to date with maths nowadays, as it had changed considerably since she was at school. Honey busily prepared and cooked the evening meal and quickly all the family returned home from whatever they were doing, school, college or work. Sebastian was the last to come home, he’d had a very busy day and felt very tired but he had to deal with his disobedient wife. The family chatted non-stop during dinner, only Rayanna and her parents knew something was wrong, but it was always like this. Eventually Honey had cleaned up, Sebastian went to get some bits done himself, then went to see Rayanna. “Hi Pappa, could you help me do my maths. I was struggling with it.” She got up to get her book and together they worked through the parts she was struggling with, he was very good at explaining how to do the working out, she didn’t want to be told the answer, she wanted to know how to do it. Eventually she had completed it all.

“Now Rayanna, come sit on the bed a moment. I believe Mamma gave you permission to speak with Suquie earlier ?” He asked, “ Now you know the rules if you’ve been grounded don’t you ?” He asked, the sound of his voice chilled Rayanna a little. “Y…Yes Pappa, I only wanted to……..” Rayanna began, until her Pappa put a finger up. “Do you know the rules Rayanna ?” He asked, she looked at the floor, “Yes Pappa,” She whispered. “Then why did you ask for your phone ? Your Mamma should have known better than to give it to you, but you should also have known better than to ask. Should you not ?” He asked patiently. “I..I..just wanted to check on Suquie Pappa. I…….” Rayanna tried to explain. “I don’t want excuses, I want you to learn to follow my rules. Over and over you disobey me, well no more. You’ve been a spoilt little brat and I’m not putting up with it anymore. Now you need you’re bedtime spanking before I deal with your mother and I can tell you, I’m not happy with either of you.”  “PaPappa, please.” Rayanna began. “No more Rayanna.” Her Pappa stood up, began unfastening his belt, pulling it quickly through the loops of his trousers, dropping it on her cot, he sat back down and in one quick movement, he grabbed Rayanna’s wrist and threw her over his knee. Her school skirt flew over her bottom before she had a chance to breath then her Pappa began spanking. All the while lecturing her about following his rules at all times, and he was fed up with both her and her Mamma thinking they don’t apply to them. It was going to change from now. Rayanna refused to cry, she was mad at him, she didn’t see any issue with wanting to check up on her friend. Well she was NOT going to cry.

Her Pappa stopped then, reaching for something, she spotted what is was. It was her wooden long school ruler. As he began swinging heavy swats across her sit spots, Rayanna became more and more angry, punching her Pappa’s legs, kicking backwards to try to catch his arms, He ended up putting one leg over her so she couldn’t kick then grabbed both arms and held them behind her back. “And this behaviour is also not acceptable, and will only land you in more trouble,” her Pappa said, swatting the back of her legs, now Rayanna fought the tears away, I will not cry, I will not cry, She told herself, over and over, refusing to get up even though her bottom and legs were now burning madly. “Get up and get over the bed, don’t you dare move,” Pappa told her. She lay over the bed, hugging her pillow tightly under her head. 

Pappa grabbed his belt, raised at and whipped it across her backside, her sit spot and legs until eventually Rayanna couldn’t hold back anymore and she sobbed into the pillow. It didn’t long before she stopped fighting it, Pappa knew she reached her limit, he hated punishing his little girl but enough was enough and she had to learn this.

Stopping, he dropped the belt on the desk, lifted her up, scooped her onto his knees as he sat on the bed, she immediately began hugging him and he did her. Rocking her gently, side by side, kissing her head. “Right lie down, let me rub some cream on, then you can go to bed,” Rayanna climbed off her Pappa’s knee, she was so sore and tender it hurt so much to walk and move, tears began to fall down her face again. Pappa picked up the cream, “Now, what are you going to do with this cream ?” He asked as he gently rubbed it on her bottom, and legs. “Erm, I’m gonna rub cream in morning and night, and maybe during the day, if I need too.” She stuttered. “That’s right, because if you don’t ?” He asked once more, “You will spank me Pappa.” “Good girl, you know I will, I expect you to be obedient, I won’t tolerate this behaviour from any of you, my children or my wife. Now all done, go wash your face and then you can have an early night.” Pappa told her. “But it’s only 7pm Pa……..” She began. “Do I have to give you a reminder of what happens when you don’t do as you’re told ?” He sternly asked, his eyes turned steely grey and his face unrelenting. “No Pappa.” She muttered as she walked to her bathroom  to have a wash, then she went to bed crying into her pillow until she fell asleep.

Pappa put his belt back on and went to the living room, he was exhausted. He helped himself to a drink, took a long sip, thinking about Honey, who he knew would be in a panic, worrying about what her fate would be. No doubt she will have heard Rayanna’s cries, and he would be sure that Honey would be more than crying by the time he’d finished with her. Recently her disobedience had become inexcusable, He intended on making sure this will not happen again and Honey had no idea what was in-store for her. He had booked a long weekend away, Thursday until Sunday, the older children will be in charge of the youngsters and he knew, they would follow the rules, 100%. Honey will think it’s going to be a lovely treat away from home but she will be in for a shock. There was a very special place, almost like his second home, Acorn Snuggery where his disobedient wife will be going. It’s a very old exclusive, private club only for men, who have the highest respect from public clubs, are allowed to join. There anything goes. It is designed for Masters/Mistresses to bring their subs back in order. Specially trained Dominants / Dominatrix’s who are called The Matriarchs work here, using all and any forms of punishment, torture and humiliation. Subs are brought there and left, to be dealt with by these Matriarchs. So they know their misdemeanour must have been extremely serious for them to be sent here. Next door is another private retreat, only for the Masters/Mistresses. Here, in their private quarters, they can continue as normal. They could do work here, or just use the chance to catch up with fellow Masters/Mistresses. Surveillance cameras were everywhere in the Snuggery, and in the retreat the Masters/Mistresses can watch anything that happens, to their own sub and to others. They could even talk to the Matriarch’s via their earpiece. It is recorded and put on a memory stick for each Master/Mistresses, when they leave. It’s an incredibly expensive club to join, but even if you were a millionaire, if Masters/Mistresses from other clubs did not pay them huge respect and get voted into the club, you will not get in. 

It will be extreme, the worst any sub can experience, but, all subs know if they are sent there then there will be unbearable punishments and torture, yet they would have to dig deep inside tthemselves to take it. Only once a Master/Mistresses is sure the sub has learnt their lesson, the retraining will stop. But if the Matriarchs disagree then the sub will stay longer. Sebastian had only sent Honey there once, after being married 5 years, and she only lasted 24 hours. This time she would be there 60+ hours, and he had no intention of ending it early.

She will learn, but she will learn the hard way.

Chapter 7. Rayanna the very naughty mouse.


Rayanna fell asleep pretty quickly, though it was only from tiring herself from crying so much, she was exhausted. Her body was on fire, every tiny movement gave her unbearable pain. She also felt very guilty that her Mamma was in trouble too. And it was her fault, even though Pappa said Mamma knew better than to give her the phone, she still knew it was her fault. 

Back in the living room Sebastian finished his drink, the rest of the family busy doing their own thing, homework, out with mates, the little ones will be tucked up in bed. So he got up in search of his wife. Finding her still in the kitchen, he suspected she had been avoiding him, he said, “We have things to discuss Honey. I will meet you in the office in 10 minutes on the dot.” Then he left the room. 

From entering the office, he had a small bedroom built next to it, mainly designed for if he was working long hours and only wanted a catnap, but it was also soundproofed. For some reason from his office he heard the giant humans, so when they burrowed their home they added thicker walls to the office and bedroom. In the bedroom was a large treasure chest style box in the corner. It contained all his disciplinary items, paddles, whips, straps galore. 

He picked out a thick rubber strap, it was very long and heavy with holes drilled through, ready to bite the skin fiercely. He also took out a long wooden paddle, again with holes in it, it gave a tremendous wallop, lastly he picked out a bullwhip, this only comes out for serious punishments. Then he sat in the office and waited.

After a long 5 minute wait, Honey walked in sheepishly, her tail hung low and her ears were down. There was no chair for her to sit down, he never spoke, she knew what was expected of her. She slowly began to take all her clothes off, folding them neatly on the chair in the corner, her shoes were put side by side next to the stool. Standing up, Honey walked towards the desk again. “I think you know where to go!” Sebastian stated coldly. Quickly Honey walked through the door to his bedroom, she walked to the corner, got on her knees and bent forward. Hands together exactly into the corner, she sat on her back legs, her legs spread wide and tail tucked over her shoulder. Honey was a rather plump mouse after so many children, so her tummy rested on the floor. She stayed there, in this punishment pose until her husband came in. He carried some items as she heard knocks and rustles, she knew she was in serious trouble.

Sebastian sat on the bed watching his wife. Crossing 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            his arms and legs he began his lecture. “ Honey, you seem to be thinking you can just do whatever you want at the moment, in fact since Christmas, you have not followed any rules, I’m having to remind you constantly, and quite frankly I’m tired of it. We’ve been in this lifestyle for over 10 years, you’re rules have not changed a great deal in all that time, so why ? Why do you feel you can just do whatever you want. I’m disappointed in you, you should be too. I used to feel so proud of you as my submissive, yet I feel I need to train you all over again.” Sebastian’s voice was so firm and cold it sent chills down Honey’s spine. “I….I….I’m s….s…..ssorry Sir,” Honey whispered, tears falling down her cheeks, dripping of her long nose. “It’s all very well being sorry now, when you’re caught out again. How about just following the rules. How about just being a good girl, not needing me to check what you’re doing daily, for you to just do it. What impression have you made to Rayanna ? You know she’s becoming a wild mouse at the moment, so instead of being firm with her, you choose to just encourage another break in the rules. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. You’ve left me no choice but start you’re training all over again. And I promise you this girl, you will learn not to test me again. You’re making a complete fool of me, with our children, our fellow lifestyle and vanilla friends. They see you’re behaviour, at home, when we are out, it’s embarrassing Honey. I will not have your misbehaviour rubbing off on Rayanna. She’s at an incorrigible age.” Sebastian began pacing as his lecture continued and Honey sobbed into the floor. “Get on the bed, same position,” he ordered briskly.

Honey held her breath, slowly getting up, instead of going to the bed, she ran to her husband, her arms wrapped around him, begging him for forgiveness. He embraced her, telling her he would forgive her, eventually, but it didn’t mean she was not getting a severe punishment now or having her go through her training once again. Sebastian pushed her away, kissed her gently before telling her again to get on the bed.

Slipping away from her husband, Honey had hoped she could’ve sweet talked him out of it, but no, she knew he was still furious with her. Honey got herself back in position, shoulders and head down on the bed, arms tucked under her head, her round bottom was up in the air and her tail was around her tummy and under her chest to keep it out of the way. She grabbed a handful of bedding to keep a hold onto, also a way of ensuring her hands didn’t move back to cover her bottom.

Sebastian picked up the rubber strap, it was very heavy, leaving a huge crimson mark that left delightful black bruises across her pale pink skin. It’s sole purpose was to bring attention and a reminder to her misdemeanours. Not doing it again. Lifting it up, he felt the weight, preparing himself to punish his wife. He never enjoyed punishing her or his children, but when they broke the rules it was a necessity.

“Honey, you know you deserve this don’t you ?” he asked quietly. “Yes Sir, I do and I will be strong and try not to move. I deserve this, I know. I’m sorry, but you don’t need to retrain me. I will be good, I promise.” Honey said, sounding more positive towards the end. This was how he knew she was just saying it to make her punishment lighter. “Do not tell me what I should or should not do Honey, this again is a sign you don’t care, you will do and say whatever you can to get out of trouble, then just continue.” Sebastian was annoyed by her comment, “Let’s get this done.”
He lifted his arm and swatted her backside, the force sent her flat on her tummy, and she screeched with shock. “Get up.” He ordered, no sooner was she up, he sent another. “Stay up Honey,” he demanded, as another swat ripped across her cheeks. This time she stayed upright, sobbing into the bed sheets, biting her fist to stop screaming, the pain was excruciating, it felt like her skin was being peeled away, yet she could feel the blisters coming up from the holes in the strap. 

Honey couldn’t control her sobs now, Sebastian was going so hard on her, she bit the bed sheets rather than her hands now to stop herself screaming and moving. Thankfully he stopped, giving her a chance to catch her breath and calm down slightly. “Are you learning from this Honey ?” He asked, his voice still stern. “Y…y….y yes Sir, please I am but I can’t take more,” Honey begged once more. “You can and you will. Now up on all fours.” He ordered, getting something of the chair. Sebastian walked over to her, “Open your mouth,” pushing her panties into her mouth. Honey was mortified, trying to push it back out, Sebastian slapped the back of her leg so hard, a muffled cry along with another slap and Honey stopped fighting. She held her panties in her mouth and stayed still, holding her head down, tears rolled down her nose. “Why do you still have to fight me Honey, even now, I’m punishing you and you’re not submitting to me at all. You will be retrained. Now don’t you dare move.” Sebastian warned.

He held the long wooden paddle, knowing how sore her backside was already but not prepared to ease her punishment. There were already black bruises all over her bottom but he continued. 

The slap of the wood as it hit Honey’s bottom sounded almost thunderous, little blisters popped, began to bleed but that wood continued to slap her butt. Ordered to spread her legs more, the edge of the paddle caught her happy spot, bruising her inner thighs and even her labia. Nowhere was left untouched by it. Honey had to dig deep to control herself but her body was shaking. Five more strong whacks and Sebastian stopped, Honey let out a long muffled cry, again thinking it was over.  

Sebastian walked over to her and pulled her panties out of her mouth, Honey gasped for breath, through sobs, she fell face down on the bed and cried and cried. “It’s been a long time since I had to punish you like this isn’t it, I do not enjoy this Honey but I will not have my wife disobeying me, disgracing me again.” He passed her some tissues and a bottle of water, “Have 5 minutes rest, get your breath calm again.” He told her gently, “What is it not over ?” she gasped, “Sir, please, no more….” “You’re doing it again, telling me what to do !” Sebastian was fuming, “I’m not, Sir, I’m just saying, I can’t….”Honey pleaded. “You can and you will. Now get yourself calm and ready. Drink your water now.” He ordered, as he left the room for a few minutes. Knowing she will calm down better without him there because otherwise she will just beg and plead, continue crying and not control herself.

After 5 minutes, Sebastian came back in the room, Honey was getting up on all fours again, “Honey stay lay down, arms, legs spread.” He went over to her and knelt on the floor by her face, “You know I love you right ?” She nodded, “I love you too, I’m sorry I do these stupid things,” “I know, but you also understand why I won’t stand for it, why I punish you now, why I will start the retraining with you again. I want you to follow my rules. There’s nothing awful in them. Show me respect Honey. Right now, let’s get this done with and start again. Okay ?” He kissed her forehead, eyes, tasting the salty tears still staining her face as he kissed her cheeks before finally kissing her mouth, his tongue finding hers as they kissed for a long time. Of course he still loved her but he wanted to show he meant what he said. 

Sebastian picked up the bullwhip and Honey’s eyes widened, tears blurred her vision, she was scared stiff of that whip. “I want you to be perfectly still Honey, I’m going to give you 10 with this over your back, I want you to count them. I know you can take it because you are strong, you are my girl and I love you so much, so be brave for me.” He said gently before giving her a soft kiss, tears rolled down her face but she nodded, she could do this, only 10, she can do it.

Honey prepared herself for the next onslaught, the whip terrified her but she was going to prove to Sebastian that she is his girl, his submissive, his.

The whip whistled through the air and flicked across Honey’s back, Honey squeezed her eyes tightly, grabbed the bedding and said 1 clearly, making Sebastian smile. She’s in the right headspace now, the fighting stopped, this was purely her proving she can do it for him, for herself, she wants to make him proud. Another flick made her gasp, 2, she muttered. No time to think as the whip continued to strike her back, tears streamed down her face, her eyes sore because she was squeezing so tightly. But she kept going, digging deep inside herself, until finally she muttered 10. Then she allowed the tears to fall properly, quickly Sebastian dropped the whip, climbed on the bed, gathered his wife into his arms carefully before hugging her tightly, kissing her head, face, arms, anywhere he could reach that wasn’t sore. He made soft soothing noises, calming her down. He felt her tears run down his neck, probably slobber and snot too but he loved the closeness before he gave her after-care, she knew he loved her so much for taking this punishment, yes it was severe, yes it was harsh, she would still have the additional training at the Acorn but she won’t know about that until the following weekend when he takes her there. He doubted she’d remember where they were going, it was over 15 years ago when she went that first time.

Honey was so exhausted she was nearly asleep when Sebastian got up from the bed. He got a bowl of warm water and a washcloth, soothing cream and plasters, then went back to Honey. “Baby, I need to clean you up, stay brave coz its going to tingle a bit.” He told her quietly, Honey nodded and waited for the sting. She flinched as her husband gently washed her bottom, legs then back. There were no cuts on her back so he carefully massaged some cream over it, then applied several plasters on her cheeks and one on her leg, he gently rubbed some cream around the plasters, until he had covered all the nasty welts and bruises. And there were many. 

Sebastian tidied up, leaving Honey to rest and let the cream sink in, then picking up a robe from the door, he helped Honey stand up and slipped her robe on. A few tears rolled down her cheeks when she got up, holding onto Sebastian as they walked slowly to their dorm. He slipped off her robe and helped her into bed, she fell asleep almost immediately as he kissed her gently. Getting ready for bed himself, he went and did a final check up, closing all the doors before climbing into bed, snuggled gently next to his wife and fell asleep.


Chapter 8. Rayanna, the naughty little mouse.


The following few days were hard for both Rayanna and Honey, Pappa had continued daily spankings for Rayanna and Honeys bruises were now black, covering everywhere, including her back. It had taken a lot of will power to just get out of bed the next day but Honey dragged herself and her little girl out of bed to start her school work. She wanted to allow her to sit on a cushion but she didn’t dare, incase Sebastian came home early. Plus there was no way she would defy him again. All she could do was ensure Rayanna put cream on, morning, noon and night, which did help her a bit. But also make sure she did all her work as she herself did all her chores. Not wanting any excuse for her husband to be mad with her.

Rayanna was trying hard to be very very good, she got her school work, sat awkwardly on the stool, the pain ran up and down her body, tears sprang from her eyes, but all she could do was breath deeply and focus on her work instead. Honey was busy with her chores, popping in and out of the kitchen, checking on her youngster, if she needed anything or any help.

As each day passed, they were slowly feeling the bruises fade, ten days later, Honey’s bottom now only showed yellowing faded bruises, her back was now clear of any marks. Rayanna’s bruises were practically gone even though she was still getting her spanking every day, now it wasn’t quite as painful as before. And it was nice that the atmosphere was now pleasant again, Pappa was not checking over every tiny thing anymore so it just felt more relaxed. For Honey though, she felt things were still tense, Sebastian was his usual caring self, but she felt things were not over. Maybe she was just mistaken, she certainly hoped so. 

Wednesday evening, the family were sitting down for dinner, Sebastian hadn’t been home long, he had just got changed from his suit to something more relaxing but he was looking very tired at the head of the table. Everyone chatted away as they passed dishes of food all around, the noise was loud, bustling kids grabbing the food they wanted, soon though everyone went quieter as they began munching on their dinner. Towards the end of their meal, Pappa said, “Now I have some news, your Mamma and I are going away for the weekend, we will go first thing in the morning, Cara will be in charge of everything. Do you hear me ?” He looked directly at Rayanna, she realised he meant Cara would be in charge of her spankings, and that thought horrified her. She opened her mouth to protest, “This is not up for discussion, Cara is the oldest, so she will be in charge. No one had better disappoint me.” He glared at Rayanna, sensing her shock and change of attitude with her. She shook her head, ready to throw a tantrum, there was no way she was going to let Cara spank her. “Pappa I will not let Cara punish me, no way, it’s not happening. She’s my sister not my parent.” Rayanna shouted. “She’s no right! ”  Cara shook her head, Rayanna still has a lot to learn, she thought, looking at Pappa, who nodded his head, she stood up, walked to a kitchen drawer, took out a thick wooden spoon, sat down again, waiting for the next nod from Pappa. Rayanna was still kicking off, as she shouted at Pappa and Mamma. Pappa nodded at Cara once more, then she stood up, grabbed Rayanna’s arm, pulling her towards her own chair, she sat down, throwing Rayanna over her knee, grabbed the wooden spoon and walloped her bottom. With all the struggle, Rayanna’s skirt was already up over her bottom, so Cara was able to aim for her sit spots whilst Rayanna kicked and punched into the air. The other siblings watched quietly as they ate, thankful it wasn’t them. Ten agonizing swats later, Rayanna was crying, embarrassed and very humiliated. 

“So Rayanna, now you know your sister can spank very hard, I suggest you do as you are told. Go stand in the corner, skirt up until I tell you.” Pappa told her as she glared at her parents and at Cara. “Put that back in the drawer please.” Cara asked sweetly, holding the spoon, Rayanna threw her a filthy look, snatching the spoon she threw it back in the drawer and stomped to the corner, her face flushed and tear stained, she was fuming with them. The other siblings just sat quietly, knowing not to get involved.

“As I said, Mamna and I are away from tomorrow morning so I want you all to do your chores and do as Cara tells you. I don’t want to hear about any bad behaviour from any of you. We will be back late Sunday evening, we won’t need a meal Cara, we will have something there.” Pappa told her. Cara nodded her head, “That’s fine Pappa, everything will be fine here, so you go and enjoy your weekend.” “Where are you going Pappa ?” Colin said, the middle son. “That’s a surprise Colin, I don’t want to spoil it for your Mamma.” Pappa said. Colin nodded his head, understanding what Pappa was saying. 

Honey was surprised by this announcement, smiling to her husband, she said, “What do I need to pack ?” She asked. “Don’t worry about that, I will do it. I want you to sleep well tonight, so have an early night please.” He said,  gathering the dinner plates as Honey stood up and took the plates away, bringing the dessert for everyone. The chatter restarted as Rayanna still stood in the corner, still fuming. This can’t be happening, she had no intention of letting Cara spank her, NO WAY.

When the children went off after dinner, to do their own thing, Sebastian helped Honey clear the table. She was giddy with excitement about the weekend away. “Where are we going ? What do I need to pack ? Why didn’t you say anything ? Thank you for such a lovely surprise.” She said over and over though Sebastian didn’t give her any clues. She was told that he had already packed his and her bags, she didn’t need much anyway. “I’m very annoyed with Rayanna’s behaviour again, I don’t know what’s going on with her. It’s like she’s turned into a rebellious teenager overnight, we need to clamp down on her.” He told Honey. “I think that’s exactly it Seb, she is a teenager, her hormones, her body is changing, it’s a hard time for any mouse. Should we not ease up on her ?” She asked him. “Absolutely not, she will run amok and become a delinquent. She’s already a spoilt brat. I will deal with her shortly. Give yourself an early night tonight please, we need to be up by 6am.” Sebastian told her kissing her cheek. 

Honey finished cleaning the kitchen, as she walked to the hall she spotted 2 small bags of luggage, she was just about to open them when Sebastian walked through. Taking the bags he said he was just about to put them in the car. “But I don’t know if you’ve packed everything.” she stated. “I have, I promise. If you’re all done, why not run a nice hot bath, bed by 8pm please.” Sebastian ordered. “Bu……..b……but, yes Sir.” She told him, knowing she would be in trouble if she argued. So she headed upstairs to run the bath.

Sebastian put the bags in the boot of the car, closing it again, he lent on it thinking about Rayanna. He couldn’t believe that outburst again, what should he do with her. If she was a few years older, he would take her to the Snuggery. But she has to be 16 to go. And if this continues, that is exactly where she was going, for her 16th birthday.

He headed back to the house, going to his office. There he picked up a very heavy wooden bath brush, this was feared by everyone in the house plus a thick cane then he walked up the stairs and stopped outside Rayanna’s room. Her music was blaring so she didn’t hear him walk in. He found her on Colin’s laptop, skyping with Suquie. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING RAYANNA ?” He yelled, making her jump, turning around and closing the laptop, at the same time. “Whose laptop is this ?” He asked, furious with her. “Colin’s…” Rayanna muttered. “Does he know ?” Pappa asked her, Rayanna shook her head. “Colin, come here a minute.” He called to his son, Colin quickly appeared at the bottom of the stairs, “Yes Pappa, what’s up ?” He asked as he climbed up the stairs. “Did you know Rayanna took your laptop ?” Pappa asked. “No, no I didn’t, what the hell Rayanna, have you been in my room again?” he yelled. Rayanna defiantly shrugged her shoulders, refusing to answer, just throwing him an evil look. “Pappa I want a lock on my door, will you help me put it on. I’m fed up of her going through my stuff.” Colin asked, furious with his sister. “Yes son, I will. Here you go, I suggest you change the password.” Pappa told him. “I will Pappa, I‘ll do it now.” Colin took the laptop, glaring at Rayanna who had the audacity of putting her middle finger up at him quickly. But not quick enough that her father didn’t miss what she did.  

“Undress and get in the corner.” Pappa ordered, placing the brush and cane on the bed, then he walked out. He went back to his office, opened a drawer and picked out an unopened bag. Taking it back upstairs, he entered her bedroom, grabbed her earlobe and dragged her into the bathroom. “You think you are being smart don’t you Rayanna, taking things that don’t belong to you, using your middle finger to your brother. Well this will stop right now. Stand facing the wall.” Pappa shouted at her whilst he opened the bag. Inside were the contents of a douche, so he got everything ready, filled 3 jugs with warm soapy water, got the nozzle and tubes connected, finally putting some lube on the side. “So young lady, I think we need some serious attitude adjustments. I do not like the change in you, lie on the floor, on your back, knees up to your chest. NOW.” Pappa ordered, he had a no-nonsense tone to his voice.

Rayanna felt totally humiliated being naked in front of her father and lying on the floor like she was told, her most private areas on show. She could feel herself blush bright red.
“See if you think you’re all grown up and can do what you want, you think it’s okay disrespecting me, your mother, teachers at school, then it’s time to give you a more grown up punishment. Or part 1 of it. Your mother has this punishment. It’s called a douching, I’m going to insert this nozzle into your bottom hole, right inside.” Rayannas eyes grew wide, “ Then see there are jugs of soapy water there, I’m going to fill your naughty bottom with this water using this bag and these tubes. You will then hold this water inside your naughty bottom, until I tell you, you can release it. And do not think this will be easy because I promise you, it won’t.” Rayanna just glared at him, her nostrils flared as she angrily fumed at what he said. Suddenly something cold dripped over her bottom hole, making her jump. Then a finger went inside her, it felt painful, very humiliating and uncomfortable. The finger came out then the hard nozzle was pushed inside her, as he pushed it past the tight ring of muscle, “Hold it there Rayanna. Do not push it out until I tell you. Understand ?” He asked, Rayanna refused to answer, so he slapped her very hard across her leg, “I said understand ?” Rayanna cried out, rubbing her leg, “Yes Pappa.” She replied, her voice quiet. Soon she felt pressure build up inside, she felt the warm water entering her, almost flowing through her tubes inside until it reached her bowel. She began whimpering as the second jug was poured inside, that’s when the pain really did take hold. Sebastian decided to leave the third jug, there was a lot of fluid already inside her, he didn’t want to damage her insides. “I’m going to slowly pull the nozzle out, it will be uncomfortable again, but focus. You do not release and empty your bowel until the alarm goes off, if I feel it necessary, I will repeat the process again. Once you’ve emptied it all out, then I will spank your naughty sore butt.” he picked up the timer that was on the shelf, putting it on for half an hour. “Stay on the floor until the alarm goes off, then you may release everything in the toilet. If I’ve not come back after the timer ends and you’ve finished emptying out, you can go and stand in the corner.”

Carefully and slowly he pulled the nozzle out, making her gasp and roll to her side, holding her tummy. Sebastian put everything in a bag to clean later on and left the bathroom. Why was he having so much trouble with his wife and youngest at the moment, he just didn’t understand. Walking past his bedroom, he heard Honey in the bath, she will be primping herself for the ‘weekend away’. If only she knew. 

After half an hour he knew Rayanna would be squirming on the floor, but he didn’t go up to check. Not just yet, he wanted to see exactly if his daughter followed his instruction.

For Rayanna, this had been the hardest half an hour of her life. The pain in her tummy was so awful, she couldn’t stop herself crying, rolling around the floor, hugging her legs to her tummy in foetal position, desperate to empty her bowels. Squeezing her bottom cheeks tightly together to stop anything leaking out. But she successfully kept in this position until her Pappa returned. 

“You may release it now, once finished, I want you to take a shower.” he said as she struggled to get up and crawled to the toilet, standing up, she quickly sat down and released. Oh the pain made her double up over the toilet but she stayed there until she felt finally empty.

Yet the pain was still there, grateful that she was empty but her body still convulsed. When it eased again, she turned the shower to very hot, climbed in and let the water run down her back. Unaware that her Pappa had walked in. “Pappa, I emptied out, like you told me.” 

“Good girl. Now I want you to bend over, hold the taps and do not move.” He turned the shower off as Rayanna tried to cover herself up. “Position,” he shouted as he reached for the bath brush. Looking at it, Rayanna wondered what the point of that was, it didn’t look like much, but she soon understood that it was a very painful implement. She gripped the taps tightly as her Pappa paddled her backside again. Pappa lectured her about behaving and stop doing things that break his rules. Her attitude was disgraceful, he didn’t appreciate the change in her and if this continued she would be spanked every day. Rayanna bawled like a baby, after having the douche thing, her bottom hole was very very sore so when Pappa paddled over the crack of her bottom it bruised her hole even more. She screeched when the bathbrush hit her legs, there didn’t seem to be any part of her bottom or legs left untouched. “Spread your legs and your bottom cheeks,” Pappa ordered. “W….w…….WHAT ?” Rayanna shouted. “You heard me, spread now.” Her Pappa was getting annoyed with her attitude again. But somehow, she spread her legs, arms moved back to reach her buttocks then spread them. “I’m going to give you 10 more, I want you to count, 1 I will be a good girl, 2 I will be a good girl. 1 extra swat if you miscount.” Pappa told her.
He patted the brush over her bottom hole and happy spot, then he began. He hit her solidly and central, so hard Rayanna struggled to get the words out, but eventually she said her line, over and over. She could feel her happy spot swell up, and deep bruises between her legs where the edge of the brush caught her inner thigh. Her legs began to shake, feeling like she couldn’t cope. She let go, stood up and begged her Pappa to stop. Then she did the stupidest thing she could have done. She grabbed the bath brush and threw it across the room, then tried to climb out of the bath.

“How dare you Rayanna.” Pappa bawled at her. But Rayanna was furious with him, “Please Pappa stop now.” As her Pappa stopped her climbing out of the bath, she stood, arms crossed looking even more defiant, “How dare you, you are a wanton young lady, you will not become unmanageable, this is not just naughty behaviour this is obstreperous and I will not accept this, put your hands out in front of you.” She glared at him, but did as she was told as he picked up the bath brush. “If you ever grab an implement I am using again, I will punish your hands as well.”

With that, he brought the brush down with a loud crack, as it hit her palms, Rayanna let out a cry, but refused to let tears fall. 10 excruciating swats later on her hands, then it was over. Well for her hands anyway. “Turn, bend and spread, do the 10 again.” Pqppa told her, turning around, the fight seemed to have left her as she did as she was told. Taking the 10 strong swats over her happy spot and bottom hole, she didn’t utter one cry, let one tear fall, she just stood there until they were over. It was then he chose to leave the cane.

Pappa helped her out of the bath, covering her with a towel, he hugged her tightly. “I want my good little girl back Rayanna, please do not get in any bother again. Now dry yourself off, get ready for bed, I will rub cream in then you can go to sleep.” Pappa told her, noticing this coldness over her, she looked angry, stubborn, he imagined she was thinking all sorts in her head. He reached down and gave her a kiss then she walked away.

Ten minutes later he came into her room, she lay on her tummy, reading. He gently rubbed cream in, Rayanna muttered sorry to him, but it didn’t feel like she meant it but he left it alone for now, kissed her, gave her a big hug, getting a halfhearted hug back from her, then told her to read for half an hour then straight to sleep. She nodded but didn’t speak, she was really angry, she didn’t feel upset, she felt defiant. She wanted to do what she wanted to do and her Pappa and Mamma were not going to stop her.

Chapter 9.


Rayanna had blanked out everything Pappa was saying, making the appropriate sounds to pretend she was listening, instead she was thinking of every curse word she could scream at him. Looking forlorn at Pappa had worked, he kissed her on the cheek, whispering to be his good little girl. ‘Yeah right Pappa, whatever.’ she thought to herself.

She fell asleep whilst reading her book, the side light was still on, her book open on the pillow when Cara popped her head in, quietly she put the book on her bedside table and turned the light off. She looked at her for a few seconds, shaking her head, even she had seen a difference in her baby sister, her defiance was a shock, she just didn’t care what the repercussions were, she was going to do what she wanted.

Honey was asleep early too, though she had a nervous butterfly feeling in her tummy that all was not as it seemed. But Sebastian wouldn’t tell her anything about where they were going.


The following morning Sebastian and Honey were up early,it was Friday, a school day so Honey was busy getting breakfast ready for the family. Slowly all the children began to get up and head to the kitchen. Sebastian asked to speak with Cara in his study, he was sat at his desk, motioning to Cara to sit down. “Cara I know you’re the oldest and I often give you far too much responsibility but this weekend is very important, Rayanna must not be allowed to get away with any attitude and she’s grounded so don’t let her talk you round to letting her go out. Here’s the key to my cupboard, if you need to punish her for anything other than her morning and night spankings then I want you to use something from there. These are mostly implements I’ve used on your mother, they are serious instruments as you know, so use them if you feel you can handle it.” He told Cara, deadly serious, “Don’t worry Pappa, I will be okay, I’ve watched you in action all my life, I’ve heard you, but if she doesn’t listen……..” Cara stopped, looking worried, she didn’t want her Pappa to punish her for not keeping her baby sister under control. “If you can’t, then I know you will have tried your best, I don’t know what’s got into her lately, she’s like a different kid. I think she’s the naughtiest out of all of you, even your brothers. But I have a little plan in mind, well possibly. I know you will try your best Cara.” Pappa stood up, went round the desk and hugged her, “Love you Cara, and thank you.” “It’s fine Pappa, I like being in charge anyway,” Cara said laughing, “I can get all the boys to do the grotty jobs.” They went off to the kitchen where it was a bustling room of kids eating various different meals, the noise level was high as they chatted, argued, fought with each other.

“Honey, get yourself sorted now, we will be leaving soon.” Sebastian told her. Cara took over the kitchen duties, telling the boys to be quieter and stop arguing. As it was a Friday, everyone had school, so once they had eaten, the kids went dashed off to get dressed. Rayanna turned up as the room went quiet, “Ahh Rayanna, you need to get some breakfast and get into your uniform, then get on with the school work set at the kitchen table. I don’t know if Pappa is sorting your morning spanking or I am,but for now breakfast please.” Cara smiled at her as Rayanna scowled, getting her breakfast. Cara left Rayanna to get herself sorted, found Pappa in the office again, he seemed preoccupied. “Pappa, sorry to disturb you, I just wanted to know if you are doing Rayanna’s morning spanking.” Pappa looked up from his computer, “Erm yes I will, Mamma is just getting dressed.” He got up and left the office with Cara, finding Rayanna still in the kitchen. “Have you had your breakfast Rayanna ?” He asked. Rayanna shook her head, she’s sulking, Pappa thought to himself. He changed his mind. “Cara, I’ve changed my mind, I want you to do it but I want to supervise. Rayanna go to your bedroom and prepare yourself please. You can have breakfast after.” Pappa waited, watching Rayanna as she thought about moving, throwing her Pappa a dirty look, she scraped the chair away from the table, got up and roughly shoved the chair back under the table. As loudly, as stroppily as she could before stomping to her room, sitting on the bed she knew she should be bent over the it, bottom bare waiting for him, but she just sulked sat down instead.

Soon Pappa came in, with Cara. He didn’t speak, just stood by the door and watched. “In position now,” Cara ordered, Rayanna stared at her, folding her arms. “You can do this the easy way or the hard way Rayanna, either way I will be spanking you, it will just depend how severe it will be, by what you choose to do now.” Cara said, her voice strong and firm, not gentle like she normally sounds. “Have a think, I will be right back.” Rayanna just stared at her Pappa, he could tell she was ready to throw a major tantrum.

When Cara returned she was holding some paddles, dropping them on the bed, Rayanna purposefully didn’t look at them. “So how are we doing this, easily or hard ?” She asked her baby sister. Still her Pappa said nothing, just stood, looking stone faced at her. Rayanna refused to speak, so Cara sat on the bed, quickly before Rayanna could think or fight, she lifted Rayanna’s legs up and over her own legs, quickly she lifted one leg and trapped Rayanna’s legs whilst moving her across her knee, as Rayanna was dragged over Cara’s knee, her nightie rose up, leaving her bottom bare. Cara’s left arm hugged Rayanna’s waist firmly, tucking her tail under her arm, she reached across the bed for the jokari paddle. Pappa smirked when he saw this, Cara had chosen well. “Just so you know, I take these responsibilities very seriously, so when Pappa says I’m in charge, I AM IN CHARGE. And I will punish any one of you siblings, if you do not behave. And if Pappa says you are to have a morning and night spanking then that’s what you will get.” Lifting the jokari, she walloped her baby sisters bottom over and over again. Aiming for the same spots deliberately, just above her sit spot. Pappa had a slight smile on his face, proud of how Cara was dealing with her sister. Rayanna screamed from that first smack, crying into the bed, when Cara finished, she chose not to use the other paddle, she would use that tonight, she thought. Grabbing some cream on the bedside table, Cara slowly and carefully rubbed cream onto her scorching bottom as Rayanna still cried, her said said soothing words to her before telling her to get up, Rayanna stood in front of Cara. “Ray, I do not want to have to spank you like that again, but I will if I have to, using the Jokari in the morning and using this school strap before bed. And I promise you, you will not want to experience this one. Come here Ray.” Cara said gently, hugging her sister until the sobs slowed down, Pappa quietly left the room, very pleased with Cara’s spanking. “Now I’m going to leave these two paddles here on your table as a reminder to behave, now you understand I mean what I say don’t you ?” She asked her, Rayanna sniffed and nodded. “Good girl, now I want you to have half an hours cornertime, in the kitchen whilst I get your school work ready, then I will make you breakfast. Let’s go,” Cara told her, smacking her bottom so she moved. Cara followed Rayanna into the kitchen, “Face this wall, bottom bare please,” she said sweetly to Rayanna, “Hands on your head please.”
Cara got the school work already, then began preparing Rayanna’s breakfast. Pappa walked in, “We are off now Cara, we will be back late Sunday, we won’t need a meal. Ray please be a good girl for Cara,” he kissed the girls heads, patted Rayanna’s burning backside then walked out. Honey was already getting in the car, still anxious with a sick feeling in her stomach, yet she didn’t know why. But she didn’t understand it, but she had a feeling she wasn’t going to enjoy this weekend, maybe Sebastian wanted to take her away so it was just us, so he can seriously dominate her, control her and punish her severely. To remind her exactly what her place is in this dynamic. Quietly they drove out of their drive, heading south down the A roads, with no idea still where they were going.



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“Sara come here, Teri I want you to watch everything. You get over my knee now. I suspected you would try to make up some plan to get to go to the party. I’ve been watching everything you did, every little lie you thought you got away with, I checked up on everything. Isn’t it about time you stopped defying me.” Si  shouted whilst he yanked her Pyjama bottoms down, slapped her so hard she yelped so loudly, the sound of the slap and yelp made Teri jump, but Si kept looking at her to check she was watching, so she didn’t dare look away. Ten terrifyingly hard smacks, Sara still wasn’t crying, Teri noticed, or fighting, it was like she was resigned to it, there was no point fighting, yes she cried out in pain but she didn’t cry. Yet Teri had fought, screamed, cried after 10 smacks nowhere near as hard as this. The next thing Teri witnessed was Si opening some storage box next to him. He got out these 2 scary looking paddles, baby oil, cream and wipes, putting them all on the settee next to him. He started to pull her panties down then stopped “You may as well stand up and take your pyjamas and panties off completely. Move.” he said slapping the back of her leg, whimpering Sara stood up, took her slippers off, putting them on the floor together and neatly, she pulled her bottoms off, which again she folded and left on the table, lastly she repeated with her panties, quickly she returned to her position over Si’s knee, she did this all without Si speaking, she knew exactly what to do. More importantly, Teri saw how crimson Sara’s bottom was from just 10 smacks with Si’s hand.

Teri was finding all this fascinating, and dare she say, more than a little turned on by it. Just seeing Sara undress, fold then go back over his knee, she was wetter than a bath sponge, she thought soon she’d have to wring her panties out before it was her turn. She was sat with her legs crossed and unknowingly her heel was rubbing her pussy and she ground down on herself hard, hoping because the table was in front of her, Si wouldn’t notice.

Si soon brought Teri back down to earth by asking her to move the coffee table to one side. As she did it, she felt her wetness stick to her pussy so she quickly pulled her clothes away, Si hadn’t missed this movement. Table away, Si instructed Teri to move back 2 steps from where she was and to sit crossed legged, ordering to watch again. Meanwhile Si shuffled himself forwards until he was on the edge of the settee. His long legs pulled up to the back of the seat, meaning his knees went up higher, he pushed Sara more over, so her bottom was high up over his knee. The perfect position for him to spank all of her, Teri thought. Sara was holding herself up, Teri could see it was tricky as she went from both hands on the floor to one arm wrapped around one of Si’s legs, but he didn’t seem to mind.

“Legs.” Si ordered, slapping them. Immediately Sara opened her legs wide, now she understood why Si needed more room. Sara’s feet barely touched the floor, Teri felt a bit embarrassed as she now had a perfect view to Sara’s pussy and ass, yet as she watched her clit started to pound and swell. Si had a slight smirk on his face as he watched Teri, she was certain that he knew what was going on inside her head and down below inside her panties. She even started to feel her nipples harden as she watched as Si poured a bit of baby oil on each ass cheek. Watching as Si rubbed the oil over her entire bottom, down her legs to her knees , inner thigh and over her pussy. The oil left a beautiful sheen over Sara’s body.

Si wiped his hand on the towel that was beside him then picked up this round, leather paddle.

“Teri this is a Beaver Tail Paddle, it’s very strong and a thick leather that gives a perfect slap to a naughty girls ass, isn’t that right Sara ?” Si asked.

“Yes Daddy.” Sara said, speaking clearly.

He rested the paddle on her ass for a second before lifting it up, and wallop, the smack as leather hit skin was intensifying, her skin turned crimson after just one hit but looked so sexy as her skin glowed. Si started his spanking then, Teri never imagined it could be like this as she watched that paddle strike her over and over. Si hit the back of her legs, that was when Sara showed a reaction. She cried out loud at each hit on her legs, louder still when her inner thighs met that mean looking paddle. Sara had grabbed hold of Si’s leg with both arms now, as she began crying. When the pain became too much Sara closed her legs more or her legs began flailing about like wild but Teri wondered if she even realised, She looked almost zoned out from everything around her, just focusing on coping with the pain. The bruises over her legs looked so painful, Teri winced just looking at them.

Teri had no idea how many strikes she got, but it was a lot, Sara’s bottom was more a shade of purple now. Si dropped the paddle, picking up the oil again, he repeated the same process as before. Teri wanted to ask questions but felt this wasn’t the time, maybe I will discuss it all with Sara when they could talk, she thought to herself.

“This here is Sara’s Little Devil Paddle, she named it that as it’s a purely wicked paddle and the holes add to it’s fierceness. They cause blister bubbles which are very painful, then sometimes if the blisters burst, they may begin to bleed. Blood does not frighten me, Sara expects to see blood from either play or punishment. Don’t you Sara ?” he told Teri as he rubbed more oil everywhere then wiped his hands again.  

“Yes Daddy, I expect to see blood, it means I’ve had a good spanking.” Sara said, her voice sounded waverie, she was catching her breath and trying to get comfy.”Please Daddy, I am really sorry.” she pleaded.

“You’ve got a long way to go before I accept your apology.” Si replied, it made Sara cry again.

All through this spanking, Teri watched everything as Si paddled her butt. Sara cried quietly until he hit a certain spot and then she screamed out, she saw these blister bubbles rise up, some bursting then after more hits, an area would start to bleed. Teri hadn’t realise she was grinding herself harder as she sat down and watched her best friend get spanked, she was so horny now, she began to understand Sara’s love of BDSM. Si used this paddle for longer than the other one and it was getting more of a reaction from Sara. Sometimes she screeched, begged, cried, screamed, but she still didn’t struggle to get away. Sara’s bottom was now becoming more black than purple, Teri had no idea how Sara sat down after this, yet she does.

“The last 10 Sara, you know what to do.” Si ordered.

A terrifying slap hit the spot where leg met bottom, Sara screamed out, her arms and legs just flapped about, with a quivering voice she said.

“1, I’ve been a very naughty girl and need to be punished, I’m sorry Daddy.”

Another fierce wallop on the same spot, then he waited whilst Sara tried to speak.

“I’m waiting,” Si told her as he started tapping her legs, but it must have felt more than a tap as Sara went hysterical, crying out her count and sentence. This continued, Si did 5 hits on this area, she wasn’t sure why, that was another question to ask, but Teri began to love what she was witnessing. She had never been smacked as a child, neither had Sara, yet she was getting more and more enamoured by it all. And Teri wanted to watch more. The last 5 went to her central bottom, her thighs then the last one went back to the same spot as before. By now Sara was fighting to stay in control of herself as Si put the paddle down. There was blood all over but Teri didn’t know if the entire area was cut up or the blood had just spread around. Si got the wipes out then and gently wiped her legs and bottom, examining the damage. Teri could see Sara wince and jump at this touch, but she was surprised to see only a few areas that were open wounds. This time he used the baby lotion over Sara’s bottom and legs.

“Legs “ Si ordered once more, wiping his hands.

Si left his hands on Sara’s back, “So Teri, do you understand what you could be getting yourself into if you join us properly? Are you prepared for this ?”

“I….I don’t know Daddy, I’ve never witnessed anything like this! “Teri stated.

“No I guess you haven’t but if you join us, I’m very strict, I don’t like it if you disobey me.” Si told her, his hand slid over Sara’s burning bottom, his nails grazing over, causing her to flinch and jump again. Then his hand ventured down between her legs, feeling her wetness.”You dirty girl, your cunt is saturated. How dare you get turned on.” Si lifted his hand up and slapped her pussy so hard, Sara cried out, Teri jumped up in shock as she watched Si pound her pussy with the palm of his hand, over and over, it sounded odd, like when you clap your hands when they are wet, sort of echoey, yet you can hear the wetness too. Teri watched as she saw Sara’s pussy swell, she could even see her clit double in size. Sara was distraught now, pleading, begging for him to stop.

Suddenly he did and pulled Sara up to standing, though she wobbled about quite a lot, Teri got a full on look at Sara’s bruised backside, she wasn’t horrified but she was shocked, she had no idea it got this severe.

“Knees on the settee, lean forward, butt right out.” Si ordered. He bent down and retrieved the 2 canes he had placed there before. When Teri saw them she almost peed her panties. Then thought it may detract from her slick wetness if she did pee herself but she thought the punishment for wetting herself would be very serious. So she was just left with a very turned on soggy pussy, she just wished she had her wand to play with later her pussy was almost hurting now it was pounding so much.

“This is a Dragon Cane Teri, I’d say in the right hands it could be one of the worst canes available.” He turned to face Sara, she was still crying, her head stuffed into the cushion  of the settee, which was probably a good job as the scream that came out of her was bone chilling, she bit into the cushion to try to stay quiet.

A thick purple line appeared across her bottom, another strike, another scream, but muffled into the cushion. Poor Sara’s hands fisted the cushion or opened wide in the shock of each strike. Teri didn’t like this, it looked vicious, it reminded her of school in the olden days, or slaves being whipped with sticks or whips. She looked away, this was too much, just too much, she wanted to stop Si, wrap Sara up in a blanket and take her to bed, but she was obviously used to this and Si seemed very experienced with it. Again he aimed for that spot between leg and arse, which was now cut, bleeding and black.

“Open your eyes and watch Teri, you see, Sara as you know, is a very naughty brat, and when the rules are repeatedly broken, the more severe the pain toys will be used. Eventually, she may learn to do as she’s told. But that’s doubtful. For now I will punish her until she at least tries.”

The next strike went down her legs actually catching the back of her knees, she dropped into a heap, her hands going to the back of her knees.

“Please Daddy, please no more, please I can’t take any more.” Sara begged, Teri had tears in her eyes watching her best friend beg him to stop. But he grabbed her by her hair and yanked her up and back into place. She was just about to say something to Si when Sara caught her eye, shaking her head slightly. Teri stopped, Sara didn’t want her to say anything.

“Okay so you think you’ve had enough, you can get 10 of the best with either the school cane or dragon cane, you choose ? Si told her.

“Sc….sc……schoo……….school c..c..cane Daddy.”Sara stuttered.

“Do you want to count and say the sentence or would you like me to give you the 10 fast without count  Si asked.

“W…w…without, f..f..ast.” Sara said.

Fast !!! Is she mad, Teri thought, it’s gotta be worse fast. Surely, she thought.

“Ready ?” Si asked.

“Yes Daddy.” Then she bit into the cushion, fisted the cushions,

“Butt out properly Sara.” Si ordered, he used the school cane to push her back down, which meant her bottom was out more, then placed the cane by her bottom.

“Ready Sara?” He asked her. She nodded her head. He didn’t tell her off for not answering him correctly, she had had enough today.

“This will be the last of your punishment for today, but don’t think it’s over. When I have finished I will take care of your bottom then you will go and stand in the corner. This time I want you turned around, I want you to watch Teri get her spanking, then the pair of you will go straight to bed. Tomorrow your punishment will continue, it’s a pity Teri’s trial weekend has had to become a punishment weekend but that’s no ones fault but your own.”

He first poured some baby oil over her bottom, Teri saw her jump when he touched her. It seemed crazy that 30 seconds ago, Si was so so stern telling us off, yet now he cared for her bottom so gently and lovingly.

Wiping his hands he picked up the school cane and tapped it against her bottom.

Suddenly there was a swish through the air, a crack as the cane came in contact with flesh, a muffled cry out as a trembling Sara stayed in position. Quick as a flash, he repeated it up to the last one.

“Last one Sara,” as the swish went faster, the crack much loader and the cry gave her goosebumps, Sara fell into a heap on the settee and shaking and sobbed uncontrollably. Si sat down, pulled Sara to him, sitting over his knee, so her bottom dangled between his legs, he rocked her, stroked her back, muttered soothing words to her, until she calmed down enough for Si to tend to her sore bottom.

“There there Babygirl, today’s is all over, I wish you would just follow my rules. I don’t want to punish you like this. Especially after you only just finished your 3 month grounding. What am I supposed to do, ground you for another 3 months, spank you every day. Life is so much nicer for both of us when you are good. I know you would prefer a fun spanking with multiple orgasms than this wouldn’t you ?” Si spoke so gently. “Teri could you pass Mr Rufus to Sara please.”
Teri jumped up, looking for Mr Rufus, found him then quickly passed him to Sara, who held out a shaky hand to get him. She quickly took him, hugging him tightly and started sucking her dummy !!!!!!! Sara was sucking the dummy. She thought it was there for show,she didn’t realise they were for them to use.

Watching Si comfort Sara like this, seeing the love they have for each other made Teri realise something, she did want to be part of this, but she had to endure a punishment, hopefully it won’t be as hard as what Sara just had. But Christ it turned her on again, she wanted to be the one to look after Sara after she was spanked. She wanted to rub cream in, put plasters over her cuts, wipe her tears away. I wonder if she will feel the same thing about her, Teri’s panties felt wet again, OMG when was the last time she had an orgasm, this was ridiculous, she was so horny, But she watched in silence as they had this special moment between them. Eventually Si pulled her away, telling her to lie down so he can give her bottom some after-care. Sara cuddled Mr Rufus, NooNoo in her mouth as she sucked it, her fingers stroked Mr Rufus’s ear. Si had to clean her bottom and legs with the wipes, stuck half a dozen plasters  over the worst cuts, then rubbed some baby cream in.

“All done Sara, stand up please.“ He waited until she was up and not wobbling about, took another baby wipe and wiped her tear stained face, and lastly wiped her nose. He took her in his arms and hugged her tightly.

“I love you Babygirl, I always will, no matter how much bother you get yourself into. Now go and stand in the corner, I will get you some water and you must stay stood up and watching whilst I spank Teri. Understand ?” Si asked gently.

“Yes Daddy,” Sara said around her dummy.

Si took the dummy out, “Pardon ?” He asked again.

“Yes Daddy,” She said clearer. “Good girl, now off you go.” Si told her.

Carefully Sara walked painfully to the corner and Si did a little tidy up. He cleaned up the wipes etc, threw everything in the bin, wiped over the pain toys, then went to get some water for everyone. He handed Teri a bottle.

“Drink this now please Teri, there’s another one here for you.” He placed one on the floor, then he handed Sara a bottle, putting another on the floor and handed her a banana. Sara will be pretty exhausted after that thrashing.

He went to sit on the settee and drank a bottle himself, he was shattered too but he had Teri to deal with.

“Now the question is girls, do I give Teri the same punishment or go a little easier on her ?



The party started at 2pm and it was a ball, Sara remembered to phone Si at 6pm, just before everyone, including herself got too drunk, she went upstairs where it was quieter, but when Si asked why he heard music and people talking, she said her and the gang were in the hotel bar having a few drinks before going for a meal. The conference was a bit heavy, she said, but tomorrow should be better as it looks like it’s going to be more fun. They chatted about standard stuff for a few minutes then Sara said she better go, but she will try to phone in the morning before she leaves. A few minutes later she finally put the phone down, turning it to silent, she ran back outside to see her friends. The weather was beautiful so there were people messing in the pool, girls in the tiniest bikinis, guys looking pumped and ripped. The eye candy was scrumptious. She would never cheat on Si, but she always enjoyed some eye candy, that never broke the rules. The skinny, teeniest, tiniest bikini was definitely breaking the rules. Though even Sara had to admit, she looked hot in it, for a bigger girl, you could still buy some skimpy bikinis, and her ass was lush. Even though there was evidence of bruising on both cheeks, and still a dark bruise across her sit spot and thigh. She would never hide the bruises away, if someone asked about them, she would be honest and say she got spanked for not doing as she’s told. The looks of shock on the peoples faces was always funny, sometimes you got asked more about it, Sara would explain briefly about her and Si’s relationship. Sometimes she would get a shocked look and a quick change of subject, or other friends were more interested, well very interested. She’d like to think it could introduce others into the world of kink. They played volleyball in the pool, sunbathed, drank a lot and John started barbecuing plates of meat. As a party, this was one of the best , maybe she felt some freedom from Si as he usually comes too, but that made it sound like she would play away, and she certainly had no intention of ever doing that. But their friends were like one big family, they had all met at school or college, and stayed close friends ever since, Usually when everybody is there, it’s a group of 40 now, as many were married bringing a new friend to the group, same for those who are now going out with someone not out of the original group of friends. The numbers will only increase and little ones will soon bring a continuous reason to stay together. They had all been lucky to have found very good jobs locally so no one had moved away but they would always be welcomed back.

 When the sun began to lower, the temperature dropped so most people put warmer clothes on. Unfortunately this was the UK, not Florida or Sydney, the fire pits were lit, as they huddled around the fires. Slowly people began to leave so by 11.30pm, everyone had gone. Not a bad party lasting for 9 ½ hours. But by the time everyone had gone, the girls were far too drunk and tired to bother tidying up, they had all day tomorrow to clean up.

Sara had to put her alarm on at 8am, she sent Si a quick Good morning, apologising that she was running late. Then went back to sleep for a few more hours, but not before taking some headache tablets and bottle of water. When she woke up at 11am, she actually felt okay, so she got up, Teri was still fast asleep, so she got the coffee brewing for Teri, Sara preferred instant, and began with collecting all the plastic and bottles for the recyclable bin. She did the same for all other rubbish, stacked the chairs back in the shed and folded the sun loungers and put in the shed too, leaving out the chairs that stay out all year. She collected all the inflatables and taken the plug out, waiting for the air to go so she can fold them up and put away in a storage bag. Sara was sat on the sunlounger, drinking her third coffee, reading her kindle when Teri appeared, it was 1.15pm,

“How can you look so alive ? My head is like 2 bulldozers fucking, just the smell of this coffee is keeping my stomach from throwing up.” Grabbing some sunglasses on the table, she looked around. “You’ve cleared up, you’ve done everything. How ? Do you not feel like me ? Do you have no hangover ?”

Laughing, “Well I did at 8 this morning, I put my alarm on so I could message Si, took some painkillers, drank a bottle of water then slept til 11. Woke up grear.” Teri told her, “It’s just the house that needs cleaning now. But there’s not much to do.”
“Well let me get showered, get something for this hangover then I will do some cleaning, you chill for a bit, you’ve done enough.” Teri told her, heading upstairs, Sara giggled, Teri always took hours to recover from a party, so she got up and set about cleaning the house. It was only a question of loading the dishwasher, stack the remaining pots, throw out the leftover food that had been left out overnight, she brushed and mopped the kitchen floor and hoovered the lounge. By the time Teri came back down, looking human, Sara had done everything.

“Sara thank you, I can’t believe you’ve done it all. Right tell you what, go get showered and dressed and I’m gonna take you out for lunch as a thank you.” Teri told her.

“Teri don’t be silly you don’t have to do that.” Sara said.

“I don’t have to, I want to, so go.” Teri told, smacking her bum as she went past.

Suddenly there was this little flurry of feelings around her groin, totally unexpected. I mean, Teri has done this before and she never felt like this but now suddenly, it kinda excited her. Sara decided she was gonna tell Teri what Si had said and see what response she has.



When the sun began to lower, the temperature dropped so most people put warmer clothes on. Unfortunately this was the UK, not Florida or Sydney, the fire pits were lit, as they huddled around the fires. Slowly people began to leave so by 11.30pm, everyone had gone. Not a bad party lasting for 9 ½ hours. But by the time everyone had gone, the girls were far too drunk and tired to bother tidying up, they had all day tomorrow to clean up.


Sara had to put her alarm on at 8am, she sent Si a quick Good morning, apologising that she was running late. Then went back to sleep for a few more hours, but not before taking some headache tablets and bottle of water. When she woke up at 11am, she actually felt okay, so she got up, Teri was still fast asleep, so she got the coffee brewing for Teri, Sara preferred instant, and began with collecting all the plastic and bottles for the recyclable bin. She did the same for all other rubbish, stacked the chairs back in the shed and folded the sun loungers and put in the shed too, leaving out the chairs that stay out all year. She collected all the inflatables and taken the plug out, waiting for the air to go so she can fold them up and put away in a storage bag. Sara was sat on the sunlounger, drinking her third coffee, reading her kindle when Teri appeared, it was 1.15pm,

“How can you look so alive ? My head is like 2 bulldozers fucking, just the smell of this coffee is keeping my stomach from throwing up.” Grabbing some sunglasses on the table, she looked around. “You’ve cleared up, you’ve done everything. How ? Do you not feel like me ? Do you have no hangover ?”

Laughing, “Well I did at 8 this morning, I put my alarm on so I could message Si, took some painkillers, drank a bottle of water then slept til 11. Woke up grear.” Teri told her, “It’s just the house that needs cleaning now. But there’s not much to do.”
“Well let me get showered, get something for this hangover then I will do some cleaning, you chill for a bit, you’ve done enough.” Teri told her, heading upstairs, Sara giggled, Teri always took hours to recover from a party, so she got up and set about cleaning the house. It was only a question of loading the dishwasher, stack the remaining pots, throw out the leftover food that had been left out overnight, she brushed and mopped the kitchen floor and hoovered the lounge. By the time Teri came back down, looking human, Sara had done everything.

“Sara thank you, I can’t believe you’ve done it all. Right tell you what, go get showered and dressed and I’m gonna take you out for lunch as a thank you.” Teri told her.

“Teri don’t be silly you don’t have to do that.” Sara said.

“I don’t have to, I want to, so go.” Teri told, smacking her bum as she went past.

Suddenly there was this little flurry of feelings around her groin, totally unexpected. I mean, Teri has done this before and she never felt like this but now suddenly, it kinda excited her. Sara decided she was gonna tell Teri what Si had said and see what response she has.




When Teri woke up she felt so shocked, that dream had turned her on so much, but she felt so guilty, she would have tell Sara. For the next few days it was all she could think about but finally she was meeting Sara for lunch.

The girls chatted for ages before Teri told Sara about the dream.

“Sara I’m sorry, I feel like I’ve betrayed you, It’s not right.” She told her.

Laughing, Sara said, “Teri, don’t be silly, I mean Si is a sexy hot guy, but it tells me, that you want my kinky life too, you got turned on by the idea of getting a spanking, Now you can understand why  I love it so much.” Sara told her.

Giggling, “Well maybe I do quite fancy it, but I don’t know how to go about finding someone. Anyway, let’s talk about the party. Did Si believe the change of date ?” “Yes he did, though he says I still can’t go. So how am I going to get there ? I need an excuse. A good excuse that he will believe.” Sara told her.

“What about errrrmmmmm.” Teri thought.

“I know, work, why didn’t I think of work before.” Sara exclaimed. Teri looked at her quizzically.

“We always have managers meetings don’t we and I have travelled for them before and stayed over. So the perfect story, work have rearranged one of the yearly managers meetings to Monday and Tuesday June 18 and 19th, in London, They’ve apologised for the short notice but have managed to arrange travel and a hotel for us all to stay in. As it’s usually 2 nights though, I will have to stay at yours for an extra night. I’ll help clean up on the Tuesday. If I message Si at work tomorrow, hopefully he will accept the story. I’ll have to give you the dress and shoes before then coz he helps to pack my suitcase. What do you think ?” Sara said, quite happy about the tale.

“I think that sounds perfect, then you can say, well that wudda been perfect if I’d been allowed to go to the party as now I couldn’t go anyway.” Teri continued.

“Perfect, we make a fab team.” Sara told her best friend, giving her a hug. “I’m not gonna miss one of your parties am I.” She stated.


So the next day Sara was in work when she messaged Si.

Hi Daddy, I’ve got some bad news, I’ve gotta go away to London for 2 nights in a couple of weeks for a managers conference. It’s an extra one, not the end of the tax year company conference. As it’s short notice they’ve managed to find a hotel for all of us to stay in together. It’s the 18th and 19th of June. I‘ve got no choice in going, it’s about staff training and sales. Xx

SI read the message, his eyes glared at the screen. Now this could be just a coincidence, or it could be his devious brat planning a way to go to the party, even though Teri said she had moved the date. But it wouldn’t surprise him if she was involved in this possible lie. He replied.

Oh no babes, that’s short notice but at least the hotel and travel is sorted. Sounds like it will be one of these long conferences too.

Yeah think so Daddy. Sara typed.


That was it, he seemed to accept the tale, until the afternoon when he messaged her.

You’re conference is on a good day, had you realised it wudda been when Teri was having her party?

No the parties on the 30th. Sara replied.

I meant the original date was the 18th, on the Monday, maybe it was fixed that you couldn’t go to it. But you’ve been a good girl, you’ve not moaned about not going, so maybe next time there’s a party, you can go. Si messaged.

Really !!!!! You will let me go next time. Thank you Daddy. Sara replied. I’d better go Si, we’ve customers in.

With that, the lie was set and it was clearly obvious Teri was involved in it too.


But he said no more about it. Si had done a lot of thinking, he wanted Teri to join their dynamics, but he wasn’t sure how Sara would feel, he was pretty sure Teri would agree, maybe not as a baby girl but as his submissive. He was going to discuss it after the “conference”.


Sunday the 17th of June came along, Si and Sara had a lazy morning in bed.

“Oh I forgot to ask you, did you warn Teri not to speak disrespectfully to you, otherwise you’d spank her ?” Sara asked.

Si chuckled, “I did and I meant it too. Why what did she say ?” Si asked, eager to hear what she had said to Sara.

Laughing, Sara said, “Well to start with, she’s had more than 1 dirty dream about you spanking her. I asked if she would let you an she said, well I wouldn’t have an option would I. Then when I asked if she wanted a Dom, she said yeah maybe, if he was like you.
Si looked at her, “Really ? coz there’s something I’ve been thinking about but I was waiting until you come back.”

“Oh tell me Daddy please.” Sara begged, grabbing her favourite teddy bear, she rested her head on his lap so she was facing him, sucking her thumb. Her big blue eyes looking up at her Daddy.

“Well I wanted us to consider adding someone else into our dynamics, another girl, Maybe Teri ? If not Teri then finding another girl. She could be another little, or another submissive. But you’d have a playmate, I would have another sub, she would follow the same rules roughly as you, not live together, I live having the house just for us, but if Teri agreed, for example, well she’s only down the road so it would be easy for her to come here or us to go there.

“When you say play ?” Sara said.

“I mean play, if she becomes a sub for me, then I would pleasure her or punish her as I do you. Then you 2 could play together and we could all play together.” Si told her. “But like I said, I don’t want a poly life, I don’t want to risk losing you babygirl, you will always be my number 1. Do you think Teri would consider it ? How would you feel ?”

“I don’t know about playing with her, or whoever, I’m not bi or gay. I don’t know if I could ?” Sara said, looking confused and shocked. “I just don’t know.”

“Well, whilst you’re in London, have a think about it, when you’re home we can talk some more, then speak with Teri. But I’m not gonna force you babe, you have to want to do it too. Now come on, let’s get your case packed, then maybe go to the pub for lunch.” Si said, kissing her head.

Sara smiled at him, she had no idea this was Si’s plan, as his Sub or another little would be fine but to include playing, and could she play with her best friend. She had lots to think about, after the party, me and Teri will have chat about after the party, Sara thought. As she got up and started packing for her “convention”.





Sara’s behaviour continued to be very good, Her daddy was very pleased but also very suspicious, he knew Sara too well, a long period of good behaviour usually meant she was up to something. One Saturday morning Sara was grocery shopping, Teri phoned her house but got Si instead.

“Hi Si, is Sara in ? “ Teri asked, knowing full well she was out.

“No Teri, she’s at Tesco.” Si told her, he really liked Teri but she was just as much a brat as Sara was, she needed a Daddy in her life, but so far she had found no one.

“Oh, well can you pass a message on please ? I’ve cancelled the party, I didn’t want to have it knowing Sara couldn’t go, and a few other friends have had to cancel too. If we make it in 3 weeks, do you think Sara would be allowed to go then. PLeeaassseeee Si. She’s my best friend, I need her there.” Teri pleaded.

“Teri, you know she’s not allowed, change the date  so you’re other friends can go, but Sara is not allowed. It was part of her punishment.” Si told her.

“Si why do you have to be so mean, you grounded her for 3 bloody months, spanked God knows how many times. Is that not enough ? Stop being such a tight arse.” Teri complained to him.

“Young lady, if you had said that in front of me, I would have put you over my knee and spanked your backside until it was raw. Do not speak that way, it’s not becoming of you. What you need is a Dom in your life to control you, I might take that role myself one day. You need a good thrashing to stop you acting like a brat like Sara. The pair of you are just trouble together.” Si said sternly.

There was silence on the phone, “You can’t spank me Si.” She muttered.

“Do you want to try Teri ?” He asked, he actually rather liked the idea of Teri being a baby girl for him too, or maybe just his submissive. Teri was pretty with big tits, bigger than Sara’s, but had a curvy delightful ass. Mmmmmm what a thought.

“No Si, I,,,,I,,,,don’t think I do. Well could you just pass the message on please.” Teri said, she couldn’t wait to get off the phone and so she could speak to Sara.

“Yes Teri, I will pass the message on. But I will give you one word of warning, if you two are planning a way of getting Sara to this party, I will punish you both, I know full well Sara can’t do it without your help, So if this is your only warning.” Si told Teri. He smirked as he imagined her horrified face.

“Erm, yes Sir, I ermmm understand,” Teri stuttered. “B…Bye Si.” Hanging up the phone down quickly.


Teri sat for minutes, holding the phone, thinking about what Si had said, She’s not gonna lie, she got a quick thrill at the idea of going over his knee, and getting spanked, but she told herself off, this was her best friends husband, I can’t have these thoughts, even if he threatened it, she doubted it would really happen. But she phoned Sara and told her everything, including the spanking part.

“He wouldn’t do that, would he ?” Teri asked.

“No I don’t think so, though for me, if he said that, I’d believe him. Anyway, you think he believed you about changing the date ?” Sara asked.

“Yes I think so Sara. So we’ve 2 weeks to plan how to get you to the party, What are you wearing ?” Teri asked.

”I’ve got that planned Ri.” Sara was the only one who called Teri, Ri, she had done for the 35 years they’d been best of friends. “I’ve a new dress I bought ages ago, Si hasn’t seen it, but it’s really nice.” Sara told her. “Look I’d better go I’ve been here ages waiting for you to call. I’ll call you Monday when I’ve got more chance to talk. Love you babe.”

“Okay sweetie, please be good, or then again, maybe don’t.” Teri said giggling, her thoughts back at what Si had said.


Teri lay back on the settee, closing her eyes, she drifted off into a very erotic dream. Sara and Teri had been caught out in a lie again, it wasn’t about the party, it was about Sara buying some clothes, lying to Si, saying they were Teri’s, but then Sara was caught wearing one when Teri was with her. Si walked in and saw them together, recognising one of the dresses.

“I thought that dress belonged to Teri ?” He asked, but Teri didn’t know about the lie.

“Yes it does, but I borrowed it, you know how we like to share our clothes.” Sara said, giving Teri the look that meant, just go with me.

“Is that right Teri ? “ Si asked her.

“Oh yes Si, you know we share everything.” Teri lied quickly.

“Only without meaning to sound rude babes, you are a bit bigger than Teri here, so I would say maybe 2 sizes bigger. What size do you take Teri ? 14 ? 16 ? “ Si asked. “Well ?” As he asked her, he went behind Sara’s back and reached from the dress tag. Her dress said size 20.

Without thinking Teri said, “I fluctuate from a 14 to 16, depending on the shop.”
“Mmmmmm odd, you see this dress says size 20, which is just what you take isn’t it babes.” Si looked hard at Sara. “You’ve lied about these clothes again haven’t you Sara ?” Sara looked at the floor and nodded. “And you Teri, you lied to help cover for your friend, didn’t you ?” Teri looked scared stiff, but nodded too.

“So I see once again, I’ve 2 naughty little girls who have just lied to me. Sara, tell Teri what happens when you lie to me.” He said.

“I get spanked.” Sara whispered.

“Speak up.” Si ordered.

“I get spanked Daddy.” Sara said,

“Teri what did I tell you would happen next time you lied or covered for Sara ?” Si asked Teri.

“Well you said you would spank me but you’re not likely to do that really are you Si ? I’m your wife’s best friend for goodness sake.” Teri stated.

“You think I wouldn’t do it ?” Si asked, taunting her.

“Sara do you think I would spank Teri ?” He asked.

“Yes Daddy, I think you would.” Sara said.

“And Sara, if you’ve both lied to me, do you think I should spank both of you, or just you ?” Si asked her.

Sara looked at Teri, then went back to look at her Daddy, “Well, I guess if we both lied to you, then yes, I suppose you could.should spank us both.”
“Teri, now what do you think ? Should you lie to your best friends husband ? Do you think it’s fair if I spank Sara but not spank you for the same offence, just because I’m not your husband.” Si asked her.

“Well, I guess that’s not fair, but Si I don’t want to be punished.” Teri told him.

“I dare say you don’t, but I think you should and will be. You don’t mind if I spank Teri too, do you Sara ?” Si asked his little girl.

“No Daddy I don’t. I think it’s fair.” Sara told him, looking sorrily at Teri, but she just smiled very slightly.

“In that case, Teri I want to spank you first. Sara I want your bottom bared, standing in the corner, hands on your head, but this time you may turn around, I want you to watch your naughty best friend get a spanking.” Daddy told her. Quickly Sara did as she was told.

“Teri come here, remove your jeans and panties then climb over my knee.” Si told Teri.

Just as she took her shoes, jeans and panties off and went to walk nervously to Si, she woke up. Her entire body felt incredibly alive, her clit pounded so much it hurt and she felt very, very wet. Instead of feeling ashamed about this dream, she desperately tried to go back to sleep to see what happened next, but she just couldn’t sleep. Her mind was now too excited, she decided then that Sara would come to the party but she hoped Si found out.




Finally, Sara’s 3 month grounding was over, with warnings from Daddy, not to misbehave again, but Sara didn’t care, she had managed to get into contact with Teri, her best friend, there was a party at her house, she really wanted to go but Daddy had already said No, as it was part of her punishment for being disrespectful and breaking the rules. Sara had sulked for days but with a daily spanking for the first month, she eventually stopped. Her Daddy was terribly strict, Sara has never got away with anything, but it didn’t stop her trying.

Sara was Daddy’s little girl, he loved and cared for her deeply but knew she would break every rule possible. It did amuse him though, I mean who wouldn’t want to have their little girl bent over their knee and spank her beautiful bottom.

Especially now her grounding was over, he knew she would try to go to her friends party, so he was watching her closely.

Sara came down for breakfast, her thumb in her mouth, tebby in her other hand, wearing a little pink babydoll nightie, making her look so cute, Daddy walked over to her and gave her a kiss and long hug, giving her bottom a pat.

“Sara I hope you’re going to be a good girl now, you’re grounding is over but don’t forget you are not going to Teri’s party. Do I make myself clear about that ?” He asked her.

Sata started to pout, her hand now twirling her hair instead of sucking her thumb, what she didn’t realise is that everytime she lied, she twirled her hair.

“Yes Daddy, I will be good now and I know I can’t go to the party, but if I’m really good, can I go ? Please Daddy ?” Sara begged.

“Sara you know what the answer is, no you cannot go to the party so please do not go behind my back to go. I promise you, you will not be able to sit down for weeks if you try to go.” Daddy warned her. “Now toast or cereal ? You’re juice is on the table, would you like a cup of tea ?” He asked her.

“Can I have both please Daddy then I must get dressed. Don’t want to be late for work.” Sara smiled sweetly as she sat down.

They chatted about normal stuff before Daddy got up, putting his jacket on, he gave Sara a kiss goodbye then he left for work. Sara quickly tidied the dishes away, and scooted upstairs to get dressed. She had time to see what clothes she could wear for the party and found the perfect dress, then it was time for Sara to leave her baby girl at home, put her suit on and become the manager of the book shop, PAIGE TURNAH BOOKS. But her mind was on this party. She decided first that Teri should phone her, when she deliberately was not in, Teri speaks to Daddy and tells him to tell her the party had been cancelled because a few people couldn’t go now. And she didn’t want to have the party until Sara was allowed to go. That was the first plan, she could always talk about dates for the party when Daddy may let her go. Satisfied she left for work.


Blogging A – Z Challenge = Z

Z = Zumba.

Zumba class with a wicked ending.

Toni and her friends were headed off to their twice weekly Zumba class, they loved the class as they loved dancing but there was one other reason they went. And that was to see and watch the very handsome Portuguese Paulo, their Zumba teacher. He was incredibly sexy, tall, well over 6 foot, a thick neck and broad shoulders, and big, thick muscles everywhere. His biceps were as thick as tree trunks and his thighs, well they were as thick as an elephant leg. His ass was the perfect size, solid, round flanks that oozed sex appeal, if he wears his tight shorts and vest top every ripple of muscle could be seen. If his muscles weren’t enough to make you want to jump on his body then the sight of his cock in his shorts well, Toni dreamt of riding it, you could see it’s size clearly, looking long and wide, good sized balls tucked nicely underneath. As the girls put their things away they giggled about Paulo, hoping he was wearing something tight. They weren’t disappointed, the handsome Paulo stood with 3/4 length Hugo Boss navy track suit bottoms with a white vest top, both clung to his body, showing off his glistening tanned skin. Quickly the girls got into line near to the front, Paulo smiled at Toni before saying good evening to all the class and got started. After a warm up, the dancing sped up and soon they were sweating, breathing heavy but still having fun. Eyes never left Paulo’s sexy body, as he danced on the stage, Toni felt certain her cunt was soaking as she imaged his thick cock grinding into her. All through the session Toni thought Paulo was watching her, but she wondered if she imagined it. Soon the class ended and everyone left the fitness hall to shower, change and go home.The girls were very slow getting sorted , they had to wait for free showers and were talking non-stop. As they were in uni-sex changing rooms, they were used to seeing men in all stages of dress, no one compared to Paulo. Eventually, most of the class had left, Toni had to go outside in the hallway to take a phone call and she ended up being left on her own. Her friends had waved bye to her as she was still on the phone. Finally the call ended and Toni came back into the changing rooms, as she gathered her things for her shower, Paulo came around the corner, he had been checking the benches and lockers to make sure they were empty. He stopped when he saw Toni still there, locking eyes with her.”Hey, you’re late Toni, everyone’s gone.” Paulo said as he walked towards her. “I..I had to get a phone call.” Toni muttered as Paulo was soon facing her, their eyes never loosing contact. “You know, Toni, you’re a very sexy woman.” Paulo said, his voice full of control. As Toni was about to say thank you, he bent down to kiss her, surprised but wanting more, she murmured, “I emmmm I need to take a shower.” Quickly Paulo lifted her up, his hands cupping her ass as she wrapped her legs around his waist, they continued kissing until they got to the showers. Breaking off, Paulo turned the shower on, kicked his trainers off, slid Toni’s off before he carried her into the shower, still fully clothed. As Toni was grinding against Paulo’s strong body, she felt his cock thicken, amazed at it’s thickness already. Their passion was becoming more frantic, as they kissed, hands wandered over his body, feeling all his muscles. Hot water sprayed over them, running down their faces, they didn’t care that their clothes were soaked now, Toni’s nipples were rock hard and Paulo’s cock was getting even harder. Dropping her gently to the ground, he peeled her top off, then her sports bra. Her head fell back as he bent to suck her tit, nibbling and sucking hard, his hand went to her other tit, squeezing her nipple and ample flesh. his other hand reached down, squeezing her ass, he stroked her pussy over her jogging pants. Breaking off, Paulo hooked his thumb into her pants and slid them down, her panties stuck to her pants so they both slid off. Toni lifted each leg to get out of her clothes, pulling her socks off, she stood naked, as Paulo pulled his top over his head, sliding his pants down she got the first glimpse of his cock. “Holy fuck.” She muttered as her mouth hung open, her eyes widened at the size of his cock, then at the end of his shiny head a huge Prince Albert bar was on display, with enormous balls at each end. His cock bobbed up and down, showing off his magnificent size. Paulo laughed, “You like my cock Toni ?” He asked her. Gulping, she said “Y..yes, you’re very erm…big ?”Toni stammered. She couldn’t stop herself gently stroking his shaft, rolling her thumb over his head, feeling the PA. Paulo watched her face as she played with his cock. “You ever fucked a cock with a PA before ?” He asked, his hands cupping her ass, as she said no, he lifted her up again, her legs crossed around his waist, she felt his cock twitch by her pussy, it needed no help to guide into her. Her pussy was oozing with her milky juices. Paulo pushed her to the wall and his cock slowly entered her hole, grinding upward as she pushed her hips down to meet his eager cock, the balls scraped her insides, but in a nice way. Soon Paulo’s thrusts got deeper and the balls connected to her g-spot. She screamed out an orgasm, scraping his back with her nails as she clung on, her head rolled back as she moaned and cried out, the entire orgasm fucking awesome, the hot water cascaded down her body, her clit felt so alive she felt the water drip down from it. When she came down from this wild orgasm, Paulo just smirked at her. “Enjoying it ?” He asked, before kissing her deeply. Toni nodded her head a little as her tongue danced around with his. Carrying her out of the shower he dropped her legs when they reached a bench. Turning her around, he pushed her head down into the bench, bending down he took in the sight of her pussy, burying his head deep between her legs, biting her clit, licking her lips, his tongue delving into her hole, his hands squeezed her ass as she felt like she could cum already. He slipped a finger inside, feeling her grind down and hold it tightly, as he went to slip out, he pushed three fingers in next, They danced around inside,  one finger finding her g-spot again, making her cry out. Then he did the unimaginable thing, he slapped her ass really hard, leaving a red hand print on her skin. “OOUuuucccchhhh,” Toni yelped. “Stop being so loud, people will hear you. Don’t do as you’re told I will spank your ass.” Paulo growled. Toni stopped just for a moment, did he just say he would spank me, she said to herself, horrified yet equally turned on by it. No one had ever spanked her, not even her parents. “Hold yourself up Toni.” Paulo said as he lifted her legs up, she had all her weight on her arms, now resting on the bench. Holding her tightly he felt his cock guide itself into her pussy once more, though it was a very hard position she couldn’t help gasping, moaning and crying out. Crossing her legs behind her back gave her more support as Paulo helped to hold her hips up. Until Toni started to cry out more. Now in this position it left her ass out, available and wanting. Another firm slap landed across her ass, she yelped as he repeated.”I said be quiet.” Grabbing her hips, he thrust harder, his cock feeling bigger and tighter than he’s ever felt it  “Jeez baby, you are just too fucking amazing.” He muttered between grunts and gasps but started to feel Toni’s body shake, so he lowered her legs til they touched the floor. Keeping her bent over, his cock danced over her ass hole. “Ever had anal Toni ?” He asked. “No, ” She answered, suddenly nervous. “Paulo, no, I don’t think…….” She started to say. This was rewarded by another slap to her ass. “Owwwwwww Paulo, don’t keep slapping me,” Toni whined.  Another harder slap then,”Don’t tell me what to do Toni. Just do as you’re told.” Suddenly Paulo rammed his cock into her pussy, hard thrusts, bruising her insides. “Owwwwwwww Paulo, please slow down.” Making out she wasn’t enjoying it but they both knew she was, he slipped out then held his cock over her ass hole. “I want my cock in your ass, I will ask just this once, then I will own it.” He said. “I’m scared Paulo, will it hurt ?” She turned to look at him. “A little at first, then I promise you will love it. I promise to go slowly baby.” He said. Toni nodded as he sunk his cock into her pussy, coating him in her juices, then his cock twitched by her other hole. Slowly he pushed in, pausing after every few pushes and as he felt her sphincter muscle contract tighter, he paused once more, waiting until he felt her relax a little, then pushed deeper. The initial pain was sharp and hurt as Paulo’s huge cock invaded her virginal ass hole. Once he was past the ring of muscle, Toni began to relax into it, she purred and almost growled in pleasure, noises Paulo loved to hear. Feeling her tighten inside once more, he knew she was close to cumming again. And he couldn’t hold back anymore. The pressure in his balls was becoming too intense. His thrusts deepened, Toni began crying out louder, both of them close to cumming. Toni’s cries became screeches of pleasure as she had an uncontrollable orgasm. Paulo wasn’t far behind her as his thrusts became faster, his balls felt tighter before he felt his hot cum shoot up into Toni’s fabulous ass. He pounded her ass until finally his balls emptied, relaxing his hold on her hips, he carefully slipped out without causing her too much discomfort.  They both sat on the bench, smiling, Paulo was all Toni had imagined for so long now, finally she had sex with him, a wild fuckery fuck. She smirked, I can’t wait to tell the girls. She thought.  “Paulo, what did you mean when you said you would own my ass ? ” He looked at her closely, “Toni, I’ve something to tell you and ask you, but before you give me the answer you need to go home and read up about it, Only then can you give me an answer.” “You’re terribly bossy. ” Toni pouted. “That would earn you a spanking, young lady. ” He told her sternly. “I don’t understand. Paulo, you like spanking girls ?” I asked. “Only special girls. Toni I’m a Dominant person, I want you so much, I have for so long, I want you to be my submissive. I’ve printed out a sheet filled with websites, I want you to read, then read the letter I’ve written you, telling you what I want from you. Yes I hoped this would happen one day, so I had them ready. I want to own you Toni, I want you to be only mine.” He told her. ” And if I don’t do as I’m told, what you will spank me ?” Toni asked. “Sometimes, or I may give other punishments. But spanking isn’t always horrible punishments, Toni, they can be fun too.” Paulo told her looking into her eyes. Toni watched his face, her head was a jumbled mess, yet there was a huge pounding in her clit at the thought of a spanking. She didn’t understand what Dominants or submissive meant, but she wanted that nice spanking. “Show me Paulo, show me a nice spanking, let me understand how it should feel, it will help me understand what it is you want from me. Please.” Toni begged, staring into his eyes. “Okay Toni, I will do that and I hope it will show you how amazing it can be. Stand up and bend over my knee.


I wonder if Toni will agree to Paulo’s wishes.




My first book published.

I wanted to advertise my first short story, Master got it published by Amazon about 2 years ago, unfortunately many readers didn’t get it because it cost 99p or 99c. With Amazon 99p is the lowest price you can go, regardless of the size of the book. Yet friends who have read it, have said it was well worth it. Remember this is my first try of writing a book, so at the time I thought it played through the scene well, though now I agree it is short but it’s certainly raunchy.

The front cover has changed, there’s an outline of three people having sex now. If anyone fancies reading it, leaving a review I really would be very happy. Since that book, I’ve written another, but I just need to proof read it and I’m in the middle of writing a sequel. Both these books are 200 + pages, I think maybe I will publish them together, I just need to knuckle down and finish it.


I Write erotic fiction, and have a book listed on Amazon


A Weekend Away