My stubborn behaviour left me feeling so guilty, I had to own up about my indescretion.

Miss Adira set a new rule about July time, that I could not dye my hair my usual plum colour, not dye it at all. She wanted to see my natural hair color and I hate my natural colour, strawberry blond, it’s a bit dull, boring. Much preferring the bold, bright purple or bright chilli red. It kinda makes a statement, shows my real personality. I was not happy at all, every week or so, I asked and the answer was always no. After a month or so, I heard her tell Master that she was only doing it to wind me up, it was funny. Well I was fuming when I heard that, I said, “Well if that’s the case then, I will dye my hair this week.” “No you will not.” She stated, I could tell she meant every word. 

There was no changing her mind, and I was getting more and more peeved about it. By late October my stubborn, pigheaded head was working overtime, my bratty head began working too much. One night I was sat in bed, it was time for me to turn the TV off and do some colouring for 20 minutes, Miss Adira’s rule.

I began thinking, Well if Miss Adira won’t let me dye my hair, then I’m not gonna do my colouring and I’m gonna watch TV until 10pm, so there. IMaging me pulling my tongue out as well, being a real brat.

So it began, I had this thought every night, but because I’m so stubborn, I continued my deception. Thinking I had one over Miss Adira. 

As time went on, I began to feel terribly guilty. But the more she repeatedly said No to me, the more I continued. I often worried if Master had got the camera in our room working so Miss Adira or Daddy could connect to it and see what I was up to. 

I also wondered why Miss Adira hadn’t asked where was my daily photograph to show the colouring I did the night before. She never asked once. Naturally I never mentioned it, but I was very surprised about her non-reaction.

This was very unlike Miss Adira, She is always on the ball with my tasks,  knowing immediately if I’ve missed one, yet she still said nothing.

I think this made my guilty feeling become stronger, By the end of November every night I felt immense guilt turning the lights and TV off at 10pm, but I continued. The same thoughts going in my head, Well if DiDi won’t let me dye my hair, then I’m still not doing my colouring. I know it’s pathetic, ridiculous and most of all very childish.

After our lovely weekend celebrating Miss Adira’s birthday, I thought I had to own up. It was getting closer to Christmas, my guilt was building inside, so just before Christmas I told her, well I thought I messaged her on Whatsapp, but I couldn’t find it so I asked DiDi to look. Apparently I wrote it in my daily diary and on Whatsapp, I got this message, “Just dye your hair.” I replied “No, I’m not doing it.”

By now, I’d kinda accepted that I was never gonna be able to dye me hair again, I’d just have to deal with the colour, it didn’t help when Daddy kept telling me to just dye my hair. I repeatedly told him, “It is more than my life is worth.” So I was starting to accept my natural hair colour.

Then on Boxing Day when we were exchanging gifts, Miss Adira handed me a basket filled with little gifts, the first thing I saw was a box of hair dye, exactly the one I use. Apparently Master had the job of trying to find a box of my hair colour in my bedroom cupboards, take a picture of it and send it to DiDi, so she could buy the right one. It was quite a task for him to do it without me seeing or finding it out.

So you can imagine the guilt I felt then. It was the worst feeling ever. And as the days went on, Miss Adira still said nothing about my indiscretion. On the 2nd January the boys were back at work, the rules were starting again, after being allowed a Christmas break. I asked Miss Adira if the bedtime rules restart, she replied. “You would presume correct.” 

Again there was no other comment from her, I swear this is like the worst punishment I could have about this. My guilt was just bursting out, it was killing me just waiting for her to say something about it.

On the 8th January I asked again, “Are you ever going to bring up the bedtime crime ?” I asked her, I was feeling really guilty about it. She sent me a very happy, smiley emoji as her reply. “That’s why you’re not saying anything isn’t it, coz you know this was as bad as receiving a punishment.” I stated. “Yup,” she said. “Oh that’s cruel, so so cruel,” I replied. “Yes I am,” DiDi answered. “But still loves ya,” I told her. “Love you more,” she answered.

From then on, my guilt started to lift, it was very slow, and at bedtime I still thought about it. So my rule is bedtime at 9pm, watch TV until 9.40pm, turn the TV off and do some colouring until 10pm. If I’m tired before then, I am to go to sleep.

So as it’s a new year, Miss Adira wanted to take our dynamic further, we both wanted her to go stricter, she wanted to add more restrictive rules, like Daddy choosing my clothes for the day, choosing my meals, telling me if I’m allowed booze or treaties. I told her I was very happy to have more, so we spent the next few days discussing possible new rules. Set so many hours watching TV, Should I ask to watch TV, Should I ask to watch the particular programme.

In the end we finally got some new rules set.

  1. Ask to sit on the furniture when we are together as a group or just us.
  2. Ask permission to use the toilet. (If no response in time to be determined) then consider permission is granted.
  3. 6 hours of TV per day – time can be earned or deducted, if deducted then Miss Adira will notify ma about what can be done instead in the time deducted. This goes from 8am to 5pm. From 5pm – 8.45pm it’s Master’s choice of TV. If I’m up in the night, I may watch unlimited TV of recorded programmes only, until 8am.
  4. Permission to speak to be asked for. When in the group, ask to speak once for the time together. When it’s just the 2 of us, ask every time.
  5. Permission to be asked for what colour I will dye my hair.
  6. To play with oneself to learn how to make myself squirt, twice a week, videoed.
  7. I am to keep a butt plug and jingle balls in my handbag all the time so at anytime Miss Adira can tell me to go and put either in and video doing it.
  8. Improve on etiquette, good manners, behaving ladylike and courteous to others. Addressing people correctly, waiting for everyone to get their food before eating, not talking over people, opening the door for someone, when passing a drink in a cup ensure the handle is facing them.
  9. Months when chapters of MissAdita’s book is to be written are – February, April. June, August, October and December.


My first experience with the jiggle balls was on Monday. I was going to a ballet at the theatre, Miss Adira had told me to go to the toilets in the interval and put the jingles in, videoing it as well. I asked if she would mind if I did it when we first get to the theatre as I don’t go to the toilets in the interval, the queue is always far too long. She said that was fine.

We arrived with plenty of time, so I headed to the disabled toilet, got me phone out and put it in a place where he would be able to see a bit. I had no lube so I put a little bit of soap on it. Well could I put the darnn thing in……no I could not. Huffing and puffing it was not easy, my right foot up on the toilet. I could not shove the thing in. I could hear people outside, there was a queue now. So I tried my left leg up on the toilet, see if that works. No, this way was even worse. All the while I talked to Miss Adira quietly so no one else could hear me. After 3 minutes, I thought I can’t be in here any longer, I had to give up. So I told Miss Adira that this was a complete fail for my first go, maybe I was rushing in the public toilets. I didn’t understand it, I’ve put them in many, many times, I was going to have to figure it out over the next few days at home. Miss Adira said the video was the funniest thing she has watched in a long time, listening to you huff and puff, talking quietly, struggling coz you had all your clothes bunched up, it was hilarious. I’m surprised my mother-in-law didn’t ask why I was all flushed, because I must’ve been.

Two days later I felt like I’d been fisted for hours, I felt bruised and battered around my happy spot, I presume from trying to put the jiggle in. After I’d done my homework, I had time to video part 2 of the jiggles as I am now calling it. Finding somewhere to put my phone, I sat down this time, one leg up on the stool, then just as I pressed record and began, the phone fell down, this repeated about 3 more times. Before I stopped the video, thinking about where I can go and put the camera before I call time again. Surely that wasn’t going to happen again. I sorted myself out, changed position, sorted my phone out, ready for the restart of part 2. I began again. Lubed up, I pushed the first ball in but it popped out, I pushed it back, trying to push the second ball in but as soon as I took my finger away, the darnn thing popped out again. I was beside myself now, why wouldn’t the flamin thing go in. I felt relaxed but by the God, I seemed closed up tight. Trying over and over I was losing patience. That’s it, I’m done today. Epic fail, part 2.

The next day after I had a shower, I spent some time having a little play, following the rules Miss Adira had set, trying to make myself squirt, I had to video it so Miss Adira could see if I squirted or not. Anyway that didn’t happen, but I did enjoy the play. So I decided to try Part 3 of the jingles again now I was lubed up and spread open a bit from using my fav rabbit. Still lying on the bed, I pushed the first ball in easily, (why was it so difficult before) the second ball went in with a bit of a shove. Pushing them right up there though, was a bit difficult. My fingers aren’t long enough to reach, I did think about using my rabbit to push it further up lol, but then after another thrust up, it stayed in place. Finally I had done it, I can’t believe it took 3 goes to do it. We have little sachets of lube we bought if we went to the swingers club, so I have now put some in the bag with my jingle, so at anytime Miss Adira tells me to put it in, I’m prepared. I just hope I don’t have to lie on the public toilets floor to put it in all the time though.

Anyway I finally did it for Miss Adira and kept it in until my afternoon nap, she was very pleased and amused by the latest video, so I was pleased I had made her proud of me and for me myself, well I was proud of myself because I really couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t do it, I was determined to do it and I did. Plus they felt darnn good too. I put a little bounce in my step to feel the balls jingle inside me……..mmmmm I like them.

Private little play.

I’ve been searching for a good clit and G-spot vibrator as the ones I have don’t do much for me. This week I joined Lovehoney’s Deal Of The Day, and there was a vibrator there that looked interesting. The tickler looked like a flat brush.

It’s called the Lovehoney G Tickler Vibe, plus I bought the Lovehoney Star Bullet Vibrator. The tickler was half price and the Bullet was only a quarter, so it didn’t cost much, though I have to be honest I never asked permission to buy them.

It’s shocking how quickly I revert back to just buying without asking, in my mind I felt I had asked, as we had looked at a few and discussed ones to buy, so Master knew I was looking and wanted to buy one. Surely that meant I could buy one ?

When they came through the post yesterday he never commented on me buying them, but put the batteries in them, then figured out how to switch it off. The bullet needed you to just hold the button down so that was easy. The tickler has 7 different vibrations, going from gentle to fierce, then you just hold the button down to switch it off.

I headed to bed planning on having a little play, but had to be sure E didn’t come in as they were both noisy. But I reached for my bag of toys under my bed, taking out my lube and wipes, got myself comfy and squirted lube on the vibrator. Selecting a vibration, I slipped it inside, feeling the movement inside made me gasp, holy fucking cow, this feels wild. But when the clit tickler started against my clit, I threw my head back, it took all I had not to cry out in pleasure.

The little strands got right into my clit, and the area right at the base, made me feel like I could wet myself, it felt so intense I couldn’t handle it, E was only in the next room. But as I pulled away it seemed to make it worse, I’d never felt like this without Master. And never found the right toy to find this spot on my clit that made me feel so wild. No wonder one of the reviews said she had to go slow then work up. But I never felt my G-spot, that could be because my clit felt so intense or that this was another toy that wouldn’t find it. Master would love to watch me squirt, on my own, it was one of the main reasons I bought it. But maybe I need more practice, Master has said it’s on the back of the wall not front like most girls, so I will have to try again. But I recommend it.

I played with it until I couldn’t deal with it anymore, I wanted to scream out loud, when I play again it will be when I’m alone, then I can be as loud as I want.

Finishing with that, I tried the Bullet, fucking hell, this just hit the spot immediately.

The only thing I’m not keen on is that you have to hold the button down whilst you play. My fingers don’t work brilliantly anymore, so I struggled a little but again with practice I hope I can enjoy it too.

My play may not have been long, neither did I achieve an orgasm but I enjoyed it just the same.


I’ve been reading a very erotic, BDSM, Dom/Sub novel. Which has been leaving me very horny indeed. It’s called;

The House Of Pain, ( A BDSM, Romance Novel ) by Tara Cescent.

I strongly recommend it.


Anyway, reading about the girl having her first experience with a butt plug and having sex with it in, left me very wet indeed.

I asked Master if I was allowed to wear my jiggle balls and he agreed, then deciding to be a greedy slut that I an, I chose to wear my butt plug too.

And holy fuck, this woke me up.

I’m sure I musta had a spring to my step whilst walking on purpose. Lol.

I sent Master his daily photo of my pussy, ensuring to show the string from my balls and the jewel of my plug.

He was very very pleased with me, liking that I was enjoying all my holes on my own too.

I enjoyed a play with my JimmyJane, and nearly shot through the roof, with the vibration, jiggling my balls, the balls jiggling against my plug, it was all very tight inside.

My clit started pounding and felt swollen, boy this was fun.

Then we went to Tesco to do a grocery shop. My bottom was starting to ache, especially as I was driving, so sat upright in the car, right over my big plug.

Soon there was a combination of feelings, pain discomfort and pleasure.

By the time we got home though, it was time to give my bottom a rest, the plug had been in a good few hours now and it was time to come out.


But what a laugh that was, if only it was videoed, I’d have you all rolling on the floor with laughter. Could I reach the damn thing ? Front way, Back way, my fingers couldn’t reach. It’s like a contortion act, like when I’m shaving my pussy and bum, how I get into these positions with my back I don’t know. I do know I’m in agony afterwards.

Just when I thought, maybe I should sit on the toilet and push down, and catch it before it falls in, I managed to get my fingers under the base and I slowly started pushing it out until more of my fingers could actually hold it, Gently I pulled the plug out, it was quite sore when it went past the ring of muscle, I relaxed a bit and felt the ring relax enough for me to pull it all out.

I never thought until now, I cudda crouched down as if having a wee, and let it drop out more naturally. I will remember that one next time.

I’m just about to take the balls out, they are very fun to wear as it tickles and tingles your insides something wicked.

Every girl needs to own some.


And they seem even better when you’re reading a really hot book with lots of spanking, just imagine those little balls dancing about inside whilst you’re over your man’s knee, getting severely spanked as your bottom bounces up and down with each strike.

MMMMmmmmmmmmmm, I’m getting hot and horny again. Lol.


Feeling horny.

Feeling rather horny.


After our play with J the week before, it’s been pretty quiet in our little home of pain.

Yes G has treated me with the Magic Wand, but I must say, I’m missing his fingers, his mouth and his cock is on sick leave, due to the piercings making it feel very uncomfortable, so even blowjobs were out of action. Saturday morning G did ask for a gentle one.

The sensitive piercing is the one at the base of his shaft. The Prince Albert is absolutely fine. But when you move the foreskin up and down, it irritates the balls at the end of the bar. He thinks he will want a bigger bar for it.

But, how difficult is it now to really do a smashing blowjob. I slid his foreskin down, just enough to reveal his head, nibbling his tip, over his ring. The ring felt so sexy in my mouth, clinking on my teeth, ( think that’s a new word lol )

Anyway, I did enjoy giving G a gentle BJ, and by the noises he was making he was enjoying it too. His cum flew out in 2 sideways shots and I do like the effect the Prince Albert has on his aims.

Even going for a pee, he has to sit down as the pee flows out sideways too. He said that you never knew which way it would go. But we had read that this does happen.


Anyway, I decided I wanted to have a play last week, using my finger clit stimulator, it was great but the vibrator kept turning off. I decided then, that I was in need of a clit stimulator and as I got an email from Bondara, saying there was 20 % off all items, I decided I was going to look.

I knew I wanted a powerful one but not many said they were, until I found this one.

There were 2 Jimmy Janes but the other was very expensive, £85, the one I bought should have been £48, in the sale for £43, but with 20 % off, plus 5 % off for joining their membership, so it became a better price.

So Friday, when all was quiet, G was working in the office, I decided to have a play. And I must say I really liked the feel of it. You can hold the vibrator exactly where you want it, at one time I had one pad, firmly on my clit and one over my bum hole. The tingles certainly hit the spot. And I had a very good time.

G walked in on me having fun, “I love to see you are starting to enjoy your body, it’s so fucking hot walking in and seeing you play with yourself.”

For once I didn’t feel embarrassed, I just carried on.


Later I decided there were other toys I’d seen and liked the look off, but I went to Aliexpress for them. Yes they all come from China so, you know it will take 4-6 weeks to arrive, but as they are so cheap, it’s worth the wait. I focused on spiral dildos and butt plugs. As I’d been told they felt better than awesome. Once they arrive I will take a photo to show you.



Better ending to my day.

After my spider scare, I deflated my cushion, and tidied up.
Taking my cushion back upstairs Master was lay down in bed watching tv.
He asked if I had enjoyed my play. I said well yes, once I found a comfy position but the monster reappeared. He laughed and said I guessed it made a reappearance by the screaming and swearing. Come here so I can give your bum a squeeze.
I stood by him, chatting as he fondled my bum. Don’t start being cheeky now or I will put you over my knee now. He told me. I giggled, oh promises promises.
With that, he pulled me over his tummy, he obviously felt better for me to be laying over his tummy, as he pulled my skirt up over my bum, and started to squeeze and fondle my left bum cheek.
Then he started to spank me and boy was it good. I giggled and wiggled my bum to get more as he hit harder and harder. He’s never smacked me this hard with his hand before and I was loving a single one.
Smack, squeeze, fondle, smack, squeeze, fondle.
All on the left cheek.
It was starting to get more and more stingy and I started to say ouchie a lot, but still wiggled my ass for more. As he kneaded my cheek you could quite clearly hear how wet I was.
Mmmm seems you are still wanting more. Master said. Would you like me to make you cum and squirt. Oh yes please Master, I said eagerly.
Jump up then and bend over at the end of the bed, holding the bed frame.
Ive never jumped up so quickly before, I raced to get a puppy pad and placed it on the bed, moving the duvet away. Climbed up and got into position.
Master had only slipped a couple of fingers inside when I was close to cumming. As his fingers worked their magic he brought me to the highs on and on, squirting more and more til I thought it would never end. 3-4 times.
Til I collapsed over the bed frame, exhausted and spent.
Oh now that was a better ending to my day.
I think Master deserves a hand job for allowing you this treat. He told me as I tidied up. Climbing on the bed, i dropped a tiny blob of lube on his cock and slowly let it trickle down. I tickled his head, where I know he likes it, kneading it and his balls. Giving him a perfect hand job, his cock like a rock, he exploded, sending his cum all over his tummy. As he sighed I knew he had enjoyed that and we now both felt very content and satisfied.
Mmmm that will do you now until next month. Master said.
Wh…what, no way. I protested. He chuckled saying, Protest and you wont get that again until March.
I shut up quickly, hoping he didn’t really mean that, but knowing Master he probably did.

My day yesterday.

I wanted to tell you about my day yesterday, its silly but I think it will make you laugh.
My day started quiet, Master didn’t feel well. Got a tummy bug, so no spanking or contemplation time.
Master left for work and within a minute, this massive huge monster of a spider crawls out from under the dogs bed towards the tv stand. By the time I screeched, grabbed the fly swat it had gone under the stand.
Leaving me a nervous wreck for the rest of the day. The fly swat stayed on the foot stool by the tv.
If you hadn’t realised, I’m petrified of spiders and their webs.
2 hours later Master comes back home, feeling really shit, so he went straight to bed. By 1pm, he started to feel a bit better, wanted some toast but stayed in bed watching tv.
I dropped our son off at the train station, to go to college at 2.30pm.
Master sent me a message to say I’m allowed to blow up my new vibrating inflatable dildo cushion and have a play, in the living room.
Hunting for the pump to blow it up, then figured out how to use it (Master normally does that sorta thing), I left it blowing up.
Meanwhile i got my lube, camera, selfie stick, closed the curtains and stripped, then prepared myself, dropping a blob of lube on the dildo.
Crouching down was rather hard, with my medical conditions, Im not as flexible, so it became a struggle to be crouched so low down and then enjoy myself. The dildo seemed to have a very wide girth, lol, so i felt myself stretch wide as I lowered myself down, pausing a little to get readjusted plus watch my rings. After a while of thrusting up and down, my hips and back were really struggling. This needs to be higher I thought.
Climbing off, I put it on the footstool, no too high, I needed something in between. In our bathroom theres a smaller step stool, so quickly retrieved it, placing the cushion on there and thought, yes thats better.
So back I go, sliding slowly down, turning the vibrator on, it was just yummy.
I was holding the selfie stick and phone in one hand, trying to get photos for Master, then change to video. (The videos aren’t great so I probably wont upload them), it was too dark to see where i positioned myself.
So I thought, well I will move in front of Masters chair, its brighter there.
This time I knelt on the cushion itself, lowered myself down, ( more comfortable ), so I was rather enjoying my play.
Don’t forget I’m not allowed to cum or masterbate without Masters say so, so I was planning on enjoying this play. I hadn’t been allowed to cum for early 3 weeks.
I had a nice slow play, more of a deep, gentle, dreamy play than a plentiful, fast and furious play I would have with Master.
On a pause, while I just sat enjoying feeling so stretched and the vibration feeling incredible, I opened my eyes, just in time to see that huge monster of a spider just walk past me, inches away from me, well did I scream, as I almost fell off my cushion. This monster just stopped right by me, grabbing the fly swat, I looked from spider to swat and decided the swat would not work, it was too close to the skirting board. And too big. Searching around looking for something to use, stopping the dogs going near it, I spotted a pot hanging off the radiator. Mmmmmmm that should work. So grabbed it and tried to put it over the monster, screaming and saying almost every swear word going.
Then it started moving again !
Screaming got louder, STAY THERE YOU FUCKING MONSTER I shouted.
Tried again and it started to climb inside the pot so I dropped it over the scary spider and finally I had caught it.
HA YOU BASTARD I CAUGHT YOU. I shouted to the pot.

But it had completely ruined my play. So I wasn’t very happy.
When Master eventually got up he was getting ready to sit down when I said,
Oh be careful of that pot, the monster is in there.
He asked me to get a piece of card and slid it under the pot, but as soon as he lifted it the long thick legs started to get out so Master very quickly put the pot and card together, catching the legs.
Open the door for me please. Master said.
I raced to the door and ran to the other side of the kitchen to get away, as Master dropped in on the path, it was that big I could still see it moving from a distance until my hero stamped on it.
Now I know many people would not then kill it, but they do come back inside to the home they’ve made, so no way was that thing staying alive.
And anyway, it had ruined my first play in ages, so it deserved to be stomped on.
So that was my day !