Got my butt spanked

Got my butt spanked last time as I accused Master of lying twice yesterday, he does not like to called a liar ever. As he never lies.

I couldn’t find 2 different things, thinking Master had moved them, to wind me up so I go looking for ages. They were actually where I left them.

Instead of asking him to help me look, or did he see where I put it, or just looking more, I told Master he musta done it. Unfortunately for me, I was wrong. And I deserved this spanking.

Master has now decided morning spankings will resume as he thinks I’m in need of it.

Last night I was bent over the bed whilst the Giant Devil walloped my ass.

This morning I was over his knee, whilst the Little Devil walloped my ass.

Morning spanking postponed until tonight so doubled the count.

Morning spanking postponed until tonight so doubled the count.


We’ve been having problems with our boiler again, as typically it chooses Christmas time to break down, though most of the parts have been replaced, Masters doing everything to avoid the inevitable replacement.

So as he was trying to get the heating on, he was late leaving for work. I was told he would have to leave the morning spanking as he’s late so I will get double tonight !!!

How’s that fair ? Now 60 swats this evening, if we get chance. But still not fair when I didn’t do anything wrong for once. Its bugged me all day so I decided to blog about it,

Failed the past 2 mornings.

I really hate morning spankings, especially when I’m not awake, especially when I’ve not had one for at least 3 weeks, especially when the paddle is used and not been used for months, especially as each swat makes me want to scream, I clench my buttocks which makes it hurt even more, but I couldn’t relax them as the swats were raining down on me, especially when it’s over I give attitude and curse, I know I shouldn’t but it was so hard I was just fuming,  especially when I then get extra for it. Forcing I’m sorry out of my mouth and not give attitude again, especially when this has happened for the past 2 days once our lifestyle rules restarted once more, sat bare on the stool, I was warned once more to stop the attitude, I know I should be doing what my new lines say,

I will make 2018, the best year of serf service Master has had so far.

I’ve failed the last 2 mornings which has made me cross with myself and I know Master will continue using the paddle as hard as he wants so I just have to get over it and accept it. There’s no point in begging and pleading to make it softer. I’m battling with Miss Brat to stay below the covers and not venture out as I want to please Master and I don’t want the start of the year to begin on a bad note.

But ffs it hurt so much, I can’t describe it, I hate that f***ing paddle.

This mornings maintenance spanking.

As typical at this busy time of year I’m really struggling with chronic pain in my back. There’s so much to do, I have to do most of it as, Master and our son both work.
But this has meant my back has got worse and worse every day, unable to to stand upright, I’m haunched over like a very old woman.
Master has allowed my morning maintenance spanking to be missed, but this morning I could tell he really wanted to do it. As usual I started mouthing off a bit, because I was too sore for a spanking too.
Master went to get his crop, hands out he ordered. I stared at him, well no I threw him a filthy look. Stuck one palm out. Flat, he instructed. I can’t get it anymore flat. I spat out at him. So he followed with 10 hard swats, the pain from it was incredible. My palm burned and pounded. I his it under my arm. Other palm. He ordered again. Now this wrist is worse than the other, so it was leaning considerably. Flat. He ordered again. You know I can’t with this hand, its much worse than the other. I said rather loudly. Arthritis and tendinitis trouble from using my walking stick for years has made it much worse. Master tried to flatten in whilst up in the air and realised there was no hope, so just left the palm as it was and gave 10 shockingly hard swats. Because it wasn’t flat the bridge on my thumb got the brunt. When it stopped I quickly put that palm under my arm, like my other one. Both together, he ordered. I gave him my best dirty look, piercing eyes at him, before sticking both palms out. 10 swats later, I hid my palms under my armpits refusing to look at him. He fisted my hair, slapped my cheek then kissed me. Next time do as you’re told first time, he ordered, and left for work. Leaving me sulking over my very sore palms, unable to do any of my sketch, thinking up any way of getting my own back at him. Of course I won’t do anything, I guess I deserved it but doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Morning/evening spanking when Master broke his crop.

Master loves this position, me on all fours, him legs either side of waist, holding me tight, then whipping my ass, 60 or 70 strokes at least, he said he was enjoying myself so stop wriggling about. Until he broke his crop. Lol. He did manage to continue for a while. When he had enough and photos taken, he cut the broken bit off and decided it was a perfect crop for tit whipping. So he had a go with them. Sorry no photos of those today.

Morning Spanking.

This morning Master decided on a change of position.
Telling me to kneel on the floor and bare my bottom. He stood over me, tightly on my hips, facing my bottom.
When suddenly 60 quick, very hard hits started whipping across each cheek. I tried to move but his legs were so tight, I could not move an inch.
Stinging, burning, sharp and quick.
I tried to count to 30 but then he continued, I got confused as the pain muggled my head.
Just as quickly it started, it soon stopped, and my ass certainly felt sore then.
Master stepped over me as I stood up, thanking him for my spanking.
‘ Did you notice you got more, it was 60 today as we didn’t do yesterday’s. “ he said.
Ahhhhh yes of course. I’d forgotten it was missed then, trust Master not to forget this, he has a very very good memory. I think he enjoyed this spanking, and though it was sharp and stingy, I did enjoy it and the after effects. Even now 6 hours later, I can feel a slight sting on my cheeks and I can remember each stingy swat with that darn crop.

Morning tit spanking.

Yesterday, I wriggled about during my morning spanking, G seemed to be hitting much harder with his favourite crop. I even stood up, yelling, “ Don’t go so hard. ‘ He was not impressed so continued even harder.
Later that morning I sent an apology message to him, saying I was sorry, I had no right to yell at him like that, or tell him what to do. I promised I would try much harder to stay still.
He replied, I should think so too !
This morning as he was picking his crop up, I stood up ready to kneel on the chair, when he said, “ I’d like to do your tits today. Seeing as you wriggled about yesterday. ‘ I glared at him, fuming, as he looked at me until I took my dressing gown off, and went to lift my nightie up. “ You may as well take it off fully and put your hands on your head. “ I knew I was throwing him the death stare, I was so fucking mad.
I thought or hoped he may not do the full 30 on my tits, of course I was wrong.
He had this evil look on his face, like he knew I was totally pissed off and he found it amusing. I did not !
10 on my left tit, just above the nipple, doing 10 on my right tit seemed to hurt so much more and I couldn’t stop myself from covering my tits with my arms, slowly putting my hands back on my head when I saw his look on his face. I think I did this 3 times just on that 10. G was not impressed. I will be honest I swore a lot.
Then the last 10. When he spanks my ass in the morning, I get 10 on each cheek, then 10 across both, I prayed he wasn’t going to do that, but when he turned me sideways, I knew he was going to go across both.
I felt so fucking mad, I wanted to scream at him, naturally I didn’t, I just put a stoney look on my face, glaring at the curtains as he whipped across both tits twice, before my arms covered them again, swearing like a trooper.
Slowly my arms went back, hands on my head, he held my elbow to stop me moving as another 4 whipped my tits, always just above my nipples.
Again, I grabbed my tits, “ Fucking hell, “ I yelled. He was starting to get very cross with me, as my hands returned, he held my elbow harder so I couldn’t move it down. Another 3 struck me and I repeated grabbing my tits.
G grabbed my arms moving them away, held my arm and whipped me 2 or 3 times, I can’t remember which. I was too pissed to count.
Once it was over, the death stare continued, I went to grab my nightie but he stopped me, looking at me until I thanked him for my morning spanking, through gritted teeth. I threw my nightie on quickly, pouting and glaring, I put my dressing gown on and went to my stool for contemplation time.
“ I think tomorrow we will do the same spanking as you wriggled about so much then. “ I didn’t reply, just snatched my timer of the cupboard to put 20 minutes on it. “ Ermmm, don’t snatch things like that. “ he told me, giving me a kiss before he headed to work. “ I will look forward to a grovelling text, apologising for all the wriggling. “ He turned my face to look at him, holding my chin, slapping my cheek. “Mmmmmmmm,” l replied in a sarcastic way, “Pardon ?” He asked but I said nothing, he slapped my other cheek then he left for work.

I was left fuming on my stool. Was he fucking joking, I should apologise for wriggling about. He should try having the crop whipped across his man-tits, see how he likes it.
Fucking apology, yeah right.
Tits, pussy, cock and balls are all such delicate parts of our body so why do people think they should get spanked, they should be cherished not spanked.
Unfortunately, I know he will probably read this blog, so he won’t be happy, but I had to vent, and let it all out.
I did take the photos during contemplation time, coz I know the marks might fade quickly, but as soon as they were done, I went to finish my contemplation time.
But this Serf is not a happy Serf, I’m glad I’m out tonight, because, I feel I may be a very stroppy, bratty Serf for the entire evening.
Venting finished.

Need stretching.

This morning, G was in a rush to get to the Dr’s before work. “Oh I’ve no time to do your spanking this morning so you can have double tonight.”
“Why double, that’s not fair ?” I asked pouting.

“It’s Serf’s duty to remind Master if you haven’t had it.” He told me. Yeah like that’s gonna happen, I thought.

Off he went to work.

Fast forward to bedtime and G got involved with trying to get the boiler working. I knew he said I was to have my spanking but it got to 8.45 pm  and he was still busy. So without another word, I headed up to bed.

He came in about 9 pm, and said, “Right get that bottom up in the air.” Reaching in the toy drawer, he picked out the Giant Devil Paddle.

I was on all fours but he told me to put my head and shoulders on the bed. Then he started my spanking.

The first few swats weren’t too bad, but then he told me to say Thank you after each one.

This was new, I glared at him but he just swatted me again, waiting fir me to say thank you. This was really hard, and I felt humiliation and a bit of degrading at the same time. Why do I want to thank him for each smack ?

Then if he went faster, I was expected to say thank you, quicker and quicker.

“I was you to say Harder Please Master.” He said, a big smirk on his face.

“WHAT ? You’ve got to be kidding.” I exclaimed. “Do I ever joke about anything ? Just do it.” He ordered.

So it started. “Harder please Master,” Whack, “Thank you Master.”

“I never said include ouches so stop that please.” He said.  This infuriates me, no one can stop ouching when they’re getting their arse spanked.

After ouching again, he walloped me harder and I fell forward, face into the bed. “Fucking Hell OUCH.” I yelled.

“What did you just say ?” Naturally I tried to pretend nothing happened but I heard him go into the drawer again.

“Ass up now.” G ordered, swatting my legs, until my backside was up in the air again.

Getting up again G continued, I knew it was a different paddle, this was harder, stingier, more powerful.Then I caught a glance of the CPS. Master loves this paddle, the weight of it and my reaction.

I don’t know how many was with the CPS, but my arse was hot, sore and felt raw. The final swat was full across my bum and sit spots, the force dropping to the bed again.

G dropped the CPS, stroking and scratching my cheeks, feeling me wince and flinch.

“Would you like some cream on, I see you’ve been blogging that my after-care needs improving.” He said and I giggled.

But he gently rubbed cream into my bottom, massaging it so nicely, I could have enjoyed that for hours.

Hearing him go in our other toy drawer, he pulled something out. I heard lube being squirted, Must be a dildo, I thought.

The coldness of the lube on my pussy made me jump as he started to push the dildo in. It was the biggest one we have.

Now I know I’m a bigger girl, due to being overweight, but I actually have a very small frame. My jaw is small so I have to let anaesthetists know, when having smears I was always told you will never give birth naturally, and this ended up being true when I had E.

So having a bigger girth and longer was quite painful, whist G held my bottom down with one hand, he thrust the dildo in and out, deeper and deeper. I was ouching so much, it was kinda nice but not as the pain took over. G brought me to orgasm, but it felt a mixed high of pleasure and pain. I could take no more, So I called out Stop, I always forget the safe word but G could tell I had enough. He slipped the dildo out and I felt it entering my other hole. Reaching the sphincter muscle, that protested greatly at this big dildo trying to push through. But after a pause, he was able to push through. It felt awesome for a while, until he went deeper and then I felt stretched and filled to capacity. Pleasure and pain once more. But I came again, with a mix of feelings again. G continued thrusting and stretching me and I realised then, I do have to stretch myself for him. He would love to fist me fully.

G said he has ordered a pump thing that stretches you, and he said I should wear the butt plugs more to get that stretched. And I would like to try this out. I will let you know how it goes.

Sketching No.3.


Kneeling naked on the stool, I put my head on my hands and look out of the window, I watch the kids play out in the street, then Master starts paddling my arse hard. He loves the Little Devil paddle as blisters quickly appear, some break and bleed. But Master doesn’t care. He continues turning my bottom crimson as tears fall down my face.

He puts the paddle down and holds the nasty crop, then continues whipping my ass, evil tongue at the end whips my skin, I clench my fists as it goes on.

What do the kids think, if they look towards me, do they see me crying. A dog walker goes past, one that I know, does he see me crying, naked at the window ? What would he think if he knew I now had the crop between my burning cheeks, holding it upright. I can’t let it fall otherwise my spanking will start all over again. So I stay put until I’m allowed to move. I kiss Master and say Thank you, I’m allowed to get dressed now, at least for a while anyway. Until he chooses to repeat this again.

This is a frequent spanking Master enjoys to give me, and one I find very humiliating and hard to take.

Morning spanking.

After last week of no maintenance spanking, we were back on track again.

And G seemed to want me to ensure I felt each one.

Yesterday, he chose the crop, normally can just about deal with it. 10 on each cheek with the leather lip smacking me hard. Then the final 10 was the full length of the crop across both cheeks. And oh yes, did I feel that, the sharp sting as it hit, the heat and burn that came next, repeated over and over, certainly woke me up and yes was very enjoyable.

But today was different, He chose the paddle, that Little Devil can be evil. As soon as I felt his hand go on my back, I knew this was going to be hard. 1 tap, then suddenly it started hard and quick, scrunching my eyes tight, I ouched and owww’ed for the first 5, then cried out, and bit into my dressing gown as the paddle continued the reign down harder.

After the 30, it took a moment for me to recover, stand up and say thank you, then head to my stool for contemplation time, certain that the usual area was bleeding. So 20 minutes later, I stood up and was surprised to see no blood on the seat and none on my bottom. Nearly 2 hours later, I’m still feeling the burn and tingle, it’s gone down to a more pleasant feeling but feels quite bruised at the moment.