My version of my road rage incident Daddy blogged about.

My road rage incident.

Daddy chose to write this months blog about my road rage incident but got the story wrong. So as I was feeling even more bratty and stroppy than normal, I decided to write exactly what happened. Why am I feeling more stroppy, because Daddy then told me I was to write an apology letter to the man, he didn’t expect me to give it to him, as we don’t even know who he is, but I was to write it and give it Daddy.

As far as I’m concerned, the man did not deserve an apology.

He is now referred to as the Arrogant Man.

Anyway, down our street it’s very busy with traffic, even though it’s a long cul-de-sac, with 6 little cul-de-sacs running off it. We live along the main road. On the corner lives a family, we’ve actually known the man since he was a kid, it seems his mum has moved out and the son and family have moved in. Think they are early 20’s. But he’s extremely arrogant, well they both are, they look at you like you are scum, and people like that, I really do not like. So we don’t have anything to do with them, except when it comes to them parking their cars. As they seem to think they can park the cars wherever they want.

So along with them thinking the road belongs to them, their friends also think they have the right to park anywhere, even across peoples driveways. Many times a white van has parked across ours and next doors driveway, meaning we can’t get in or get out. Master and E have had to park elsewhere when they got home from work or sit in the car and wait. The man, he’s about mid 20’s maybe, the Arrogant Man usually stands by the van talking to the man from the corner house, they see you waiting but just ignore you. Master calls them all sorts as he walks past them, God only knows what E says. The language would be blue.

On this occasion, I was getting ready to visit my folks. I’d put the dogs in the car, gone back in the house to get y coat, keys and phone. In those few seconds, the white van appeared across both driveways. The Arrogant Man watched as I walked to the car, got in, started the engine, then had to do something with my phone, I think I’d lost connection between phone and car. I watched and waited patiently as the Arrogant Man got out of the van, turned to look at me, and chatted with the arrogant man from the corner. Both looked at me, continued to chat, opened the back of the van and looked inside. This is something they do every time, they turned to look at me again, laughed then carried on.

Enough was enough. Now I could reverse off the curb, but they are quite high and the jolt of the bump down jarrs my back, so I won’t do that and honestly, why should I.

So I drove forwards towards the van and watched the Arrogant Man get into his van. The other man went back inside his house. After waiting again I honked my horn, he just started laughing. I drive an Abarth convertible, well I’ve only got it for a few weeks now, then I get a new car, so as it was sunny, the roof was down. My one complaint about my Abarth is the buttons to put the windows down aren’t on the door by the window, they are on the centre console and I’ve never gotten used to them there. Still laughing, the Arrogant Man very slowly reversed back. So as I was finally able to drive out of my drive, I shouted F*****g arrogant T**t, then shoved my middle finger up at him. Before driving off.

It’s safe to say I was extremely shocked at my outburst, that last word I would never ever use, and as for the finger, well that is just like using all the worst swear words you can think of in one go. A few minutes later I began shaking, I’ve never felt guilt like it before, but I was now late so I had to put it behind me for now. By the time I got home, I was shaking again and as it was gone 2pm I thought Daddy would’ve had his lunch break by now, so I messaged Miss Adira, telling her all about it, she too thought he would’ve had his lunch by now. 

About 10 minutes later, I got a call from Daddy, I knew I had to tell him there and then, he was laughing about with his colleagues, we chatted for 1 or 2 minutes then said it, “I have something I need to tell you.” With that he got up, “Sounds like Little’n is in trouble, I will be back in a bit,” he told them. God how embarrassing, I thought. He found a quiet spot then asked what I had to tell him. So I told him the entire story. At first he burst out laughing, I think he was in shock to be fair. After a bit of a lecture he said, “Right to start with I want 1000 lines doing. And this is not over.” He walked back in the staff room and told everyone what I had done. OMG no. He carried on chatting about how mum was today, how work was, I told him I was shaking because I was so upset with what I’ve done. He said, “Right it’s done with now, you did the right thing telling me. So don’t be worrying.” He then had to go back to work, so said our goodbyes.

So far I’ve not seen the Arrogant Man in his van since, would I do anything different……yes, I would try the polite way as I think he would be more gobsmacked had I said, “Would you mind reversing off my driveway please so I can get out.” I think he would be that shocked he wudda reversed straight away. Would my fiery Taurus nature actually do that, probably not. But I can promise to try, take a deep breath in, before opening my mouth. It’s so so hard.

Why Do I Keep Going wrong ?

Why do I keep going wrong ?

After disappointing Daddy for missed tasks I’ve been trying really hard to get them done at the right time. I’ve added an alarm to my phone at 9am and 4pm, This is to check I’ve done everything, then sign it off on my tasks sheet. And I thought I was really getting into this routine.

So when Daddy phoned yesterday and said the first part of this conversation is not going to be pleasant. I thought, Oh God what’s happened, what have I done. Where is my morning selfie ? He asked.

This left me a bit dumbstruck. I was sure I sent it, I felt certain I had taken them.

The only difference yesterday was I had an idea for my erotic photos for Miss Adira, and my head was thinking only about this.

I took photos of my homework, then waited until my son had left for work, then I took myself upstairs. I had a shower, did my hair, put makeup on so I looked nice for the pictures. I’d bought new bras which I wanted to try on, 2 for everyday wear, 2 sexy ones for going out, meeting Daddy and Miss Adira. This was all I was focusing on.

Now for my 50th birthday present from Miss Adira, she is taking me away for the night, we are going out for afternoon tea then going to watch The LadyBoys of Bangkok.

I really wanted a sexy outfit, which is hard for me when I don’t feel a sexy woman. I bought a black tight skirt, had it shortened to over my knee, I found 2 pairs of over the knee boots in the sale, black and blue suede, and bought a black sheer top. Originally I wanted to wear a basque underneath, bought 2, I felt were too small, so bought the next size which was far too big. So, with Master;s help, I got the smaller basque on, but OMG I couldn’t breath. I couldn’t sit down, never mind going for a meal and sitting in a show for 2 hours. Master said I was just not the right shape for a basque. Be okay for a quick photo shoot, but after that, no.

Master suggested wearing just a bra underneath, it would look sexy plus you would see your tattoos. So I had to buy some sexy bras. The 2 I own are decidedly ugh, I hate underwired bras, the wire always digs into my sides, but the non-wired bras are pretty dull and boring. So I decided I had to suffer the wires, and purchase some pretty, sexy bras. I found 2 I liked so purchased them.

Then I tried the outfit on, taking photos of the new bras first, I put the outfit on and wow I actually felt good in it, I felt sexy. I think mainly because it didn;t show my figure, my big tummy mainly.

So I got carried away with my outfits and taking photos, once I had sorted them out and edited them I sent them to Master, Daddy and Miss Adira.

The response I got was amazing, they all said I looked real sexy, now I wouldn’t go that far, but I did feel a bit more confident in myself. I think Miss Adira will be proud to take me out looking like this. 

Next year we are also going to see a burlesque show with Miss Dita Von Teese Glamonareix

So I think I will be wearing this outfit then, if I really do feel sexy in it when we go to see The Ladyboys.

Miss Adira asked me why I liked 2 particular photos, it was a hard question to answer, so I just explained that just putting the boots on made me feel good, and I could honestly say I felt comfortable in it, Showing off my tattoos makes me feel confident for some reason. I just felt a self confidence I never really feel, the only time I feel like this is at the naturists park we go to. Then I’m not bothered, I think to myself this is the body I’ve got, so embrace it. And I do. When I’m home I do anything to hide my body, well the middle section mostly. Tummy and scar.

But all this is no excuse for missing my selfie. No matter that Daddy loved the photos, they weren’t the photos he was wanting. Or expecting. Or at the correct time.

The last thing he said to me last Saturday after my punishment spanking, was,  if you miss just one more, then you will get a no-nonsense, long punishment. He said things like having no TV at bedtime until he decides I’m allowed it, No Ipad, chromebook for a month unless I’m writing a blog then I have to give it back to Master, given daily tasks on top of my normal stuff for a month. He even mentioned me not being allowed to watch grown-up programmes, and just watching the kids channels, I hope to God this one doesn’t happen. But I’ve disappointed him again, and he said once more that he thinks I’m doing it on purpose. But I’m not, I think the only way to make him believe me is by making sure I get it done. Stop getting side tracked on other things. I need to focus, once the homework is done, sent them there and then, even if its 4 am, like today when I’d done it all. Take the selfies then and send everything. Fill out my task sheet, making sure I’ve ticked off each task. Then I can think about the rest of the day.

Anyway at first Daddy set me an origami to make, I did not think this was a sufficient punishment to make me stop forgetting, so I reminded him about what he had said at the end of the last punishment. “Oh ok if you want to go down that route, you will get a more serious punishment. So to start with, I want 1000 lines, in your best writing, in nice rainbow colours, I will not forget my Daddy’s tasks ever again. I want you sat on nuts and bolts whilst you are writing them. This becomes very painful after a few minutes. Tomorrow (which is now today) I want a video at 6 minutes past the hour, from 8.06am – 8.06pm, saying I am sorry I missed my task again, I will try harder. I’ve been told there will be more punishments to come.

Master and Daddy have both mentioned that maybe I’ve too many things on,  and I’ve too many tasks but I’ve not many daily tasks, once the homework is done, poses for Miss Adira, it’s only selfies to do, unless I’m given extra tasks for punishment or for their amusement. So going forward, I intend to send homework, selfies and poses as soon as I’ve done them, then I know they are done. I don’t want to hear Daddy say he’s disappointed again, I want him to say well done or thank you for my tasks, daily like he usually does, not a conversation where I’ve missed one. Or worse, missed them all. 

But he did say the photos were really sexy and it was hard to concentrate on his job after seeing them. That the boots were a big turn on, so all he thought about was making me squirt, giving me multiple orgasms and spanking my butt, just with me wearing those boots. Now even though I missed a task, I’m gonna be honest now, just hearing Daddy say that, the passion, desire in his voice, had made this mistake worth it. Even if I’m not enjoying writing these 1000 lines, sat on nuts and bolts and probably won’t enjoy anything else he sets to add to the punishment. Hopefully this will be the last time.

Getting that tingly feeling.

Getting that tingly feeling.

I don’t know about you, but when your Dom says something in that tone of voice, when you should be feeling guilty for doing something wrong, but you just find your bits are tingling with excitement. You want to risk doing it again but part of you says don’t be silly. The other part screams CONTINUE as you feel your wetness between your legs.

There are certain situations where this happens for me, one particular one is when I’m out with Daddy, and I give attitude, cheek etc, Daddy threatens to lift my dress and spank my backside, wherever we are, he doesn’t care. He says, “Carry one, you carry on little girl.” That’s all he needs to say, because I know he would do it. Even if we are in a supermarket, I think he would.

Yesterday we had to go to town, I was with Miss Adira and Daddy. Miss Adira had gone one way, I was searching for something for Master’s dinner. I was going to get a precooked chicken but there wasn’t any. So I went off to look around, until a few minutes went past and I heard in a loud, booming voice, “Little’en get here now,” I blushed as people turned to look at me and look at him, but I felt dampness between my legs and the familiar tingle. Even as I’m writing this I can feel I’m tingling, I half expected him to slap my bum when I eventually went to him, he wasn’t happy that I disappeared, but I was only wandering around the shop, like I do when I go on my own every week. But when I’m with Daddy, he expects me to stay by his side and as I was pushing the trolley to save me using my walking stick, he wasn’t happy because I wandered off without the trolley. So I easily could have stumbled, fallen or strained my back. But that tingle got stronger, sometimes I almost wish to myself that he did actually do it, but then it would be so embarrassing and humiliating, plus he could get arrested for abusing his little, even if he’s not, to the vanilla world, he would be.

There’s another situation that causes this tingle, and this one is with Miss Adira. I tend to be more cheeky, sassy, bratty when I’m talking to her on whatsapp, I’ll be honest, I don’t usually dare to be as bad when I’m actually with her, I would get more than just her normal spanking, she would not stand for it at all. Not sure what she would do if I acted like I do with Daddy sometimes. I don’t think she would slap my backside in public, but then again I could be wrong.

On whatsapp, whilst bratting about going to bed early and she had calmly told me repeatedly that I was and the reason why, I received a voice message from her. It simply said, “Aurora.” Oh my lord did I tingle and leak. But it was a warning enough to stop being naughty. But that simple word, like Daddy’s “Carry on,” is all the warning I need to stop. Yet the tingle becomes so strong I’m really tempted to continue, but I daren’t. I stop and let the tingle wear off and my bits dry up, but I still feel tempted, just to see what happens.

Anyone else get tingles from one word said by their Dom/Domme ?

First major tantrum with Miss Adira.

My first drunken disobedient strop/tantrum with Miss Adira, whilst on our naturist holiday.

In the morning Master and Daddy went to Tesco to stock up on essentials, food, treats and most important booze. We had limited space in the car so could only bring food for one day. Miss Adira and I went for a walk through the fields and woods until we came across one of the ponds. There are lovely pathways all around their land for us naturists to enjoy. A couple of public footpaths were marked off, warning naturists that people may get offended by seeing naked people about so they were avoided. But having found one of the ponds we sat there and chatted. Mostly it was about how we’ve messed up on something so received a punishment or how Miss Adira may write things in a text message only to delete it, saying it’s not worth the risk. Whereas I would just press send coz I was peeved off. We were both very stubborn and pig headed neither of us willing to back down or not have the final say. So far Miss Adira and I had not been in this dilemma, she and Daddy had warned me that I did not want to get on her bad side when our dynamic began because I would not win. I think in my stupid naive head, I believed she wasn’t as bad as they made out. Daddy always said Miss Adira would have me crying within minutes, just by what she has said as she was very clever with her words, again the bratty stubborn side of me really didn’t believe she was that bad. My sensible head believed she was.

So back to our holiday.

Having been drinking wine since lunchtime, I was getting very merry. I’m a bit odd, in the way that if I had wine in a glass, I would drink very very slowly, not really enjoying it, probably only having a quarter of the glass before chucking it out. Now since I became Daddy’s ‘little’ and he puts wine in my sippy cup I drink very quickly and it tastes really nice. Told you I was a bit odd. Before holidays I bought Miss Adira and I some plastic cups with lids and straws as you can’t take proper glasses to the sunroom or hottub. These cups you can put in the freezer to keep your drinks colder for longer.  And I drank wine very quickly out of these cups.

On Wednesday after Master and Daddy had purchased more alcohol I had drunk rather a lot, feeling very merry, well a little bit……no I was pissed. I was enjoying the hottub then floating in the pool. Messing about in the hottub I splashed water over Miss Adira’s face. “I think someone may be getting a spanking for that”, she told me. So what do I do…..yep I do it again, not once but twice. Daddy had a look of sheer shock and horror as he knew she did not like water on her face. “I will meet you upstairs when you come back,” she told me. Being rather drunk I dismissed the comment. When she left Daddy asked me if I had a death wish because he would never, ever splash water on her face coz she would go mental. I didn’t really believe she would be that annoyed by it. Anyway we left the hottub and went to the pool, I was enjoying just floating in the water, holding one of those noodle float things under my head, my body just naturally floated, and for once, my back wasn’t hurting. So I just floated for a long time. Daddy wanted to go back so I told him I was staying in, so he left but he quickly returned because Master had told him, he should not have left his drunken ‘little’ in the pool by herself. Though I kept telling him to go, he said no, and sat in the chair watching me float.

When we eventually returned Miss Adira was there, looking stern, telling me to go to her bedroom. I just flatly said No, I want a shower first. After a few No’s I went to the shower. Miss Adira followed with the hairbrush in her hand. “That’s okay, I wanted to see how it was to spank you when you’re wet. Turn around.” she told me, standing in the doorway of the shower. “No,” I told her, deliberately facing her, over and over and over she told me to turn around, I kept stubbornly saying No. She whacked me a few times with the hairbrush, boobs and sides of my legs were perfect targets but still I refused to turn around.

Writing this now, the following morning, I’m shocked at how I reacted, I’d never do that to any of them if I was sober.

I kept saying, I need to wash my hair, I need to put conditioner on it, I need to wash the chlorine off my body, any excuse to stay in the shower, hoping she would just go. But as she told me many times, she would be there all night if necessary. So I washed myself all the time facing her.

Then the standoff began. Turn around, no. The shower was turned to cold, I turned it to hot again. The shower was turned off, I turned it back on again. I’ve no idea how long we were in there or how many times the shower was altered, but my stubbornness was getting worse and refused to leave. The final time, Miss Adira turned the shower off with a warning not to turn it on, the tone of her voice warned me not to.

After a while I just plonked myself on the floor in the corner, Miss Adira was really pissed off by now. Daddy had made dinner, telling us it was on the table, “Just leave it there,” she called to him then closed the bathroom door and sat in the shower.

Seriously stern lectures followed then, those awful words followed, ‘I’m disrespecting her,’ I told her I wasn’t but deep down I knew I was being very disrespectful. “You wouldn’t do this for Master or Daddy would you?” she asked. “Not anymore no,” I replied. Then eventually my emotions took over, those 3 words were always enough to make my stubbornness dissolve and tears start flowing.

Eventually Miss Adira persuaded me to get up, having had a long chat, I didn’t want to see the boys, I didn’t want to have my dinner, I just wanted to go to bed, but I wasn’t allowed, I had to have my dinner, then I could go to bed. But first we headed to the other loft and had snuggles in bed. I was still upset, and felt embarrassed seeing the boys so Miss Adira said we would have dinner in there, she brought the plates of food in, warmed them up in the microwave then we sat down. She made sure I’d taken my medication and also made sure I ate. If I started just playing with my food she told me off, until I’d eaten half of it.

Miss Adira wanted me to go upstairs and watch a film but I said I really didn’t want to. She knew it was because I felt embarrassed, ashamed, guilty and stupid, well I felt stupid, Miss Adira didn’t think that. Anyway she allowed me to go to bed, gave me my kindle and tucked me in. Giving me a kiss she left me to it, where I lay for a while before finally reading my book. I gave up after a few pages though, nothing would stay in my head and I was still feeling guilty about what happened.

I hadn’t realised but apparently I had fallen asleep, the others heard me snoring from upstairs in the annex.  But as usual I woke up so I read my kindle. Miss Adira popped her head through the door and found me awake, she gave me a hug, asking if I was okay, that’s when I found out I’d been asleep.

In the morning I went to see Miss Adira, we had a cuddle and I sat at the table for a while talking. We were all going to the pool but she said she was happy colouring inside so I went with the boys. Later on I sent her an apology text, saying I was drunk but not that drunk where I didn’t know what I was doing. She replied saying she appreciated the text message, the apology, the explanation but it was all forgotten with now, no further punishments were needed as she had got the desired result, (me crying feeling terribly guilty). She said we both knew there would be a time where this would happen because we were so alike and she knew from her experience that I would test her to this point to see what would happen.

So what have I learnt from this……..I will never win when I’m being disrespectful, stubborn or just flatly being really naughty……..I will never splash water in Miss Adiras face again……I never want to be in that position again, hear those words, see the disappointment in her face.

But as she had said before, it will happen again at some point because we are both so stubborn and pig headed and we would both test and push our Doms/Domme just out of pure devilment. But I hope I don’t test her again for quite some time.

One thing I know for certain is I never want to see the look of disappointment, upset, crossness, (is that a word, oh well it is now) on her face or hear her say I’m disrespecting her or wondering if I really did want this dynamic ever again. Those 2 things hurt me so much more than any severe spanking I’ve ever been given.

Slip up with mouth and eyes.

Slip up with mouth and eyes.


At lunchtime today, I was video chatting with Daddy when he said something, can’t even remember what it was but I came out with b****y hell, Daddy asked what I said and I rolled my eyes, exasperated that he heard me swear then saw me roll my eyes.

I got lectured on behaving and then when he told me to apologise, ( Something I do struggle with when I’ve just been told off, my pig headed stubbornness won’t let me apologise properly coz I was now in a mood ) I said, “Sorry the word just slipped out and my eyes just rolled.”

He was not happy with my response so I was told to get a 5 pence coin, and stand against the wall holding the coin with my nose. Miss Bratty came out, are you serious ? Really ? The words slipped out. You know the sorta thing you say. Suddenly Daddy asked if it was cold outside. I paused my rant, confused by his question. Blurted out, of course it’s cold outside. Ready to begin complaining again, when he told me to go outside to do it. NOW.  “What, do my time-out outside ? Can I wear a coat ?” I asked. “Nope go and do it now, and bring your phone so I can watch you do it.” Daddy told me. “Find a coin and go.”
I pulled my purse out of my bag, looking for 5p but didn’t have one. “I’ve 20p.” I told him. “That will do, now outside.” he said.
I was not happy, so not happy as I went to the side of the house, I propped my phone on the windowsill, put the coin on the wall, stuck my nose on it then just waited. I dropped it a few times but the worst was after 4 minutes. And I had to start over again. Frustrating the hell outta me, I started again, when Daddy started singing at the top of his voice. OH MY LORD gag me now before I say something I will regret. As he continued to sing, asking me silly questions, I blurted out for him to shut up. Biting my tongue afterwards, “Do you want to earn extra time ?” Daddy asked. I said no as calmly as I could. So I just closed my eyes and waited until time was up.

Finally Daddy told me it was time, I got the coin ready to go inside when he told me to look at him. Here we go, I thought, more lecturing.

“I love you, I just want the best for you. Now go inside, make yourself a coffee and warm up.” I looked at him, “Is that an order ?” I asked, yes I know brattily. “Yes in fact, make one for Master too.” I paused, taking a deep breath I grabbed his mug and mine then made the coffee. “Do I have to take it up to him ?” I asked, “Yes he can’t drink it without having it.” I carried the cup, whilst staying on the phone. Knocked on the door, asked if I could come in and handed him the cup, “How about a nice, here’s your coffee Master or something nice.” He asked, I pulled a face then he said, “Did you just roll your eyes at me ?” I protested, saying I did not roll my eyes, I pulled a face yes, but I did not roll my eyes. I said, “I’ve just been outside for 10 minutes.” “What, why?”

he asked, “I swore and rolled my eyes at Daddy,” I told him.

“Well in that case you can go outside again, take the phone with you so Daddy can time you.” Seeing no point in arguing, I just went downstairs and walked outside. “Take your coffee,” Daddy told me, so I went back for it, putting my phone on a different windowsill I talked to Daddy outside, drinking my coffee.

Luckily it made the 10 minutes go quicker as we talked about Christmas presents, and the next time we meet up, what did we want to do.

Whilst I was doing my second timeout outside, I realised I hadn’t sent pictures of my lines and maths today, and I discovered this morning I hadn’t taken them yesterday. Oh fudge, I was gonna be in trouble for that now. So as soon as I went in, I took yesterday’s lines and maths and today’s. Telling them that I forgot to send them.

Daddy video called again, asking if I forgot on purpose or did I really forget. I said I really forgot. “Okay well I’m going to have a think and maybe discuss this with Master what your punishment should be. You’ve had such a rough week.”

When I looked at my phone again I had a message from Master. Write your lines in reverse order.

I was a bit confused with what he meant, but basically instead of starting from the left of the page, I will start on the right.

A bit later I got a message from Daddy, after discussing it with Master you will do an extra 50 lines, so double, written backwards.

I think I’ve got it, I will have to do these when I’m very awake I think.


The Pack.

Our D/s family has expanded. We are now classed as The Pack.

I spent hours trying to figure out a word or a few words using all the letters from our surnames and the first initial from our first names. There were no names that jumped out at me, I was disappointed, I felt certain I could make a word or two with all those letters, that represented us as a group. Instead Master suggested The Pack, so I’m sticking to that now.


You are my DaddyDom, I’m your little baby girl

But your more than that now.

Your my Daddy, I’m your second wife and now I have a sister too.

I broke a promise this made you both upset,

I did a job, taking no thought to how you would feel,

I wanted the job done, not thinking off my back,

It was not an urgent job, it didn’t need doing there and then,

Having had a bad flare up for the past fortnight,

Daddy and J got to witness for the first time my bad days,

Crying on the phone, unable to cope with the pain,

Poor Daddy and J felt helpless, as I cried on the phone.

Master has said many times I should not do these stupid things.

Carrying heavy shopping bags, instead of leaving them until the boys are home.

I’ve been in trouble many times for doing foolish things.

Master knows how to deal with these flare-ups,

It’s been 14 years since I damaged my back,

So Master understands how to help, if he can, so does E.

This is something Daddy and J  will have to learn,

Apart from the obvious, I should not do stupid things.

I need to think first before doing it.

Daddy said “Promise me you will not touch those bottles of pop.”

J told me, “Do not touch those bottles, leave them for E.”

I promised I would not do it, then I broke it.

Thinking I can put them away like how I put my shopping away ,

I confessed to Daddy, whose first thought was come down and thrash my butt !

He was more upset than angry

That I would’ve been so foolish to risk hurting my back more,

He went and told J, who gave me a telling off.

“All we want is for you to be in as little pain as possible,” she said.

We need you to be sensible, taking care of your back,

We are going to worry as you’re family now,

I felt so bad when I saw Daddy look upset,

It made me upset to know I had caused this.

But Daddy and I had a long talk, he told me his thoughts and worries

That if I’d messaged to ask if I could put the bottles away another way,

Daddy may have said okay, if you’ve done it that way before.

I’ve always known I do these stupid things, not as often these days tho

BUT I’ve never realised I’ve been selfish doing this.

Doing my irresponsible actions, which can/do bring on a flare-up,

Not only affects me, my pain, and inability to move,

It also affects my closest family.

Master, E now Daddy and J

So I’m making a promise to think before doing,

To ask for help or wait until the boys are home.

I need to look after my back, which will help my pain levels .

This means I can enjoy the times spent with Master, Daddy and J.

There will always be that worry and concern in the back of their minds,

It will never go away now.

Master and I have just grown accustomed to it,

Daddy has made this the one and only time I disobey him when it concerns my back.

If I dare do it again, he will be round that night and will thrash my ass.

“That’s a promise,” he told me, “He would check with Master that E is not home, then he would be round, and I would not sit down for a week once he’s finished.”

I have no intention on doing it again.

When shopping I will pack fridge and frozen stuff in separate bags, then only bring those bags in, leaving the rest in the car until the boys are home.

Not carry washing baskets up and down the stairs, or make the baskets lighter then do it.

I just need to be mindful of my back, think first, then do the task carefully.

This is a promise to Master, E, Daddy, J and myself, I will try and keep it.



If only we had the money for a hot tub but the cost is rediculously high. We would have to choose not to eat or have a hot tub. That actually may be a good idea, might loose some weight then, even the dogs would but then I wouldn’t starve my babies, our son tends to get his own meals these days. So it would only be for Master and I. Wonder if that would pay for thehot tub costs, I doubt it. But we wouldn’t enjoy our holidays as much because we would use the hot tub at home. So decision made, no hot tub, eat and stay big and happy, then enjoy our holidays with the indoor pool and their outdoor hot tub.

Sinful Sunday





Once they had finished watching Matilda, Si told them both to go and get ready for bed, he had put new pyjamas on Teri’s bed. Both girls grumbled, but Si said, “Get washed, put your pyjamas on then come back downstairs. It’s Friday so you can both stay up a bit later. So go.” Both girls ran upstairs, giggling and chatting.

Si went to his office and retrieved the envelope with the photos and bikini then went to his desk drawer. Unlocking it he took out a wooden paddle, it had 9 holes in it and could be evil in the right hands, next he took out his leather beaver paddle. He loved this one, it snapped a shocking slap to the ass. He took out his baby oil and baby cream, then the baby wipes. Locking the drawer again he walked to the wall. There was a long, thin shelf above the fire, on there were various canes.  He got the Dragon cane plus the school cane, he knew the girls were upstairs, he could hear them giggling and chatting, he realised he would have his hands full with these 2, but he liked a challenge. He took his collection of pain toys and walked back to the living room. He placed them inside his footstool, the canes he slipped under the chair. The girls would not notice them but he was sure they would feel them soon enough. He contemplated what to do with Teri, if she became his littlegirl, and this happened, then he would punish them both the same, but as this was a trial he wondered if he should go easy on her. She was involved in the deception, she lied to him after he told her what would happen if she did. He pondered what to do until the girls came down.

Giggling they were holding hands as they walked in, both looking adorable in their baby pink pyjamas, Sara had her NooNoo attached to her pyjama top and Mr Rufus in her other hand. Teri, he noticed had chosen a big squishy polar bear. When he went shopping for a few things for Teri, he saw this bear, a penguin and a standard teddy bear, leaving her to choose which one to pick.

“Ahh I wondered which cuddlily you would choose, those the other 2 are yours too.” Si  told her.

“Really ? Thank you Daddy I love them all.” She went over and gave him a kiss and cuddle. God it feels like she’s been part of our dynamics for years never mind this being a trial weekend.

“Good glad you love them.” Si told her.

“Daddy can we watch Frozen now PPLleeaassseeeeee.”  Sara begged.

“No, Not yet.”Si started to say.

“Why not, we watched Ri’s choice.” Sara plonked on the chair sulking.

“Sara McGyver, that is rude. Ri is our visitor this weekend, she will be given top priority, and if Ri agrees this is what she wants then you will have to learn to share. And you will, do you hear me Sara ?” Si told her off. “What do you say ?”

“Sorry Daddy.” She sulked.

“I should think so, say sorry to Ri too.” Si ordered.

“Oh Si, there’s no……….” Ri stopped quickly.

Si put his finger up to silence her. “Apologise now !!”  Si ordered again.

“Sorry Ri.” Sata said, getting up and giving her a hug. “Sorry Daddy.” She said, giving him a hug.

“It’s okay Squirt, this will be new for all of us, but we have to give each of us a chance, You’ve been used to having my sole attention and now you have to share, okay. Ri may feel awkward too don’t forget.” Si told her gently, and she nodded her head. Pulled her into a big hug and kissed her, then opened his arm to Teri. The three of them hugged each other tightly, Si kissed Ri on her mouth, then he let go.

“Right, I’m going to get your supper, then we will chat a bit more.” Si left to go to the kitchen.

Sara and Ri sat on the sofa next to each other.

“What do you think then Ri ?Are you enjoying it ?” Sara asked.

“I think so, I didn’t think there would be so many rules though. Is he really strict with them ?” Teri asked, hugging her bear.

“Yeah but I always try to win him round, it’s gonna be so much fun being together. Imagine the mischief we can get up to.” Sara said giggling.

Teri started giggling when Si walked in.

“What are you 2 giggling about ?” Si asked.

“Nothing Daddy, just silly stuff.” Sara told him.

“Ok well come on, beep beep off the settee, let me get in there.” Si told them. He set a tray on the table, containing 2 large, plastic, tumblers of milk, a banana each and a digestive biscuit each. Si had a large glass of Jack Daniels and a plate of cheese and crackers.

“Sit on the floor in front of me girls, whilst we have supper.” Si said.

“Daddy can we please watch Frozen, please Daddy ?” Sara begged.

“No Sara, we’ve things to talk about.” Si said firmly.

Sara pouted again, whilst drinking her milk.

“Now Teri, how do you feel about the rules so far ?” Si asked.

“Okay I think, I didn’t think there would be so many, but I will learn.” Ri said.

“Good girl, so you understand about being honest, never lying to me, never breaking the rules . Don’t you ?” Si asked.

“Yes Daddy, I’d never lie to anyone. “ Teri said, smiling sweetly.

Oh she’s good, Si thought. “Well Sara can help with the rules can’t you sweetie.”
“Yes Daddy, cause I can.” Sara said.

“Ri you understand why Sara can’t go to the party then don’t you,” Si asked her.

There was a tiny flicker in her eyes towards Sara, Sara quickly looked at the floor.

“Daddy I understand, it was part of her punishment, I can have lots of parties when she’s allowed.” Teri told him. “ I was going to cancel it completely, but Sara told me not to coz the first party I had, you would ban her from going. We’ve talked about it, and I will just have to enjoy it without her for once.”

“Good, and Sara are you going to stop asking about it ?” Si asked Sara.

“Yes Daddy,I’m sorry, I won’t mention it again.” Sara told him.

The lies were just rolling off their tongues, one after another, all the time just smiling sweetly at him. Now was the time. He reached for his envelope and pulled out the photos.

“So Sara, Teri, could you please explain this then ?” He slowly placed all 4 photographs on the table, in front of them. Their faces dropped immediately. He could see Sara’s face go deathly pale.

“Which party was this Daddy, I don’t remember this one. Must have been a few years ago.” Teri told him.

“Really Teri, that’s interesting because these were posted on Instagram and Twitter on the day of your party. There’s all our friends there, Sara, you’re there.” Si said.

“Daddy, these are from other parties.” Teri said.

“I was in London when Ri wanted to have the party.” Sara told him.

“Ahh yes, of course on your convention. You see  I popped into the shop whilst you were in “London”, I saw Steph and told her a white lie, telling her you had left something in your office and as I was near, you had asked me to get it. Steph said it was wrong if you were working when you had 2 days off, and I should make sure you take some time for yourself and rest as I was decorating. So that’s a bit odd, isn’t ? Anything to say ? Either of you ? Work says you weren’t in London, all the photos posted on Twitter and Instagram from all our friends, posted these photos and many more from the party on Monday. And there’s this…….” He picked up the envelope and dropped the teeny tiny bikini on the table. “What the fuck is this Sara ? Could you have picked a smaller bikini, I was horrified when I saw this on you, most of your ass was out, it barely covered your tits, you bought this knowing you were going to the party without me because there would have been no way in hell I would let you wear this if I was going. I wouldn’t even let you buy it, so you bought something without permission, again. And you Teri, phoning me telling me the story about changing the date of the party and begging me to let Sara go, that was all part of the lie, wasn’t it. “ He sternly told the girls. “You’ve just agreed to the rules Teri, you promised to never tell lies, to be honest, and you’ve already failed that one haven’t you ?”
Teri began to cry, starting to say sorry  but Si cut her off, “Save the tears little girl, you will have a real reason to cry soon.”
Sara just looked at the floor, another sign that she was guilty. Sitting next to Sara, Ri slipped her hand into Sara’s, squeezing it tightly, she was so scared she peed herself just a little.

“So what do I do ? You will both be punished, but do I go softer on you Ri, because you’ve only just begun your trial, even though last week I warned you not to lie and not to help Sara in a plan to get her to the party without my knowledge. Did I not say that Ri ?” He asked.

“Yes Daddy you did. But that was before we started this weekend, so surely it doesn’t count ?” Ri said.

“Oh no, Ri it counts, because you got a warning and believe me, I would still spank you for this even if you hadn’t agreed to this trial. Because I gave you a warning and you know me well enough to know I never go back on my word. So because you’ve just argued the toss about it, and you seem to believe I won’t punish you, I’m going to prove to you I do what I say.” Si told her sternly.

“No that’s not fair, Sara tell him, that’s not fair. No I’m not having that.” Ri shouted.

“Sara do you believe you both broke my rules so you could go to the party ?” Si asked.

Sara looked at Ri and her Daddy, “ Yes I guess so.”
“Ri do you believe you both broke the rules so Sara could go to the party?” He asked her.

Teri looked at the floor, she really didn’t want to admit it, “Maybe.” she muttered.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

“Don’t be impertinent Teri.” SI told her off. “Answer the question, yes or no.”

Teri felt a tiny squeeze on her hand from Sara, “ I suppose.” she mumbled.

Si looked at her, “Come here Teri, now!” Si barked at her.

Slowly she got up and walk towards him. “Is I suppose a yes or no answer ?” he asked her.

“No.” And just as she said it, he pulled her closer and across his knee, surprising her. Si’s big hard palm fell down hard as it stung Teri’s bottom. She fought like a wild animal but Si was very strong and just held her tightly. 10 spanks was enough to make her cry so he stood her up. “What is the correct answer Ri?”

Teri looked gorgeous, in her cute pyjamas, now rubbing her bottom as tears fell down her face.

“Yes Daddy.” she replied, he pointed back to the spot next to Sara and she quickly went back in front of the table away from Si, rubbing the tears away.

“So now you’ve both finally admitted you lied to me, now I’m going to spank each of you. You’ve lost the rights for anymore fun tonight so you will go straight to bed, in the morning, I promise you this is not over, over this weekend you will both learn not to lie to me again. Understand ?” Si asked.

This time both girls nodded and said “Yes Daddy.”

Getting ready to go out yesterday,

Laying naked on the bed, I messaged Master, telling him I was naked on the bed, letting cream sink into my new tattoo, then putting makeup on as I was going out last night. Master’s reply was quick, Pics please. I grinned knowing he would ask this. Taking a few selfies my desires started to take over as I spread my lips, stretching my rings so he could clearly see everything, a couple of my bottom but they weren’t great as I didn’t have my selfie stick with me.

Looking at my blusher brush, the naughty side of me looked at the handle of the brush, and slowly put it’s tip to my cunt., already wet, it had no trouble slipping in. Though it was only slim, I felt it go in, and started to take photos of the brush in various stages of being in my slutty hole. It felt really nice but the brush or my touch was doing nothing for the want of Master’s touch. How I longed for his fingers in my cunt, fucking me, calling me his dirty bitch, slapping my face for being his dirty bitch, but I was his dirty bitch. Rolling me over to spank my naughty bottom, rising myself to meet each slap. My cunt now pounded and my clit filled with longing, how I hope we get chance to play this weekend.

I sent Master photos of my cunt first, cheekily saying here’s some photos in case you’ve forgotten what it looks like. Then the one of my bottom.

Sending the photos of my brush inside my cunt, I said, Hmm my makeup brush found my fuck hole, but I bet your cock would love to be here instead.

I hope he got hard whilst in work, looking at my photos, I hope he longs as much as I do for our bodies entwined, his fingers deep in my cunt or ass, trying to push into fisting me, even though it hurts like hell and makes me cry it’s still what I want.

I need my cunt and ass to feel used and abused, The release as I squirt always makes me feel so much better, that is the orgasm of all orgasms, often I can squirt so much 2 or 3 times in one play, I wonder where all this fluid comes from and how can there be so much. Even Master has commented on how I squirt so much, but he loves it as much as I do.

But we have one issue that’s worrying, Master hurt his shoulder a few months ago, he thought he had torn something inside, but he wouldn’t go to the Drs. Now as time goes by you can see how much its bothering him, he’s rubbing it, trying to rotate it, using it really hurts him. I’m worried he’s caused more damage now, I’m going to get a Dr’s appt for him, he’s agreed. It’s affecting his arm, writing, as it’s the left arm but at least he’s ambidextrous so he can use his right hand for some things. But play may have to wait until he’s got his shoulder fixed, IF it can be fixed. Master is not one to complain or even show pain on his face, but now he is, so I know it’s giving him lots of pain all the time.

Today, I’m on taxi service taking my best friend to her radiotherapy, but first I’m going to town to the sweet shop she wanted to go to on Tuesday but was too tired,  So I’m going to buy her a selection of suckie sweets for her jar. I know roughly what she likes.

Another mistake and a missed parcel.

Oh what a day, well started last night really.

I asked if I could get an early night again as I was tired probably from taking strong pain meds I had taken, but Master agreed. Before I went up, I was checking my email, there’s this message to say the audio book you ordered is paid for, £3.99. It came from Audible, The Amazon Company.

I’ve never ordered from there, I tried to think back but still no, as far as I knew, I hadn’t ordered anything.

I risked telling Master,  he told me to cancel the order but there was no where to do it.

Is it on Amazon, he asked.   Yes. I replied.

He went on my account, well you’ve bought this book, this book, this book, telling me the names of each one. He was looking annoyed.

I never bought those books, they were the free ones, I told him.

But did you buy this one ? He asked.   No, why would I buy an Audiobook ? I asked. Getting a bit snotty with my attitude.

I said, I can’t have bought this book coz you need to join.

What do you mean, join, it’s from Amazon, did you sign up for something different, he asked.     No, I said, I don’t remember buying or signing up for it. I snapped. But it says here you have to be a member.

Where does it say that?  He asked. Here, I showed him.

What, Audible, The Amazon Company ? He asked, so not Amazon.

Snapping at him, I said, Well yes, it says Amazon.

But this is what happens all the time, you don’t explain properly, you just expect me to follow your thoughts. So have you paid for this ? He asked sternly,

Yes, that’s what it says. But it was not done purposefully, my agitation showing in my voice. I don’t even know how I got on it.

Well in future you don’t buy anything when you’ve taken pain meds, he ordered.

I didn’t intend to buy it, I shouted. I don’t know how ice done it.

Exactly, because you’ve taken strong meds. Master said sternly getting annoyed with how I was speaking to him.  It was an accident, I snapped at him.


Master went upstairs to try and cancel the order.  Meanwhile I tried to figure how it happened. I don’t go on audio books. The only thing I wondered was when j was listening to a podcast  trying go find erotic stories to listen to. Had I clicked on something then ? I’ve literally no idea.


What I do know is I owe Master a big apology for the way I spoke to him again. As usual I’ve taken my frustration, tiredness, pain out on him, when it’s not his fault.

It was only a few days ago when he had to fix something else I accidently purchased from Amazon. Then I messed up the banking, transferring money into the wrong account.

It’s about time I take account for my actions, I made these mistakes, I snapped, spoke disrespectfully to Master instead of just apologising for the mistake, meaning Master has had to fix them for me.

My mouth gets me into big trouble often.

I’m very sorry Master. I will try my hardest to improve and not take it out on you.

I know I was lucky and you let it slide as it was bedtime, but I promise to watch my tongue and read everything before signing things or buying anything. Not that I can buy anything without your permission. But I promise to do better.


Today, well it started good, Master was working from home like every Friday, I asked if he had any important meetings, ones where the dogs had to be quiet for, he said 11-12.     Is that a meeting I have to stay in for ? I asked. No, he said.

After my morning shower, I decided to try stretching the hole again, managing to get the ring out, the taper went in easily, so I gently started to push the taper through. When it got to the ouchie point, I paused, then continued. I felt the taper was moving slowly, so I just continued this. When I next looked in the mirror, I saw that there wasn’t much left. I had a decision, do I continue and then try to put the 5mm ring in, or do I stop today then continue tomorrow. I decided to continue, though I didn’t know if I could put the bigger ring in. When it got to just the tip of the taper left, I had to push the end of the new ring, into the taper, it kinda pushes into place so it doesn’t keep moving, then you can slide the taper and ring through. Sounds easy doesn’t it.

Not as a BBW.  With a bad back.

Every time I pushed the ring into the taper, it would knock off. But I kept patient for once, and pushed the ring really hard into the taper and it didn’t move.

So pushing my nails from my left hand onto the taper, just by the skin, I pushed the ring with my right hand, then was able to hold the other end of the ring, helping to push harder but without causing a major ouchie. The next thing I realise, it was through.

YES YES YES YES I was chuffed with myself.

Now to get the segment in, and I couldn’t open it. I asked Master if he could try and he couldn’t move it. I didn’t want my hard work to be wasted and put the old one back in, so I tried again and managed to get it 85% of the way in. But I couldn’t get it closed properly and I couldn’t open it again to try again.

I decided to leave it, and go and see my piercer.


So I said to Master do I have to stay I  whilst you’re in this meeting, he said no, just close the door. My dad then phoned and I had a lot to talk about after seeing  mum’s dementia may be getting worse. I was on the phone for quite a while, Master had already started his meeting. So I took Muffin off the windowsill, she’s the ringleader when it comes down to barking,  closed the door, wouldn’t shout up that I was going but guessed Master would know I had gone out.

Then we had a delivery, something Master was waiting for, a computer thing for his Lotus. He rang the doorbell once, and apparently the dogs only barked once so Master assumed I was in and got the parcel. He did look out of the window, seeing the van, but didn’t notice my bright mustard yellow car was not in front of the house. So we missed it. Master was not a happy chappy. He will now have to drive an hour tomorrow morning to collect it from the depot, it’s only open 8-10am.


When I got home and saw the missed parcel I knew Master would be in a grump about it. Why didn’t you WhatsApp me to let me know you were going ? He asked.

Because you knew I was going, I said. Are you in a mood with me now ? I did ask if I had to stay in or not.      No I’m more in a mood with me really, he said grumpily. In future, I won’t go out whilst you’re in meetings. I said.

Luckily before the situation got much more heated, E came home for lunch. So after we explained what happened, Master blaming me, E surprisingly agreed with me, saying he shudda gone to check the door was being answered. Then his parents turned up, surprised that there were raised voices in the house, wanting to know what happened, the missed parcel became the main focus of every sentence. But his mum said he shudda checked I was in and his dad said i shudda told him I was going out.

Anyway as soon as they left, I went into the kitchen to make a coffee, Master followed, crop in hand, he said I think you need a missed parcel cropping. Pointing to the worktop, so I pointed to it too. He swatted my leg hard until I moved, lifting my dress half up, he grabbed it, pushing it away, and proceeded to crop my ass, I’m dancing around to get away, until he grabs my neck, pushes my head down and continued. Until Dave the dog started barking, protecting his mummy, he was shouting at his daddy. Master stopped, and he started winding the dogs up with the crop. Would you like the crop Dave ? He asked. Dave wouldn’t but I certainly would. I cheekily replied for Dave, he swatted the top of my bum hard, that fucking hurt. So I said no more.

But the missed parcel is continuing to be in every conversation and will do until he collects it tomorrow.


Such a grumpy Master bear.