Two sleeps until the Swingers night.

It’s 2 sleeps until we go to the swingers club, and I’m surprising myself that I am not nervous, YET. I feel a tiny bit excited.  OMG I never thought I would. I’ve no idea how the night will pan out, but I feel like I am looking forward to it.

We’ve talked every day with the couple we are going with and feel like we are going to become good friends.

We’ve discussed what to wear, should we just go naked, or wear underwear?

I said just go naked, that way you don’t have to strip off before going in the pool or hottub. The couple said they would be going in underwear, then when they’ve been there a little while, they will strip off and put their clothes in the locker.

Basically, when you arrive you are given a locker, you take your own booze but hand that over to the bar, they put your locker number on it, so the bar staff know that belongs to you. Then you just pay for the soft drinks.

They provide you with towels so you don’t need to take them.

Yesterday, though Master was in London, I gave him and the couple a fashion show to decide which lingerie outfit they liked and which one I felt comfy in. We all decided on a little red number, so I feel happy to know what I am wearing.

Later on yesterday, the couple said they have a naughty bag that goes in the locker. Master said,hang on a minute, what naughty bag ? He said I have a laptop bag and she uses a makeup bag. They stay in the locker then when you want to go upstairs to the playrooms, you just get your bag from the locker.

We said, what’s in it, what do we need ?

Basically, here’s the list of what they take.

Shower Gel, toothpaste / brush, mints, mouthwash, condoms, lube, hairbrush, hair slides and bobbles, deodorant, dildos sometimes, baby wipes, makeup.

So this morning I went shopping, I bought a small black handbag, which was actually too small when I got it home, so I’m using a makeup bag, I already use it for makeup, but it will do for now. It certainly won’t fit a dildo though.

When we go to buy some Sliders, we will look for a bag suitable for Master, I will look and see if they have a suitable bag for me. We need Sliders for holiday so they will get used, Master may feel he doesn’t want to wear them there, but I must be careful, especially around the pool area. I don’t want to slip and fall. The only concern is she has had lingerie stolen if she’s taken them off and left it by the side of the pool, which is why they lock them away now. But I will have to use my walking stick, I think, unless there are plenty of chairs or walls I can hold onto. So the Sliders could be put under my stick, I just don’t know whether I should take my stick or not. At home, I don’t use it in the house as there are plenty of things I can grab onto if I feel like I’m going to fall or I’m dizzy, but shopping, theatre trips, outings or dog walks, I do have to use it.

I think I will know how I feel after the first visit, so I know for next time. If there is a next time.

Following on from the Feeling Free blog.

I asked Master yesterday if he had read my Feeling Free blog and what he thought. He said he was very happy for me to go braless but he had one concern. Would I end up with saggy tits, down to my knees in 20…….30 years time ?

So I think what I’m going to do, is go free when Masters home, so Friday when he works from home, then the weekend. And anytime he is on holiday.

Surely then, I shouldn’t have tits that are too saggy baggy when I’m older.

Feeling free.

Every Friday, when it’s Master’s work from home day, Saturday and Sunday I’ve started going braless as well as wearing no panties.

I’ve not worn panties since we began this lifestyle, nearly 3 years ago and now when I wear them, it feels odd. I don’t like them anymore, my rings feel squashed, I feel uncomfortable and can’t wait to take them off. The only times I wear them are if I have a doctors or hospital appointment where I need to be undressed. Or if I’m wearing trousers.

This last year, I’ve bought a lot of dresses, I feel incredibly sexy in them and part of that is because of wearing no panties. The thrill of if the wind suddenly whips up my dress, and yes that has happened in public. First time I know I went bright red and couldn’t get away quick enough, not looking up at any faces, now I just stroll on by, letting people enjoy the show.

But now going braless I feel even more sexy, free and open. Knowing all I had to do was undo the buttons and my dress just falls to the floor, revealing my naked body. It makes me feel sexy, me !!   I actually feel sexy slipping my dress off. I’ve never felt like this before.

But can it be just because I’m wearing no underwear at all ?

My Mother-in-law goes mad when I don’t wear a bra, but what does it matter.

Many years ago a British TV gardener, Charlie Dimmock, never wore a bra, she wore vest tops, and being a gardener, she was bent forward a lot to work. Regardless of whether people could see anything. I remember Master, his dad and brother only watched it so they could watch her tits. Actually, I’m surprised it was allowed on TV, but it was 20+ years ago. She didn’t have big tits, maybe a bit smaller than mine, but she didn’t let people stop her wearing what she wanted.

So maybe I should do what I want, regardless of what others say. I know Master loves me being free, and that’s all I care about, I need to stop thinking about what others think. And do what I want instead. Master has never said he wanted me to go braless every day, it’s not a rule like no panties are, yet I know Master is always very happy when I do.

But if Master truly wanted me to go free every day, he would make it a rule.

In which case I have no right to just do it, do I ?

I may speak with Master or see if he says anything after reading this blog.

As he always reads them. I will have to wait and see.

Tried some sexy lingerie.

I’ve never bought lingerie, I mean who wants to see a bigger girl in sexy stuff.

Or that’s what I used to think. After seeing so many bigger girls wear gorgeous sexy stuff, that make them look really hot and sexy, I decided to try some. We decided to buy some cheap stuff of eBay for now, to see if they look ok, so they were really cheap, yet I absolutely loved them. I tried them on for my best friend, she thought they were that nice that she asked us to order some for her too and I want some in black also.

Think I’ve got few more to come through the post.





The bottom one will look better with the thong, fishnet stockings and cuffs that came with it. When I’ve tried the whole lot on, I will post a picture.