Blogging A – Z Challenge = L

Blogging  A – Z Challenge = L

L = Lines.  

These darn lines entered my life as soon as we started our D / s dynamic and I hated them.  Three sides of an A4 notebook, written in pencil, neatly, no spelling mistakes, then photograph them with the date written in pen, sent to Master, every day.

For the first few months, I remember Master would get up for work and find me writing my lines, having a chuckle to himself as he watched me, I didn’t think 3 years later I would be still doing them.

The amount of pages changed, once Master wanted me to do more chores, the lines were reduced to 2 sides.

Unless of course I get punished for something, then he may add more.

Me being the brat I am have found ways of still being bratty, I knew Master never really looked at them, so one time, I wrote the first few lines backwards on each page, another time I was dared by another bratty sub friend I have on SpankingTube, to write my own sentence, with one or two swear words in it.

And of course, I felt guilty afterwards so confessed my sins.

Master already knew what I had done and waited until I owned up.

I know my punishment for the backwards incident was to write the lines every day backwards, which when writing pages of this sentence was quite hard and took a bit of concentration.

The other incident earned me more lines plus a mouth soaping.

But that was a long time ago. Now I just get on with them, 2 sides don’t take long, unless I get more.


Last night earned myself double lines, as I discovered this morning. For the usual issue, my arguing. Let me explain….

I’ve no sat nav built in my car so we bought a phone holder months ago, but the position of it wasn’t right. I have been asking since then, if Master could buy me another phone holder. If I’ve needed the phone for sat nav, I’ve ended up holding the phone so I can see the screen. Not good if I got stopped by the police. About 4 months ago, I bought tickets for a concert in Manchester. So I would need the sat nav, I started to ask more frequently, still nothing, then after more nagging, on Tuesday, Master and I went to the car to see what I needed. He had another holder like the one that’s already in the car so we tried that in other places but it’s no good as the phone is too heavy so hangs down or drops off. Going back in the house, Master went on Amazon Prime and bought one. It arrived last night, so as Master was away, E set it up, but he wasn’t very impressed with it, saying he thought it would just fall off. So I wanted to order a different one, just in case it’s rubbish. Asking E to find one, he just kept telling me what it was like, until I just said, find me the one to buy and send me the link. Meanwhile I told Master what E had said, asking him to buy the one E suggested. He wanted me to wait and try the first one in the car first, but as time was ticking by I just wanted to order it, we can send the other one back. Between Master and E, I was quickly becoming in a mood and getting stroppy, not because I couldn’t get my own way, just because they couldn’t just understand why I wanted to order one. If these are no good, we will have to look elsewhere, which meant a day to order, a couple of days to arrive before I need it on Wednesday. Master is out all day Saturday and away again next Wednesday, meaning less time to get it sorted.

On my last message last night, I ranted, then said I was going for a shower then going to bed before I start to say something I shouldn’t. This morning I discovered I had double lines for arguing. I tried to reason with Master by making him understand why I wanted to order the other one, but he said I should not have argued, and unless I wanted treble lines, I was to stop arguing. I will be honest, I still tried to get him to understand. But I won’t mention it again. Master is in work and doesn’t need me sending messages all day. So I will just do the extra lines.




Master is granting my wish.

YES. No lines, No sketches, No set bedtime until the New Year. Unless Master thinks I need a reminder to stay focused.
Really the bedtime doesn’t really matter, if I’m ever awake past 10pm would be a miracle. But waking up at 2.30am for the past few days, no wonder I’m ready for bed.
Plus the dogs know when it’s 8.45pm, they stare at me, start woofing quietly, waiting, any time I move they think its bedtime and that means supper snacks.
Cupboard love lol.
But thank you Master for allowing me this time off, I really appreciate it and I will behave myself, as best I can. ( now I know you lot will be thinking thats not possible, but I will at least try. Mmmm maybe that’s a tiny white lie. )
But fun fuckerie and spanking will be on the agenda at least once a day, hopefully. No punishments though, so I have to try and be good. HeHeHe.

Don’t ask Master to change a daily task.

After 1 1/2 years of writing lines daily, I’m getting a bit bored by them, I can tell as my writing has become extremely scruffy, plus doing them in the mornings,I often drop off to sleep and I end up smudging pencil marks over the writing.
Forget what I’ve written, so make it up. I have been honest with G, telling him the writing is very scruffy, luckily he has never told me to re-do them.

Today I decided to send him a text message to ask if he could give me another task, instead of the lines.
I shouldn’t have done that. You all know how he enjoys finding something that annoys me. He never answered my text so I asked him what he thought.

Firstly; I’ve no right to complain about the tasks set.
Secondly; I’ve shown disrespect to him by not taking care with the given task.
I should be writing the lines out perfectly, not scruffily, because I should be wanting to please Master with smart looking lines.
Thirdly; As I’ve put in a complaint, I think I may increase them.

He turned towards him, sliding my dress up and he fondled my bottom.
Oh I felt those feelings start immediately and he knew, so he stopped.
Ohhhhhhh, don’t stop. I said.
He came back towards me, sliding my dress again. This time, he slapped my bottom, just my right cheek.
Mmmmmmmm, I murmured, as another slap stung my cheek.
You don’t tell me what to do, you don’t dictate what tasks you want to do. He said, not sternly, but enough for me to listen, for a second anyway, as I was enjoying this spanking so much.
I rested my head onto his chest, sighing, ready for another slap.
But there wasn’t anymore. He knew I was wanting more, he knew I was enjoying it too much, so he stopped, laughing when I growled at him for stopping.

I hate being denied spanking, or sex, no touching, or just a little touch then stopping, the tease then the disappointment and begging for more but a simple No told me there would be none. I’m sure he must be desperate to spank or fuck me but he enjoys watching me being denied it just as much .
Now I will have to wait and see what he says about these lines.
I’m betting he will increase them instead.

Sent from my iPad

New Lines.

I asked Master if I could have different lines, he said, maybe we’ll see.
There was no mention of lines this morning, so I just did the old ones. As normal.
When I checked my phone I found I had new lines.

Fuck my ass, fuck my face, pick a hole, its fucking ace.

Now if I had sworn, repeatedly like that, soap would have been pushed into my mouth for the day.

When I mentioned it to Master he said. Its not his fault I didnt check my messages before writing them, so i expect them to be conpleted,
So now ive finished them, but taken diazepam as my back very bad, and going to bed. Finishing the sketch will be done later.


New lines.

Asking for more lines this weekend, Master sent me them this morning.

If two witches would watch two watches,
Which witch would watch which watch ?
Then said start them today. I’ve already done my lines today, I said. Oh well now you’ve got more. He told me.
Like I’ve got nothing better to do than start writing lines at 5am, at 6am started the sketch. Cleaned bathroom and kitchen, changed our bedding.
Took son to work, walk the dogs, Hoover downstairs, finish sketch. Start on the laundry, and it’s only 11am.
Now writing more flipping lines.
My mouth is closed before I swear, using every word under the sun.
Plus, what kind of lines are these ?
Rhymne’s to catch me out, so I’ve gotta concentrate on what I’m writing.
My mouth is staying closed !!!!!!!!

New lines.

Yesterday, I asked Master if he could set some new lines.
‘Course I can Poppit, would you like a riddle or a proper sentence?’
I said as you were Master it was your choice but if I had to pick one, I would rather have a sentence that means something or teaches me something as I write them.
So Master sat and thought for a while.
Later on, he messaged me my new lines and fair to say I wasn’t happy.

I am a dirty slut, please cum right up my butt.

I looked at Master after I read them, I know he was expecting a reaction.
I asked if they could be changed as it contained the ‘S’ word I hated.
He said that’s precisely why I picked them, so you get used to the word, coz you’re my dirty slut and you should be proud of that.
I didn’t argue, like I wudda done a few months ago, I had asked for new lines and I got them. If Master wants me to write this, I will.

But this morning, it has been hard to write the first few lines, after that I kinda by-passed the word in my head, concentrating on the rest.

Now adding a sketching to my daily routine, as another task after my lines.

After I posted my blog about my lines, a few friends and Dom’s queried on the number of lines, something I agree on. Why 66 lines ? Not 50 or 100!
It was 100, and as I’ve a kind Master, he agreed to drop my lines to 2 not 3 pages, I used to do an extra line at the bottom of a page to do the hundredth line. They used to take 2 hours or more depending on how long the sentence was, now it’s 1-1 1/2 hours instead.

But I chose to mention this to G, and asked if I should go back to 100 lines.
He had actually forgotten that I had gone down to 2 pages, and initially it was 3, but he had been thinking about adding something to the lines.
I asked what he meant.
And he said Sketching.
I looked at him blankly and a bit confused, did he say sketching ?
He said, You used to love art, so I would like a sketch a day along with your lines.
I said, What on ? Are you going to give me a subject daily ?
He said, No, why not do a sketch for each chapter or section on the book you have written. Then if you wanted you could add them to your book or maybe do a sketching book instead.

Okay, so I have liked art, I loved to do silk painting, card making, paint by numbers, I enjoy the adult colouring books you can buy now, but sketching !
G said, it could be the view from the room the sub is in, or corner time. Something in connection with your story.
We have a sketch book from when I went to an art class, so tomorrow I will have to try. It may have to be a cartoon version of the person or persons, but I will try. G wants one a day, but I’m not sure that’s realistic, I would prefer to take my time over 2 days maybe, but I will try but please wish me luck as this is something very new but a good way to challenge myself.

New lines.

Finally got new lines, but as usual they are so daft.

I can think of six thin things, but I can think of six thick things too.

He likes to give me lines I have to think about, so I don’t mix up the words.
Plus lines that I think are crazy, he will love as he knows I will have to do them, as that frustrates the hell outta me. Lines that teach me something make more sense, like,   I must not swear as it’s not ladylike.
But I will do them coz I’m a good Serf.

New lines.

Id asked Master for some new lines.

He sent me what to write, ready for when I got up this morning.

As we are home now, its back to normal life for this Serf.

My lines……….

I must not get lorry drivers horny, by flashing my pussy.

So far Ive written 3 pages.

Stacks of laundry, just unpacked the cases, put everything away.

Time to get more lines done,  until E gets up and has his shower, then I can start on the laundry.

Ugh, Im certainly home again.