My blog for September.

How can each month pass by so boringly?

COVID is really getting on my nerves, I feel like part of me is missing, so desperate to touch Daddy and DiDi, it’s been months since we last went to their house and spend the night together and now, according to the new law, we will not be seeing them for the next few months at all. It will be back to having a quick conversation over the garden fence.

Obviously, I am not alone in feeling COVID is getting on my last nerve. Since February, my life has been going to Tesco to food shop for us, my folks, and my inlaws. Drop off the shopping then back home. I’m becoming much more cautious, I wear a mask in the car now, nevermind when I’m in the shops.

It’s infuriating at the supermarket, when people are in the queue to disinfect the trolley we are using, then put antibacterial gel on our hands, yet some people just bypass both, walk straight in, who knows what they then touch. Plus some idiots still don’t wear masks even though it’s the law.

Anyway, as I mentioned in my last blog, I’ve been doing these walking challenges and I’m now on my 4th. Now I choose the medal I like first, then whatever the walk is, I will do. The one for September was 10.1 miles, 16.2 km. I reckoned it would probably be over a month before I finished it, but I smashed it. I started on Sept 1, I finished it Sept 28. I was so chuffed, this was a HUGE accomplishment for me. I’ve had a few walking goals I had been trying to do, (walking to different parts of town, around different blocks, seeing different places), don’t forget I’ve not walked like this for over 8 years. Even when I damaged my back, I would try to walk and fight against the pain, but now, my meds are helping with the pain, I’m finally seeing a loss on the scales, and losing weight gradually, so my walk, though still very very slow, is becoming a little easier. Some days I’m done in after it, there’s no way I can do anything else for the rest of the day, so I think those walks were too long. I’m amazed how much I am enjoying it, still listening to my Nashville soundtracks, doubt that will ever change. I did one long walk that was really too long, stupid of me to try. My thoughts were, I used to manage this walk with our dogs, years ago, but I got ¾ through it before I began thinking I can’t do it, I’m going to have to take a shortcut, but stupidly my sensible head was gone, so I pushed and pushed and continued. When I got home, oh boy my back, my hips were killing and I was like this for 3 days. So I cannot do that again and I should know better. I am now aiming for some Christmas medals, the one I’m doing now is called Shelf to 5 km, a cheeky elf medal, there were 2 varieties, elf with a blue background or an elf with a clear glittery background, or you can do the walk twice or buy them both. I bought them both mainly because there are another 3 Christmas medals I’d like to achieve before the end of the year. I just have to wear my big girl panties and go for walks in all weather. It won’t do me any harm having a walk whilst it’s raining.

My biggest walking challenge had to be me walking to the local Mercedes dealership, okay it’s only a 0.22 km, 0.14 mile walk, it was a walk I did regularly and I was determined to do it. I finally did it on Tuesday. I knew I was grinning like a Cheshire cat. The first person I wanted to tell was Miss Adira, only because we had chatted about this a few times. I took a selfie to show the gang and the best thing was I wasn’t sore after it. Master said he was really proud of me doing this walk and doing that challenge in less than a month. I think we both thought it would take much longer to complete and I know he worries about my back as he knows I can push myself far too much, to the point I’m in agony for weeks and can’t do anything.

Anyway, what else has happened…our poor kittykat had to have an operation last week, it’s her first operation and at 131/2 yrs old, that’s pretty good. But she had an “old age” lump growing on the side of her back leg. Last year it was infected, that’s when the vet said it was “an old age lump.” Then typically when the main lockdown happened in March, it became infected twice but I managed to clear it as we couldn’t get an appointment at the vets. But this time it looked nasty, so we went and as we suspected, the vet said it needs to come off. The next day after a fight getting her in the catbox, I left her with the vet. Picking her up about 3pm, leave her in for the next week or so, bring her back on Tuesday to take the dressing off, the nurse told me. As I had asked, she had a very nice pink dressing on. We had to buy a new litter tray and litter because we didn’t own one, she’s never used them. Thankfully for 2 days, she was just wanting to sleep. But the following day, we can safely say she was not happy, she wanted to go out. So putting a dog sock over her dressing, we let her go. Now I know this was against recommendation, but we know our kittykat, she will feel better going out for half an hour, then back inside to go to sleep. On her final check-up, she needed to wear a cone to stop her from touching it and told do not let her out for 2 weeks. OMG. Yeh, the cone lasted 10 minutes, we let her out, she came in a bit later looking happy and so far, she is doing great. Now I know some may say we shudda followed what the vet said but we’ve had many pets and we can tell what is best for it. But we are watching her wound daily so if I think we’ve gone wrong, she will be back at the vets.

Now the other big, huge thing to tell you is Master and I are now the proud owners of a white van. Why is that so interesting, you may ask, well we are converting it into a campervan. Literally pulling everything out, down to the shell and starting from the beginning. We have never done anything like this before. Master is going through his mid-life crisis still and his need / love for speed is becoming worse. Getting fed up with speeding cameras, police on the road, he discovered there were no speed restrictions on the water. So my non-swimming partner decides he wants a jetski. He did a day of training, using a jetski and passed the test. So all his kit cars sold, we bought a van to convert, ordered a brand new 2021 jetski which will arrive just before Christmas, and ordered a little scooter to put on a bike rack. This way, if we are parked for the day or night and realize we have forgotten something, rather than having to store everything away in the camper to drive to the shops, he can pop on the scooter and go. So this a brand new scooter arrives next week. 

We are hoping to have our first night away in the camper by Spring next year, maybe we can get a day trip in it before Christmas. Master has watched countless hours on YouTube about how to do this and that, plus I am even getting to use mechanical, scary tools !! Something Daddy was slightly worried about, as he thought I may end up cutting a finger off or something like that. 

I must say I never thought at 51, I would be doing this, but I am having so much fun and enjoying working side by side with Master. Though he does enjoy watching my chaotic way of working but I think this is improving slightly. 

When we were putting the soundproofing in, Master did say, when we put the harnesses on the ceiling, to make a St Andrews Cross, no one will hear a thing. Plus put harnesses where the bed will be, so I can be tied to the bed. Not sure if this will happen, but the idea is rather fun and exciting.

So I suppose even though I said it was a bit of a boring month, reading this, I’ve done quite a bit. Anyway, let’s see what happens in October. Catch up later girls and boys.

The Weekend Play, Sunday.

So after getting up after 3 hours sleep, I had my breakfast, a long hot shower, then woke Master up. We had everything ready, so it was just a case of putting a bag with drinks and snacks in and us. The forecast said it would be about 18 degrees so we didn’t bother with suncream and I didn’t put my sunhat on as I decided to wear a high up ponytail, I love feeling my hair swing from side to side now its getting so long, and Master loves my hair either plaited or in a ponytail, he really loves pigtails but I’ve still got to master a straight parting at the back before I can do them.

I chose one of my orange dresses, it’s a little see-through, so it makes me feel a bit sexy and shows off my tattoos, plus it matches my orange nails with black flowers, I have at the moment.

So off we went, meeting up with 20 other kit cars just off the M6. As it was early it was quite chilly, we were in the Lotus, and didn’t have the doors or roof on so I was glad when Master told me to put a coat on. We arrived in Blackpool at 9 am, as usual we got lost, so in convoy, we all had to turn around, some guys were doing donuts, loud, roaring engines, screeching tires caused a lot of attention. Then we lost half of the convoy when we got caught on a red light, having no idea which way to go. All we knew was we were going to be based opposite Blackpool Tower, so all we had to do was head over there, somehow. Eventually with a few more wrong turns, our small convoy reached the promenade and joined the queue to meet the other cars. Very slowly we met everyone else, guys were putting the gazebo up and all the flags that go up, some guys were polishing the cars after their journey, there was only 1 other girl, whom I didn’t know, but I got my chair out and sat by the car in the glorious sun. And it was roasting, certainly not 18 degrees, even by 10 am, Master was needing suncream. Luckily as he was says he would need to sit in the shade, the man behind us said, “I’ve just put some on, as I can feel it’s getting hot already.“ “Could I please bother you and have some of your suncream, we didn’t bring ours as the forecast said it wasn’t going to be sunny.” Master asked, I didn’t bother, if I catch the sun, I will tan, Master doesn’t, he tends to just burn. So I sat in the sun, reading and people watching. There was a punk convention going on in Blackpool too, so there were lots of mohawks and spikey hair cuts with crazy mad colours, some of them were pretty cool.

I got a message from Daddy to say they had just parked in town and were heading to us, I suddenly felt very nervous. We had moved the chairs to under the gazebo so Master had some shade. Master had gone for a wander around the show and told me to message him once they arrived, So I quickly sent a message, I was still in the sun when Master came back, so we continued to people watch and I was reading. My nerves had quickly gone, I was looking forward to meeting them both.

Soon enough Master spotted them, “Hello Master,” Daddy called, this was something Master will have to tell them, that when we are in company, we must act vanilla. Master did not like mixing our real kink life to our real vanilla life. I think we hugged, but honestly can’t remember, instinctively, I began talking to Daddy, Master was talking with J. The conversation was basically how happy we were with the dynamic, then Daddy asked me to show him Masters car. So we walked off to show him, he had a bag with him which he gave to me, 2 colouring books and some colouring pencils, I thanked him, giving him a quick hug, I don’t think we kissed then. I also had a pink folder for him, containing the poem I wrote for him, I had rewritten it so we could both have a copy, a copy of the sketch I drew for him and the apology letter I wrote. He said he would keep everything in there. I will copy my sketches every time I do them so Daddy has them too.

After a long chat I looked over at J, who was looking quite bored, she doesn’t like car shows, doesn’t understand the excitement of them, and I do see her point. My only interest is if the car looks nice and most importantly, if its a nice colour. But this was the first car show I actually never looked around. But I wanted to enjoy the sun so stayed where I was. Anyway I said to Daddy we better go and see J as she looked so bored.

As it was lunchtime we decided to go for lunch, the other club members would keep an eye out on Masters car. We were only across the road to the town centre, most of the popular pubs were queueing outside the door so we passed a Harry Ramsden Fish and chip shop, we decided to go there, a waitress showed us to a table as we chatted and looked over the menu. We felt as comfortable as we had when chatting on whatsapp, as if we knew each other for years.

I had calamari and chips and the others had fish and chips, we all enjoyed our meal. “So what’s the plan now?” Master asked. “Well I know Daddy wants to take me shopping.” I told him. “Okay, well why don’t you 2 go and get your shopping done and me and J will do something else.” Master said, so as we left the restaurant, Master told me quietly not to hold hands when we got to the car show. He didn’t want a lot of awkward questions. I nodded, as he left with J.

Daddy checked on google maps to where the Build A Bear shop was, as soon as we got into the shopping arcade, we began holding hands. It felt so natural, Daddy was my protector, my carer, he would watch over me all the time and I trusted him immediately. We ended up being only a minutes walk away from the shop, as he had bought one for his son, so he knew what to do. I was faced with a huge wall of teddy bears, all various colours, styles and designs. I looked around and saw one, of course it was pink and lilac, she was wearing a pink and lilac dress, with lots of diamantes on it, so it sparkled prettily. The bear had pink and lilac wings on her back.

I pointed that teddy to Daddy and he went to get the body of it.

“Now take it to that lady,” he pointed so we went there. The lady was very friendly, firstly I had to give her a name, I thought she meant my name, but she meant the name of the bear, so I changed it to Little Minxs. Afterwards I thought maybe she should have been called Baby Minxs, but that was an afterthought. The lady put some details in the computer, my name, address and teddies name. She tore off a small barcode, putting it inside the body of the bear, then pushed the body over a tube. This is where she got stuffed. There was a pedal on the floor which she told me to press so I was involved in stuffing it. Whilst it was getting stuffed, the lady chatted to us, were we here for a holiday, a trip out, who was the bear for, so I said me, “Daddy is buying it for his special girl,” Daddy said. I felt a bit embarrassed to hear him openly say it but she didn’t seem bothered. Once it was stuffed, she told me to stop the pedal, asked me if the bear needed stuffing more, I gave her a cuddle and I said no. Then the lady asked if I wanted a scent on the bear, I said no, then she asked if I wanted her to speak or giggle. I said giggle and chose the giggle I liked, a small switch was tucked into one of her arms. Then she asked if I wanted the bear to have a heartbeat. She passed me this red switch thing, I pressed it and it felt like a real heartbeat, I showed Daddy and then said “Yes please” to the lady. She tucked it into the body of it, then she told me to pick a little heart, they were just small fabric little hearts, some were red or there were red chequered hearts. I chose a red one and the lady told me to put it into the body of the bear and say a wish to myself. I did that, but can’t tell you what I wished for, I will let you guess. The lady then closed the body up and handed me the bear. We walked away when Daddy said, “Would you like a dress for her ?” I hesitated a bit, I was thinking of the money, “My little girls teddy can’t walk around naked, let’s choose an outfit.”  He walked me to the wall of clothes, everything you could imagine but I spotted the dress the teddy was wearing on the other wall, I pointed to it, so Daddy got it down for me. “This one?” he asked, I whispered “Yes please.” It had a lilac bodice with a pink and lilac netting skirt, with lots of diamantes over it. “Right this way Little Minxs.” Daddy told me and he walked towards some computers then he told me to sit down at one. I did, looking at the screens. “This is where you fill out the birth certificate,” Daddy said. There you put in your name, address, age………I looked at Daddy, what age should I put, I decided as this was a special gift from Daddy, I should put the age I was in the dynamic. So I put 7 years old, put teddies name in then print. We then went to the til where the salesman was doing his best to add more to the cost. There was a thing where if you lose your teddy, and someone hands it into a Build A Bear shop, they will know who it belongs to because of the little barcode the lady had put inside the teddy. I shook my head, Daddy said, “Well if you lose teddy, you know Daddy will spank you.”

OMG I nearly died, it was like really cool, exciting, thrilling about what he said but it was also embarrassing and very humiliating as Daddy did not whisper.

But the salesman didn’t hear or chose to ignore it. “Now would you like a bag to carry teddy ?” he asked, again I shook my head. “So Little Minxs, I’m guessing you’re the real Little Minxs aren’t you ?” he asked. I smiled, I think Daddy said “Yes she is.” whilst Daddy paid and the man put her birth certificate inside the box, then the teddy, closed it up and handed it to Daddy.

As we walked out, “Thank you Daddy,” I said, leaning up I gave Daddy a kiss. It felt so natural, so comfortable, I was at ease with Daddy. He reminds me of Master, though Master doesn’t agree, I can see him in Daddy.

But the price, it was Sooooo expensive and I began to feel guilty, I didn’t want Daddy to think I was in this for the money. I had said a cheap teddy from another shop is fine but he wanted something that was very special.

“Right we need a shop for a sippy cup, snuggily and doodoo.” Daddy said, as he took my hand and we walked around til we found a shop we wanted. We got 2 sippy cups but they had nothing else we wanted, so we continued to find another shop and picked up 2 doodoo’s. We looked for a snuggily but they had none. I saw little ones for babies in a pram or cot, about the size of a washcloth, but Daddy said “No, you want a full snuggily to wrap around you.” So we continued looking. I then found a beach towel, it was velor so felt soft, I showed Daddy, but again he said “No, I’m not having my baby girl wrapped around with a towel.” But we couldn’t find a snuggily, and we hadn’t seen a potty. Daddy said “If you continue with your potty mouth, then you will have to sit on the potty for as long as I tell you.” HHhhmmmm not looking forward to that humiliating punishment.

Daddy asked if I fancied a drink, I said yes so we found a coffee shop, I said I would pay, Daddy told me to sit down whilst he carried the drinks over. We held hands all the time in the coffee shop, I was sat opposite him and it just felt lovely. We chatted so much, I can’t tell you everything we talked about but it was a lot of different topics.We stayed there for quite a while before we decided we should leave, we tried a few more shops with no success so decided to give up and we would continue shopping on another day.

So we headed back to the promenade, to find Master and J. They had been to the beach and chatted but they seemed to have formed a good relationship and he slapped her arse, very hard quite a few times when she didn’t do something correctly. I saw her face as she gritted her teeth, dying to throw a load of swear words at him, but she didn’t. I could see the bratty side of her, and I knew we would have some fun together. So J and I sat on the chairs and chatted, Daddy went to get some drinks so Master just stood by us.

I used this time to speak to J about buying the bear, and that I felt guilty at the cost, Master then said, “Right, I’ve paid for dinner, if I do that and Daddy doesn’t give me half for it then we are even. How does that sound ?” I agreed with that but when Daddy found out he said “No, I wanted to buy this special gift, so no Master.”

We left the subject then as Master and Daddy chatted and me and J chatted. We arranged to go to their house next Saturday and sleep over. But the thought of sleeping over left me feeling very unsure, I snore so loudly, Master says I sound like a warthog drowning. Daddy said it didn’t matter, J snores, we really want you to sleep over. Anyway when we realised the date, that Saturday was just after E comes back from his holiday, so I didn’t want to sleepover, so we agreed to just go round Saturday night, then the following Saturday we will go round and sleep over. We will get a takeaway Saturday and Daddy said he would pay as Master paid for dinner today, meaning Daddy was definitely still paying for the teddy. Finally I said “Thank you,” again. I’m not going to mention it again. It’s a very nice gift.

We all left around 5 pm, Daddy and J stayed with us until we left, it was hard saying goodbye and not giving them both a kiss and hug.

This Thursday Daddy has arranged to spend the day with me. As he works on a Saturday he has a weekday off instead. It will be nice if we can arrange to meet up every week, though Master wouldn’t let us meet up and play every week, certainly not full sex. But as we all have to ask permission to touch ourselves or each other, it will be up to him. We will walk the dogs, go for a meal then go to the cinema to watch Mission Impossible. But I’ve also got a spanking due because of my potty mouth. So watch this space, and we will see what happens.

The weekend and trip out.

I’ve had a busy weekend again, which is always nice.

Saturday, I got my nails done, I chose a pink colour but I don’t really like it. I like purple colours but Master said that colour was just old, so I needed another colour. I don’t like this pink, I didn’t like the lilac, which is unusual. I loved the black but Master didn’t. So next time I will look at a different colour again.


I then met I, ( E’s girlfriend ) and finally met her mum, who was really nice, they were taking me to go to I’s Auntie, who is a Seamstress, I had 4 dresses that needed shortening and E had some jeans that needed repairing. I think I’ve mentioned that the family are Portuguese and being with the 3 of them, I saw I’s fiery temper, her high maintenance and stubbornness, loudness and how they all talk incredibly fast, now I understand why E says the family is very loud. Her mum said that E needed to talk louder, to be able to join in, they all make an effort to speak English but said E and I’s sisters boyfriend need to learn Portuguese too. As it’s the norm for all the family to talk their first language. E is naturally quiet, like us, he doesn’t argue, he has learnt from Master how to discuss something without the need to shout. Though me and E do tend to talk loudly together, Master says we are arguing but it is us just talking. I’m used to my parents having loud arguments, Master has seen his mum’s fiery temper, but his dad has always stayed calm. I know that she gets pissed a him for staying calm, I feel like that with Master, over the years sometimes you just need a screaming match to feel better. So E is going to have to toughen up in this relationship, they are both stubborn, determined people, I keeps E grounded and not act foolishly like many 18 year olds do. Though now E is old enough to get into clubs, and drink, he has discovered he enjoys clubbing, then when it closes at 4am, they go to McDonald’s and apparently just stay there in their drunkard state, until they decide to get a taxi home. The first time, last week was 7.30am, yesterday it was 8.30am. I don’t know how he does it but he has decided he can only do it every few weeks as it takes him so long to recover. Neither Master nor I liked clubbing at his age, but E loves music like I do, Master would rather listen to an audio book or have radio 4 on. E videod a few seconds of them in the club, basically they jump up and down on the spot, with one hand pointing high up, the other hand holding the drink. This is their dancing !!!! Not a bit like our dancing back in the ‘80’s, lol. Unfortunately, I doesn’t like drinking or clubbing so she gets annoyed that E does, but I told her to let him have a lads night out every few weeks, it’s what we did, but it’s natural he wants to see his mates plus see her. Anyway I think this drama is over for now.

Saturday afternoon, Master was going to pick up a new kit car. Yes he has bought another. I knew it would happen soon enough, we’ve discussed how to rearrange the back garden to get 1 car in the driveway there then the others can fit as normal in the front, but a family of 3 with 5 cars is nuts. We are not like some of the gang in the car club, that own a 3-5 car garage. We have the drive and front garden. But Master can relax and all the stress leaves him when he’s messing with his cars. How long we keep 2 kit cars I don’t know but he did mention that I could possibly drive this one, it would be fun to go together in each car but also scary incase I damage it. His first kit car is a Westfield and this one is a Mev.


Top picture is the Westfield, bottom picture is the Mev.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-21 at 10.06.36 (1)

I will put a photo up of each one.

But it was a long drive to pick it up, too long for me drive, as it was in the Cotswolds, 5 hours each way, so he asked his brother, who said, ask the wife as I’m already in trouble, so if I ask she will say no. lol, So Master asked the wife who agreed to allow her husband to go out. So off they went and got home at 9.30pm. But he is very very happy with the new Mev.

Yesterday, Master and I went to another car show in Cumbria, I did wonder if Master would want to cancel this trip as he had such a long drive the day before but he said no, we were going. He got the car ready with everything we needed Saturday morning so we would be just ready to go. We met up with others from the club at a motorway services, an hour away then we all drove in tandem style to the show, another hour away. It was an okay show, but definitely all cars. If you like seeing 20 Porsches, 20 BMW’s, 20 Kit cas, then thats the show for you, but I would prefer a few general stalls, a car boot sale or jumble sale, just something other than cars. But it was nice weather, certainly caught the sun, relaxed, reading my book. Just what the doctor ordered for both of us.

But earlier in the morning I took the dogs out before we left, and something happened to Muffin as she started limping badly. We did meet a bouncy, big dog whom we’ve never seen before, I wasn’t watching when the dog first bounded up to ours, so I’m wondering if the dog bounced up to Muffin, maybe crashing into her or making her run away, twisting her leg. When E came home, he checked on her, she wasn’t putting her leg down and was crying. How to make me feel guilty, going out when my baby hurt her leg. Anyway, I ended up asking my Mother-in-law to go to ours and check on her, incase she needed to go to the on-call vets, but she gave her some different medicine and told me to give her more in the evening, let her rest and see in a few days if it gets better. She gave her leg a good feel around, didn’t think anything was broken or dislocated, so this made me feel better. We’re all experienced with dogs so usually we can decide what’s the best treatment, without needing the vets.  Coming home she wasn’t putting her leg down, but she came over and welcomed us home like she normally does, ate her dinner, slept well, so I’m hoping with rest, it’s just a pulled muscle or she’s twisted it funnily. But hopefully she will not need the vets. It’s just a question of carrying her everywhere and like her mummy, she’s small for her weight. Let’s just say she’s a small, chunky, dog princess. Yes, I’m a BBW, she’s a SCDP. LOL.

Today it’s hospital with L, then as Master has the day off, we will go for a little drive in the Mev and maybe let me have a go. Fingers crossed. Will keep you posted on that one.