Piggy/Miss Adora’s blog for November.

So another lockdown, another covid test and another positive result…

Pretty much getting fed up with it all now. So it was my hubbies and my turn to test positive this time. Only this time I had an appointment I couldn’t miss, I’d had to cancel it once already and really didn’t want to again. 

I’d been waiting for a an appointment to get my lady bits checked out. See, I’d had an abnormal smear and needed further investigation,  now I’d already cancelled it once before and really didn’t want to again. Well working out from my positive result date and my appointment, I was good but only by a few days. 

So, to cut a long story short, I’ve been to the appointment, the team I saw were fantastic and really did put me at ease. I’m due my results any day soon from the biopsy they took, so hopefully it’s good news.

Miss Adira’s blog for July.

Hi Everyone 

I hope that you are well and still coping well with the current situation. We are all doing good. We have managed to sneak in some meetups. Although you already know this as Aurora has already mentioned this and yes it was nice to see everyone. 

So a bit about what I have been doing, or trying to do. When the lockdown first happened I decided that I should enrol in a HR course, something people have been saying that I should do. With my job I do deal with various staff management and HR issues from staff appraisals and various other issues that arise from working with people. I have been doing this for nearly 20 years. I do not have an official qualification for this though, I do for all my people management and such but not for the HR side of things. 

I’ve started a CIPD Level 5 in HR, this was in April, been struggling with motivation. It is a lot of work assignments. There are approximately 8 different topics that I need to cover, each assignment will have a certain amount of word count and I will also have to submit evidence that I have also been putting some of my learning into practise. 

Therefore this month I have really knuckled down into what I need to do in relation to what it is I need to do and familiarise myself with the site again, where I need to look for things and what it is I need to do to finish this. I have set myself a goal of completing it by January 2021, I have until April 2021 to complete by. 

I know this month is short and sweet, but not much else has been happening. 

Wish me luck with my coursework and that i’ll be able to keep myself motivated 

A new task for Daddy from Master is to write a blog every month. Here’s his first one and I think he’s done a great job. Enjoy the read.

This life and time of Manho the Daddy

So, where do I begin, I would say right from the start would be as good of any place as any July 2017, but before we start here’s a little about me. I am nearly at my 42nd birthday, I am now a Daddy to my beautiful girl Little Minxs and a sub to Master, I am nothing to look at, 5’5”, slightly curvy (a lot), and a rather wicked sense of humour, and this little tale is how I became a Daddy Dom and submissive and the journey I have taken to get here so sit back, hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

As I said it came about in July 2017, the exact date I cannot remember, myself, my beautiful wife and our son was at a close friends house party and my wife had told me that she had full intentions of getting drunk “So don’t expect to go home early,” she says to me just before I went off to work that morning.

So, after a hard days graft (honest) we were at our friends house having beers and chilling, enjoying ourselves, I became rather tired and just wanted to sleep however Piggy, my wife, oh yes Piggy is the name given to her by Master G, or as she refers to him as Sir G, any way I digress, so being tired I just wanted to go home and sleep, however the lovely wife, Piggy had other ideas, just letting loose and getting drunk, now she had already polished off a bottle of wine and what ever else to be had consumed earlier that evening and was well on her way on the second bottle. Now Master and my Little Minxs will very well understand what happens next after Piggy has had a couple of bottles of wine, all I can say is Dr Jekell and Ms Hyde…….so I think it may off been about 11’ish we shall say and I asked Piggy if we were going home, this was a very stupid thing to ask really as she had already gave me the heads up she was planning on staying out and enjoying herself, so with the question asked she said “I told you this morning that we were staying out and I was planning on getting drunk,” so with that I skulked away, I do get rather narky when I’m tired so this didn’t help matters much.

I went into the front room of our friend’s house and sulked, after a bit I went back to join the rest and Piggy must of known I wasn’t happy which is when things in both our lives turned…and I must admit now for the most defiant better. I could see she was getting upset and I tried to stupidly talk to her but she just kept telling me to go away as I was making things worse, now I have seen her upset before and we have both been through a lot but to be honest I have never seen her this upset and I was crapping myself a lot as I didn’t know what to say or do to make amends at that point, and yes I should of left her alone but the pig headedness in me kept mythering her and winding her up even more to the point she just came out with the one sentence I would never forget, “I need more”.

Now at first as a man I just looked at her with a gormless expression on my face, and the response I could only give her was “eh”, “I need more, different cock”, now that hit me like a sack of shit, as believe me when I say my self esteem and confidence took a big blow was a understatement. She carried on explaining what she meant and we talked, and one thing in all of this is I didn’t want to loose her, this extraordinary, magically, wonderful woman who has been in my life for at least 13 years, so I told her I would be willing to try and do anything within reason. That evening or should I say early hours Sunday morning we went home and had nookies.

The next day we sat discussing this further, she reassured me that I wasn’t doing anything wrong but she had desires and needs and found it hard to approach me about them, I must admit I do have a very open mind and now has been opened even more after our experiences in the swinging seen and now in our polyamorous/ \Dom dynamic with both Master/Sir G and my Little Minxs/Masters Serf…with this being said this story will unfold next month when I write about our first meets, till then take it easy…..


The Pack.

Our D/s family has expanded. We are now classed as The Pack.

I spent hours trying to figure out a word or a few words using all the letters from our surnames and the first initial from our first names. There were no names that jumped out at me, I was disappointed, I felt certain I could make a word or two with all those letters, that represented us as a group. Instead Master suggested The Pack, so I’m sticking to that now.


You are my DaddyDom, I’m your little baby girl

But your more than that now.

Your my Daddy, I’m your second wife and now I have a sister too.

I broke a promise this made you both upset,

I did a job, taking no thought to how you would feel,

I wanted the job done, not thinking off my back,

It was not an urgent job, it didn’t need doing there and then,

Having had a bad flare up for the past fortnight,

Daddy and J got to witness for the first time my bad days,

Crying on the phone, unable to cope with the pain,

Poor Daddy and J felt helpless, as I cried on the phone.

Master has said many times I should not do these stupid things.

Carrying heavy shopping bags, instead of leaving them until the boys are home.

I’ve been in trouble many times for doing foolish things.

Master knows how to deal with these flare-ups,

It’s been 14 years since I damaged my back,

So Master understands how to help, if he can, so does E.

This is something Daddy and J  will have to learn,

Apart from the obvious, I should not do stupid things.

I need to think first before doing it.

Daddy said “Promise me you will not touch those bottles of pop.”

J told me, “Do not touch those bottles, leave them for E.”

I promised I would not do it, then I broke it.

Thinking I can put them away like how I put my shopping away ,

I confessed to Daddy, whose first thought was come down and thrash my butt !

He was more upset than angry

That I would’ve been so foolish to risk hurting my back more,

He went and told J, who gave me a telling off.

“All we want is for you to be in as little pain as possible,” she said.

We need you to be sensible, taking care of your back,

We are going to worry as you’re family now,

I felt so bad when I saw Daddy look upset,

It made me upset to know I had caused this.

But Daddy and I had a long talk, he told me his thoughts and worries

That if I’d messaged to ask if I could put the bottles away another way,

Daddy may have said okay, if you’ve done it that way before.

I’ve always known I do these stupid things, not as often these days tho

BUT I’ve never realised I’ve been selfish doing this.

Doing my irresponsible actions, which can/do bring on a flare-up,

Not only affects me, my pain, and inability to move,

It also affects my closest family.

Master, E now Daddy and J

So I’m making a promise to think before doing,

To ask for help or wait until the boys are home.

I need to look after my back, which will help my pain levels .

This means I can enjoy the times spent with Master, Daddy and J.

There will always be that worry and concern in the back of their minds,

It will never go away now.

Master and I have just grown accustomed to it,

Daddy has made this the one and only time I disobey him when it concerns my back.

If I dare do it again, he will be round that night and will thrash my ass.

“That’s a promise,” he told me, “He would check with Master that E is not home, then he would be round, and I would not sit down for a week once he’s finished.”

I have no intention on doing it again.

When shopping I will pack fridge and frozen stuff in separate bags, then only bring those bags in, leaving the rest in the car until the boys are home.

Not carry washing baskets up and down the stairs, or make the baskets lighter then do it.

I just need to be mindful of my back, think first, then do the task carefully.

This is a promise to Master, E, Daddy, J and myself, I will try and keep it.

TMI Tuesday.

Welcome to sexy fun and playfulness at TMI Tuesday.

1. Which animal listed below represents your true sexual self?
a. Chipmunk – cute and cuddly
b. Monkey – all about being mischievousness
c. Tiger – I’ve earned my stripes

Master. Tiger, I like big pussies.

Me. Oh monkey definitely, I’m bratty, naughty, very mischievous. I can’t help but be a devious little girl.

Daddy. Monkey. Coz I like to cause mischief and fool about.

PiggyJ. Monkey

2. Your partner is in the mood for sexy fun and you are tired – what do you do?
a. Start snoring. There is no way I’m giving it up tonight.
b. Trade. You give me a massage… and we will see…
c. That would never happen!

Master. That would never happen.

Me. It’s a bit of A and C if I’m honest. Depends how tired I am and how horny Master or Daddy are, I would probably start to play reluctantly at first but quickly be very happy about it.

Daddy. Trade.

PiggyJ . Trade.

Which of these sexual descriptive labels closely matches you?
a. Dominant
b. Submissive
c. Top
d. Bottom
e. Switch
f. Kinkster

Master. Dominant, top and kinkster.

Me. Submissive, bottom and kinkster.

Daddy. Submissive, top, bottom, kinkster, switch, and learning to be Dominant.

PiggyJ. Submissive and kinkster.

4. Would you rather have your enemy eaten by a shark or die in an earthquake getting swallowed up by earth?

Master. Swallowed by the ground.

Me. I probably wouldn’t want to do either, I have no enemies, not that I know off, if they don’t like me, I don’t give a shit. I will do what I want, fuck what anyone else thinks.

Daddy. Eaten by a shark, be more entertaining.

PiggyJ. Eaten by a shark.

5.  For the next year, would you rather be dressed like a mime every day OR look normal but not be allowed to talk?

Master. Mime.

Me. Firstly, I had to ask Master what Mime meant, so going say mime. Could never go anytime without speaking.

Daddy. Normal and not talk so I can’t get in trouble.

PiggyJ. Normal.

Bonus: What’s the most beautiful word in the world?

Master. Spaff.

Me. I have a few words/sentences……You’re a good girl, Well done baby girl, You belong to me Serf and I love you, You are my second wife Little Minxs, Behave or go over my knee.

Daddy. Thought he was being clever, after Piggy’s answer and chose Supercalifuckingfragilisticexpialidocious. And yes I could spell it. Found it on Google.

PiggyJ. Chrysanthemum. Coz she thought it would be a laugh to see if I could spell it.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

TMI Tuesday, bit late.

Deja vu TMI Tuesday as these questions were originally posted November 18, 2014.

Fill in the blank

1. When I can’t sleep I _____ .

Me. Think that’s a shocker and go downstairs to watch TV and hope I get to snooze on the settee.

Master. Have a wank.

Daddy. Masturbate.

PiggyJ. Get annoyed coz of Daddy’s(Manho as Master calls him)

2. My dream bedroom would be full of _____ .

Me. Dungeon equipment.

Master. Viagra and submissives.

Daddy. Lots of bondage toys, with Little Minxs, PiggyJ and Master.

PiggyJ. Purple stuff.

3. If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow it would be _____ .

Me. Only thing I can think of is, living in the middle of nowhere, in a big old farmhouse with Master, Daddy, Jayne and our kids, with a barn conversion made into a top of the range dungeon/playroom/spare room.

Master. Out of breath and all loved up, under Kelly Brooke, covered in her love spaff.

Daddy. In the mountains.

PiggyJ. In a cottage in Scotland.

4. I need to _____ at night.

Me. Sleep.

Master. Sleep.

Daddy. Plug my phone in and make sure it’s on charge.

PiggyJ. Go for a wee before going to bed

5. _____ would truly be a nightmare.

Me. Living without chocolate, coffee and spanking.

Master. Celibacy.

Daddy. Getting spanked more than 20 times by Master.

PiggyJ. Having no chocolate.

6. Night time is the right time to _____ .

Me. Hope to sleep.

Master. Eat crisps and drink Jack Daniels.

Daddy. Try to sleep.

PiggyJ. Fucking sleep.

Bonus: Briefly tell us about your last dream–erotic or not.

Me. My frequent dream recently is where I’ve broken a serious rule with Daddy, going out when I was told to rest my back. He was furious, had spoken with Master, found out E was out for the evening, so came down on his bike. I was surprised to see him, but his face told me he was v angry. Master I’m just going to speak with Little Minxs upstairs, is that okay ? Master said yes, it was clear that they had had a private conversation. Going upstairs he ordered me to strip, lay face down on the bed. Daddy opened the toy draw, picking out the cane and CPS, taking his belt off, the sound of it turned me on but scared me too. I remember he really thrashed me, using all three, telling me next time i say stay in, you stay in. He gave me aftercare, cuddled me tightly, then told me I had to go to bed, all my electronics were confiscated and early bedtime for 2 weeks. Master already knows, I don’t expect you to do this ever again. Now go to sleep.

Master. Don’t remember dreams at all.

Daddy. Having an arguement at work and me kicking a scooter over.

PiggyJ. Can’t remember dreams.


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Bad month with my back.

So the past month has been tough on my back, I’ve been struggling to continue but yesterday it reached it’s high point and the pain was intolerable but I had to go to my inlaws for dog food for the pesky two-some, then popped to my folks, had a quick coffee.

Then BHAM.

My back went completely, trying to stand up was a task of it’s own, I don’t like holding onto Mum or Dad because they are a bit frail, and as I’m a BBW, there’s a lot of weight  to hold. But I managed to stand and tried to get my legs moving, they felt like rock. Sliding each leg, Dad went to get my walking stick out of the car, which helped, but I still had to slide my feet as I couldn’t lift them. Getting out of the door was certainly a chore, Mum had to lift my leg over the door frame then hobbled like an old woman to my car. It took 20 minutes to get to it. Once in the car, it felt slightly more comfortable. So I drove home, got the 3 heavy shopping bags out and got into the house, past the mad dogs, thinking the door shut.u

No it didn’t, my keyrings stopped it closing so the pup and his brother took the opportunity to escape.

Now you have to picture me hardly able to walk, hobbling to try to catch the pup. He went into next doors garden and as he left it I tried to catch him, but fell face first into the hedge. Got myself up, I’ve no idea how, but I did, hobbled round the corner, I was worried he’d get into the field then I’d have no chance catching him. Anyway, hobbling towards him, he suddenly changed direction and headed towards me. I saw my opportunity and literally did a belly flop onto the pavement. Scraping my hands and knee, I scooped my arm around the pup, who was now lying flat on the floor too.

Picking myself up, with pup, luckily the other dog just followed us back home. But by the time I was home my back was pounding, nerves jarring so painfully it took my breath away.

Putting the shopping away, I just collapsed on the settee. Ten minutes later E comes home for lunch, so he got a hot water bottle for me. Sorted the dogs, then went.

Half an hour later the pain hit like a ton of bricks. I wrote a message and sent it to Master, Daddy and PiggyJ. J messaged straight away, it was a lovely message which left me crying. Daddy video called me to check I was okay immediately, I started crying again, saying he hadn’t signed up for this, he told me off, saying they knew about my health, so it’s not like they didn’t  know I would have bad days. We just have to get used to it and be mindful of it. But we are here for life so I don’t want to hear you say that again. Look at me,. I couldn’t look. Look at me Little Minxs,. I slowly turned to face him. I’m here for good, we are here for good, so I never want to hear you say that again. Okay ? OKAY ? I nodded, then a spasm hit me. Sitting upright I couldn’t speak, tears rolled down my face and I stayed still unable to move. Eventually the spasm ended and I could relax.

Has that one gone Baby girl ? Daddy asked, I nodded again. They’re like contractions, it’s the only way I can explain it. I told him. Daddy stayed chatting for his lunch break then had to go back to work. But every opportunity he had he messaged me, PiggyJ messaged, she said she knew something was up coz her got the message straight away, his face went serious and he left the room. So I knew something was up. Then I got your message. J then continued saying the same thing Daddy was saying, it made me feel much better, but the spasms were really powerful.

The dogs settled for the afternoon and though I didn’t snooze I rested.

When Master came home, he took over, saying I need to go to bed soon. I said I will, I was only waiting for one of you to come home and help me.

I ended up staying downstairs to have my dinner then I went up. He helped me undress, get settled then he looked after the dogs for me, made the dinner for the following day, as PiggyJ was staying for dinner after we get our tattoos done.

But I think it’s fair to say, today was a fucking shite day

Time for me and J to get to know each other better.

We decided it was time for me and J to have some 1 on 1 time, get to know each other better, even though it feels like we’ve known each other for years. We wanted time to just chat and not worry about Master or Daddy hearing us,

J was off work on Friday, so she came round about 11.30am, Master was working from home so she got to see him too. I had bought her a present from our Windermere trip, 2 china Piggy mugs and a measuring shot glass. I said we would keep one mug here, just for her and one mug for home. She said she would have the other mug in work. As for the silly shot glass, it literally was a measuring cup, but I had to buy it as a shot glass for her.

I made us all a drink then sat down in the living room. J looked gorgeous in a long deep red dress, it was strapless, but she wore a matching pretty red bra, so it looked like it was all connected. She can’t go without a bra really, coz she has big boobs, but she did look lovely, makeup on, nice red lipstick, which really suited her.

It was nice just to have a relaxed chat altogether then J and I headed to the pub, it was the one I go to with Daddy as it’s really nice. We wanted a private cozy table,

J was having to do some tasks for Master whilst she had 3 days off, she had to take 100 selfies every day to be sent to Master by 5pm. But on the first day she miscounted and only sent 99. So he gave her a punishment, go naked to the local shop, buy a cucumber and vaseline. As expected she flatly refused to do it, I would’ve done exactly the same. She got into a major, massive strop, not really speaking to him, but still refusing to do it. So Master set a consequence for not doing the set punishment. 50 with the paddle, that won’t be love taps like you’ve had before!!! plus a 500 word essay, to be sent by lunchtime tomorrow. Think it’s safe to say, she was not happy so she stomped outside, sitting on a blanket, she wrote her essay.

But J was fuming, f’ing and blinding about it, but once she calmed down she accepted the punishment Master had set. So when we were in the pub we expected to take some selfies. We had a nice meal, took some photographs of us kissing, then decided to go to the disabled toilets and take more pics. As soon as the door was locked I unbuttoned my dress, J slipped her dress and bra off, Master had told her she was not allowed to wear panties when with him, then we spent the next 10 minutes or so, trying out different poses. Lying on the floor together, J on the toilet, a reflection of our bums in the mirror. I think we got some very sexy pictures, I hope Master will be pleased with them.

During the day we discovered we were very alike. But of us terribly stubborn and pigheaded. There were some kinks we found she loved, and I knew Master liked, biting and breath play were ones I didn’t like so he could enjoy them with J. Apparently Master had said he wanted to try knife play, this surprised me coz I mentioned that to Master months ago, and he said no, it was too dangerous. But he said he wanted to try it, I think J was pretty terrified of that idea, but I said he would never do it without studying about it first. J has got a good grasp on Master, his personality, how his mind works, or to the best of her ability. Though just when you think you know what he’s thinking, he changes. But she did have a good idea on how to behave now, and that he would never back down, no matter how much you strop.

When we arrived home we were just chatting with Master when my online grocery shop arrived early. So Master ushered the dogs upstairs with him, J and I sat on the settee whilst the very big heavy shop arrived. Two delivery guys carried the shopping into the kitchen, then once done they left. I just put the freezer stuff away for now and was going to do the rest when J had left. Master let the dog back downstairs, then said to us, “Right I’m not having my two girls here without some fun, so get upstairs and get naked. Come on, now.” He said. So we headed upstairs, leaving the dogs downstairs with the door shut.

Master joined us in our room, stripping off he lay like a starfish on the bed and J and I lay next to him. Just as I lay down on my usual side, Master said, “Oh whose getting which side of the bed?” It was then I realised J would normally be on my side, which would actually be better for me as I can snuggle Master and still have my hearing aid in. On my side I would have to take it out because I would be lying on it. But I asked J if she wanted to change sides but she said no. Next time I will remember to go on the other side.

We lay cuddling, kissing each other, Master watching with pride as I kissed J. Suddenly Master sat up, rolled us both over so we were on our tummies as Master sat between our legs. Bending over to kiss our backsides, backs, reaching up to kiss us properly, his fingers began delving between my cheeks, I could hear from J’s reaction that Master was doing to the same to her. Then fingers slipped in my pussy, I was so horny I soon felt an orgasm building. It felt kinda hot having us both coming, at the same time, next to each other.

Suddenly we heard the front door bang shut. I turned to look at Master and J, then rolled off the bed. There was E’s car parked up the drive. I could imagine him swearing, saying some twat has parked in my parking space. He NEVER comes home early, EVER !!!!!. Yet there he was, and here we were, not only us in bed, but in bed with J. J and I couldn’t help but start giggling as Master stood up, put his dressing gown on, and went downstairs, J and I continued to giggle like naughty school girls.

A few minutes later, Master returned. “He’s just finished early, so I told him I was just having cuddles with Mum.” He may as well just said I was just having sex with Mum coz E is not a stupid young man, so he would know exactly what he meant.

But Master came back upstairs, slipped his dressing gown off and climbed in between us again. Going to bite J, she shook her head, knowing she couldn’t stay quiet when he bit her, her entire body is full of bruises where Master bit her last week. She even had a bruise on her boob still, from 2 weeks ago.

Master pushed us both flat on the bed, though we were still giggling. I’m sure he would’ve liked to spank us a bit but that was too noisy a sound. Master played around a little, thankfully E chose to stay downstairs, not come up to his room like he would do normally. As Master started playing, fingers entering my butthole, again I knew it was happening to J too. Then suddenly he pulled out, I felt him kneel up, his cock by my entrance. Eagerly, I pushed back to meet him, greedily wanting all of him. He pushed both our heads into the pillows, reaching down to kiss me then J. Then he climbed of me and entered J’s ass. Kissing her then me, I lay and watched him thrust into J’s ass and I must admit, it was pretty fucking hot. He never let the other girl feel left out, always doing something to us, which made it feel really special. We certainly didn’t want these plays to feel awkward. I didn’t feel jealous of J, and I hope she didn’t feel left out by us. He slipped out of J and climbed over my legs, my ass up already to greet him. Then he bent to kiss me, kiss J, our heads pushed into the pillows once more. What I felt really special about, was he asked me who was to have his cum, he could have decided himself but he felt it was right to ask me. I didn’t have to think about it, I wanted J to have it, I could have been selfish and said no, I want it,  but that’s not me. At the end of the day, I’ve got Master every day, so why not let J have it, especially as it was an unexpected play. Master asked if I was sure, I said yes, so he climbed of me and onto J once more. Listening to J’s moans of pleasure, Master told me to watch him, so I turned as best as I could and smiled, a genuine smile, happy to watch him cum in J.

I never thought I would feel comfortable in a situation like this, well I never thought I would be in this situation, never mind feel this happy about it yet this felt so natural, I wonder if it’s because we are so alike and get on so well together.
Master popped to the bathroom to clean himself up, whilst we started to giggle once more. When he came back he said, “So any bright ideas on how we get J out to her car ? Unless you want to stay until tomorrow.” “Well as Tesco has arrived, how about you go and ask him to help you put all the water in the storage box outside, then I can get J’s bag.” I suggested. “Okay, well I’ll get the bag out, do I need anything else ?” Master asked. “Yes Daddy’s cake is in the fridge, you need that.” I told him. “I’m not sure, that’s risking it a bit, what if he asks what it is ?” He said. “He won’t even notice.” I told him. So Master got up, dressed and headed down, we waited a few minutes then got up and got dressed. At least we got naked upstairs for once. Risking to go downstairs we spotted J’s bag and cake box on the stairs. The living room door was closed, so we crept outside, I saw J to her car, apologising for this rather abrupt exit and end to our day, but we were still giggling about it. The curtains were closed so I stayed with J until she was ready to go, then went back in quietly closing the front door. I walked through into the kitchen, saying hi and thanks for helping put the water away for me as I couldn’t do that much. I grinned at Master as I started to help them unpack everything.

Not the ending we planned or anticipated but it made for all the fun instead.Time fpr