Piggy / Miss Adira’s blog for October.

So whats happened in October….

Well it all started off well …that was until one fateful Tuesday morning when my son came downstairs, before school, saying he had a headache and felt a bit achy…….

So took his temperature, no that was fine, no cough. So thought, nope, off to school you go. 

Then doubt crept in. Best phone the school…oh dear best get him a covid test, the school secretary told me. WTF for I thought, he doesn’t have any symptoms but anyhow, like a good girl I did. That was fun in itself…

So a day of school for my son, a day of work for me. Then sat there, Wednesday morning, waiting on the results and then boom.

A fecking positive result, bollocks…so everyone was then on isolation for 2 weeks. 

Many messages and phone calls asking how my son was, how was he…looking at him, there was nowt wrong with him, not a symptom in sight and luckily neither me or my hubby contracted it. Well not that we knew…

Face slapping.

I’ve not had much time to read everyone’s blogs this week but I noticed there were lots on face slapping. So I thought I would add to the chat as this is something Master likes to do.

A quick, sharp slap across my face quickly brings me back down from whatever mood I was in or any tantrum I was about to have.

I know when Master is going to do it, he comes very close to me, his hot breath on my neck as he brushes my hair away from my face, tucking it behind my ears, he often lifts up my chin so I’m looking at him, as he reaches back and slaps my cheek, then the other cheek.

I think it feels like a very intimate action between two people, even though it’s a punishment, like for being cheeky or refusing to do something, it makes me think, it stops me doing it again, or at least for a while.
He can’t do a full face slap, though I think he would love to, because I wear glasses all the time. But I imagine the scenario where he tucks my hair away, then takes my glasses off, looking at each other eye to eye, before he slaps my face properly.

To me it feels quite an erotic, intense experience, not the slap, that always hurts but the preparation for it.

A face slap will make me stop my bad behaviour, I think about what I’ve done, I feel the guilt and the well deserved slap.

When we are playing, Master includes a face slap, just because he wants to or to shock me into listening to him and being quiet, but again the entire act is so seductive, I can’t help feeling horny and wet between my legs.

It’s not a violent act like some people may visualise, when you mention your partner slapped your face, like in an abusive relationship. I feel the love, how much Master cares for me, only wanting the best for me and to watch me trying my hardest to be the good person I know I can be, sometimes, yes, it’s because he’s pissed off with me, ( sorry Daddy for swearing ) for continuing to be a brat, but a good strong, stinging slap will always make me return to being his good little Serf.