Chapter 6, Rayanna the very naughty mouse.

Its been a long time since I wrote a chapter of Daddys story, so I hope you can remember it.

Rayanna, the very naughty mouse. Chapter 6.

Whilst Rayanna was chatting away with Suquie, her Mamma was busy cleaning up the kitchen after lunch, getting the afternoons school work ready. The phone rang, picking it up she saw it was her husband. “Hi Sebastian, you ok ?” It was unusual for him to phone whilst in work. “No, I’m not ok. I forgot to take Rayanna’s mobile of her. I don’t want her to be in contact with anyone. I’ve just tried phoning her, and the line is engaged. Do you know about this ?” He did not seem happy about this. “I…..I gave her permission to call Suquie.” Honey told him. “Since when have we allowed our children to use their mobile phones when they are grounded. You should have realised I had just forgotten to take it off her and done it yourself. NOT give her permission to call her friend.” He was furious with his wife. “I know Sebastian, but she just needed to make sure Suquie was ok, they are only chatting hunnie, She’s been a really good girl this morning.” Honey tried to stay cheery, but really she was beginning to feel very nervous. “Oh well, that’s ok then, she’s been good for A morning, after all that’s happened. Really Honey ?” Sebastian told her. “We will talk about this later. You’ve made a grave mistake, one you should never have done. You know mobiles are not allowed if grounded. I’m surprised at you. I will see you later, I think you know what is going to happen.” HE hung up, leaving Honey looking at her phone, her hand shaking slightly.

She realised she had just made a terrible mistake and she was going to pay for it. Once Rayanna finished her lunch, her Mamma asked for her phone. “Why Mamma, Pappa didn’t say take it away.” She whined. “No he forgot, he’s just phoned me to say he tried calling you, he knows you were talking to Suquie and he’s not very happy with me at all.” Rayanna thought she knew what she meant by that statement, so without moaning, she handed her the mobile. Mamma smiled, whispered thank you, then took it away. She felt worried about what her Pappa would do, also, would he be mad at her too. She hoped not.

Rayanna continued her homework, there were a few things with her maths she didn’t understand, so she would have to ask her Pappa for help. Mamma wasn’t very up to date with maths nowadays, as it had changed considerably since she was at school. Honey busily prepared and cooked the evening meal and quickly all the family returned home from whatever they were doing, school, college or work. Sebastian was the last to come home, he’d had a very busy day and felt very tired but he had to deal with his disobedient wife. The family chatted non-stop during dinner, only Rayanna and her parents knew something was wrong, but it was always like this. Eventually Honey had cleaned up, Sebastian went to get some bits done himself, then went to see Rayanna. “Hi Pappa, could you help me do my maths. I was struggling with it.” She got up to get her book and together they worked through the parts she was struggling with, he was very good at explaining how to do the working out, she didn’t want to be told the answer, she wanted to know how to do it. Eventually she had completed it all.

“Now Rayanna, come sit on the bed a moment. I believe Mamma gave you permission to speak with Suquie earlier ?” He asked, “ Now you know the rules if you’ve been grounded don’t you ?” He asked, the sound of his voice chilled Rayanna a little. “Y…Yes Pappa, I only wanted to……..” Rayanna began, until her Pappa put a finger up. “Do you know the rules Rayanna ?” He asked, she looked at the floor, “Yes Pappa,” She whispered. “Then why did you ask for your phone ? Your Mamma should have known better than to give it to you, but you should also have known better than to ask. Should you not ?” He asked patiently. “I..I..just wanted to check on Suquie Pappa. I…….” Rayanna tried to explain. “I don’t want excuses, I want you to learn to follow my rules. Over and over you disobey me, well no more. You’ve been a spoilt little brat and I’m not putting up with it anymore. Now you need you’re bedtime spanking before I deal with your mother and I can tell you, I’m not happy with either of you.”  “PaPappa, please.” Rayanna began. “No more Rayanna.” Her Pappa stood up, began unfastening his belt, pulling it quickly through the loops of his trousers, dropping it on her cot, he sat back down and in one quick movement, he grabbed Rayanna’s wrist and threw her over his knee. Her school skirt flew over her bottom before she had a chance to breath then her Pappa began spanking. All the while lecturing her about following his rules at all times, and he was fed up with both her and her Mamma thinking they don’t apply to them. It was going to change from now. Rayanna refused to cry, she was mad at him, she didn’t see any issue with wanting to check up on her friend. Well she was NOT going to cry.

Her Pappa stopped then, reaching for something, she spotted what is was. It was her wooden long school ruler. As he began swinging heavy swats across her sit spots, Rayanna became more and more angry, punching her Pappa’s legs, kicking backwards to try to catch his arms, He ended up putting one leg over her so she couldn’t kick then grabbed both arms and held them behind her back. “And this behaviour is also not accessible, and will only land you in more trouble,” her Pappa said, swatting the back of her legs, now Rayanna fought the tears away, I will not cry, I will not cry, She told herself, over and over, refusing to get up even though her bottom and legs were now burning madly. “Get up and get over the bed, don’t you dare move,” Pappa told her. She lay over the bed, hugging her pillow tightly under her head. 

Pappa grabbed his belt, raised at and whipped it across her backside, her sit spot and legs until eventually Rayanna couldn’t hold back anymore and she sobbed into the pillow. It didn’t long to break, Pappa knew she reached her limit, he hated punishing his little girl but enough was enough and she had to learn this.

Stopping, he dropped the belt on the desk, lifted her up, scooped her onto his knees as he sat on the bed, she immediately began hugging him and he did her. Rocking her gently, side by side, hissing her head. “Right lie down, let me rub some cream on, then you can go to bed,” Rayanna climbed off her Pappa’s knee, she was so sore and tender it hurt so much to walk and move, tears began to fall down her face again. Pappa picked up the cream, “Now, what are you going to do with this cream ?” He asked as he gently rubbed it on her bottom, and legs. “Erm, I’m gonna rub cream in morning and night, and maybe during the day, if I need too.” She stuttered. “That’s right, because if you don’t ?” He asked once more, “You will spank me Pappa.” “Good girl, you know I will, I expect you to be obedient, I won’t tolerate this behaviour from any of you, my children or my wife. Now all done, go wash your face and then you can have an early night.” Pappa told her. “But it’s only 7pm Pa……..” She began. “Do I have to give you a reminder of what happens when you don’t do you you’re told ?” He sternly asked, his eyes turned steely grey and his face un-relenting. “Yes Pappa.” She muttered as she walked to her bathroom  to have a wash, then she went to bed crying into her pillow until she fell asleep.

Pappa put his belt back on and went to the living room, he was exhausted. He helped himself to a drink a took a long sip, thinking about Honey, who he knew would be in a panic, worrying about what her fate would be. No doubt she will have heard Rayanna cry, and he would be sure that Honey would be more than crying by the time he’d finished with her. Recently her disobedience had become inexcusable, He intended on making sure this will not happen again and Honey had no idea what was in-store for her. He had booked a long weekend away, Thursday until Sunday, the older children will be in charge of the youngsters and he knew, they would follow the rules, 100%. Honey will think it’s going to be a lovely treat away from home but she will be in for a shock. There was a very special place, almost like his second home, Acorn Snuggery where his disobedient wife will be going. It’s a very old exclusive, private club only for men who have the highest respect from public clubs are allowed to join. There anything goes. It is designed for Masters to bring their subs back in order, Specially trained Dominants / Dominatrix’s who are called The Matriarchs work here, using all and any forms of punishment, torture and humiliation. Subs are brought there and left, to be dealt with by these Matriarchs. So they know their misdemeanour must have been extremely serious for them to be sent here. Next door is another private retreat, only for the Masters. Here, in their private quarters, they can continue as normal. They could do work here, or just use the chance to catch up with fellow Masters. Surveillance cameras were everywhere in the Snuggery, and in the retreat the Masters can watch anything that happens, to their own sub and to others. They could even talk to the Matriarch’s via their earpiece. It is recorded and put on a memory stick for each Master, when they leave. It’s an incredibly expensive club to join, but even if you were a millionaire, if Masters from other clubs did not pay them huge respect and get voted into the club, you will not get in. 

It will be extreme, the worst any sub can experience, but, all subs know if they are sent there then there will be unbearable punishments and torture, yet they would have to dig deep inside tthemselves to take it. Only once a Master is sure the sub has learnt their lesson, the retraining will stop. But if the Matriarchs disagree then the sub will stay longer. Sebastian had only sent Honey there once, after being married 5 years, and she only lasted 24 hours. This time she would be there 60+ hours, and he had no intention of ending it early.

She will learn, but she will learn the hard way.

A new task for Daddy from Master is to write a blog every month. Here’s his first one and I think he’s done a great job. Enjoy the read.

This life and time of Manho the Daddy

So, where do I begin, I would say right from the start would be as good of any place as any July 2017, but before we start here’s a little about me. I am nearly at my 42nd birthday, I am now a Daddy to my beautiful girl Little Minxs and a sub to Master, I am nothing to look at, 5’5”, slightly curvy (a lot), and a rather wicked sense of humour, and this little tale is how I became a Daddy Dom and submissive and the journey I have taken to get here so sit back, hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

As I said it came about in July 2017, the exact date I cannot remember, myself, my beautiful wife and our son was at a close friends house party and my wife had told me that she had full intentions of getting drunk “So don’t expect to go home early,” she says to me just before I went off to work that morning.

So, after a hard days graft (honest) we were at our friends house having beers and chilling, enjoying ourselves, I became rather tired and just wanted to sleep however Piggy, my wife, oh yes Piggy is the name given to her by Master G, or as she refers to him as Sir G, any way I digress, so being tired I just wanted to go home and sleep, however the lovely wife, Piggy had other ideas, just letting loose and getting drunk, now she had already polished off a bottle of wine and what ever else to be had consumed earlier that evening and was well on her way on the second bottle. Now Master and my Little Minxs will very well understand what happens next after Piggy has had a couple of bottles of wine, all I can say is Dr Jekell and Ms Hyde…….so I think it may off been about 11’ish we shall say and I asked Piggy if we were going home, this was a very stupid thing to ask really as she had already gave me the heads up she was planning on staying out and enjoying herself, so with the question asked she said “I told you this morning that we were staying out and I was planning on getting drunk,” so with that I skulked away, I do get rather narky when I’m tired so this didn’t help matters much.

I went into the front room of our friend’s house and sulked, after a bit I went back to join the rest and Piggy must of known I wasn’t happy which is when things in both our lives turned…and I must admit now for the most defiant better. I could see she was getting upset and I tried to stupidly talk to her but she just kept telling me to go away as I was making things worse, now I have seen her upset before and we have both been through a lot but to be honest I have never seen her this upset and I was crapping myself a lot as I didn’t know what to say or do to make amends at that point, and yes I should of left her alone but the pig headedness in me kept mythering her and winding her up even more to the point she just came out with the one sentence I would never forget, “I need more”.

Now at first as a man I just looked at her with a gormless expression on my face, and the response I could only give her was “eh”, “I need more, different cock”, now that hit me like a sack of shit, as believe me when I say my self esteem and confidence took a big blow was a understatement. She carried on explaining what she meant and we talked, and one thing in all of this is I didn’t want to loose her, this extraordinary, magically, wonderful woman who has been in my life for at least 13 years, so I told her I would be willing to try and do anything within reason. That evening or should I say early hours Sunday morning we went home and had nookies.

The next day we sat discussing this further, she reassured me that I wasn’t doing anything wrong but she had desires and needs and found it hard to approach me about them, I must admit I do have a very open mind and now has been opened even more after our experiences in the swinging seen and now in our polyamorous/ \Dom dynamic with both Master/Sir G and my Little Minxs/Masters Serf…with this being said this story will unfold next month when I write about our first meets, till then take it easy…..


New story for Miss Adira.

Friday 15th March.

Miss Adira put in my tasks to write either an erotic story or poem, to be sent to her by Friday 6pm. I decided to write a story, based on a Domme/sub dynamic as I’ve never done this before. I now try to write 1 A4 side a day. Miss Adira has told me to post it daily so here’s what I’ve written so far. There’s no title yet, I’ve asked Miss Adira to choose one. I picked Dakota’s name because that was one of the names we liked when choosing Miss Adira’s name and Stephie seemed like a cute submissive name. Please let me know your thoughts or ideas on continuing the story, it’s something I really enjoy doing and keeps my mind occupied and away from my chronic pain.

Chapter 1.

Stephie strained her ears, trying so hard to hear her but the music playing in her headphones prevented to hear anything but beautiful classical music.

She was naked, her arms up, tied to a harness thing on the ceiling, she was stood on two step stools, spread wide, again tied to a harness thing on the floor, like a St Andrews cross, except she was in the middle of the room. That bit she knew.

Dakota had explained she would be tied up for as long as she wanted, she would do what she wanted to her, there was nothing stopping her, except the safe word. Something Stephie hadn’t said yet. Dakota doubted she ever would say it.

Stephie felt cold air blow towards her, causing goosebumps to appear on her skin, she really wanted to rub herself warm.

Suddenly she felt something cold, hard and sharp. Dakota slid the cheese grater across her body, going harder over her ample boobs, harder again over her sexy hard posterior. Dakota spread open one cheek, grating the grater over her most sensitive area. Stephie gasped, trying to move away but she couldn’t. A hand snaked around to her breast, squeezing, teasing her nipple, Stephie groaned in desire, as fingers continued playing with her nipples. Dakota turned the grater around and slapped her butt, Stephie gasped as Dakota continued to paddle her butt cheeks, but still playing with her boobs.

Dakota pushed her front forwards a bit, her butt jutted out, giving Dakota a chance to aim at her sit spot and thighs. She smiled as she heard Stephie cry out, her pretty face screwed up in pain then she walked away.

Stephie lifted her head up, sensing her Mistress was no longer there. Secretly she was thankful for the break, her burning bottom tingled, crying out to be rubbed but she couldn’t. Silent tears were soon swallowed up by the blindfold, tightly tied around her head. Dakota always restrained her tightly, but Stephie only ever tried to get out of them once and she would never do it again.

( One day I may tell you what happened, but for now we will continue with the story. )

Sephie used this break to meditate for a while, knowing full well that the play session was nowhere near being over and she feared what Dakota had planned. After a few minutes meditating, Stephie felt in control of herself again, standing tall of the stools. There was a cold breeze in the room. She suspected Dakota had turned the fan on again, goosebumps went up her arms, making her shiver.

Dakota was watching Stephie on her phone, there was a hidden camera facing her, well actually there were cameras all over the house, even the bathroom. She wanted to know what Stephie was doing at all times, as she was a brat.      

Saturday 16 March.

Stephie felt like she had been tied up for hours, she was cold but her bottom still burned and smarted. She began fidgeting, knocking her knees, wriggling her bum. She was bored and really needed a wee, she couldn’t cry out to Dakota. She began humming, knowing she wasn’t allowed but she was so bored she didn’t care.

Dakota watched as she drank her coffee, her face showed signs of anger but she waited, drank her coffee then headed back. Stephie needed punishing for this lack of respect. Stephie felt the air change, immediately she stopped humming and stood up straight. Suddenly she felt her bit gag go into her mouth, she instinctively opened it, accepting this intrusion which was then tied tightly. She must have heard me singing, Stephie thought. Turning her head left and right in the hope of hearing something, but she didn’t.

Dakota picked up the alcatraz strap, held it firmly in her right hand, her left hand held the end of the long leather tail. It was an evil strap, the holes in it cut into the skin and the leather bruised and whipped away at the skin. Feeling like a layer of skin was flayed away with each stroke. Dakota walked around Stephie, who was still attempting to hear or see something, anything. Just not that strap as Dakota whipped her bottom, once, twice, ten, twenty times. Stephie screamed into the gag, tears flowed quickly into the blindfold. She tried begging but it came out muffled. Moving to the other side of Stephie, Dakota raised the strap once more, hitting the back of her legs, then her upper back, one after the other, twenty, thirty times. Turning around she whipped the front of her legs and across her pelvic area. The length of the strap meant it tailed around too, so it wrapped around her legs and hips. She didn’t care how loud she screamed, she knew she wasn’t allowed to move or speak or scream yet she carried on like the brat she was. Secretly Dakota was amused by this,she wasn’t surprised how much she fidgeted, she had been there an hour already. But the had only just started, now this particular punishment was over.

Dakota put the strap down and picked up a burning candle. She walked back to Stephie, carefully moving the candle around her body, watching how her body flinched away from the heat of the flame. Waving it under her breasts, nipples, happy spot and bottom. She smiled to herself as a drop of hot wax fell over her breast, it dripped down before hardening. Stephie gasped, shaking her head as Dakota let drops fall over her other breast, over her raw back and sore bottom. Stephie shrieked then, she felt the flame wave over her happy spot, pausing as the flame flicked over her clit. Stephie suddenly pushed her bottom away, knocking the candle, sending wax over the floor and over Dakota. She stood quickly and slapped her face hard, twice on both sides. Stephie cried and attempted to say sorry, pleading with her to stop. Instead she let the candle drip over her nipples, making her scream louder, her legs shaking on the stools.

Sunday 17 March.

She had had enough. The leg shaking was always the sign. But Dakota had not finished. Another large drop landed directly on her nipple, then another as Stephie cried out, shaking, trying to twist away. Dakota had had enough, grabbing one breast, she squeezed hard, taking one earphone out, she just said, “ Still,” then put it back. Stephie immediately stopped moving, sobbing quietly, gasping when her breast was let go, eventually DAkota walked away, blowing the candle out. She was not happy with Stephies behaviour at all today, her moving and screaming had ruined her fun, she needed to deal with this now.

Dakota released her from her harnesses, helping the shaky Stephie down from the stools. She removed the blindfold and earphones then released the bit gag. Stephie shook her arms and legs to get the blood flowing again, tears still fell quietly. “ You’ve disappointed me today Stephie, you know you are not permitted to move, wriggle, make so much noise. You’ve let me down, let yourself down. And ruined my play. Now you will be punished for it.” Dakota told her firmly. “ Please Dakota, I’m sorry, please no more, I can’t take any more. “ Stephie pleaded, lifting her hands up to beg but she knew it was a waste of time.

Dakota moved a dining room chair to the middle of the room, “ Come here and kneel on the chair.” Stephie followed her instruction immediately, “ Now lean over and touch the floor, “ pausing for a second before she did it. Embarrassed now as her bottom stuck out and up, knowing whatever was going to happen now, was going to hurt a lot more than what had already happened. Her skin was taught and tight meaning every stroke of a pain implement would hurt like hell. Then Dakota went away for a second, leaving the room before returning with something in her hand. She walked over to the table and began peeling a ginger root, breaking it into two pieces, she quickly, expertly carved each one into a butt plug shape, once satisfied she went back to her naughty sub. Stephie began shaking when Dakota rubbed one ginger plug over her happy spot, noticing how wet she was. Then she inserted that one into her bottom hole, it slid in easily with her own juices over it, the she rubbed the other one all over her happy spot, knowing it would be burning already, then she pushed in into her happy spot hole.

Stephie was already squirming, the heat and pain a piece of root ginger caused was incredible. Satisfied, Stephie was already squirming and uncomfortable, she walked over and picked the dragon cane from her display wall, just as Stephie looked up and saw it. A horrified, pleading look came to her face, Dakota smirked. “ You’ve been a bad girl Stephie, ruining my play is very naughty isn’t it ?” She paused for an answer. “ Yes Dakota, it’s very naughty.” Stephie tried to say more but her voice was shaking too much. “ With each stroke, you are to say, 1, I will not ruin my Mistress’s play. 2, I will not ruin my Mistress’s play.” Dakota said tapping the cane on her crimson bottom.

Monday 18 March.

Stephie was hysterical after the second whip struck across her legs, now Dakota was enjoying herself, she liked to discipline her sub, she expected, demanded perfect behaviour, not what Stephie chose to do today, so she would be taught a harsh lesson. “ Please Dakota, please no more,” Stephie begged and she received another hard whip across her sit spot, she nearly fell onto the floor but luckily she didn’t, that was the last thing she should do. After 30 whips across her crimson backside and legs, Dakota put the cane down.

Gently she helped Stephie up to kneeling on the chair and hugged her tightly, Stephie clung to her Mistress, spluttering I’m sorry over and over. Dakota made soothing noises to calm her down, stroked her hair and back, feeling the welts and across her swollen bottom, she wouldn’t sit comfortably for quite a few days. “Now Stephie, I want you to spend 30 minutes in the corner, standing in your pose then you will go to bed for a nap. Understand Stephie ?” Dakota said quietly. “Yes Ma’am,” Stephie said, moving off the chair and walked awkwardly, painfully to the corner, she put the timer on for 30 minutes then got into her pose. Legs wide, hands behind her back, head bowed. Stephie sniffed throughout her cornertime, her body ached but her bottom felt like there was no skin left on it, the pain was indescribable.

When the timer went off, she turned it off and turned to look for Dakota, there was no sign of her. She had had no instruction from her as to what to do after the cornertime other than have a nap. She was starving and thirsty, so she went to the kitchen, chose a healthy cereal bar, a banana and a tall glass of milk. THen she took them to bed, she decided not to put the television on, just read her kindle until she had eaten. Getting into bed wasn’t easy though, her whole back area was a swollen, bruised, welted mess, the front of her legs were a mess too. Carefully she somehow climbed on the bed and slid on her side so little of her sore area touched the bed. She lifted the quilt over her, flinching as it touched her skin then ate her snack, drank her milk then she felt ready for a nap.

By the time Stephie woke up it was dark outside, looking at the clock, she saw it read 6pm but she didn’t know what time she fell asleep. Trying to move, Stephie let out a little cry, oh she hurt so much, tears sprang to her eyes again. Instead of getting up she decided to just put the telly on for a while. After a few minutes Dakota walked in, “Ah hello sleepy head, you’re finally awake.” She said, climbing on the bed and giving her a kiss. She spotted Stephie flinch, “Sore?” She asked, smirking, “Just a bit, well loads to be honest,” Stephie said looking sheepish. “Right roll over baby, let me look. I know I punished you severely and you understand why I did it, so I hope I don’t have to repeat this ever, or well for a while anyway knowing you.” She chuckled, rubbing her nose on Stephie’s, as she pulled the quilt away.

Dakota wasn’t surprised how she looked, her bottom was swollen almost double. “You’re gonna struggle sitting down for days.” “I know Dakota, but I deserved it,” Stephie said. “You bet you did, but tomorrow because I’m not an awful, evil Domme, you will stay in bed and let me look after you. Let me put some cream on, dinner is nearly ready, we will have dinner in bed, then you can have an early night.”

I dreamed a spanking, just like I longed for. I hope comes true soon, just like I longed.

It had been a while since I got spanked, my back has been so painful for weeks, everytime I thought it was getting better, it was only getting worse or stayed the same.

Seeing Daddy had been very difficult as we both felt the desire to spank and play but it had been banned by Master until I was better.

Two weeks later, Daddy had his day off, he sent me an order.

‘Have the camera on its stand facing the bed, put Netflix on the TV and we shall continue watching Sons of Anarchy. Get the episode ready, series 1, episode 3 in case you had forgotten. When I arrive I want you naked, sat up on your knees, feet crossed, facing the wall, hands on your head. You will remain there until I tell you. Understand Little Minxs ?’ It said. ‘Yes Daddy’ I replied, a little shocked at how strict he sounded. Maybe we are gonna snuggle on the bed watching TV, well I guess that would be nice but I’d much rather have some fun.

As soon as I spotted his car arrive, I got into position. As usual I heard the commotion coming from the dogs, both wanting all Daddy’s attention, as he locked the front door. He never spoke to to me, I could feel myself begin to sulk as he went and got a coffee then sat on the settee as the dogs craved his love.

Once he drunk his coffee, he went upstairs. I heard him rummage about upstairs. I had no idea what he was doing. I hadn’t asked permission to play from Master and as far as I knew neither had Daddy. So he can’t be preparing to play, can he ?

After at least 40 minutes of being on my knees, they were really hurting, I heard him call down, “Make a brew and bring them up please.” I carefully stood up, getting my balance before making the coffee and carried them carefully upstairs. He lay on the bed, naked, as he patted the bed next to him. There were no signs of anything out of the drawers, but I was giddy with finally getting his attention. So I scrambled next to him, getting into my favourite position for snuggling, until the coffee was cool enough to drink. Both dogs were settled at the end of the bed now fast asleep

“Pass me the cushions off the floor please, then check the video, I want it close up to us. Once it’s in the correct position put the video on record then climb next to me.” He told me as I passed him the cushions which he put by his opposite side. After sorting the camera I climbed next to him, ready to snuggle instead he said “No, lie over my lap, use the cushions to make yourself comfy.” I felt a twinge in my pussy, were we gonna be playing, I wondered. But what about Master ? He could be watching. I thought, worried but desperate for his touch.

We continued to watch Sons of Anarchy for a few minutes, “Are you comfy Little Minxs, how’s your back ? Tell me the truth.” “It’s fine so far Daddy.” I said. “Good girl, as soon as it begins to hurt you tell me, promise me.” “I promise Daddy.” Quickly rolling my eyes, but he couldn’t see me so it didn’t matter. But I knew he was only looking out for me, so I felt a little guilty doing it.

We lay like this for some time, Daddy gently stroked my hair,  tickled my back or my legs before I felt his hand on my bottom, stroking, squeezing, teasing my hole. I giggled, “Daddy I haven’t asked permission. We can’t play.” “Let me worry about that,” he told me. This wasn’t like him, he hated punishments, I mean really hated them, not like me or PiggyJ, so why would he do something he knew would get us both punished. But me being me just started to relax into it.

We chatted about the TV show, I love Sons of Anarchy, I was comfy, enjoying Daddy’s touch, plus watching Sons.

Suddenly Daddy lifted his hand and walloped me so hard, I jumped, “OW,” I tried to move but he had his hand firmly on my back. “Did that hurt…….” “Of course it hurt Daddy.” Another wallop. “OW !” “Did that hurt your back ? I was going to ask, had you not interrupted me.” “Oh, erm no I don’t think so, it was all a bit of a shock, all I was thinking about was me bum.”

Daddy chuckled, “Relax, babygirl. Carry on watching Sons.” Daddy waited until he felt me relax fully. “Now I am gonna spank you, the minute you tense up your back I will stop. The minute you tell me your back, not arse, is hurting, I stop. Understand ?” “Yes Daddy,” I said quietly.

Daddy then alternated between stroking, tickling to spanking me. His slaps were not gentle, this had been what I wanted for weeks now. I dreamt of a hand spanking for so long. He kept his other hand on my lower back so he could feel me tense up. Smiling, Daddy was enjoying himself feeling my skin become hotter and hotter, its colour once white, now a brilliant crimson. But he had no intention of stopping yet.

I was thoroughly enjoying myself, sinking into the cushions, I closed my eyes unable to concentrate on the program, so I listened to it instead, every now and then he stopped, “I feel okay Daddy, promise,” I said. “Good girl,” Daddy whispered.

Something cold, lube I presumed dribbled down my crack, a finger slipped it deeper towards my hole. Slowly he pushed his finger inside, just a little, waiting to feel if I tense up, then pushed further. I pushed back when suddenly he pulled out. “If you are going to do that, we are not playing, you do not move, no thrusts, no pushing back nothing, or game over.” He waited until I sulkily said “Yes Daddy.” Then he started again, this time pushing 2 fingers inside, roughly this time, his fingers flicked about inside me. It was Sooo hard not to grind into his fingers but I stayed put, in fact I was quite proud of staying still.

Soon his fingers slipped out and the spanking continued. Sit spot and legs were his choice of area this time. I couldn’t stop myself gasping, crying out, even though I was enjoying it, my bottom was beginning to feel really really sore. But we watched 3 episodes of Sons whilst Daddy played with my bottom.

I heard him pull out a drawer then get comfy again as it was a bit of a reach for him. “Now babygirl, you have a punishment waiting for you. 100 with the cane I believe it was.” “But Daddy I……..” “No buts, stay where you are, DO NOT TENSE UP.”

I didn’t know Daddy had got a smaller bamboo cane out of the drawer. About a month ago I was cutting some of our bamboo down, saving some branches as I thought they would make good canes. Last week he tried one of them, they had dried out and it was incredibly painful as he caned my hands then ass only a few times. When I was on the phone he then chose to continue caning my ass, I inwardly screeched out as I talked to my doctor. He thought it was hilarious.

He’s decided the cane is one of his favourite toys.

I felt the tap of the hard cane on my sore sit spot, one hand rested on my lower back as he started continuous taps of the cane. I quite like it continuous, the pain gradually grows stronger as it licks the same spot over and over. “That’s 25.” he told me. Moving the cane to the middle of my ass, he repeated the process a lot harder. I wriggled slightly with this one, my ouches were loud, some more screams. When he moved to my legs I began to protest, only to be awarded with hard whips until I only cried out but didn’t complain. My legs began kicking out, I felt welts swell, the skin burned, I knew there were thick red stripes across them. But as I kicked out, the cane hit back harder, but it hurt so much, I couldn’t stop myself fighting it. Crying and begging for Daddy to stop, suddenly he did.

“Raise your feet little girl, together and flat. Now.” He told me I did as I was told for once, I knew what he was going to do. “Relax please, I do not want you to strain your back.”

Was he joking ? I mean, I had a lovely hand spanking followed by a horrible 25 with the cane on my sit spot, then buttocks, then legs and he thinks I’m going to be relaxed when I know he’s gonna cane my feet.

But I did it, waiting for that first strike, he tapped my back, knowing I was tense, breathing deeply I tried to relax and slowly I did. “Good girl.” then whack, one strike and I jumped up.

Sweating, crying, I woke up and realised it was all a dream. Yet my body ached as if I had just had a wonderful, painful spanking. Yes I was asleep next to Daddy, but I’d had no spanking, it was still banned, this was all a dream.

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Si stroked Teri’s hot ass, nails scraping along, feeling her flinch only amused him. He pushed her legs open wide, fingers gently grazed over her wet pussy, he tapped it, hearing her gasp gave him the acknowledgement to continue. As he continued to tap her clit, his thumb slipped into her wet pussy, going as deep as he could reach, ficking his thumb inside her sent her close to orgasming. Though she wasn’t terribly comfy over his knee, this still felt so hot, she had had a few lovers, none had ever got her this close from doing so little. She felt him reach for something but wasn’t sure what it was. Moving his hand from her pussy, Teri potested, then he teased her with his fingers pulsing her hole. Moving away again, he gently tapped her pussy with the wooden spoon, she jumped in shock, it hurt but in a good way, her clit tingled, wanting more as the spoon landed again, fingers then spoon, fingers then smack, “Ahhhhh,” Teri cried out, again and again he spanked her, “Oh God, Daddy,” she said over and over. Si paused with his fingers pulsing her, and slowly he slipped inside. Three fingers, then four, finally his thumb fitted inside too, without much effort. Teri was much wider than Sara, he struggled to fit four fingers inside, never mind all five. With his hand inside her pussy, he pushed her body further over, so Teri’s shoulders were on the floor, her head rested sideways as her arms helped to keep her balance. She felt Si’s cock, hard and thick under his towel, digging into her, turning her on even more. Suddenly Si began thrusting deeper, his fingers tickling her insides, feeling for her g-spot, Teri jumped, “Ohh Fuck……” she murmured, grinding to meet his fingers. Si slapped a cheek really hard, Teri cried out in protest. “No swearing little girl, it’s not acceptable, even in play you’re one of my little girls, remember that.” Si told her. “No swearing, ( she gasps ) really Daddy, I can’t……….Ohhhhh Fu…….Fluff…..Ohhhhhh Daddy, I can’t, I like saying swear words when I’m being fucked. Oh God, Daddy sorry.” Teri spluttered, before Si slapped both cheeks twice. Teri yelped, trying to move her hand back but the position she was in, it was useless. “If you swear again, your play will stop. Understand ? Teri ? Do you understand ?” Si sternly told her, he stopped moving his fingers around. “Yyeessss Daddy, I will try, please don’t stop.” Teri begged, eagerly grinding her pussy down. Si began quick thrusts with sharp, firm finger flicks, setting Teri in a spin, she could feel an orgasm building, deep inside her, deeper than she’s ever felt before. Suddenly Teri felt liquid trickling down from between her legs, a lot of liquid. “NO,” She shouted, “Daddy I think I’ve just wet myself.” Teri fought trying to get up, but Si held her down. “Stay down Teri and relax.” Si ordered. “I can’t Daddy, I’ve just pissed myself. I’ve never done that before. It’s just too embarrassing. Let me up.” Teri shouted at him. She was rewarded with some heavy slaps with the spoon, making her wriggle, cry, and fight some more. This continued for ages until finally Teri stopped fighting, sobbing onto Si’s leg, her bottom crimson and on fire, tears and snot spread over her face, but she was so ashamed and embarrassed. “Calm down now Teri. Just relax.” Si ordered once more. Slipping his hand between her legs, stroking her pussy, tapping her hole again. He felt her body relax once more, Si smiled. Yes she wants more, he thought. I’m gonna need to fuck her soon. Slipping into her soggy pussy, he pushed all his fingers and thumb together and began fisting her. Slowly, with zealous, his fist sank in, amazed at how wide her vagina must be compared to Zara’s, it had taken months of training and stretching to reach his knuckles, yet he was past them already. “Owwwwwww, Daddy that hurts,” she complained, wiggling her bum to try to release him, he smacked her leg, “Still Teri, if you tense up it will hurt.” Si told her but chose then to slip out. He didn’t want to do too much on his first play, but as his fingers were about to venture away, he couldn’t resist but explore to find her G-spot again. Teri groaned, a deep sultry voice, moaning sexily when his fingers found it. Tickling her G-spot, he sensed she was immediately close to cumming again. Teri ground her hips into his fingers, faster and harder, “Ooohhhhhhhh, ooo…..ooohhhhh…….Mmmmmm that’s so nice……Ooooohhhhhhh.” Teri mumbled, Si felt her insides tense up, her body began quivering, and a fine sheet of sweat was on her back, she was in the midst of another orgasm, again feeling fluid run down her legs, “Shit, Si, I’m pissing again.” Teri told him, trying not to focus on what he continued to do, but jeez, how could you not, her hips betrayed her, her cunt betrayed her, wanting more, wanting it never to stop. “Cum for me babygirl, cum for your Daddy.” Si grunted, then as if on cue, she cried out, screaming almost, as more liquid escaped, Teri couldn’t care less, she wanted as much as she could get. After what felt like minutes, Teri lay spent over Si’s knee, his hand out now and rested on her bottom, it was his turn to need to cum. But should he fuck her or demand a blowjob ? He really wanted to see her kneeling on the floor, in the puddle of her own cum, which she didn’t seem to know what it was, then make her suck me off.

“Daddy needs to cum, Daddy really wants a blowjob little girl but if that’s too…….”

Si didn’t need to finish, as Teri climbed, well nearly fell off his knee, knelt in her own cum between his legs. His rock hard cock was already standing to attention under the towel. She untied it, letting the towel fall, her eyes bulged at the sight of a huge PA hanging off his dick. “Jesus Christ,” Teri muttered under her breath, Si heard but instead of reprimanding her, he laughed. “Did you not know about my PA Teri?” He asked. “Well yeah, but didn’t think it was that big. Can Sara fit that in her mouth ?” She asked as she looked at it, touching it, letting the ring move around. “And she sucks you off with that in ?” Teri asked. “Yes Ri, Would you rather I take it out ?” Si asked, he would never normally offer such a suggestion, but Ri did seem slightly shocked by it. “No Daddy, I will try, but if I can’t, would you mind ?” She asked, “Just this once, but I won’t make a habit of it. Okay ?” He told her. She grinned and nodded her head, shuffled around to get herself comfy, then bent to kiss his cock. It bobbed about in excitement and Si closed his eyes, sighing deeply. When he opened his eyes he saw her open her mouth wide and try to fit his PA and cock in her mouth. It took a while before she could position everything so she could start to do it properly. Lowering her mouth down, the PA was tucked to the side, Teri licked and sucked his cock, feeling her hot, wet mouth nearly made him explode there and then, he had to really concentrate to stop himself. Groaning he stroked her hair, fisting it slightly. Teri had an amazing mouth, she enjoyed deep throating, something Sara can’t do, but Sara can do wonderful things with her teeth. He couldn’t compare them, going from this blowjob, both Sara and Teri were pretty awesome. Could he be so lucky that he could have both girls ? Thinking about them both together, rocked his mind, it was too late, “Ri, I’m gonna cum, in your mouth or over you ?” He grunted, as Teri didn’t move, he guessed it was okay to blow his load into her mouth. “Oh jeez,” He muttered, as his thrusts quickened, greeted back by Teri’s throat taking his head. He felt his cum travel down and it felt like a rocket had gone off, his seed flew out of his cock, and down Teri’s throat, swallowing as he was still shooting. “Holy fuck, Ri.” Si caught his breath enough to speak. Teri looked up at him, a cheeky minx grin on her face. “Like that Daddy ?” She asked, “Oh yes, I did Ri, that was something else.” He told her “But I can’t believe you don’t know anything about squirting ? A girl cumming ?” She looked at him blankly. “Right, I’ve go to get a shower again and check on Sara. You, little girl need to mop my kitchen floor, after that you can shower and get dressed, I want you to read up about squirting and write me an essay about what you’ve learnt, 1 page will do. That’s 2 sides, in case you weren’t sure.” Si told her, he kissed her head then left Teri alone to clean up.

My First Full Length Book Is Published.

I’ve finally finished and published my first full length D/s novel.


A Visit To Trent : The 28 year itch ?



What do you do when your partner or husband suddenly wants to change your life ?

A life you thought was perfect already, it must be perfect as we had been together 28 years.

Then suddenly your partner comes home and says he now wants to have a DD lifestyle, a domestic discipline lifestyle.

I didn’t even know what it meant, I’d certainly never been physically punished by my parents, yet now the man I love, wants to become my Master !

And what does that mean anyway ?

Yes, Cal had started to show a new side to himself when he told me he wanted us to have a threesome, but this…..this was strange and I didn’t know what to make of it.

Now, my life was going to change, whether I wanted it to or not.

So, here is my story and I’d love to share it with you.


Here’s the link, I’d love you to spend 99p, buy it, read it then give it a review.


I’m writing the sequel at the moment :

Becoming A Sir And Training His Submissives.



Si woke up to hear the girls giggling together, it was a lovely sound to wake up too. He stretched and got up, slipped some boxers on, headed to the bathroom and then went to find his two naughty girls. Both were on the settee, chatting and laughing. “Morning Daddy,” Sara said, getting up to give him a kiss, Teri followed behind her, “Morning Daddy,” She said quietly. “Good morning girls, you’re both up early.” Si said. “I woke up early, couldn’t get back to sleep so read in bed until I heard Ri get up, so we came down so we didn’t wake you. Can we have the telly n now please ?” Sara asked. “Yes Sara you may.” The girls squealed in delight, turning it on and finding something to watch. “I will make breakfast.” He called but didn’t think either of them heard. Si turned on the radio, getting cereal boxes on the table, crockery, prepared the coffee, pouring orange juice for everyone plus a glass of milk for the girls, Toast was done so he called them in, neither of them moved, so he called again, louder, “Girls get your butts in here now.” He shouted, then it sounded like the volume had just been turned up. He walked into the living room, “I’ve called you in for breakfast 3 times, then you turn the volume up. Get your butts in the kitchen.” He said to them. “Daddy can’t it wait, or have breakfast in here, I never have it in the kitchen.” Teri asked, “No Teri, we always have breakfast in the kitchen, most meals we have in the kitchen. It’s a treat to eat in the living room.” Si told her firmly. “God that’s like so old fashioned, no one eats in the kitchen anymore, we can’t watch TV.” Teri mumbled sulkily. “Well those are my rules Teri so you will have to get used to them. Wash your hands then sit at the table.” Sara had already done hers and was sat down. “Which cereal Sara,?” He asked. “Can I have coco-pops please Daddy ?” Sara asked drinking some milk. She looked so damn cute with her pyjamas on and a milk moustache. Si poured out the cereal and added milk, telling her to be careful he waited to see what Teri wanted. “Can I have Fruit Loops please, but not too much milk ?” Teri asked. “Yes, is this enough ?” Si asked. “Yes thank you Daddy.” Teri told him, getting her spoon and started shovelling the loops on her spoon. “Can I have some coffee ?” she asked. “No Teri, you’re not allowed coffee, when you’re here you are a little. Little girls are too young for coffee.” Si told her. “You can drink coffee when you are at work or out or at your house, but not when you are a little with us.” The girls sat quietly eating their breakfast, Teri went to get up once she had eaten most of her cereal. “Sit down Teri, you’ve not finished.” Si ordered. “But I’ve eaten enough of my cereal.” She said. “You’ve not had any toast or your drinks, so sit down.” He told her. “But I don’t want anymore, can I just go.” Teri went to stand up, but Si told her again to sit down. Teri went to move again but quick as a flash Si reached over and slapped her bottom hard, “I said sit down NOW.” He told her firmly, grabbing her arm to get her to her chair. Teri swung her arm away, spilling her drinks and what remained in her bowl. “You naughty girl, look what you’ve done.” Si firmly replied, getting mad now. “My fault, you’re the one being a fucking bossy arse, I mean having breakfast in here, who does that.” Teri was in the midst of a melt-down, she slid of her chair again and went to leave. Sara was just sat looking shocked at what was happening, as Si caught Teri’s earlobe and tugged hard on it, she dropped to the ground kicking and screaming. Even Teri didn’t really understand what she was doing, she just knew she wanted to watch TV, she continued to cry, shout profanities where she dumped herself on the floor. Si mopped up the spilt drinks, sat down and continued with his breakfast, telling Sara to do the same. They couldn’t chat as Teri was making too much noise. But Si continued to ignore her. When Sara finished, she asked Si if she could go, Si said yes. She got up, sneaking a look at Teri, who watched everything she was doing, Sara took her dishes to the sink, washed her hands then left. Si finished his breakfast, looking at his phone, he got up, taking his dishes too. He emptied the dishwasher, then loaded the breakfast pots. Teri had stopped crying by now, watching Si, wondering why he didn’t speak to her.

“Teri are you going to get up and eat your breakfast ?” He asked patiently, though inside, he was furious. “NO,” Teri shouted. “Okay, well stay where you are until you want to then” Si told her, setting her off crying again. He went to check on Sara, telling her to get dressed when the programme had finished. “Daddy, should I go an speak to Ri “ She asked. Si smiled and went to give her a long kiss, looking deeply into her eyes, he said, “No thank you Sara, I will deal with Teri.” Si went to check on Teri who was still crying, he finished cleaning all the dishes, cleaned up, all except Teri’s. He filled her glasses again with milk and juice, refilled her bowl with cereal and milk, her toast was cold on the plate, but he left it, he got his morning paper and sat at the table reading. He never looked or spoke to Teri, just waited until she chose to get up.

Half an hour later Teri started to get fidgety, Si had left the kitchen, she thought he went to have a shower and get dressed. Sara opened the kitchen door and peeked through, seeing Teri still under the table. She looked up miserably at Sara, “You need to get up and eat your breakfast Ri, Daddy won’t let you leave until you have,” Sara whispered, “He’s in the shower, eat up then stay in your chair until he comes back in.” “I don’t want it Sar, I wanna watch TV.” Teri said. “Well eat up then,” she told Ri, “You will be there all day otherwise, crap, I gotta go, Daddy’s out of the shower.” Sara quickly shut the kitchen door and ran back to the living room. Si walked downstairs, wearing only a towel, as he went into the kitchen he saw Teri sitting back on her chair, eating her now soggy cereal and cold toast. he poured himself another hot coffee and sat down, Watching Teri finishing her breakfast, one and a half hours later. Si stood up, got a wooden spoon, and a long metal spatula, then put them on the table. “Have you finally finished Teri ?” He asked her, she looked up guilitly and whispered yes. “Pardon ?” he said, his voice sounding stern, “Yes Daddy,”  “Put your dishes away then come here.” he told her. Teri was now getting nervous, she didn’t understand why she threw that tantrum, but she tidied all her pots then stood still at the other end of the table, looking at Daddy .“I said come here,” Si ordered, getting annoyed with her disobedience. He moved his chair out, into the middle of the room, slowly Teri walked to him. “Do you have anything to say ?” He asked, Teri looked on the floor, she mumbled, “Sorry Daddy,” “You will be sorry young lady, I know all this is knew, you don’t know all the rules but I explained you were to eat all your breakfast at the table in the kitchen, then you just started arguing. I don’t care what you do at home, when you are here you follow my rules. So when I say come to the kitchen to eat, you just do it, understand ?” he asked her. “Yes Daddy, I’m sorry and I understand. I think I want this dynamic, I’m enjoying it but it’s hard learning all the rules and following them,” Teri messed with her fingers nervously. “I understand Teri, I know it’s hard at first, which is why I explained what we do, I like sitting at the table with my girls, eating our meal together, so that’s what we do. You will get used to the rules, you’ve not seen these before, even with all the years we’ve known each other, you’ve only seen the vanilla side, but now you are learning our kinky side, I will try to explain them but I don’t tolerate arguing back or throwing a tantrum or cursing at me. So what should I do about it Teri ?” he asked her. Teri looked up at Si, realising what she had just done was very very wrong, “I….I…..guess, you should punish me,” she told him very quietly. “MMMMmmmm I think you are right. Now if Zara threw that tantrum, she would be grounded this, nt allowed to do anything. But I don’t want to do that to you for this weekend, because I want us to have fun so you can see what we are like, I’m going to spank your naughty bottom until its crimson, then young lady I’m going to give your mouth a soaping.” He told her but stopped when she looked confused. “A soaping ?” she asked. “Swearing is completely forbidden, again you can when I’m not with you, when you are not here being my little girl. I punish this by washing your mouth out with soap. It is horrible, I’m surprised Zara never told you. But first, let’s get your spanking done. Lower your pyjamas please.” Si told her. “But my bottom is still so sore Daddy. Teri whimpered. “Well maybe next time you won’t be naughty when you only had a spanking the night before. Now come here.” Si was very firm with her. Slowly Teri dropped her pyjama bottoms, and shuffled towards Si. He reached to the table moving the spoon and spatula closer to him. Teri stood by him, looking sad and guilty. “Over my knee please.” He ordered, for the shortest second, Teri paused before bending over his knee. He pushed her over more then examined her bottom. “MMmm you’ve got some beautiful bruises. We will just have to add to them.” Si told her, squeezing her cheeks hard, getting the blood flow going and warming her up. “Teri I gave you the option for your spanking yesterday, did you want a spanking like I would give Zara for throwing that tantrum or do you want me to go easy, I’m going to give the option again.” Teri thought about it, her bottom was still very sore, “Daddy I want what Zara gets, but I’m scared it may be too painful .” Si looked at her, “You are a brave girl, Teri. I never thought you would want so much already but I’m your Daddy and I have to think of your welfare, I will go my pace and maybe build it up. But I will watch how you react. Do you trust me Teri ?” He asked gently. “Of course Daddy.” Teri turned awkwardly to look up to him the best she could whilst over his knee. “Good girl, because I never want to see you have a temper tantrum like that again. Do you hear me ?” Si never waited for an answer, he slapped her much harder than he had before, leaving a bright red print over her derriere, again and again, Teri gasped, the pain shocked her as she felt her bottom wobble violently with each slap. How can he hit so hard with his hand, Teri thought, but started to get confused, the more her ass wiggled, the more she felt turned on by it. This can’t be right, can it ? Si was impressed in Teri, there were no cries, no tears, no fighting, just ouches, yet he was smacking as hard as he would with Zara. He stopped, giving her a moment to calm her breathing, picking up the spoon, he was sure there would be more responses with this.

Tapping it on her crimson skin, he started with gentle taps, seeing her start to jump and hearing a slight cry the taps grew to more swats, concentrating on her sit spot, For now he chose to leave her legs, unless she misbehaved.  Si started getting firmer with his swats, covering the entire bottom, Teri had started whimpering, trying to get away, but she still seemed to cope. He was becoming very impressed. “Are you going to throw a tantrum again Teri ?” He asked, stopping  the spanking. “No Daddy, never. I’m sorry.” Teri cried out. She heard him put something down, and hoped it was over. She jumped when she felt something very cold touch her skin. “Mmm your bottom seems rather hot now. I hope you behave and I don’t have to spank you again.” This cold thing on her ass seems to get her pussy really wet, it felt wickedly good against her burning ass. Si started to stroke her ass with this thing, he was sure he heard her grown with pleasure, this pleased him a lot, so he continued to stroke her inner thighs, deliberately catching her pussy with the edge. Now he definitely heard a groan coming out of her mouth, using the edge he rocked it side by side over her pussy, he could hear her wetness and feel her clit swelling, she cries of ecstasy were clearly evident. Si stopped, “Teri are you getting a little excited?” She shook her head, so he whacked her hard with the spatula, Teri screamed with pain, “Tell Daddy the truth Teri.” He told her, tapping her bottom, Teri nodded, “Y..Y..Yes Daddy I’m sorry.” She mumbled. “Now normally naughty girls don’t get treats, they just get spanked without any pleasure. You seem somewhat as horny as hell. Now would you like to experience what good little girls may get instead. This is a one off though, I will never allow you pleasure when I’m disciplining you.” Si told her. “Yes, yes please Daddy, Please.” Her voice sounded husky and sexy as hell, so he dropped the spatula.  


THE BRAT / BRATS WILL LEARN. Chapter 15.                 

Whoa WTF, Si thought as he lay next to his girls, this isn’t what was planned for tonight. But what a fucking great night, he turned to look at them, both had their eyes closed, breathing heavily. Si lay back, reliving it in his mind, smiling to himself but something was missed tonight, and that was Teri’s punishment, it will happen once the girls have recovered. The three of them snuggled together for quite a while before the girls started giggling to each other. “Well that was unexpected,” Teri said. “It certainly was, but wow, I never thought it could be that good, Daddy, what do you think ?” Sara asked him. “Well I think you know that I loved it, but we got distracted from the task we were doing, didn’t we.” He stated.

Giggling again, Teri said,  “Yeah but it was worth it Daddy.” “I hope so Ri, because you will get it now. Come on, up you get both of you, Teri will receive her punishment then you will both go to bed. “ Si stated. The girls groaned, snuggling deeper into him. “Now girls.” He ordered, waiting to see if they moved, when they didn’t he reached for the beaver paddle and swatted both their asses hard. The girls squealed  and rubbed their sore bottoms, “Now girls,” Si ordered. Reluctantly Sara got up and walked to the corner again, “Hands up, DO NOT LOWER THEM.” “Yes Daddy,” Sara said quietly. “Teri, you can lie over the footstool, legs spread, get Popo to cuddle and rest your head on him, then we will start again.” Teri groaned and moved very slowly until the paddle swatted her leg, gasping and rubbing her legs, Teri pouted whilst getting into position. Si grabbed some cushions, ordered Teri to lift her bottom up whilst he pushed 2 cushions under her, so her slightly pink bottom raised up high then lowered oly a little. There were hardly any marks on her skin so he decided then to start from the beginning.


“Now though that play was very nice, we were here to discuss this party and to punish you both, “ Si put his jeans back on, he felt more in control when he was dressed. He rubbed cream into Teri’s bottom and legs, wiped his hands then grabbed the beaver tail paddle. Without warning Si brought the paddle down fairly hard, her bottom wobbled about, turning crimson then paled again, until Si started to paddle her continuously, paying no attention to her cries. He didn’t stop until her entire bottom and legs were red. Putting it down he rubbed her cheeks, feeling her flinch a bit, smiling he liked this look on her. “So are you understanding why you should not lie and deceive me Teri ?” He asked her. “Y…y…yes Daddy,” She stuttered into Popo, his head soaked up her tears and snotty nose. He quickly rubbed cream in again before picking up the long wooden paddle, he placed it over her bum. “This wooden paddle will hurt much more, you will have to dig deep into yourself to cope.” Si told her whilst picking it up again. Teri felt terrified, the weight on her ass was bad enough, but she had seen Sara’s bottom when she had been paddled with it, so she closed her eyes and hugged Popo.

The first strike went across both cheeks, Teri shrieked, her hands went back to grab her cheeks, “Hands,” Si ordered, he tapped the paddle against her leg until she moved her hands away. The crack came down immediately making her jump in shock as she grabbed Popo, dug her face into the soft fur and screamed and cried. He aimed for her sit spot over and over, he was certain she would feel this for days but he was aware that this was her first spanking so he couldn’t go as hard or as long as he would with Sara, but he wanted her to know he was serious. He looked up to check Sara was still stood with her hands on her head, she was. Another blob of cream was rubbed in, this time she flinched constantly and just cried. He looked at the canes and wondered if he should use them, but decided, yes, he would but not hard. He picked up the Dragon cane, feeling it’s weight and length, his experience will help him not strike her too hard and cause damage. “Bottom up Teri, I’m only going to give you 6 with this cane as it is one of the worst, I will increase the severity as I go through them.” Si told her. He aimed for the middle of her round ass, 1, again Teri screeched, a thick red line appeared. He lowered and hit again, 2, Slightly harder this time he aimed for her sit spot, 3 and 4, dark red welts rose up. A little higher but stronger he aimed 5 and 6 across both cheeks. Teri had screamed through each one but he was impressed that she never moved, Si sat next to her, stroking her back, “Nearly over Ri, then you can go to bed. Let’s put more cream on.” Si told her, not expecting a reply, but he kissed her head as he stood up again. Very carefully he rubbed cream in her welted, crimson, burning ass. It began to look more purple than crimson. Si picked up the school cane, he would not give a number for this one as he tapped her bum. “Bottom up Ri.” He ordered. Shakily Teri lifted her bottom higher when he struck 5 strikes quickly one after the other. More long welts appeared across her tender cheeks, but she had no time to calm down before another 5 hit her sit spot. These felt much much harder, collapsing flat onto the bed, crying hysterically. “Please no more Daddy, I will be good, I promise.” She begged. 5 more across her legs, followed quickly by 5 on her sit spot and 5 over her cheeks. Then he put the cane down, he sat on the settee and pulled Teri to his knees, “All done Teri, you’ve a very brave little girl, Daddy is very pleased with how you took your spanking.” Teri nodded, crying into his chest, trying to calm down but she couldn’t, she had never experienced anything like that before, yet it gave her a calming feeling deep inside herself. Slowly the tears calmed down, he lifted her face and kissed her gently and moved her off her knee. Taking the cream, Teri lay flat once more as her Daddy rubbed in quite a bit of cream over her skin. “Right done Teri, you must rub cream onto your bottom and legs morning and night, you will find some in your room. Sara come here.” He told her. Sara could finally drop her hands, giving them a shake, then went to stand next to Teri. Both girls looked so cute, their cuddlies in one hand, then when they were together they held hands. “Do you have anything to say ?” He asked, his voice softer, like the Si they loved. “I’m sorry Daddy, I should not have lied and deceived you.” Sara told her, Teri then repeated the same sentence. “Tomorrow, just so you understand me, your punishments will continue, but I will explain what they are in the morning. Now, go brush your teeth, get washed and into bed, it’s very late now.” Si ordered. Teri went to step towards the door when she realised Sara hadn’t followed her. “Daddy can I have my Noonoo please ?” Sara asked. “No Sara, you are not allowed your Noonoo, if you’re good tomorrow I may, MAY, let you have it.” Si stated. Sara never threw a tantrum, which was a surprise, she loved her Noonoo, but she had had enough spanking today and she didn’t want more, so she just left and headed upstairs. “No messing girls, straight to bed or those bottoms will be paddled again.” He shouted up the stairs. He got his phone, put the hidden cameras on it’s screen and saw Teri climb awkwardly into bed, lying on her front, Popo tucked under her, she was still giving little sobs but they soon slowed down as she fell asleep, next Sara got into bed, climbing on her side, Mr Rufus around her arms, her thumb in her mouth as her fingers stroked its fur.

Si tidied the implements away, tidied the living room before pouring himself a drink and watched TV until he too went to bed.