New outfit for swinging and for Master to enjoy.

I found a new outfit on Amazon last week and really liked it, so I showed Master, He agreed to let me buy it, see if it fits and looks nice, if not at least you can return it. I tried it on when Master was home, it’s not easy to put on, there’s a zip up the back of it, so I had to ask Master to fasten it. But once it was on, I loved it, I felt sexy in it. I may buy it in black too.




When Teri got to the bedroom she found a lemon coloured blouse  and and black and yellow gingham, pleated skirt, a black sports bra, black panties, black knee high socks and black slippers. There was a black hairband and black bobbles. Teri had to be honest she loved the outfit, she was Sara’s sister looking like this.

“So we would wear this stuff only when we are together ?” Ri asked.

“Yes, anytime we are together, if it’s the whole weekend, or just an evening, Daddy will expect you to wear something like this. He will probably take you shopping to buy a selection of outfits, pyjamas and stuff once you decide if it’s what you want. “ Sara said.

“So these rules, I wouldn’t have to do them 24/7 would I ? Surely it would be just when we are together. I mean we aren’t living together.” Ri asked.

“Yes you would babe, Daddy will expect you to follow everything, every rule set, he will expect it to be followed and you know he will check up.” Sara told her.

“I didn’t think it would be all the time. When he said he owned me, does that mean I would only belong to him, I couldn’t play with others.” She asked.

“Well that’s a question for him, but if he ends up collaring you, like mine, then yes he owns you, every bit of you.” Sara told her.

“Did you get to choose the rules ? Or have a say ? “ Teri asked.

“Well not really, Daddy had already written them down, we discussed them, what he expects of me and that was it. Then over time, new rules have been added. There are gonna be rules you don’t like, like I hate my bedtime and doing the lines but I do them.” Sara said. “Anyway, come on, get dressed. “

Teri started undressing, suddenly uncomfortable for some reason, but thankfully it was only for a second. The girls had seen each other naked many times, so she quickly threw her clothes on the floor and put the new ones on. They fitted perfectly, she giggled when she saw herself in the mirror, then when Sara stood next to her, they knew this was the perfect fit, a great combination.

“Why is there a hairband and bobble, do I have to use both ?” Teri asked.

“I’d say so. Put your hair in a ponytail then put your head band around too.” Sara told her. So Teri did just that and she had to admit, it looked good.

“Okay ready to go downstairs ?” Sara asked.

“Yes. let’s do this.” She held Sara’s hand then giggling they went downstairs to see Si. His smile from ear to ear proved just how happy he was, and proud.

“Teri, you look stunning, you both do. My Baby girls, my little girls.”  He said.

“Come sit down, I want to discuss some other bits and just do a rough list of rules.” Si said. “Every time we discuss something or plan to meet up, Sara will always be with us, Then eventually there may be times where we meet up seperately. But that is for the future, I don’t want her to be jealous if we meet separately, the same as I don’t want you jealous when I’m with Sara. You know Sara and I are in a relationship, we will have a D/s relationship, hopefully in the future, you may join our relationship. Come sit on the rug both of you.”

The girls sat next to each other in their cute little outfits, they had no idea what was coming. Si had an A4 notebook on the table and wrote down everything as he said it.

“Now to start with, just while we are in the trial period, I’m going to give you some rules that you must follow, this is a must. Okay ?” Teri nodded. “So the first one is trust. I do not like lying, do I Sara ?” “No Daddy never.” Sara said. “So no lying, ever. Be obedient all the time Teri. I demand respect, I won’t tolerate any disrespect or cursing. I have the final say on all decisions. You must always tell me where you are and who you are with. a little text to say you are home every day after work. But you must have permission to go out. Answer your phone every time I phone or message you. You must ask me, before making any plans, no matter how small.  Little girls need their sleep so set bedtimes will be for you too. Now I know your up very early, 5.30-6am, so bedtime is set for 9.30pm, no TV, you may read until 10.30pm. So When I say bedtime is 9.30, that means in bed for 9.30. Do not start arguing Sara because the times are different.” He sternly told Sara looking at her firmly. “I can see you’re ready to have a tantrum. Teri is not up every night from 3-4am like you, she sleeps until her alarm goes off. Don’t you Teri ?” He asked, she nodded quickly. “So end of that discussion. Like Sara you will actually go up 15 minutes early, that should give you enough time to shower and be in bed for 9.30pm, if you need more time then you go up at 9. Send me a good night message to say you are going to bed. No internet after 8pm, NONE Teri, no Ipad, Chromebook, phone, unless it’s a message from me. Breaking rules will be dealt with a punishment, breaking rules continuously with be dealt with a severe punishment. All punishments will be arranged for when I can do it. If IF you want to discuss an issue, then do so without arguing or raising your voice. Understand everything so far Teri ?”
“Yes Daddy I do, but could I have a copy of my rules so I can remember them please ?” Teri asked politely.

“Yes, of course you will. These rules are mainly just the basics for now, there will be more if you agree to it.  Finally for now, never raise your voice to me, Do not stick your tongue out at me, roll your eyes, do the “whatever” thing that basically means go fuck yourself and never say No to me, especially for sex.” Si told her. There was no response from either of the girls. “Teri, do you understand, you’re not saying anything ?”
“No sorry Daddy. I’m taking it all in. And these rules are just the basics ? how many more are there ? How will I remember them ?” She asked.

“Daddy will train you, so it will be by you making mistakes, Daddy punishing you, then hopefully you will learn from that one punishment. If not then Daddy will punish you harder until eventually you don’t do it anymore. But I will be here to help you, I know I get into a lot of trouble but I do know the rules. Daddy will type them out properly and put them in a folder like he did for me.” Sara told her, holding her hand for comfort. “‘I’ll help you.”

“Sara I’m proud of you for offering to help your Babysister. And it will help.” Si told her. He stroked her cheek before kissing her. “That’s made me very proud of you.”

“So do I sign this now ? I’ve read that subs are given contracts to sign.” Teri said.

“No, not yet. See how you feel after this weekend. It may take a few months before you feel you are ready. I don’t want to push you until you are ready. Talk to Sara, talk to me. I can’t know how you feel unless you tell me. If it’s easier, write it in a book, would that help ? “ Si asked and Teri nodded.

“I know it might sound silly, but when we are playing or having sex, I’d rather write it down for a while. It’s only coz you’re like family to me and having sex with family, well you know.” Teri said.

“Then that’s settled, you can have your own book to write in, but I will read it anytime, In fact every time we meet, bring it. I want you to be very honest in it though. If you discuss it with Sara, write it down.” Si told her. She nodded.


“Okay, let’s stop being so serious, more drinks girls ? “ Si asked. “Choose a film to watch.”

“Frozen, please Daddy, please.” Sara asked.

“Sara I think it’s fair that Ri chooses today. You can choose next. Okay ?” Si asked.

Pouting a bit, she said “Okay Daddy, it’s fair.”

“Good girl. So Ri you choose now.” Si went to get more drinks, he was only giving the girls less than half a glass each time, but they hadn’t seemed to notice.

When he returned, Teri said “Matilda Daddy please, it’s my favourite.”
Si inwardly groaned, how many hundreds of times had he watched this with Sara.


Si put it on, sat in the middle of the sofa, with his girls either side of him. He couldn’t have been happier as he kissed the top of their heads.






Eventually Friday came, Sara hadn’t had chance to speak to Teri beforehand, but Si told her to message her and tell her to come from work if she wanted. Teri replied she would go home and get a quick shower and change of clothes first.

Sara had mixed feelings about the evening, what would Si say to her,

She didn’t get time to think about it again whilst she was at work, she was so busy. But it was probably for the best.


Si was home before Sara which was quite unusual, he said he had decided to finish early for once. He looked so goddamn hot this evening, tight black jeans, bare feet and a light denim shirt, open halfway, sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His hair looked damp still and he smelt divine.

“Babygirl, I want you to go and get a shower, make sure you are smooth, I will braid your hair when you come down. I’ve bought you a new outfit to wear, it’s on the bed. Even bought you a matching NooNoo, which you can have all weekend. So hop to it.” Si told her.

Sara rushed upstairs, she loved it when Daddy bought her new clothes. She looked on the bed, there was a pale pink blouse with little puffed sleeves, a pink gingham pleated skirt, a sports bra and matching shorts, white ankle socks with a frill and slippers, There was a pink hair bobble and ribbon on the bed plus a new pink NooNoo with a pink strap with baby elephants on it, it had a loop that could fasten through the buttonhole of your blouse or a strap like on a suspender belt to fasten on your pyjamas.

Sara quickly showered and shaved, dried off then got into her clothes. When she looked in the mirror, she thought she looked really cute. Daddy as usual had chosen well. She fastened her NooNoo through the buttonhole of her blouse and got the hair bobble, ribbon and brush, then went downstairs.

Daddy was sat in the living room watching TV and reading the paper when Sara walked in. She looked gorgeous, so damn cute.

“Oh Squirt, you look so cute. Come and sit on the floor whilst I do your hair.” Si said smiling.

Sara skipped towards her Daddy, gave him the bobble, ribbon and brush then plonked herself on the floor between his legs. This was her favourite time of day,  when Daddy brushed her hair. He was an expert at doing plaits, French braids, putting her hair in bunches or just one ponytail. As he did her hair they chatted away and watched TV. Sara felt like she just melts whilst Daddy brushes her hair, it’s so relaxing and Daddy never hurts her or pulls her hair whilst braiding it.    Sara’s hair was growing quite long now, he would decide when it was long enough, but for now he concentrated on braiding her hair.

“Sara sit still.” Si told her as she wriggled on the floor.

“Sorry Daddy. I’m just excited for when Ri comes.” Sara told her, but sat still. Once done Si told her to stand up, turned her around and gave her a big hug.

“All done Babygirl. You look gorgeous.” Si gave her a kiss, a very long kiss, giving her bottom a squeeze then pulled away. “Now remember what we are going to discuss today with Ri, I want her to join us. But you have to be honest about how you feel too, I certainly don’t want to upset or loose you. Okay ?”
“Yes Daddy, I have been thinking about it a lot and been reading up about it too. But I want to wait for Ri to come.” Sara said.

“Okay baby. As long as you’re honest.” Si told her, just then the doorbell rang and Ri let herself in. “Hi guys.” She called out.

“Ri.” Squealed Sara, running up and giving her a hug. “Hey you look gorgeous Sara. Si did you buy these ?” Ri asked.

“I did,” Si told her, giving her a kiss and hug. “Right drinks, everyone. What are we having ?”

The girls both said wine, so Si went to get it. He still used Sara’s sippy cup, he knew she wouldn’t be happy but she had spilt the wine so she gets the sippy cup. He grabbed all the takeaway menus, carried them all into the living room, where the girls were chatting none stop. When Sata noticed the cup, her face fell.

“Daddy can’t I have a wine glass ? Please.” She pouted.

“No Sara, you spilt the wine a few days ago and I told you, you would have a sippy cup. You know this so stop sulking.” Si told her firmly.


The gang chatted and drank then ate the takeaway they had ordered. As usual there was loads left over so Sara and Teri put the lids back on all the containers, putting them in the fridge and stacked all the pots in the sink, throwing all the rubbish away.

“Girls leave the kitchen until tomorrow, come back we’ve things to discuss.” Si called over to them.

Teri instantly looked nervous, “Sara, I’m not sure what to say.” She whispered.

“Just listen to what he says and be honest, I’ve gotta do the same thing. None of us want it to go wrong and end up hating each other so we have to be honest. But it would be fun if it worked, can you imagine what we would get up too.” Sara told her. “Come on.” She took her hand and walked to the living room. Sitting down they both looked at Si.

“Okay, I don’t know how to say it, so I’m just gonna say it. Ri you know our life, you’ve seen it, you’ve been around us long enough to understand it, I know you and Sara talk about it. I’ve been getting a vibe from you that you are interested in learning more. Am I right ?” Si asked.

“Ermmm, yeah okay, you’re right, I am interested. I’ve even read up about it, about being a Little, a Babygirl like Sara. And…….” She looked at Sara, who nodded, giving her approval to tell him everything. “ Erm when you told me you would spank me for talking inappropriately, I errrrrrr, I kinda got turned on by it, that night I …….I had a very erotic dream about the 3 of us, and you were…..gonna spank me.” Teri said, a bit embarrassed.

“Interesting Ri, sounds like you’re quite keen. And you want to be a babygirl. That’s okay. There would be rules I’d expect you to follow, punishments if you don’t follow them. When we are together, I expect you to dress like a Babygirl, we will go shopping and buy you some clothes. Obviously you’ve got your own home, so it would be when we are together that you use them. Whether here or at your house. We will set up days when we regularly meet up, and weekends when we are altogether. How does that sound so far ?” Si asked.

“Good but what rules ?” Teri asked.

“Oh I will go through those once we’ve decided we all want this. Now one subject we’ve not discussed is I want to have with you, what I have with Sara. In other words, if you become my submissive, my Baygirl, I want to have all of you. I mean, all of you, You would belong to me, like Sara, eventually maybe even collared too. But thats in the future. For now I just want you to join us.” Si told her.

“Sara what do you think ?”

“Erm, to be honest, I’m not certain, I’m worried I may get jealous if you are having sex and I’m not. But I do like the idea of Ri being like my sister, Babygirl sisters. I’m not sure I could make love to Ri though.” Sara said.

“Me too.” Teri said.

“That’s understandable. We can take it as slowly as you both want.  Why don’t we give this weekend a trial ? “ Si asked.

“Good idea yes.” Both girls said together then started giggling.

“Okay, well firstly, you need to become a Babygirl. So upstairs in our spare room, I’ve bought you an outfit to wear for the time you’re here. How do you fancy doing that ?” Si asked.

“Yes, yes okay, yes.” Teri said.

“Well why don’t you go and get changed, Sara you go and help, talk about things too, and we can start from then. Oh by the way, when we are together, I expect to be called Daddy.” Si told her.

Teri nodded her head and went with Sara to see these clothes. Si sat down, he felt quite positive that this would actually happen. But now he can sort out the issue about the party, she may change her mind after he spanked her.




Bit of fun, or maybe not !!!!!!!

UAfter a long day, going to town to buy L some suckie sweets, she was made up to get her favourite Yorkshire mix, ( a variety of fruit flavoured boiled sweets, ) then a selection of sugar free sweets, as she is diabetic, before taking L to her radiotherapy and her arm exercise class, my back was killing me. Since our great day at the kit car show last Sunday, my back has slowly gotten worse. A bit unusual for it to happen slowly, normally after a day out, it’s the next few days that are agony, then with rest, it would get better. I think I’d rather it be agony over a few days than slowly getting worse over time. By the time I got home, walking was a struggle, well, doing anything was a struggle. And I was shattered.


E came home from work, stayed for all of an hour, enough time to get changed, check his hair was perfect, top up the freeze spray so it stays perfect, top up the aftershave, again, then doing both again before going out, saying he would be out for the night, playing pool then going clubbing, so he would be home late.

Normally I would be excited to have an evening for us to play, and I’d been so desperate for Master to touch me, spank me, fuck me and use me, but I literally had all my energy zapped outta me and I doubted my back would cope with any position we tried. Master asked if I would like to play, but looking at me he said,  “ Or are you too tired ?”  I hated to admit I was past too tired, I felt like a walking zombie and as long as I didn’t move, my back didn’t pound.

I was so mad, so fucked off with my body, my head desperate for a play but again, my body let me down.

We had nothing planned for dinner and getting way past dinnertime so Master chose a tin of soup, as I was too tired and sore to think, so I opted for soup too, even though I really hate the stuff. Master sorted everything, bowls, plates, spoons, bread to dunk in, tipped the tins upside down in 2 bowls for the dogs to have and heated up our soup. A real nutritious meal, not. But for once, I did enjoy it, though I never find soup filling, one reason why I don’t like it. Putting the plates and bowls on the floor for the dogs to enjoy any remains, Master said, “ hope you enjoyed that so you’ve some energy to give me a nice foot massage.” I looked at him, my mouth ready to say no way, or not quite that polite, but I said nothing. If my back was terribly bad I would have said I can’t today, my back is just too sore and Master would understand, never pushing me if my pain level is too high. And I would never use this as an excuse not to do something. So once our dinner had settled he told me to massage his feet.

Now before I start this next part, I need to tell you, I HATE FEET. It’s my biggest thing I hate in a human body, occasionally I have massaged Master’s and E’s feet, but I’ve never liked or enjoyed it. I don’t like my feet touched either, but I’ve tolerated massaging Master’s feet since we began our D/s life. It amuses Master because he knows how much feet make me cringe. He laughs at my grimaces as I touch them. It’s not that I don’t want to relax Master after a hard day, I love doing things like massaging his back, head, shoulders, bottom, just not feet and even if I try to look happy doing it, my face never lies, showing how much I’m hating this task.

But when I do it, I know I do a good job and Master feels much better after it, I wouldn’t mind doing it as a daily evening task after dinner really because I can see how much Master is chilling and winding down after a hard day at work.

I knelt in front of him, sat on a cushion, I took his slippers off, and my usual thing is to test the feet for sweatiness, thankfully none was there today. Then he told me to massage on bare feet this time. I give a slight glare towards Master but slipped his socks off. Revealing bits of black fluff from his socks stuck to his skin, so I used a sock to try to wipe away the bits. “Maybe they should be washed first,” Master stated. Again, a mini glare, again, my mouth twisted to prevent a mouthful of abuse coming out. Oh he’s really enjoying this, I thought and you just had to look at his face to see how much fun he was having. But I thought okay, maybe it will be better to wash his feet first. So, struggling to get up, I hobbled to the kitchen, wondering what I could use as a bowl. I would not use a food bowl, yuck that thought is nasty, we used to have a cat litter tray I used to wash the dogs feet but we threw it out months ago  because it was never used. It would have been perfect for this task. So I opted for the only other thing, a bucket, small painters buckets I have upstairs and downstairs, as they are very small they are not too heavy when filled with water. I ripped off a new dish cloth, filled the bucket with hot water and soap and came back to kneel in front of Master.

I then decided to do something I’ve never done. A few weeks ago when E was staying over at his girlfriend’s house, I had a thought to be dressed up in my French maids outfit, ready to serve Mater for the entire evening. Unfortunately that was when the brakes went on his Lotus so he was planning on coming home and fixing them, ready for when we were going to the kit car show. I’d asked him during the day if he was planning on doing the car when he got home and he said yes, if it’s dry. So I decided it wasn’t worth me dressing up as he was going to be mega busy. And he was, only stopping for food before continuing until 9pm.

Anyway back to last night, I got up, telling Master I would be back in a minute, stripped off, freshened myself up, got the French maids outfit out, and struggled to pull it on. I’ve gained a few extra pounds since buying this dress, but it fitted okay once on. Brushing my hair, I put the hair band on and came back down. Master thought I was going to come down in some sexy lingerie, ( though I don’t have any ) unless he meant the sexy outfits we bought ages ago when we were thinking about going to a kink club. But he seemed happy with my choice of outfit, as I knelt down in front of him, the water was still warm as I washed his feet then massaged them. I’ve got to be honest, I loved washing his feet, it made me feel like his slave, that I was submitting to him, looking after his needs, not caring that my back ached at all, my only focus was him.



Eventually the massage ended, then Master said something that ruined this fun.“ Now I want you to lick my foot. “ I glared at him, “ No way, I’m not licking your foot. “ I simply stated, this was going way beyond how much I hate feet. I’ve watched videos of girls sucking toes, YUCK, makes me feel sick.

“ You will do it, and none of this tip of the tongue, a proper lick from top to bottom, “ Master smirked at me, he knew I was swearing internally at him. I bent down and put the tip of my tongue on his sole and quickly went upwards, then repeated on the other foot. My face must have looked a picture but he grinned at me watching. “ Now do it again, this time with your tongue properly licking my foot, that last one was just the tip.” He told me, enjoying watching me fume inside. So I repeated again, putting a tiny bit more of my tongue touching him. Honestly writing this down, I feel sick just thinking about it. “ Now I want you to do it as if you were lapping up water, your full tongue from bottom to top. “ My god, I wanted to swear my head of at him, I wanted to throw an almighty fit at him for making me do this. Bending down again, my tongue fat against his foot I licked his foot, my grimaces plain to see.

He took photos of all this, you can plainly see my face cringing, grimacing, glaring.



Finally that bit was over so I cleared everything away. Suddenly Maser called out, “You’d better get your dressing gown on, here’s E.” “What ?” I asked, then I saw through the curtains his red car pull up, another car behind him. Quickly I ran upstairs, putting my dressing gown but stayed in the bedroom. I heard him say to Master that he was just dropping his car off so he could go drinking and clubbing, sort his hair again then went out once more, this time saying he would be out late. I waited until I heard the car drive away then came back down, locking the door again. Master called me over to stand by him as his hand slid up my leg to fondle my ass. Sighing, I stayed put enjoying his touch even though it was becoming more of a big squeezy pinch. Slapping my ass a few times he then told me to go. But I refused, wiggling my ass by him, whining for his hand again. It came down very very hard on my thigh, I ouched but didn’t move. “ I said you can go. “ He told me. I shook my head, whined and muttered “ Uh uh. “ Another hard slap on my side, I moved a tiny step. Master just looked at me, I moved another tiny step, when he walloped me so hard I ouched loudly. Stepping away, rubbing my bum.  “ Go and bend over the settee and stay there, “ He told me. So I bent over the settee, arms and head resting on the seat, legs apart. After a few minutes I began to get bored so I started wiggling my bum to the music from the TV. “ Stop moving,“ He said, his voice showing signs of amusement. I’ve no idea how long I was there, wiggling, tapping my feet, doing a little dance, but to be honest it was rather comfy.

Suddenly Master got up off his chair and started spanking me hard, one side, then the other, it really stung, heat deepening which each slap. Then he went again, sat back down and watched TV. I took my glasses off and got comfy still bent over the settee, wiggling, legs dancing a little until Master got up again. His palm hitting my ass, the sting and fire totally unexpected, he never hits this hard with his palm. But I could almost feel the red handprint burning into my ass cheek. He grabbed something and started using this to spank me, I think it was his slipper, but then he used mine, which was much stingier, harder and I tried to wiggle away. But he grabbed a handful of my ass cheek, bent down and bit it, I was screeching into the settee, but when he moved to the other side, ready to repeat it I knew what to expect, wriggling more, trying to move around so he couldn’t bite me, it didn’t work, he bit down hard. Finishing with another flurry of rock hard swats. As we hadn’t played for a while the sting felt much sharper, the burn hotter than ever, but I enjoyed every slap and slipper, my ass felt amazing. Master stood up, went to the kitchen, as I tried to figure out what he was getting, then I felt something pressing onto my asshole, then something got pushed in, I thought at first it was deep heat cream, knowing how much Master enjoyed using it, but there was no smell, no burning heat, then something else was pushed in, and another. I’ve no idea what they were. Then he disappeared again. “ I know what will keep them in. “ Then I felt ice touch my hole, feeling it contract against the cold. As it got pushed in, I groaned, whimpered, I don’t like ice up my bum. Once in, I got a few hard slaps, right across my pussy and ass, until I closed my legs together, holding my ass tight so I didn’t let the melted water escape. I stayed there for quite a while until Master said I could get up. As soon as I moved the water escaped and trickled down my leg a little. Cleaning up I sat back on the settee, playtime was over and it was so much fun. Even though there were no orgasms, for either of us, there was a little spanking, humiliation and lots of pampering for Master. I loved it.


The next day I asked Master what he had pushed up my bum as I had no idea, he laughed and said 3 grapes, they were just the perfect size and shape. I was surprised, nothing had come out. He said they will have been absorbed into your system. He chuckled as he continued with his job, I had no idea what he used but I knew it felt smooth. Master does enjoy putting odd things in my holes, lol.