Why Do I Keep Going wrong ?

Why do I keep going wrong ?

After disappointing Daddy for missed tasks I’ve been trying really hard to get them done at the right time. I’ve added an alarm to my phone at 9am and 4pm, This is to check I’ve done everything, then sign it off on my tasks sheet. And I thought I was really getting into this routine.

So when Daddy phoned yesterday and said the first part of this conversation is not going to be pleasant. I thought, Oh God what’s happened, what have I done. Where is my morning selfie ? He asked.

This left me a bit dumbstruck. I was sure I sent it, I felt certain I had taken them.

The only difference yesterday was I had an idea for my erotic photos for Miss Adira, and my head was thinking only about this.

I took photos of my homework, then waited until my son had left for work, then I took myself upstairs. I had a shower, did my hair, put makeup on so I looked nice for the pictures. I’d bought new bras which I wanted to try on, 2 for everyday wear, 2 sexy ones for going out, meeting Daddy and Miss Adira. This was all I was focusing on.

Now for my 50th birthday present from Miss Adira, she is taking me away for the night, we are going out for afternoon tea then going to watch The LadyBoys of Bangkok.

I really wanted a sexy outfit, which is hard for me when I don’t feel a sexy woman. I bought a black tight skirt, had it shortened to over my knee, I found 2 pairs of over the knee boots in the sale, black and blue suede, and bought a black sheer top. Originally I wanted to wear a basque underneath, bought 2, I felt were too small, so bought the next size which was far too big. So, with Master;s help, I got the smaller basque on, but OMG I couldn’t breath. I couldn’t sit down, never mind going for a meal and sitting in a show for 2 hours. Master said I was just not the right shape for a basque. Be okay for a quick photo shoot, but after that, no.

Master suggested wearing just a bra underneath, it would look sexy plus you would see your tattoos. So I had to buy some sexy bras. The 2 I own are decidedly ugh, I hate underwired bras, the wire always digs into my sides, but the non-wired bras are pretty dull and boring. So I decided I had to suffer the wires, and purchase some pretty, sexy bras. I found 2 I liked so purchased them.

Then I tried the outfit on, taking photos of the new bras first, I put the outfit on and wow I actually felt good in it, I felt sexy. I think mainly because it didn;t show my figure, my big tummy mainly.

So I got carried away with my outfits and taking photos, once I had sorted them out and edited them I sent them to Master, Daddy and Miss Adira.

The response I got was amazing, they all said I looked real sexy, now I wouldn’t go that far, but I did feel a bit more confident in myself. I think Miss Adira will be proud to take me out looking like this. 

Next year we are also going to see a burlesque show with Miss Dita Von Teese Glamonareix

So I think I will be wearing this outfit then, if I really do feel sexy in it when we go to see The Ladyboys.

Miss Adira asked me why I liked 2 particular photos, it was a hard question to answer, so I just explained that just putting the boots on made me feel good, and I could honestly say I felt comfortable in it, Showing off my tattoos makes me feel confident for some reason. I just felt a self confidence I never really feel, the only time I feel like this is at the naturists park we go to. Then I’m not bothered, I think to myself this is the body I’ve got, so embrace it. And I do. When I’m home I do anything to hide my body, well the middle section mostly. Tummy and scar.

But all this is no excuse for missing my selfie. No matter that Daddy loved the photos, they weren’t the photos he was wanting. Or expecting. Or at the correct time.

The last thing he said to me last Saturday after my punishment spanking, was,  if you miss just one more, then you will get a no-nonsense, long punishment. He said things like having no TV at bedtime until he decides I’m allowed it, No Ipad, chromebook for a month unless I’m writing a blog then I have to give it back to Master, given daily tasks on top of my normal stuff for a month. He even mentioned me not being allowed to watch grown-up programmes, and just watching the kids channels, I hope to God this one doesn’t happen. But I’ve disappointed him again, and he said once more that he thinks I’m doing it on purpose. But I’m not, I think the only way to make him believe me is by making sure I get it done. Stop getting side tracked on other things. I need to focus, once the homework is done, sent them there and then, even if its 4 am, like today when I’d done it all. Take the selfies then and send everything. Fill out my task sheet, making sure I’ve ticked off each task. Then I can think about the rest of the day.

Anyway at first Daddy set me an origami to make, I did not think this was a sufficient punishment to make me stop forgetting, so I reminded him about what he had said at the end of the last punishment. “Oh ok if you want to go down that route, you will get a more serious punishment. So to start with, I want 1000 lines, in your best writing, in nice rainbow colours, I will not forget my Daddy’s tasks ever again. I want you sat on nuts and bolts whilst you are writing them. This becomes very painful after a few minutes. Tomorrow (which is now today) I want a video at 6 minutes past the hour, from 8.06am – 8.06pm, saying I am sorry I missed my task again, I will try harder. I’ve been told there will be more punishments to come.

Master and Daddy have both mentioned that maybe I’ve too many things on,  and I’ve too many tasks but I’ve not many daily tasks, once the homework is done, poses for Miss Adira, it’s only selfies to do, unless I’m given extra tasks for punishment or for their amusement. So going forward, I intend to send homework, selfies and poses as soon as I’ve done them, then I know they are done. I don’t want to hear Daddy say he’s disappointed again, I want him to say well done or thank you for my tasks, daily like he usually does, not a conversation where I’ve missed one. Or worse, missed them all. 

But he did say the photos were really sexy and it was hard to concentrate on his job after seeing them. That the boots were a big turn on, so all he thought about was making me squirt, giving me multiple orgasms and spanking my butt, just with me wearing those boots. Now even though I missed a task, I’m gonna be honest now, just hearing Daddy say that, the passion, desire in his voice, had made this mistake worth it. Even if I’m not enjoying writing these 1000 lines, sat on nuts and bolts and probably won’t enjoy anything else he sets to add to the punishment. Hopefully this will be the last time.

Our first week as Domme/sub.

Our first week as Domme/sub.

It’s been a really good week in our new dynamic, I had been really good following my tasks, making sure everything was getting done. New tasks were added, more maths homework to help with the maths I do with Daddy and I now do spellings a week. Midweek I have a mock test for each subject, Miss Adira marks it and makes a note so when I have my proper test at the weekend, I should get a better mark.

Only when I was talking to my good friend LittleM, who is in a Daddy/little, Mummy/little dynamic, did I think of another rule she may do. And that was to eat healthily, properly and follow fitness pal. LittleM’s new Mummy had just done a new rule about how many sweeties she is allowed a day. She went mad as she was only allowed 3.

Having this run around my head, I decided to ask if Miss Adira was going to monitor my snacks, choccie and sweets. She said “Funny you should mention that, I was going to make it a rule in the near future”, I spluttered, “Are you gonna stop me choccie?” horrified at the thought. “No, maybe limit treats, then if you’ve had good meals and drunk your water then you could have a treat”. She told me. “You’re gonna check my water too?”  I gasped. “You got me started……”she said. Stroppily I replied, “Do I get a say in this?”

This is where Miss Adira is good with words, she replied, “I’m kinda hoping you do….and it goes something like……Yes Miss Adira I will eat more regular, fill in fitness pal and evidence that I’m drinking enough water…….Thank you Miss Adira for then saying if I do this I can have some sweet treats.”

“I…….I…….uuuggghhhhh” I replied. This I’m learning is not the correct response.

“I’m waiting. You have until 14.00…….. to say what I’m waiting for….” She told me. I still refused to say what I knew she was wanting.

A 14.00, she messaged “Really !!!!!! Ignoring me now. Not advisable.” She warned. “I’m not ignoring you.” I told her.

“Well I’ve not had a reply and it was time sensitive…..”She replied back. Sulkily I said “I’ve not done a reply coz I’m in a mood about it.” “Ah okay…..well this next bit is really gonna solidify this mood. I want you to go upstairs and write on your body “I will not sulk at Miss Adira” from your boobs down to your knees. Then go downstairs, get 3 ice cubes and put them up your bottom and stand in the corner for 20 minutes in your pose…….then take pictures and share them with your Master and Daddy explaining what you have done to upset me. Oh you have to pose naked And the writing is to be in permanent marker.” I groaned in my head but still went and did it.

Once I had done my punishment I felt more open to talk about starting a healthy living plan. Miss Adira didn’t understand why I kicked off, I’ve said before I wanted to lose weight, but Miss Adira never said healthy meals, she just wants me to eat regularly, which I do, drink more water and have my sweetie/choccies intake monitored, but she never said no treats at all.

I asked “Is this to go in the rules and tasks?” she said “Yes” . This will include a weekly weigh-in on a Monday. Ideally she wants me to drink at least 2 bottles of water, I’ve measured my cup and it takes 250ml of water so my coffee intake will be included as its decaffeinated. But she still wants me to drink at least 2 bottles of water. She said she will reinforce this rule by making sure 1 bottle is drunk before lunch and 1 before dinner or I may find myself drinking someone’s wee instead. Guess I’m gonna have to try harder with this rule.

Miss Adira wanted to understand what peeved me about this whole thing, I said “Just being told to start better eating, and told to drink more”. She said “Is it not the fact that I’ll be monitoring it and that means you will have to try harder than you usually would.” ( Oh she knows me so well. ) “Probably a bit of that”, I said.

We then changed the topic, my punishment was done, Master found it very amusing then later that day I apologised to her.

That day she chose my 10 spellings to learn and also said I had my 3 times table to learn. I would have mock tests Wednesday and Thursday then the proper tests on Saturday and Sunday. This weeks are relatively easy but I’m to write the words out on 2 lines and write my times table 9 times. My first mock tests went really well, I got them all right. Next week Miss Adira said she would give me much harder words to learn.

After only a few days in this dynamic, it just feels so natural and I love being more involved with Miss Adira. She’s very dominant, and when we did my mock tests, she was sat in her office at work, wearing a shirt and tie, I really felt my submissive side as I did my test. And I loved it.

We discussed the punishment she gave me from the day before, she wanted to know if it was too soft….too harsh……not what you expected. I told her “It was exactly how I thought it would be”. Miss Adira said “There wudda been more but I decided at it was your first infringement I wouldn’t be too strict”.

We were going to have our first day together on Friday and I can’t wait. It will be just a nice gentle day, watching a film, having cuddles, maybe a play, maybe a fun spanking, if I’m a good girl.

Unfortunately my sleep pattern fell to pieces again because I started to wake up at 2am, and what happens when I’m tired….I get moody, grumpy and bratty. Miss Adira had been sending me for naps every day but even though I was nodding off downstairs, by the time I went to bed I was awake again. But if I’d stayed on the settee I wouldn’t of slept either.

On the Tuesday Miss Adira told me I had to have an early night, bed at 8pm. I wasn’t happy with this and I hadn’t had chance for a nap. I repeatedly asked if I had to go to bed early, she video called me to ‘discuss’ my bedtime. She told me I could stay up BUT if I started to nod off or I decide to go to bed early then I will be going to bed at 7.30pm for the rest of the week. (She didn’t think I’d be able to stay up). She said, have a chat with Daddy whilst your thinking about it but I want an answer. Daddy then decided to just set a 7.30pm bedtime. Miss Adira said to him, “You can’t override my decision?” “Oh I can, I’m her Daddy, she’s been up since 2am, she’s had no nap so she’s going to bed at 7.30pm.” looking at me, I knew I had no choice but I wasn’t happy.

But, this little incident turned me on, I loved the fact that

Daddy decided to override Miss Adira, that’s how it should be but it was just so sexy, so hot to hear him say I can override your decision because I’m her Daddy.

So that was it, 7.30pm bedtime. During the day I’d been chatting with our spanko friends and I disrespected Miss Adira. Instead of writing Miss Adira, I just called her she. Which sounded really awful, when I looked back at the sent message. I felt really guilty so I confessed.

Much to my surprise her reaction wasn’t what I expected. I thought she was going to Skype or video call me as soon as she read the message, and really tell me off. Instead she firstly appreciated my acknowledgement that I was disrespectful, as she knows I get like this when I’m tired. But then she told me, “This was something I would not tolerate especially when it’s down to tiredness, yet when I try to give you an early night you just strop about it”. But she decided I needed some contemplation time to think about how I should respect my Miss, even if I’m in a grump. “So I want you to have 30 minutes contemplation time, once, dressed before lunch and once, naked before dinner, until Friday. Sitting on your stool, no TV, no music, no tablet, no distraction. I want you to think about how you should respect Miss Adira and how I only do things for your wellbeing and to ensure you are the best you can be.”

A few days later I was chatting with DaddyW, our spanko friends from across the pond, he told me to tell Miss Adira that she needed to be much stricter with me, I never told her until he asked if I had, when I said no he said, “Well I suggest you go and tell her”. I immediately did as I was told. Miss Adira asked “Why would he say this?” I said “He knows me very well, and known me for a good few years. He knows I need very strict discipline, rules, tasks and love”. “Ahhhh right okay” she said, thinking about what I’d said.

Miss Adira and I chat everyday whilst she is at work, she checks what I’m doing and how much water I drink. On the mention of water I replied “Uurrrrrrrr you’re frustrating”.  Miss Adira was not impressed with this comment. “Drink some water NOW”. She told me, her voice had changed, a sharp sternness was there. Yet she replied, telling me she was laughing. Then I got this…….

“5 pages front and back, saying Miss Adira is not frustrating…… by 9.22am tomorrow.” As usual I argued about it, asking why. She told me, “I simply told you to drink water because you’re dehydrated not hungry.” I sulked for a while, deliberately doing other things. Miss Adira was waiting for the appropriate reply, which was not gonna come for a few minutes coz my stubborn head wouldn’t let me.  “Do I need to put a timer on?” she asked. “What for?” I said. “Waiting for this”, she said highlighting the appropriate comment. I wasn’t sure what the timer had to do with it but I was sure it would be something unpleasant for me, so I gave in and said “Yes Miss Adira”. “Now let’s think about your bedtime tonight, I think 8pm today”. She told me. “Yes Miss Adira”, I replied again. Thinking there’s no point to arguing or moaning about it.

That evening I sat writing my 5 pages of lines, I wanted to get as much done as possible so in the morning there wasn’t loads left to do. I’ve decided I need to think before I speak or type messages. Miss Adira had shown me the correct meaning of frustrating, which implied the ideas were annoying and she made me angry,  this was far more disrespectful than referring to her as ‘she’. But I’d never be angry with her, Master or Daddy, I was just peeved. I think I’m going to have to think before I speak in future.

The next day I’d got all my homework done early as I was up at 2am. I needed to go to town for a few things then go to Tesco to get some groceries, whilst I was in Tesco I received another message. “Forgot to say, lines by same time tomorrow, so 9.22am”. “Eh what lines ?” I asked. “Please turn your notebook upside down and write Miss Adira is kind, caring and loving, in colour please”. I stopped dead when I read this, I chuckled and smiled, I knew this wasn’t the end. “You want me to turn the pad upside down, and write that in the space that’s left on the lines, what all 5 pages again ? I……….” I stopped talking and just sent…I will keep my mouth shut emojis. “Thank you Aurora”. She replied.

Chuckling, shaking my head I had nearly finished my shopping but my back was killing me. I wanted to take a picture of something to make Miss Adira smile. I headed to the cucumbers, picked one with a very wide girth then took a selfie holding it. I wrote on the picture, what should I do with this ? Then sent it to Miss Adira. By the time I was home, I could hardly move.

I asked Miss Adira if I had to do my contemplation time, thankfully she said no but add a day to the sentence. “So none today. But you’re here tomorrow.” I told her. “I’ll say do Monday and Tuesday next week then that will cover all the days you are owed”. She said. “Yes Miss Adira”. I told her.

I’d had a burning question I’d wanted to ask for a few days but kept chickening out. “Can I ask 2 questions please?” I asked  “Could I have my cuddily with me when I see you and could I have her when you spank me?” “Why would you like your cuddily with you then?” Miss Adira asked. “Comfort when you spank me whether it’s fun or punishment.  I just want my cuddily with us”. I explained. “I’m happy for you to have your cuddily”, she told me. “Thank you Miss Adira, it’s funny I feel my little coming out with you. I like that.” I told her. “Do you think its coz I’m more strict ? I like the soft tender moments, you lying on my lap, me brushing your hair, or cuddle times”. She told me.

I think Miss Adira will be my mummy/teacher/Domme in one. Though neither of us want her to be a mummy, but a bit of all 3 would be good, I like that idea a lot. We were both looking forward to our first spanking session too.

Later that evening she messaged me, “So I’d like a video of you playing with the cucumber. I want it sent to me as I leave the house to come to your’s tomorrow.” She told me. “Yes Miss Adira,” I replied.

I wonder what tomorrow will be like, I cant wait.

How Master and Daddy keep up to date with our D/s life.

How Master and Daddy keep up to date with our D/s life.


Yesterday I was asked how Master and Daddy keep up to date with the rules, tasks, punishments for each sub, so I decided to explain it in a blog.

When Master and I began our D/s life, we set up a whatsapp group for us, this was where we could talk to each other if we were in a room full of vanilla people. Master would write tasks or punishments in there as a record.

When we began our new life with Daddy and PiggyJ, we started with one group chat. It was soon evident that that we needed other groups.


We have the one group chat for us all to chat on.

And one group were punishments are issued.

I have a group with PiggyJ.


Master has;

A group chat with PiggyJ.

A group for her rules.


Then he has;

A group chat with Manho, ( Daddy. )

A group with his rules.


Lastly Master has;

A group with me.

My rules are in a separate book.


Daddy has;

A group chat with me.

A group with my rules.

A group with set consequences.

Lastly he has a group chat for my reward chart.


It may seem complicated but it works well, Master doesn’t feel like he’s messaging loads but we are all very happy with the setup.

Bit of fun, or maybe not !!!!!!!

UAfter a long day, going to town to buy L some suckie sweets, she was made up to get her favourite Yorkshire mix, ( a variety of fruit flavoured boiled sweets, ) then a selection of sugar free sweets, as she is diabetic, before taking L to her radiotherapy and her arm exercise class, my back was killing me. Since our great day at the kit car show last Sunday, my back has slowly gotten worse. A bit unusual for it to happen slowly, normally after a day out, it’s the next few days that are agony, then with rest, it would get better. I think I’d rather it be agony over a few days than slowly getting worse over time. By the time I got home, walking was a struggle, well, doing anything was a struggle. And I was shattered.


E came home from work, stayed for all of an hour, enough time to get changed, check his hair was perfect, top up the freeze spray so it stays perfect, top up the aftershave, again, then doing both again before going out, saying he would be out for the night, playing pool then going clubbing, so he would be home late.

Normally I would be excited to have an evening for us to play, and I’d been so desperate for Master to touch me, spank me, fuck me and use me, but I literally had all my energy zapped outta me and I doubted my back would cope with any position we tried. Master asked if I would like to play, but looking at me he said,  “ Or are you too tired ?”  I hated to admit I was past too tired, I felt like a walking zombie and as long as I didn’t move, my back didn’t pound.

I was so mad, so fucked off with my body, my head desperate for a play but again, my body let me down.

We had nothing planned for dinner and getting way past dinnertime so Master chose a tin of soup, as I was too tired and sore to think, so I opted for soup too, even though I really hate the stuff. Master sorted everything, bowls, plates, spoons, bread to dunk in, tipped the tins upside down in 2 bowls for the dogs to have and heated up our soup. A real nutritious meal, not. But for once, I did enjoy it, though I never find soup filling, one reason why I don’t like it. Putting the plates and bowls on the floor for the dogs to enjoy any remains, Master said, “ hope you enjoyed that so you’ve some energy to give me a nice foot massage.” I looked at him, my mouth ready to say no way, or not quite that polite, but I said nothing. If my back was terribly bad I would have said I can’t today, my back is just too sore and Master would understand, never pushing me if my pain level is too high. And I would never use this as an excuse not to do something. So once our dinner had settled he told me to massage his feet.

Now before I start this next part, I need to tell you, I HATE FEET. It’s my biggest thing I hate in a human body, occasionally I have massaged Master’s and E’s feet, but I’ve never liked or enjoyed it. I don’t like my feet touched either, but I’ve tolerated massaging Master’s feet since we began our D/s life. It amuses Master because he knows how much feet make me cringe. He laughs at my grimaces as I touch them. It’s not that I don’t want to relax Master after a hard day, I love doing things like massaging his back, head, shoulders, bottom, just not feet and even if I try to look happy doing it, my face never lies, showing how much I’m hating this task.

But when I do it, I know I do a good job and Master feels much better after it, I wouldn’t mind doing it as a daily evening task after dinner really because I can see how much Master is chilling and winding down after a hard day at work.

I knelt in front of him, sat on a cushion, I took his slippers off, and my usual thing is to test the feet for sweatiness, thankfully none was there today. Then he told me to massage on bare feet this time. I give a slight glare towards Master but slipped his socks off. Revealing bits of black fluff from his socks stuck to his skin, so I used a sock to try to wipe away the bits. “Maybe they should be washed first,” Master stated. Again, a mini glare, again, my mouth twisted to prevent a mouthful of abuse coming out. Oh he’s really enjoying this, I thought and you just had to look at his face to see how much fun he was having. But I thought okay, maybe it will be better to wash his feet first. So, struggling to get up, I hobbled to the kitchen, wondering what I could use as a bowl. I would not use a food bowl, yuck that thought is nasty, we used to have a cat litter tray I used to wash the dogs feet but we threw it out months ago  because it was never used. It would have been perfect for this task. So I opted for the only other thing, a bucket, small painters buckets I have upstairs and downstairs, as they are very small they are not too heavy when filled with water. I ripped off a new dish cloth, filled the bucket with hot water and soap and came back to kneel in front of Master.

I then decided to do something I’ve never done. A few weeks ago when E was staying over at his girlfriend’s house, I had a thought to be dressed up in my French maids outfit, ready to serve Mater for the entire evening. Unfortunately that was when the brakes went on his Lotus so he was planning on coming home and fixing them, ready for when we were going to the kit car show. I’d asked him during the day if he was planning on doing the car when he got home and he said yes, if it’s dry. So I decided it wasn’t worth me dressing up as he was going to be mega busy. And he was, only stopping for food before continuing until 9pm.

Anyway back to last night, I got up, telling Master I would be back in a minute, stripped off, freshened myself up, got the French maids outfit out, and struggled to pull it on. I’ve gained a few extra pounds since buying this dress, but it fitted okay once on. Brushing my hair, I put the hair band on and came back down. Master thought I was going to come down in some sexy lingerie, ( though I don’t have any ) unless he meant the sexy outfits we bought ages ago when we were thinking about going to a kink club. But he seemed happy with my choice of outfit, as I knelt down in front of him, the water was still warm as I washed his feet then massaged them. I’ve got to be honest, I loved washing his feet, it made me feel like his slave, that I was submitting to him, looking after his needs, not caring that my back ached at all, my only focus was him.



Eventually the massage ended, then Master said something that ruined this fun.“ Now I want you to lick my foot. “ I glared at him, “ No way, I’m not licking your foot. “ I simply stated, this was going way beyond how much I hate feet. I’ve watched videos of girls sucking toes, YUCK, makes me feel sick.

“ You will do it, and none of this tip of the tongue, a proper lick from top to bottom, “ Master smirked at me, he knew I was swearing internally at him. I bent down and put the tip of my tongue on his sole and quickly went upwards, then repeated on the other foot. My face must have looked a picture but he grinned at me watching. “ Now do it again, this time with your tongue properly licking my foot, that last one was just the tip.” He told me, enjoying watching me fume inside. So I repeated again, putting a tiny bit more of my tongue touching him. Honestly writing this down, I feel sick just thinking about it. “ Now I want you to do it as if you were lapping up water, your full tongue from bottom to top. “ My god, I wanted to swear my head of at him, I wanted to throw an almighty fit at him for making me do this. Bending down again, my tongue fat against his foot I licked his foot, my grimaces plain to see.

He took photos of all this, you can plainly see my face cringing, grimacing, glaring.



Finally that bit was over so I cleared everything away. Suddenly Maser called out, “You’d better get your dressing gown on, here’s E.” “What ?” I asked, then I saw through the curtains his red car pull up, another car behind him. Quickly I ran upstairs, putting my dressing gown but stayed in the bedroom. I heard him say to Master that he was just dropping his car off so he could go drinking and clubbing, sort his hair again then went out once more, this time saying he would be out late. I waited until I heard the car drive away then came back down, locking the door again. Master called me over to stand by him as his hand slid up my leg to fondle my ass. Sighing, I stayed put enjoying his touch even though it was becoming more of a big squeezy pinch. Slapping my ass a few times he then told me to go. But I refused, wiggling my ass by him, whining for his hand again. It came down very very hard on my thigh, I ouched but didn’t move. “ I said you can go. “ He told me. I shook my head, whined and muttered “ Uh uh. “ Another hard slap on my side, I moved a tiny step. Master just looked at me, I moved another tiny step, when he walloped me so hard I ouched loudly. Stepping away, rubbing my bum.  “ Go and bend over the settee and stay there, “ He told me. So I bent over the settee, arms and head resting on the seat, legs apart. After a few minutes I began to get bored so I started wiggling my bum to the music from the TV. “ Stop moving,“ He said, his voice showing signs of amusement. I’ve no idea how long I was there, wiggling, tapping my feet, doing a little dance, but to be honest it was rather comfy.

Suddenly Master got up off his chair and started spanking me hard, one side, then the other, it really stung, heat deepening which each slap. Then he went again, sat back down and watched TV. I took my glasses off and got comfy still bent over the settee, wiggling, legs dancing a little until Master got up again. His palm hitting my ass, the sting and fire totally unexpected, he never hits this hard with his palm. But I could almost feel the red handprint burning into my ass cheek. He grabbed something and started using this to spank me, I think it was his slipper, but then he used mine, which was much stingier, harder and I tried to wiggle away. But he grabbed a handful of my ass cheek, bent down and bit it, I was screeching into the settee, but when he moved to the other side, ready to repeat it I knew what to expect, wriggling more, trying to move around so he couldn’t bite me, it didn’t work, he bit down hard. Finishing with another flurry of rock hard swats. As we hadn’t played for a while the sting felt much sharper, the burn hotter than ever, but I enjoyed every slap and slipper, my ass felt amazing. Master stood up, went to the kitchen, as I tried to figure out what he was getting, then I felt something pressing onto my asshole, then something got pushed in, I thought at first it was deep heat cream, knowing how much Master enjoyed using it, but there was no smell, no burning heat, then something else was pushed in, and another. I’ve no idea what they were. Then he disappeared again. “ I know what will keep them in. “ Then I felt ice touch my hole, feeling it contract against the cold. As it got pushed in, I groaned, whimpered, I don’t like ice up my bum. Once in, I got a few hard slaps, right across my pussy and ass, until I closed my legs together, holding my ass tight so I didn’t let the melted water escape. I stayed there for quite a while until Master said I could get up. As soon as I moved the water escaped and trickled down my leg a little. Cleaning up I sat back on the settee, playtime was over and it was so much fun. Even though there were no orgasms, for either of us, there was a little spanking, humiliation and lots of pampering for Master. I loved it.


The next day I asked Master what he had pushed up my bum as I had no idea, he laughed and said 3 grapes, they were just the perfect size and shape. I was surprised, nothing had come out. He said they will have been absorbed into your system. He chuckled as he continued with his job, I had no idea what he used but I knew it felt smooth. Master does enjoy putting odd things in my holes, lol.

My favourite job.

One of my favourite chores I do, is grooming Master. Cutting his hair, tidying his eyebrows and shaving his front, sack and back. But how difficult is it to shave balls!!!!!!
I’ve never tried waxing, either on myself or him, years ago I tried the waxing strips on my legs but didn’t find them very good compared with razors. Which is all I use now. But with my physical disabilities, shaving myself is becoming difficult as I can’t twist and turn like you would normally. Master said he would do it, if it became too much and I can see that being sooner rather than later.
Has anyone got any recommendations for grooming him, and for me also, we both like to be completely bald and I’m so picky if I find an area with any hairs it drives me nuts.
We’ve tried creams, but they just seemed to burn Master’s balls, burned on the crease of my leg to labia. We washed it off quickly when the burn became too intense. But it did nothing it was supposed to do.
I really need advice on this, what other people find works for them.
Neither of us want to go to a beauticians, one reason the cost, and secondly, well we just like doing it ourselves.
Am I better paying to get a waxing set with instruction on how to do it? I’m sure on YouTube there will be videos on how to wax a man or woman.
Truth is, I don’t like the idea of stripping the wax of Master when it hurts so much.
If anyone has advice, tips, recommendations on what to buy I would love to know.