Been in trouble a lot this week.

Been in trouble a lot this week, and it’s only Wednesday.

I’ve not felt too great this week, hot flushes day and night, more exhausted than normal, very snappy and irritable, If I wasn’t on the contraceptive pill that makes me have no periods, I would swear it’s PMT. But I’ve finally made an appointment to see the Dr as I do think I’m in the menopause now. The flushes day and night are ridiculous, almost as soon as I get dressed, I’m dripping wet again so much I feel I should get another shower and put fresh clothes on. Never mind my mood swings.

Daddy has seen my mood swings a lot this week, snapping, irritated, emotional, the whole shebang.

I’ve sworn once, so had to write 100 lines extra yesterday but then I swore again so I said, “I presume you want me to do another 100 lines.” He never said yes but he never said no, so I thought that meant do it. But apparently whilst on video chat with him, he said “ You chose to do an extra 100 lines, I never said do them. So if I haven’t said do it, then you don’t them.” My mood began to grow, he began asking have I written any of my book, I was very very close to telling him “No, I’ve “fudging” not as I’ve had no time.” Instead I gave a very grumpy “No I haven’t.” in a very moody, irritable voice. He told me off for speaking disrespectfully and do not go and roll your eyes at me again. This got my mood worse, “Well I did it twice yesterday and you never even noticed, “ I snapped at him. “Eh when ?” He asked, “I thought you may have rolled your eyes when you sent me your night night video but I thought it was just you being tired. Oh yeah, you messaged me, telling me that you weren’t really rolling your eyes, when you were.”  I grinned at him and began giggling. “Don’t you start giggling at me young lady, what have I said bout rolling your eyes?” He asked. “You never even noticed so you can’t say nothing,” I pouted, folding my arms, huffing. “That’s got nothing to do with it, you’ve been told not to do it, Oh why do you do this, right you’re on a no fun spanking ban for one month.”
I stared at him in disbelief, “No fun spanking……… do know that’s giving yourself a punishment, coz you love to spank me so you’re just denying yourself.”


You know I’m a total brat, no matter what the punishment is, I will try to get out of it and with Daddy it’s quite easy, I couldn’t do this with Master.


Daddy thought for a minute, “Oh, yeah, I never thought about that. I will think of something else.”  Over the next hour Daddy set one punishment, then changed his mind when I moaned, and again. Eventually he said do two pages of my maths book. Meanwhile I messaged PiggyJ, explaining what had happened, “He can’t set a punishment then change his mind coz you complained. He knows you will be a brat about it.” We chatted for a while, talking about other things I can do to entertain him, at the end of the day I am there to serve Daddy. PiggyJ said “You could spend the evening serving Daddy, serving Master and me, do massages, use you as a table or footstool. So Daddy is having fun with you. He could spank you his way, whether you cry, complain coz he’s having fun. He can f**k you roughly, so it’s not as nice for you. He can do deep throating coz he knows you don’t like it, breast spanking coz that’s another thing you don’t like, pussy spanking, ass hole spanking. Breast and pussy torture. There are many things he could do with you then.” We chatted for a bit longer then I let her continue working. Instead she video called Daddy, going through the same things we had talked about. But at the end of the day, he’s only been my Daddy Dom a few months, he will learn from these moments, even though I know I will still brat and try to wheedle my way out of the punishment. He then set me a punishment…..a no fun spanking ban until 1’st December.

That’s a 6 week ban !!!!    6 WEEKS

I was NOT a happy little girl.

An hour later Daddy changed his mind again, making it a months ban, he wanted me to wear a butt plug for my hearing test appointment tomorrow, putting deep heat on it, then with Master’s permission, he asked Master to bite my boob !

Master replied, saying that he needed a very good reason why I did this.

I didn’t think the crime fit this big punishment, but I think Daddy may have chatted with Master for a while as he changed the punishment back to a month.

I started getting confused, telling him you said the ban was until the 1’st December, and what about the butt plug or the bite ?

He video called me a while later, “Oh I’m so angry with myself, you Little Minxs have really pulled at my heartstrings haven’t you, you’ve made the most of my soft side but I’m telling you now, I’ve learnt from this young lady and this will never happen again.” I couldn’t help myself but giggle. “Little Minxs look at me, NOW.” He spoke firmly, there was a sternness to his voice, he was now deadly serious. “You will never manage to wheedle out of any set punishment again. I’ve learnt a great deal about this, I’m so cross with myself for letting you get away with it.” I began giggling again. “Oh you may well giggle but you’re punishment will be a fun spanking ban until the 1’st December as you so rightly reminded me, not a month.”  I looked at him, realising he meant it. “That’s like 6 weeks. 6 weeks.6 weeks for rolling my eyes twice,” I moaned, “Yes that’s right, you will not eye roll me again or try to hit my soft side to change your punishment,” he told me. “But 6 weeks Daddy ? Really ? what about the other things ?” I asked, pouting and sulking. “You can stop pouting now, it won’t work on me again, I can assure you of that. There will be nothing else added to the ban. Like I said earlier, if I have not said anything else, that means just the ban” Daddy sternly told me. “Now have you done your lines yet ?”

“No…………( I bit my tongue from saying more, ) I’ve not finished them.” I almost shouted at him. “You mean, No Daddy I’m still doing my lines, don’t you ?” He replied. Oh how my stubborn side really wanted to get out, I was raging inside, “No Daddy, I’ve not finished them yet, I need to count how many I’ve done.” My voice sounded sweet when really I wanted to say other things. I was so so mad.  How can I do things when we chat on video chat 4, 5 times a day for half an hour to an hour or more at a time. Don’t get me wrong, I could chat with him all day, every day, but I can’t do my chores, my writing, my punishments when I’m chatting to Daddy. Maybe we need to cut back the length of time we chat before Master makes it a rule, But that’s only a little thing, I love chatting to Daddy, a lot of the time we chat a load of rubbish, other times I’m winding him up or the other way around, but it’s still really fun.

So now I’m on a no fun spanking ban, I don’t know if that is for just me and him, or does it include Master or even PiggyJ and I. He’s not stated that so I’m going to presume he means just Daddy and I.

Dan you imagine how I’m gonna be after NO SPANKING for 6 weeks.

This is going to be a painfully long long time. Especially as Daddy has two weekends in November off, when hopefully we will be staying over, I will probably try to get a spanking of him but not a punishment. But somehow, I doubt I will win, but it would be fun trying

My big fat ass can’t be hungry today !

Today I had another go with my butt plug, I put it in at 9am, it’s not felt uncomfortable at all, only if I sat right over my hole did I then feel my plug.

Which was good coz I wanted to feel it today.

I went to the supermarket at 3.30pm, and started to feel it a bit, rubbing along the outside edge of the base of the plug.

By the time I unpacked, tidied the fridge to put more food in, it was 4.40pm.

I quickly scraped the chicken meat of the drumsticks for the dogs dinner, Dave was starving as I was late cooking it. I left Muffins dinner in the kitchen whilst Dave scoffed his.

As he was now content, I was able to run upstairs and push my plug out.

I think I’ve done really well today, it’s been in nearly 8 hours, so maybe I’m getting used to it.

I will give it a few days rest again, then repeat it. I may feel up to trying again on Friday.

But at least my big fat ass didn’t swallow it up today.

IMG_20180613_092254 (1)

Plugs vanishing act.

Today I thought I’d have another day with my plug in.

A few days ago I had it in almost 5 hours, I think that was the longest time before it became too uncomfortable. I had hardly noticed it was in.

So today I thought was a good day to give it another go.

I was doing well with my plug training, didn’t feel it often, mainly if I sat either directly on it or if I sat right on one side, it would catch the sharp edge and you certainly would know about it then.

As Master was out I’d spent the day proofreading my book in the garden, I resisted the temptation to do the gardening but I watered the planters, filled up the water feature and pond.

I’m struggling with our garden furniture at the mo, no chair is comfy for my back, but when it’s a nice day, I can’t not sit out.

Sitting outside causes other issues, I can’t use my chromebook or tablet outside as I can’t see the screen, so I can only read.

The 2 IT men in the house say you can’t buy anything that works, to go on the screen that has a sun filter or something.

Anyway, it was nearly 4pm when I thought I’d better take my plug out, so I went to the bathroom. As usual I struggle with twisting round to get hold of the plug, to either put it in ot take it out, but I have figured out by reading other blogs or stories that to bear down as if you were going to the loo, helps with pushing the plug in or out. So 1 foot on the toilet, I bear down, fingers searching for the plug.

IT WAS GONE  !!!!!

I’m trying to think if it could have dropped out somewhere, I wudda heard the clonk if that fell on the floor. I was beginning to panic, was it on the floor somewhere and E or his girlfriend I, had been here. OMG where the hell was it.

I sat on the toilet, had a pee and felt I needed to bear down. Thinking I needed a poo, I didn’t expect to hear a loud clonk as the plug fell into the toilet bowl.

Fishing it out of the bowl I scrubbed both the plug and my hand, using antibacterial handwash and disinfectant.

I felt nothing to make me think that my big fat ass had swallowed up the entire plug. NOTHING. So when it happened I’ve no clue, but at least it wasn’t just lying on the floor waiting to be found by someone who just doesn’t need to see it.

New plug rules.

Another blogger on WordPress was discussing a rule she has about butt plugs. She must wear one all the time except when she is working or asleep. She likes this rule, as it keeps her aware of her submissiveness, also keeps her aware of how she must look after herself, she suffers with chronic pain. She knows she must pace herself and when she feels the plug when moving around, it’s a reminder to look after herself and her body for her Sir.

I found this a good idea, especially to pace yourself so I  messaged Master, He replied immediately, yes he thought that was a great idea and and it a rule he set up there and then. I am to wear a plug all the time except when I’m in bed.I was told to wear it for the morning, only for one week then increase the time so I get used to it gradually.

So here’s day 1.


I’ve been reading a very erotic, BDSM, Dom/Sub novel. Which has been leaving me very horny indeed. It’s called;

The House Of Pain, ( A BDSM, Romance Novel ) by Tara Cescent.

I strongly recommend it.


Anyway, reading about the girl having her first experience with a butt plug and having sex with it in, left me very wet indeed.

I asked Master if I was allowed to wear my jiggle balls and he agreed, then deciding to be a greedy slut that I an, I chose to wear my butt plug too.

And holy fuck, this woke me up.

I’m sure I musta had a spring to my step whilst walking on purpose. Lol.

I sent Master his daily photo of my pussy, ensuring to show the string from my balls and the jewel of my plug.

He was very very pleased with me, liking that I was enjoying all my holes on my own too.

I enjoyed a play with my JimmyJane, and nearly shot through the roof, with the vibration, jiggling my balls, the balls jiggling against my plug, it was all very tight inside.

My clit started pounding and felt swollen, boy this was fun.

Then we went to Tesco to do a grocery shop. My bottom was starting to ache, especially as I was driving, so sat upright in the car, right over my big plug.

Soon there was a combination of feelings, pain discomfort and pleasure.

By the time we got home though, it was time to give my bottom a rest, the plug had been in a good few hours now and it was time to come out.


But what a laugh that was, if only it was videoed, I’d have you all rolling on the floor with laughter. Could I reach the damn thing ? Front way, Back way, my fingers couldn’t reach. It’s like a contortion act, like when I’m shaving my pussy and bum, how I get into these positions with my back I don’t know. I do know I’m in agony afterwards.

Just when I thought, maybe I should sit on the toilet and push down, and catch it before it falls in, I managed to get my fingers under the base and I slowly started pushing it out until more of my fingers could actually hold it, Gently I pulled the plug out, it was quite sore when it went past the ring of muscle, I relaxed a bit and felt the ring relax enough for me to pull it all out.

I never thought until now, I cudda crouched down as if having a wee, and let it drop out more naturally. I will remember that one next time.

I’m just about to take the balls out, they are very fun to wear as it tickles and tingles your insides something wicked.

Every girl needs to own some.


And they seem even better when you’re reading a really hot book with lots of spanking, just imagine those little balls dancing about inside whilst you’re over your man’s knee, getting severely spanked as your bottom bounces up and down with each strike.

MMMMmmmmmmmmmm, I’m getting hot and horny again. Lol.


New Fox Tail Butt Plug.

IMG_20170403_181541708Got a new present through the post today, Master had ordered it at least a month ago. A new Fox Tail Butt Pl kkug.

Never had a tail before, and now I’ve got the bunnies tail and this fox tail. And I  must admit I felt quite sexy wearing it. Though I didn’t expect it to be quite as long, I love it.







A new pink fluffy rabbit’s tail butt plug.

IMG_20170324_083123814IMG_20170324_082337652IMG_20170324_082954914bI got a present from G today, a new butt plug.
But this one is a really cute pink fluffy rabbits tail butt plug.
It’s so cute I had to try it on, the next morning and take some photos for Master to enjoy. I felt so good wearing it, sexy, cute and very hot and horny.
I will ask Master to upload photos for you to enjoy too.