Master’s cock without the PA in.

Master’s cock without the PA in.

There’s one thing about a PA that I never realised, neither did Master for certain, that’s now there’s 1 extra hole, pee or cum comes out of both. This becomes more apparent as he’s stretched to 5 mm bars.

He does need to sit down to pee, but if he has to use the urinals, then he has to cover one hole with his finger so the pee comes out in the usual hole.

A few weeks ago I was giving Master a hand job, he took his huge PA out so I could have a nice chew, nibble, suck and lick. Most of his jewellery is just too big in my mouth, and I can’t enjoy nibbling his head with them in. Master can easily take them out thankfully not like my rings.

Anyway after I enjoyed sucking him, I went back to using my hand, playing with his pre-cum, letting it go all over my fingers, smearing it all over Master’s cock. Tickling his balls with my other hand, my nails grazing over them, until I knew he was about to cum. I love watching how his head swells more, hardening even more, twitching away.

At that moment, he began to groan, his cock twitched in my hand and I felt his cum travelling up and out of both holes. His cum flew up over his face and tummy but also down over me and the floor. I began to giggle watching it because I’ve never noticed it before, but usually he cums inside me so I never actually see it. But it was funny watching him explode and seeing it flying out of 2 holes, we didn’t know this was going to happen when he got his PA. And now if he did decide to take it out for good the hole never heals like your ears would after being pierced, this will stay open for good.

Blogging A – Z Challenge = Z

Z = Zumba.

Zumba class with a wicked ending.

Toni and her friends were headed off to their twice weekly Zumba class, they loved the class as they loved dancing but there was one other reason they went. And that was to see and watch the very handsome Portuguese Paulo, their Zumba teacher. He was incredibly sexy, tall, well over 6 foot, a thick neck and broad shoulders, and big, thick muscles everywhere. His biceps were as thick as tree trunks and his thighs, well they were as thick as an elephant leg. His ass was the perfect size, solid, round flanks that oozed sex appeal, if he wears his tight shorts and vest top every ripple of muscle could be seen. If his muscles weren’t enough to make you want to jump on his body then the sight of his cock in his shorts well, Toni dreamt of riding it, you could see it’s size clearly, looking long and wide, good sized balls tucked nicely underneath. As the girls put their things away they giggled about Paulo, hoping he was wearing something tight. They weren’t disappointed, the handsome Paulo stood with 3/4 length Hugo Boss navy track suit bottoms with a white vest top, both clung to his body, showing off his glistening tanned skin. Quickly the girls got into line near to the front, Paulo smiled at Toni before saying good evening to all the class and got started. After a warm up, the dancing sped up and soon they were sweating, breathing heavy but still having fun. Eyes never left Paulo’s sexy body, as he danced on the stage, Toni felt certain her cunt was soaking as she imaged his thick cock grinding into her. All through the session Toni thought Paulo was watching her, but she wondered if she imagined it. Soon the class ended and everyone left the fitness hall to shower, change and go home.The girls were very slow getting sorted , they had to wait for free showers and were talking non-stop. As they were in uni-sex changing rooms, they were used to seeing men in all stages of dress, no one compared to Paulo. Eventually, most of the class had left, Toni had to go outside in the hallway to take a phone call and she ended up being left on her own. Her friends had waved bye to her as she was still on the phone. Finally the call ended and Toni came back into the changing rooms, as she gathered her things for her shower, Paulo came around the corner, he had been checking the benches and lockers to make sure they were empty. He stopped when he saw Toni still there, locking eyes with her.”Hey, you’re late Toni, everyone’s gone.” Paulo said as he walked towards her. “I..I had to get a phone call.” Toni muttered as Paulo was soon facing her, their eyes never loosing contact. “You know, Toni, you’re a very sexy woman.” Paulo said, his voice full of control. As Toni was about to say thank you, he bent down to kiss her, surprised but wanting more, she murmured, “I emmmm I need to take a shower.” Quickly Paulo lifted her up, his hands cupping her ass as she wrapped her legs around his waist, they continued kissing until they got to the showers. Breaking off, Paulo turned the shower on, kicked his trainers off, slid Toni’s off before he carried her into the shower, still fully clothed. As Toni was grinding against Paulo’s strong body, she felt his cock thicken, amazed at it’s thickness already. Their passion was becoming more frantic, as they kissed, hands wandered over his body, feeling all his muscles. Hot water sprayed over them, running down their faces, they didn’t care that their clothes were soaked now, Toni’s nipples were rock hard and Paulo’s cock was getting even harder. Dropping her gently to the ground, he peeled her top off, then her sports bra. Her head fell back as he bent to suck her tit, nibbling and sucking hard, his hand went to her other tit, squeezing her nipple and ample flesh. his other hand reached down, squeezing her ass, he stroked her pussy over her jogging pants. Breaking off, Paulo hooked his thumb into her pants and slid them down, her panties stuck to her pants so they both slid off. Toni lifted each leg to get out of her clothes, pulling her socks off, she stood naked, as Paulo pulled his top over his head, sliding his pants down she got the first glimpse of his cock. “Holy fuck.” She muttered as her mouth hung open, her eyes widened at the size of his cock, then at the end of his shiny head a huge Prince Albert bar was on display, with enormous balls at each end. His cock bobbed up and down, showing off his magnificent size. Paulo laughed, “You like my cock Toni ?” He asked her. Gulping, she said “Y..yes, you’re very erm…big ?”Toni stammered. She couldn’t stop herself gently stroking his shaft, rolling her thumb over his head, feeling the PA. Paulo watched her face as she played with his cock. “You ever fucked a cock with a PA before ?” He asked, his hands cupping her ass, as she said no, he lifted her up again, her legs crossed around his waist, she felt his cock twitch by her pussy, it needed no help to guide into her. Her pussy was oozing with her milky juices. Paulo pushed her to the wall and his cock slowly entered her hole, grinding upward as she pushed her hips down to meet his eager cock, the balls scraped her insides, but in a nice way. Soon Paulo’s thrusts got deeper and the balls connected to her g-spot. She screamed out an orgasm, scraping his back with her nails as she clung on, her head rolled back as she moaned and cried out, the entire orgasm fucking awesome, the hot water cascaded down her body, her clit felt so alive she felt the water drip down from it. When she came down from this wild orgasm, Paulo just smirked at her. “Enjoying it ?” He asked, before kissing her deeply. Toni nodded her head a little as her tongue danced around with his. Carrying her out of the shower he dropped her legs when they reached a bench. Turning her around, he pushed her head down into the bench, bending down he took in the sight of her pussy, burying his head deep between her legs, biting her clit, licking her lips, his tongue delving into her hole, his hands squeezed her ass as she felt like she could cum already. He slipped a finger inside, feeling her grind down and hold it tightly, as he went to slip out, he pushed three fingers in next, They danced around inside,  one finger finding her g-spot again, making her cry out. Then he did the unimaginable thing, he slapped her ass really hard, leaving a red hand print on her skin. “OOUuuucccchhhh,” Toni yelped. “Stop being so loud, people will hear you. Don’t do as you’re told I will spank your ass.” Paulo growled. Toni stopped just for a moment, did he just say he would spank me, she said to herself, horrified yet equally turned on by it. No one had ever spanked her, not even her parents. “Hold yourself up Toni.” Paulo said as he lifted her legs up, she had all her weight on her arms, now resting on the bench. Holding her tightly he felt his cock guide itself into her pussy once more, though it was a very hard position she couldn’t help gasping, moaning and crying out. Crossing her legs behind her back gave her more support as Paulo helped to hold her hips up. Until Toni started to cry out more. Now in this position it left her ass out, available and wanting. Another firm slap landed across her ass, she yelped as he repeated.”I said be quiet.” Grabbing her hips, he thrust harder, his cock feeling bigger and tighter than he’s ever felt it  “Jeez baby, you are just too fucking amazing.” He muttered between grunts and gasps but started to feel Toni’s body shake, so he lowered her legs til they touched the floor. Keeping her bent over, his cock danced over her ass hole. “Ever had anal Toni ?” He asked. “No, ” She answered, suddenly nervous. “Paulo, no, I don’t think…….” She started to say. This was rewarded by another slap to her ass. “Owwwwwww Paulo, don’t keep slapping me,” Toni whined.  Another harder slap then,”Don’t tell me what to do Toni. Just do as you’re told.” Suddenly Paulo rammed his cock into her pussy, hard thrusts, bruising her insides. “Owwwwwwww Paulo, please slow down.” Making out she wasn’t enjoying it but they both knew she was, he slipped out then held his cock over her ass hole. “I want my cock in your ass, I will ask just this once, then I will own it.” He said. “I’m scared Paulo, will it hurt ?” She turned to look at him. “A little at first, then I promise you will love it. I promise to go slowly baby.” He said. Toni nodded as he sunk his cock into her pussy, coating him in her juices, then his cock twitched by her other hole. Slowly he pushed in, pausing after every few pushes and as he felt her sphincter muscle contract tighter, he paused once more, waiting until he felt her relax a little, then pushed deeper. The initial pain was sharp and hurt as Paulo’s huge cock invaded her virginal ass hole. Once he was past the ring of muscle, Toni began to relax into it, she purred and almost growled in pleasure, noises Paulo loved to hear. Feeling her tighten inside once more, he knew she was close to cumming again. And he couldn’t hold back anymore. The pressure in his balls was becoming too intense. His thrusts deepened, Toni began crying out louder, both of them close to cumming. Toni’s cries became screeches of pleasure as she had an uncontrollable orgasm. Paulo wasn’t far behind her as his thrusts became faster, his balls felt tighter before he felt his hot cum shoot up into Toni’s fabulous ass. He pounded her ass until finally his balls emptied, relaxing his hold on her hips, he carefully slipped out without causing her too much discomfort.  They both sat on the bench, smiling, Paulo was all Toni had imagined for so long now, finally she had sex with him, a wild fuckery fuck. She smirked, I can’t wait to tell the girls. She thought.  “Paulo, what did you mean when you said you would own my ass ? ” He looked at her closely, “Toni, I’ve something to tell you and ask you, but before you give me the answer you need to go home and read up about it, Only then can you give me an answer.” “You’re terribly bossy. ” Toni pouted. “That would earn you a spanking, young lady. ” He told her sternly. “I don’t understand. Paulo, you like spanking girls ?” I asked. “Only special girls. Toni I’m a Dominant person, I want you so much, I have for so long, I want you to be my submissive. I’ve printed out a sheet filled with websites, I want you to read, then read the letter I’ve written you, telling you what I want from you. Yes I hoped this would happen one day, so I had them ready. I want to own you Toni, I want you to be only mine.” He told her. ” And if I don’t do as I’m told, what you will spank me ?” Toni asked. “Sometimes, or I may give other punishments. But spanking isn’t always horrible punishments, Toni, they can be fun too.” Paulo told her looking into her eyes. Toni watched his face, her head was a jumbled mess, yet there was a huge pounding in her clit at the thought of a spanking. She didn’t understand what Dominants or submissive meant, but she wanted that nice spanking. “Show me Paulo, show me a nice spanking, let me understand how it should feel, it will help me understand what it is you want from me. Please.” Toni begged, staring into his eyes. “Okay Toni, I will do that and I hope it will show you how amazing it can be. Stand up and bend over my knee.


I wonder if Toni will agree to Paulo’s wishes.




Blogging A – Z Challenge – Y

Blogging A – Z Challenge – Y

Y = Your kink is not shameful. Your kink is amazing and shouldn’t be kept hidden.

I often wish I could explain our life to others, my 2 best friends know, I only told them because I needed to talk to people who have known me for years, though Master wasn’t really happy that I did that.

But you know when you are with family, there’s conversations like………..

“ You know I only wear skirts or dresses.” I say.

“ Why ?” My sister-in-law and mother-in-law asks.

“ Because G likes me in them ?” I reply.

“ What the fuck has it got to do with him, you’re your own person, do what you want to do,” They both say.

“ I like to look good for him, if he wants me to wear them, I will.” I reply.

“ Why, wear what you want to wear not what he wants.” They say.


It would be so easy to just explain our life now, but I don’t think they would understand even if I did tell them. They are both very strong women, no way would they ever become submissive, I would say in a vanilla life they are Dominants. But it makes conversations so hard.


Last week I had booked to go to the theatre with my mother-in-law and fat club gang, It was on a Friday, a day which we never do usually, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are family days. But after Master had been away so much over the previous 3 weeks, and going away this week for 3 days, I really didn’t want to go out, I wanted to spend the time with him. I sent my mother-in-law a message, explaining I didn’t want to go. Why ? she asked. Because I want to spend time with G. I told her. Oh for God’s sake, he’s only been away for 2 days. She replied. Well he’s been away a lot and away next week, I just enjoy spending time with him. I tried to explain. Don’t be ridiculous, you’re with him every day, you don’t need to be with him all the time. She said. Things are different with us, we like to spend time together, that’s why we have family time at the weekend, I say. Different how ? She asked. We just enjoy each others company, so when he’s off work, I like to spend my time with him, especially at a weekend. The theatre evenings every few weeks is okay, but G has been away loads, I’ve missed him. One day I may explain the differences to you. I told her. You’re just being soft, he’s probably glad for the peace. She said.

I asked Master what should I do, I really didn’t want to go. But Master told me to go, I had paid for the ticket, plus I should be the one driving us to the theatre. He said he was very tired so he would be just resting anyway.

So I agreed to go reluctantly, but I won’t be going to book a trip on a Friday again.


But again, it would be easier to explain why I didn’t want to go, if I could tell her about our lives now. I know she suspects something, and she will say to the theatre group things like, “She’s into that weird 50 shades of grey stuff, you know that disgusting kinky shit.” I just shake my head, would I even get her to understand it, without her just saying, it’s nothing but disgusting kinky stuff, it’s wrong, no woman should be submissive, no woman should allow someone to hit them, it’s degrading to women these days. She’s read the 50 shades books and enjoyed them but also said it was disgusting and very very wrong.


I suppose some people will just not change their opinion of kinky play, she feels just strongly against piercings and tattoos.  Her previous psychologist training makes her read behind the scenes of why you would want a tattoo or piercings. But that is a whole other story. Maybe one day I will sit her down and explain it but I doubt I will and pretty sure Master wouldn’t want her to know anyway.


I hate having to hide our life, vanilla couples can just talk about themselves without prejudice, but if we were to tell others, we would be frowned at, people would be shocked and I’m sure we would be talked about.


Your kink, whatever it is should not have to be kept hidden, we should be openly proud of our lives as a vanilla couple would be.



Blogging A – Z Challenge – X

X = X-Rated and Extreme.

I couldn’t think of much to do about X. Here are some X-rated and Extreme sexual positions, to see. You’d have to be Extremely fit and strong to do these.

These next 2 photos are perfect for ballerina’s doing the splits.

Finally you can see some Extremely huge cocks.

The thought of that Extremely huge cock going anywhere near my mouth is making me gag already.

I’m hoping Extreme is allowed for X.


Blogging A – Z Challenge = V

Blogging A – Z Challenge = V.

V = Vagina.

Before our D/s journey began, I paid no attention to actually looking at my vagina, certainly not looking at other women’s. I think I’m one of these people who just doesn’t find either sex genitals attractive. However, I’m now finding that I do look at more photos on Fetlife, finding some that look nice, others not as nice.

We have a great dating program here in the UK, called Naked Attraction. And you guessed it, the people are naked. A dressed man or woman are faced with 5 naked men or women or both, depending on your sexuality. They are standing in a pod, and the front is frosted so you can’t see them. Each round, the person gets to see the bodies first, going from vagina or cock, then bottoms, tits or chest then finally the face. But at the end of each round, one person gets eliminated.  On the last round, the final 2 contestants get to see the dressed man or woman naked for the first time. It is at that point when they choose which contestant to have a date with. They then go on a normal date, dressed.

But during this program, I’ve sat with Master comparing each vagina, yes we’ve compared cocks and bums and tits but the point of this blog is to discuss vaginas.

And what a many selection we find, ones with a hidden clit, one just peeking out and others that protrude out like a tongue, way past the labia. Then you can get a closed tight labia, showing no inners, or ones hanging lower with the inners in full sight, or there’s ones where the outters hang very low and quite baggy.

Occasionally there has been the odd piercing you can just see, never as many piercings as I have.

You also got to see them with or without pubic hair. Were they bald, full and fuzzy, a landing strip or a trimmed top and sides but that’s it.

I never really realised how 5 vaginas could look so different, when they were next to each other.  And soon found myself criticizing some, liking others. From this show, I now know, I prefer seeing a closed labia with the clit only peeking out, I certainly prefer a clean shaven, smooth, bald vagina, why hide your genitals with pubes, male or female, be proud of what you have and let us see it clearly.

Blogging A -Z Challenge = U.

Blogging A – Z Challenge – U.

U = Urine.

“I’m sick and tired with your brattiness today, you’re acting like a child. You are not a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. Now behave.” Master shouted at me.

I stamped the floor, pouted and crossed my arms defiantly.

“Nooooooo, I really……..” I started, Master smacked my bottom.

“Young lady, I want you to go upstairs, put your white school panties, socks and pumps on, with your white leggings. You can wear your white blouse too. Take these 2 bottles of water and drink it all. Do not dare tip any out.” Master ordered, I looked confused, I didn’t understand why he wanted me to wear those clothes or drink the water but he looked at me so sternly, I scurried upstairs quickly. Getting changed I drank one bottle, still had no clue what was going to happen, but I stomped downstairs again, drinking the other bottle of water as I went.

“Finally you do as you’re told first time. Come with me.” He walked towards the back door, picked a garden chair up and placed it in front of the big patio doors.

“Sit down there.” Master pointed to the chair, so I sat down, looking up at him with confused sad eyes.

“Now I’m going inside and I’m going to watch you through the window because I want to watch you piss yourself.” He explained.

Suddenly I went to get up, protests on the tip of my tongue but Master held my shoulders so I couldn’t get up.

“Stay there, little girl. You will do as you’re told, you will stay there until you’ve pissed yourself then you can stay in your clothes, all wet, smelly and stained like the spoilt little toddler you’ve been acting like.” His voice was so loud and stern, I never spoke.

Sitting down, I sulked,  glaring at him as he went inside, then soon came into the living room, he opened the patio doors, saying he wanted to hear the piss drip onto the patio.

I’m not sure how long I stayed there before I got the sense that my bladder was full. Master was just working on his laptop, not paying me any attention. But I’m sure he may have been aware that I was starting to wiggle about, clenching my legs together tightly, they started to shake, as I held the side of the chair, squeezing everything as tight as possible to prevent my bladder from releasing it’s load of urine. Master has used wetting myself as punishment before, or using me as his toilet, him pissing over me, over my face or mouth. But this was something new.

Master walked into the kitchen where he could still see me, turning the tap on full, he smirked at me. Then getting more water out of the fridge, he passed me another 2 bottles. Then went to turn the tap off.

Suddenly, I felt a tiny release from my bladder, my lip quivered and my eyes filled with tears, I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“Drink the water Daylia.” Master ordered, as I bounced up and down, I opened a bottle and drank a quarter of it.

Then the flow suddenly started, hot urine began to spread into my white clothes, filling my leggings before it dripped through the material, onto the floor. Master started to watch me intently.

“Stand up.” He ordered, as the flow hadn’t stopped, standing up, it flowed down my legs, filling my pumps before he told me to sit down again. The hot urine soon became cold, as the wet clothes clung to me, I began to smell it and noticed my clothes stained a little yellow, I just wanted to get out of them.

“Drink the rest of those bottles then you may come in.” I was told, Master had gone back to working on his laptop.

I quickly drunk the remaining first bottle, I wanted to complain that I couldn’t drink more, but I daren’t. So after a minute I started to drink the second one. By the time I drank it, my clothes were drying out, all stained yellow with a horrible wee smell.

“Come here Daylia.” Master called to me from his seat, certain I was going to be allowed to get a shower and change. I walked in, standing on a puppy pad and faced him.

He had placed a puppy pad on the floor in front of him, and told me to sit on it.

“Daylia you’ve been a very very naughty little girl, you’ve thrown 3 temper tantrums this morning, even after a spanking, and now you’ve wet your panties. You will stay in those dirty, smelly clothes like a little toddler may do, before a grownup realises she’s had an accident. Then they are cleaned up and put fresh clothes on, because a toddler is learning how to toilet train, learning how to behave. You’ve had this training already, you know right from wrong and how to behave yet today you didn’t care. So you can stay in those clothes and every time you need to empty your bladder, you will ask me if you may release it, and go outside, on your chair and piss there. You may only sit on your puppy pad, on the floor. You may only do some colouring or read, your back will face the television Understand ?” He asked.

Looking at the floor, I said “Yes Master.”

For the next 4 hours, Master kept handing me water to drink, I asked 8 times to release my bladder, I’d never drunk so much, each time my clothes became more stained and stank. I was allowed to take my pumps and socks off before coming inside, so I didn’t squelch wee out of them into the carpet, but each time I went outside I had to put them back on. Standing up halfway through the flow then sitting down again. I felt so dirty, humiliated and extremely degraded. This was no fun.

Finally at 5pm, I was told to get the hosepipe and wash the patio down, Master handed me some antibacterial liquid to pour over the patio and chair and the outside brush, to give everywhere a good scrub clean. After that, Master came out to check if I was done. I was just winding the hosepipe up. Handing me a carrier bag he told me to strip, and put the clothes in the bag.

“Here, Master ? Outside ?” I asked, even more mortified.

“Did I say come in and strip ?” His voice stern again. Shaking my head, I started to take all my clothes off, they were soaked, stained and stunk. The bag was so heavy with all my sodden clothes in it, I was going to put the bag in the bin.

“What are you doing ? They can go in the washing machine, use the antibacterial hot but gentle cycle. Check in the booklet what number it is, use plenty of powder and also use the antibacterial laundry powder. When you have done that come upstairs.”

He left me there, naked, holding my bag of pissie clothes. I was careful to dry my feet on the puppy pads, and decided on my own, to throw the pads in the bin before putting the clothes in the washing machine. Locating the number for the wash cycle, I put everything in and turned it on. Heading upstairs I heard the bath running, by the time I was there the bath was half full with lots of bubbles. Going for yet another wee, I climbed in the warm bath and enjoyed feeling clean again, washing the dirty smell off my body.

I’m not sure how long I was in before Master called to me that it was time to get out.

“Can I please stay in longer ?” I called out. Master came in, pulling the plug out, grabbing a towel and stood holding it out. He had a furious expression on his face when I realised maybe I shouldn’t have said it. I was surprised when Master towel dried me, hanging the towel back up he led me to the bedroom.

There were somethings on the bed, but just looked like a pile of clothes so I paid no attention. Master sat on the bed, standing me in front of him, still warm and damp from the bath.

“Daylia you are going to have to behave yourself otherwise I will start treating you like a child more often. And as you didn’t seem to like this punishment, I will do it regularly if I have to. Yet you still questioned me. What other punishment would a little girl get ?” He asked.

I looked on the floor until he lifted my chin up.

“A spanking Master.” I said quietly, tears filling my eyes.

“That’s correct, I’m going to spank your naughty bottom til it’s raw, then you will go to bed early. You may read and continue your colouring but that’s it. I will bring up a light dinner for you, and lights out will be 8pm.”

Master took my arm and pulled me over his knee. He pushed me up onto the bed more, pushed one leg down off his knee and put his other leg over my leg that was over his knee. I was locked in his strong grasp and knew I would not get out of it. Starting with his hand, the sting much more severe as my bum was already warm and still damp. Soon I began crying, trying to reach back when Master grabbed my hand and kept hold of it behind my back.

He always, always included spanking the back of my legs, inner thighs, pussy and all over my big, plump bottom. Then he stopped, rubbing and squeezing instead.

“I hope we don’t have to repeat this soon Daylia, otherwise this will happen often.” He reached behind him and in the corner of my eye I spotted the bath brush.

“No Master,  please, I promise I will be good. Please not that.” I cried into his back as I tried to get away; fruitlessly. As the first swing came crashing down I screamed into the bed, over and over Master swung it hard, from bottom down to leg, lifting each cheek to get access to my sit spot. I cried and cried, kicking my legs, punching the bed. I was sure my bum must be purple by now, knowing how lethal that brush was. But Master continued, telling me he needed to be sure I had learnt my lesson. “I have Master please.”

Stopping I almost prayed a thank you until he lifted me up, placing me back over the bed, then I knew it wasn’t. I saw him reaching something else but I couldn’t see what it was.

“I am giving you 5 strokes for every tantrum you had. How many tantrums did you have Daylia ?” He asked me.

“Three M….M……Master.” I muttered.

“So how many strokes will you get ?” Master asked.

“Ermmmm twelve ?” I’d forgotten how many he said for each tantrum.

“12!!! Daylia, 12!!! That answer earns one more stroke.” He laughed out loud. “Maths was never your strong point. Now listen, 5 strokes for each tantrum, you had 3 tantrums, just so you know, that’s 3 x 5, and 1 extra stroke for that wrong answer. But if you get this wrong, you get another 2 strokes. What’s the correct answer Daylia ?” He tried to stop laughing, honestly her maths was awful, he thought. He heard me giggle as the sum connected in my brain.

“16 Master.” I said, honestly I prayed it was right, I thought it was, but when he asks me to do sums during a spanking, my head just gets muggled.

“Well done Daylia. I think I’m going to have you do Maths exercises every day.  Okay, 16 strokes, now I want you to count them. What will happen if you give the wrong number ?” He asked me, his voice humorous but also intense again.

“I get 2 extra strokes, Master.” I told him, confident but also fearful to what exactly would give me the strokes.

“DO NOT MOVE Daylia.” He ordered.

He picked up the long shoe horn, his new toy from Ikea. A friend recommended this new implement, his little girl hated it. Raising his arm, he whipped the horn across my cheeks, causing me to shriek. I’m not sure how I counted to 16, I remembered I was quick because I wanted it over, this was even worse than the bath brush, might even be as bad as the high impact cane. It was evil, and as usual the strokes were on cheek, sit spot and legs.

But finally the last one came down harder across my sit spot, I grabbed my bottom and cried so hard.

Master sat down on the bed, pulled me up so I was sat on his knee, my bottom hanging between his legs. He hugged me tightly, stroking my back and hair, kissing my forehead lightly.

“All over baby. All done.” Master spoke softly, though he knew there was one more thing he had planned and expected a mini tantrum over it, he was looking forward to see the reaction.

“I’m sorry Master, I promise never to have tantrums again.” It was a promise we both knew I would never keep, secretly Master did enjoy them, and who could blame him. A whole afternoon humiliating and degrading me then spanking me.

“Bend over whilst I rub some cream in.” Master said, as he checked out the beautiful welts and bruises, taking a few photos for me as he knows I like to have them.

“All done, now stand up and turn around.” Master told me, I did as I was told, standing right in front of him.

He picked up this thing, what was that ? Was that a nappy ? My face must have shown my shock, Master had a stern yet devilish grin on his face.

“You’ve got to be kidding, I’m not putting a nappy on.” I said as calmly as I could, trying to back away.

But Master caught on with my plan, turning me around so my back was against him. He already knew which way round it went, lifting one leg, he put it through the hole, lifting the other, he pushed that through. As soon as he let go of my legs I tried kicking it off, which resulted in a few very hard smacks to the front of my legs.

“Naughty little girls who piss themselves need a nappy to sleep in, so you don’t do it again. Now I hope you’re not going to throw a tantrum after you just promised you wouldn’t, that would be a very bad idea.” As Master spoke, he pulled the nappy up, not overly gentle over my raw skin. Hearing me wince a little, Master smiled.

He turned me around and saw my sulky face, he secretly loved it. Master then produced a pink nightie, he put it over my head, hands through little cupped sleeves, as he smoothed it down. The cotton material had little teddy bears over it, but on the front, in shocking pink were the words, Master owns this naughty little girl. There was a picture of a teddy bear from the back view, there pink hair clips in her hair, her bottom was coloured crimson, the bear was bent forward as her arms reached down to pull up her nappy.

I looked down at the words, smiled a little, then turned around to the mirror to see the picture. Then I giggled, “Did you have this made especially ?” I asked.

“Only the best for my little girl, now into bed. Here’s your colouring books and pencil box and your kindle. I will bring you a sandwich, then brush your teeth, lights out at 8pm sharp. I love you baby girl, tantrums an all.”

This is a fictional story but as I wrote it, I thought it was quite exciting too and turned me on a lot. Master does enjoy pee play and I have had to pee outside as punishment, been peed over and drank his pee but it’s never been like to this extreme.


Blogging A – Z Challenge = T.

I’ve a very busy week ahead of me for a change. Today I’m going out with my best friend L and her mum R, I’ve mentioned L before, she has breast cancer and has had a terrible 5 months waiting for the gap to heal, after the cancer was removed. Now finally  it’s healed so she can get her boob tattooed in preparation for radiotherapy. She will just get a small dot on either side of the boob. I’ve got to go shopping first then go and see A, my piercer, as I took my nose ring out as it was a bit sore thinking I can just put another one in. Nope, not a chance.

Tomorrow I’m at fat club, boring, as I’ve put the weight back on I lost. Wednesday I have a birthday Lunch, Thursday is my mum’s and father-in-laws birthday, So I will be out visiting them and going for lunch with my folks. Master is away Wednesday until Friday this week, so a full week ahead. Hopefully I will get chance to do the challenge daily, even though I now realised why I was ahead of everybody, I’d been doing it on Sunday’s, which apparently you don’t do, as another blogger and Master told me, Master said if I had read the rules I would know. So apologies for those who run this challenge.

So lets get on with today’s;   T = Tits.

I’m just going to put some photos of my tits, hope you like them.



Blogging A – Z Challenge = S.

Blogging A – Z Challenge = S.

S = Sad, Shock, Supported and Security.

Many of you who follow my blogs will immediately assume I am going to discuss sad, shock, supported and security with connection to BDSM. But not today.

Last night I went to watch The Cast of Nashville in Concert. It was brilliant, 3 out of the 5 cast were exceptional singers, 1 who sang a bit heavy rock/country and 1 who wasn’t as powerful as I thought they would be. But it was great.

This isn’t the reason for the blog. The place was, it was the

Manchester Arena.

Who could forget the terrible bombing that took place nearly a year ago on the 22nd May, killing 23 people and injuring 500.

Families who came to enjoy a concert, just like I did last night, many children enjoyed seeing Ariana Grande, then just before it ended a suicide bomber detonated an improvised explosive device, packed with nuts and bolts to act as shrapnel.

Many parents were in the foyer waiting for their children to come out, some people who had to leave early to get the last train home. Instead of excited children and adults, there were screams, shock and horror.

No one can understand what happened that dreadful night, unless you were there, and no amount of interviews I’ve watched have helped understand and comprehend the horror those poor people must have gone through.

So now due to that one terrorist, the atmosphere and hustle and bustle felt different to previous times I’ve been. And I’ve been there a lot !

Just driving into the main multi-story car park, you had to show your tickets to prove you are going to the concert before being allowed inside. There were even more staff than before, all very willing to offer help whenever we needed it. They helped us to pay for the car park ticket, and find the exit to get to Victoria Train Station, from there I knew roughly where I was.

But the station had changed over the years since I had last been, a few tram lines had appeared, using up space for the public to walk around, making the station feel smaller. Even though it was still the very large busy train station.

The biggest change was the security, no one could pass by to get the train, go to the arena, the car park, or just passing through, without producing your ticket, either a train, car park or concert ticket. It was a sad sight to see, if I’m truly honest.

As we hadn’t been here for so long, we didn’t know that there was now another exit for people who were not getting the train. We asked a lovely security man who kindly told us there was another walkway, but he let us through using his pass, before telling us how to get to it later when we were going to the concert. He told us that after last years terrible event, security had become massive now. We thanked him and went through the gates, aware of how things had changed.

We went for a lovely meal then headed back, spotting a lift to get upstairs. Another security man outside it. We asked if this would take us to the arena, he said yes but needed to see our tickets. We got the lift up, arriving at the main foyer, where the bomb exploded. This seemed to have even more security, before you could even step into it, you had to show the tickets, then pass through metal detectors, or in our case, have a metal detector ward waved over our bodies. Passing through this section, we had another security check through the main entrance. The usual ticket check and help to show us to our seats and we were settled.

The concert started, and again, I will say it was great. But what I liked most is that each singer shared their deepest sympathy to those who were involved in that night, even though they are based in America, they had a strong connection here. After the bombing, the Nashville tour was forced to relocate to London’s O2 Apollo. So upset by the events the cast donated a large sum of money to the British Red Cross UK Solidarity Fund, helping those affected by the terror attack. So it seemed even more special when they toured the Uk again, they came to Manchester. They each had  their own messages, about the end of Nashville but mostly to send love to everyone involved and for Manchester, whose strength and determination will never bow down to these low-life terrorists. Each of the singers chose a song and dedicated it to all those affected by the recent tragedies in Manchester and London. Each song was awarded with a standing ovation and many tears from the singers and those of us in the audience. Clare Bowen dedicated her new single, saying, “It’s a love letter to the world. I think the world needs a bit more of that right now.” Her standing ovation brought her to tears, taking her quite a while before she could compose her enough to speak once more.

Manchester has seen its fair share of terrorist attacks just in my lifetime, and each time people have come together, offered whatever help they could and watched this city rebuild itself to make it even better. And this happens in every city, not just here in the UK but all around the world.

But it was sad to see we now need so much security at these events, you can’t help but remember why, but it should never be forgotten either.

Blogging A – Z Challenge = R

R = Red, Raw Rear.

I’ve not much time to do my A – Z Challenge today, So I’m putting up some photos of my favourite RED REAR photo’s. I love the feel of my ass burning and sore to touch. When my clothes fall and brush over my tender skin, making me flinch but smile too. The inner ouches you say to yourself when you have to sit down and feel the red raw rear.


Blogging A – Z Blogging = Q.

Blogging A – Z Challenge – Q

Q = Questioning.

As Master’s slave, I know I should do exactly as he says and I do try my hardest to be a good girl, following his instruction. But if you’ve read my previous blogs, you will know I’m also a bit bratty and naughty. And if I ask for something, and Master says NO, I do question it.


Why can’t I just order that book, it’s only 99p ?  NO ! Why not ? Coz you will just buy more and you have hundreds of books on your kindle that you’ve not read yet. When you’ve read them all, then maybe you can buy one !   Why ?

Can I buy this dress / skirt / top ?  No ! Why not ?

Can I stay up later ?  NO ! Why ? Coz you become a brat when you’re tired !


These are usually the questions I ask, I know what the answer will be, but it doesn’t stop me from asking.

This is something I do need to work on changing and since doing this challenge I have realised this so I’m finding myself stopping before saying that fatal word.

I can understand why Master gets frustrated with me when I question his decision. His decision should be final.

I will make it my goal to change this, I think this is like the final strands of giving up my independence and give Master my total submission, I read some blogs where the sub will be perfect, one slave does nothing without permission, can’t move, eat, drink, can only use the toilet with the door open, she does everything for her Master, but she seems to love it, which is the most important. Master doesn’t want a slave like this but I know he would like it if I stopped questioning him and just accept his answer, the first time, not after the fifth or sixth time of asking. Or until Master gets cross with me and then punishes me.

So there’s my letter for today = Q = Questioning, I hope if I do this challenge again, I will not put this word down for Q.